02x03 - Toke's Story

'Jenna, did you get my letter about my release? Call me, please.'

Sorry I didn't make it to the restaurant. Are you off your face?

Oh, yeah!

I want you to hand in your notice. I don't want to ever see you again.



Ash! Ash!

Music: No More Heroes by The Stranglers Morning. Morning, Toke.


Er... what time do you call this?

Sorry. Home. Chaos.

Yeah, we've all got problems, Wendy.

My bog won't flush. I'm crapping in a bucket like the 1900s. It's...

(Phone rings)

Hang on.

Yeah, I was on the shop floor, and if they can't use theirs, I can't use mine. What do you want?

'Wondered if you fancied dinner.'

Dinner? What day is it?


Yeah, Thursday, and what's Thursday, Sal?

'Before five-a-side?'

Before? Have you ever tried running with your belly digesting?

'Are you going to meet me or not?'

Yes, but I'm only having a starter.

So, I was wondering if you'd given any more thought to what we talked about.

What WE talked about?

Yes. You know what I'm referring to.

Yeah, I do, but I want you to say it rather than talking in riddles.

It's hardly riddles, is it, Toke?

"I was wondering if the delicate matter that was alluded to in our previous encounter has gained any traction in your thoughts."

Well, has it?

Oké. Oké, here's my thinking.

Fiscally, us living together makes perfect sense.

Two rents merged into one, half the council tax, half the bills, blah, blah, blah... But...

But, and it's a big but...


(She laughs)

What? Spiritually?

Yeah. I mean, look at me, I'm good as I am.

I work like this. You like me like this, so why change me?

Oh, no, don't give me the look.

You like me this way, yes? Yes!

But what if you don't like the cohabiting me?

What if that guy irritates you? You might think that guy's a prick.

I think I quite like that guy.

But what if you don't? You might look back on this moment and think, "Yeah, I should have just left things as they were because things back then were pretty damn sweet."

Toke, I want us to live together.

This is the last time I'm asking.


I've got to go kick a ball.

♪ Hip hoppers in the building ♪
♪ Hip hoppers in the building hip hoppers in the building ♪
♪ Step aside to this cool matinee ♪
♪ It's showtime Point the lights at this stage ♪
♪ So butter up your popcorn, y'all ♪
♪ So butter up your popcorn, y'all, and get ready for the show ♪
♪ Step aside to this cool matinee ♪
♪ It's showtime, point the lights at the stage ♪
♪ Welcome to the centre of the point of no return ♪
♪ No adjourn, no retreat, take your seat, sit in front ♪
♪ My feet, standing firm... ♪

Two men in that phone box? No phone to their ear. Let's go check it.



They were taking a piss.

Oh, for God's sake! Who pisses in a phone box?

What kind of personal standards would you have to have to piss in a phone box?

I've pissed in a phone box.

I can beat that. My mate Bony did a sh1t on an escalator.

In the shopping centre, it was.

Let's move on.

♪ Hip hoppers in the building ♪
♪ Hip hoppers in the building hip hoppers in the building ♪
♪ Step aside to this cool matinee ♪
♪ It's showtime, point the lights at the stage ♪
♪ So butter up your popcorn, y'all ♪
♪ So butter up your popcorn, y'all, and get ready for the show ♪
♪ Step aside to this cool matinee ♪
♪ It's showtime, point the lights at the stage... ♪

Dealers? Looks that way.

Oké, no confrontation. Slow, intimidating walk-by.

Perhaps you boys should call it a night.

Don't be a dick, Superman.

I'm not Superman.

Keep the streets safe round here.

This is real life, mate. Walk on.

You don't have to be here, you know. You've got choices.

You're going to get yourself hurt, mate.

Not really. There's three of us and two of you.

And we've all got superpowers.

Superpowers? Yeah, that's right.

Secret strengths we can call upon when required.

Or we could just make a citizen's arrest if we see criminal behaviour. So...

All right.

We'll just come back later.

(He exhales)

Right. Good one.

What do you reckon, lads? Should we call it a night?

Thursdays are never as busy as weekends.

I've got to be up at half six. Garden centre's having a fun day.


Get off! Get off, get off!

