01x07 - Something Dies

You ever asked Toni who got her back onto the drugs?

I always thought Francesca had a cruel streak, but to do that to one of her own...

She knew what would happen to Kaiya.

She promised me she'd never do that.

We both know that it wasn't Frankie.

You're charged with supplying drugs to another prisoner.

Put her back in the slot for an extended stay.

I love you.

I want to be your wife.

Who's Adam?

Her boyfriend.

I don't know what Vera's told you, but she's never had one.

You're not supposed to use your hand.

I can't do it with my legs.



What's his problem?

Mr. Jackson. What are we meant to play with now?

Hey. Grow up.

Kim. What did I say about speaking before you're spoken to?

Now go and get your toy.

I'll get it.

You all right?

Did you ask if you could be excused?

Can I go get it?


Hurry back.

Mr. Jackson.

Can we have it back, please?

Why should I do you another favour, Bea?

I'm still waiting for you to pay back the first one.

You had no right to take that.

You still think you can call the shots, eh?

Go fetch.

I won't be long.

You never called.

I've been stuck in here five weeks.

How are you feeling?


Mr. Channing's approved your return to the compound tomorrow.

I need you to know that things have changed.

The women have moved in different directions.

I need your guarantee that you won't cause any trouble.

No. No trouble.


Who's the lucky guy?


The ring looks pretty pricey.

Who is he?

He's none of your business.

Sorry you got pinched again, Simmo.

Sounds like I missed all the action.

Well, there's always more to be had.

Sweet. Spitz says "hi", by the way.

Does he? That's nice.

Sit down. He still driving for Vinny?



Vinny still giving him grief?

Spitz can be a dick.

Well, Vinny's not a patient man.

I keep telling him to pull his head in.

He's gonna lose his job just when the work's picking up.

I've heard. Don't worry, nothing gets past me.

Vinny never could keep it in his pants.

Help yourself.

This Cass. I hear she's a bit of a tart?

Vinny gets Spitz to drive her wherever she wants to go.

Shopping. Those massage places.

Every day.

Easy work for him. Oh, he doesn't mind the day work.

It's the nights he hates when they're out on the town.

Dipping into our money again.

When will he ever learn?

Spitz reckons they go hammer and tongs in the backseat of the car.

She's not shy, that's for sure.


You should go and say hello to the others. They'll be happy to see you.


Can I come in?

I just heard from Miss Davidson.

Frankie's coming out tomorrow.

Oh. We'd better get started, then.

Tell the girls we'll have a talk after lunch.

Is there a problem, Doreen?

Not getting cold feet, are you?

She broke her promise to you.

Didn't give Toni the chance to be a proper mother.

The only person Frankie cares about is herself, remember that.


All right.

We'll talk later.

He's giving you a heavy about Meg again, is he?

No. He's just been in a really shitty mood.


Did you hear Frankie's coming out tomorrow?

Good. About time, eh?

She's going to go feral when she sees what Jackson's done to me.

Don't bloody tell her.

She'll lose it and she'll do something -


Well, good.

Do you want her to get busted up, do you? Do you?


Settle down.

Jacs wants her hair done again.

She said to come to her unit after lunch.

Got a problem with that?

No. Bea hasn't got a problem, have you?


Hey, Dor.

Don't know why you bother.

Cos she's our mate.

No, she's a traitor.

Frankie would never, ever give Toni any gear.

Frankie didn't deny it.

Can we not do this again?

Traitor! You reckon Toni would have gone into protection if it was a lie?

Toni doesn't know what she's talking about!

Her brain's fried!

Shut up!

That's lunch. Get out of my face.

You can... you can sit here if you want.

Anything interesting? The usual.

Death and footie.

You know, uh, a mate gave me two box tickets to the MCG on Saturday night.

Good. Have fun.


Don't have to stop talking cos I'm here. We're not.

So, um... what did you get up to last night?

Picked up this girl at the 7-11.

Legs up to here, great tits.

Didn't even get through the front door before we were doing it.

What about you, Vera?

Let me guess, watched some TV with your imaginary boyfriend?

Flick off over some Mills and Boon?

Cut it out, Will.

You uh, must be pretty good at it now, eh, Vera?

That's enough.

That's enough.

Don't, don't.

Don't you ever talk to her like that again. All right?


Must have hit a nerve, eh, Fletch?

What, she not putting out?

Don't know what you see in that crazy bitch. You on the drugs again?

Aren't you?

You idiot.

Just leave Vera alone.


How's Debbie?

Good. Haven't seen her at the visitor's centre for a while.

She's uh, she's away on a school camp.

That's nice.


Um... Blue Mountains, I think.

Where in the Blue Mountains?

Not sure.

Are you seeing Vinny?


I just thought with your hair and -

Tomorrow's a big day.

Frankie's coming back.

I thought I'd throw her a welcome home party.

Something special.

Don't worry, you're invited, too.

I've got a lot of little jobs for everyone.

