01x01 - No Place Like Home

Is this your first time, babe?

Oi! I'm talking to you.

What's your name?


Bea Smith.

Soak it up, Bea Smith.

G'day, Chris.

You know the drill, mate.

You want a gobby? It'll cost you.

A packet of smokes.

Do you smoke?

Home sweet home, love.

Oh, sh1t.

Date of birth?

Are you on any medication?


Next of kin?

Next of kin?



Debbie. Debbie. I need to speak to my daughter, Debbie.

Fletch! Fletch, grab her.

I just need to speak to my daughter.

Bea, Bea, calm down.

Will, what is her name?

What is her name?

Will, what's her name?

Bea Smith.

I need to speak to my daughter!

We're gonna have to sedate her.


OK. Medical!

Stop it! I want to speak to Debbie!


Go, go, go, go! Go. Go.

Are you OK today?

You know, a lot of women find it overwhelming on their first night.

We have a peer worker, Liz Birdsworth, she'll introduce you to the women.

When can I talk to my daughter?

All numbers have to be put on a call list.

I'll organise it.

You can call her after lunch.

Thanks, Vera.

It's Miss Bennett.


OK. This front door gets locked every night, but feel free to move around the unit.

With the other women?

They're not locked in their cells?

Yeah, that's right.

That's the panic button.

Any trouble, you press it.

Now this is the lounge kitchen.

There is a kettle. Coffee, tea.

The sugar is rationed, but feel free to... watch some TV and make yourself a cuppa in your free time.

That's your cell. The count is in half an hour, then lunch.

Work will be allocated to you on Monday.

Miss Bennett... can I please get a uniform?

You can keep your own clothes while you're on remand.

I'd prefer a uniform.

OK. I'll have one sent over.

Sorry, I thought...


It's all yours when we're done.

Like to watch, do you?

Oh, don't go now.

Just getting started.

Oh. Uh.

Nice colour.

Your hair.

Do it yourself?


I'm a hairdresser.

When are you open for business?

I don't have any of my things.

All you need is a good pair of hands.


What's your name, Red?



That's brutal.

I'm Franky.

Nice to meet you. Kim, Red.

Red, Kim.

Hello, again.

Got a new roomie, girls.

Give her the head's up.


Sorry I wasn't here.

They should have told me.

This is Doreen and this is Kaiya.

Say hello. Hi.

I'm Liz, the peer worker.

I'm here to show you the ropes and make sure you don't get into any trouble.

Are you OK?

Can I go in my room now?

It is a bit stark, but you'll make it your own.

What's the picture for?

Mum! Mum! Mum! Let go of my mum!


Who is that?

Your daughter?


Her name is Debbie.

Aw! You know, she can visit.

No. Prison is no place for kids.


Ah, no, I didn't mean -

Stuck-up bitch!

Hey, Doreen.

I wasn't judging her.

No, no, no.

Don't take it personally. She's given up her ciggies. It's like walking on eggshells.

'Attention - count will commence in ten minutes.'

You've gotta be standing in your door in ten minutes for the head count.

I'd leave it open or the girls get shitty, they think you don't trust them.

OK. And don't borrow anyone else's stuff without asking.

But if Franky wants any of yours, don't argue.

Oh, you know the panic button by the front door?


Don't ever press it.


Sorry, Mr Jackson.

You settling in all right?


We've put your daughter on the call list.

You can join the phone queues after lunch. Liz will show you.

Thank you.

Hey, Red!

We had a game of basketball. You should have seen Mr Jackson in his shorts!

We lost. Only cos you guys were staring at his ass the whole time.

He's got a great ass.

Liz seems to have taken Bea in hand.

She was really distressed.

I think she'll settle in OK, once she's talked -

Vera, I think you should stop making friends with the prisoners.

Start focusing on what's really going on.

Call the staff into my office.

Yes, Governor.

Mrs Jackson!

Hungry are you? You want this?

Are you good?

Your old room-mate, Sharni, she's back inside. Oh, is she?

Must have missed the food.

It's what we're famous for, eh?

Erm... The poor old thing, she pissed herself in processing and...

You wouldn't believe what slipped out.

That was a lot of gear.

You don't know anything about that, do you, Franky?

Why would I?

Ah, well.

Eat it while it's hot.


My room. After lunch.



Let's put Sharni in the slot for a couple of weeks, see what she's got to tell us.

When she's out, we'll put her into D block.

They'll find another way to bring the drugs in. Hasn't changed since Holt was slotted.