Get off me! No need to be like that, right!

Get off me! You're not meant to be here!

Get off me! Get away from me!

Forget about it, all right, yes?


Piss off, will you?

(She yells)


What are you doing? Stop! Get off her!

Stop! Help me!

Come here. Come on, then.

You want some, do you? No!

(She screams)

Drop it. Drop it!

Back! Back!

(Girl groans)

You all right?

Let's get you out of the road.

You Oké?

(She groans in pain)

Oh, no, no, no. That's a bad cut.

We need to get you to hospital.

What the hell are you dressed as?

I'm the Knight, leader of the Raintown Superheroes.

You can trust me. Come on.

Hey. She's been stabbed. She needs urgent attention.

What's her name?

Chrissy Michaels.

I'm Toke, by the way.

How did she get stabbed?

What does it...?

It's a street fight. I found her.

Where's the wound?

Her shoulder. She could bleed to death!

Someone's coming out.

Doctor's coming. Are you Oké?

You can go now, thanks.

How old are you?

You sleeping rough?

Look, mate, I'm fine, all right?

Thanks for helping, but...

Chrissy Michaels!

I've said I'm sorry. I know what you said. I'm not interested.

Look, I'm not a druggie, Oké?

Are you? Pills, fine. Powder, now and again.

But tinfoil and tubes? I'm not a druggie.

You don't get to choose. Once you start on that sh1t...

It just...

It helps me turn my brain off.


Well, you turn your brain off. I'm going to take your advice.

I'm out of a shitty marriage.

I'm young, I'm pretty. I just need some easy, uncomplicated fun.

I think that's a good idea.

(Forklift beeps)

Mate. Let me buy you a drink. TFI Friday. Woo, woo!

I can't, mate. I've got something I need to do.

Don't take this the wrong way, but you can't stay.

Well, you can stay but I need to go out.

What? Where?

There's this lad at work that's leaving and the rest of them want to do a leaving do, but they know my feelings about leaving dos so, as a compromise, I said I'd pop in for a drink at the end. So let's both go.

You don't know anyone. Why would you want to come to a work do full of people you don't know?

I know you.

Fine! I'll go home on my own on a Friday night.

(Inaudible over music)

Remember me?


Where's your cossie? Night off.

And yet here you are.


Yeah, I was just passing and...

sh1t, it's crap.

I came looking for you.

How's the wound? Painful.

14 stitches.

Oof! 14 stitches?

I fell off a trampoline once.

That was 12 stitches.

Whacked my head on a kitchen cupboard. That was five stitches.

(She chuckles)

Can I buy you a cup of tea?

Or something stronger.

Look, mate, I'm not going to shag you, all right?

All right, that's good to know.

Some food, then? So we can talk?

Shouldn't you wear a cape?

Capes aren't practical.

Get snagged on things.

Neither are net guns. I used to have one. Fired it the wrong way, ended up having to get the cops to cut me out, which...

Yeah. So this is what you do, is it?

Like, this is your job?

No. I'm a warehouse manager.

Even Clark Kent had a real job.

There's a few of us.

We keep the streets calm, break up fights, confront troublemakers.

Just make people think about what they're doing.

It's like a service to society.


Don't take this the wrong way, but you don't look very tough.

I mean, you're not even muscly.

Strength can be mental as well as physical.

So how did you get into it?


..got tired of people behaving badly and getting away with it.

Cos everyone's afraid.

Everyone looks away and I thought to myself, they need someone to not be afraid, to not look away.

Who's Sid?

An ex. I didn't treat him as well as I should have, so...

So how long have you been on the streets? A few months.

Do your family know? Do they care?

Do you manage to eat Oké?

No. You wash?

You saying I stink?

No. There's hostels.

Yeah. They're sh1t.

And last night, the fight, how often does that sort of thing happen?

I stole someone's spot to sleep.

It's a good place, dry.

I didn't know it was their spot, so when they come back, they start giving me all this sh1t, so I give them some back and...

You saw.

No-one should be sleeping on the streets, especially someone your age.

Use your superpowers. Magic me a penthouse overlooking the sea.

I've got a camper van.

I don't even know you.

