01x02 - Fly Me Away

Oi! Get here.

Please hurry! It's my dad.

I think he's tried to kill himself.

I told them that I was stressed at work, so I tried to top myself. I said exactly what you girls told them.

Bea Smith?

Home sweet home, love.

That bitch is playing with me.

We are going to come down on her.

Isn't it smarter to negotiate? We don't negotiate with prisoners.

That Erica, she really pisses me off.

Don't argue with the department, OK?

Why are you making me look bad?

That is not what I'm doing.

You're just not up to the job?

Is that what I'm hearing?

Hold still.



Oh, no, no, no, no....

Sierra five to sierra one.

We need an ambulance.

There were women everywhere.

Kaiya was running at me, I grabbed her then I saw Bea and Mrs Jackson.

Were they arguing?

They were on the ground.

Were there raised voices?

Yeah, course there was.

There was a riot.

Did you hear Bea Smith or Mrs Jackson?

No. There was blood everywhere.

I reckon Mrs Jackson had been there a while.

You say that because of the amount of blood on the floor?


Stand up.

Open your mouth.

OK, tell us what happened.

You were chasing Kaiya?

I was chasing her. I was afraid something might happen to her.

Um... I was running and then I was on the ground.

Kneeling over Mrs Jackson's body?

I know how this looks bad.

I didn't do it.

24 hours earlier, Mrs Jackson slotted you for trafficking.

Must have been pretty angry.

No. We all know what happens when you get angry, Bea.

You lose control.

Like that night with your husband.

My husband tried to kill himself.

The fact remains you're the one with Mrs Jackson's blood on your hands.

It wasn't me. Perhaps it was a spur of the moment thing?

You saw Mrs Jackson.

You had a weapon.

In the commotion, you stabbed her.

I didn't kill her.

It wasn't me.

Hey. You in on this?

Fan mail.

Can't it wait? Please.


A screw got it. Ssh.

Are we ready?

Yeah. What about Franky?

She's not doing it.

Surprise, sur-freaking-prise.

Three's enough.

Attention compound, attention compound.

Count will commence in ten minutes.

Better get a move on.

Whose birthday is it?


And what do you want?

Hot potato!

Hot potato!

Hit it, Bea.

♪ Hot potato, hot potato! ♪
♪ Hot potato, hot potato! ♪
♪ Hot potato, hot potato! ♪
♪ Potato ♪
♪ Potato, potato, potato! ♪
♪ Hot spaghetti, hot spaghetti ♪
♪ Hot spaghetti, hot spaghetti ♪
♪ Spaghetti ♪
♪ Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti! ♪

Happy birthday, Kaiya.

Aw, happy birthday, sweetheart.

Thank you.

How old are you?


Mr Jackson. Welcome back.

I saw you were here for the head count. OK, come on, girls.

OK, baby girl...

It's little Kaiya's birthday and we... we all got a bit Wiggly, didn't we, girls?

It's nice to see you, Mr. Jackson.

Miss Bennet, any comment on the investigation into Mrs Jackson's death?

Do the police have a suspect?

Come on, Miss Bennet.

Give us something.

Four weeks isn't long.

Maybe he's going to be governor.

Miss Bennet's only temporary, isn't she?

They can't do that.

Why not?

Uh, cos he'd be replacing his dead wife.



I reckon Jacs topped her.

No-one's talking.

If you did it, would you?

No, it's too big to sit on.

And I am not talking about her arse.

Hey, birthday prezzie for Kaiya.

From the girls in D block.

Aw, thank you!

She'll love it.

They're not gonna last.


Put it back.

What? She gets pancakes in the playroom, we get this crap.

Fair's fair.

Boomer, it's her birthday!

She is going to love the zoo, isn't she?

She lives in a bloody zoo.


Ah! Sit down, before the screws see you.

Relax. You're pinned. I told you if you're gonna do that, you should stay in there. Could someone please get a brekkie before they get suss?

Yeah, I'll get it.

How's the boob?

Tight. Unlike your face.

Drop by the unit. We're always happy to pick up where we left off.

Poor old slag. She keeps hitting on me, I keep saying "no".

Mr. Jackson...

I just wanted to say... I'm really sorry about this thing that's happened.

