01x05 - Pete's Story

Where were you?

I was at work.

More than a fling, this is serious.

Are you wearing foundation?

It's a rugby injury.

Just cos your husband couldn't stand you any more, you're not having mine.

The idea of your little girl being touched by some spotty oik.

And that sort of behaviour always ends up hurting someone.

Nothing ever happened.

Stay away from me.

Oh, rugby?

Hannah's nephew head-butted me, the little pillock.

Morning, pal. How are you? I'm Marty.

Morning, gorgeous.

And you, madam.



Nice to meet you.

This must be your sister. Twins, I assume.

This car is definitely you two.

This is a real head turner.

This is the motor equivalent of the stunning blonde.

All right, take your time.

See yourself in that?


(Horn blares)

A car like this, people look at you differently.

They see you in this and they think, "She's a someone.

"She's a player."

And left here.

Left, left! Left!

You want to part exchange. What have you driven in here today?

A Nissan Qashqai.

A Qashqai, who did you buy that from, your nana?!

Go online and find out how much it is going to cost to insure because if it's going to cripple you I don't want you buying the car.

We've only just started looking.

How about if I take a few hundred pounds commission off?

2,000 down today and then the rest over 12 months.

7,295, that's my final offer. Have we got ourselves a deal? Ha-ha!

Congratulations. Enjoy your new car.

We need to sleep on it.

We'll be back.

Screw you. Screw you very much.

Don't worry about it, Jase, you're only 13 cars off target with four days till the end of the month.

They're on a hook, loads of them, said they will come back and buy.

Oh, they're coming back!

Oh, they've said it!

Well, that's as good as a sale(!)

We'll tell Mike now, pop it on the board.

Laugh it up, arseholes, who was the top salesman last year? Erm, me.

Who was the top salesman the year before? Erm, me.

Who was the top salesman year before that?

How far we going back here?

Maybe you've lost your touch, mate, you're like an ageing striker.

Can't quite find that killer finish.

Like Heskey.

Bollocks, I'm Suarez.

I am Lionel Messi, skill and guile. The master of my craft. Oh!

You all right, mate?

Is that still bothering you?

I'm fine. It's you bloody idiots winding me up.

It's almost bloody healed.

Hello. You all right?

How do you fancy helping me out? Dead certs on the board.

Two guys, more money than sense, eyeing up the flash.

They want to test drive the Audi and the Discovery.

One each but they both want to try both cars.

Take them out together.

Yeah, I know. Shall I run it past Mike?

Hang on a sec.

They were in last week. Couple of sales boys, I dealt with them.

I reckon they're back to buy.

Right, have you both autographed the paperwork?



Phill, you come with me in the Audi. Pete and Rhys take the Discovery.

We'll convoy to Blake Services then swap and head back. Sound good?

Sounds awesome.

So, Pete says you're in sales. What line of work?

Sport sales.

Right, like a rep or something?

Yeah, rep, mate.

Four-speaker stereo, surround sound.

Crank this baby up and it's like being in a nightclub.

Let's try and lose them, mate.

I do prefer you stay within the speed limit.

What you doing?

Sorry to do this, mate, but I'm desperate for a leak.

What, here?

What's going on? We agreed to swap at the services.

He needs a piss.

A piss?

Urgent, he says, going to wet himself.


He's got a bladder like an eighty-year-old man.

You want to get your prostate checked out, mate. You'd like that.

Finger stuffed up your...

(They moan)

Keys! Keys! Come on. Here.

Mobiles. Get his mobile.

Come on, mobile.

Stay here. Do not move.


'Hello, this is Pete. I can't take your call at the moment.

'Please leave a message.'

Is Mike in?

Is there anything I can help with?

Well, it's just Pete and Jase went out for a test drive about an hour ago and not come back.

They're not answering their mobiles.


Yes, I heard. Which vehicles are they in?

The Discovery and the Q7.

Call the police.

(Car horn blares)


You all right, mate?

Have you got a phone? We need to get to a hospital.

