02x10 - Method Head

Liv: Previously on iZombie...

You're not a cop and I've been treating you like one.

You and me? It's over.

I need this. This is my one thing.

Vaughn, the guy who owns the company thinks he walks on water, that he can charm anyone.

So, I'm trying to figure out a way to use that.

So, we'll be taking that tainted Utopium that we need to make the cure.

You said he knew where to find it.

Old high school buddy of mine was a drug dealer.

Him and this other dealer swallowed a bunch of condoms full of Utopium.

Someone must've found out.

Last thing that he saw was the Jensen water tower.

So we have two bodies packed full of tainted Utopium buried in a shallow grave.

So, we start digging.

Blaine: It's a needle in a haystack, man.

Being a zombie has changed me.

We belong with our own kind.

Are we breaking up?

We have to.

Ravi: If the cured rat regressed to zombie form, it's more than likely that our cured humans will as well.

Hey, I just got your message.

I came as soon as I could.

I texted you last night. Several times.

Where were you?

Out thinking.

Where were you, Pigpen?

Out digging.

You should probably have a seat.

Why, what happened?

He wouldn't tell me, either.

I thought you should both hear this at the same time.

Oh, no, are you and Mom getting divorced?

Last night, our cured rat, New Hope, reverted to her previous state as a zombie.

Which means the cure is only temporary.

In rats, temporary.

Likely, humans too, I'm afraid.

It appears a latent form of the virus was lurking in New Hope, and somehow re-activated.

There's no reason to think it won't do the same in you.

How long do I have?

It could be a day, six months, a year.

I should know more after I run some tests.


Silver lining...

You know, you two finally will be able to have hot zombie s*x. Right?

Room temperature zombie s*x?

Yeah, about that...

We broke up.



I see why you were out all night thinking.

The digging, were you...

Searching for the tainted Utopium.

We need it to make more cure.

Where do you think it is?

In the stomach of a dead drug dealer with a prosthetic leg.

Well, the good news is, we've managed to narrow the location of his unmarked grave to a single 100-acre field.

You really need to work on the whole "Good news" concept.

How long have I got?

If it's less than a couple weeks, I need to add brains to my Christmas wish-list.

Hard to say.

We're starting a pool. You interested?

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.


This isn't the sort of visit from old Saint Nick I had in mind.

Beard color, white as snow.

Happy holidays. What've you got?


This pipe appears to have struck our victim in the teeth and caused the mortal bruises that encircle his head like a wreath.

David Biel, a resident of the Yesler Mission Men's Shelter.

Lately, he's been raising them money at Third and Cherry dressed like this, ringing a bell.

Any idea why someone rang his?

No. Could be a robbery gone bad.

Dead Santa, the night before Christmas?

No shortage of potential vision triggers.

Maybe I'll get something.

Yeah, shoot me an email.


I know how much you want Clive to restore your investigative privileges.


Yes, Olivia, there is a Santa Claus brain.




My high school coach thought digging holes and filling them built character.

He'd be so proud.


Add it to the, "Not Utopium" pile.


Ravi: At this rate, we'll have dug up the entire field by Easter.

More digging? God...

Rest, ye merry gentlemen.

I brought the traditional Peking Duck.

I love how giving you are on this Santa brain.

I got you a little something, Liv.



Zombie High, The Complete Second Season!


What's my gift?

Not having to watch that.



I bring good tidings of great joy and Benjamins!

Merry Christmas!

Get those deliveries out to all the good little boys and girls, huh?

You! You! Merry Christmas.

Not to be a humbugger, some of our customers are getting restless.

They miss Natalie.

I'm working on it, okay?

A new zombie hooker isn't just going to show up under the tree.

Can you see?

Baracus handed down his latest round of indictments against Mr. Boss' organization.


This is good, right?

The D.A.'s taking out our competition.

That's a very merry Christmas, indeed.



Well, would you look who's back from sabbatical.

What did you bring me, Chief? A turkey?

