02x05 - Fletch's Story

Imagine an internal voice shouting, "Jump!"

That's how it feels to be me.

He's missing. He left Ally's house sometime in the middle of the night.

Depression, suicidal thoughts.

'Jenna, did you get my letter about my release?'

I had her hurt. I arranged it.

Get off me!


You need help.

(Laughter and chatter)

Ask me the question.

Karl, it's racist.

It's not racist.

It's totally racist.

You don't know what I'm going to say. I do and it's racist.

Racist! It's got so you can't say anything without it being racist.

No, it's got so you can't say racist stuff without it being racist.

Ask me the question!


Oh, Fletch, why do you have to be such a boring, boring man?

Fine, I'll ask the waiter.

Oh, mate...! Oh, come on, mate, please. This is...

More beers, lads?

Yeah. I wonder if you could help us.

(Text message alert)

Me and my friends were wondering if you happened to know what time a Chinese man goes to the dentist.

No idea, mate.

Well, I'll tell you exactly what time a Chinese man goes to the dentist.

When it's time for his regular check-up.

That's when he goes.

I mean, that's not racist.

Fletch, racist?

Another round of beers, mate.

No, not for me.

You what?

This is my last. I've got to go.


Oh, someone's...

(He chokes and gags)

(Drunken singing)

All right, that's it, right here.

That's it.

Come on.

Give Caz our love.


Get off me, you freak!

Sh! Sh!

Fun still to be had, man!

You are a legend!

"On my way."

That was at 11.21.

It is now quarter to... Sorry.

I'm sorry.

Do you want a baby, Fletch?


(Drunken shouting from taxi)

Do you...? Do you understand the concept of ovulation?

Well, you're still doing it.

I don't care how pissed you are.

But you can go from behind cos I'm not having that lager breath anywhere near me!

(He groans)

And we're going again in the morning.

Er... Vindaloo.

Come in the car.

I'm fine.

You're not fine, you're still pissed.

I ride better pissed.

Don't die.

You might be a total dick, but I love you.

(Engine starts)

(Tyres screech)

(Over tannoy): ♪ Club Tropicana, drinks are free ♪
♪ Fun and sunshine ♪
♪ There's enough for everyone ♪
♪ All that's missing is the sea ♪
♪ But don't worry, you can suntan... ♪

I swear to God. Ask him.

Haven't I? Tell them.

Three friends with rhyming names?


Name them, quickly.

Oké, there's...


Er... Ben Glen, Owen Cohen and...

Amelia Bedelia!


I swear, it's true.

Amelia Bedelia!

Why would I make this up?


What happened there?


The hair.

It's blue.

It's your eyes.

A few of us are out tonight, if you fancy it.

Thingy's leaving do With the moustache.

What's she called?

Out last night.

It was mammoth.

My liver can't handle it.

Old man.

(Phone rings)


I noticed you used the word "risk".

No way. No, I don't believe it. No.

My mum...

It's my mum.

The fall has created a bleed outside the brain, between the brain and the membrane.

The scan showed a lot of blood, which is causing a great deal of pressure on the brain.

We would like to consult with our neurosurgeons, but we think your mother will probably require surgery.

She can't die.

She won't.

She's a fighter, your mum. She'll be absol... Don't do that, Caz.

Don't sugarcoat it.

She's all I've got.

If she goes...

You've got me.

I'm talking about family.

I'm family.

I know it's different.

Your mum's your mum and no-one will ever replace her, but...

How you doing?


Let's see how she's doing tomorrow, eh?

I love you.


(Monitor beeps)

(Office chatter)

Thank you. Oké. Bye.


I need to tell you something.


Are you pregnant?


How could I be...?

We only did it two days ago.

What, then?

Promise not to shout.


No, really promise.

I really promise.

Really, really promise.


I've... I've found your father.

You've found my father?

Remember your promise.

You'd better start talking.

I've tracked him down, on the internet.

I mean, it wasn't really that difficult, with his weird surname and...

I found out where he works and I rang him.

You rang him? Well, yeah.

Why the f...? Why would you?

Where is he?

Look... Look, babe, there's something that you don't know.

Your mum, she, er... she lied to...

Well, no, she didn't lie to you.

She just kept back some information.


Caz, what?

Please, Fletch. This isn't easy.

Please, you have to stay calm.

Well, talk, then!

She created a bit of a fantasy for you, Oké?

When she told you that he was a singer, when she told you that he went travelling, all that stuff...

