02x01 - Born Again

The name says it all: Wentworth Correctional Centre.

It's written all over the building.

It's on our name badges.

And our employment contracts Think of it as a mission statement.

Society has deemed these women defective and It's job to fix them.

Not to pander, to befriend, to indulge or to accommodate.

We exist to correct.

Now, for three months these women have had it easy.

Your instability has given them opportunity.

They'll have established new systems and networks.

Their confidence will be at an all-time high.

Today that confidence ends.

Today we shut their systems down.

We stamp on their opportunities.

We destroy their networks.

Each and every person here will know their place.

This is a prison.

And WE are in charge.

Hold it there.

Step away from the trolley.

Empty it.


It's not my fault! I swear I didn't tell her!

I swear to f*cking God it wasn't me!

It's not my fault!

And who are you?

My name is Miss Ferguson.

But you can call me "Governor".

Wentworth 2x01 - Born Again No, I don't know much about her.

Except she cleaned up Stonepark and Queensland.

And they gave her the nickname of "The Fixer".

But I reckon we could do better than that, don't you? The Fixer?

That's stupid. Hey, we've got 'em.



Let 'em go.

Start talking.

It wasn't my fault.

I just did what you said.

Me either. It must have been Sky.

Sky's job was to push a trolley.

It was yours to get the gear off the driver and hide it in the bag.

Yeah, that's what we did. What?

Right in front of the new governor?

No-one saw us. I swear.

No? So how the f*ck did she know where it was?


One of you screwed up.

One of you ruined my whole f*cking system.


So who's got the guts to step up, huh?

Who's gonna take some responsibility?

Oh, Franky, come on.

Who was it?


You know how the Romans settled this sh1t?


Put 'em in your cell.

What? Why mine?

Just do it.

Don't touch anything.

Hey Now you're gonna slug it out.

And the winner gets to walk.

OK, you've taught them a lesson, Franky.

Now let 'em go!

Now who's gonna throw the first punch?

Do it!

We don't have to do this.

If we both say no she can't ...

Now you finish it.

You can't make 'em do it. It's sick!

Shut the door. I don't want to hear it.



So, where's my duty free, buddy?

I suppose you've drunk it all.

No, I'm off the grog, mate.

Four weeks tomorrow.

What? A month in Bali and you never touched a drop?

Correct. It's part of the new stress management thing I'm doing.

Nice one.


See Ferguson lucked out finding contraband on her first morning.

I bet she was tipped off.

Someone is obviously sucking up to her Welcome back.

Hey, Vera.

I wanted to say hi after the meeting but you kind of did a runner.

I had to call the hospital.

I'll leave you guys to it.

I'm huh...

I'm sorry to hear about your mum.

How's she doing?


The oncologist said she's only got a few weeks so I'm moving her back home.

And you're gonna keep working?

Yeah, I need to.

Well, you know, if there is anything I can do to help.

No. No, thanks.

Hey, I got you something.

In Bali.


They reckon it stimulates positive energy.

I thought that might be good, you know With your mum.

So here's where you're hiding.

I need you in medical.

Of course.

Not talking?

Not sure they can.

Any theories?

It could be a reprisal for the contraband found this morning.

These prisoners are out of control.

Erica Davidson was clearly out of her depth.

Well, she did her best.

We have been understaffed since she left and Mr Channing is hardly ever...

.. here.

Which of the inmates stepped up when Jacs Holt was killed?

Bea Smith was the favourite but since she wasn't around, Franky Doyle took over. She's in H2.

I'll see her.


Sorry to keep you waiting.


Thank you, Miss Miles.

First days are always a nightmare.

I haven't even eaten yet.

Oh, you should join us for lunch.

I make a killer omelette.

That's right. You won the breakfast round on that TV show.

What was your winning dish again?

Caramelised onion, sweet -

Sweet potato, yes. I remember.

Well, as tempting as that is...

I prefer to eat alone. It's useful ... thinking time.

Mmm. you've redecorated.

Not sure about the colour.

Miss Davidson and I clearly had very different tastes.

Well, the department are idiots.

She was a good governor.

I gather that you two... really hit it off.

Mmm. We understood each other.

I'd like to understand you, Franky.

Oh, that's a bit forward.

I need someone with smarts and influence to help keep the women in line.

Someone to help stop contraband supply in its tracks.

