01x03 - The Exterminator

My name is Liv Moore, and I died, sort of.

I had a promising career and a great fiancé. Then I went to the world's worst boat party and got turned into a zombie.

Now I work at the morgue for access to brains, but brain eating has side effects. I take on the victim's personality traits and have visions which I use to help solve their murders. I work with a detective who thinks I'm a psychic and my boss, the medical examiner, the only person who knows my secret. I'm a crime-fighting zombie.

Previously on iZombie...

Getting brains on the job.

I was hoping you might be so inclined as to help a brother out.

What the hell?

You need to go.



(Laughs) You're too easy.

What a wuss.

Jackass, that was quality b-roll.

Hey, think that'd make a good shot?

Picture it, serial killer sneaks up behind the barrel.


(Laughs) Nothing but net.




Whatever. Two out of three.

(Grunting from below)

It's getting late. Maybe we should...

Now who's a wuss?

What are you doing?


There's a hobo in there, man.

We can cut him into the movie.

Or maybe it's a serial killer and he can cut us into stupid virgin stew.

What if this place turned him into a mutant, and he's got hermit crab hands?

Then I'm about to have three million Instagram followers.


(Theme song playing)

I'm hungry. Are you hungry?

Okay, this is interesting.

I set up a Google Alert for the search terms "Seattle, zombie."

Me, too. No. Uh, I signed up for Z-Date.

Hmm. You joke, but this could be as close as we get to an early warning system.

It got a couple of hits.

Oh, Dawn of the Dead is showing at midnight on Friday.

Uh, Undertakers' Bar in Capitol Hill added the Noxious Zombie to the cocktail menu.

And a teenager posted a picture on his Facebook.

Claims it's a zombie.

Is it me?

Check out the location.

Abandoned shipyard on the shore of Lake Washington.

Well, less than a mile from where you got turned into a zombie.

We should at least go take a look.

There are already two zombies, me and Blaine.

Now, there may be a third?

Two's company, three's a horde.

But with great power comes...

Do not. Seriously.

Fine! We'll go zombie hunting.

Solve murders, find zombies.

Why don't you ever suggest anything whimsical?

So how are we doing with our hit-and-run victim?

Pretty straightforward.

Cause of death is probably the cerebral edema, but I need to drain the blood from the pericardial sac to check for heart lacerations.

(Cell phone chiming and vibrating)


(Sighs) What's going on?

You keep getting texts that disappoint you.

They're not the texts that I want.

I hate to pry...

Said the man who keeps asking me for my urine samples. (Chuckles)

It is in search of a cure, Liv.

Don't cheapen it.

And you shouldn't feel compelled to share your personal...

I hit on my ex-fiancé.

You have an ex-fiancé?

Yes, who I broke up with because I'm partially dead.

I didn't wanna risk giving him the big "Z."

But then I ate the brain of Seattle's most sensual painter, and I tried to jump my ex's bones.

Which is pretty hard to explain when you can't tell him that you're a zombie.

For him, I just dumped him and then hit on him, like the world's cruelest tease.

So I texted him an apology and he hasn't responded.

That's awful.


You texted your apology.

It seems to beg for a face-to-face conversation, don't you think?

Uh, I am too hungry right now to work out if you're joking or not.

Your skull just turned into a giant animated ham.

All righty, then. Let's see. (Sighs)

Marvin Webster here, family man, two kids, suburbs, owner operator of Sea-Tac Bug Whack until someone ran him over in the Whole Lotta Lotta car park.

Should be a pretty safe brain to eat.

Said nobody. Ever.


Liv: In my old life, I was a lot of things.

A doctor, a fiancé, a fan of Pilates.

Now, I'm only one thing.

I'm a stomach, hunger incarnate.

When I'm hungry, I forget my lunch used to be a person.

When the hunger's bad, I forget I used to be one, too.

That's hot.

I think I saw that exact pose in the centerfold of Zombie Playboy.

Liv: You shouldn't be here, Blaine.

Why'd you stand me up last night?

You were bringing me some of your bountiful brain supply, remember?

I guess you got busy and forgot.

You know, since at's the sort of thing that slips people's minds.

Buy milk, take out the garbage, feed the starving zombie.

Who can keep track?

I didn't know how to reach out to tell you I wasn't coming.

Is that your way of asking for my number?


I have to get back to work.