No, no, I get it, I get it. I don't blame you for your suspicion.

Stranger turns up, offers you a place to stay, you're thinking, "What's this?"

Could be anyone. Murderer, rapist...

So... here's what I'm going to do.

I'm going to write down my number and where I work and if you want to check me out, check I am who I say I am, then you can.

You can have your own key.

I won't come in.

You can use my address to claim for benefits.

Use my address to apply for jobs.

A few weeks, you'll be back on your feet. No more sleeping rough.

No more stab wounds.

It's up to you.

You can't do this for everyone.

Why am I so special?

I don't know.

Oi. Get back to work! Yes, master!

Strong indication of children.

Big, bustling family. But I'm seeing conflict in your love line.

Conflict? Beware of a betrayal from someone close.

Someone close? Fletch?

What's he going to do?


She didn't see Fletch.

Ruth, who is it?

I can only tell you what I read.

Beware someone talking bollocks.

Someone very close.

This girl claims she knows you.

Right, bed folds down.

This pulls across so you've got curtains.

Um... Ah. Here's the sink.

There should still be some water left in the tank.

Oh, and here... is the en-suite.


If it's any consolation, I'm having to do the same. Bloody plumbers.

I'm in the wrong game.

Yeah, I'll be inside if you need me.


What's your real name?

Billy. Well...


But everyone calls me Toke.

You turn out to be a murderer, I'll be really pissed off.


You all right, Fletch? Nah. Women.

They're all mad, all of them!

His profile picture is gorgeous, but I just can't imagine having s*x with a Barnaby. I can't!

You all right, Ally? I can't stop thinking about corned beef.

Think I must be due on.

Morning, Sarah.

Sarah-Jane, not Sarah.

Does it matter? Yes.

Sarah is not my name. Sarah-Jane is.

Sarah-Jane Rose. It's hyphenated.

Can I go in? If you like.

She's nice(!) Mmm. Apparently she can smile. It was on the CV.

I need to ask a favour.

Fire away.

There's this girl I know. Well, she's sort of a friend of a friend.

She's hit hard times and needs a bit of help.

I want to hire her as a picker - just casual, not permanent.

Have we got a vacancy?

Well, we never really replaced Bobby Bigballs, did we?


Ronnie Brent?

Look, Toke, you are the warehouse manager. It's totally your domain.

If you think this girl is reliable and won't let you down, then I trust your judgment.

Thank you.

Oh, what's her name?

Not that I'll remember.

Chrissy. Chrissy Michaels.

I hope your girlfriend knows about this.

Sal, Chrissy. Chrissy, Sal.

Pleased to meet you. And you.

I really like your top.

You look really nice.

So, it seems my boyfriend saved you from an horrendous attack.

Yeah, I was lucky he was passing.

He just appeared in his five-a-side kit and chased them off.

Shall I get this food on, then?

Bit of chat, get to know each other.

Also, there's something I need to tell you. Bit of a surprise.


I got you a job.

A job?

Yeah, at my place. Coopers Outdoors.

Only casual, zero-hours shite, but it's money in your pocket, if you're interested. Wow, that's...


He's amazing, isn't he?

Like some kind of superhero.

She's pretty, in a grotty, street urchin kind of way.

No, she's gorgeous.

That's why I helped her.

If she'd been minging, I wouldn't have bothered.

I'm hoping there's at least a blowjob in it.

(She scoffs)

Just think it's interesting, that's all. Oh, what is?

You won't move in with me, but you're happy to have some stranger - young, pretty stranger - living outside your house.

Yeah, key word, Sal - outside.

And it's for a few weeks to get her back on her feet.


Are you jealous? No!

Oh, you're jealous!

How would you feel if I moved a toyboy into my garden shed?

Well, upset.

My bikes are stored in there.


Don't be jealous.

Now, this is complicated stuff.

This machine tells you the aisle number and the shelf.

You get the item, you put it into your trolley.

Stop me if I'm getting too technical, or...

Because it's not.

(She giggles)

Oh... You Oké?

Mm. Yeah.


So, why the lies about being a superhero?

If she's your girlfriend, shouldn't she know something like that?

