01x08 - Mind Games

Get onto the wall!

..so we can finally get on with our lives.

'Vinnie Holt left the courtroom and returned to his compound.'

Check out the fresh tart!

f*cking flaunting her in public!

You know what that does to me in here?

They're gonna gang her.

What's that?


Please don't do this.

You know it's not right.

You've got guts.

Coming in here airing your opinions.

No-one else has been brave enough to do that.

I'm so sorry, Bea.

I just came here to work out.

This one's for Bea.

You wanna see your daughter?

You tell me what happened.

'It's been three weeks. How are you feeling?'

'Fine. Have been for a while now.'

Not really enough to warrant staying in medical this long.

It was for your own good.

Keeping me locked away is not gonna change what happens when I get out.


At least you're smart enough to admit it. Seven years at the top.

Nobody gets there without making a few enemies.

You don't stay without making a few more.

Isn't it nice how much we have in common?

I haven't heard much talk of you on the compound. It worries me.

Personal concern from the Governor.

I'm flattered.

The officers have also noticed a significant change in the women, who they're looking to.

That's to be expected.

Once I'm back in the unit, things will right themselves.

I'd like you to agree to go into protection for the remainder of your sentence.

They will ensure your safety.

Make sure you walk out of here when your time ends.

If you don't take my offer, I can't guarantee how long you'll last.

No-one takes a hit out on Vinnie Holt and gets away with it.

I'll rip his f*cking heart out and shove it down his throat.

I've enjoyed our little chat.

Thank you, Governor.

We'll run random spot checks through the day, every day.

H2 and H4 are our main focus.

We need to know where these women are at all times.


Bea? OK.

Are you still feeling the love?

It'll wear off.

If they're in the visitors' centre, monitor them closely.

I want all calls recorded.

If there is anything remotely out of the ordinary, I want it logged into the daily report.

Hey, Bea.

Hey. I cleaned out the canteen, I got popcorn, I got biscuits and I got a whole load of tissues!

You're such a softie!

It's my favourite show now.

I knew you'd like it.

'There will be reprisals. We know that's how Jacs and Franky work.'

What we don't know is how the game changes now there's a new player in the mix.

I'm not getting involved.

The only way we come out of this is if we strike first.

Then it just starts all over again.

Until what, somebody dies?

I don't plan on dying.

What do you want to be in that position?

It's better than being a weird piece of sh1t that everyone walks over.

Why do YOU want to? I don't.

Don't you?

Let's go.

I kept it warm for you.

Thanks, Simo.

It's good to be back.

Stop her.

Let her go. Come on.

How's the hand?


I didn't want anyone to get hurt.

What else did you think would happen?

If I knew you'd get hurt, I would have tried to stop that too.

This was never about taking sides.

I just didn't think what you were gonna do was right.

Now all I wanna do is go home and be with my daughter.


We all do what we have to in here.

I'm glad your conscience is clear, Bea.

Hey, I've gotta call my mum.

Say happy birthday from me. Sure.


Just give us one. One smile!


Why didn't you stop Bea?

Bea and Jacs needed space to work things out.

Yeah, well, she stuck her neck out for you again.

She'll always have a special place in here for that.

You're stronger WITH Bea.

A smart girl like you should know that.

You know these spot checks are a waste of time.

Keeps them on their toes.

While we're run off our feet.

Erica wants all this extra surveillance, but is she offering up any extra officers to do it?

Mate, you know how it works.

Well, I know since she's become governor everything she does makes her look good while we cop the sh1t.

That's the job.

It never happened on Meg's watch, or any of the other governors'.

It doesn't mean it's the wrong way to go.

It's just, Erica works different that way.

I thought you'd be all over this.

She's right about the women.

You know how tense it is.

So throw them in the slop, right?

We'll keep 'em locked up longer.

That's not going to happen.

That's the way I'd play it.

Look, if you've got a better way of handling the situation, talk to Erica.

Yeah. Then suck it up like the rest of us.

Later. Later.

Spot check.

Please, be my guest.

Find anything you like?

You're playing very nice, Jacs.

What are YOU planning?

