02x04 - Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues

Previously on iZombie...

The night of boat party, you were selling tainted Utopium.

We need more of it if we're gonna make more of the cure.

I didn't cut it. But I know who did.

Byron: There are zombies living among us.

You want me to kill them?


You've got the wrong man for the job.

We do know of one zombie, Liv Moore.

Got you over a barrel, big guy.

Major: Utopium!

We need to get more of this!

Gilda: You would not believe the guy we hired.

I get it. You're not talking to me.

I just need some time.

For anyone in the Utopium trade, party's over.

Not a word from Peyton in three months. And then she just shows up?

Yeah, my left nut you went to third base with Jolene Fisk.

You don't got to believe it. I've got my memories.

Up the shirt's not third. Third's in-the-pants stuff.

Shut up, Butterball. The only boobs you've ever seen are your own.

Dude, toss the beer.

Get down!

( Car passes by )

No way!

What the...

( Chuckles )


You jackasses ready to have some fun?

( Chuckles )

( Theme song playing )

Seattle police are in pursuit of an armed suspect who gunned down a clerk at this Sack & Pack in Queen Anne last night.

Security footage shows a...

( Shuts off )

( Hip hop music plays )

Instructor: 5, 6, 7, 8.

That's 1, 2, 3, and 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

( Music stops )


Great job today, early birdies!

( Chuckles )

I missed you so much.

God, I know.

So hard.

( Chuckles )

I'm gonna spill your juice.

You stalked me and you brought me a present?

That birthday cake you left last night. It meant the world to me.

Look, um...

When I left, I can't lie, I resented you.

I can't tell if it was more, "I can't believe my best friend is a zombie," or, "I can't believe my best friend didn't tell me she's a zombie."

I get that.

While I was away I had a chance to really put myself in your shoes, and...

Ugh, I realized how hard this last year must have been for you.

You gave up being a surgeon, you gave up the love of your life.

And then I bailed.

Well, to be fair, you had just seen me stab someone in the head.

Knives sticking out of you like a pin cushion.

Eyes all red. Yeah.

No! Ravi needs me. But we have to celebrate soon.

And I have zombie questions. Okay?

I mean, I wrote them down. They're a few pages.

( Chuckles )

Thank you for coming back.

I love you, too. Go.

( Sighs )

( Cell phone vibrates )

Damn it.


Cut me off a piece of that for breakfast.

Oh, Rita.


I'll fend for myself.

Check a few zombie souls off your little list today, like a good boy.

As you wish.

Ravi: Major?

Yeah, man. Sorry I'm late.

Aw! Hey, Dog.

Yeah, that's the smell of s*x and self-loathing.

Sorry I'm late. I knew I had to take you to work.

Had my alarm set. But, uh, my phone ran out of juice.

Don't worry about it. I get my car back today.

That said, things are different now with Minor here.


He was whining all night.

You named the dog Minor?

Then he found his way into the bathroom trash.

Dude, I'm sorry. It won't happen again. You ready to go?

Oh, actually...

( Doorbell rings )


You are here.

Yeah, that'll happen occasionally.

You know, I uh, live here, so...

Oh, sorry, I uh... It didn't seem like you were gonna show, so I called Liv.

Oh, my God! You have a dog?

Hiya, cutie, what's your name?



Yeah, anyway, uh, I should take him out. So, come on.

Still needs time.

( Message alert chimes )

Hmm. Bat signal. Shall we?

Liv: Only one guy at the door? Where is everyone?

( Indistinct chatter over police radio )

Bit of a skeleton crew today.

Oh, a cashier was shot at a Sack & Pack in Queen Anne.

Lot of resources going to the manhunt.

Lots of convenience store clerks get shot.

But the shmancy ones in Queen Anne get a manhunt? That hardly seems fair.

Hey, you preaching to the choir.

How about you, love?

Any thoughts on fairness?

This is Lacy Cantrell.

Thirty-two years old. Transplanted Texan.

She's a waitress at that country music joint, The Slow Roll.

