02x02 - Whatever It Takes

Hold it there.


It's not my fault.

I swear I didn't tell her.

And who are you?

My name is Ms. Ferguson...

But you can call me Governor.

Who's in charge?

You are.

I read somewhere that you'd been passed over for promotion several times.

You just need a mentor.

I'd really appreciate that.

This yard has been neglected for a very long time.

How would you feel about turning it into a proper vegetable garden?

Yeah. When can we start?

You remember Brayden, don't you?


That's him there, darling. You look at that.

That is Brayden Holt. Jacs's son.

Now he stuck a needle in Debs's arm and he ended her life.

I am stuck in here with nothing.

And you find a reason to get up tomorrow.

Just find one.

Wentworth 2x02

Whatever It Takes Thought you were in the slot.

Got out this morning.

Hey, uh, sorry about the whole dunking your head in the sink thing.

I heard about Daz.

Hope he catches something and his dick drops off.

Ah, Liz said you wanted to see this stuff I collected from the papers.

Yeah, yeah, I thought it might help me process a few things.


It'll cost you.


It's, uh, 9:30. You've got an appointment, remember?

You getting back into sketching?


Oh, it's good to have a hobby.


This is not a social visit.

I want a divorce.

I need you to sign some stuff.

I gave it to that guard.

Where the hell is he?

Where's Debbie's ashes?

Have you done anything with them yet?

I've been too busy.

What about a memorial plaque?

Work's full on.

Work's more important than your daughter?

Your husband game me these for you to sign.

I'm selling the house.

Don't worry, I'll make sure you get half.

Can you give us a moment?

He fancies himself.

Fancies you too.


It's just standard stuff.

I'm not trying to rip you off.

Yeah, okay, I'll sign the papers, Harry.

But it's gonna cost you.

You're gonna get half my f*ckin' super.

I don't want half your f*ckin' super.

You can keep everything.

Then what do you want?

I want payback for Debbie.

Brayden Holt?

And you're gonna do it.

Do what?

Don't worry, Harry. They don't record sound in here.

You see, I'd do it myself, but I'm a bit stuck.

You're the only one who can get to him.

I'm surprised you haven't done it already.

You don't think I haven't thought about it every f*ckin' day?

So why haven't you done it, then?

And how would I find him?

Oh, what a sh1t excuse.

You owe it to Deb to make him pay for what he did.

So I'm not signing anything.

Not until you do what needs to be done.

Take it easy. No, no, go back to the beginning.

It's all right. It's all right, mate.

You're getting it.

Yeah, yeah, getting it f*ckin' good.

Calm down, darlin'.

Take it easy.

Pull it through. That's the way.

Good. That's it.

No, Franky, I was watching that!

I haven't seen telly for two weeks, you know.

Yeah, serves you right getting busted with my phone.

Oh, that really looks good, having the tomatoes and the cucumbers near the compost pile...

'cause I really like...'

I can't bloody do it!

'Takes a bit of patience, darlin'.

Oh, I'm bummed out, Franky. I need half or I reckon I'll go spare.

Tell someone who gives a sh1t, Sky.

Yeah, I'll go see Big Tanya in C Block.

She'll sort me out.

Oh, I don't think Big Tanya's gonna sort anyone out.

I saw her this morning in Medical, and she was eating through a straw.


Someone bashed her.

Who bashed her?

Well, apparently she had a bit of a supply problem and she got a little bit stingy with the gear.

C Block's in lockdown.

Poor Big Tanya.

So he says he wants a divorce.

A divorce?

The marriage is over anyway.

Well, you did try to kill him, Bea.

Oh, I'm sorry. Too soon? Too soon?

He might have been a b*st*rd, but that stuff can still mess with your head.

I mean, you come into a place like this, you've got kids, you got a husband.

All of a sudden, you've got none of it.

Well, you got us.

Yeah, but for how long?

You aren't in here for the next 12 years.

Oh, f*ck, I bloody well hope not.

Couple of months.

Couple of months.

Ah, we'll see.