Jase. You all right?

Been better.

Let's have a look. Hmm, nasty.

Where's Pete?

Being patched, he took a real pasting.

Mike Hill, I'm their boss.

DC Trail.

DS Kaufman.

Your boys have had a rough morning.

Definition of irony, the hypochondriac who actually has something wrong with him.

You want to see the other guy.

I do, actually, he's got two of my cars.

You want to know what's really ironic?

I had to be at this hospital today anyway.

How come?

Sworn to secrecy but due at the maternity ward at five o'clock.

You having a baby?

12-week scan.

(He laughs)

Congratulations! I didn't think you had it in you.

It's taken long enough. We lost the last four. So it's all a bit...

Does Vanessa know that you are here?

Not yet. Didn't want her worrying.

Listen, I want to send you home but the cops, they want statements.

The sooner we do it, the sooner they can catch the bastards.

Your boss says it's unusual to stop a car on a test drive and let the driver exit the vehicle. Why did you allow that to happen?

I didn't. I stopped because Jason stopped.

The guy said he needed a pee.

And that didn't seem suspicious?


Do people often take a pee on a test drive?

It's never happened before.

If a grown man tells me he needs a pee, I take him at his word.

What am I supposed to do, forbid him?

When you stop a vehicle on a test drive, aren't you supposed to retrieve the keys from the driver?

I did.

What difference would it have made? They still got them off Pete.

Until the moment they attacked you, did anything in their behaviour seem suspicious?


Just a couple of flashy young guys, you get them all the time.

Did it not set alarm bells ringing, that they wanted to test drive two of the most expensive cars on the forecourt, at the same time?

Obviously not.


We thought, "These two are going to beat us and rob us but what the hell? Let's do it anyway."

Before today, have you ever previously seen these two men?

Never. But Pete said they had been in a couple of weeks back.

Yes, a couple of weeks back, they came in, looked around and left.

That's what happens. People look.

(Do you think this is CID or something?)


Oh, look at her go, she's like Jessica Ennis when there's gossip to be had!

(The girls clear their throats)

This way, chaps.

There you go.

And that is all the footage?


I would like a list of present employees and anyone who has left in the last two years.


Your secretary was saying one of your staff left suddenly.

Rick O'Connor.

My secretary talks too much. He's nothing to do with it.

Why so certain?

Trust me.

Don't take this the wrong way but I can't trust anyone right now.

You think I would screw my own business? For what? Insurance?

For a professional gang to make a hit like this, they need to know certain information.

Procedures, protocols.

Otherwise the chances of something going wrong are too high.

How do they get that information? Someone tells them.

Someone out there or in here.

(Phone rings)

Hello, JS Motors, Beth Corbin speaking.



Hi, it's me. No. Yeah, I'm on a payphone.

No, I'm here, I'm in the hospital.

Listen, I'm ringing to warn you about something.

I don't want you freaking out when you see me.

Oh, my God!

It's not as bad as it looks.

What if something serious had happened?

I hope this isn't a bad omen.

Why would it be a bad omen?

I don't know, I just...

I can't face any more disappointment, Pete. It'd kill me.

There's baby's arm, baby's hand.

He's waving at you. Hello, baby.

SHE SOBS I'm sorry.

We want a child so much.

Just try and relax.

I know that's easier said than done, given your history, but the worst thing for a pregnancy is stress. Baby needs a happy mummy.


(She laughs)

Man: I was in the park with my son.

Two dogs were racing for a stick, and in my mind, I was choosing the winner.

It's in my mind all the time. The need to bet.

The need to gamble.

What the hell were they thinking? I passed out. I was spewing blood.

What did you expect? A girl slap? It was a robbery.

They could've killed me.

Shall I tell you what I see in front of me?

I see a lanky streak of piss who's had his face busted.

That's exactly what the cops will see.

They get away all right? Everything go to plan?

As we speak, they're in a freight container on a ship heading to a new life in the sun.

So, when do I get my money?


