01x09 - Patriot Brains

Liv: Previously on iZombie...

Ravi, you did it! You made a zombie rat!


You guys seen my friend?

Brother, I just saw him.

We'll have you to him in no time.

No word from Jerome?

Liv: How did this happen?


He got into a fight.

I went looking for Jerome.

And found the Candyman.

Major: I saw something in the Candyman's car.

There was an ice chest in the passenger seat.

It had a brain inside.

Liv: I'm heading over to Lowell's place.

Liv: How do you eat?

Lowell: A funeral home.

Lowell: For the right price, a mortician will look the other way.


Settle down.



Liv: I had one chance at love.

Turns out my would-be soul mate survives on the brains of murdered teenagers.

Man: You can't park here.

It's a loading zone. Management will have my ass.

Five minutes. You think your boss is unreasonable?

Get comfortable, kid.


Say goodnight, Gracie.


Your car? (WHISTLES)


This intimidation routine you've got down here must usually work wonders.

Thing is, I'm bigger. And I'm not going anywhere.


Twelve hours after being bitten by the zombie rat.

Vital signs remain normal.

No marked change in appearance.

Continuing to monitor progress.

Liv! Uh...

You're not due to start your shift for another hour.

I was just about to start reconstituting Mrs. Bushnell's chest cavity.

You okay?

He asked rhetorically.

Blaine murders teenagers and delivers their brains to zombies.

Good Lord.

And my boyfriend is on his meal plan.

I ate some of Lowell's leftover breakfast this morning, and it was Jerome, that kid who came in here a few weeks ago with Major.

I watched Blaine murder him.

But the police found his remains at the Shepherds' house.

I saw what I saw.

And as I was leaving Lowell's place, Blaine was heading up with a new delivery. I should've done something.

What could you have possibly done?

I'm a zombie.

He's a zombie.

And a cold-blooded killer.

We need a plan.

And all those missing persons? They're part of a zombie Meals on Wheels program.

If Jerome didn't die out in the Shepherds' cabin...

How did the police find his remains out there?

Something's rotten in Denmark.

Denmark, in this case, being the Seattle Police Department.

Well, it's settled. I have to find Blaine.

Well, you do know one person who can reach him.

Lowell? No, I won't even be able to look at him.

He has to know where those brains come from.

Do you have another option?


So Major was right this whole time about the Candyman and those missing kids.

I made him promise he'd back off, I convinced him he was getting carried away.

Well, if it makes you feel better, I don't think he listened to you.

He remains single-minded in his quest.

Look in on him for me, will you?

I'm worried about him.

Well, he's hardly left his room lately.

Who knows what's going on in there.


One in the head. One in the heart.

But before we master rthe fine art of targeting...


Ravi: Major, you home?

- ... we're going to start with the basics.

Major: In here!

Come in!

Oh, it has been too long, my friend.

There are souls that need reaping. Dungeons that need looting.

Wenches that need to feel the weathered hands of a...

What the hell?

"Brains: The Final Frontier"?

Yeah. This body building blog says there's an amino acid that skyrockets the release of growth hormones.

Now, you can get it from the extract of the roots of this African plant I seriously can't even pronounce, but the purest source is human pituitary glands.

Aren't you big enough?

No, I'm just looking for any reason that guy Julien might have had a brain in his ice chest.

And this makes about as much sense as anything else.

I suppose it does.

Now, who wants to go slay some dark creatures of the night and make the world a safer place for all of mankind?

It is my quest, and I will not shrink before it.


We need to talk.


Teen team leader: Harris, Caleb, on my mark, jump out and lay down suppressing fire.

OK John, Phil, you guys flank them on the right.

Drew, you're with me flanking left. Got it?

Yeah Let's go.


Cover me.


Yo, you gotta clear the field.

Hey, yo, man. I shot you.

You gotta go to the dead zone.


Where can I find Blaine?

Wait. I don't understand what you're saying.

The brains I eat, they come from funeral homes.

I saw Blaine deliver that cooler to you this morning.

And that's where he says he gets his brains.

Well, he's a liar!

And you told me you got your own brains. So you're both liars.