Does Clark Kent tell Lois Lane?

Does Daredevil tell Electra?

Does Spider-Man...?

Yeah, I get the idea.

Seriously, how can she not know?

Easy. I don't tell her.

Twice a week, we patrol.

One night's five-a-side, the other night's pub quiz.

Costume gets hidden in a box on top of the wardrobe.

It's simpler than it might seem.

You're missing my point.

Which is...?

She's your girlfriend.

Isn't that something she should know?

No-one knows.

Except you.

And that's how it'll stay.

So, Mr Tokington, what made you hire the young, fit, female employee, eh?

(They snigger)

Dirty b*st*rd.

I'm jealous.

(Music throughout)

(Paint spraying)

Erm... what's with this?

An act of revenge.

Fair dos.

(They laugh)

(Music slows and stops)

(Squeaking outside)

I'm going.

No, don't park it there!

How's anyone going to get through?

Yeah, it's obvious.

Oi, oi! You two! You can chat all you want after four o'clock.

Yeah, after four o'clock.

Thank you.

He goes to this premature ejaculation clinic, right, and when he gets there, the doctor goes, "You've arrived early."


Oi, you! Out.

You, get driving.

(Clapping his hands)

Come on, people!

Yeah, we're working!

(Irate voice on phone)

No, Trevor... Trevor!

You're being illogical.

The product is made in Indonesia.

We're not the same comp...

(Trevor arguing)

Oh. Thanks for the lift.

I knocked twice.

You can't just roll in when you want, Chrissy. This is work.

It starts at eight, finishes at four every day.

No exceptions, no excuses.

If you stay out late, tough.

You come in with your hangover.

That's the deal.

That's what people pay you for.

Abide by the rules.

Words of a superhero(!)

'..isn't it? Are you there? Oi!

'Toke? Where are you?'




Gaz. Or Nobby.

My friends call me Nobby, but...

Gaz is fine.

I'll, erm... get us a drink.

Lovely. Vodka and tonic.

(He sighs)

Yeah, erm, the thing is, Ally...

..this isn't going to work.

How do you mean?

No, don't take it personally.

It's just... you're not what I was expecting.



I was just expecting more...

I'm really sorry.

Not woman enough for you, is it?

Well, maybe you're not man enough, dickhead.

I mean, look at you with the eyebrows and the sideburns and someone should tell you epaulettes are for police and gay guys.

And even then, they look like twats!

(I'm sorry.)

(He mouths)

It's been my problem all my life.

Can't do what I'm told, can't play by the rules.

I want to.


The good me wants to be reliable and trustworthy.

It's just the bad me...

Bad me has a louder voice.

Always seems to get its own way.

Who was the guy?

Just someone I used to hang out with now and then on the streets.

How much did you see? Not much.

Do you remember that nursery rhyme?

No, not a nursery rhyme, like, a fable.

The Frog And The Scorpion.

The frog offers to give him a ride across the lake if the scorpion promises not to bite him.

And then halfway across, he bites him.

Yeah, and then the frog goes, "Why did you do that? Now we'll both die."

Both: "Because I'm a scorpion."

I sometimes think that's me.

I'm a scorpion.

I tell everyone it's going to be one way, and then I go off and I do the opposite.

Screw everything up.

Betray people.

It's like... It's like I just can't help myself.

And you've been really good to me, Toke.

Like, really good.

I just don't want you to be the frog.

Oh, no.

Come on, come here.

I want to be the frog.

Yeah, well, I'm the scorpion.

You're not the scorpion!

Shut up about the bloody scorpion.


No, that's not what I want.

What do you want then, Toke?

Just to help.

You want to help?


He's not my ex.

He's my baby.

Your... baby?

Chrissy, what...?

(Harshly): Goodnight, Toke.

(Loud music)


How much do I owe you?

That's, er, £10.30, please.

I'll have to see what I can find.

Come into my boudoir.

It's all right.

I don't bite.

(She turns music off)

It's like one of those p0rn films this, isn't it?

Woman alone in her flat.

Sexy man comes to the door in leathers.

He asks for payment.

She says...

"Perhaps we could come to some sort of arrangement."