Why don't I make us a cuppa and we can sit down and trade stories?

Yours are far more fascinating than mine.

I'm sure the Governor would be very interested to know how one of her officers spends his spare time.

Cavorting with drug dealers.

I've seen the photos.

You really must find a more private venue.

What's your son doing with Debbie?

They're in love.

I reckon Bea would have something to say about that.

Just know, Mr Jackson, I'm the one that makes the threats around here.

What's that for?

Mum would actually go off if she saw this place.

She is such a neat freak.

Well, lucky she's not here to hassle you, then.

She always finds a way.

Do you think she still gives a sh1t?

I mean, she keeps finding excuses not to see you.

At least your mum's different.

Hm... She's all over me cos she wants me to take over the business one day.

Do you want to?


I love you, baby girl.

Are you doing anything interesting at the weekend?

What about you?

A quiet river.

Beers, a tent and a fishing rod.

That's all a man needs, I've never been camping.


Oh, you're missing out, Vera.

Bugs, wildlife...

Squatting over a hole.

See, that's music to my ears.

Hey, Deb, it's Mum again.

Just trying to get hold of you.

Hey, Bea. You can't have two in a row. Back in the line.

Is it the same as smoking it?

No way.

Do you want to try?

Bea. Take my place.

Do it.

It's me again. I'm just wondering where you are.

Hm, showing it the respect it deserves, I see.

But Fletch!

You can eat with me, Vera.

I can't eat your food!

You can't eat that rubbish.

No, not I, I can't.

What is it?

It's Mediterranean couscous salad.

I learnt to cook when I was travelling around with the army.

Looks good. I thought you guys ate a lot of freeze-dried stuff.

Not in my unit.

That's really good. Thanks.

You know, there's a Bond movie marathon on tomorrow night.

At the Palais.

Yeah, I like the movies too.

Maybe... Maybe we could just meet up there if you want.

All right.

Bea, quick, come on, it's about to start.

We thought you'd got a visit.

Not a chance.

Did you get hold of Debs?

Not yet.

I just can't seem to catch her between school and everything.

Hey, I reckon he's gonna tell her he's dying or something.

Well, he's been acting pretty weird.

I reckon he's trying to blackmail Paige to not see Blake.

That boy is so smug, I just wanna smack him in the face.

Careful, you might hurt your hand on all that plastic!

Hey, you leave him alone.

Oh, Booms, really?

Did you get it?


And Spitz?

He'll do it after lockdown.


You're a good woman, Simo.

I'm gonna go make myself nice.

Vinnie's coming.

My lawyer reckons I could be out in a few months.

If you need me to take care of anything...

I appreciate it.

But she's just another one with no substance.

Vinnie's tarts don't last for long.

Planning on a holiday, Max?

Oh, damn!


Thinking about a trip to the Greek islands, you know?

Yia sou, my friends!

You're behind a hit on me!

No way! Why would I do that?

Cos you're a greedy little prick!

Come on, Vinnie! We're family!

I wouldn't do it!

Looking good, Jacs.

Ah, it takes two people to escort me now.

I came down to see how you're settling back in.

Like I never left.

A snapshot in time, you might say.

It's a bit quieter than usual.

You visit often enough to know.

It's my business to know, Jacs.

You'll have to visit medical tomorrow.

The doctors will run some tests, see if there's any residual damage.

If there is, we can reassess your options.

So, Jacs, I'm gonna escort you to your visitor.

You look like hell.

Just a few bruises.

If you want something, anything, you just let me know.

I need drugs. For my arthritis.


I can't cut a medical.

Word'll get out and the vultures will circle.

I've got a screw we can use.

They'll get in touch with you.

You get it and they'll bring it in.

Are you taking care of who did that?

You know I will.

That's my Jacs.

The Governor wants me in protection.

Thinks things are on the downward.

I'm not taking it. I'm not conceding.

Good to have options.

Why would I need them?

Simo's back inside.

Spitz mentioned it.

What's going on with her?

Spitz hasn't said anything about Simo. No, Vinnie. Her!

I got my hands on a piece of land down on the peninsula.

It's been rezoned.

Cass is taking care of the planning.