Right. Work, here in a bottomless buffet of brains ripe for tupperwaring.

This thing right here, does it have a name?

It's a bone saw.

You use that to cut into skulls, huh?

Think for a second what you'd do to get into a skull if you didn't work here.

How would you do it?

An ice pick's no good. You have to stab it 100 times.

A handsaw works, but it takes forever.

The best thing I found is a rock.

You made me this thing.

I don't trust you.

I may not think you're a murderer, but I think you're likely still the same drug-dealing knob who groped me on that boat.

Oh, that's pretty clear.

So it's every zombie for himself, huh?

I guess so.



Is that a bottle of champagne?

Wow, look at you, all cop-like. Nothing's getting by you.

Are we celebrating?

I hope so.

Otherwise, I'm gonna get really hammered two-fisting this.

And what are we celebrating?

The Wally Walker murder case.

High-tech whiz kid mugged and murdered in a park. Heard of it?

Nope, but here's to Wally's untimely demise.

Oh. Uh, check this out.

I wanna thank Don Watts and Freddy Brown for helping to find my husband's killer.

Okay. So, that is Wally Walker's widow.

And, uh, that eye candy is Walker's angel investor.

He offered a reward for any information leading to the killer's arrest.

Oh, and, uh, that compelling fellow is Freddy Brown. He collected the reward.

Wait for it.

Oh, my God! It's you! In your power suit!

(Laughs) Hell, yeah, it is!

Ah. My first murder case.

I... I'm officially on my way.

The DA is putting a lot of faith in me. So...

Can you help me prep my cross?

Like old times, hmm?

You get to play Gus Williams, the murderer, a cold, detached loner.

I think I can dial that in.

Mr. Williams, when the police picked you up, you had Mr. Walker's wallet, credit cards and shoes in your possession.

Is there a question?

Oh, just the obvious one.

How did these items come to be in your possession?

I was in the park looking for a place to sleep and I stumbled upon his body.

I took his shoes and his wallet.

It didn't seem like he needed them any longer.

Was this the man you stumbled upon?

Wait a minute, okay? The money's coming!

I swear to God, I'm gonna pay it all off! Just tell him!

Tell him the money's coming.

Marvin: That's what they always say.


Uh, Liv?

I killed him.

So, Wally Walker trial starts today.

Big win for the cops, huh?

Beloved tech innovator mugged and murdered just before his company goes public.

But the city's finest get their man, a drifter with a record.

The city is safe, everyone's happy.

It's not my case. I'm working the hit-and-run, remember?

The poor schmo that got run over in the parking lot?

Yeah. Here's the thing, the drifter didn't kill Wally Walker, the poor schmo did.

Marvin Webster, our hit-and-run victim?

I had a vision of him murdering Wally Walker.

This is important.

When you had the vision, were you holding an apple bong, or did you just smoke an old-school spliff?

I'm not screwing around, Clive.

I'm just wondering if this vision also contained winged horses and a dancing pizza.

I'm not saying you didn't see it, but no psychic bats 1.000.

You're going after the wrong guy.

And from what I could gather, he's done it before, like, a lot.

How is this guy even connected to Walker?

Something to do with debts.

You want me to go to my boss and tell them to stop a high-profile murder trial because the morgue medium said so?

The victim was shot downward in the head from point blank range while on his knees, that's not a mugging, that's an execution.

The drifter had Walker's DNA all over him.

He was wearing his frickin' shoes.

A homeless drifter who needs to steal shoes doesn't usually pack a Glock.

I saw the murder weapon.

He used a suppressor, more commonly known as a silencer, invented by Hiram Percy Maxim in 1902.


Listen, our job right now is to find the person that ran over Marvin Webster.

It's up to the courts to decide if Gus Williams is innocent.

He is innocent.

What more do you need than, "I saw somebody else commit the murder"?

I need evidence.

I can't go to the powers that be with this.

You absolutely can.

You just don't want to.

You'd rather send an innocent man to jail than rock the boat.

Well, I'd rather sleep at night.

Don't worry, I'll man up for the both of us.

Liv: I just asked Clive to commit career suicide, and then I questioned his manhood.

And I genuinely don't care, like, at all.

Marvin Webster had quite the superiority complex.

And zero empathy and was a hit man.

Son of a bitch. I ate the brains of a sociopath.

