01x07 - Maternity Liv

Liv: Previously on iZombie...

You are who you eat.

You don't just have their visions, you also get some of their personality traits.

Eddie never came home. And now Jerome's missing.

The skate park guy that Jerome was talking about?

He called him the Candyman.

Can we not go down there and just check him out or something?

Clive: Don't do anything stupid.

What do you mean, kids are going missing? How many?

I met another zombie.

Ravi: Friendly?

Liv: Quite.

If you want to find a cure you have to know how a disease defends itself.

Wait. You think you can cure this?

You were expecting to stay like this forever?


Yuck it up, lightweight.

You just want me to empty the bottle so we can spin it.

You're not serious. What's next, seven minutes in heaven?

Three minutes... Thank you very much.


Girl: Oh, my God. Is she okay?

Girl 2: Do something, Kyle!

Boy: We need to help her.

Oh, my God! You know who this is?

Emily Sparrow...

Help us...


Emily Sparrow passed away early this morning, from exposure and shock.

Doctors were, however, able to save her baby, who continues to be monitored at St. Thomas' NICU.

So, many assumed the boyfriend, Dylan Munson, killed her when he found out that she was pregnant with his kid.

Does this new information exonerate him?

We're not ruling anything out.

Our task force will exhaust all resources to find out what happened.

So it's all hands on deck? For the upper-middle class white girl who's already dead, yet you won't assign even one detective to look into the missing kids from Nine Trolls Skate Park?

Where's their task force?

Missing Persons is looking into that case.

This briefing is about Emily Sparrow.

That's all. Thank you.


I assure you, we will treat your daughter with the utmost respect.

Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow, sorry for your loss.

Clive Babineaux. I'm assigned to Emily's task force.

If you think of anything relevant to the case, I'm at your disposal.

Dylan Munson's responsible for this, one way or another.

That's the only relevant thing you need to know.

Come on, sweetheart. Let's go.

He seems pretty certain.

Well, he's not the only one.

Everyone liked the boyfriend for this.

Just couldn't find any evidence, on him or anyone else.

Homicide's got nothing.

We still haven't had anyone come to fix our ID card reader.

It's been months! This is a restricted area.

Ugh. I've seen florists with better security.

That would be great. Thanks.

They're sending someone.

Ten calls. Ten versions of, Why does a morgue need security?

It's not like the bodies are just gonna walk away?

Well, did you explain that we're not so much worried about the dead walking away as the undead walking back in?

I don't want Blaine showing up unannounced again, either.

But whatever he's doing at Nine Trolls, our saving grace is that he still needs you looking for a cure.

For all the advantages zombie-ism gives him, nothing is worth an eternity of eating brains. Trust me.

Okay. Severely sprained ankle, recent.

She couldn't have traveled far to reach that campsite.

Did you hear anything about the baby?

Apparently, he's quite healthy. Lacerations, both palms...

I wonder what they're feeding him.

Broken thumb, right hand.

How long is he going to be in the NICU?

Until Dylan Munson claims custody.

There's not much here to go off, I'm afraid, I mean, aside from the injuries probably sustained from trying to hike through a forest in the dark.

Stomach full of water, moderate malnourishment.

I should get a sample of her intestinal tissue.

Though not remotely sexual, that's got to be some form of harassment.

Watch your fingers.

That scalpel is sharp.

I'd say Emily's brain effects are taking hold.

Specifically, the fierce maternal instinct that kicks in just prior to giving birth.

Why don't you call it a day? Unless you have the urge to make me lunch, or do my laundry.

You wish.

Have you really not eaten lunch?

Please let this conversation end with you cutting the crusts off a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

That's not funny.

Are you really hungry, though, seriously?

I think I'm done for the day.

But you should eat something. Possibly with vegetables. If you so choose.

Okay. I'm leaving now.


Oh, isn't this a rare treat. I can't remember the last time I had a surprise visit from you.

Kind of makes you want to have one of your own, doesn't it?

She hasn't picked him up yet.

The nurse. He's not crying but he's awake.

He needs to be held.

Give me two minutes to reschedule my meeting, and then we'll grab lunch.