She's known where he is for years.

And he wrote to her - not often, but on occasion - asking about you.

And she'd send photos.

And she never told me.

Well, she thought it was for the best. But she told you.

She got drunk one night, last Christmas.

You passed out early, we stayed up and she started saying all kinds of things.

And you never told me.

Fletch, she begged me not to.

The next day, she ordered me.

She was like, "It's a secret."

And she showed me these letters that he had written back then and she said, well, that you'd hate him.

If you knew, it would be this whole can of worms.

And so I thought about it... and I agreed with her.

At the time, I thought it was best that he wasn't a part of your life.

Because he was gone.

It was past. It was done.

But now, I think...

Now, what?

Well, with your mum and what you were saying, I thought maybe... you'd benefit with having him in your life.

That... is not your decision.

Where is he?

Where is he, Caz?

He's... He's not far.

Not far...? He's just over the bridge, near Bristol.


He runs a consultancy firm.

Why did you do this?

Why the hell did you do this?

Tell me everything you know.

You look well.


I can't sleep.

The guy next to me, he keeps, er...



It's enough to drive you... crazy.

Mum, I hate it here.

I know.

I could be taking the drugs at home.

You don't take your drugs at home.

I will, I promise.


You're my son.

You think I don't want you at home?

Wrap you in my arms now and take you out of here?

Of course I do.

You're a sh1t mum.

You always have been. Ash...

And you...

What are you doing here?

What the hell are you?! Eh?

My girlfriend?

No, you're not.

So what are you?!

Man: Calm down, Ash.

You hurt me.

You're going to hurt yourself.

And I don't want that, Ash.

I don't want that.

Give it a few more days.


Do you want me with you?

Er, no.

Do you want a beer?


Good luck.

(Phone rings)



It's me.

It's Robert.

Your son.


Yeah, I got your number off Caz, erm... my wife.


'Yeah, yeah. Of course. Yeah.

'Just give me a second.

One second. Sorry.

'That's better.'

You don't mind me ringing?


'God, no. I just...

'I wasn't sure if you would.

'But when she called, you know, I hoped. But...'

I wasn't sure myself.

'I want you to know...

'..Robert, I've thought about this moment a lot, over the years.'

Me, too.

'I contacted your mother.

'I wrote and asked her about you.'

I know.

'But I never thought you'd...

'I didn't think you'd want...'

You're my dad.


'But, erm...'

No, you're my dad.

Everyone wants to know their dad.



We're going to meet.

Joe, you're an old man.

No, you know, you've lived a bit.

Can I ask you something?

Hang on, let me just put my hearing aid in...

Does life just carry on getting more and more sh1t?

Only, I've never really had any problems.

Everything was a right old laugh.

And then, without warning, it's like I turned a corner and everything went all crap on me. Ash?

He's in this place, this... unit.

Mental health.

And it's good. He needs help.

But he keeps sending me these messages, saying how he hates it there and how the medication is poison and...

I've got this knot in my stomach the whole time, Iike we've done something bad to him. But we haven't.

We're just trying to help him.


..don't take this the wrong way, Oké?

He's a kid with huge problems.

Kim's his mum.

She's tied to him forever, but you're...

You're not.


Now, listen, make an old man very happy and get your smile back.

It suits you.

How you feeling?


You'll be fine.

He's just a man, yeah?

He's not an alien or a two-headed pig.

He's just a man.

So you can talk... man to man.

A two-headed pig?

(Both laugh)

All right.

It's just ringing out.

He's obviously changed his mind.

He's chickened out.

He could have at least called.

Oké, let's just give him a chance.

A chance? This was his chance!

To take a short train ride, to come and meet his son.

Where you going?

We're going over there.

No, we're not.

I've got the address.

It's on the letters. Nope.

Fletch, he can't just stand you up.

I'm not turning up at his door unannounced.

Fine, you don't come, but I'm going.

Cos he needs to know what this means.

Today's the day you thought you were meeting your father and today's the day you should meet him. I'm not coming.

Caz, screw him.

If he doesn't want to meet me, I'm not going begging.

I'm not coming.

Final. End of.

Move on.

Caz: Wow...

These are big houses.

Must have a few quid.

Why have I allowed this?


If it was up to you, nothing'd ever happen.

Sat-nav: You have reached your destination.


..this is it.

And he's inside, most probably.

All we need to do is walk up to that door and ring that bell.

That's not happening.

Why not?