I wouldn't know anything about that.

If we work together it could be mutually beneficial.

What's in it for me?

You must be feeling the pressure.

It's lonely at the top...

Dangerous too.

Only the best get to stay there.

The rest, they end up like Jacqueline Holt.

Cooperate with me and I'll ensure that you stay where you belong.

And what if I say no?

I'll find somebody else.

There's plenty of contenders out there.

Well, quid pro quo.

I need to look after my girls.

What would you like?

Well for starters, Kim Chang is doing a CPA.

I've been helping her but I've got my own study to worry about.

I can arrange that.

So we have a deal.

We'll chat again soon.

Oh, nearly forgot.

I believe these are yours.

The f*ck...

These were meant to be posted.

To an ex-governor?

I expect Mr Channing felt that was inappropriate.

Have you read 'em?

Ferguson is a f*cking player.

What's she done now?

What are they?

Unless you've got good news, piss off.

Well... the girls in D Block are bitching about the bust this morning.

Actually C Block got pretty pissed too.

Booms, I said good news.


Hey, this might cheer you up.

Hang on.

I told you keep that stashed.

I videoed the scrag fight.

What the hell did you do that for?

Hello? It is a scrag fight.


The phone is for deals only.

If I find out you've been calling your boyfriend again...

No, I know. Cos I wouldn't and I didn't. And I wouldn't.

How many times?

Just once.

But listen, no, listen.

His sister reckons he's rooting someone else, eh?

How much of the fight did you film?


How much of the fight did you film?

Oh, just the good bits when they were on the floor.

When Lyndsey pulled Sarah's hair out!



Hey, how was the visit?

Oh, great.

Kiya is getting so tall!

She's done you a drawing. Miss Grace said they'd bring it in later.

Oh, nice, yeah.


Hey... Erm...

I heard about the girls.

I tried to see 'em but they're still in medical.

Oh, it was bloody horrible.

Franky is losing the plot.

She's worse since Davidson left.

Well, she's scared.

She knows she's got a target on her back, especially with the bust this morning.

They reckon Tanya from C Block is going to make a move soon.

I know Kelly has been shooting her mouth off.

I am so sick of it.

You'll be out soon. You won't have to think about it.

Who's got the green thumb?

This is Doreen Anderson and Liz Birdsworth, our peer workers.

You're doing a great job.

It's not just me. Liz knows heaps about plants and stuff. you're due for parole soon.

Yeah. A couple of months.

I'll arrange a meeting.

We can have a talk about another potential peer worker for when Liz leaves us.


These roses look good.

Yeah, yeah, we planted those for Bea Smith.

They were her favourites.

Yes. I've heard a lot about this Bea Smith.

Seems to have made quite an impact.

It's a beautiful day today.

Let's go for a walk.

Not till I find the right dress.

The formal is weeks away. you've got loads of time.

It has be be perfect, Mum.

It will be.

I promise.

All right, ladies, that's us for today.

Erm, see you on Friday, OK?


And don't forget your diaries.


I hear you've taken on Erica's education programmes.

Yeah. Someone had to.

And what's this one?

It's a drug and alcohol treatment programme.

We educate the prisoners about addiction and drugs.

There are no drugs in prison.

In theory.

If you rely on a support group that's like throwing our hands up and saying we can't do our jobs.

Contraband is always going to get in.

When I arrived at Stonepark, every second inmate was addicted to something.

When I left, there were no drugs in my prison.

No hand-holding.

No support groups.

I just cut the supply.

That's what I'll be doing here.


Your background is in social work, isn't it, Mr Jackson?

Erm, yes.

Why the career change?

I had a...

.. a bad experience.


I read your file but ... the details have escaped me.

Is it something about a mother and a child?

I had to separate them.

And do you think you made the right decision?

What kind of question is that?

Do you?

The boy was at risk.

I didn't know the mother was going to kill herself.

A social conscience can be helpful, Mr Jackson..

But sometimes, as you've learned, it backfires.

That will be the last meeting of the drug and alcohol group.

Governor, there's a reporter here to see you.

I don't give interviews.

Well, you might want to speak to this one.

That was sent to our main news desk.

The text message said it was shot inside Wentworth this morning. don't believe everything you read.

Can't see their faces but they are wearing your uniforms.

We don't have the monopoly on teal tracksuits.