We just did the autopsy on his mother.

Oh. I'm sorry. I assumed...

You're here for the baby.

I was going to come see you, Mom.

That's fine. Pediatric medicine.

Now that's a wonderful application for your talents.

Questioning my life choices...

A familiar application of yours.

I'm your mother, it's part of the deal.

I have your best interests at heart.

You could, for once, just listen to me.

I'm sick of listening to you!


It's all good, dude.

I was already done.


Emily: What are you gonna do, lock me in here forever?

Watch us!

I mean, MEs get breaks for lunch, don't they? Would it kill you to...

Rain check, Mom. I have to go.

Okay. All right, listen, I gotta go. Bye.

I had a vision.

I think Emily's parents locked her up to keep her away from Dylan, and held her captive for eight months.

So they find out she's pregnant, go off the deep end.

As plausible as any other theory so far, but I can't pursue it. Not yet.

Why not?

The Sparrows are Detective Flynn's detail.

I'm part of a task force, remember?

I've been assigned to Dylan's interrogation. And I'm late.

All right, fine.

Let's talk to Dylan.

Suzuki's lead.

The best I can do is let you watch from the observation room, okay?

Not really.

I've created a monster.

Yeah, someone beat you to the punch on that.

I, uh, like what you guys have done with the place.

Hard to believe it's been this long.

Almost eight months since we sat across this table and talked.

Yeah, time flies when your life's a living hell.

I mean, you, the Sparrows, the press... You guys did quite a number on me.

Hell, I can hardly wait to do whatever I can to help you guys out.

Is that how you really want to play this?

You ever think of changing the narrative, Dylan?


Help us out, and we'll do what we can to get your picture in all the papers, but with a new headline.

Wrongly-accused boyfriend helps solve case.?

Now, we know you flipped out at that party when you found out Emily was pregnant with your kid.

We know she left upset and was never seen again...

Until yesterday.

Tell us something we don't know.

Your friends say you're always fighting with Emily.

Look, yes, okay. We fought.

I mean, that was one of the two things we were good at.

Em said that she was gonna hitchhike home.

(STAMMERING) You know... When I calmed down I went after her, but she'd already flagged down a ride.

It was a big black pickup, like, a... I don't know... A camper on the back.

And then I heard barking.

It was like a pack of dogs going crazy.



I never mentioned the barking because it sounds dumb.

And it makes no sense, and everyone already thought that I was lying, anyway.

But when people starting saying that she was murdered, I thought, what if they were barking at, you know, blood?

Like a fresh kill.

It would've been nice to know about this eight months ago.

Yeah, the bingos ate my girlfriend alibi, that woulda changed everything, right?

But the wrongly-accused boyfriend thing... That, I like.

You know what's really gonna dial up the sympathy?

When I get the baby.

So that smug little punk just gets to walk away with Emily's baby?

You need to cool it.

Not only did he not say anything to implicate himself, he actually gave us a new piece of information.

About some yapping dogs.

I wouldn't be surprised if they barked because he kicked them.

He's not really getting custody, is he?

He is the father.

He's the guy who got Emily pregnant.

There's a difference.



It's Major.

We need to talk about Eddie and Jerome.

There's more going on here.

I'm working with...

Major, I hear you. I do.

But with this Emily Sparrow case ongoing, my hands are tied.


Look, no one from the Homicide department or the Mayor's office wants to see a bunch of names go up on the unsolved murders board.

Major? You still there?

Woman on phone: Detective Babineaux, are you saying the Seattle PD serves their own interests ahead of those of the citizens they're meant to protect?

I'm sorry, who is this?

I was about to say that I'm working with Rebecca Hinton from the Seattle Observer.

She's on the Nine Trolls story.

Detective Babineaux?



Looks like if we want the Candyman, we'll have to find him ourselves.

I'm missing a rat.

Liv. You're rocking a rat.

I am five seconds away from naming it and then making it a grilled cheese.

These maternal instincts are relentless.

I was hoping to have these test subjects tagged and in their cages before your zombie gentleman caller arrives. Speaking of which, I mentioned that I accidentally had to tell Major about Lowell, didn't I?