Before you know it, they're banging each other's brains out.


How much did you say it was again?



Got change for 20?


Spell my name.

'Are you drunk?' Yeah.

(She chuckles)

Spell it! 'Ally.'


What else does that spell, Ash?




I'm a good person.

That prick I married didn't deserve me.

Shagging around, sticking his dick inside every...

(She sighs)

I'm loyal. I'm loving.

You don't need drugs!

You just need me.

You just need to let me in, give me a chance.



'I'm not good enough for you.

'I'm going to drag you down.

'Screw up your life.'

That's rubbish.

'I'm a piece of sh1t.


'A stain on life.'

Ash, you're not! You're amazing.

Let me help you.

Let me try.

I'm getting really strong indications.

You don't need to listen to the voices around you. Yeah.

You hold the answers within yourself. Is it? Yeah.

There she is, Mystic Meg.

Making more crap up.

And you'll find what you're looking for.

So... what's your future?

Tall, dark stranger.

Load of bollocks, was it?

No, it wasn't, actually.

She told me what I already know.

I need to face up to my past.

And she said... a superhero's going to help me.

Sure she won't mind? No.

How do I look?

Really respectable.


(She laughs)

(Car starts)

You ready?


Oké, screw it.

(Musical chime)

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life?

Bet that's still funny after a thousand times.





I just want to talk! Phil?

I just want to speak to you.



w*nk*rs! Hey, come on.

Insults won't help anyone.

So what happened to your mum?

She killed herself.

I'm sorry.

Coroner recorded an open verdict.

Because she was pissed and might have fallen.

She had all these mental problems.

At the time, she was in a bad place.

Seems more likely to have jumped than fallen.

How old were you? 13.


It's a tough age to lose your mum.

What's a better age, then?

I don't know...

90, when she's 150.

So did Phil bring you up after that?

Yeah, he was my dad to all intents and purposes.

And then... a year later - it wasn't even a year - he got together with her.

The bitch.

And you thought that was too swift?

No, life goes on. I get it.

If she'd been a bit nicer, maybe we'd have all got on.

You know, I'd just lost my mum.

I was all over the place.

And them two were all wrapped up in each other.

So, yeah, I behaved like a prick.

Probably made their life hell.

But I needed some... bloody attention, some...


So I found it elsewhere.

Callum was one of my mum's old mates.

Sid's our baby.

But no-one knows that he's Calum's, because I was underage and he would have gone to prison for statutory rape.

Which is bullshit because I knew what I was doing.

Plus, he's married.

I lost the plot after I had him.

Went... kind of crazy.

They'll say that I didn't like him.

They'll say that they were scared that I'd try to hurt him.

But I wouldn't.

I just couldn't deal with him, you know?

They don't know what it was like in here.

It was like a...


So they've brought him up as their own?

She can't have kids, so it worked out perfectly.

Did they throw you out?

I... met some people.

One thing led to another.

I treated them pretty badly.

Can I make a suggestion?

Let me go back alone and broker a peace deal.

If you're not there, they might listen.

What is it you want?

What can I put to them?

A visit?

An hour with the kid, two hours?


I just want to see his face.

They need to know that I won't hurt him.

They can trust me.

You have to tell them that.

Vouch for me, say you'll be there, too.

Say I've changed.

We said no.

Don't slam the door.

Please, remove your foot.

I will, just hear me out.

Two minutes is all I ask.

Who are you? Her boyfriend?

Where is she? She's not here.

It's just me.

I'm her boss at work.

Look, you can't ignore this, Philip.

My name's Billy.

I'm a decent human being.

With all due respect, Billy, you don't really know her like we do.

Accepted. She's brought a lot of trouble into our life.

She's selfish.

You know, she has no self-control.

I appreciate all of that.

But I think the Chrissy you knew isn't the Chrissy that came to your door tonight.

I find that hard to believe.

I realise there's been a lot of water gone under this particular bridge, but do you not owe her the chance to at least speak to you?

To tell you how she feels, the regret she has, especially about her son.

She left him. She just tossed him to one side. She was 15.

If it hadn't been for us, that poor child would have ended up in care.

She just wants to see him.

