01x09 - To The Moon

Jacs is threatening Debbie. Can't you do something about that?

Normal rules don't apply to Jacs.

Your daughter's f*cked.

You'd get bored with me.

Oh, I doubt that. Yes, you would.

Then you'd dump me and we'd have to keep working together and that would be really awkward.

Seven years at the top. You don't get there without making enemies.

I haven't heard much talk of you on the compound. It worries me.

The officers have also noticed a significant change in the women.

Who they're looking to.

You want to have a go at me, then have a go.

Don't you use my family to do it.

You put yourself in the mix.

The women are looking to you now.

I've got my lawyer drawing up divorce papers.

Tell Brayden to come and see me.

It's time. Time to break up with Debbie.

That's it Boomer. Be sexy.

You're... That was it.

No, she hasn't.

Roll your hips.

That's what I'm doing.

Oh, Booms. You look like you're humping a dog.

Liz's turn. Liz's turn.

Hey, boss. Hey, boss. Show us what you got.

Turn it off. Turn it off!

Ooh, cranky pants.

Bea, you're needed in medical.

Is there a problem?

Just come with me now, please.

Do you reckon it's a drug test maybe? Dunno.

Have I done something wrong?

No, you haven't.

What is it? Can you just tell me here?

Let's get you to medical first.

Well, just...

No, I want to know now.


Can you just...? Can you just say what it is now?

It's a personal matter, Bea.

Is it Debbie?

Is she OK? Where is she?


Can someone just tell me if she's OK?

Please! Anybody!

Just tell me! Please! Is she OK?!


Tell me. Please.

OK. We can't do this here.

Please! Where's Fletch?

Please! Someone say something.

Tell me!

Hi. Do you want milk for that?


It's awful about Bea. I can't imagine how she feels.

She should have thought about her kid before she ended up in here.

Last night, your husband found Debbie in her bedroom unconscious.

Now the ambulance came and they tried everything they could but I'm sorry Bea, they were too late.

They're still waiting on a toxicology report but it would appear that the cause of death was a heroin overdose.

Er... Debbie... Debbie doesn't used drugs.

There was a syringe by her bed and a needle mark in her arm. No. No.

No. No. She...

No, it must be a mistake. She doesn't... It isn't, Bea.

Your husband identified the body.

It's a mistake. I'm sorry.

I'll just go and talk to her.

You won't be able to talk to them.

We're gonna need some sedation in here.

Calm down.

Debbie! It's OK.

They're gonna sedate you, OK?

No. No. NO!

No! I'm OK. I'm OK.

I'm OK.

I've got it.

Bea, I am so sorry for your loss.

I want to talk to Harry. I need to talk to Harry. OK.

Hello. Harry?

Is Deb there, please?


Harry, they're saying all this stuff.

They're wrong, right?

Harry? Is she there...?

Can you...? Is she OK?

Harry, say something.

Say something!!

I found her.

Where? Found her where? Where is she?

I don't know.

What do you mean you don't know?

Where's my little girl?

They told me at the hospital to go home.

There was nothing more I could do.

You need to go and be with her.

She needs someone to take care of her.

Just go and be there. She's all alone.



So where the hell were you?

Will was handling it.

You didn't need the two of us there.

That's not your call to make.

Yes, governor. You just disappeared.

Anything could have happened.

My apologies.

Are you gonna tell me?

Tell you what?

What was so important it required your immediate attention?

It was a mistake. You pull something like that again... I won't.

So do you need me to apologise again or...? No, we're done.

Sir. Fletch.

Good to see you and the officers are playing nice.

You look well rested. It must have been a good holiday, Derek.

Three weeks in paradise with Lauren and the boys. Absolutely.

Yes. It's good to be back.

Duty free. Thank you.

I...er... hear the women have been keeping you busy.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Well, if the last few weeks is your benchmark for ordinary, then we do have a lot to talk about.