Even better.

The guy who shot you in the face.

You see?


This is what the holidays are all about.




(SIGHS) Man, last night almost killed me.

You sure know how to ring it in.

Yup. Day one of the new year.

We put in a solid eight hours. Let's call it.

Oh, I can't.

I'm doing another canvass of Pioneer Square.

Swing by when you're done and you can canvass this.

And by canvass, I mean have s*x with.



I've got some information about the Santa Claus murder.

This girl said I should come in.

What girl?

I don't know. Some pale blondie.


Let's hear it.


(SIGHS) And another beer can.

Well, here's where the ancient drunken tribe of...



Is that what she looks like when she's having a vision?


I've gotta go talk to Clive.

A witness saw you outside the shelter flashing a roll of cash.

Where'd you get the money?

I had my broker sell some tech stocks.

This might help.


So, I just got word that a witness places you at a bar across the street minutes before the murder.

You know, it's hard enough being a rich zombie.

You've got to worry about paying taxes, eating brains.

And now some nut-job's out there picking off your kind like ducks in a shooting gallery.



Blaine: What happened?

You tussle with a Doberman?

One of our client's bodyguards went after Chief by mistake.

Oh, he thinks he may have scratched him.

Well, I guess we'll hear soon if all zombie hell breaks loose.



It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay. You're safe.

She's not okay.


She's been scratched.

You know the rules, Hayley.


A zombie didn't scratch me!

It was just a pricker bush.

Put the gun away.

She's been scratched, man. She's gonna be one of them.

She said it was a pricker bush. I believe her.


Looks like you're gonna have to make a decision here, Burdick.

Looks like you will, too.


Last night, I was watching Zombie High, and now I'm friggin' in it.

But only because the star's been murdered.

Is there a word that means both cool and awful?

In the 16th century, the word was egregious.

Now it just means, "shockingly bad."

As in, the way Zombie High treats science.

It's not supposed to be a documentary on zombie biology.

Then mission accomplished.

It's about love and friendship, and what happens when a group of kids face the biggest exam of all, survival.

(GASPS) Oh, my God.

That's where Burdick defied Principal Henson and went out looking for more ammo.


And this is the drinking fountain where Burdick first got the news that his foster brother was his actual brother.


And that's where Burdick died.

Victim's death was nearly instantaneous, from a single bullet that severed the aorta.

We'll retrieve the slug when we get the body back in the morgue.

It was supposed to be a blank.

Somehow, the prop gun got switched with this loaded 45.

Victim's name was Jordan Mason Marsh.

Decent actor?

He had his fans.

We're still looking for the prop gun.

The actor who pulled the trigger apparently had no idea he was holding a real weapon.

Who was that?

Wyatt Carver.



Uh, she's seen every episode.

On purpose.

All right.

I'll drop by the morgue once I've wrapped up here.

Right. Well, then...

You should get them to show you footage of the shooting.

That was the plan.


Talk to the props master. He should...

This is not my first rodeo, Liv.


You really know this show, huh?

That can come in handy.

You mind helping me out with this one?

Go. Of course.

What do you say we go catch some bad guys?

Uh, don't get carried away now.

We'll take it day by day. See how it goes.



It's so incredibly tragic.

Can you think of anyone who might have wanted to kill Jordan?

He was an intense young man. That could cause friction.

Can we get access to dailies?

There might be something in them that speaks to motive.

Here's the online password. We archive every take.

Anything else you need, just ask...

My assistant.




Fourteen. You got it, one more.


Yeah, one more.






Way to work, VDC.

Look at them guns, son.


(CHUCKLES) I can't lift my fist that high.

(CHUCKLES) Then we're doing something right.

But it's time to kick things up a notch.


My own fitness band?

Oh, boy.

I guess this means we're going steady, huh?

He said, "Yes."


Hey, you know, I really appreciate your dedication.

To my training, and to your extracurricular duties.

I mean, you're really plowing through your list.