I'm gonna make a killing.

So is she good for the business or good in bed?

I wanna marry her.

You and me...

Time hasn't been our friend.

So you wanna wind back the clock with some slut?

I can't wait another seven years!

I'm your wife.

I love her.

It's your dick talking!

I've got my lawyer drawing up divorce papers.

I can have her taken out!

Oh, Jacs...

You don't have any reach outside now.

The only power you have is in here.

I'm sorry.

Seven years I've been in here with another seven to go because of you, and all you can say is, you're sorry?

I'll make sure you get your medication, anything you need.

But you might wanna reconsider the Governor's offer.

Tell Brayden to come and see me.


All done?

'I wanna marry her.'

'I'd like you to agree to go into protection for the rest of your sentence.'

'Time hasn't been our friend.'

'Seven years at the the top. Nobody gets there without making a few enemies.'

You don't stay without making more.'

'You don't have any reach outside any more. Only in here. Sorry.'

'I haven't heard much talk of you on the compound. It worries me.'

'I'm dying!'

Oh, my...

Heard the laughter.

Didn't wanna miss out on all fun.

Why don't you get out, Jacqueline?

That's not very nice.

Obviously having a bit of a get-together.

There are women here from the other units.

Yeah. And you're not invited.

Francesca, your manners are appalling.

Get... the f*ck... out.

Jacs? What are you doing here?

I was trying to make conversation, but it's a bit limited.

Be a good man and escort me home.

I'll be back for lock-in, ladies.

Maybe we'll find something interesting to chat about on the way.


'Is this Bea Smith?'

Who's this? 'I'm one of the guys having fun with young Debbie.'

Who's this? 'Great f*ck, or so the others tell me.

I can't wait to have a go.'

Who the hell are you? Keep the hell off my daughter!


'Deb can't talk right now. She's got a mouthful - know what I mean?'

You keep your hands off my daughter!

Bea, are you all right?

'See you later, Bea.'


Where did you get the phone?

Sorry, Liz.

Some guy on the end of the phone.

They've got to her!

No, no, no. Listen to me.

Debbie is fine.

Jacs is messing with you!

It's some guy and he's hurting her!

Trust me.

I know how it works in here.

You push that button, the screws will come and find the phone and they will slot you.

You know that.

I don't!

I'm telling you.

Jacs has done it before, love. OK?

I've seen it.

So if you push that button, she wins.

Debbie is fine, love. OK?

Jacs knows how to get to you and you let her.

What are you doing about it, huh?


Ooh! You better be careful.

I said I'd take care of you.

Debbie's your problem.

A problem? She's my daughter.

She's your daughter... We know.

Don't we?

Jacs knows.

So it's something you're gonna have to sort out with her.

Are you all right?

I'm looking forward to the movies.

Bloody underwire bras!



How are you? Good.

Come on.


Belt. Again.

You're late.

Give it to me.

This is the first and last time, Jacs. I won't do it again.

Yes, you will.

Every time I ask.

This job is my life.

Which is why you're in this position, Vera.

I don't want to do this.

When you ask a favour, there's a good chance you'll have to repay it.

And when that day comes, it's too late to change your mind.

Do you really want the Governor to know what you did?

She won't believe you.

If you're confident of that, your wouldn't be here.

No-one was supposed to get hurt.

I asked you to start a small fight that I could handle. So you could save the day!

So Meg could see that I was good at my job.


How is it a fight turns into a riot?

I suppose neither of you came out ahead.

Jacs, I...

I have always shown you respect.

Please don't make me do this.

You will give me what I need!

Or you'll end up trading in your career for this lovely shed.

And I might not be so nice to you then.

What's up? Are you all right?

I can't... Can't breathe!

Here. Sit down. One hand on your heart, one hand on your stomach, and look at me.

Focus on my eyes.

Now breathe into your hand and out through your stomach.

Focus on me.

Into your heart and out through your stomach.

Focus on me.

Breathe in. And out. That's it.

Deep breaths.

What happened?

Nothing. It's... I...

It just gets to me sometimes.

I just should know better.

Yes, you should.

You're too nice to them, Vera.