Hey, hey, she just pushed me, Miss Miles.

Yeah, yeah, Birdsworth.

What are you doing?

Soil's crap.

Well, there's not much you can do about it.

I reckon they need raised up garden beds.

A garden shed?

And a greenhouse.

That way we can store the tools and stuff right there.

And if we had a greenhouse, we'd be able to grow veggies all year.



Why not?

It's a good idea.


Well, that's fantastic.

I mean, thanks, Ms. Ferguson.

Ah, Doreen? I'll need you to do something for me.

I want you to keep and eye on Smith.


As her peer worker.

I know she's having a hard time.

Just let me know how she's traveling, now she's off sedatives.


Just this way. Liz? Liz.

Yeah, Ms. Bennett.

We've got a new girl, on remand.

Her name is Su-Yun.


I've put her in H2.

She doesn't speak English.

Oh, right.

But can you just keep an eye on her for me?

I'll look after her.

Hi, I'm Liz.

Oh, right.

So you're a long way from home, aren't you, eh?

Hey, Nurse Spunky.

Need a hand?

Just the dirty linen, Franky.

Sorry, Tanya, you're gonna have to finish that up.

You're being moved to Protection. Can I take that?


Great, babe.

Yeah, I'm good.

Yeah, hey, I'm ringing about Nana.

Pool old bird's not eating properly?

What's he saying? Has he got any sh1t? Can he get it?

Come on.

Bea, hey? It's Bea, right?

Yeah? Yeah, I heard about you. Hey, you holding?

I just need a moggie to tide me over.

No, I got nothing.

Just one moggie.

Go ask someone else.

Don't be a selfish bitch, Bea!

Sky, quit bugging Bea, all right?

Nah, the f*ckin' bitch is holding out on me.

You're f*ckin' joking.


Franky, how'd you go? We good, yeah?

Would you get her out of my face?

All yours, Red.

Washington Automotive.

Oh, hello, it's Tracey Bell here from VIP Panel and Paint in Coburg.

My boss was hoping to meet with your rep, Harry Smith, to discuss supplying us with parts, if that's possible.

Sure. How's 1:30 today?

Yeah, today's perfect.

Sky? Sky, look don't do this, mate.

Let me open the door, eh?

I'm gonna do it, I swear! I'm gonna do it!

So do it! Quit talking about it!


Sky, honey, just calm down.

You're scaring the new girl.

I don't give a f*ck about the new girl.

What's going on?

Oh, it's Sky. She's got a shiv.

Look, she says she's gonna slash up again if anyone goes in her cell.

Okay, move away, Doreen.

Sky, I'm gonna open the door and come in there, okay?

You open that door I'll open a f*ckin' vein, I swear to God.

Well, okay. Talk to me, Sky. What do you want?

Okay, I wanna help you out.

I just need something to take the edge off, Mr. J!

Okay, we'll take you to Medical and have you taken care of.

You'll put me in the f*ckin' slot!

What's going on?

Oh, it's Sky. She's got a shiv.

Listen, we're coming in there, all right?

Now put the shiv down and face the wall.

Just let me talk to her, okay?

She's probably off her head on ice, mate.

Hang on.

f*ck, she's cutting.

Sky, put it down. Put the shiv down. Put it down.

Did he spray her?

Did he spray her?

Get the f*ck off. Get the f*ck off me.

You keep carrying on like that Put something on her wrists.

I'll gas you again, all right!

Put that on her wrist.

Oh, my God.

I can't f*ckin' see!

Let's move.


She's sedated.

What happened?

Ah, she slashed up.

The prisoner has a history of self-harming.

She'll need to go to hospital, mainly hesitation wounds, but one's really deep.

She'll need surgery.

Ambulance has been called.

Did you gas her?

Well, she was out of control, wielding a shiv.

I deemed it appropriate to employ OC spray to subdue her.

The ambulance is here.

Whoa, what are you doing?

You can't cuff her, not with slashed wrists.

Says who?

It's department protocol, mate.

The prisoner's leaving the compound.