Woman: Mr. Du Clark, Dr. Lockett is anxious to show you something.

Tell him I'll be down there when I can.

Uh, down where?

I thought this was the lowest level.

We got a lab in Tacoma.

Tacoma's, what, 40 miles away?


Seems like a good goal for the week.

To the treadmill!


Come on.


Did you find the prop gun?

Not yet.

You can bet it'll be me who gets fired for it, not Numbnuts.

I love the cute little nicknames the crew have for the actors.

I don't know how many times I told him.

Never take eyes off your firearm.

What I don't get is how do you pick up a real gun and not realize it?

That's a Smith & Wesson peeking out of your shoulder holster?

Yeah, a model 59-06.

Well, this...

Is a prop.

Can you tell the difference?

Whoa. This could be my gun.

Except this only shoots blanks.

So where do we find Numbnuts?

Jordan was a method actor's actor.

He was very professional.

Thoughtful, technical.

He raised everybody's game.

Jordan's initials?

I remember the scene you and he did in here after your prom date cheated on you and Jordan helped you through it.

And then he threw acid in the zombie chem teacher's face.


Dude saved my life. I couldn't save his.

I couldn't save his.


You had a few scenes today with the prop gun.

Any idea where you might have put it down?

I didn't put it down.

You're sure?

Never take eyes off your firearm.

That's the number one rule.

So, you're saying you shot Jordan with the gun you were handed?

That's exactly what I'm saying.

Look, I gotta bounce.

But help yourselves.

Anything? Really?

Wyatt seemed pretty adamant about not putting down his prop gun.

It's like every candy bar on Earth.

What if Prop Master Fitz intentionally handed him a real gun, with a bullet in the chamber?

Interesting theory.

Oh, man.

This muffin is still warm.

Or maybe Wyatt switched the prop gun for the real gun because he wanted to kill Jordan.


Did you know the donuts at the precinct are all day-old?

That's how civil servants are valued.

Although, if Wyatt set the whole thing up, why not say you put down the prop?

If anyone could've done it, you've got a better alibi.

Is that lasagna?


It's hard for me to imagine Wyatt doing it.

Did you see his face? He was devastated.

Clive: Yeah, he seems real devastated.

I think I'm seeing motive.

"Who will survive?"

Yeah, they kill off a major character each season. It's kind of their thing.

Clive: Season One, Wyatt's up front.

Season Two, Jordan has joined him.

Season Three, Jordan is the main man.

Where do you think Wyatt will be standing Season Four now?


Well, there it is.

Some of the most famous junk in America.

Cover it.

Cover it. Who gets pierced there? Why?

It's called a Prince Albert.

I wonder how you get it through airport security?

You two don't seem that skeeved.

We've pulled stranger things out of corpses.

Golf balls. A snake.

Besides, we were expecting it.

Jordan's pierced...

Yeah, it's front and center on his s*x tape.

He had a s*x tape?

Aw... So innocent.

It co-starred Zombie High's own Starlee Decker.

She plays Hayley, desired by both Burdick and Cody.

She and Jordan were an IRL item.

Yeah, the tape went public about a year ago after some burglar broke into Starlee's house and stole her laptop.

Some advice, Clive? Always keep your s*x tapes on the cloud.

Liv: Theirs blew up.

It was huge. It actually helped the show's ratings.

Jordan became the breakout star.

Mmm. The lighting and composition were above par for a celebrity s*x tape.

But enough about Jordan's famous genitals.

Check it out.

A tattoo.

"Never forget." In the process of being removed.


Painful and ironic.

But never forget what?


Ravi: Ugh, it's like a bad-acting workshop.

This is what you get when a TV show worships at the altar of youth, bimbos and himbos running around screaming, in a school where, apparently, shop class isn't the only place to see something wooden and poorly constructed.

That one needs to remember her character's emotional truth.

That's the essence of acting. It's a search for truth.

Tell me more about this truth and how to find it.

To create a reality where the truth is fear of zombies, I would draw on a sense memory of something that scared me.