You can go now.

See ya.

See ya.

Oh, hey, Vera.


I spoke to Will. Told him he was out of line.

Thanks. But um... you know, it must be hard for him.

Getting used to her not being around.

Why don't you just go over there?

See if he's all right.

I reckon I've done enough.

Why can't they just be happy?

Because it would be boring.

Hey, have you noticed Davidson's wearing an engagement ring?

Oh, yeah? What's it like?

It doesn't look like plastic.

Hey, Dor.


I uh, saw Jacs and she said she's got something planned tomorrow.

For Frankie.

Any idea what it is?

Don't know.

Doreen -

Hey, Dor.

I don't know.

You can tell us.

What is it?


It's disgusting.

They're gonna gang her.

What... what's that?


Years ago, when I was new here... there was this lady, Sally. She was really nice to me.

Jacs didn't like her, saw her as competition, so wanted to take her out.

They ganged her and Jacs forced me to watch.

And I will never forget Sal lying on the floor of the workroom.

And I tried to help her after they left.

I took the screwdriver out.

So when someone's ganged, Dor, they never get over it.

Sal only lasted two months before she topped herself.

I know Jacs is making life hard for us, and we have to do what she says, but this is -

If I tell her "No", are you gonna protect me?

We've got no-one.

On your own?

No, I'm waiting for someone.

Oh, right.

What time's he getting here?


Oh, jeez. Not first thing in the morning.

Why did you do it? Hm?

What the f*ck?

Hey, Will.



You f*cking idiot.

That's it, mate.

Just take it easy, mate.

All right?

I'm gonna call an ambulance.

Don't call the ambulance.

If the department finds out, I'm gone.

Packing up her stuff, is that what set you off?

Did the cops say something to you?


Do you want me to take it away for you, put it in storage?

I'm giving it to the Salvation.

What, all of it?

You don't want to keep anything?

Maybe not now, mate, but, you know, in time you will.

The letter.

What letter?

It's on the counter.

We were trying to get pregnant.

We knew it'd be difficult.

Almost given up thinking it would happen.

Couple of days ago, that turned up.

She killed my baby, Fletch.

Three weeks before she dies.

Never said a word.

Didn't even tell me she was pregnant.

You... you sure about this?

I mean... it doesn't say that here, you know?

I called them.

They wouldn't tell me anything.

I had to prove she was dead.

Why would she do it?

Who knows what she was thinking.

I don't give a sh1t.

I'm not doing any more crying over her.

I'm done.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

I used to get RSI when I worked in the salon.

Especially in the winter.

It hurt like hell.

I found a heat pack helped.

Is that arthritis?

May I?

I wanted to talk to you about Frankie.

About what you're going to do to her.

No-one should ever have to go through something like that.

I'm not just talking about her, I'm talking about the other women, too.

So I'm begging you, Jacs.

Please don't do this.

You know it's not right.

You've got guts.

Coming in here, airing your opinions.

No-one else has been brave enough to do that.

Well, you'll get to go home one day.

Leave here.

Go home to your family.

What sort of woman will you be?

All right?

I didn't expect to see you this morning.

Well, couldn't sit around at home.

Nothing to do.

How are you feeling?

Ah, Bea.


The stuff you ordered from the canteen.


Since when do you home deliver?

Don't know, thought I'd save you the walk.

So, have you spoken to Debbie lately?



I'll leave you to it.

Oh, please... please don't do this.

Get on with it.

What are you doing?

Keep watch.

Now onto the face.

I can't send you back to the compound if you're showing signs of aggression. I got light-headed.

Too many push-ups.


What happened?

Bea Smith. She was bashed in the unit. Birdsworth found her.

I don't know how long she's been there. Did anyone see anything?

What do you think?

Get her out of here.


Move, Frankie.


Can you hear me?

Who else was in the unit?

No-one's there. Bea, do you know where you are?

I wanted to stop them.

I wanted to press the panic button, but she wouldn't let me.

Don't feel guilty about it, Dor.

There was no point in you both copping it.

I should have done something.

No. Bea was right, Dor.

She must have gone to Jacs right after I opened my big mouth.

That was Bea doing what she thought was the right thing.

And Jacs has her own way of dealing with things.

I'm sick of all the fighting, Liz.

Me, too, love.

I've missed you, Liz.

Well, I've missed you, too, sis.

Loss of consciousness, severe concussion, laceration to the head, bruising.

No obvious sign of internal bleeding.

We've got a nurse coming round to clean her up.

Was it Jacs Holt? Apparently, she was on the other side of the compound at the time.

Of course she was.

Savage what that woman's capable of.

Will was in the area but didn't see anything, so they must have been in and out pretty quick.

Looks like she's awake.


Bea, you're in medical.

You're going to be all right.

Can you remember anything, Bea?

I need you to give me a name.


How bad is she?

Pretty bad.

They should be paying us danger money.

Especially after Meg.