Yeah, course you are.

Are you trying to get sprung?

Stop stressing.


Keep your head down and walk straight back to the unit.

Hi, Mr. Jackson. I've got something from Kaiya.

Go on, baby girl.

I helped her with the writing, but she did the faces on her own.

Who killed my wife?

I...I don't know.

All it takes is one drug bust and the kid's gone, Doreen.

You stay with Bea Smith. You've got a day to get me some answers.

I'll get it.




I'd like to... can I please speak to Debbie?

She's in her room.

Can you get her for me?

She's locked herself in.

Won't come out.

Won't talk, won't eat.

What have you done?

What have I done?

Debbie failed her exams.


What did you expect? She's been copping it from the kids at school.

She can't hack it.

Did you speak to the principal?

They're supposed to be looking out for her. Of course I bloody did!

Please, Harry, just put her on.

Remember what we said? We're supposed to be keeping things cool.

Deb? Debbie, is that you?

It's not.

Do they record these phonecalls?


I don't know.

There's a lot we need to talk about, honey. I'll come for a visit.

Filling in for Mrs Jackson, even temporarily, has been a challenge.

So I hope I can um... rely on your support, uh, again at this time.

Um, I think the additional security measures I've put in place are addressing any concerns -

Try walking the compound knowing there's no guarantee it won't happen again.

That's why you patrol in pairs.

All they need is two shivs.

We've refocused the security cameras on any trouble spots, keeping an eye on the potential instigators of the riot.

With the um, police now off-site, uh, our focus should be resettling the women into some sort of routine.

The GM will be on the compound over the next few days.

Uh, regarding the um... uh, investigation into the riot, Mrs Jackson's death, it's still ongoing.

Uh, it's unclear at this stage whether it was a murder or an unfortunate accident.

Will, welcome back.

Everybody, Will is back.

Welcome back, Will. Appreciate you coming back onboard, Will.

One thing I'd like to achieve while I'm here is getting rid of that media mob camping outside.

If only we could put the hose on them, but I reckon we'd be the ones getting the spray in the press.

So don't give them anything they can write about, all right?

Any statements are to come from Vera.

You have spoken to them?

Uh, no. Well, you need to give them something positive.

So, what have you got?

To give our vocab a bit of a boost, we'll be practising some new words and phrases.

Once you've copied the new phrases out, we'll be working them into a longer sentence.

Boomer's got a long sentence.

OK, back to work.

Steven was one of my first appointments and he's made incredible progress with the women's vocab and reading.

Hm. Good to hear.

Here already.

And this is Franky.

Actually, Franky has just completed her HOC and that's encouraged a lot of other women to enrol in the class.

Yeah, but I'm your star pupil.

No-one comes even close.

I've been tutoring Franky for the last 12 months.

Tutoring, dating, same same.

Very different. Actually, I have to postpone today's session.

Oh. Well, I guess I'll just have to play with myself.

If only we had the Internet, eh?

What do you reckon? Education is just one element.

There's also the practical.

We have coffee courses, self-esteem classes, interview techniques.

I want to take this further.

After the lockdown, the women went a bit stir crazy, so I organised dance classes which ended up being hugely popular.

Morale increases, incident rate goes down.

I read the report.

We need to empower the women.

And it's also something positive for the press.

It is.

But the public will be out for blood if I gave the governor's job over to someone whose vision is trotting out well-groomed dancing baristas back into society.

Glad you didn't deny it.

You want this job, Erica?

You're gonna have to be much smarter than that.

Did you let them know you were coming back?

You heard anything?

From the women?

Women, cops, whoever.

No, mate.

You heard Vera, cops still don't know if it was deliberate.

Do me a favour. She had a knife in her f*cking chest.

In the middle of a riot, OK?

We don't know what really happened.

Doesn't take a genius to work it out.

Is Debbie here? The cops were interviewing a bunch of people.

Why? The neighbours. They dragged in some of the guys from work.

Asking them questions about us.

Our marriage. About me.

Now you know I don't like people nosing around.

Where... where is she?

Does she know I've been calling?

Is she getting my letters?

I'm only here to make sure we're all on the same page.

We sure as hell can't talk about it over the phone.

It's been over a month, Harry.

I promised I'd be there for her.