They take advantage.

No, they don't.

You think everyone in here is the victim.

But the know right from wrong.

They just don't give a sh1t.

Everyone goes through rough patches in life.

You've got to decide how you deal with it, you know?

Hurt people, break the law, or do it the hard way.

How WE handle it.

That's why we deserve to be part of society and they don't.

Would you remind me not to get on your bad side?

I think you're pretty safe.

You're a good person.

Don't let them get to you.

All clear. Clear.

You're free to go.

Thank you.

Walking, Spitz.


Hello. 'Deb!'

Are you all right?

'I'm fine.'

I called all day yesterday. Why didn't you pick up?

Where were you? Who were you with?

Can you stop hassling me? 'I've just been worried, that's all.'

I said I'm fine.

Well, can you tell me what's going on?

I just feel like you're avoiding me.

You can talk!

What... What's that supposed to mean?

Whenever I talk to you, you just go off on me and whenever I try and visit, you don't want to see me.

I told you, I had an accident and I wasn't allowed visitors.

'What accident takes three weeks to get over?'

If you don't trust me any more and don't want to see me, then just say it.

I was beaten up.

How badly? Are you OK?

Yeah, I'm OK now.

I looked pretty messy. I just didn't want to scare you, that's all.

I'm so sorry, Mummy.

This is all my fault!

No. You've done nothing wrong.

Why would you think that?

You stayed with Dad because of me.

Oh, honey, no.


'I didn't stay with your dad because of you.'

I was just... too scared to leave him.

I er... I was silly enough to think it was better for you if we stayed together.

'Deb, this is a tough time for us. We're gonna get through this. OK?'

Are you there still?


Darling, don't cry.

'I miss you so much.'

I miss you too, Mum.

'It's going to be all right.'

I want to ask you a favour.

Can you do something for me?

I want you to just keep talking to me, all right?

I will.

I love you to the moon and back.

I love you too.

So what's next, Jacs?

It's polite to knock. You're gonna have to do better than planting a phone.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You wanna have a go at me?

Then have a go at me.

Don't you dare use my family to do it.

It's dangerous to jump to conclusions in here, Bea.

You put yourself in the mix.

The women are looking to you now.

I'm sure Francesca isn't happy with the way you're still on the spotlight.

You er... Do you want to grab a drink after work?

Yeah. It will have to be a quick one, though.

I'm going to the movies tonight.


Good for you.

Franky? Governor wants to see you.

She's a but busy at the moment.


Miss Davidson wants to see you now.

Miss Davidson's insatiable.

So I heard you and Bea were paid a visit yesterday.

A lot of girls came by.

We're quite popular.

What did Jacs want?

What did you say when he proposed?

Did you cry?

What did she want, Franky?

Have you set a date?

This is not about me.

It's not about me either.

Do you think Jacs will ever give up?

She'll die trying.

If that's what you want.

I never said otherwise, Red!

I'm wondering what happens when someone else comes up against you.

Are you putting your hand up, are you? No.

Didn't think so.

We've er, we've been through a lot.

No-one's ever done something like that for me.

It's not something I'll forget.

You look like sh1t.

So I've heard.

Too busy with Debbie to visit?

You wanted me to get with her!

Hasn't been difficult, has it?

No. I wanna talk to you about the business.

You, what it means to be a Holt.

I know what it means to be a Holt.

You made sure of that.


Brayden's birthday.

That's the memory you want to leave my son?

I've done my best to prepare you and protect you.

Not always.


I did what I did for your father.

And now he wants a divorce so he can marry that slut.

You know what that means?

I have no influence on the outside, no power in here.

The women will turn on me.

Your father's made sure about that.

You're all I've got now.

It's time.

Time to break up with Debbie.

Where did you really think this was heading? You know how we work.


I'm sorry you had to see that, son.

Look at me.

I know you're scared.

You're the only one I've got who can keep me safe.

But Brayden, this is what we do to protect what we have.

Time to step up.

And I'd do it again for you.

Your father and our business.

One day you'll understand that.

Time's up.

If I do this for you... then we're done.

You'll be back.

No, I won't.