Must've slipped your mind.

It's fine. He probably would've found out sooner or later.

Lowell: Liv?

Over here!

You remember my boss, Ravi.

Sorry. I didn't realize the bump-it, blow-it-up thing was over and we're back to just tapping rats.

It's just a bit of research.

People are often dismissive of rats, but they are highly intelligent.

One of the only organisms, along with humans and some primates, to possess...

Metacognition, yeah.

Metacognition, it's like, um, your awareness of your ability to think.

Musicians have it too.

Anyway. Nice to meet you, and be aware of it.

Likewise. Are you from London?



Arsenal territory. I'm from Upton Park.

West Ham boy, is it?

Well, I suppose it could be worse.

You could support Millwall.

You could support Tottenham.

Or Chelsea.

Or Chelsea.

Why do I have a sudden urge to dump tea into a harbor?

What's she talking about?

Colonist propaganda. Pay her no mind, we have zombie tests to conduct.

Shall we?

I assume you're employing Koch's postulates in trying to determine whether we're dealing with a neurotropic virus or perhaps some kind of bacterial pathogen.

And what the hell am I talking about?

I thought you were a musician...

Apparently one with quite the keen scientific mind.

In his stomach.

Ah. Of course.

Cool. Mmm...

What is your hypothesis on the root cause of our condition?

Well, I'm testing a theory that its origin lies in a biochemical reaction catalyzed by the combination of a bad batch of the drug Utopium and an ingredient, likely unlisted, in the Max Rager energy drink.

So you're using the rats to test the hypothesis.

My experiment will attempt to pinpoint the aforementioned combination through the vaunted scientific tradition of trial and error.

Which one's the control?

Team Alpha, water and sugar only.

Beta, 90 percent Max Rager, 10 percent Utopium.

Charlie, 20 percent. Delta, 30 percent.

Echo, 40 percent Utopium.

Make good choices.

Godspeed to you, mate.

I should go back to the studio.

Well... I'll see you later tonight?

To watch a movie, remember?

Awesome sauce. See you later.

Awesome sauce and a buddy punch?

Is that my imagination, or did I just get friend-zoned?

Sorry was that not rhetorical?

The last time we kissed there were sparks.

Like, I thought I'd need a welder's helmet sparks and...

Did that seem sparky to you?

Oh, I should've been observing the kiss? Had I known...

Things were so great with us last week.

Like, buy new underwear great.

And now I just feel like a crazy person because what if that's not where we're at, right?

That was mixed signals.

Can we just talk about you being a zombie?

Brain-eating, being undead, these are things you can discuss at length with me.

But I can't give you the Girlfriend experience.

I don't think that means what you think it means.

What's wrong?

Detective Clive Babineaux confirmed the Seattle Police's misplaced priorities.

No one, from the Homicide department to the Mayor's office, wants to see a bunch of names go up on the unsolved murders board.?

Wow. It's accurate, but I didn't think you'd go on record.

I didn't. Your ex screwed me.

I'm a pariah upstairs, and I've been demoted to paperwork detail.

Thanks for making the introduction.

Liv: Emily's brain keeps pulling me back to the NICU.

I know he's not my baby, but it feels like he's mine.

As much as they might wish it, he's not the Sparrows' either.

What a pain in the ass, being a mom.

This much worrying, all for a child who probably won't appreciate it.


Well, hello there, stranger!

You look so handsome.


Oh. Okay. Nice to see you too. Mmm.

Wait, you're not looking for gas money, too, are you?

I need to get from A to B.

It's time for someone to get a part-time job.

Liv, can you please remind Mom that you never had a part-time job when you were my age?

Olivia, would you kindly inform your brother that you also had a perfect 4.0 GPA during your entire academic career.

You need to get from B to A.

Mom's right. A job might do you good.

Teach you some valuable lessons about responsibility.

You're on her side? Is this a bit?

When I was your age, we valued hard work.

Yeah, back in the hardscrabble year of '04.

All those CD-ROMs that needed burning.

We just want what's best for you.

Fine. You win. What else is new?

I picked up applications from a few places in the neighborhood that are hiring teenagers.