Muted: Cos it'll open the floodgates and no matter how much you say she's changed, I don't think I'll ever be able to trust her.

She just wants to see him. No.

What's life if we just condemn people so they know that you're doomed.

You never deserve a second chance...

Is that fair?

Hello, Sid.

Hello, beautiful boy.

Hello, darling.

We're talking about one hour.

A trip to the local park.

A soft play centre.

I'll chaperone, or we can all be there, whatever works.

It's her son.

He's our son.

Yeah, I know that.

But she... brought him into the world.


For the sake of human kindness.

(Sid cries)

Ssh! It's all right. It's all right.

He's not settling, I'd better go up.


Come on.

Man to man, can we agree this?

Here, come on.

Oh! It's Oké, it's Oké.



Was this you? Me?

Calm down. I'm telling you...

Oh, Jesus! Ssh!

Go, go, go!

Everything all right?

f*ck! Did they agree?

They were about to!

Yeah, to get rid of you. Next day they be on the phone cancelling.

What were you doing? He's my child, I wanted to see his face.

I wanted to hold him.

So you break in?

What was I, you're bleeding decoy?

I used to live there, I used to have a key until she took it off me.

Chrissy, they're not bad people.

Oh, aren't they?

They want what's best for your kid.

Oh, yeah, they probably told you what a b*st*rd I am, is it? No!

Can we go? They told me you had problems, big problems, and I was getting them to believe you'd changed.

And then you proved me wrong.

I HAVE changed. Oh, have you?

Yes, I want him back.

That's not going to happen.

Just take me home, please.

Can we go?

Just can we go?!

Do you know what, Chrissy?

Maybe you were right.

Maybe you are the scorpion.


There you are. Jenna wants to see you, ASAP. Well, not ASAP, now.

Sit down, Toke.

This sounds ominous.

I've had a phone call from Trevor Trevelyan. Right.

Look, I... He's claiming - and let me just outline the accusation before you chime in - he is claiming that you were rude and then in frustration you threw the phone across the room.

I was and I did.

You know Finchams are one of our best clients?

It was related to something else, I lost my temper, I'm sorry.

Toke, is everything all right, mate?

Yeah. I mean, I'm not one for gossip...

Well, I am, but I'm hearing mutterings.

About what? About your new employee.

You vouched for her, Toke.

Where is she today? She can barely do the job because of a stab wound.

Why would you hire someone like that?

I'm doing my job, same as I always have.

I had one bad moment, give me a verbal warning, do whatever, but don't insinuate there's anything else going on, because there isn't, Oké?

Can I go now?

Yes, yeah, you can go...

Just give me a minute.

Toke, let's have a catch-up, mate.

Come on, it's been ages.

(Phone rings)

I saw that.

So... how's Chrissy?

No idea, she's gone.

Gone? Where?

What happened?

Nothing. I just woke up and she'd gone.

Took my bloody van.

Well... did something happen?

Last night, you must have seen her.

Not really.

You've got feelings for her, haven't you?

Oké, well, without talking in riddles, I don't know what's going on in your head, I don't know if you want someone else, someone younger, sexier, but...

I love you, Toke.

I want you to move in with me, so is that going to happen or not?

Simple question - yes or no?

Sal, I promise you...

Oh, don't make a scene, you know how I feel about scenes.

Four years, Toke. Four years!

Here's a scene.

And you won't move on it.

Why? Why is that?

There can only be one conclusion.

No, there can be many more conclusions.

Piss off!

I've heard it all before.

Sal, where are you going?



This guy from Coventry keeps tweeting me, claiming I've stolen his handle.

I was like, hello, Urban Avenger, it's hardly copyrighted, is it?

Woman: Get off, what are you doing?

Look, over there.

A fight. Is there a problem here?

Have you got a problem? Stop it.


They'll be hugging in a minute.

(Shouting continues)

Go, go, go!

Oi! Leave him alone.

Oi! Stop. You b*st*rd!

You're dead, you're dead!

Hey, stop! Get off him.

Stop! Get off him! Phone the police.

(Woman screams)

What, you want some? I can't see!

We've got to get out of here, man.

I can't see!

Come on, let's go. Move! Let's go.