Like the time I went camping and I saw a bear.

Or the times you've seen actual zombies.

My point is you don't act with words.

You act with your soul. With your imagination.

That's what gives the words life.

Remember what it's like to eat an apple?

Oh, look there's one now, ripening on this tree.

Hey, I was saving that.

The skin is so smooth and cool.

Here, let me make it shiny before I...


So crisp and juicy.

Oh, sorry. I got some on you.


I wish I had some popcorn.

Oh, wait, I do.

I think we've got a major problem.


A "Major" major problem or a minor major problem?

I saw your little bro-down in the gym.


He's playing you.


You can't play a player.

You're too vain to see it.

He's blinded you with man-jewelry and the promise of a rock-hard ass.

Well, promise delivered.

Do you know what Mom used to say about you?

"You should've gotten that man's name?"

Vaughn Du Clark, smartest man in the world until you stroke his ego.

Then he's like all the rest.

Sorry, player.


The almond milk seems off.

Just get me a kale-ginger juice.

We were hoping to find Starlee.

Poor thing was in no condition to play a devastated teenager.

I pushed her call till 3:00.

I'd be happy to get you time with her tomorrow.

About those billboards.

Had you decided who was going to be written off the show this year?

We hadn't.

With Jordan's death, I guess the d ecision's been made for us.

Where's my kale-ginger?

The class that Jordan adopted wants 10 seats at the memorial service.

Never a dull moment. Please, eat.

I recommend the salmon.



Nice work in that chase scene yesterday.

Oh, grazie. You must be new.

Has anyone showed you how zombies walk?

Oh, we're just here investigating Jordan's murder.

Oh, sorry.

Um, Wyatt told us he never lost track of his prop gun.

As far as you know is that true?

(CHUCKLES) Hilarious.

That dude loses his gun all the time.

It turns up in transpo vans, uh, restrooms, the silverware tub.

We should cut him some slack. At least Wyatt talks to us.

Unlike our dear departed Marlon Bran-douche.

Jordan wouldn't even acknowledge us.

That's because he wasn't playing Burdick. He was being Burdick.

Burdick hated zombies, ergo...

Hey, hey, without us, there is no Zombie High.

It's just... High.

Yeah, where's the mutual respect?

You know what'd be fun?

A zombie show where a zombie's the star.

That's dumb.

Jordan might've been a good actor, but try to find anyone on the crew that'll say anything good about him.

He didn't care that he was gonna put us all out of work.

How's that?

He's such a big star now that he was trying to get the show moved down to L.A. so he could pursue his movie career.

Avoid the flan.

What's with you? Why were you all twitchy?

(SIGHS) Zombies kinda freak me out.

Oh, my God. It's Kell Guthrie.

He's deaf. He plays Daniel, the gifted student.

He has the power to smell zombies.

I'm more interested in his tattoo.

The tattoo is a tribute to an assistant director named Jenny Hulce.

She died last season.

She fell asleep at the wheel, driving home from set at 5:00 in the morning.

We saw Jordan was getting his tattoo removed.



He says, "That figures."

Well, we heard Jordan could be intense.

Interpreter: "He'd only answer to his character name, Burdick.

"He refused to shower when the zombies cut off the water supply at the school.

He demanded 30 takes for every scene.

It wasn't intense, it was insane."

Jordan had us working so late on Fridays, we called them Fraturdays.


Kell says, "Jenny Hulce would be alive, if Jordan didn't cause production to shoot so late."

Wyatt: Hey, bro. Sorry to cut in.

You want to check out set?

They're ready for my next scene.

Go. I'll finish up here.

So, basically, this next scene here, 34, is about Cody overcoming his fears.

So, he...


Scene 34 revisions.

Sweet. Can I get a copy for my friend here?

Thank you.


I'm lucky.

I was born with one of those kinds of minds that, uh...

How do you call 'em again?



I'm messing with you.

Seriously, though, I only need to hear the words a few times before I lock 'em in.