Kyle, I need it.

What kind of mess have you got yourself in, eh?


To tide you over.

Tv: '.. against a background of continuing questions.

'What is the NHS for?

'Who are its principle customers, and, at the end of the day,

'who is going to foot the bill?'

Right. Replacement mobiles.

New Sim card. But we've kept your numbers.

Now, please tell me that you backed up all your contacts.

We're not morons.

What the hell are you wearing?

As I've already explained to these imbeciles, it's a sign of class.

You look like Noel Coward.



(Others laugh)

Yeah, well...

(Phone rings)

Give us a sec.


Hannah, I'm at work.

Mike, I'm not one for talking out of turn, and I don't like going behind people's backs.

Nor me.

I hope what we talk about now stays in these four walls.

Fat Jase. Here are the facts.

Number one - keeps missing his targets. Well below, in fact.

Number two - he's always coming in with these weird injuries, cuts on his face and bruised ribs.

Always got some crap excuse where they came from.

Number three - he never comes to the pub.

Number four - he's always sneaking off making private phone calls.

Now, I'm no psychologist, Mike, but something's up.

So, what are you saying?

Well, what if he needs money?

But what if you do? I could say the same about you.

This could be some kind of deflection technique.

Me? Why would I?

You lied about your wife being dead.

All right, fair comment, but who did that hurt? Me.

I'd never do anything to hurt this place.

Marty, listen, I don't want to believe you. I don't.

I want to think that we were unlucky, and that I'm not being shafted by people that I trust.

I'm just saying.

(Blender whirs)

What is this?

Healthy body, healthy baby.

I've been reading up. Five a day is minimum.

They reckon you should really be going for ten or 12.

No red meat, no coffee.

No fun.

It's only for a few months.

It might help with those headaches you've been getting.

I'd better go. Meeting the lads at half 12.

Don't drink too much.

Fruit juice only, I promise.

Maybe a shandy, definitely nothing stronger than a Guinness.

(Blender whirs)

All right, Bob?

Hang on. Marie!

No pleasantries?

You been fighting?

Something like that.


What happened to you?

At work, got done over. It's no biggie. Here.

What's this?

It's all I could manage.

Don't give me your bullshit, Pete!

You see that? That's another one broken into.

What did I tell you two months ago? I want off this estate.

I'm doing my best.

Well, do better. I know how much you salesmen earn.

It's all changed since you were there. We've got this thing now, recession.

Why can't he put his hand in his pocket?

It's nothing to do with Lloyd.

Right, then he won't mind me ringing housing benefit, will he?

He doesn't live here.

As good as.

This is between me and you, and I'm telling you I need more money to get off this shithole.


Hello, sunshine! Come here.

I'll get your money. It's coming. Just let me have today.

Come on, Dad!

My God!

"Who will help me plant these grains of wheat?"

"Not I," says the lamb. "Not I," says the cat.

"Not I," says the...

The pig.

The pig.

"Then I'll do it myself."

That's fantastic.

I'm going to feed my chicks now.

It's great you got such a big part.

How is Lloyd?

All right.

Yeah? You like him?


Is he kind to you?


Does he play with you?

Not really.

Does he act like a dad?

He tells me off.

I don't tell you off.

You do sometimes.

Well, yeah, I do when you're being a pain.

So does he.

But you're my dad, and he's Lloyd, so, no biggie.

Here you are, sir.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Shall we do a runner?

A runner?

That's what Lloyd does.

Radio: 'Man City closed out the match in fine form, leading them to definitive 3-0 victory over Liverpool...'

Come on!

'..that will stand them in fine stead for the matches to come.'

♪ 3-0, 3-0 ♪

♪ 3-0, 3-0. ♪

(She laughs)

Did you win?

Yes, we did. 3-0.

No. Listen, listen to me. Understand what I'm saying.

I have every intention of paying, but you've just issued a default notice.

Yeah, yeah... I'm having a tricky time lately.

Why can't you just be human?