Her landlady found her when she came by to collect overdue rent.

Oh, we'll have to confirm with autopsy, but the bruise pattern and petechia both suggest manual strangulation.

Closet door was found open.

There's hangers knocked down, clothes and stockings trampled on the floor.

Could be our killer was waiting for her in the closet.

I'd scrape under her fingernails for skin samples, but the dish gloves likely mean no DNA.

No DNA. Nobody saw anything, nobody heard anything. A flying start.

What about you, Zoltar?

Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton.

I'd say Lacy was a little bit country.

And I'm a little bit "let's rock and roll." Tell me something I can't see.

Lacy was sending letters to a man named Matt Sudak.

Up at the State Penitentiary in Walla Walla.

They were all sent back unopened.

Didn't see that.

Devore: Mmm.

Come in.

This is my voice when I'm happy.

You want a gold star? Find me the gun.

Manhunt's over. We got the convenience store shooter.

Same clothes he was wearing in the footage, and he had 400 bucks on him.

The amount missing from the register. But no gun.

Enough to hold him...

But we need the gun to make it stick.

This is FBI Agent Dale Bozzio. She'll be working out of our offices for a while, looking into a string of missing person cases.

It seems someone is targeting rich guys in Seattle.

First, Alan York, the astronaut, went missing.

Then, there was Tim Addis, heir to the Addis timber fortune.

Followed closely by Colin Andrews, a tech pioneer who was last seen jogging in Seward Park.

We want a download on Terrence Fowler.

I understand he's missing now, and he fits the profile.

Fowler's wife, Taylor, was a murder-for-hire.

I figured he took off, given the suspicion that he was somehow involved.

But my APB got no hits.

I'd like to take a look at anything you have on him.

If you don't mind.

He doesn't.

Help her out with whatever she needs, Babineaux.

Happy to.

( Groans ) God help me, that smells sensational.

The man locked up in Walla Walla, the one our victim sent all these unopened letters to, was a boyfriend. Matt Sudak.

They moved here together from Texas. Seems he and Lacy broke up while he was in the joint, after she confirmed in one of these that she had a one-night stand with one of his buddies.

According to his P.O., Sudak was released a month ago.

Sounds promising.

Well, these make it sound like Matt wasn't the type of guy who'd let Lacy go without a fight.

She sent this one a week before he was released.

"I can't stop thinking about that run-down motel on the way from Lubbock. About your smell and your weight on me..."

Oh, sorry, wrong spot.

Sounds like the right spot to me.

Clive. This is a, uh, safe zone.

Tell us about his weight on you.

( Sighs ) Here we go.

"I can't stop thinking about that bar in Lubbock, when that wildcatter started chatting me up. You threw him clean across the room. When we made love that..."

Oh, okay. Yeah, right.

I hate that phrase, "made love."

It's like s*x went and hired a PR firm.

Well, I just say, "do s*x." You know, like, uh...

"Thank you for doing s*x with me."

Okay. Um, here. Uh...

Here we go. "I know when you get out we won't be together again.

"I know I gotta let you go.

"Promise me when you're out, you'll forget about me. Please..."

♪ I got to let you go ♪

"Please just tell me you won't do anything crazy."

Crazy is Sue's M.O. He was doing 15 months for aggravated assault.

He put a guy in the hospital in a barroom brawl.

Nearly beat him to death with a pool cue.

Spurned lover with a wicked temper could be our guy.

Lacy was choked to death so hard, there were fractures in her hyloid bone and laryngeal cartilage.

Sue's working at a pawn shop downtown. Wanna go for a ride?

Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?

Is a pig's rump pork?

I'm gonna start walking. If all that meant yes, catch up.

Hey there.


Lookin' for anything particular?

Matt Sudak.

( Groans ) In back.

Sue! Ya got visitors.

Seattle's finest. That was quick.

You were expecting us?

Makes sense when you're a parolee whose ex gets murdered.

Why don't you start with the last time you saw Lacy.

I only seen her once since I got out of the joint.