Do you want one?

That unit's a mess, Vera.

Blood all over my jacket and shirt.

It's crazy.

Don't use hot water. It just sets the stain.

Grab that vinegar.


Yeah, it works faster.

Where'd you learn this?

My mother.

At least Mum's good for something.

You shouldn't talk about your mum like that, Vera. You don't know her.

You know, I owe you for this.

It's fine.

Maybe I could cook for you sometime.

You know?

Bring us some lunch. Save you eating those cardboard sandwiches.


Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. I am trying to keep it professional.

You'd get bored with me.

I doubt that.

Yes, you would. And... then you'd dump me, and we'd have to keep working together and that would be really awkward and... the others would laugh at me all over again.

My mother would have a field day and... and I would lose a good friend.

Wow. You've really thought this through, haven't you?

This job means everything to me.

I need to know what happened.

Come on, did any of you see anything?

How long's she gonna be in medical?

We're not sure.

Can we see her?

The peer worker can, but the rest of you will have to wait.

Unless you can tell me something.

I thought she was your friend.

Was it Jacs?

You don't have to say anything, just nod.

Someone should tell Debbie.

You know we don't make those calls, Liz. It'll be up to Bea.

Can't you just bend the rules once and call the kid?

I'm sorry.

You should go and see her.

She'll need a mate.

I can't.

You're her bloody peer worker! Yeah, and I keep stuffing up!


But you're learning.

She just needs a mate there.

You can do that.


I wish I could help, but I already told you where I was.

What about you?

I don't know anything.

Show me your hands.


Just do it.

What happened? The girls were mucking around and Simmo whacked her hand on the door. I think Simmo can speak for herself.

I hit the door.

I don't believe you.

Prove it.

Let's go.

Bea. Hey.




Hey. What the f*ck happened?

Come on.

I need some water.


Here. Have a bit.

Did Jacs do it? Hey, what are you doing here?


Leave her alone.

What's been going on since I've been gone? Just back off, Frankie.

What's with you? You just want to know who did it, so you can use it.

Oi. What did YOU do to stop it?



Frankie. The doctor needs to finish your dressing, then we'll get you back to the compound.

Then we can see who else missed me.

Come on, Frankie.

I'm so sorry, Bea.

It wasn't your fault.

I want to warn Frankie.

You can't, Bea.

I have to.

Jacs will kill you.

I need to warn her. Just get her.

Hey, Frankie. Welcome back.




Come on.

Keep an eye on her.

When she's alone, let me know.

This is Wentworth Correctional Centre.

Bea Smith has been injured. You may want to make contact with her.

Miss me?

Yeah. Did you miss me?


So, what did Bea do to piss Jacs off?

Frankie's coming.

Don't know.

With her face kicked in, we'll have to do something about it. Yep.

We lost one to the other side.

I guess Nana's been throwing her fat arse around.

Yeah, Jacs's fat arse!

I'm going to the gym.

What about your hand?

I'm a big girl.

She's gone to the gym.

Miss me?

Looks like I got the numbers.

I'm gonna slash you up.

Are you?

She speaks again, deck her.


I thought I heard something.

Now, unless you want some action, you should f*ck off right now.

Hurry up!

Who was it? Anderson or Smith?

I was expecting it.

Originality's not your forte.

Sorry to spoil your little plan.

Look at you now.

You're so small.

Like a little old lady.

Off you go.

Get her hand.

I just came here to work out.

This one's for Bea.

Bea made you come and get me, didn't she?

Otherwise you wouldn't have said anything.

I didn't want to go along with Jacs, but...

I didn't know how to get out of it.

So, what?

What were you gonna do?

Were you gonna watch?


You gonna have a go, too? No way.

Jacs was at me the whole time about what you did to Toni.

I was scared, OK?

I couldn't think.

And you swear what you said before is true?

I would never give Toni any gear.

I wouldn't do that to your or the little grommet.

You let her get in your head.

I know.

Yeah. Do you?


Do you?

Yeah, I do. Cos I'm sick of f*cking repeating myself.

I'm sorry, all right? And now she'll know I helped.

It's not you she's going after.

Please, I need to see my mum.

I'm sorry, we're in lockdown.

I got a message.

I think she's hurt.

I've got this.

You might be waiting a while, but if you're happy to wait I'll go check with the governor and your mum.

Thanks. Is she all right?

I'll be as quick as I can.

More women are going to get hurt, Bea, or worse.

Turf wars get people killed.

You know Jacs was attacked because of you?

She'll make you pay for that.

And next time... you might not be so lucky.

You're a good person.

I know that you want to do the right thing.

Say it.


Not now.

Tell me, Bea.

Don't know who did it.

Bea's daughter is here.

I know we're in lockdown, but under the circumstances - Debbie's here?

She's here?

She's in reception.

You want to see your daughter?

You tell me what happened.

Just give me a name, Bea.

Hello, sexy.

That's beautiful.