The two of you are liable to give zombies a bad name. Where can I find him?

Slow down, please.

What makes you think he's killing people?

I had a bite of your eggs and brains on my way out and I had a vision.

I saw Blaine slaughter the boy whose brain we ate.

I met him, Lowell! He seemed like a great kid.

The question is how can you claim not to know Blaine is killing people?

You're a zombie. You have visions.

You ever stop to wonder why all the people you eat are so young?

Why they all came to such tragic and violent ends?

They weren't all young. A lot were, but not all.

And I've only had a couple violent visions.

I don't go looking for triggers.

I don't investigate murders. It's not like I saw Blaine kill anyone.

When you need another delivery, how do you get in touch with Blaine?

When Blaine made me a zombie, he told me he'd get me the brains I needed to live.

I was starving. I didn't have a choice.

There's always a choice!

And right now, you could choose to tell me how to locate Blaine.

That's the only reason you're here? To get that information?

You can't slow down for a moment and talk about us?

Us? There is no us.

There's me and this guy who I don't recognize who eats the brains of murdered homeless kids.

You're damn right I only came for that number!

Say you call him, then what?

I'll figure it out.

No. No. Not good enough.

What does it matter to you now, anyway?

Well, for a start, I'm in love with you.


Well, that's gonna be a problem.


Hot date, Boss?


s*x I can get whenever I want. This, though...

Ticket to the EMP to hear Kurt Cobain's unreleased demos before anyone else in the world?

That's priceless.

Nirvana was the soundtrack of my youth.

Hell, my childhood ended April 5th, 1994.

I'm 13, headed to algebra.

Alyssa Delbarre comes running up and says "He's dead! He's dead!"

Starts bawling on my shoulder.

Then you nailed her? (CHUCKLES) Nice.


Lawrence Kaiser called a little while ago.


No, Julien will handle the delivery.

Aw, come on.

You do not purge your bowels in the powder room of a man with a helicopter pad in his backyard.

You squealed? Bitch move, man!

Enough. Enough.

Kaiser wasn't looking for product.

He wants to have lunch Thursday.

At his club.

He wants to talk about a business opportunity.

Says he'll send a car for you.

Well all right, then. Everything's coming up Blaine.

Guy's got his own club?


... sure you don't need?




Bad, huh?

He wouldn't tell me anything. I... I really don't want to talk about it.

What about you? How's Major?

Uh... Eh, he's still convinced that the Candyman is harvesting human brains.

Which, you know, I suppose is technically true.

But his working theory is that it's like a cutting edge bodybuilding supplement.

So, slight silver lining is he's not thinking zombie.

Vic's name is Everett Adams. Twenty-eight.

Former sniper with the Army Rangers.

Works at this paintball facility as an instructor.

CSI says there's no gunshot residue on him, so the shot that killed him must've been taken from a distance.

You okay, Liv?


All right, then.

Paintballers were part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

No one heard the gunshot.

Unis haven't turned up anything that shoots real bullets.

No shell casings near the killer's perch, either.

Excuse me, did you say "perch"?

Yeah. The bullet passed through the victim's neck and lodged in this log.

We used its entry point to establish its trajectory.

And there you go.

So the killer was up in that tree?

That kid over there. He's the victim's Little Brother.

Well, I'll get to work here. You two go do your thing.


Harris Jenkins? I'm Detective Babineaux, and this is Olivia Moore from the Medical Examiner's office.

We'd like to ask you a few questions.


Were you aware of anyone who might have wanted to do this to Everett?

His wife.

Ex-wife, I mean.

She dumps him when he's getting shot at in Afghanistan, then she and the new husband try and take away his kid.

Everett wouldn't let them.


I'm going to bring in the ex-wife and her new husband.

You're gonna join me?

I just need to meet the body back at the morgue.

Maybe grab a bite to eat. Give me a couple hours?

All right.

Liv: Sure, I could kid myself, say that I plan to eat Everett's brain as a way of supporting the troops.

But the truth is, I can't handle another vision of Jerome.

Penny, this is Olivia Moore with the Medical Examiner's office.

Sorry for your loss, ma'am. Please have a seat.