No, I... I understand that.

Yes. I missed a couple of payments.

All right, three months, but you've added £715.

f*ck's sake, I'm... I'm...

I'm swearing because you're making me swear, because you're repeating the same lines over and over like a parrot.

All right, Jase? Police are back.

Oh, for God's sake. Like they're going to catch them.

Why don't they do what they normally do, nothing?

It's hardly the crime of the century, is it? Two motors.

Mike's insured.

Follow me.

What's this? Are we synchronising, like women?

Why are you wearing that cravat?

I told you, to bring a little class to the...

Why are you wearing that cravat?

What is this, lads?

You, you're lying.

Your falls, you little accidents. You're full of sh1t, Jase.


No, we're having this out now.

Piss off.

Do you think we're stupid?

Marty, out of the way.

Pete, are you going to endorse this? He's holding me captive.

Marty, mate..

Take it off.


The cravat, take it off now.

Get off it! Get off it!


This is crazy, you can't make him...

Get it off him, now! Take it off!

You better start talking, Jase.

What have you got yourself into? What's going on?

Nothing. It's nothing. It's none of your bleeding business.

Looks like you're wanted, mate.

Maybe they are all asking the same questions.

He's nothing to do with it.

He's nothing to do with it!

It's routine.

They just want to ask him some questions.

Mind your head.

(Siren wails)



For what it's worth... sorry about Marty...

About all this...

(He sighs)

It's not your fault.

You OK?

Can we get out of here?

Home or work?

I told them the truth.

I said the words out loud.

(He sniffs)

She hurts me.

Hannah, me girlfriend.

She hits me.

She burns me.

She throws phones and books and...

.. remote controls and...

.. she calls me all kinds of prick.

Then afterwards... when she's calmed down...

.. she tells me she loves me.

She tells me it was all a mistake.

And I love her, but...

.. I can't take any more, Pete!

I've had enough.

They're going to help me.


It's OK.

Take as much time as you need.

(Phone rings)

Hi, Ness.

Yeah. Yeah, calm down. I'm sure... I'm sure he's not...

Ness, hang on a sec.

It's Vanessa. She's pregnant.

She's stressing out.

Sorry, won't be a second.

What do you mean?

All right, OK.

Pomegranate juice and chocolate Hobnobs.

Pregnant woman's shopping list.

I took a few sweets, I hope you don't mind.

(Phone rings)

JS motors, Beth Corbin speaking.

What are we going to do, Beth?

We can't just keep going on like this.

We're going to have to make some plans.

I will soon, I promise.

When the time is right, yeah?

All right?

(Heels clack)

Girls OK?

How was your date?

He's just a friend.

Think I were born yesterday?

He's just a friend.

Tv: 'Before she can begin to realise...'

We can't give up on him, Beth.

We are all he's got. Gina, it's been months.

It's been months and there's been nothing, not even a sighting.

What about the phone calls?

We don't even know if that's him!

And if it is him, why is he not saying anything?

He's my son!

And I have faith in him.

I have faith that he wouldn't leave us behind without good reason.

Some of us don't give up that easy.



According to the book, I'm growing him eyebrows and vocal cords.

No wonder I'm so exhausted.

(Doorbell rings)


It's all right, I'll get it.

Grow him some fingernails.

All right, Pete?

Is Sam all right?

I need a word, mate.

A word?! Are you out of your mind? What do you want?

Like I said, I need a word about...

We can't talk here.

There's a pub down the road, give me ten minutes.

Er... A bloke from work, having personal problems.

Don't scream, I said I'd go for a pint with him.

What, he just turned up at the door?


Who is it?

You don't know him, a guy called Lloyd.

He's having a bad time. Erm, it's going to be five minutes.

Just make sure you keep on stirring it.

What do you want?

We want our money.

I've already explained, I'm waiting on some cash.

And when I get it...

No, listen, listen. We want our money.

Look, Pete, we are men of the world, yeah?

I've played around.

I've put me dick where it has no right going.