Hey, you know what? You wanna run lines with me?

You be Hayley.




So, even with all the changes, this scene's still about Cody finding the courage...

Let's do it. (CLEARS THROAT)

"Cody crosses to Hayley, who is crying."

(SOBBING) Burdick's gone, Cody.



I know that, Hayley.

But there's a whole lot of us who still need you.

What am I supposed to do about it, Hayley?

Do I act like zombies don't exist?

Like, all, no biggie. Burdick transferred to South Union High.

Who wants to help me with homecoming float?

Liv: Don't act like everything's cool!

Don't act like we're not in the middle of a zombie apocalypse!

Don't act like life as we know it will ever be the same.

Just act like you know what to do with this.

Let's do this thing.




Looks like they're ready for me.

You know, I... I didn't see a slap in here.

Interesting choice.

It just felt honest.

I'll see you around.


Huh, looks like we know who's gonna be front-and-center on the Season Four poster.

Thanks, but I'm happy in my current job.


It was all about finding my motivation.


Have they posted the new dailies?

I wanna see how Starlee played my scene with Wyatt.

Your scene?

Well, Hayley's.

She helps Cody to overcome...

No, no, no, no!

No spoilers! I'm only halfway through Season Two.

I thought you hated the show.

I did. But it's like mental pork rinds. I can't stop!

Although, I still don't see why they shoot in Seattle if the show's supposed to take place in Portland.

Tax breaks.


Did you get to the part where Hayley and Burdick put up a disco ball in the janitor's closet?

I'd ship those two if he weren't dead.

To that point, I also found this, from Episode 210.

I got you something else for your birthday, Daniel.

You can read lips, right?


That's it!

Kell: Damn it, Jordan!

Which one of you bastards upper-decked me?

Keep rolling. Let's go again, right away!


I am sick and tired of all these pranks!

They're not funny.

The security cameras go in tomorrow. I'm gonna catch whoever's doing this!


Jordan wasn't a very popular man on set, was he?

I wonder if he ever put in those security cameras.

Dr. Lockett.

Looks like we're both putting in some OT.


I'm going to expose Max Rager.

I'm taking all our research to the press.

Why tell me this?

Because if I fail...

If I suddenly just disappear, like my predecessors, you need to be the one to tell the world what goes on here.

About your work. About my work.

About the existence of zombies.

Maybe Jordan's surveillance cameras caught the mystery defecator.

(SIGHS) Yeah, this is why I became a detective.


Why is Starlee in Jordan's trailer?

And what's she doing on his computer?

(CLEARS THROAT) I'm Detective Babineaux. This is Assistant ME Moore.

Yeah, um...

Jordan never took back his key and I was just...

Worried he forgot to do something else.

Update his system software?

I think he may have made another s*x tape of us and never destroyed it.

You think he'd do that without letting you know?

Yeah, he could be a real...

I guess the word is...

You dick!

You want everyone to know that you released that video, not some burglar?

Because I will tell the world!

Jordan: I don't think you will.


Copy that. They need you in wardrobe.

Oh, you're free to go. We know where to find you.

What'd you see?

It sounded like Jordan released the first s*x tape, not some burglar.

Starlee was pissed.

Pissed enough to kill him?


There was something else on that s*x tape that he was sure would keep her quiet.

The crime lab can check the hard drive.

I doubt they'll find any security cam footage, though.

No wires.

Fakes. Just for show.



Sorry, I never caught your name.

My boss never uses it.


Yeah. What's up, Lana?

Bonnie lied.

The writers did decide who to write off the show.

She just didn't want to deal with damage control, if the cast found out.

Was it Kell?


Starlee? Tara?

Who's Tara?

She plays Chloe, the artsy one.


Was it...

It was Wyatt.


And he knew because I told him.

After we started sleeping together.

He's so nice and...

He'd ask about my job and what was going on in the writers' room.

Then a few months ago, he read for the Blue Ranger part in the new Power Rangers movie.