A term eliminated by the DSM in 2004 along with psychopath and combined into one broader category, antisocial personality disorder.

Void of compassion.

Full of factoids. This brain is gonna suck.


How's it going?


So you haven't seen it?


Woman: Oh!

(People laughing)

(Jenga pieces clattering)

(People gasping)

I only saw it because she tagged him and he liked it.

Which I didn't realize would sound so sexual.

Sorry. (Clears throat)

Regardless, this is social media for "we're an item," so...

Did you know that December 11th is the most common day to get dumped on Facebook?

I don't really know what's going on right now.

Uh, are you, like, in shock or...

No, I'm just...


So, you don't wanna mention that her laugh is annoying or question why they're this frickin' excited about Jenga?

Not really.

Wow. That's impressive.

Yet concerning.

(Cell phone ringing and vibrating)

Hey, are you sure you're okay?



Liv: It's been almost six months since I called off my engagement to the man of my dreams.

And now, the day I've dreaded is here.

He's moving on.

I should really be feeling something.

I guess I still have my curiosity.

That's something.

Liv: If we're lucky, that zombie photo is just a dumb teenage prank.

Better safe than the apocalypse.

"The rising world of waters dark and deep."

It's Milton, on lakes and what hides inside them.

There are nearly 8,000 recognized lakes in Washington state.

This one's second biggest.

It's... It's very interesting, thank you.

So, how's this brain treating you?

Like the lone contestant on Bizarro Jeopardy.

Aside from that, I'm totally numb.

Things that should upset me just bounce right off.

That could have its upside.

It's actually kind of disturbing.

It's not like apathy, it's colder.

This is the brain of someone who could kill people and not care.


Wait. Did you just hear something?

Like someone moaning the word "brains"? No.

If you heard aimless shambling of the undead, that might've just been me.

You don't shamble.

(Grunting and rustling)

We need to open this up a bit.

You know, many hit men have an antisocial personality disorder.

That's what makes them good hit men.

Yeah. Kind of makes me long for the days low blood sugar made me a little bitchy.


There's something in there.




You know her?

This is unbelievable. Look at her, she's real.

Liv: She looks like a melted candle.

Well, she's been in here for months and she's alive.

That's open to debate.

Marcy was a fellow resident at the hospital.

She invited me to the boat party where I was turned into a zombie.

I went to her funeral. Her mom was a mess.

Are you sure it's her?

Liv: I recognize the necklace.

Her grandmother's pearls.

Marcy wore them every day.

I can't imagine how awful this must be, seeing someone you knew reduced to...


Did you just throw a rock at her?

Stop that!

Liv: Why? She doesn't care.

Still! I know your system is swirling with hit man brains, but let's remember to "do unto others."

Because that could be me, right?

We don't know for sure.

But we're both thinking it.

If I went too long without eating brains, that'd be me.

Or maybe we can fix her.

I'm guessing that isn't chicken noodle soup.

What if the deterioration is reversible?

I mean, what happens if a zombie this far gone gets to feed?

Marcy! Lunch time!


That is what we in the biz call an encouraging parasympathetic response.


When we come back, hopefully we find a very confused cardiac resident.

Sound good?

Liv: I can't control what happens to Marcy, but I can solve this case.

And if Marvin's brains blot out the memory of the girl who wanted to be my friend and the ex-fiancé who still hasn't responded to my apology text, I say bring on the sociopath.

Some new information kind of fell in my lap.

Wally did have serious gambling debts.

Come help me lean on his bookie. Don't make me beg.

I'll say it again, the Wally Walker murder is not our case.

The Marvin Webster hit-and-run is.

Whoever ran down Marvin probably hired him to kill Wally.


Two murders, one case. Come on, work with me here.

You're making quite a leap here.

You got a name for this bookie?

Frank Smith.


Frank Smith, former Seattle cop.

Current owner of Smitty's Bar & Grill and bookmaker to half the cops in the city.

Great. It's a cop bar.

Everyone'll have badges. We'll blend right in.

(Jovial music playing)

Welcome to Whitey Whitesville.

How do you think we're blending so far?

I remember this place.

We had our Mu Theta Zeta Night in Ibiza Electric Wonderland with the Omega Sigs here.

You should see this place when the foam drops.

This guy knows what I'm talking about.

Uh, low profile. Let's go find Smitty.

Clive: Uh, is Smitty around?