This was staged, Miss Uvanka, somewhere outside this prison and you've fallen for it.

I'm running the story with or without your comment.

Well, if you do run it you'll be burning your bridges with me and my prison.

Any future news will be handed to your opposition and you're gonna find yourself in charge of the comics.

And if I spike it?

I'll give you advance warning on any proper news.

It's your choice.


Do we know where that fight was this morning?

Somewhere in H Block.

This was Franky Doyle, wasn't it?

It is her style.

She's big on social media.

Shall I authorise a cell toss?

Not yet.

First I want you to tell me about Bea Smith.

All right, are your eyes still closed?


Open them.

Mum, It's gorgeous!

Well, try it on!

It's just the neighbours.

What was that?


Everything is fine. Just try the dress on.

Just ignore them, Deb.

What if It's my date? He could be early.


What have you done? don't answer it, Deb.

Just stay in here with me, OK?

Just don't answer it.


She had a complete breakdown after the sentencing.

Mr Channing is keeping her sedated.


Debbie?That's her daughter.

Deceased. Yes.

So her initial charges were dropped.

But she got 12 years for the Holt murder.


Have the doctor bring me a list of her medication.

I think i t's time Bea Smith joined the land of the living.

The colour is amazing, isn't it?


I reckon she's going to be big trouble, eh?

She thinks she's in charge but she's in for a shock.

Yeah. D Block don't care about her.

They just want their gear.

OK. Well, you can tell D Block that they can take a f*cking chill pill.

That goes for everyone else. They get their gear when they relax.




No way.

Hey, Bea!

Come on, ladies, give us some space, please. Give us some room.

Is she all right?

Yeah, she'll be fine.

Just leave her alone for now.

Where are you taking her?

Got a pen?

Grrrkk, grrkk!

Your old unit is full but the governor wants you in H4, close to your friends.


You're in here.

Erm, look, we'll have with lags you know better.

Are you OK?

I feel weird.

The governor wants you off sedatives so you'll need to rest till they're out of the system.

No, I want my medication.

I'm sorry, Bea.

That's pretty harsh, making her go cold turkey.

Ferguson has cleared it with the doctor. It's worked for her before.

But why make her dry out in the compound?

I don't know, Will, It's not up to me!



Sierra 7 to Sierra 3, phone call for you at reception.

Yeah, received. I'll be right there.

That'll be the hospital.

Oh, Miss Bennett... is it OK if we go and say hello to Bea?

Yeah, go on through.


In there?



What's she doing?


Hey, love.

I didn't mean to scare you.

We got you presents.

Bea... we got your favourites, old ginger snaps.

Hello, It's good to see you.

You don't look too crash hot, though.

The girls are up to see you.

Franky's top dog now.

There is a few newbies for you to meet.

You can do that in the next couple of days.



Attention compound...


.. all women are to return to their units immediately.

Are you sure you're all right?

It's too early for the count.

Yeah, we better go, though.

All right, ladies, just open your cells.

We're out, We're out.

What's going on?

Boomer, out. Come on, come on.

Hey, hey. Careful.

I just made my bed.

What are they looking for?

What do you reckon?

I don't know.

Oh, sh1t. The phone.

It's under my mattress, Franky.

Just sharp and keep calm.

No, no, he's gonna find it.



You can't keep this sh1t under your mattress.

Huh? You know the rules.

Yeah. Yeah, sorry.

He should have found it.

Yeah, I moved it.

My screw tipped me off.

Anyway, Ferguson is too late. The footage is already out there.

Oh, right.

Seen Red?


How is she?

She's pretty out of it.

Has she got a plan?


I don't know.

I don't think she's got any plans.

Well, good.

No, no...

All I'm asking is, could someone just call me with an exact time?

We'll see what we can do.

Thank you.

No worries, have a good day.


Is everything OK?

Yeah, Mum's coming home today.

Do you need me to cover your shifts?

No, thanks.

Are you sure?


Morning, Governor.


I've got a few jobs for you today, Mr Fletcher.


I saw you on surveillance.


Jane Allman had a big night.

Why didn't you get one of the women to do it?

Well, Ferguson doesn't want prisoners down here.

At least that's what she says.

Now I reckon she's got it in for me because I went for her job.

Well, if she sends you to do the monthly spend thing, you can get paranoid.

That's where I draw the line, mate.