Well, it was a stupid thing to do.

Harry, I have to see my daughter.

It's not going to happen.

So don't start up again.

I'm only doing this for Debbie, because she begged me.


You're doing this for yourself.

You know the cops wouldn't be talking to everyone again if they didn't think something was going on.

You'd rather everyone think you tried to top yourself than find out what type of guy you really are.

No, this is about you, Harry.

It always has been.

Now, Debbie needs me.

And guess what?

I'm still her mother.

But you're not there.

I'm the one who's got to clean up this mess.

Debbie's been through hell and every time you call, things get worse.

She's a wreck.

So stop calling. Stop writing.

Won't you think about what's best for Debbie?

That's what you should have done in the first place.

Think about it.

You've gotta tell me, Bea. You've gotta say what happened.

Doreen -

I'll hurt you.

I don't want to, but I will.

What are you doing?

You tell me what happened to Mrs Jackson.

I didn't see anything!

You were there!

You were there, too.

I didn't see anything.

Tell me!

I don't know, I don't know!


Bea, I'm sorry...


Have you got it?

You can't drive.

I'm fine.

Come back inside.

I won't be long.

Hey, you bitch!

Do you want Maccas or not? All right, just don't forget the nuggets!

Doreen, what's going on?

Sweetheart, what's happening?

Mr. Jackson. He's going to take her away.

I've got to find out who killed Mrs Jackson.

He reckons you know something.

Doreen, I don't. I don't know.

You've got to tell him, or he'll take Kaiya.


He'll plant something.

If they find drugs in here, Kaiya's out of jail for good.

Kaiya was right there and he said he'd get rid of her.

Right to her face.

Now listen to me.

Listen. He can't do that.

Right? So I'm gonna go and talk to the governor -

No, you can't tell the governor.

If he finds out that I dobbed, he'll take her away.

Please. I can't stuff up again.

Mr. Jackson, can I have a word?

Look... I didn't do it.

Mrs Jackson, she was already gone when...

I've given my statement to the police. They've cleared me.

Doreen, she'd do anything for Kaiya.

Anything. But she's not up to helping.

If you didn't do it, find out who did.

Let me go. A night in the slot should help you remember.

I didn't do anything -


Stop. Let her go.

Let her go, Mr. Jackson.

Go back to your unit.

Mate, you're way out of line.

They know who did it.

Even if they do, you think they're going to tell you?

Well, I'll make them.

If Vera or Channing see you like this, you'll be out.

I need the rest of that CCTV.

There's nothing else, mate.

There was nothing on it. I've already stuck my neck out.

Let the cops handle it. The cops are doing jack sh1t!

You need to go home and calm down.

Those bitches are going to get away with it! You're not helping anyone, are you, huh? You're not.

f*ck this.

It's OK. Hey, go home. Yeah?

I'll cover for you, all right?

Go on.

All right, mate, go.

Aw, I love your new teddy.

Is that a present from Grandma?


Aw, can he be my friend, too?

Did you see the bears in the zoo?

And the tigers?


And what noise do tigers make?

Roar! They go roar!

Can you keep it down?

Oh, we're playing.

Yeah, well, I'm trying to sleep.

It's not even 7:00.

Do I give a f*ck?

Just shut up. Kaiya wants to tell you about the zoo.

I don't give a f*ck about the f*cking zoo.

Please, I'm just trying to sleep.

Baby girl, why don't you go find Aunty Liz?

She'll give you a biccy. Come on.

It's her birthday, Toni.

Just shut up.

She's been freaked out for weeks about those police dogs.

She deserves a bit of fun, but you're so off your face all the time you don't even care. Helped out with the cake, didn't I?

She needs looking after.

How about you just relax, stop acting like her bloody mum?

Well, if you were a proper mum, I wouldn't have to.

Come on, you love it. You f*cked up with your own kid and now you're stealing mine to make yourself feel better.

Truth hurts, don't it?

Thank you.

Vera, I need some signatures for these incident reports.

Add them to the pile.

Hopefully by the time I get through all of this, the media will have gone.

Just give them a soundbite. That's all they're after. No.

I can't. The whole idea of facing cameras and recorders...

It's part of the job.

Which everybody hated.

Meg hated it, Dalton hated it.