When you deliver them, would you at least wear a shirt that has seen an iron?

Honestly, Ev.

Okay, are there hidden cameras here somewhere?

More property deeds. Suzuki wants you to expand the search radius from five miles to 10.

There's no way Emily walked 10 miles on that ankle.

I guess it's just more misplaced priorities at the police department.

You've got your reporter friend on speed dial.

You should let her know.

I didn't know there was a reporter on that call.

My bad.

I followed the paper trail back to the source.

Arrow's Song is a corporate tax shelter the family set up years ago. The cottage was purchased by the corporation.

Still, someone should've found it.

If Emily was here all along, the press'll have a field day.

"No comment."

Just practicing.

My lieutenant is making me write it a hundred times on the chalk board, like Bart Simpson.

I know that you're upset but Major would never have sold you out to her intentionally.

Yeah, maybe. You'd be surprised what people are capable of when they're at the end of their rope.

Take a look inside. See if it triggers anything.

That's where I saw Emily fighting with her parents in my vision.

I'm not getting anything more from out here.

We can't go inside without an invitation or probable cause.


Well. Does that count?

Clive: We'll tell Internal Affairs it sounded like a woman screaming.


Ah, it's just a water tank.

We're already down here...

They didn't get this at Ikea.

No. This is what Rumpelstiltskin carves for you after you promise him your firstborn.

Clive: And it didn't get made last week.

This took months.

Like, eight months?









Detective James Sparrow.

Listen, someone broke into my storm cellar and I've got 'em trapped in here.

Yeah, about that. Funny story...

That's quite a crib you've got down there.

Talk about craftsmanship.

Why are you here?

My lieutenant asked me to investigate property records within 10 miles of where Emily was discovered.

I came across this cabin owned by Sparrow Song, Inc.

I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't come down here.

You can look around all you want.

Go ahead, we got nothing to hide.

Clive: About the crib...

You were handcarving it like you knew there would be a baby here at some point.

I started a couple of weeks after Emily went missing.

Call it denial. Call it hope. It was...

It was pointless anyway, building a crib.

Dylan's never gonna give up custody.

He won't even let us visit.

We're never even gonna get to hold our grandson.

There was a doorframe like this in the house I grew up in.

Every parent thinks their child is special, but she really was.

She was smart, funny, caring, respectful...

She was a total tomboy until she was 15? Sixteen?

And then she met Dylan.

She started skipping out of school, partying, booze, drugs...

We didn't react very well.

We had another life, once. And I don't even remember it anymore.

I got a clear "we did not kidnap our own kid" vibe from them, but let's just say they showed up to retrieve Emily from the party the night she went missing.

Those dogs of theirs might've been the ones Dylan heard.

Clive, wait. I had a vision, but not about the Sparrows.

Emily was locked up in the back of a truck.

She was surrounded by barking dogs, just like Dylan said, but I think it was an Animal Control truck.

Well, seen from a distance, that would fit his description of a truck with a camper.

I saw a man, the driver, I think, but it was from the back.

I couldn't see much of his face.

(SIGHS) Well, I have to get back to Paperwork Mountain, but maybe I can have someone from Animal Control bring me their personnel files.

They should include their ID photos.

Let's hope their ID photos were shot from behind their right ear.

At night, illuminated by the glowing embers of a cigarette.

Oh! Oh! You scared me half to death!


Aw, look at you two! Detectives Ebony and Ivory.

I'm Detective Babineaux, and this is Olivia Moore from the Medical Examiner's office.

You're an, uh, Animal Control officer, Ms...

Littlefield. Margo Littlefield.

Are these the employee records?

Oh, yeah.

We heard this was in regards to the Emily Sparrow case.

Is that true?

Is one of our officers a suspect?

Well, we're just covering our bases.

Do drivers take the trucks home after shifts?

Hmm? Oh, yeah, yeah. It's more efficient.

Well, you never know when you might get a call in your own backyard.

Any of those pics match our eyewitness' description?

Nope, but remember "she" only got a slight profile view of the man.

You guys have an eyewitness? Whoa.

Anyone leave or get fired in the last eight months?