That's because Doyle has taken up the slack.

But now she's bringing in crystal meth, which f*cks everyone.

You try being on the ward when they're off their face on that sh1t.

So we are gonna come down on her. I've been working closely with Franky and she's clean.

Are you sure she's behind this? Do you think someone who is pinned could run this operation?

We don't need Sharni's confession to know Franky Doyle is behind this.

What do you want us to do?

I want you to ride it.

Box visits. Spot checks.

Restricted privileges. We're gonna put her out of business.

Ride her hard and she's gonna rise to the challenge. Isn't it smarter to negotiate?

We don't negotiate with prisoners.

OK. Thanks, everyone.

That Erica, she really pisses me off.

She's not even an officer. She shouldn't be in these meetings.

Come here. You can't argue with the department. OK?

You have got to relax.

Remember what the doc said?

Let's not talk about this now, please.

We can talk about it tonight.

In bed. Making love.

Making babies.

Oh, I'll come back.

No. It's OK. Will was just leaving.

Still on for the game tomorrow?


What can I do for you?

Well, two more remands coming in.

Uh-huh? Are they the files?


Maybe we can send some down to C block.

Was there anything else?

Pretty inappropriate behaviour for the Governor.

Well, if you had knocked -

..you would have saved yourself the embarrassment.


How long do we get?

12 minutes, then the phone cuts out.

If no-one answers, you gotta go to the end of the queue.

I hate f*cking waiting.

Ease up, Franky. She's a newbie.

And she's into blokes.

I don't care who she f*cks.

Kim is looking for you.

I'm minding a spot for Doreen.

You were.

Now off you go.

See you in a bit?

A visitor's form. I've filled it out.

You just need to sign it.

What for?

Tomorrow, you meet your friend Craig.

Got you a house-warming present.

What present?

Well, it's not a f*cking cake.

I'd love to, but I don't -


Want to talk to your daughter?

Yeah, but - Do you?

Anyone waiting?

What for?

Red is in no hurry. Bring 'em in.


Look, Red, I'm all about fun, the girls know that.

It's how things work in my unit.

They also know that if want to survive in here, if they want to eat, sleep or... speak to their kids, they'll do what I say.

You don't want to be the odd one out, do you?


Do you, Red?

Back it up.

Here we go. In you go.


I'm in before you.

In you go, bub.

Bea Smith?


I need you to come with me.

I honestly didn't mean to offend you.

Whatever Franky wants, just do it.

I can't.

Franky is top dog.

Ever since Jacs left.

Who is Jacs?

Vinnie Holt's wife.

She's in the slot right now, but she'll be back.

I just want to phone my daughter.

It sucks when you can't see them.


I miss Kaiya when she goes out to visit her grandma.

So you understand.

It's the way that I left her.

I just want to know my little girl is OK.

This thing that...that...

Franky wants me to do, I...

I don't know how...

You gotta choose sides in here.

Franky will look out for you.

Well, she's famous.

Did you see her on the telly?


I actually felt sorry for her.

Don't ever tell her that.

Look, if you want to speak to your daughter... sign the form.

..are you ready for fabulous prizes...

'Attention compound.'

'Attention compound, visiting hours will commence in ten minutes.'

You're on.

Who are you seeing today?

Just a friend.

Hi. I'm Bea.



Forget about it.


Can you just have a look at this, please?

You stupid f*cking bitch.

Sit the f*ck down.

In 20 minutes, I'm going to be leaving and we're gonna try that again.

This time, you're not gonna f*ck it up. Right?

Time's up.

Try to look like you're enjoying it, this time, eh?

See you around, babe.

Let's go.

I didn't think you were the kind to have a bit on the side.

How was your first night in H block?


Any trouble from Franky?

You know, the women do find these strips searches get easier.


OK. Mouth.


OK. Lift your tongue.

OK. Ears, please?

Has Liz mentioned our programmes to you?

You should talk to her about it. Some women find it helps to pass the time.

Miss Davidson, I was just telling Bea about your programme.

Great. Bea, we'll see if we can keep you occupied until your hearing.

Miss Davidson.


A uniform!

Oh, yeah.

One of the perks of my job.

So, let's set up a meeting.

You can go now.

Vera! Has the prisoner been searched? Of course, Governor.

G'day. Do you want to open your mouth up for me, please?

Open and stretch it wide.

That's it. Stretch it out.

Go wider. Thank you.

Tongue that way...and that way.

Lift your head back.