Went down to The Slow Roll one night and she was on stage.

Lacy's been writing songs, singing 'em for a long time.

All these old feelings came rushing back, so I got up and left.

I never spoke a word.

Still, I'd have laid down in traffic if she asked me to.

She wanted you to forgive her.

How would you know what she wanted?

All those letters that she sent you, that you never bothered to read?

I did.

Then I guess you know all about her hookin' up with my so-called friend?

She couldn't wait a year for me! It was a test, and she failed it.

Ever think that maybe you failed a test when you nearly beat a man to death with a pool cue?

Let's start over. How 'bout you tell us where you were last night?

Last night I was drinkin' with my buddy Phil.

He's right out front. Go and ask him.

When we're done here.

As expected, he was a peach.

Phil. You mind telling us where you were last night around 10:00?

Uh, my place. Knocking back a few beers with Sue.

He was with me all night.

( Strums )

You got a good eye there, miss.

How long you been playing?

Just picked it up.

( Plays chords )

( In southern accent ) Just like ringing a bell.

I'll take it.

Why don't you wrap up one of those banjos for me while we're at it?

Later, we'll do some pickin' and grinnin'.

I'll be in the car.

So, that's a no on the banjo?

♪ When you near beat a man to death and got yourself thrown in
♪ Walla Walla State Pen ♪

Love and murder. Country song staples.

It's called The Ballad of Sue and Lacy.

It's a working title. I'm hoping a clue might come out of it.

( Sniffs )

Are you wearing cologne?

Uh, it's called Desire-Rx.

It has human pheromones in it.

I'm a walking s*x experiment.

Seeing Steph again tonight?

Obviously. She's my test subject.

Look at you!

You don't know whether to wind your watch or scratch your ass.

I'm fairly certain I do.

My watch self-winds.

My ass, on the other hand...

( Plays guitar )

You're wearing a cologne made of pheromones?

How do you know whose pheromones are even in there?

You think the cologne makers were like, "Hey, death-row inmate, scrape some pheromones into this cup. There's a pack of cigarettes in it for ya."

It's a possibility.

Me, I choose to believe they have the Hemsworth brothers on an elliptical wearing nothing but sponges.

That would explain why I like it so much.

( Door opens )

Major! Feel free to go straight upstairs!

Oh. Hi. Sorry, guys.

You're not Major.

Hi, I'm Steph.

Hi. Peyton.

So, uh, what's with the, uh suitcases? Is, uh, everything okay?

It was until you just asked that.

Wait, did Major not tell you? He said I could crash here until my new place is ready.

He did not.

Uh, but you know, hey, ( Stammers ) you're welcome here, you know.

That's sweet. Thank you.

Well. I'm starving. So, I'll just drop my suitcases and go out and grab something.

Nice to meet you, Steph.


That's the girl you used to date?

Damn, playa!

No, no. I'm not high-fiving that. I wasn't born yesterday.

( Country music plays )


Manager around?

He's holed up in the back right now. Under the weather.

Something I can help you with?

Follow me.

It's like a nightmare come true. We're all just heartbroken about Lacy.

( Coughs )

When did you see her last?

When she clocked out last night.

I'd say, around 9:00?

Did she leave with anyone? Argue with anyone?

No, everyone loved Lacy. I mean, she was a... She was a spitfire.

Was she acting strangely at all?

Well, she seemed a little frazzled about her finances.

I mean, she asked for an advance on her paycheck.

Maybe she owed someone some money.

You, uh, you here about little Lacy?

That's right.

She was my favorite. I always sat in her section.

I don't know if this means anything, but last night I heard the manager, Rick, and Lacy hollerin' at each other.

I don't know what about, but I saw her take a pot of coffee and dump it in his lap.

He screamed like a stuck pig. She flew outta here.

Took a tire iron to Rick's taillight before she peeled out of the parking lot.

( Tires screech )

Well, butter my butt and call it a biscuit.

Richard Dipalma, goes by Rick. White male, maybe 5'11", red hair, medium build.