Cos he's got a family. He's...

You know what?

This is ridiculous. I've come...

I've done what you said.

Can we just go now? No!


This is not your...

sh1t! Hide!



For God's sake!

We're going.

Ow! Fletch, that hurts.

Come on. You've no plan.

You don't even know who they are.

I know they're going in that house and somebody has to open the door and that someone might be your father.

In the car. In!

Oh, would you...?

Would you stop waving?

What if she comes over? Good.

Then we'll talk to her.

In! Just get...

In fact, give me the keys.

Fletch... I'm driving.

I'm driving! Oh, fine...

Otherwise we'll be farting about all day waving to...

Fine... every...


Caz! Caz!

Caroline... Caroline!







Come here! Ah!

What are you hoping to achieve?

I want to see him.

I want to see his family.

I need to, Fletch, for you.

But I don't want you to.

Yes, you do.

No, I don't.

That's why I keep saying I don't.

Then, why are you here?

Because you insisted!

Oh, I can see him.

There's a woman. His age.

And that couple who've just arrived.

Hugging, smiles...

Ah, good for you, enjoying yourselves. Your son's out here!


Come and have a look.

Climb through. No!


I don't want the first sight of my dad to be like a Peeping Tom.

Just come back, please.

They're all... really happy.

There's something...

It's like...

What? What is it?

She's pregnant.

The girl who's just arrived, whoever she is...

..they're touching her belly.

I think it's his daughter.

You can tell, the way he's touching her.

He doesn't come and see his son, but he's pleased to be a grandad.

f*cking b*st*rd!

Oh, I'm... sorry.

You're right, let's get out of here.

Oh! Fletch, I'm stuck!




Caz: Sorry! Fletch...


Why didn't you come?

Why didn't you just come?



What did he say?

I'm so sorry you met that way.

What happened?

Nothing. Let's go.


Oh, he's a prick, isn't he?

He didn't come.

He's there, in his big house, with his nice family.

But he doesn't need me, he's got everything he wants right there!

Oh, he's coming. He's here.

He wants to talk to us.

I've nothing. There's nothing.

Fletch, we should at least hear him out. I'm not interested.

I'll run him over. How about that?

Fletch, just wait. Yeah, wait.

Please, wait. Hold on.

Look, I'm sorry, but you can't be here.

I left a message on voicemail, saying it would have to be another day.

Something has come up with my kid, with my real...

With... With my daughter.

I couldn't.

I had to be here.

But I did try to say.

We didn't get it.


I tried your mobile over and over.

It was off.

Well, we thought that you'd blown us out.

I mean, you can see how it looks.

No, absolutely.

But coming here, I mean...

Can we communicate, find another time?


Oh, sh1t...

What is it, honey?

It... It's fine.

Everything Oké?

Go back in. It's fine.

Another time, yes?

Yes, but you can't be who you are, you have to be someone else.

Now. Today.


Make an excuse.

You meet me... today.

Please, it's not...

Today... Dad!

Fine, today.

There's a pub on the road to Clevedon.

The Rose and Crown. But... as soon as I can..

It's all right.

It's a misunderstanding.

(Car engine starts)

You Oké?

Listen, I'm going to leave you to it when he arrives.

I think I've caused enough bother.

If he arrives.


Here we are.

Here we are.

Shall we hug or... firm handshake?

Let's just go inside.

So how is your mum?

No change.

Sorry to hear that.

She's a good woman, Alice.

It's a terrible shame.

And, er, I'm...

I'm sorry about back there.

But I haven't told them about you, you know?

A big shock.

It's a massive thing.

And I wanted to meet you, myself, first.

Is that your wife, then?

Louisa, yeah.

And your daughter?


Pregnant, is she?

Yeah. That's why I couldn't, erm...

How many kids have you got?

Other than me.


They're all girls.

There's Charlie. She's the eldest.

And then there's Emily and Anne, because my wife had a thing about the Brontes.

Right. So how old's Charlotte?

Er, she's in her late 20s.

The same as me.


..we got to that quick, didn't we?


My mum told me a pack of lies.

She told me you were a singer.

A free spirit, you left to travel the world.

It's bollocks, when you think about it.

When you're told something, insistently, since you were a little boy, I suppose you...

I mean, this was my mum telling me, so, you just...

So I'm realising, I know nothing.

So, you know, you've got a big house and a nice wife.

A business.

Three kids.

One of them's the same age as me.