Uh... Oh, you don't mean...

(CHUCKLING) I really shouldn't say.

Afraid I'm gonna have to insist.

Well, we... (CLEARS THROAT)

We did have to let one officer go for...

Well, let's just say he took advantage of the uniform to look in ladies' windows.

A Peeping Tom.

Or in this case, a Peeping Gerald. Ugh. Gerald Denny.

If that's your "I just solved the case" look, it needs work.

Gerald Denny got busted for trespassing and voyeurism.

He's been in prison for the past four months.

So unless he's been keeping Emily captive in his cell, that leaves us back at square one.

(SIGHS) Looks like another all-nighter staring at property deeds for me.

You'll ruin your eyes. I'd like to talk to your lieutenant, give him a piece of my mind.

(STAMMERING) Um, yeah, don't do that.

Go on, get on out of here.

I'm sure there are places you'd rather be.

Lowell: What a difference a few months makes, right?

I saw that in the theater and I was like, "Whoo!

"You go, Woody Harrelson. Mow down those zombies."

It was hilarious.


Now, on second viewing, it's like watching Sophie's Choice.

I mean, who cares about your Twinkies, Tallahassee?

That zombie's probably...

Oh, God.

Sorry. Uh, I don't know...


Ugh? Seriously?

I'm sorry, I've never had anything close to an "ugh" in my life.

I once had a guy try to make out with me after I puked up garlic bread.

It's not that, it's just, um...

All right Liv, I didn't wanna have to tell you like this, but...

I'm gay.

But not to worry, it's only until I eat my next brain.

Oh, thank God.

Yeah, I knew something was up but I didn't really get it until I saw a magazine with Idris Elba on the cover, and the phrase "big piece of yum" popped into my head.

I'm mildly afraid of heights, but I would not hesitate to climb that mountain.

I feel you. So, we're good?

We're great. My plan is to score some ludicrously straight brain.

ASAP. I may dig up Wilt Chamberlain.

So, now what?

We get drunk and play Do, Dump, or Date, boy band edition?

Do Harry. Dump Zayn. Date Liam.

Sorry, should I have had to think longer about that?

You skipped the getting drunk part.


Oh, come on! It's not that bad.




Liv: No matter what future you can imagine for yourself, it won't include motherhood.

And when Dylan Munson comes to collect his son, it's gonna rip your heart out.


Nurse: Shh.



(WHISPERING) You're going to kill yourself!

She's going to catch you! Don't go! She'll kill you.

And then I fell. But they said, "She's going to catch you."

I saw a man earlier, but we should be looking for a woman. A couple.

I found something too.

Now, we know Emily couldn't have walked far on that ankle, but what if she had been carried?

As in, by the current of a river?

Say she was trying to get to her family's cottage.

I traced a rough trajectory. It crosses this river.

What if we have the wrong search radius?

So I checked properties upriver...

One belongs to this man. Mark Shepherd.

Served 90 days a few years back. Weapon charges.

Could be the man I saw. It's still hard to say.

Is he a dog-catcher?

No. But guess who he's married to.

What'd you get?

My cop buddy says Candyman's plates are registered to a shell corporation.

Of course they are.

Look, I tailed him from the skate park.

And now he's at a tanning salon in Shoreline.

I can't do much without his name.

I'm gonna call you back.

Julien Dupont.



Look, Officer, I can explain.

Put the weapon down, sir.

The guy who owns this car is a drug dealer, all right?

He passes out Utopium to kids at Nine Trolls Skate Park.

Argh! Those kids have been going missing.


You have the right to remain silent.

Hey, that's him! Julien Dupont, the Candyman.

He's got a human brain in that ice chest right there!

Officer, this is my car...

Stay back.

Keep your hands where we can see them.

What is this?

Calf brain. There are some people, believe it or not, who consider it a delicacy.

I work at a fancy-schmancy butcher shop. Well... We deliver.

Look. I've got a card. Okay?

Have your insurance contact the precinct for a report.

What? You're letting him go?

As I was saying, you have the right to remain silent.

Probably now is a good time to exercise it.


The fine art of a stakeout.