But I was lucky and never got caught.

But you did. And bad luck, you, she wanted to keep it.

I'm happy she kept it.

You are now because it's Sam, but you wasn't at the time.

sh1t scared, pleading her to get rid of it because you cheated on your missus at the worst possible time.

I know all about it, Pete.

All the gory details.

We were having problems.

You behaved like a b*st*rd.

But, clever you, you got away with it.


Nice house, boss area, while me, Marie and your kid are dodging skag-heads and junkies.

Now, you are taking the piss, right? And it stops here.


Meaning we want off that estate, and if it doesn't happen, you know the consequences.

You can't stop me seeing my boy.

We've made our position very clear, but time and time again you take the piss.

Do you think I'm loaded?!

You're a joke!

I'm up to my ears paying for two families plus, as you know everything, I've got an addiction -

I like donating cash to casinos and betting shops. But I gave it up.

I stopped spunking money and you know why?

(He bangs table)

To make this work!

And it was, it was working, until you came along.

And now she wants more and more and more and more and more!

My heart bleeds.

But if you want to see your son again...

.. you'll sort it.

Kyle, I need the money.


Yeah, you said that last time.

I'm consistent, then, aren't I?


Look, the cops will lose interest in this soon. They'll file it, and when they do we'll all get...

See you later.

And when they do we'll all get sorted out.

Mike's office, ASAP.

Can I at least get a coffee?



Good morning.

Take a seat.

Everything OK?

DS Kaufman, he wants to, er, he wants to ask you a question.

When we interviewed you and Jason after the robbery, you told us that the two men that robbed you had been here a week previously and that you'd dealt with them.

We scanned CCTV for the whole of that week and the week before.

We can't find any sign of them.

So we were wondering how you might explain that.

I was lying.


To Jason.

Look, Jason has been struggling for sales and I wanted to help him out.

He thought they were definite buyers.

If we'd come to Mike he would have been anxious about letting us take both the cars out.

So when he said they'd been in last week, I went along with it.

Otherwise he would have lost the sales.

And you might think that's bullshit, but it's the truth.

I wanted to help the guy.

But you lied to us as well when we interviewed you.

I didn't see what difference it made. I made a mistake.

So, for clarity, the first time you set eyes on these men was on the day of the incident.

You never met them at any time before.


Thank you.


Hiya. I'm just up here.

How was your day?

'Hi, this is Marie, please leave a message.'

Marie, it's Pete. What's going on? I'm here for Sam.

You know this is my day to see him.

Look, if this is about Lloyd, if this is about the money, I'm getting it, all right?

You've no idea the bloody lengths I've gone to, but I'm getting it.

Six years, Marie! I've always looked after you, always seen you right.

He's my son. This is my day. Call me back.

f*ck it!

(Crowd roars)

How was the match today?


You're back early.

Did you not go for drinks after?

No, I didn't feel like it.

Did you give any thought to what my brother was saying about sharing his season ticket?

PHONE RINGS He regrets giving his up and can't afford a full one.

So it would save you both money and, with a kid on the way, touch wood, you might have less time on your hands.

So it could work out perfectly for both of you.

What you think, shall I tell him? HE BANGS THE TABLE One day a fortnight! One bloody day of fortnight for ME!

Is that too much to ask?!

(Door slams)

(He breathes deeply)

(He grunts)

(Inhaler hisses)

(TV is on)


I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

I'm staying calm for the baby.

But you were bang out of order.

I hope to God you're not gambling again, Pete.

I'm sorry. I'm an idiot.

(She sighs)

I'm really sorry, Ness.

♪ Tonight we're gonna live for ♪

♪ We're going to live for these days ♪

♪ Tonight we'll remember ♪

♪ We'll remember these days. ♪

(Doorbell rings)

Oh, hiya.


You all right?

Yeah, you?


You look nice.


Great! Never says that to me.

Hi, Mum. You all right? There you go.

(Overlapping chatter)

Yes! How could you not look great?