Who wants to know?

Detective Babineaux, Homicide.

I'll see if Smitty feels like chatting.

(Crowd cheering)

Welcome, Masters!

Trivia Masters, that is. (Giggles)

Get out your pens.

It's Trivia Tuesday!

(Crowd cheering)

I Dream of Jeannie.

Can you believe she was the idealized female for these guys?

When she got uppity, just shove her back in the bottle.

What was the first Western to win best picture at the Oscars?

Good luck, Masters. (Giggles)

It all comes back to being called "Master," doesn't it?

Cimarron, 1931.

Yeah, I'm horribly offended.

Are you cool with me naming our trivia team "Piggy and the Brain"?

Smitty'll be down in a few.

Oh, thanks.

Male Dayak fruit bats are unusual in what regard?

"They can lactate."

I'll be right back.

Trivia genie: Your wish is my command, if your wish is for more trivia!

(All cheering)


Yeah, Wally Walker owed me money, a lot of it.

He died owing me money.

Now, you mind explaining me why this is your frickin' business?

Sorry about this. You must be Smitty.

Well, let me guess, you're Babineaux.

And the winner with a perfect score is...

Piggy and the Brain. (Giggles)


We were hoping you could tell us when you last saw Wally Walker.

June 8th, the night he died.

He came in here and asked for more time to pay.

Cash flow issues, he said.

Was that unusual?

It wasn't the first time he'd been in deep.

But I knew he was good for it.

He was gonna sell his company for fast cash, told me that if I gave him two months, he'd double my vig.

So, the man owed you a lot of money and ended up dead later that night?


Say cheese.

(Camera shutter clicks)


Not now.

Don't they have this guy? Didn't he go to trial today?

We're just going over it one more time.

Suzuki's your lieutenant, huh?

He likes to get a few bucks on the Seahawks from time to time.

I should check in with him.

Let him know what a thorough job you're doing.

Let's go, Liv.


You know he's stonewalling, right?

He obviously knows something.

Stop, Clive.

You can throw away your own career.


Look who won on June 8th.

Clive: Marvin Webster.

He was here the same night Wally came to ask Smitty for more time.

And he followed him out when he left and then murdered him.

Where do we go from here?

(Knocking on door)


Mrs. Webster, we're with the Seattle Police Department.

We're investigating your husband's death.

We have reason to believe the person who ran him over might've been someone he knew.

We're hoping you might let us look through your husband's personal effects.

It's about time.

If this were my home office, my thoughts might turn to murder as well.

6,012 Unusual Facts, you and Marvin would've had a couple things in common then.

Mrs. Webster was sure cool with us poking around down here.

Mrs. Webster doesn't mind us going through his stuff because she feels like he has nothing to hide.

She has no idea what he was.

Or he was just a mild-mannered pest control expert and we're wasting our time.

Nothing here.

See if that lamp has a three-way bulb.

Maybe it gets brighter.

(Bulb breaks)


Guess not.

Hold on.

(Tires screeching)

(Marvin groans)

(Marvin screaming)


Clive: Liv?

I saw the hit-and-run.

It was definitely intentional.

It hit him once and then backed over him to finish the job.

The car that ran over Marvin was orange.

I caught the first few letters of the plate.

I've got something, too.

Look what Marvin keeps in his tool chest.

It's Glock, with a suppressor.

The gun that killed Wally Walker.

How do you feel about telling your lieutenant now?

The car had one long taillight, but I'm starting to believe that there isn't such a thing.

With the color and the partial plate, I've still got 79 cars that could've run over Marvin Webster.

Which is why I'm looking at pictures of cars just like they'll force me to do if I wind up in hell.


How about doing a sketch of the taillight and I'll run with it?

Kind of annoying that we didn't come up with that an hour ago, but I'm on it.

Talk to you later.

You're home early.

Yeah, well, your detective buddy blew up my case, so there wasn't much to do.

They released Gus Williams.

Well, he was innocent.

I have a pile of evidence that says otherwise.

Someone else had the murder weapon.

The gambling angle was never fully investigated.

You read my files, didn't you?

My confidential file.

You want me to feel bad?

You would've sent an innocent man to jail.

No. (Stuttering) You've been a slug for months, and this... This is the thing that gets you off of your ass?

Not your family, not your fiancé, proving me wrong!

It has nothing to do with you.

No, no, no, but it does! It does!