I don't remember a governor who didn't, and even if I could go out there... I would have no idea what to say.

You need to get the police back and authorise a ramp now. What?

They didn't give me her bracelet.

When they buried her, they gave me her wedding ring but no bracelet.

She was wearing it the day she died.

She always wore it.

The police have already searched the compound.

They didn't know what they were looking for!

Whoever killed Meg, took that bracelet.

Are you sure it's not at home?

She was wearing it the last time I saw her. It went missing here.

A ramp is going to cost a fortune in staff and clean up and the effect on the women -

We're talking about the fucker who killed Meg!

Don't you want to find her?

Of course I do.

Then authorise a ramp.

You're doing the right thing.

Bernadette, it's Erica Davidson.

Yeah, it has been a while.

So, that favour you owe me.

It's OK, baby girl. It's OK.

I don't like the dogs.

Ssh, baby girl.

I don't like them, Doreen.


They find it?

Why can't they do their f*cking jobs properly?

It's probably been flushed, OK?

Are they doing strip searches? Will, you've got to stop this, mate.

They need to do internals.

I've got to tell Vera -

Vera's under enough pressure, OK?

Screaming at her isn't gonna to help you. Get your hands off me.

Calm down, all right?

You need to calm - Get the f*ck off me!

She's gunning for your job, mate.

I thought she was my friend.

Erica eats friends for breakfast and sh1ts them out at lunch.

I know I'm not as good as Meg, but I could be if they gave me a chance.

You wouldn't be acting governor unless they thought you were up for it. OK?

Excuse me...

Vera, I am so sorry. I've only just seen this.

You know what the press are like.

They're looking for an angle.

Tell me you didn't have anything to do with it.

What? Vera -

Sorry. Sorry. Look, this is the last thing I need right now.

I understand, but -


What's this about a ramp last night?

I didn't have a choice, sir.

Will came to me with fresh evidence.

Which didn't materialise.

I felt I had to authorise it.

This isn't gonna do your budget any favours, you know that?




I'm sorry.

Are you serious about this?

Yes, I am.

And from what I heard on talkback this morning, the response has been positive.

It's a vague promise that your programs will provide public safety.

A clear vision for the future direction of Wentworth.

I've got the commissioner breathing down my neck, and he's being pressured by the minister.

This prison is more than just your programs.

It's a business, and ultimately we're answerable to the public.

I understand.

You haven't worked your way through the ranks. Earned your stripes.

I have a double degree in law and social work.

I'm well aware of your background.

But your work here over the last 18 months has been a bumble.

This... this is my work.

This is the first positive press we've had in months because I've come up with a strategy that's palatable to the public.

I know, they don't want to hear about rehabilitation and what it costs. They want to know that the criminals are locked up and they can sleep safely at night.

So I am selling it to them as money well spent to ensure their safety when the women are released.

I'm listening.

I've spent years finding effective solutions for civil disputes.

I can mediate, strategise, communicate and manage.

This is experience you do not get from patrolling a compound.

I will reduce incident rates and change public opinion of Wentworth.

And when the government's opinion poll bounces back and the commissioner stops breathing down your neck, you are more than welcome to buy me a drink.

Franky? Mail.

Look at this. Reality TV fans.

Man, they need to get a life.

Look at that. Hundreds.

Phew. A spike in numbers.

None for you, darling.

Bea, we need to get a move on if you want to use the phone.

I think I'll give it a miss today.


You all right, Bea?

Want a cuppa?

One sugar, right?

Look, I'm really, really, really sorry about yesterday.

You were fighting for your kid. I would have done the same thing.


How is Kaiya?

She's still a bit sucky.

She hates the dogs.

How long have you looked after her?

Since she was two.

Toni made me carer when she couldn't cope.

She's a gorgeous kid.

Yeah. I wanted to make things right.

I wasn't there for my baby, so I figured... you know, I should be there for her.

Where's your baby?

She died.

Poor kid had no chance with a mother like that.

We'll have to induce her.

I had an accident when I was pregnant.

Hurt people in another car.

That's why I'm here.

I killed my baby.

Doreen, I'm sure you didn't kill -

No, no, no. I did. I was trashed, I just wanted to have fun.