Unless you want to be home for dinner?

Hey, Fletch.


I'm sorry.

It's OK.

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed going to the movies last night.

Yeah. It was good.

Come over tonight. I'm sorry. What?

Yeah. I'll cook.

What are you in the mood for?


No, that sounds great but I should probably spend a night with Mum.


Well, what about tomorrow night?

Tomorrow night.

Sounds great.

All right. Tomorrow night. Good.

Yeah. Good night.

Good night.

The sooner we get Smith back to her unit, the better.

I'm just waiting on a psych consult.

If she's calmed down, let her out.

The women'll take care of her.

The ring. It's a bit unexpected.

No. Not really.

Didn't know you were seeing someone.


Marriage. It's a tough business.

I've done it twice.

No, I only plan on doing it once.

So did I.

But then I found myself... erm... distracted.

I don't relish the idea of another divorce so I've learnt to be smarter about it.

Allow yourself the distraction but just make sure the other party doesn't want to get caught either.


Are you propositioning me?

Do you want me to?

Not unless you want to get sued.

I was merely offering you support, Erica.

That's all.

Sorry. My misunderstanding.

Attention, compound.

Attention, compound.

The count is now complete.

I know everything seems overwhelming right now but we will help you through this.

I can arrange for a grief counsellor to come see you if you like.

I don't have time for a counsellor.

I have to organise a funeral.

Will I be able to stay around afterwards at the wake?

Bea, you won't be able to go to the funeral.


You're a double A rating. You're a high risk because you're on remand.

You're kidding.

I'm her mother.

I'm sorry.

Look, if your record in here was clean, maybe we'd have grounds but smuggling drugs into prison excludes you from any avenues of appeal.

She's my daughter. I should be at her funeral.

I know. I'm sorry.

Erm... I can arrange for a prison chaplain to come and see you.

Screw the chaplain!

Speak to Channing. He could make an exception.

You know what the chances of that happening are.

He'll listen to you. You want to get Bea's hopes up?

You think that's the best thing for her. It's her daughter's funeral.

I know what it is.

Miss Davidson, how's Bea?

Yeah, she's doing as well as can be expected.

We're taking good care of her. We'll be glad to have her back.

What about Debbie's funeral? I'll get her back to you as soon as I can.

We'll look after her. Before or after the funeral?

Look, I'm sure you can appreciate it's a private matter for Bea.

How's Bea?

She's OK.

Every mother's worst nightmare.

I dunno. I reckon your mum had some bad dreams when she saw you sliding out of her.

You gonna do this?

Just scamper off and let the grown-ups talk. How is your hand?

Please. Both of you. Not now.

You've been up all night, Bea. You can't do that again.

I go to sleep, then what? If you're lucky, no dreams.

Then you wake up.

The first thing I think about when I wake up in here is Debbie.

Now the first thing I'm gonna think about when I wake up is that my little girl is dead.

Well, you don't forget.

You just stop remembering so much.

Now she's by herself.

No-one to hold her hand.

I should be there.

I should be holding her hand.

I should be telling her things.

I know it's not the same... but what if I went?

I can go and be with her for a while.

You'd do that?


Can you tell her one thing from me?

Can you tell my baby that Mummy loves you to the moon and back?


Erm... Fletch, it's Vera.

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry for this short notice. My mum's not feeling well.

Look, maybe another time. OK?

OK. See you tomorrow.

Home delivery.

Oh, God. Fletch. I'm so sorry.

I left you a message. Didn't you get it?

sh1t. Sorry. No. No. I didn't get it. It's still warm.

Hey, is your mum...?

Erm... she's in bed with a headache.


There isn't enough for three anyway.

Oh, sh1t. Sorry.

That's OK. She's upstairs. She's taken her pill.

You'd have to drop the whole drawer for her to wake up.

OK. Great.

That looks good.

You look even better.

You taste of alcohol.

Just wait. Wait. Wait.