She needs to be restrained, mate.

Fletch, you can't restrain slashed wrists.

You'll travel with the prisoner.

But she's not to be restrained.

Vera, can you organize a Transit Permit for Mr. Fletcher? - Yes, Governor.

What's Smith doing there?

Ah, she assisted with the emergency.

She's waiting to be escorted back.

I'll do that.

I'll escort you to the shower block.

You need cleaning up.

I'm informed your husband visited.


First time in nearly four months.

I've arranged a session for you this afternoon with our consulting psychiatrist, Dr. Lynch.

Oh, I don't need to see a shrink.

I don't have much liking for them, either, but it's protocol, if you want to remain here in General.

Well, I'd prefer to deal with things in my own way.

I can understand that, but rules are rules.

Besides, there's no shame in asking for help, Smith.

I have asked for help, Ms. Ferguson.

Excuse me, mate.

Boss around?

Not sure he's out of bed yet.

I'll give him a go.

Hey, you've got a visitor.

What can I do for you?

You wanted to see me?

You rang my office.

Set up an appointment.

I don't think so, mate.

When was this?


Why would I set up an appointment with you?

I work for Washington Automotives.

We sell car parts.

Do I know you?


Might have been someone in the office who called you.

I'll just check the appointment book.

When'd you say you called?

Sometime today.

sh1t, I'm looking at last week.

After you.

Well, what do you want me to do about it?

It's not my fault.

Shut up, shut up.

Problem, girls?

Yeah, where's our gear?

You know where your gear is. Governor's got it.

And you got our money.

Yeah, well, money's gone. sh1t happens.

I got the lettuces, the carrots and the herbs.

It's gonna be awesome.

You up for another little earner?

I told you, the phone was a one off.

Did you a favour and you almost f*cked it for both of us.

Well, you gotta feed the beast, Miles.

I might have turned a blind eye to the small stuff, but if you think I'm gonna help you get gear in here, you're deluded.

Keep it in your pants, ladies!


I'm so f*ckin' horny.

Calm down, you fellas.


Catch you after class.

Just Anderson, Jenkins.

Oh, why? Why's she so special?

It's not fair.

These men are from Walford Prison.

They'll be here for as long as it takes to fix up the guard station and build a greenhouse.

Oh, that was quick.

The Governor at Walford agreed that the enterprise had its merits.

And Bea Smith?


How is she doing?

Um, good... Good, yep.


Anderson's in charge of the project.

All decisions go through her.

All costing for materials go through my office.

Yes, Governor.


Yes, Mr. Hooker?

Anderson, this is Taylor.

He was an apprentice chippie.

So you two sort out what you need, make a list and give it to me.


I'm going to get you help, okay?

Hang on. Here we are.

Hey, Kimmie.



I need some help.

What's up?

Well this is Su-Yun. Korean.

She doesn't speak a word of English. She's a newbie.

She got upset when Sky went ape.

Now I've been trying to calm her down and nothing is working.

So can you explain to her that what happened to Sky isn't going to happen to her?

What is she saying?

Kim? Kim.

Holy sh1t.

Well, what's the matter?

Said she banged up six balloons.

Cops found those, but they didn't get the two she swallowed.

How long have they been in there?

She got sprung at the airport Las night, so about 24 hours.

I'll make her spew 'em up.

Hey, Boomer!

Boomer, what the f*ck!

Boomer, let her go. She's traumatized as it is.

They wouldn't be in her stomach now.

Where are they gonna be?

Look, Kim, maybe you got it wrong, love.

Ask her if she shat 'em out.

Ask her.

So is that a no?

They gave her something so she couldn't crap on the plane.

So what do we do?

Well, unless you wanna stick your finger up her ass, we wait.


It's me.

What do you want?

Did you go there?

You stupid, dumb bitch.

Did you see him?

Yeah, I saw him.


And nothing.

What do you mean, nothing?

What I said.

Nothing happened.

And don't ever call here again.


Please, just let me make one more call.

Oi, Smith, back to the queue.