You know, they said uh, I still had to give birth even though she was dead.

I didn't believe them.

I could still feel her move when I moved.

Then I saw her after she was born.

Our little girl.

She just looked like she was asleep.

And I remember thinking, maybe if I can slap her on the back or something to wake her up.

But they just wrapped her all nice in a blanket.

Then they covered her face.

It's good coming in here.

Got me straight.

Then I met Kaiya.

She just... smiled at me and I felt like I had a second chance, you know?

For the last few months she's been struggling a bit.

Maybe you're right.

Maybe this isn't a place for a kid.

I mean, how do you even know if you're doing the right thing for them?

I don't think you ever really know.

Just... just do what feels right in your gut.

You're so full of sh1t.


That's not what you're doing to Debbie.

You've stopped calling her.

She's been through enough already.

I can't keep putting her through anymore.

You've got to keep calling her.

Yeah, but it's just not fair on her.

You're her mum.

She loves you, and you've given up.

How do you reckon she feels?

And then under, so you get the blue and then you do... the white...

Screws found what they were looking for? How would I know?

You have your little meetings I'm a peer worker, not a dog.

Doubt they'll find what they're looking for now.

Riots, all that chaos.

Anything could happen.

Trying to make sense of it later?

No chance.

I was in my unit.

I have witnesses.

Besides, I never get my hands dirty.

You did with Franky.

I always make an exception for Francesca.

Where is the bean flicker?

She's answering her fan mail.

If they could see her now!

Hey, Mr. Fletcher. Ooh, where'd you get the boo-boo?

A cricket match.

You always were a sh1t batsman.

Actually, that was your sh1t bowling.

Drink at the weekend?

Only if you're paying.

Mate, you cannot keep doing this to yourself, you know.

That's a pretty picture, baby girl.

Thank you.


I hope there's no f*cking animal noises tonight.

Relax, she's heard it before.

You want to help her, too?

Do I look like I want to draw?

This is good sh1t.

Where'd you get it?

Why do you care?

Because I'll bloody kill whoever gave it to you.

The Smack Fairy.



Do us a favour.

Nip down to H for me.

Martha owes me rollies.

Do it yourself.

I'm off my face.

I'll give you half.


Yeah, all right.

Hold up. Toni...

I've got to go to the toilet -

Come here. Come here.

I've got to go to the bathroom.

You're pinned, aren't you, eh?

Off your f*cking head.

I'm going to do you a favour, OK?

I won't search you here in front of your daughter, but you're gonna walk quietly out of here. Let's go.

Gab, take over.

Grab your rucksack, sweetheart.

Are we going to Grandma's?

Yeah, we're going to Grandma's.

It's going to be a long visit this time. OK.

Erica. I've got to talk to you.

Not now, Steven.

It's important.

Steven, please -

You've got to help me.

I did something stupid. She swore she wouldn't get caught.

I never would have done this -

What are you talking about?

Toni Goodes. We had... an arrangement.

It was only a few times, I swear.

YOU supplied her?

I wasn't good enough.

It's always a difficult situation.

The department decided to take things in a new direction.

Well, I tried my best. Your contribution won't go unnoticed.

You will be reinstated as deputy.

You're going to make a career change. Do I make myself clear?

What if it gets out?

It won't.

Now get your things and leave the prison.

I'm sorry.

Get out.


You look nervous.

Franky, you're gonna want to see this.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming today.

I have an announcement regarding the permanent appointment of governor for Wentworth Correction Centre.

But firstly, I'd like to thank Vera Bennet very much for her hard work and commitment during the last few days. She looks nice, doesn't she?

Now, may I introduce to you all Wentworth's new governor, Erica Davidson.


I'd like to thank the department, in particular Mr. Channing, for their faith in me. I realise it's been a tough time for everybody and my first task as governor will be to stabilise the prison for the sake of the women and the officers.

Obviously, I have strong views about rehabilitation and I will be making changes.

But my primary concern is public safety.

I want you to be able to walk down the street, take your children to the park and not worry about what might happen.

To feel comfortable and not afraid if you come across one of our women in your day-to-day lives.

The changes I will make puts community safety as a priority.

Thank you.

Miss Davidson, how will you ensure public safety?


Yeah, it's me.