Just go with this LKA. When you bring him in, call me.

They'll try to pick him up at home.

Look at this. Bandages, ice packs, burn ointment.

About that cash advance, I think we can work something out. Hmm?

What? ( Grunts )

( Gasps )

What'd you see?

Rick, trying to hump Lacy like she was the corner of a La-Z-Boy.

He was offering her a cash advance in return.

The only action he got was an elbow in the gut.

I'm guessing it pissed her off enough to pour coffee on him.

She rejected him, burned the hell out of him, humiliated him in front front of his customers.

Sounds like a few good reasons you might wanna kill someone.

( Exhales )

Two of our customers have gone missing now, Chief.

Two. Poof. Gone.

Like it's the friggin' rich zombie rapture.

Can't a guy make an honest living creating undead and selling them cadaver brains?


"Two's not that bad." Smiley face.

I appreciate the pep talk, big fella. I really do.

But I don't think there's an emoji that rightfully expresses my feelings about losing 50K a month. You know?

I found Gabriel.

The archangel?

Gabriel cut the Utopium the night of the boat party.

And you're never gonna guess where he is now.

I've walked through the valley of death, and it looks a lot like a crack den on Third Avenue.

I've led myself unto temptation.

Tried every drug in the book.

And I can tell you, the most powerful drug you can take is the drug called "love."

And it comes from a pusher named Jesus. And...

That's him, that's Gabriel.

Does it have to be?

Welcome, brothers.

Have you heard the good news?

Jesus saves.

That is good news.

Do you know where he shops?

( Groaning )

What happened to "ask and ye shall receive"?

That part of my life is over.

Maybe we've hit you in the dome one too many times, Gabe.

I told you.

Your formula is special.

It'll cure people.

Save souls.

No. No.


Chief, put him down for a nap.

I see you're serving a five-year sentence for trafficking.

What would you say if I told you I could get you two years shaved off of it?

In exchange for information.

I'd say tell me more.

When you were arrested, you were a low-level associate in Stacey Boss' crew.

I need everything you can tell me about Mr. Boss' crime organization.

No friggin' way.

You could walk out in six months.

Lady, I said I'm not interested.

You'd be a free man tomorrow, and you still won't tell me anything?

No point in being a free man if you're a dead man.

So, Lacy poured coffee on me last night.

And I'm sorry not to have been more upfront about it.

I just was trying to protect Lacy's memory.

I told him the right thing to do was to come in and tell the truth.

She was in love with Rick.

Tell him.

Sorry. I just got your message that Rick, here, turned himself in.

Ms. Moore, you know Rick. This is his wife, Pamela.

We're just hearing about how Lacy was in love with Rick.

Yeah, so, uh...

( Chuckles nervously )

You know, last night she, uh...

She kinda made a move, you know. And I said, "Hey, I'm married and I love my wife."

And she just got super mad.

That's a load of bull corn and you know it.

Lacy asked you for a cash advance, and you asked her for a nasty quid pro quo!

She was standing right in front of that scuzzy sink in your office when you tried affixing yourself to her backside like a cheap leather chair.

According to our witness.

You wanna do yourself a favor, Rick?

Don't lie to us again.

( Mouthing )

Okay, look. I didn't kill her.

It just... It was a misunderstanding.

It just was a hug that went on too long.

You offered her cash for s*x, Rick.

That's what those blisters on your crotch are about.




I'm home, pregnant with your...

( Yelling )



Honey! Ow!

Honey! Ow, ow!

Liv: That's right.

Hey, Watson! Some help here!

Get it out, honey!


He told me to say I was his alibi, but it was a lie!

I don't know where he was last night. He didn't come home until midnight!

He was crazed...

What are you doing?

Richard Dipalma, you have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Yeah, I'm looking into a moving violation for a Phillip Nelson from two nights ago.

Can you have the officer who wrote the ticket give me a call?


Psst! Babineaux.

What's with the guy burning the scented candle?

Does he think he's working the front desk at the day spa?