I get that you had to do what you think is right, but you could at least feel bad about it.

You just massively derailed my career and you don't even care, do you?

Yeah, you don't.

These brains I'm on are the worst.

My closest friend in the world, and I couldn't even muster up an apology.

I was such an unbelievable bitch and I don't even care.

Well, you sound like you care.

Because I know I should, but I don't.

The whole world's behind 50 feet of glass.

You could always eat another brain.

Mrs. Marian Evans, asphyxiation in a nursing home.


But I feel duty-bound to remind you about Wally Walker.

You eat her, no more Marvin visions.

And whoever hired him to kill Wally likely gets away with it.

See, I know you're right, and I'll rally, but, nothing.

These brains scare the hell out of me.

I'm afraid of the person that I'm becoming.

You're cognizant enough to worry.

To me that says you'll be okay.

And it's not just Wally who needs you, I wanna go to the tank tomorrow to check on Marcy.

I'm working on a safe way to gather samples.

And then, we search for any sign of improvement.

And if there's none?

Oh. There's every chance there will be.

I'm just wondering what Plan B is here.

Liv, I need your help.

Jerome and I have been upstairs for the past two hours getting a master class in being ignored by the cops.

I'm sorry I haven't responded to your text message, but things have...

It's fine.

Why do you need a cop?

Tell her.

My roommate took his skateboard out, said he was going to the park for a couple hours.

That was four days ago.

Major is a counselor at Helton Shelter, a halfway house for teen runaways, delinquents, addicts.

Yeah, addicts are the key to a good party.

Jerome's roommate at Helton, Eddie Cisco, disappeared four days ago.

He reported it to Major and now they're here.

No, we're not just here.

We've been riding the police for the last three days who've done absolutely nothing.

Did you file a Missing Persons Report?

Yes. There have been no follow-ups, they didn't even call the hospitals.

I've got to ask, are you sure Eddie didn't just take off?

He wouldn't be the first shelter kid to jet.

He was doing really well.

His iPod is still in its dock, okay?

If you knew Eddie, you'd know he didn't plan on leaving.

Is there anything else about him to help me out?

Like, places he'd hang?

Eddie's a skater.

He'd go to Nine Trolls, this skate park near Helton.

He started going less, though.

Some scary dude was hanging around.

Eddie said people called him the Candyman 'cause he was passing out Utopium like they was jelly beans.

If you were willing to follow him back to his child molester van or whatever.

All right. I'm gonna walk this over to Missing Persons right now, get Eddie to the top of the pile.

Nice kicks.

Section 8 of the Flag Code states that the American flag should never be used as apparel, although enforcement of the code conflicts with your First Amendment right to freedom of speech as laid out in the 1990 Supreme Court case United States v. Eichman.

You didn't say you was marrying Siri.

We should get going.

You really think you can do better than my boy here?


I'll see you around.


I don't get it, man.

You may hate looking at cars, but you're decent at drawing them.

1978 Landau.

Note the taillights.

That got us down to one car.

I found it listed in the local car trader, and guess what?

The owner sold it the day before Marvin was murdered.

Who did he sell it to?

That's our guy.

Are you sure it was my car?

I can't believe the guy I sold it to killed someone.

Any information you could give us about him would be helpful.

Well, that's the thing, he was very specific about not wanting to give his name.

He wore sunglasses, a hat.

He paid well over what I was asking.

The funny thing was, I already recognized the guy.

The guy's been all over the news lately.

There was another picture of him in the paper a couple days ago.

I brought it with me.

Clive: This guy?

The guy who collected the reward for turning in Gus Williams?

No, not him.


Liv: Don Watts?

That's Wally Walker's angel investor.

He offered the reward.

The car is probably at the bottom of a lake by now.

The car still has LoJack on it.

Does that help?

Seattle Suit Factory, am I right?

Ever been to Luly Yang in the Fairmont Olympic?

She does women's high fashion, but she'll make an exception as a favor.

I could make a call.

Let's talk cars, instead. Yours.

I have lots of 'em. Which one you wanna talk about?

Your 1978 Landau.

'78 Landau? Doesn't sound like me.

We caught a teenager joyriding in it.

He claimed he found it with the windows down and the keys in the ignition.

It had Marvin Webster's blood and hair on the bumper.

Who's Marvin Webster?

Clive: A contract killer.