So you'd better start filling in some of the gaps because, I've got to tell you, right now, my heart is pounding.

This isn't how I'd imagined this, you know?

None of this is how I'd imagined this.

We'd better take a seat.



People call me Fletch.


You look a bit like me, you know.

Just a little.

Around the eyes.


I'm nervous.

We both are.

This is...

..a little unusual.

Yes. To say the least.

Your wife seems nice.

She says you moved back to Cardiff with her.

Have you been married long?

Tell me about you.

Tell me about my mum.

Tell me something that'll help me understand.


We lived in the same street.

Ventnor Drive.

I was at number 33 and she was a couple of doors down.

I was just married.

Well, not just.

But newish. You know, and, er...

My wife, Louisa, she got pregnant quite quickly.

Mr Potent here...

And... I'd see your mum through the back window, because we had those gardens where, from a top window, you could see right down the road.

There was no privacy.

No topless sunbathing in those houses.


..I'd see her hanging out the washing.

And she'd wave at me and we'd talk in the street sometimes.

And, look...

..in those days, she had an amazing figure.

That face, those eyes and...

I was no angel back then.

And I'd...

..I'd watch her hanging out the washing and her top would ride up and...


I had a problem.

I've had counselling since.

I've addressed it over the years, but back then, when I was your age, I couldn't keep it in my trousers, you know?

And I... You had an affair.

Of sorts.

Sort of.

A fling.

Well, an affair, call it what you will.

You were married and she got pregnant.

You're getting the measure of it.

But your wife was pregnant, too.

Well... she was fit to drop then.

I mean, she was this big.

Rob, you know, I'm not proud of this, but... but the day she went into labour with Charlotte, she was early, she was three weeks early and...

..and I was with your mother.


That's me.

Or it was then.

Not now. I mean, you know, I'm a better man now.

I've put that stuff behind me, but...

..back then...


So you've kept this a secret for almost 30 years.

I had to.

How do you tell your wife that?

How do you tell her you've done that?

Impregnated somebody.

And the longer it goes on, you...

There's no way, is there?

See it from my side.

But I would...

..write to your mum, after she moved away, and I'd offer her money and such.

That's big of you.



..I deserve that.

I deserve that. You just shagged her and you left her to bring up a baby, two doors down, without telling anyone.

No, no, because she left.

Oh, well, that's all right, then.

Out of sight, out of mind.



Don't "son" me!

No, but...

It wasn't like that.

Your mum was complicit.

She agreed that this was the best course of action.

Did she? She did.

Rob, this was 30 years ago.

She didn't want people to think she was a hussy, a home wrecker.

Different attitudes. A little bit different from what it is now.

But you have to believe me when I tell you that she was delighted with you.

I knew you were loved.

I knew that.

And it wasn't like you were missing out because your mum had enough love...

..for two parents.

That is bullshit!

That is bullshit!

Of course I missed out!

I grew up without a father.

Do you have any idea what that feels like, to grow up with no dad?

Gone. Never met him.

I had to invent one.

A pretend dad.

And I'd talk to him.

And I'd play with him.

Imagine he was there with me.

Because otherwise, seeing my friends with their dads, it broke my heart.

I just wanted a dad!

Someone I could do dad stuff with.

And I couldn't work out why mine had left me.

I mean, dads, they don't leave, do they?

They don't see their beautiful baby boy brought into this world and then decide to go on tour with their f*cking guitar and never come back!

Don't be upset.

I'm not!



Are you going to tell them?

About me? Your wife, your three kids Charlotte, Emily the other one.


Anne. Are you?

Tell them they've got a brother, a half-brother?

Well, Robert...


Here is the situation...


I'm looking for a yes or a no.

I want to be part of your life.

Of course I do.

Of course I do.

That goes without saying.

And we can make this work.

We can get together, the two of us.

We can get to know one another.

But I think, for now, we have to take it slowly.

Softly, softly, catchee monkey.

So you want to keep on lying, yeah? Fletch...


Don't take offence.

Don't be hot-headed.

You get that from your mother.

She was always so hot-headed.

No more lies. No!

No more lies!

I don't want to be your secret.

Your dirty little secret.

If you want me in your life, if you want your son, you have to come clean.

I can't turn my whole life upside down!

They don't know about you...

She doesn't know I shagged around.

And now I have a lovely, lovely life.

I'm not going to throw that away!

My business.

My home.

She'd question everything.

She'd walk away.

But I'm your son.

I know. I...

I know that.