He claims it centers his chi.

Who brings their chi to work?

Someone's gotta stop that guy. Strong scents make me nauseous.

I know people say that, but if he busts out a sandalwood, I will puke.

It should smell like a real police station in here!

Oh, go ask if he has a candle that smells like hookers and burned coffee.

Don't think I won't.

So, gimme the dirt.

What do I need to know to survive and not piss people off?

That I'm the person who usually pisses people off, so you should ask someone else.

No, I knew you were that guy. I figured you could tell me what you do so I could do other stuff.

Okay, at least tell me what the best food joint is within walking distance.

In girl shoes.

Hands down.

Bob Shanghai's food truck.

Let's go.

Mrs. Dipalma's calmed down. She's ready to give her statement.

Rain check?

Okay. But now you're buying.

Clive: Mrs. Dipalma.

I just need your full statement about last night, then you and the baby can get some rest at home.

So, last night I was home reading until around 9:30.

Rick comes home shortly after 10:00. But not last night.

I must've dozed off, but I woke up when he came in.

Looked at the clock, it was 12:03.

Did anything strike you as off about him?

He was just...


Anything of note with his clothes?

No. He wears the same thing usually.

I mean, Lacy poured a pot of coffee on his lap.

Oh, yeah! I smelled that as soon as he walked in.

Did you notice anything about Rick's shirt?

Like blood?

Come to think of it, there was blood on his shirt.

I just thought maybe he broke up a fight at work.

And, uh, how much blood would you say there was?

Well, enough to notice, for sure.

Mrs. Dipalma, Lacy Cantrell was strangled.

There was no blood.

Are you aware that giving a false report of a crime is a felony?

( Singing country music )

This is singer-songwriter night?

I was thinking more like, 10 people in the audience.

Tuesday night at The Slow Roll. Happy hour till last call.

Your name?

Olivia Moore.

You're up next, girlie.

Oh, my God. You came!

And you're a cowboy.

You think the mechanical bull's in a back room somewhere?

What? What's with the face?

I'm sweatin' like a 10 dollar whore on nickel night.

What if my voice cracks?

What if in the middle of my song some redneck shouts out, "Show us your hooters!" And I go into full-on zombie mode?

Oh, "if, if, if."

If a bullfrog had wings it wouldn't bump its bum when he jumps.

( Whistling and applause )

Let's hear it for Skip McKitrick!

Please give a warm welcome to a Slow Roll virgin, Olivia Moore.


( Whistles )

Hi, I'm Liv.

This is a song that I wrote about two people that I have gotten to know recently.

They love each other, desperately, but they can't seem to stop hurting each other.

♪ So you heard from some folks ♪
♪ That I ain't been true ♪
♪ I guess you still get gossip in the clink
♪ It happened on one night, I was full of SoCo and lime
♪ When a pretty boy bought me a drink
♪ And he said darlin', you're too pretty to be sad
♪ And I said Mister, I needed to hear that real bad

( Phone ringing )

Hey, you've reached Liv's phone. Leave a message.

( Beeps )

Liv, I had to cut Rick loose. His wife was lying about him coming home late.

The whole thing.

Uh, excuse me?

I'm sorry. Uh, my son found this.

I thought I should show someone.

Oh, of course.

Cavanaugh! Can you help this lady?


On another front, Sue, the ex-con/ex-boyfriend?

His alibi evaporated.

His buddy Phil was getting ticketed for speeding in Issaquah when they were supposed to be together.

♪ There's only nightmares ahead of us
♪ And sweet dreams long ago ♪
♪ It's time to wake up, baby ♪
♪ It's time I let you go ♪
♪ I've got to let you go ♪

( Cheering and applause )


Thank you.

Keep it going for Olivia Moore!

...take a little break. So, we'll see you back here in about ten minutes.

That was amazing!

What do you feel right now?

Clarity. I have to go see Major.

Oh, but...

You're gonna miss me trying to convince one of these lovelies to play Cowgirl and Indian.