Mrs. Taylor, we understand that you and Everett were engaged in a serious custody battle.

Right to the point, then.

Yes, we were fighting over Anna, and it got heated.

Um. My husband Sean was offered a promotion, but it came with a transfer to Silicon Valley.

"Chief Digital Officer."

It came with a massive pay raise.

Penny and I would've been able to enroll Anna in a world-class private school.

But I had to turn it down.

When exactly did you meet Penny?


Yes, I left Everett for Sean while he was deployed in Afghanistan.

War changed him.

He was suffering from PTSD but resisted treatment.

But he left the service.

He couldn't take seeing another man raising his daughter.

Suddenly Anna was the center of his life.

How did Sean deal with Everett preventing him from accepting this promotion?

I can't lie.

It stung.

But I understood the man.

I wouldn't let anyone take Anna away from me, either.

Might've been nice, had he shown the same enthusiasm for parenting when he and Penny were together.

Where were you between the hours of 4:21 and 4:31 this afternoon, Mr. Taylor?

Stuck in a meeting.

All afternoon.

A dozen colleagues can vouch for me.

4:20? Um...

I took Anna to the park near her school.

Can anyone back you up on that?

Anna knows where we were.

She's at home with my sister.

Anna: You're freaky-looking.

Why are you so white?

That's not nice, Anna.

It's okay. I work in a basement, Anna. So I don't see much sun.

All I need to know is what you did after school today.

I was with Mommy.

And what did you do with Mommy?

I don't want to do this.

Tell the nice lady where we were.

Anna: Stop! Please!

Stop, Daddy! Stop!

Everett: You are not taking my daughter away!

Just stop, Daddy! Stop!

Everett. Calm...


Get out of this house right now!

Get out, get out!

I don't wanna do this anymore.

It's okay, baby, you did great.

I think we're through here.

So, when you say Everett snapped...

I mean, lost it.

Like, punching a guy in front of a crying child.

Wild with rage. It was ugly.

Penny chased him off with a butcher's knife.

Why wouldn't they report that to the police?

Everett being violent would've made their custody case for them.

No idea.

Anna didn't provide her mother with the most solid alibi.

I'll see if anyone can place Penny near the crime scene.



Liv: Great. PTSD.

What's more relaxing than a trip down traumatic memory lane?

Exercise may be an effective treatment for PTSD, but what it really beats is laying around, wallowing over the end of my posthumous love life.


And now I'm overwhelmed with desire.

Called to the battlefield and powerless to stop myself.

"Free for all"?

So, it's last man standing, huh?






Liv: Hooah!

This is the tree the CST said was the munitions point of origin.

This is where they believed the shooter was perched.

Fifty yards from this tree is where Everett's body was found.

This is where I found the shell casing, 20 yards closeto Everett than the CST thought.

To have shot from there, the killer would need to be 15 feet tall.

He should be easy to find then, shouldn't he?

Or she.

Side note, that trophy you won in your last man standing competition is ill-gotten gains.

I'm guessing you were the only participant digesting the brains of a highly-decorated soldier.

If I'm stuck with his PTSD, I should at least get a trophy out of it.

You're remembering traumas.

Do you remember anything more of your own?

After the boat party when you woke up in a body bag, how did you know you were a zombie?

The craving brains didn't really speak to werewolf.

So you immediately craved brains?



I identified myself as a doctor and refused medical treatment.

As I was leaving, I found a corpse on the shore.

His skull was already cracked open.

Some other zombie likely got the frontal lobe, but there was some temporal lobe just hanging there like fruit on a tree.

My first zombie meal.





Can I ask...

If you hadn't been able to get a job with access to a pre-killed brain supply, what would you have done to feed yourself?

I wouldn't have had the brains of murdered homeless teens delivered to my house like pizza.

Lowell didn't know.

Then he didn't want to know.

But you believe in his position you would have?

I mean... What a luxury to not have to know for sure.

Clive: Dr. C, mind if I take your assistant on a field trip?

I'd sign her permission slip, but my hands are covered in viscera.

Sergeant Adams was under the care of a shrink at the VA hospital.