That's it. Open wide.

Go down. Lift your tongue up.

OK. Just look at me.

Give us a cough.

See me in my office.

Did you get it or not?


Ah, sh1t.

Did I swallow? Come on. Let's go.

Come on. Boomer, piss off.

I'm still going.

Fingers down.

Put your fingers down. Go.

Ah, gee, do you have to?

Put your fingers in there. Come on.

I'm trying! Come on.

If that bursts... Throw the f*ck up.



f*cking pick it up.

Hey, do you want to hand it over?


Pass it over.

Stand up for us, Bea.

Hands out in front.

Anything to say?

Yeah. Can I have some bloody privacy?

Call for the cleaner.

There's nothing in your file that indicates you're a user.

So we're assuming you're trafficking for Franky Doyle.

You say Doyle's name and I'll put you into protection.

There will be no reprisals from the women.

If you say nothing, this is going to go on your record.

It's not going to look good at your hearing.

Could you just say something?

I don't know anything about it.

I was watching your visit on the CCTV. You did not know that man.

He's my boyfriend.

Put her in the slot.

See how she goes.


You've been my deputy now for...

Two years.


Before me, it was Dalton that was Governor for -

One year. Before that, it was Peters?

He lasted 18 months.

In all that time, you were the deputy.

You've watched a parade of Governors come through that door.

It must have been very difficult for you when I got this job.

Of course not. Then why are you making me look bad?

That is not what I'm doing. Just not up to the job? Is that what I'm hearing?

We have to think about that.

Could you get on to the dog squad?

We'll do a round of the prison.

Yes, Governor.


Down, boy.

Right. Sit.

OK. The plan tonight is to hit H2 and hit it hard.

Let's do it.

'Attention compound. Attention compound.'

'This is a code blue.'

♪ He used to give me roses ♪
♪ I wish he would again ♪
♪ But that was on the outside ♪
♪ And things were different then ♪
♪ On the inside ♪
♪ The roses grow ♪
♪ They don't mind the stoney ground ♪
♪ Da da dum ♪
♪ But the roses here ♪
♪ Are prisoners, too ♪
♪ Da da da ♪
♪ Da dum ♪



Here's your breakfast.

It's included in the price.

Tough night? Yeah.

Have you tried sleeping on this?

You want a ciggie?


Well, you can't smoke in here.

So, how long will I be in here?

It's up to the Governor.

Is this the good-cop routine?

I'm not a cop.

Look, between me and you, you're doing the right thing.

They'll keep grilling you. That's nothing to what the women will do to you if you talk.

The Governor said that I'd be safe, I'd be in protection.

If they want to get to someone, they do it, even if it's just in here.

Not a smoker, are you?

I only came out for the fresh air.

They went way too far.

They took our extra blankets.

They took our clothes. They even took Kaiya's teddy bear.

Well, the dogs must have picked up a scent. Come on, Mrs Jackson.

I am trying to help you out.

Yeah, I know, I know.

I managed to set up that meeting with Mr Channing for next week.

That's your parole.

You've done a great job as a peer worker. I'm going to make sure they take that into account.

I didn't come here for brownie points.

I'm looking after the girls.

Well, so am I.

Until I get some information on Franky's trafficking, all privileges are suspended.

Unless you can help me out with that?

No. I thought not.

I'll let you know how that meeting goes. I'd keep my fingers crossed.

Ah, bring her in, Mr Jackson.

Take a seat.

So, how did you go last night?

Jog your memory?

Look, the dog squad, they raided the prison last night, cos of you.

And the woman are not happy.

If I send you back to that compound, you're gonna have to deal with the repercussions.

Women like you, you're...

You're a soft target.

But if you tell me who you're trafficking for, you won't see that compound again.

I'll put you in your own cell, under protection for the rest of your stay here.

I prefer the company.

You be careful what you wish for.

That was nicely played, Red.

Good on you, Bea.

Yeah, good work.

You did the right thing.

Coffee? Thank you.

The woman are quiet this morning.

What, even Franky?

You know what that means.

Hey, morning.

Morning, Governor.

Matthew, would you return Holt... to the compound after the count?

Holt is not due back for weeks.

Mm-hm. I'm just rewarding her good behaviour.

Divide and conquer?

Better the devil...

Oh, those good old heroin days.

Nice to be back in your own cell, Jacs?


Yes! Look who is back.

That bitch is playing with me.

There you go, love. Thanks.

You must be Smith.


I'm Jackie Holt.

You can call me Jacs.