( Car beeps open )

Hey. I just wanted to tell you that was some good playin' in there.


Thank you.



I liked your song.

I think Lacy would've liked it, too.

Growin' up, my dad used to tell me, "Son, you could screw up a steel ball."

I did that with Lacy.

I loved that girl.

Love ain't always enough.

Reporter on TV: Seven days and still no sign of a missing Bellevue man.

Thirty-three-year-old tech entrepreneur Colin Andrews, was last seen

Wednesday evening, when he told his brother he was going for a run in Seward Park with his dog.

( Doorbell rings )


Twice in a week.

I'm sorry. I know you want space.

But that's kind of why I'm here.

I realized something tonight.

I just need to say it.


From the moment that I met you I knew we were meant to be together.

I was sure of it. It was like fate.

But that was before I'd witnessed a mass murder.

Before I'd eaten fresh brain, before I'd lied to you, or let you put yourself in a mental hospital.

It was before I watched you die.

And it was before all this cruelty was directed back at me.

Now, I don't think that space can fix what's wrong with us.

We're a dream that's dead.

I doubt that I will ever stop loving you, but it's over now.

I gotta let you go.




Thanks for stopping by.

Hey! Stop!

I'm coming here like an adult, trying to talk to you.

How can you be this cold to me?

Who exactly am I being cold to?

Huh? Whose brain did you eat this week?

Oh, this is all me!

And in case you've forgotten, I didn't ask for this.

I went to a party because you told me I should.

I woke up on a shore craving brains.

And next thing I know, I've cracked this corpse's head open...

How could I bring that home to you?

How could I be your wife? I had become a monster.

And I was confused, and I was dangerous.

Every decision that I made last year, I made trying to protect you from my new reality.

I know that in your eyes I screwed up badly somewhere along the line.

But I did the best I could.

You know, I just...

I keep asking you for some space, and every time I turn around, here you are.

Why are you doing this?

Doing what?

Making me doubt the only thing in my life that I was sure was real.

( Video game sounds )



Where's the dog?

Uh, he was just right here.

Well, the back door's wide open and he's not here now.

I even shook his bag of snick snacks and still, no dog.

Yeah. He'll be back. He's uh... Probably just...

What? Down at the corner bodega picking up some munchies?

Well, let's go! We need to find the dog!

Yeah, okay. Jesus rose from the dead.

That doesn't make him a zombie if he doesn't eat brains.

Dude, that body of Christ stuff, that was for his disciples to eat.

I don't know what you qualify as when you make other people eat you.


Let's check in on our man of the cloth before I head out, huh?

( Muffled breathing )

And on the second day, he shared the Utopium recipe, right?

I'll die first.

I'll tell you what. I'll get you halfway there.



No! No!

( Whimpering )

Wait! Wait!

No! Wait a second!

He's gonna be a fresh, angry zombie soon.

You'll want to use a few more screws.

So, uh... It says here you were slinging for Stacey Boss.

But are now a local business owner.

So, seeing as you're not serving time, have everything to lose and nothing to gain, I don't know what to offer you.

Except, the peace of mind you'd have serving your community if you told me anything you know about Stacey Boss.

Peace of mind.

Can't put a price tag on that.

Stacey imports his Utopium from Hong Kong.

It's hidden in shipments of scrap copper.

The shipments come bimonthly into a port at Terminal 18.

And in regards to what you can offer me?

I would like to discuss immunity for the crimes I'm about to admit to.

So, Jiang Jin is Boss' lieutenant, and specifically, he's the gatekeeper for Hong Kong.

But with Jiang and his son AJ both in prison, then who's running the Jin empire?

That, I don't know.

But if Jin's operation was in some way compromised, Boss' supply out of Hong Kong would be compromised.

You are really saving my ass here. ( Chuckles )

You'll tell the press that it was my savvy interrogation that got you to cooperate, right?

( Laughs )

"She exuded a power that compelled me to talk. I was helpless to resist."

You sure you don't want anything?

Wine is all I need.