I don't mind mopping out the wet cells but I'm not shopping for the fanny wash.

I reckon you were robbed, buddy.

You'd have made a great governor.

Yeah, Channing thought I had it in the bag.


Apparently Ferguson has got friends in high places.

Came in over Channing's head.

Let's see how long she lasts.

Hey, you know I ran into the new nurse before.

She's pretty smokin', mate.

Her name is Rose, Fletch.

Oh, Rose.

Have you had a crack?

f*ck off.

You should. Why don't you have a crack?



Well, you missed a spot.

Get your big loafers out of here..

Why don't you go down to medical and have an examination?

I will!

It'll only be for an hour or two and I'll make up the time tomorrow.

Will you need to take any leave?

No, I've hired a part-time nurse.

This job is important to you, isn't it, Vera?


I'm very impressed with your work ethic.

Corrections need more people like you.

I read somewhere that you'd been passed over for promotion several times.

That must be frustrating for someone with your... potential.

Yeah... I wish the department saw it like that.

You just need a mentor.

I'm a great believer in succession planning.

I'd really appreciate that.

You stick with me. We'll achieve great things together.

Thank you. And I promise I won't let personal issues get in the way of my work.

Get me Kim Chang's educational paperwork.

I'd like to have a look at her study preferences.

Yes, Governor.

Your PR stunt failed. Just so you know.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I'm so disappointed.

I had high hopes for us.


It's no great loss.

There'll be others.

Do you know the worst thing about being on top, Franky?

The only way is down.

Jacqueline Holt learned the hard way.

You might be next.

You don't scare me.


The women might buy that tough girl act but they didn't see those letters.



I need your help.

Oh, no. I've gotta try Daz again.




Welcome back, Red!

Please, just let me go.

Three months is a long time.

And a lot of things have changed around here so I just wanted to catch you up.

I'm in charge now, you understand?


Bring her over.

Who's in charge? Say it.

Just let me go.

Who's in charge?

Say it.

You are.

And who runs this place?

You do.

You all heard that, right?

Yeah? She said it.

Spread the word.

Let her go.

Sorry, Red.

Just something I had to do.

What's got into you?

I want to f*ck.

Oh, Franky...

Franky, slow down.


Are you all right, love?

Hey. Hey, hey!

You shouldn't have to put up with that crap, darling.

I can't see her.

You can't see who?


Oh, baby.

Darling, Debbie is gone.


No, I can talk to her.

I just need my medication.

I just need my medication.

I need my medication!

Hey, Bea? Calm down.

I need my medication!

No! Get your hands off me.

Hey, hey! you've gotta calm down.

I need my medication.

They will stick you in the west cell.

Bea, It's all right.

I want my medication!

Back away, Back away, Back away!

She's OK.

Move away.

Move away, move away.

Move away!

I can talk to her!

I can talk to her!

Bea, Bea, Bea!

Look at me !

Okay, okay, Bea, Bea, settle down.

You need to settle down.

But I can see her!

Okay, Bea!

What is you need? Come on.

I need my medication.


I'll take you to infirmary, all right?


You good to walk?

You have to calm down. Bea?

Cold turkey is too much for her.

She can't handle it.

The first 36 hours are the worst.

She'll feel better by the morning.

This isn't right.

Your concern is noted, Mr Jackson.

Keep me updated.

She is tired now. She might actually get some sleep.


Is someone keeping an eye on her?

Yeah. I've offered to stay on and do a double shift It sucks to be you.

What do you think of this cold turkey thing?

I think you should be careful starting fights with the new governor.

So you agree with it?

I didn't say that.

So you agree with me?

Why don't you shut up and get me a coffee?

Make it strong.

I f*cking knew it!


She has put me on the special spend.

So? It's a few hours down the shopping centre. What's to complain about?

Is there a problem?

Why did you put me on the spend?

Does the Y chromosome prevent you from pushing a trolley?


Well, then...

From now on male and female officers will do the special spend.

Vera will be late this morning so I need you to handle a prisoner transfer.


Kim Chang.

Moving to D Block.

She's requested to further her studies so we'll put her with the others in D4.

Franky's not going to be happy about that.

And that is relevant how?

It's in Kim's best interests.

Oh, and the police came by and picked up that contraband from the laundry.

Thanks for the tip-off.

No worries.

Keep up the good work.