We believe he murdered your business partner, Wally Walker.

We know that this was the car that ran Marvin Webster over.

And we know that you paid cash for this car the day before the murder.

The man who sold it to you, one Patrick Edward, saw your picture in the newspaper.

And your DNA is in the car.

Liv: Hair follicles.

You gotta watch those.

Oh, that '78 Landau.

My client appeared here as a courtesy.

If you had anything to charge him with, you'd do it. Let's go, Don.

I don't know. I... I kind of wanna hear how this story ends.

Wally Walker was a genius programmer, but his gambling debts were gonna sink the company.

He needed fast cash so he was gonna sell out to the boys in Redmond rather than wait and go public, like you wanted.

You took carof the problem and made tens of millions of dollars in the process.

I do remember the tens of millions.

After Marvin did your dirty work, you decided to tie up the loose ends.

Cell phone records show you were called from a disposable cell phone 45 minutes before Marvin Webster was run over.

What was that call about?

How would I know?

I'm sorry, did you say you found this disposable phone on this hit man?

No, I guess not.

(Sighs) But let's say I did hit someone.


I got this, Harry.

Yeah. Shut up, Harry.

I bought that Landau to restore.

It's a classic, you know.

The '78 Landau.

But maybe I did hit something that night.

Maybe I hoped it was a deer, but I wasn't sure.

Maybe I wasn't thinking clearly and just walked away from the car.

But this Marvin Webster business?

Never met the man. Good luck proving that.

We'll be placing you under arrest for vehicular manslaughter.

You said he was a murderer, right?

Did you know that I'm on the cover of Ranier Magazine?

I have a copy of it on my desk.

I was hoping to get you to sign it before we send you down to Walla Walla.

If I did run over this Marvin Webster, it's just another example of my tireless work on behalf of the good people of Seattle.

This arrest may get me elected mayor.

How many days do you really think I'll spend behind bars?

Be honest.

I'll give you a hint.

It's a round number.

I'll have you out within the hour, Don.

Liv: Is he really gonna walk?

If we can't prove a connection between him and Webster, yeah.


I have an idea how we can put them together.

Get your vision cap on.

You have no right to be in my husband's car!

You know what you can do with this impound notice?

My husband was a good man!

And you've made him into some kind of monster!

She's lovely.

Here goes nothing.

(Engine revs)

All right.

"My Destinations."

The last place Marvin drove should be where he was killed.

That's where it happened. It's a match.

All right. So here's where he was before that.

Professional hit men don't do business over the phone.

If he set up a meeting after the first call, it could be any of these.

Let's check them out.

Liv: The last thing I wanna do is have another flood of psychopathic thoughts bringing out my inner bitch.

But when Popeye faces Bluto, out comes the spinach.

If it'll up my shot at a vision, then let's pop the top on the leftover cerebellum.

Lots of dog owners, but so far no one who saw Don, Marvin or his Bug Whack mobile.

How's it going here, any good vibrations?

Not yet.

Uh, keep at it. I'm gonna keep asking around.

Somebody might have seen these guys.

Excuse me.

(Jovial music playing on ice cream truck)

(Jovial music playing)

You gave me a price, I met it. We're paid up.

Marvin: Anybody gonna miss you when you're gone, son?


Sanitation worker: Gentlemen, can you take this elsewhere?

Truck's coming through.



There was a witness, a garbage man.

I couldn't see his face, but if we can find him, we can prove that Watts met with the exterminator.

All right. I'll track down the sanitation crew that worked this street that day. You free to join me?

I can't.

I promised Ravi I'd help him with some research.

And no rest for the wicked, right?

Liv: I'm cold, all the way through me.

And the closer we get to Marcy, the frostier I become.

She may well be better. (Panting)

You always feel better after a good brain.

Liv: I can see Ravi's hope for what it is, fear.

He can't deal with what it means if Marcy hasn't improved, what we'll have to do.

But I can.

Maybe she's fine.

Because Marvin was a hit man.

And I can't help feeling that's what this chilly emptiness is.

This is how Marvin felt before a kill.

Ravi: Marcy?


I'm here with Liv Moore.

(Stuttering) She worked at the hospital with you.

You were a resident there.


Liv: It didn't work.

Well, we have to keep trying to...


We have to kill it.

Her. She's a person.

She's a time bomb.