She advised her patients to keep a journal.

Let's go find that journal.


Hey, how's it going? So, a buddy of mine works out here.

And the dude is just yoked.

That's where I wanna get, and I hear this place can make it happen.

It's your lucky day.

I happen to have some time.

I'm looking for cutting edge, out of the box, whatever it takes, no matter how crazy it sounds type stuff.

I think I'm just the trainer for you.

There's no quick fixes here.

Supplements are a very small piece of the puzzle.

I need to know you're ready to do the work.

I'm ready to work.

'Cause without the work, the creatine or nitric oxide's not gonna do it.

Actually, uh...

I was thinking something a little more hard core.


Arnolds? Tren?

I saw this blog that said if you eat brains, the pituitary gland has this amino acid in it.

Makes your growth hormones go off the chart.

You mean, brains?

From people?

That's what I read.

And you're up for that?

Well, like I said, I'll do anything.

You'll eat human brains to get bigger muscles?

I am open to that as an option.

That's good to know.

Found it.

I guess Everett wasn't big on journaling.

This is all he wrote.

"One is less than many."

I think I got that in a fortune cookie once.

It's a sniper mantra.

Everett's job was to kill people.

That phrase is how he kept a clear conscience.

By killing one person, he could save a lot more lives.

Do you know many snipers?

Just one.


Harris! What are you doing?


Is that a good thousand-yard stare or a bad thousand-yard stare?

It's not good.

Clive: We talked to your school.

The guidance counselor had these sketches on file that your art teacher had handed over.

According to your school records, you've had a rough year.

Anger issues. Verbal outbursts.

At the time Everett was shot, your paintball team had just split up.

Was there anyone who could account for you, just before the body was discovered?

Make no mistake, Harris.

We're gonna catch whoever did this.

Not if I do first.

He's a messed up kid.

But losing your mom, brother, and male role model in the span of a year will do that to you.

You think he pulled the trigger?

All those drawings? He did them before Everett asked to be his Big Brother.

His grades and attendance were actually on the upswing.

Got a hit on that search you had me run, detective.


You have time to pay Penny and Sean's neighbor a visit?


Penny took a big step up the social ladder when she married Sean.

From an enlisted soldier's quarters to a mini-mansion in Salish Ridge.

You folks miss the sign?

I'm Detective Babineaux and this is Medical Examiner Moore with the Seattle PD.

You filed a noise complaint against your neighbors?

It's about time someone followed up.

If you don't believe me, the noise is only the half of it.

Ever since I filed that complaint, it's like my place is possessed.

I've got lights that go on in the middle of the night.

I've got sprinklers that go off on the wrong days, with me paying the fines.

You think that was the Taylors?

I guess I picked the wrong people to take to small claims court over my broken mailbox and my ruined lawn.

You know, him working with all that high tech wizard dweeb stuff.

But after her ex fishtailed out of there and skidded across onto my property, I hear this commotion.

I see Penny chasing him out of the house with a butcher knife.

He slams the gas, backs out of there like a bat outta hell and she's screaming at the top of her lungs that she's gonna kill him.



I'd like you to go.

I know you're upset but I'm being real clear here. You need to leave.

For you.

It's Michael Kenny.

He was interred yesterday at Evergreen Memorial.

You dug up a grave?

I'm sorry. I'm sure that was awful.

It was okay, compared to watching the funeral.

He was an English teacher and all these kids he taught were there.

His daughter read his favorite Shakespeare sonnet.

His poor wife was in hell on earth.

And I, um...

I threw up, actually, um, because I thought about all the brains I've had and every last one of them was...

I mean, Liv, we... We eat people.

We eat people.

I know.

And I wanted you to know that I get it.

I was a coward, I didn't want to know where my...

I should've tried to, er, um...

Now, Blaine killed those kids and I ate those brains.

And I, I...

I'm sorry. I'm... I'm...

I'm so sorry.

(SOFTLY) I know.


So, this freebie's doing the whole, "I wanna be big, Zoltar, I'll do whatever it takes" bit.

C'mon, knock out two more.

Anyway, I'm thinking he wants me to hook him up with some juice, right?