What was I saying?

You went all hell hath no fury on Major.


Something snapped in me.

I unloaded on him.

I was just tired of living in the doghouse, you know?

No, I get it, it's time.

But for what it's worth, the guy walking around claiming to be Major doesn't seem at all like the Major I remember.

( Door opens )



Want some Tom Yum soup?

I ordered it extra-spicy.

Thanks, but, uh, new diet. No eating after 6:00.

( Softly ) Unless it's a whisky sour.

I don't know about this Gilda chick, with the legs and the hair, and the hard liquor dinners.

Think maybe a background check is in order.

Ooh, I like you jealous.

Keeps you from phoning it in with me.

Or focusing too much of your energy on boys.

Yuck. Boys.

Not to worry. I'm currently a free agent.

Actually, I met someone interesting at work today.

I think you'd like him.

( Drilling )

He is risen.

You feeling peckish?



Oh, oh, oh.

( Chuckles )

Nice work, Chief.

Last chance, Preach.

Tell me what you cut the Utopium with, and I will feed you and cure you.

You give me what I want and you shall be healed!

God is testing me.

( Laughs ) Right.

Out! Foul demon!

Enjoy your 40 days in the wilderness.

Come back when you have a different answer for me.


I didn't listen to your voicemail about Sue until this morning.

I actually ran into him last night at The Slow Roll.

You what?

I think Sue's just a prickly pear.

Soft and sweet on the inside? I don't see him killing Lacy.

You were out working the case?

I was on stage. Singing.

And Sue was a gentleman.

He lied about his alibi, Liv.

I mean, I can't...

( Laughing )

( Applause )

Oh, someone hit big on the scratch-off?

No, that lady who came in last night?

Brought in the gun from that convenience store job in Queen Anne.

Ballistics just confirmed it.

She said her kid found it in some bushes up by Evergreen Manor?



Wait a sec.

Where'd you say the kid found it?

Thank God.

Where'd you find him?

On a lost pet message board.

A jogger found him wandering around a park, posted a...

Which park?

Uh... Seward Park.

I mean, why does that matter?

No, uh... It doesn't, I guess. I, uh...

Not in the grand scheme.

What is going on with you, man?

When I came in yesterday, you couldn't respond to your own name, you couldn't remember when you'd last seen Minor.

I'm starting to wonder whether you can take care of yourself, let alone an animal.

Look, it was just a bad day is all. All right? I'll get myself together.

Cool. You do that. Oh.

Next time you decide to invite an ex of mine to live with us, give us a heads up first, will you?


Come on, Minor.

Looking to score a couple of U bombs.


( Laughing )

Yo, Stubs! Get me a couple a brain busters on the house for this cat.

We go way back to Helton Shelter.

This dude was trying to keep us off drugs!

( Laughs )

Privilege drop, bro!

( Continues laughing )

( Snickers )

( Phone vibrates )

Clive: After you shot the Sack & Pack clerk in Queen Anne, you were on foot.

You made it all the way to Evergreen Manor, where you ditched the gun in some bushes.

Police choppers were in the air with spotlights so, you ducked into the first unlocked house you could find.

Lacy Cantrell's.

She comes home, so you hide in her closet.

My guess is she heard something, went to check it out, and discovered you.

You panicked and choked her to death.

We found pantyhose on her closet floor, the same ones you wore on your head in the robbery.

Your DNA's gonna be all over them.

You already confessed to one murder.

Do a good thing and give Lacy's family some closure.

So, that's it? Lacy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

It happens.

Try not to dwell on it. It'll make you crazy.

Liv: Yeah, no kidding it'll make you crazy.

( Playing badly )

You spend your life in a comfortable dream state believing in destiny.

Then reality snaps you awake like a kick in the teeth.

Bad things happen as often as good things.

People who think they're meant to be together, aren't.

Turns out we're nothing more than chemicals hurtling through space, haphazardly bouncing off each other.

( Knocking on door )

Feeling stupid we ever believed there was some grand plan.

I need help.