Just this one call, Mr. Fletcher.

Come on, you know the rules.

But the girls don't mind.

I do.

Haven't you gotta be somewhere?

According to the appointment book you've got a 3:30 with Dr. Lynch.

No, I didn't agree to that.

Listen, if you want to stay out of the slot, you'd better agree to it. Look at the time.

Off you go.

Any word on Pierson?

They're keeping her overnight for observation.

Thanks for dropping me in the sh1t with Ferguson.

Well, you were a bit heavy handed, Fletch.

She was armed with a shiv.

Yeah, well, she was gonna drop it.

First rule of crisis management, avert the crisis.

Yeah, with reasonable force.

You know there's a reason we carry capsicum in a can, mate, and it's not to spray on salad.

I want the herbs along the fence but over here is where I want you to start on...

Who'd you fancy in the last at Cranny?

Yeah, nothing jumps out at me.

Onto a couple of good things at the dishlickers tonight, though.

And this is the shed.


Oh, look at this.


Yeah, needs some repairs.


You got all water damage here, and I reckon you're going to need to replace that whole panel.


What's your... What's your first name?


Doreen, cool I'm Nash.


What are you in for?

None of your business.

Come on, don't be like that.

You could be a bloody psycho killer for all I know.

I boosted a couple of cars when I lost me apprenticeship.


So you say.

Look, how long you reckon it'll take?

Well, I guess it all depends on how quick the boys work.

And I reckon they might want to stretch things out a little bit.

What are you grinning about?

What? What! Nothing.

Hey, what's with you and Ferguson?

Governor's pet.

Oh, maybe she likes a bit of black velvet.

Something you're not telling us, Dor?

Piss off!


Shut up.

It's all right.

Oi! Hey! Cut it out!

You two! Hey, cut it out.

You get back in the kitchen.

Just gave a hard on.

Dreams are free, Franky.

Hey! Drink this. Come on, drink it.

It's just vegetable oil.

Can you hold her head back?

No, it's okay, it's okay.


It's just a bit of vegetable oil.

Franky, she hasn't got a clue what you are saying.

Tell her it's not gonna kill her.

This is ridiculous! Franky!

Chill the f*ck out, Liz.

I'm doing the girl a favour.

By scaring her to death?

No, by helping her get that sh1t out of her gut.

It's just a bit of lubricant. What the big deal?

Come on, just drink it a little more.

Any desires to self-harm?


Harm others?


Have you been suffering any depression?

Well, I'm in here for a 12-year stretch. What do you reckon?

What about anger?

What makes you angry, Bea?

Pointless questions.

Well, how would you describe your current state of mind?

Oh, I wouldn't.

You're currently going through a divorce?

Oh, God, there no privacy in here.

How's that affecting you?

What, lack of privacy?

The divorce.

Is it making you angry?

What are your triggers, Bea?

You aware of them?

What made you attack Jacqueline Holt?

What made you attack your husband?

Those charges were dropped.

Did you often get angry with him?

Well, Harry was the angry one, not me.

What were Harry's triggers?

What does it matter?

If you knew them, and you kept on triggering them, that's instructive.

Oh, you blame the victim?

Is that how you see yourself?

You know, he'd blow up in a second.

If I talked during the footy, if I wasn't listening to him, if he thought I was dumping on him, if I implied he was a crap father or a lousy husband, if I made him feel inadequate.

Then, yeah, I guess that was pretty instructive.


Harry, don't... Don't hang up.

What the f*ck do you want?

Are you drunk?

What's it to you?

Hey, where were you the night that Deb was killed, hmm?

Were you out getting tanked with your mates?

You shut your fat mouth.

You know the b*st*rd who killed your little girl is out there, Harry, and he's laughing.

He's laughing at you because you're not man enough to teach him a lesson.

No, no, no, no, you shut your f*cking gob...

You're too much of a gutless coward to do what any man in your situation would have done already in a heartbeat.

And you know what, Harry?

Brayden Holt knows it.

Shut up!





Any action?

Hey? Oh.