And you seem like a lovely lad.

But I don't know you.

And in truth...

..I don't need to.

I'll give you money, if that's what you want.

No, wait.

I'm sorry.

I don't want your money.

That was a mistake. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry...

(Door slams)

You Oké? Fletch?

Just get me out of here...

What happened? What did he say?

Just get me out of here, now.

Get in the f*cking car!


What are you doing?


What do you mean...? Where...?

Where? What the...?

What the hell? Fletch...?


Just stop. Just stop.

Just stop doing that.

Fletch, for God's sake, just stop and talk to me, Oké?

I made a mistake.

I know I made a mistake.

And I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

Will you just stop bloody packing?!

Oké, look at me.

Look at me!

Fletch, I'm your wife.

Just look at me!

I know that you're upset.

I understand you're upset.

It's a big disappointment.

But what are you doing?

This makes absolutely no sense!

Where do you think you're actually going?

Fletch, this is our house.

This is where we live, we're married.

Where are you going?!

Had to get involved, didn't you?

You had to stick your nose in!

It was none of your f*cking business, but you had to stick your nose in, you had to take control, Iike you always do.

Every decision, Caz takes control.

Caz does what Caz wants and I just go along with it, yeah?

Well, at least I had the fantasy!

At least I had the pretence of a great father.

That's what my mum did.

That is what she gave to me, so that I never had to meet the crushing disappointment of him!

But you sought him out, didn't you?

Because I was trying to help you!

Well, you didn't.

You didn't help.

Why did I marry you, Caz?

(She gasps)

Why? Did I want to or did you just tell me to?

Why did we move back to Wales?

Why do we live in this house?

Why? Why are we trying for kids?

(She whimpers)

Did I want to try for kids?

Did I? Or did you just tell me to?

I've got to go.


Where are you going? Fletch...?

(Door slams)

Where are you going?

(Tyres squeal)

Ready? Down the hatch.

Come on, one, two, three...

Music: Drinking From The Bottle by Calvin Harris, feat. Tinie Tempah I, er... used to work in Hollywood.


I played a corpse in Mission: Impossible.


"Expect the impossible again."


♪ You think that you've got it all worked out ♪
♪ But you don't know nothing, nothing, nothing ♪
♪ You think that you can rub me out ♪
♪ But I'm made of something, something, something ♪
♪ I can teach you a thing or two ♪
♪ Yeah, oh, yeah ♪
♪ I can teach you a thing or two... ♪


(He sighs heavily)

'This is crazy, you know that?'

You've got to go home.

You go home and beg her.

Beg her, Fletch.

Either that or you style it out, pretend it never happened and hope Sarah-Jane doesn't...

Maybe I made a mistake.


You've blown your whole life apart.

I've clung onto someone that loved me.

I got trapped.

You know, Caz and Fletch, Caz and Fletch...

(Food sizzles on the hob)

(Text message alert)

Bacon's burning.

Basically, that I'd forced him into getting married.

Hello, tears at dawn.

Fiver says he's shagged someone else. Sensitive.

Right, I'm going in.

So, how's it been?

(She sobs)

Toke, have you seen Fletch?

Aisle one.


Screw and split type, are you?

We didn't...?

The state of you, you passed out. So flattering!

Have you got any idea where my wedding ring is?

You swallowed it.


You were hitting on me.

I reminded you you were you married.

You said you weren't.

I pointed to your ring.

So you took it off and necked it with your vodka.

Your wife's in bits up there.

Seems like you've got some issues.

I don't really do complicated.

Lucky you.

Call me if things get simpler.

Fletch! You're wanted!

Probably the feet that did it.

Feet? You never seen her feet, when she's wearing sandals?


I wouldn't be licking Dairylea off them hooves.

It's public, then, is it?

Put it in the newsletter?

Fletch, we're not interfering.

Your private life is your private life.


Can I go? Hey...

But the reality is you're a couple and we want to make sure that you're both Oké.

This is a happy workplace.

We're fine.

(She sniffles)

I'm sorry, Jenna.

I'll pull myself together.

Can I go now?

What's wrong with you? You make me out to be the bad guy!

I just, like, enjoy a beer or two every now and then, yeah?!

Tell me. I don't think you could ever convince yourself, Iet alone convince me!

(Echoing voices)

Woman: You really do make me sick!

What kind of man are you?

(Echoing voices)

You lie on the sofa and sleep and watch TV.

You are bone idle!

Any sign of Fletcher?