I want you.

God. Sorry.

I can put something else on.

No, you're sexy just like this.

You're sexy too.


Sorry. What are you doing?

You're not wet enough.

You don't have to do that.

Could you go now, please?

I'm sorry.


You gotta tell me everything.


It's a big building.

Nice people work there.

The morgue is in the basement.

Two floors down in the elevator.

And they're taking good care of her, Bea.

She looks peaceful.

I can see... I can see that she looks like you.

Did you tell her? D-Did you tell her?


Your mum... loves you to the moon and back.

Getting old, buddy.

No, I'm hung over.

I would have made a better go of it, otherwise. Big night?

It was a sh1t night. I really screwed up with Vera.

I doubt it. Why's that? You're not a figment of her imagination.

f*ck you!

That was funny.

Whatever it is, just apologise, buddy.

You must be talking about a woman.

How are you, boys?

Fine, sir.

I hear the inmates have been running the asylum while I've been away.

No, it's under control.

Well, I hope so, Will. Because I've been reading these reports and... er... well, I've just been wondering why the hell things have gone so bad out there.


You've been here long enough.

There's a reason we work our way though the ranks.

You can't lead without experience.

You have to get your hands dirty.

Attention compound...

I've got to go. Nice to see you again, sir.

You too, Will.

I appreciate your honesty, Fletch.

We should have a beer sometime.

Keep the conversation going.

Anytime, sir.

She wouldn't want to wear a dress.

Good jeans and that top she loved.

You know, the one with the straps.

It has to be nice for her, Harry.

It will be.

I want you to put this with her.

I'll give it to the guard. He can give it to you.

You OK?

How could you not know she was on heroin?

For God's sake. You were her guardian.

I told you not to leave her and you did.

I told you you shouldn't let her smoke dope and you did.

You didn't think our daughter was using drugs.

You should have stuck around and looked after her. HUH?!

I found her.

I came home and...

I was there for an hour before I even knew.

And she was lying there while I was making dinner.

Did you talk to the school? Do they know who was giving it to her?

They don't know.

They said she was skipping school.

And they didn't talk to you?

Debbie was making up notes from me.

And then I find out she was lying about staying at Matilda's.

She was staying at some boyfriend's place.

She had a boyfriend?

It's who came round with all this stuff.

She told me.

What was his name?



Don't expect special treatment.

I'm not.

You know the way.

They're not much but... they're new.

They came in today.

I like that guy.


Oh, Bea.

Come on. Come on. We'll get you home, eh?


What are you playing?

Patience. Come and join me.

I... We can play something else like Go Fish.

I thought you were going to the canteen to get your magazines.

Yeah, I did. They didn't have 'em.

Pity. I love to keep up with what's going on outside.

The truth. The lies.

Screws probably nicked 'em.

They're a devious bunch.

I should do something about that.

I wouldn't worry about it. It's not worth it.

When you go back as far as we do, nothing's too much trouble.

On second thoughts, let's take a walk.

Yeah. Everyone's been by.

I told 'em to come back later.


You allowed to go to Debbie's funeral?

Oh. Oh, that's sh1t.

Ooh, my favourites.

How did you guess?

My condolences.

Make sure Bea gets this.

We just don't think it's fair Bea can't go today and we want you to do something about it.

I understand, Doreen but Bea is a Double A risk and... there are rules.

Far out. It's her kid's funeral.

She's not gonna go out and kill someone!

I'm not gonna argue about this.

You can't just brush us off!

Miss Davidson, we know the rules are there for a reason.

But it doesn't mean they're always right.

Like the wet cells. You fixed that.

Now, all the women are cut up about what happened to Debbie.

And they like Bea. If she could go to the funeral that'd be the lift that everyone needs.

Stuff happens in here when the women feel ignored and there is no hope.

So please let her go.

Well, I'm surprised you're even asking.

You know she's high risk and she's on remand.