Out in the sun, get a little bit of air.

And then it'll make you feel nice.


You really freaked us out yesterday.


But you're all right now, aren't you?

Because you've gone through the worst of it. Eh?

What do you think of the flower boxes, Bea? They're looking great, eh?

Yeah, Dor has got into the gardening, haven't you, darling?

I planted the roses for you.

For Deb.

They're pretty.

Yeah, look at these ones. you've got the pansies down the front.

They are beautiful. Look at these ones, the geraniums.

And the daisies at the back because they're nice and bright.

Oh, that one.

You see ?

Good morning.


I'm Miss Ferguson, the new governor.

I don't think we've been properly introduced.

Bea Smith.


I've heard all about you.

I didn't want you keep you cooped up in isolation.

I think you can achieve much more out here.

How are you feeling this morning?

Better, thank you.

Yeah, We're looking after her.

I haven't forgotten about you, Doreen. We'll catch up soon.


I think she might like you, Doreen.


Franky, you've got to move that phone.

What did you do with it?


Well, make sure it stays that way.

Changed. Everything is changed.

Got a problem, Red?

Attention, compound. H Block, proceed to work unit.

H Block , to work unit.

Are we going?

Let's go.

Booms, who am I?


You guessed it.


Are you missing us, are you?

I need you to get me some sedatives.

What for?

Because I like them.

You gonna knock yourself out?


Works for me.

It'll cost you.

How soon can you get them?

Bea, you're on light duty. you're not supposed to be in here.

Leave it with me.

You all right?

Hey, Booms, take over for a sec.

Awesome !

How's that bank balance, Miss Miles?

N o, Franky. The phone was a one-off.That's it.

We could make it a regular deal if you want.

Did you get rid of it?


I want that phone gone.

It's nearly flat anyway.

I need some sedatives as soon as possible.

Get back to work.

Okay. don't keep messing up my vibe.

What? you've gotta get rid of the phone.

Where is it?

The planter boxes.

You owe me.


What are you doing?

You are not going to spend your life spaced out. You give those to me.

Just leave me alone. I want to be with my daughter.

Your daughter is dead.

No, she's not.

I can see her.

And I talk to her.

Oh, darling, that is just the drugs.

It's not real. Brayden Holt killed her.

No, no.

You remember Brayden, don't you?


That's him there, darling. You look at that.

That is Brayden Holt.

Jacs's son. Now he stuck a needle in Debs's arm and he ended her life.

And I am sorry that that happened to you, Bea.


But she is gone. don't ruin this for me. don't ruin this for me.

Listen, listen.

You listen to me. You listen to me and you look at me.

Now you, you are stronger than this.

You have survived so much.

Do you think I give a f*ck!

I am stuck in here with nothing.

Then you take it one day at a time.

And you find a reason to get up tomorrow.

Any reason, Bea.

Just find one.

You can do it.

I know you can.

Hello, Doreen.

You wanted to see me?


Come on over.

It's terrible, isn't it?

All your hard work ruined And for what?

Still... all is not lost....

Where there is life...

I checked the surveillance camera so we know who's responsible.

Seems this was the hiding place for some contraband.

I wouldn't know anything about that.

I'm very glad to hear that.

Rochelle is a mole, Daz.

Why would you want to be with her?

I know.

Yes, I know..

You know she's been with every bloke in Frankston, don't you?

You know what they call her?

The Cum Dumpster.

Report to base, thank you.

I have to go now.

She'll be slaughtered but it won't undo what she's done. you've got a lot of hard work ahead of you.

I've done it once. I can do it again.

Good attitude.

But I think we can go one better.

This yard has been neglected for a very long time.

How would you feel about turning it into a proper vegetable garden?

Something to keep the women focused and occupied.

Do you think you can do it?

Yeah. When can we start?

Oh, It's beautiful. you're beautiful.

You are so beautiful.

Thanks, Mum.

You won't listen to them, will you?

You won't leave me.


They are right. I can't stay here for ever.

I can't stay here for ever.

I have to go now.

But you've got everything you wanted.

We're together now.

It's OK. you're gonna be all right.

Everything is gonna be OK.

My date is here.

Do you want to meet him?


Hey, please don't cry.

No, no, don't cry. Please!

I've got a reason.

I know what I've gotta do now.

I'm gonna kill the fucker.