I heard you caused some trouble for the screws.

Good on you, love.

Come and sit with me.

We can have a natter.

I think I've got to sit with the women from my unit.

It's a free country.

But I won't take no for an answer.

I'll do you a deal. We'll take this, you get me a cuppa.

Francesca won't mind, will you?

I heard you let down some of the women. You know how they get when you make promises you can't deliver.

Never mind. I'm back.

You look older.

Experience always wins, Francesca, in the end.

Sorry, love, I didn't say.

I don't take milk.

You made a big mistake framing me.

You lost your temper - again. It gets you into all sorts of trouble, Francesca.


The tide is out, love.


A bit more water?

Too full.

Oi! Get here.

I'm not a dog, Harry.

I wanted coffee.

I'll do it.

Oi, Birdsworth. Smith is making it.

It's OK. I'll do it.

The mug is dirty.

Well, go on, move your arse.

Now, move...your...f*cking arse!



Uh! Uh. Oh...


What are you waiting for?


I beg your pardon?

I'm not doing it.

We got a feisty one here, girls.

What are you in for, love?

Parking fines?

Offence to administer substances.

Causing serious injury.

Conduct endangering life.

Grievous bodily harm.

And attempted murder.

So, please, make your own tea.



Shut down by the new girl.

That's nice.

I've had a long time to think about our reunion.

Been looking forward to it.

Your time is over, clitty-licker.


We're coming to get you.


Deb? Mum, are you in there?

You just stay out there, Deb.

Mum, what are you doing?

Nothing. Let me in.

Listen, Deb, just go back inside.

I'll be in in a minute.

What has he done?

Nothing, Deb.

Just please go back inside.

Dad! Dad!

Go back inside.

♪ You say I'm a man ♪
♪ You understand ♪
♪ But you don't... ♪

Call an ambulance!

Call an ambulance!

I am!


Please hurry, it's my dad!

I think he's tried to kill himself.

♪ ..cos I'm a man ♪
♪ I don't understand, but I try... ♪

We need to phone this in.

Mum! Mum! Let go of my mum!

Keep your hands off her!

Go back inside.

I'll be back, I promise.



Doreen found it.

She fixed it up. We wanted it to be a bit of a surprise.

Are you all right, love?

Are you?

It's all right.

It's all right, love. Eh?

It's all right.

It's on. Come on.


It's on. All right?

That's pretty serious charges.

Who was it?

I didn't do anything.

My husband, he tried to kill himself.

Hi, Deb.


The cops said a statement from me was all they needed.

It was tempting.

But you kept your promise? I told them they were well off the mark.

I said I was stressed at work, it was getting me down, so I tried to top myself.

I said exactly what you girls told them.

So, that's it?

Well, unless they can make a case without me.

How often did he lay into you?

He didn't lay a hand on me.

Thanks for doing this, Harry.

Do you know how humiliating it was telling a bunch of coppers what a loser I am?

If you get done for this, it's cos you're too dumb to do anything right.

Are you listening to me?

Yes. Yes.

Now you make sure you stick to the story. Yes.

You shouldn't have stood up to Jacs like that.

What is she going to do?

I don't know. At the moment, she's got Franky to worry about.

When Franky is on the warpath, everything else -

Liz! Boomer has got a crew waiting outside. sh1t, Kaiya is out there.

Where is Franky?


You don't need to do this.

She started it.

Are you ready?



Franky is gonna do Jacs. Look after Kaiya.

What are you going to do?

Whatever Franky wants.

Women are going to get hurt.

Only if they're with Jacs.

Let's just go inside and let everyone calm down.

I am calm.

Stop! Break it up!

Against the fence! Break it up!

Move to the wall!

Stop! I said move to the wall!

Move to the wall!

Stop! Break it up!

Move to the wall!

I said, move to the wall!

'Attention compound.'

'All prisoners, return to your cells.'

My teddy.

Your teddy?

Is your teddy in your room?

I don't know.

I'll go and have a look, shall I?


Your time is up.

f*ck off me! What is this, huh?

It's not in there, honey.

Kaiya? Kaiya?

Kaiya? Kaiya?


Hold her still.

Girls like you come in with your swagger, but, underneath, you're just a scared little girl.

Once I've stripped you of your tits, I'll show you the real Franky Doyle.



Get the f*ck off her!

Come on!


Wait, Kaiya!


Oh. Oh!



Someone call an ambulance!

No! Oh, God.

05 to 01, we need an ambulance.