Stakeouts are an exercise in patience.

You need to be focused, yet calm.

It's a skill like any other. Takes time to master.

There's the Animal Control truck.

First time I was on a stakeout, I was so bored I ate three candy bars and an entire package of mini donuts.

FYI, if you're waiting to bust a coke den, it's better if you're not riding a sugar high and covered in white powder.

The windows aren't the same as in my vision.

This isn't where they're keeping the girls.

Maybe they installed new windows after Emily broke out. Or maybe...

The windows are different around back.

Those other girls, Clive, they were petrified.

Who knows how the Shepherds reacted after Emily escaped.

They might've taken it out on them.

Let's sneak up. Peek in the windows.

What did I say? Patience. We've been here all of two minutes.

We're in this for the long haul.

Get comfortable, it's gonna be...


Get down!


Officer needs assistance, shots fired, 255 Lear Road!

I need backup, now!

Stay down!

We'll approach through the woods.

When we reach the house, I'll enter first, alone.

Do not enter until you get my signal.

Let's roll.

So you're out of range, hang tight.

The other girls, Clive.

We'll find 'em.

Be careful.

Don't worry. I do this for a living.

There you are.

All right. Remember, wait for my signal.






Hands up, behind your head.

(GASPING) Oh... Okay.


Look, it was his...

I'm with the police. We're here to rescue you.

Lieutenant, you okay?

I'm fine.

Where were you?

I gave the signal five minutes ago.

Doesn't matter. Situation's resolved.

It's okay. More good guys.

Where'd you find them?

In the treehouse, out back.

Lieutenant goes full Eastwood, the Medical Examiner saves the girls...

Why'd I even come to work today?

You hit?

No, just jabbed by a branch.

Yeah, not much blood.

All right. Let's lock it down for evidence. The whole property.

Let's see what else the Shepherds were up to.

Yes, sir.

The resolution of this case would not have been possible without the invaluable assistance of Dylan Munson.

Margo and Mark Shepherd were highly disturbed.

From evidence found at their home over the last 24 hours, we know that they adhered to a self-created religion of sorts.

The girls were abducted with the intent to turn them into sister-wives.

The remains of at least a dozen teenagers listed as missing were discovered on the property.

Their beliefs also called for human sacrifice.


One at a time, please.

They're still excavating remains of missing kids out there.

You heard Jerome and Eddie were among them?

I can't get a hold of Major.

If he finds out on the news...

Look, Emily's escape may have saved countless more lives from the same fate, not just her baby's.

A cop who keeps his word.

That's one of the seven signs of the apocalypse, isn't it?

Well, I hope everyone finally gets to see you for who you really are.

Don't worry about my story getting out. See, I got an agent.

We're negotiating a reality show for me and the kid.

"Grieving single father pieces his life back together after the cops, the press, and the grandparents tried to destroy it."

That's the pitch.

And the best part is how much it's gonna piss off the Sparrows.

Who the hell are you?

Have you even been to visit your son yet?

Look, Beetlejuice, I don't remember saying your name three times, so stay the hell out of my business.

When you get your baby home and put him in the crib, will you lay him face up or face down?

Because one way carries the risk that your son will die during the night.

Do you know which one?

I'm sure your reality show's SIDS episode will have killer ratings.

Damn, girl.

Get on back with your bad self.

Liv: Emily's maternal instincts are starting to fade, but I need to see her baby.

Our baby. One more time.

I might never see him or feel a bond quite like this again.

You happy?

Liv: There's only one man I've ever pictured myself having kids with.

But even if Ravi can find a cure for "zombied", I've pushed him so far away, I doubt we can ever recover.

Guard: A little thank you for the Seattle Observer article, Lilywhite.

Liv: I can't get back what I've lost, but I still have reasons to go on.

Like my family.

Take it easy on the wasabi, dear. You don't want to get heartburn.

Liv: I've always loved them, of course, but Emily's brain gave me a new perspective.

It helped me appreciate my mother more, made me want to be a better big sister to Evan.

Reminded me to appreciate the love that comes my way.

Familial and otherwise.

Hopefully fate allows me that.

Please, fate. No more surprises.