What if she'd scratched that kid who took the photo?

What if someone stumbled in here and fell in?

What if someone lets her out?

We'll transport her.

To where, the morgue?

The morgue at the police station?

You are talking about killing somebody.

What if that were you down there?

I'd hope someone would put me out of my misery.

This isn't you!

This is that sicko in your head!

Do you remember your Hippocratic oath?

"I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone."

You're a doctor. You should... (Stutters) Where are you going?

I'm looking for a big rock.

Liv, come on. (Stuttering) Just let me do this biopsy.

Come on...




Ravi: Liv?

A little help? (Gasping)


Liv! Liv!

Throw me the pipe!

Liv, it's the brains! They're making you...

(Ravi screams)










You're all right.

You're all right.

You're all right.

You can get your sample now.


Ravi: All right. We'll have to burn it all.

The blood could be a contaminant.

I almost let you die.

Yeah, but you didn't.


I'm fine.

You saved me.

All that sociopath swimming through your system, and you still found your way through.

This brain...

It's not who you are.

(Cell phone vibrates)

It's Clive.

He needs us both.

Okay, I'm back. I'm recording this.

I wanna have a record of your ridiculous allegations when I sue you for harassment.

Fair enough.

You wanted to get rid of Wally Walker so you hired Marvin Webster to kill him.

And defamation.

Clive: Wally's death made you a fortune.

Marvin likely figured out how much you were worth, got greedy, demanded more money.

So you killed him, tied up the loose end.

Who is this Marvin Webster you keep talking about?

The dead man who called you on two occasions just before you ran him over in your newly purchased 1978 Landau.

From a disposable phone that you don't have.

That's some weak tea, Detective.

You might be right.

And I'll need things, like the address where you and Marvin met.

Stone Trail Dog Park.

The kind of car you were driving at that meeting.

Silver, luxury, electric.

Might even help if I knew you were wearing a blue button-down shirt.

Seems pretty specific.

It is.

But probably the most helpful bit of information is the conversation our witness overheard.

What witness?

The witness who picked both you and Marvin out of a photo lineup.

From the witness' statement, "You gave me a price, I met it. We're paid up."

(Door opens)

He's here.

Do something, Harry.

Let's walk out, Don.

Don't you wanna stay and hear how this story ends, Don?

It was garbage day, remember?

Peyton Charles, Assistant District Attorney I'm authorized to offer you this one-time only plea deal.

Thirty years for each homicide, but you'll serve them concurrently.

Get up and walk out, Don.

One-time only.

With good behavior, you could still have some quality years on the outside.

But if you walk out of this room right now, I promise you will never draw another free breath.

The story ends, Don, with you signing that confession.


I have to say, this is surprising.

I never knew orange safety gear would be so flattering.

I look positively rugged.

You were totally convincing.

You held that coffee cup with real blue-collar machismo.

Now, that was thrilling.

I'm almost glad the sanitation officer couldn't remember anything.

So, how are you feeling?

The brains are wearing off.

I'm starting to feel like my old self.

That's good.

I'm not so sure.

Liv: Marvin Webster's brains, the worst I've ever had.

I've been a zombie for months, but I never felt like a monster until I ate Marvin.

But now that he's almost out of my system, I'm desperate for another hit.

Because when Marvin's gone, my feelings come back.

And after what happened to Marcy...

After what I did to Marcy, do I really wanna feel that?

One bite will make it all just float away.

(Breathing heavily)

(Garbage disposal churning)

But I can't let it float away.

Whatever I feel, won't be a fraction of what Marcy went through alone in the dark.

Marcy was real.

She was alive.

She was a person.

Oh. (Gasps)

Liv: And I killed her.

(Indistinct talking)

That's the thing about pain, isn't it?

Really feeling it doesn't make it stop.

It just shows you you're still alive.

Jerome: Hey, have you guys seen my friend?




(Woman laughing)

Hey, have you...


Hey, uh, have you guys seen my friend?

Don't think so.

Hey, uh, have you seen my friend?

Brother, I just saw him.

(Stutters) Are you serious?


Where is he? (Stutters) Is he okay?

Whoa, whoa, easy. (Stutters) He's fine.

He's at a house party a few blocks from here.

I'll walk you over, if you like.

(Sighs) Yeah.



Is anyone waiting on you?

No, it's just me.

We'll have you to him in no time.

Thank you.