Not recently.




I can be anyone you want me to be.


..we have a problem.

Right, where's your bathroom?

You need the bog?

Where's your bathroom?

It's upstairs. Right, help me.


Come on, other side. You, legs.


Legs. Come on, come on!

Get him upstairs.

Hey, man...


Get off me!

God, he's been at the pies, hasn't he?

Come on, guys! Come on, men!

Get off! Whoa...!

Having a good time, Fletch?

Having a nice day off!


If Jenna finds out about this, it isn't a verbal warning.

No, it's fired.

Oké! It's down the road.


I mean, what the hell do you think you're doing?

We're worried about you.

We all are. Well, don't be.

You're screwing up your life.

Am I?

Well, let's assess the evidence.

You're shagging around, you're bunking off work...

I didn't shag her.

I was too pissed. So...

Fletch, I know you're upset about your dad...

Do you? Yeah, I do.

Do you want to know where my dad is?


He lives there now. Third wife, massive tits, no personality.

And that's just my dad.

I never see him.

He's not part of my life.

He's not part of the kids' life.

There's no tragedy.

It's just the way it is.

Sorry, am I boring you?

Yeah, you are.


You're going to lose everything.

Look, I get it, you're down.

But trust me, this stuff, it's not going to solve your problem.

Why'd you give it me, then?


Mate... you're a mess.

I've been there, but try and see it from Caz's side.

When me and Holly split up, when she got back with her ex...

..I felt like I'd had my legs kicked away.

I couldn't think straight.

Look, all we're asking is that you go home and talk to her.

Just talk to her.

She deserves that, surely?

She's a great girl, Fletch.

She loves you You're breaking her heart.



You're breaking her heart.

(Phone rings)

'Hey, this is Fletch.

Leave a message.'

Fletch, it's me.

Listen, you've got to call me.

It's urgent.

(She sighs heavily)

Neil, it's Caz. I need Fletch.

Is he with you?

No, his phone's off.

Have you any idea where he is?

It's his mum. Something's happened.

I need to find him.

I have to find him, Neil.

Hold on. Hold on...


I need the loo.

Are you for real?


(He strains)



(He gags)

(He gags)


(He gags and coughs)

(Banging on door)

Is he here?


Don't lie!

Nothing happened.

I swear, Caz, nothing...

I just need to see him.


Your mum's come round.

I thought you should know.

Caz, nothing happened!


Caz, stop!

Stop, Oké? Just stop.

Wait. Just wait, all right?


Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Caz, just stop!


Whoa! Sorry.

'Hi, this is Caz. Sorry to miss your call. If you'd like to leave your name and number, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks.'


Oh, Mum...!

(He sobs)

Oh, please, Mum.

Help me, please...

Help me make everything all right.


Please, help me!



So is that it, then, for us?

Do you even love me?


Oh, how can you say that?

I'm sorry.

I don't want your sorrys.

I want to know what happens to our marriage, Fletch.

I invested everything in you.

I could have your baby inside me, for all you know, and this is what happens!

I lost the plot, Oké? I...

I don't know who I am.

I feel... empty.

Like it's all been a lie and I'm scared.

I'm scared that maybe I'm the same as he was.

Maybe I could walk out on my kid and not give a sh1t.

Maybe I'm that person.

I don't think so.

But then, two weeks ago, I wouldn't have thought I'd find you with another woman, so...

I didn't shag her.

No, I'm saying, even before you arrived, I realised it was... it was wrong.

I didn't want to be there.

I swear.

You said some really hurtful things.

And I know some of them were true.

I'm not perfect, Fletch.

But everything I have done, everything, right or wrong, has been out of love for you!

I wanted to give you a family.

I wanted you to feel loved and secure and happy, because you'd never had that as a kid.

And now I don't even...

I don't know that we could ever make this happen.

I'm glad about your mum. I am.

I'm going to go home.

We could try. We could try.

We could go on a date.

We could talk.

We could sort of start again.

We're Caz and Fletch.

We're Caz and Fletch.

We're Caz and Fletch.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Come here...

(Metal door slams shut)



Thanks for this.

And sorting everything and the loan...

What are sisters for?

I want to go out. Tonight.

To a club.

What happened? Where did you go?

(Tyres screech)

Ash? Ash...!

We lost the Harlington contract.

sh1t! No!

I only just got out and I'm not going back, Jenna.

The only place you're going is prison.

Posh bird like you, they'll destroy you.