She's an unknown. The women look up to her.

Look, we need to give them something positive.

She's smuggled drugs and been involved in attacks and reprisals.

There's no two-way street there.

Erica, it really concerns me that you can't see that.

The screws are here.

Are you ready?

Thank you so much for making this happen.

It's all right.

You all right?

I've already given my approval.

You know you don't have authority to do that.

You're gonna undermine my position.

As you've undermined mine.


Hey, if you... You know, you wanna talk or anything?

Or if you just want us to leave you alone.

Actually, I think I'll just go to bed.

Yeah, well, yell out if you need anything, won't you?



Oh, sh1t! Bea!

Oh, my God! Bea! Bea!

Oh, my God! HELP ME!

Someone help! It's Bea!

Oh, it's a stupid question. You just tried to top yourself.

You think this is a joke?

You think I'd try to kill myself if I didn't want to die?

Why did you even try to stop me?

Why? So I can live through this hell every day?

Bea, I didn't have a choice. You're my friend.

You had a choice. You HAD a choice.

You just didn't want to feel guilty.

You're a bloody coward.

Yeah, maybe I am.

But trying to top yourself doesn't make you a hero.

What would you know about it?

I've thought about topping myself a few times.

Why didn't you?

Cos I'm a coward.

I don't know. I suppose I was hoping with time, it would get easier.

You know, that pain would get less.

Not to forget, just to... I don't know.

Just to find some joy in life again.

And I have.

I don't want that.

What do you reckon Debbie would want for you?

It is always gonna hurt, Bea.

And mate, that's a good thing.

Cos that's how you know you're still connected to them.

And you always will be.

You wanted to see me?

Liz, take a seat.

Before you start, I'm not going to go into detail about why Bea couldn't go to the funeral yesterday. It was security.

But I do understand that we now have to go into serious damage control.

Which is why I would like you to come back as peer worker.

What about Doreen? Well, she can stay but right now, I need somebody with your experience mediating between us and the women.

Make sure they understand we're not the enemy.


We thought about doing something for Bea. Something small.

The women want to pay their respects.

I think that sounds like a great idea.

Vera, I know you're avoiding me and I don't want you hating me for the wrong reason.

Is there a right reason?

You know I used to be in the army.


Well, I served in a bunch of places.

Peacekeeping missions mostly.

What has that got to do with anything? Vera, please.

Just give me a minute.

One of the... last times was in East Timor after the referendum when things were... bad.

And I saw what people could do.

And there was this... er... family... a mother and her two kids.

The soldiers stopped them.

They were begging and crying and the mother tried to hold on to her kids but her little girl got away and she ran.

And they shot her.

I didn't stop them.

When I heard Bea screaming... it reminded me of that mother holding her dead kid.

And I couldn't handle it.

That's terrible.

Most of the time, I can keep a lid on it.

But sometimes I do things...

You know, like the other night.

It's no excuse. I'm very sorry...


I just want you to understand.


Do you think you could let me make it up to you?

Could I have a bit of time?

Yeah, of course.

Ah, that's... That's beautiful, Dor.

It's lovely.


Are you ready?


Not gonna pay your respects?

I've seen innocent women lose their kids.

Them I feel sorry for, sir.

And I think we shouldn't make this place easy on the inmates.


You busy tonight?

No plans.

We should have that beer.

Yes, sir.

Thanks for coming, everyone.

Today is for Bea. To help her say goodbye to her daughter Debbie.

You know, being in here, you get close to the other women.

They're more than friends. They are family.

But we never forget the people on the outside that we love.

And for Bea, that was Debbie.

From the moment Bea came in here, we could all tell she was a proud mum and she loved her kid. They were best friends.

They'd talk about everything.

It's all right. It's all right.

Bea, Debbie knew you loved her. She knew you did your best for her.

And you have got 16 years of memories to treasure.

So you're never gonna forget her.

And we won't let you.