(Glass tinkles)


We all know why we are here today so I'm not going to say many words.


Shut up!

But it is now one year, four months... and 17 days since Dave was taken away from us.

We don't know... why he went.

But we all want him back.

Today is his 40th birthday so I want no long faces. Hm?

We're to eat, drink, be merry...

.. and maybe, on his 41st birthday... we'll be together again.

So... to Dave.

All: To Dave!

Happy birthday.

Well, let's eat, then.

(She laughs)

Shell we get stuck in?

(Chatter and laughter)

Oh, give us some of that fag!

That bad, is it?

Yeah, worse. Mm...

Well, unless you've got hard drugs, this will have to do.


Mum says you're seeing someone.

Look, Johnny...


You'll not get no argument from me.

I've seen what you've been through.

And... whether it's company or just a fling, no-one can blame you for it.


One person can!

Yes. She speaks to me like I'm betraying him.

It's not my fault Pete left, is it? Oh...

How long am I supposed to wait, eh, Johnny? What is the magic number?

One year, two?


He's her son. Her favourite.

She'll wait the rest of her life if she has to.

Yeah, I understand that.

Why can't she see what's in front of her, though? The truth.

I mean, surely by now if there was any hope, we'd...

But we've had nothing, have we? Apart from the silent phone calls.

We've not have the slightest... What? What?





Just don't put too much store on those phone calls.

Why not?

Why not, Johnny?


Oh, Beth, I shouldn't have said anything. It's not my place to say...


It's her, isn't it?

It's her!

She's making them!

She's trying to keep him alive for you.


(She gasps)

Look at that one! Wow!

Mum, look at this photo...

Get out!

..of you and Dad.

Get out of my house!


Get her out. Get her out of my house.

What's she done?


Get her out!

(All shouting)

She's been ringing me up, giving me silent phone calls, pretending to be Dave!

Breaking my heart! Go on, deny it! Deny it in front of them all.

I did it for you.

(She scoffs)

I swear... I did it for her.

I wanted to give you some hope!

Get out of my sight.

There are some seats down there.

(Overlapping chatter)

Hi. Plenty of seats.

Go down that side, there are some seats down there.

(Buzz of conversation)

Aha! If I do some work, maybe I can make some food.

But he needed some help.

Who will help me plants these grains of wheat?

"Not I," says the lamb.

"Not I," says the cat.

"Not I", says the pig.

Then I'll do it myself.

Who will help me water these seeds?

"Not I," says the lamb.

"Not I," says the cat.

"Not I," says the... pig.

LAUGHTER Then I'll do it myself.

(Cheering and whooping)

Red is the colour of danger. It is also the colour of hate.

But also the colour of love.

And because of this, all the people of class four have made a special card to say how much we love...

All: You!

They each have a special message inside and we would like to give you them right now.

(All exclaim)

♪ Love is in the air ♪

♪ Everywhere I look around ♪


♪ Love is in the air ♪

♪ Every sight and every sound ♪

♪ And I don't know if I'm being foolish ♪

♪ I don't know if I'm being wise ♪

♪ But it's something that I must believe in ♪

♪ And it's there when I look in your eyes. ♪

What Car magazine literally couldn't work out how they managed to make this car for the price that they...

For the price...

Excuse me a sec.

What are you doing here? People know you here!

I couldn't give a sh1t.

Hi, everyone! I'm back!

All right, all right.

What do you want?

Did you not understand the message? Was Lloyd not clear enough?

Sam invited ME to that assembly. You can't stop me seeing him, Marie.

It's ridiculous.

Can't I?!


You think I'm bluffing, don't you?

You think I'm not serious. Well, there's something I want you to hear.

'Marie, it's Pete. What's going on?

'I'm here for Sam. You know this is my day to see him.

'Six years, Marie!

'I've always looked after you, always seen you right.

'He's my son. This is my day.

'Call me back.'

That is going to your wife.

I'll give her dates, Pete.

If she can forgive the affair, if she can forgive the secret son, she'll never forgave the dates.