I don't know if he has the range for Blue.

Wyatt started agonizing about how this movie might interfere with his job here next season.

And it killed me to see him so worried.

So, I told him the truth.

That he was gonna bite the big one on Zombie High.


Then he didn't get the movie and he dumped me.

I just thought you should know.


If I'm hearing you right, there's going to be another Power Rangers movie?

The real headline is that I still don't believe Wyatt's guilty.

I mean, he comes across as so genuinely innocent.

If he were guilty, it would be the performance of a life time.

Wait till you see what the computer lab boys found on Jordan's hard drive.



Oh, when's your call time?


I'm first up with Kell.

Aw, we missed the good stuff.

No, you didn't.

Lucky you.

(CHUCKLES) I can barely keep a straight face working with him.

(IMITATING) "I smell zombies.

"Are you there, zombies? I can't hear you."

What a horrible person!

And if that went public, it would destroy her career.

That's what I thought.

So, as long as Jordan had this video, he had total power over Starlee.


Ravi took a video of me snoring, and I was on the verge of ripping out every follicle of his facial hair if he hadn't deleted it.


Let's go pay Starlee a visit.


Nice robot.

It's a gift from a Chinese business associate.

Sorry, there's nothing in here about it being able to hunt and kill zombies.

Yeah, right now, I think we've got an even bigger zombie problem.

Yeah? What would that be?

Dr. Lockett gave me this.

He said it contains all of Max Rager's secrets.

He's going to give one to the press, too, if you don't stop him.

Du Clark: Dr. Lockett really shouldn't have told you all this.


Ah, well...

The damage has been done.

Might as well see what he was talking about.

Welcome to Tacoma.

Ah. It's okay, Doc. I just wanted show him a feeding.

Mind doing the honors?

Of course.

We get our brains from a medical testing facility.

Not exactly the freshest supply, but then again, our patrons aren't what you would call choosy.

Did you ever see a zombie, Major?

Major: Yeah, you know, I see them all the time.

Real zombies. Old-school zombies. Horrible creatures.

That's why we got all the safety doors.



Du Clark: Yeah...

All right.

Vaughn? The door.

Yeah. Shh, it's good. It's okay.

I mean, there's so many buttons here.


I think this is the light switch.



Du Clark: There they are.

Come on, people. Look alive-ish.

Please open this immediately!

Yeah. Yeah.

Vaughn! Open the damn door!

Open the damn door!

Wonder how'd they'd fight...

Vaughn! Vaughn!

If that was fresh.



Open the damn door!

Yeah, can't hear you.

Just let me out of here.

Help me. Help me.

For the love of God, just let me out of here. Just let me out!


Du Clark: You did it, my boy.


You did it, you did it!

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put you through that.

You, too, Doc. Sorry.

So, he's not a whistle-blower?

No, no. Of course not. It was just a charade, man.

It was a test. And you passed with flying colors!

Hooray! Oh! Yeah!

This says Starlee and Wyatt are both in HMW, whatever that is.

Hair, makeup, wardrobe.

Look. Jordan's new Porsche.

Really, dude? A rag-top in Seattle?

Perfect for L.A., though.



Jordan: What the hell?

Whoever did this, I'm coming for you!



Talk to me.

Jordan's car.

Someone filled it with dirt, and stuck in a tombstone for Jenny Hulce.

The crew member who fell asleep at the wheel driving home after Jordan kept the crew shooting all night?

And the only other person we know who died.

So, who cared enough to kill Jordan over that?

Besides everyone who got a "Never Forget" tattoo?

I don't blame my wife's death on Jordan Mason Marsh, if that's what you're asking.

Sounds like you blame someone.

I don't know. Maybe Jenny?

I told her to quit.

She always complained about her job, but she wouldn't give it up.

Guess she had her reasons.

We saw the "Never Forget" tattoos on the cast and crew.

Your wife must have been pretty beloved.

More beloved by some than others.