But check it.

The guy tells me he wants to get some human brains.


Total head case.

You got his info?

No, I'm serious. I think Blaine scratched me because he's into my music.

He keeps asking when we're going to jam.


You never know. He could be zombie McCartney to your zombie Lennon.

What I know is, another year on his meal plan and my trust fund will be zombie tapped.

How does it work, anyway?

Well, in my case it involved a father who had the good fortune to inherit a coal mine.

Not your trust fund. Blaine's service.


They send a menu.

Changes every few weeks.

"Motor Cortex Asada, Basil Parietal Terrine, "Cerebellum Sashimi... "

For God's sake, Cerebellum Sashimi is people.

Hard to overlook, no matter what it's called or how it's prepared.

This menu is homeless teenagers who Blaine kills in cold blood for profit.

Blaine has to die.

I'm gonna kill him.

Yeah, Fantastic. All right. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.


Blaine's coming around to my place tomorrow night.

To jam.

You sure you're up for this?

I'm running on elite soldier brains.

You're the one who has to stand next to the guy.

Well, I could not possibly be more terrified, but I'm hoping that knowing you're watching will make me nut up.

I'm always better with an audience.

I probably shouldn't say this to the woman I'm in love with but, I'm a weenie.


I'm one of those guitar players who avoids any activity that may hurt his fingers.

I'm not the man who jumps in the line of fire.

But, um...

That's the kind of man you deserve so...

I'll do my best.

You're not a weenie. You jump out of planes.

Remember that when you're looking through the scope of that rifle at the puddle of urine forming at my feet.

So, we're really doing this?

It was transcendent.

These demos filled in gaps about Kurt Cobain I didn't even know existed.

It showed his musical progression from Fecal Matter to Nirvana.

Fecal Matter was his first band, you guys.

Fecal Matter?

That's, like, uh, poo, right?

Yes, Luta. It's like poo.

So, uh, what's with the get-up?

My lunch with Lawrence Kaiser is today.

And it's not a "get-up." I am a sartorial chameleon.

Indie rock scene, country club. I fit in everywhere.


There's our zombie powerbroker now.

Oh, and Julien...

Go ahead and take care of our little gym rat problem.

I'd do it myself, but Lowell Tracey's invited me to preview the new Pocket Dial album.


You need to listen to something other than Bob Seger, my man.

Mr. Kaiser? I didn't think I'd be sharing the ride to lunch with you.

You're not.

Here's where things stand.

I'm tired of your brains.

These visions from runaways and junkies are worse than depressing.

They're boring.

I want better.

And I see an opportunity here.

For the both of us.

My whole life I wanted one thing.

To be an astronaut.

You know why I couldn't?

Low distance vision acuity.

Did I quit? No.

I worked. Hard.

I made my fortune and I bought myself a ticket on the first commercial flight into space.

And do you know what happened then?


You. You happened.

Two days after I passed my zero-gravity training, you and that disgusting fingernail of yours ruined my life.

I can't exactly pass a physical as a zombie, now can I?

But I will know what it's like to be out there among the stars.

And you're going to help me.

And how am I doing that?

You're going to get me the brain of Alan York.

Alan York? The astronaut?

One of the first men to walk on the moon.

I want to eat his brain.

I think he's still using it.

Like that's ever stopped you before.

Somehow, I suspect he'll be a lot slower than the average teenage junkie.

How the hell am I getting to Alan York?

I think all I'm tasked with here is pointing out what I want and then writing you a check.

So, why don't you just tell me, what amount am I writing on it? Hmm?


Liv: What're you doing?


What? Nothing. Just...

Uh. When did you get in?

Everett's brains came with stealth mode.

I believe I have some happy news.


Zombieism doesn't appear able to jump across species.

When was that even a question?

When the zombie rat bit me.

You had more than enough on your plate. I didn't want to worry you.

Next time worry me.

We're in this together. I've got your six, Ravi.

Roger that, soldier.

Do you have time to look at a couple of YouTube videos?

Of failed twerking tutorials?


But no one lipsyncing to Frozen.