Days after her first miscarriage.

Why are you doing this?

You know why.

I've done everything I can for you. I could have pissed off.

But I stuck around and tried to be part of Sam's life.

Oh, your medal's in the post!

She'll throw me out and then I'll have even less money because I'll be paying for three houses.

Look, by the end of the week or she gets it.


Marie, please!

This is blackmail! I could go to the police with this.

Yeah, good luck with that.


Plus change.

One, two, three, four, five, six. 600.

Place your bets, please.

Who's betting?

And no more bets, thank you.

21 red.

Get in.

Where are we going?

A little drive.

Long time since I've seen Marie Taylor. What's she doing here?

She's just a mate.

A mate?

Yeah, we kept in touch.

What were you arguing about?

We weren't arguing.

Looked like it.

She's just...

You remember Marie - 0-60 in five seconds.

I owe her some money, all right?

I was supposed to pay her back this week, didn't get around to it.

Pete, I've known you a long time and I consider you a friend.

So I'm going to ask you a question and I want you to look at me in the eye and tell me the truth.

All right.

The robbery...

The two guys, are you summat to do with it?

Why would you even ask that?

Look me! Are you involved?


Look at me!

No, Jase! All right? No!

How much do you owe her?


Marie Taylor, how much?

Oh, what is this?

A few hundred.

A few hundred?

Yes, a few hundred.

On top of the thousands you owe the debt company? Thousands, Pete.

I saw the letter in your car.

Good mate you are, snooping through my stuff.

You're in the sh1t!

Massive debt, kid on the way!

And people in the sh1t do things to get themselves out of it. Desperate things.

Which is exactly what Marty thought of you, but it wasn't you and it wasn't me.

We are the victims.

Tell me it's not you.

I've already told you!

Then why don't I believe you?

Pete, if it is you and you get caught, you're going to jail.

I'm not involved.

Just tell me the truth and tell me why and we can keep it between ourselves.

I'm not involved.

I've been beaten up, dragged in by the cops...

(Phone ring)

.. but you know what? It's helped me. I'm finally dealing with things.

We've all got our sh1t, Pete, but if you want help, you need to level with me.

(Phone rings)

The truth comes out. It always comes out.

(Phone still ringing)

It eats away at you.

(His voice fades)

(Phone still ringing)



I'm bleeding!

(She sobs)

I think I'm losing it!

'I think I'm losing the baby!'

All right, ring a cab, go to the hospital. I'm on my way.

(Siren wails)

(He breathes hard)

What happened?

They're setting the room up. They want to do a scan.

I'm scared, Pete!

SHE SOBS I'm really scared.

I know. I know.

(She sobs)

I'm sorry...

It's OK. Stay calm.

I'm going to turn the machine on and have a look around, OK?



(She gasps)

He's there!

Is that...?

Its heartbeat.

(She sobs)

Are you OK?


I am going to have a look around, see if I can identify the cause of the bleeding.

But from what I can see, baby looks just fine.

Thank you.

(Coin drops)

(Siren wails)

Marie, it's Pete.

I'll get you your money and I'll get you off of that estate.

But I have a feeling after that there'll be something else and then something else.

And so I'm ending it here.

I'm telling my wife.

I'm telling her all about it.

Because I can't go on living like this.

These lies... It's not right.

And after that, whatever happens, I'm speaking to a solicitor and I'm getting formal access, because that boy is my son.

And I love him.

And you and Lloyd can't keep him out of my life.

If you want something to happen in your life, you have to make it happen yourself.

Get glammed up, we're going to go posh.

Oh, are we?

We've had a call from the police station, Ken.

You've missed him. He was released a couple of hours ago.

His name is David Corbin.

Your husband.

I knew he wasn't dead! I knew it.

Don't worry, I won't just disappear again.

How do you know?

Why don't you at least call me, Beth?

Do I actually mean that little to you?

You husband-stealing bitch!


Oh... Oh, this can't be happening.