Blaine: I'm sending it over as we speak. On the house.

I'm even throwing in a little something extra.

Hope you like to party. (CLEARS THROAT)

Again, in my defense, I would describe the deceased as slender.

We didn't realize she was bulimic.


I'm gonna bring over the replacement brains personally.

Mmm-hmm. Bye.

I told you, you need to take the yellow coolers out of circulation.

They noted them in the FBI report.


All the others are out.


John Deaux?

I'm Agent Dale Bozzio, FBI. Is this a bad time?

Not at all.

It's so terrible, what's been happening to all those poor rich people disappearing like that.

Do you think they're dead?

I'm afraid I can't comment on that.

I'm just following up on a phone number registered in your name.

We found it in two of our victims' phones.

I'm sorry, which number? I've got a few.

Oh, that's a business line.

Do you recognize either of the victims' names?

Tim Addis? Judy Holt?

A lot of people call that number.


They're asking about casket styles, upholstery options, vermin resistance.

Two relatively young people who called the same funeral home?

Young people call all the time.

Generally, on the behalf of old people.


Let me give the database a little look-see.



I'm sorry.

I don't show either of those poor souls in our system.

I hope they made arrangements elsewhere.

Guessing it's a moot point when there are no bodies to bury.

If you can think of anything else...



You're a big fella.

Blaine: In an unrecovered body situation, many people opt for an empty casket, it can help create a feeling of normalcy.

You know, death being not ambiguous.

Good to know.

Clive: You know why you're here, Fitz.

As prop master, you figured you could slip that .45 into the hands of Jordan's clueless co-star, Wyatt.

He was well-known for losing track of it.

And in the meantime, you terrorized Jordan.

Defecated in his trailer.

Ruined the interior of his Porsche.

Working those long hours, the crew must really bond.

Especially the ones sleeping together.

Like you and Assistant Director Jenny Hulce.

Who fell asleep at the wheel after Jordan kept the crew working all night.

Yeah, Jenny's husband told me about the affair.

He knew.

You didn't tell me you were bringing him in.

Must have slipped my mind.

I thought I was back on the team.

I told you how this was going to go, Liv. Day-by-day.

So, now what? I'msupposed to just sit in the morgue, twiddling my thumbs?

You're supposed to do your job.

It's down there, not here with me.

I am not going to just leave, so you can bully him into a Murder One rap.

He deserves even worse than life without parole.

D.A. thinks we can get the death penalty.

It was a crime of passion!

It came months after his lover died. It was calculated.

It's Murder Two, at most.

This isn't some monster.

I've met monsters.

This is a guy who lost the woman he loved and just needed someone to blame.

Fitz: She's right.

I hated Jordan for the accident.

But when I heard that they were moving the show to L.A., just so Jordan could be an even bigger star, I...

I snapped.

That's the day I handed Wyatt the real .45.

It was a split-second decision.


Oh, yeah.

Oh, we can go like this all night.



You think Dr. Lockett will forgive you for actually releasing those Romeros on him?

Rehearsal's one thing.

But when it comes to playing full-on, pant-soiling terror, nothing beats having a hungry zombie on your ass.

Gilda: You must bepleased Major passedyour loyalty test.

Du Clark: Our boy has seen the light.

This isn't some monster.

I've met monsters.



You were really good in there.

I guess you figured out your motivation.

My motivation?

That was easy.

Team back up with you.

I told you, that's what I live for.

Hey, don't leave on my account.

Oh, it's okay, Dale.


See you tomorrow.

Interesting lead on the Chaos Killer case.

The vic who went missing in Seward Park...

Colin Andrews, guy with the dog?

Good memory.

It's probably nothing, but we just learned his pooch had one of those GPS tracking devices.

Gonna run it down tomorrow.

Mmm, maybe you'll get lucky.


Who's this?

Uh, a suspect in the Meat Cute Massacre. Why?

I just met him.

Two of my missing presumed-dead guys had his phone number on them.

This is our guy!