Are you certain she didn't take a dump in the bog while you were fast a-fucking-sleep?

No, well, you know, the noise of it would have woken me up.

God, after all that oil she should be sh1tting through the eye of a needle.

She's compacted.

What, you're a proctologist now?

We've gotta get her to Medical.

And then what? You tell the screws she got a couple of bags of H in her guts?

It's gonna make her sentence even longer.

I'm trying to protect the girl, Liz.

Oh, protection. That the last thing on your mind.

Is it?

Hey... do you reckon those blokes'll be back in the yard today?

Christie Kenny filed this report.

Two units were called to the fire at a Coburg panel beating workshop, VIP Panel Paint and Electrical, owned by a notorious crime family.

The business owner, Brayden Holt, son of gangland identity Vinnie Holt, and deceased crime matriarch, Jacqueline Holt, returned to find the premises burning but was able to alert the fire brigade before major damage occurred.

One of the employees trapped inside suffered smoke inhalation and is being treated at a local hospital.

I went out for a six pack of beer and I come back to this.

One of the guys who works for me was still inside, but lucky for him I managed to get him out.




Hey, I'm here to collect what you owe me.


See this?

I need it to look just like this.


Let's go.

Morning, Governor.


Everything okay?


Rough night with your mother?

You know, I think it's admirable what you're doing for her, but you shouldn't forget to take tome out for yourself.

I'm fine.

Why don't we have a drink after work?

Just the two of us. Bit of a debrief.

Oh, I, um...

The nurse finishes at 6:00.

Tell her to stay on.

She'll appreciate the overtime.

sh1t, you all right?

Oh, yeah. Fine.

It just... I'm fine.

Oi, Taylor.

Hands off.

No worries, Mr. Faulkner.

Oh, no!

Oh, poor baby Oh, wow.

It's so cute. Buddy.

Hello, ladies!

Oh, Boomer, look at you!

Love ya, Boom!

Your psychiatrist report. It's, um...

It's interesting.

Did I pass?

Dr. Lynch seems to feel that if you had a purpose, you'd be unlikely to be a danger to your fellow prisoners, and I tend to agree.

It easy to feel useless in here.

You know, you get up, you eat, kill time, sleep.

Days, months, years. I mean, what's the point of it all?


I prefer the term correction.

It's a state of mind.

I mean, you can choose to be weak and UN-empowered.

Or you can take control of the situation.

That easy for you to say. You're the Governor.

A title does not define who you are.

Actions do that.

I thought the point of me seeing the shrink was so I could stay in general.

It was.

That why it's important for you to reach your potential, even in here.

To be in control.

Beats feeling helpless, I guess.

Do you feel helpless, Smith?

No, I feel determined to make my time in here count for something.

I hope it does.

Thought I recognized you, You're Debbie's old man.

You think I killed her, and that why you f*ckin' torched my place.

I don't know what you're talking about.

No! No, no, please. Please don't.

I think he shat himself.

Nah, he wouldn't have the balls to have done that.

Come in.

Yes, Vera, can I help you?

Oh, I thought we were...

Having a drink, yes.

Come in.

Don't be nervous, Vera. I don't bite.

No, I'm not nervous.

Vodka and soda, okay?

Yeah, it's fine.

I'd make us mojitos, but I'm fresh out of mint leaves and lime.

Couple of these, I'm not going to be much use to Mom tonight.

Your mother will be fine.

This is our time, Vera.

You know, I think we're going to make a terrific team.

So here is to... trust.

The basis of teamwork.

And to having someone who can share the load.

God knows in our line of business you need all the support you can get.

That's true.




Good to have you back.



How's she doing?

She's all right.

All right.

Night, ladies.


Bye, Mr. J.

Oh, God!

Get her into her cell.

And so Channing says to the Board...

But I'm GM, surely my recommendation counts for something.

Yeah, I still can't imagine Fletch as Governor.

Yeah, I'm nor sure how he'd go with, you know, policy management, budgets, all that sort of things.