After the Taylors' neighbor accused Sean of messing with the systems in his house, I did some digging on Sean's company, Remoticon.

Among their clients? UFreightEze.

Watch this.



Woman: It's okay, sweetie.

Announcer: America's favorite online retailer is going to institute same-day delivery using drones.

Woman: UFreightEze Sky.

Because you need it now.

Liv: And this informs our case how?

Remoticon is supplying UFreightEze with the drone guidance system.

Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

Surely you can't be suggesting...

Oh, yeah, I am. Check this video out.

You can find them all over the Internet.



And I am officially never going outside ever again.

That's why you found the shell casing where you did.

The drone was 15 feet off the ground.

Halfway along what the CSI guys told us was the trajectory.

That yuppie sack of crap sat in his corporate meeting and murdered Everett from his tablet.

Man over phone: How soon will you be here?

We're aiming to be out there in a couple weeks.

I busted my ass to get this promotion.

I'm going to enjoy a little R&R before I get back in the thick of it.

We're so pleased your circumstances changed, Chief Digital Officer.

I'm gonna have to call you back.



What're you...

Clive: Mr. Taylor.

Our computer forensics experts have a question about 3D printer schematics for a .38 caliber handgun mounted on a UFreightEze drone they found on your laptop.

We have a search warrant, by the way.

Penny gave us your passwords.

Said you had nothing to hide.

Penny: What the hell did you do, Sean?

He was Anna's father.



This'll be easier on you if you don't move.


Sean Taylor, you have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Liv: There are monsters in this world.

People who do unspeakable things.

When I graduated med school, I took an oath to consecrate my life to the service of humanity, to respect and value the lives of all persons.

But now that I'm half-dead, I can see that some life is like a virus.

One that can't be allowed to spread.




Oh, ho.


You're gonna tell me who you've told about brains.


Then this will all be over.


Okay, pretty boy. I'm gonna ask you one more time Who have you told about the brains?


Now, answer me straight, or I'm gonna take you on a guided tour through a world of pain.

I don't know anything!


Then I guess it's all aboard the pain train.

First stop, Hand Francisco.











Cheers again for the prime cuts.

I figured an occasion like this called for something special.

To old clients...

And new friends.

You limeys sure can put it away, can't you?

Dammit, move.


Everything okay, amigo?

Ah... Just getting a bit toasty is all.

Um... I'm just gonna move this.


It's all good.


Do it.

Do it.

Liv: I sal some life is like a virus.

But if you kill a virus, you're a doctor.

If you kill a person...

If I kill this person, I know who I'll be.

I'll be a killer.

I'll be him.

Blaine: You really gotta get down to the Cobain exhibit.

Hell, I'll go again if you're up for it.

You know, I purchased a Kurt Cobain Jaguar from a collector with my first advance money.

You're kidding me?

Fancy a go?

I would literally never forgive myself if I said no.

Wait right there.




Where is he?

(STUTTERING) I'm sorry, I didn't even know who to call.

I have no idea who I even...

Hey, you need to pull it together.

If you shot an armed intruder, this is going to get hairy.

But you didn't do anything wrong.

I killed a man.

Show me.

You know, he collapsed right here.

(STAMMERING) No, I shot him. I shot him three times.

When people are shot multiple times in the chest, they tend to bleed.

And he threw a freaking sledgehammer at me. Look!

I can't know if that mark was or wasn't there before tonight.

I'm telling you it wasn't!

He must've just gone out the window, but...

He was dead.

Hey, man, I'm... I'm telling you, all right?

I got him right here.

Three times.

Major, I gotta ask...

Have you been taking any medications?


Have you stopped taking any?



Look, I gotta go.



This is unreal. (CHUCKLES)




Get comfortable, kid.


Say good night, Gracie.


Seen that look before. Where'd that trip take you?

Looked like Bonnaroo.


Hey. How'd it go?

What? That's unacceptable.

What the hell happened?

No, no. You stay right where you are.



Blaine: You stay where you are. I'm en route. (HANGS UP)

Hey, man. Sorry, I gotta go. Work emergency.

Look, if you wanna go to that exhibit, you just gotta...

You're a lousy host.