(Siren wails)

Help me!

(Woman sobs)

What happened, Toke? Calm intervention, that's what we are.

The space for self-protection.

If someone reports you, they could do you for assault.

This could get serious, Toke.

We were wasting our time, lads.

We can't change anything, we can't help anyone.

We're just dicks in costumes.

Toke? Where are you going?

(Car approaches)

(Car door shuts)

Excuse me, sir, stop there!

Billy Tokington?

Where's Chrissy Michaels?

I have no idea.

She's stolen a child.

I'm arresting you on suspicion of conspiracy to abduct Sid Monkford.

I don't know.

She's in your campervan.

She stole it. Stole it?

I said she could stay there on my drive, but I didn't say she could take it.

The parents of the child are saying that you went round with Christine a few nights ago, asking for access.

I did. Sussing the place out? No.

They're out of their minds with worry.

It's her kid.

Really, it's hers, she won't hurt it.

So you admit you're helping her get the child back? Yeah.

No. Access with their consent.

The parents believe that Chrissy might have entered the property the night you were there.

I just wanted to help her.

That's all, she's a damaged young girl.

Do you have a sexual relationship with Chrissy? No!

How long have you know her?

Not long. A few weeks?

And you just help her?

A complete stranger that you have no emotional connection to?


Talk us through the costume, Billy.

I'm a superhero.


Raintown Superheroes.


We try to help people.

Isn't that what we're here for?

You're not always there, are you?

Sometimes you're not there.

Sometimes things happen and you're too slow.

You're too slow, things go wrong and people end up dead.

You think I'm some idiot out looking for thrills. Look in my wallet.

Look in at.

Open it.

She's why I do it.

It's my sister. Jessica.

She died.

She was killed.

A fight. Stupid.

A nothing fight, but a knife got pulled...

..and she lay there in the street.

And by the time someone found her...

She was 17 years old.

A nothing argument.

Shooting off her mouth like young girls do, and that's that.

You know, game over, so I try to stop that.

I try to help people, just... calm things down.

I helped Chrissy.

She reminded me of Jess.

It was something about her.

She reminded me of my sister.

(He sobs)

(Phone rings)

Hello. 'Toke, it's me, Chrissy.'

Where are you?

Chrissy, where are you?

Sorry I took your van.

I didn't know you could drive.

I can't. Not legally.

Where's Sid, Chrissy?

Told you, then, have they?

Where is he?

He's safe.

We've had a nice time.

Played on the beach, had cheese on toast.

Just us.

Me and my son.

You haven't thought this through.

How are you going to look after him?

Feed him, clothe him, bathe him?

You can barely look after yourself.

What if you fancy shagging a stranger?

Where does Sid fit in then?

I'll look after him. He's mine.

Not legally. Where is he?

He's in the van, asleep.

I lied to you, Toke.

About his father, he's...

It's not Calum's.

Calum's not his dad.

He's Phil's.

He's Phil's?

Yeah, nice man.

What's going on? I didn't do this, it wasn't me, I promise you.

Chrissy Michaels, we're arresting you... No, no.

Tell them who the father is.

You b*st*rd!

Sorry! Get off me!

What are you doing? Get off me!

Tell them what happened.

The baby's hers.

No, get off, no!

I haven't done nothing! I haven't...

(Sid cries)

(She laughs)

What are you wearing?

I'll move in.

But there's some things you need to know.

Shut up.

Shut up. I won't.

I won't do that.

I'd never hurt her.

♪ Whatever happened to ♪
♪ All of the heroes? ♪

You all right, Ellen?

♪ All the Shakespearoes ♪
♪ They watched their Rome burn ♪
♪ Whatever happened to the heroes? ♪
♪ Whatever happened to the heroes? ♪
♪ No more heroes any more ♪
♪ No more heroes any more ♪
♪ No more heroes any more... ♪

(Phone rings)

Trevor. How lovely to hear from you.

All right? I can do this.

I'm so scared.

I was thinking about her coming back. Katya!

In the night, breaking in, stabbing me, setting fire to the house.

(Siren wails)


I'm tired of being scared of you.

It stops.

Or I'll make it stop.