Not to mention the daily minutiae of prison bureaucracy.

He'd be lousy at the minutiae.

He's a big boy, isn't he?

Not much going on between the ears.

He'd be handy in a riot.

God, I am being incredibly indiscreet.


You understand this is all in the strictest confidence. - Yeah, of course.

You know, I'm saying all this because I trust you, Vera.

You know, I feel like I can depend on you.

God, it good to debrief with someone, isn't it?

Want another drink?

Just one more?

Yeah, come on. Come on, let's do it.


Oi, stay awake.


The sooner you sh1t, the sooner we can get some sleep.

Cut the bitch open, Franky.

Come on, that's one way to get it out.

Oh, grow up.

Here you go, darling.

It's just some warm water. It might make you feel better, hey?

Have some.

What is going on?

Nothing, Doreen. I don't want you involved in this. - Involved in what?

Su-Yun is not feeling well.

So get her to Medical...

It not a problem Medical can fix.

Dor, just leave it with me. I'm dealing with it.

Fine, right? Fine.

It's all right, darling.

It's all right, darling.

I was awful. It was the worst moment of my life.

You know I had my suspicions about you and Mr. Fletcher, but I had no idea that you'd been...

Oh, it all in the past now. It's...

Well, what happened?

Nothing. Nothing.


Hey, what happened to trust?

I mean, I confided in you because I trust you.

I'm, I'm not sure I can effectively mentor you if that trust isn't reciprocated.



Never mind.

There was, I found a... a journal. Fletcher's journal.

You were snooping?



So, so, what was in this... this journal?

Mr. Fletcher's fantasies?

His darkest secrets?

There was some stuff about him and a previous Governor.

Meg Jackson.

Just breathe, honey.

Oh, she's deliberately holding onto it.

Bitch is hoarding the cheese for herself.

You know as well as I do if this thing bursts, she's stuffed.

So tell her to sh1t it out.

She is trying. Can't you see she's exhausted?

This has gone on for too long. I'm getting help.

You gonna do that, you know what will happen.

Oh, what are you doing this for, Franky?

I need the gear.

You don't need the gear.

f*ck it. I'm cutting her open.



Cut her and I'll cut more than your f*ckin' wrists!

Franky, get some help!

Help her!

Go and get some help!

Okay, darling, it's okay.

Okay, it's all right.




Oh, God, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Su-Yun.

So sorry, so sorry.

I'm sorry, darling.



It's midnight. This better be worth it.

I promised you an exclusive.

There's been a death in custody?

Unfortunately, a prisoner passed away here tonight.

But it was police ineptitude that killed her.

I know I can count on you to report the facts.

I don't get how you could do that.

I wasn't the only one there.

You treated that girl like a piece of meat.

You're not that person, Franky.

I'm whatever person I need to be.

When Jacs was alive and you wanted to take her down, you got her in the end 'cause you used your smarts.

No. I beat Jacs 'cause Bea killed her.

Oh, you would have had her done before that.


Well, there's a difference between wanting to be top dog and being it, Liz.

It's not something you'll ever understand.

Oh, I do understand, darling.

You're a frightened little kid paddling out of your depth. You're sh1t scared.

You've swum out too far and you're not gonna make it back to shore and do you know what?

I don't reckon you can.

Is that right?

You've gone too far, Franky.

I'll go as far as I f*ckin' have to, and as far as I f*ckin' like.

Now you remember that if you don't want to end up like your little drug mule.

You'd better remember who you're talking to now, Liz.

Yeah, right.


I had...

I had an accident at work.

Look, I came, all right?

Just give me the f*ckin' papers.

I'm done, Bea.

Signed it all.

Divorce, deed to the house, everything.

I should have known you wouldn't be up to it.

It's not your fault.

It's just the way you were built.

I'm stronger than you, Harry.

So I'm gonna do it myself.

How're you gonna do that?

There's 12-foot walls and razor wire between you and Brayden Holt.

Police believe that the fire was deliberately lit.

Do you think it was aimed at you?

Why would it be aimed at me?