02x04 - The Danger Within

What are you doing this for, Franky?

I need the gear.

You don't need the gear!

Franky, I got nothing.

Further breaches of conduct could result in your dismissal.

Do you understand?

Consider this a final warning.

When do you want the gear?

As soon as possible.


Yeah, OK.

'I should never have started f*cking that bitch.'

There was some stuff... about him and a Meg Jackson?


Who's bringing it in?

Is it Brayden?

Boomer! Boomer!

Oh, sh1t!

You saved my arse last night.

Can you give this letter to Brayden?

It's to say how sorry I am.


This is for Debbie.

You f*cking monster!


Sleep tight, ladies.

Night, night.

If you say so, Mr J.

Hey, party time!

No way! Where did you get the lunatic soup from?

Have you been brewing again, Boomer?


It's for Franky from the girls in G Block.

That's a lot of admiration.


Everyone's stoked you're getting the stuff through.

Booms, take out a f*cking ad Eh?

No, I just...

No, I thought between us.

Don't. Just shut it.

You know the walls have ears.

Kiss off that rocket fuel.

If we're gonna celebrate, do it with the genuine article.

Real booze!

I never forget you, Liz.

Your favourite.

I'm on a diet.

To Franky, eh?

Yeah, Franky!

You're da bomb, girl!

sh1t, we need some music.

♪ See you, baby ♪
♪ Shakin' that ass... ♪

How are you getting the gear in?

Who cares, as long as we're here to enjoy it, eh?

That's right, Dors.

Will lover boy be jealous?

No, Booms, no.

Let me show you how it's done, eh?

I'm gonna show you how it's done.

I'm gonna show you how it's done.

Oh, my God!

How do you do that?!


She's been totally holding out on me.

Aren't you gonna give us a hug?

sh1t, they really did a job on you.

How's Carly?


She left everything to the last minute, as usual.

Thailand, eh?

She's grown up already.

We had a bit of a send-off for her last night.

She said to say goodbye.

Nah, you tell that little tart to get her arse in here.

What if something happens to her?

What happened to YOU?

Where was Jacs' old crew?

The governess transferred them to another unit.

I'm still finding my feet.

Well, you better find them fast.

Vinnie's looking for blood.

I'm not in the firing line, am I?

Don't worry. Brayden told him what went down.

Yeah, good.

We have to cool it with the gear now that bitch has put the heat on you.

Vinnie's not gonna let this slide, so you keep your head down.

Someone's coming for her.

You stay away.

Hey, slag.

You haven't forgotten about our unfinished game, have you?

Why don't you just go back to playing with yourself?

All right, that'll do.

Move along, Simmo.

Open it.

You know, if you only got another 18 months for aggravated assault you'll be lucky.

You're right, by the way.

He DID do it.

Not that it could be proven in a court of law.

I had the General Manager in my office this morning, telling me that... I wasn't doing so well.

He thinks I should leave you here to rot.

But of course, that's entirely up to my discretion.

I don't favour that approach myself.

Besides, I don't think we'll have a repeat of that behaviour.

Unless, of course, Brayden Holt is stupid enough to come back to Wentworth.

Am I right?



Then I think I'll release you back into general population.

What, now?

We have a deal, don't we?

You won't try and kill anyone, you won't cause me any further problems.


You know, you're not who you think you are.

Your true nature will eventually come out.

It will have to.

You f*cking used me, bitch.

Apologise, my arse! Bullshit!

You planned that from the start.


Sorry to involve you like that.

You put me in the sh1t with the Holts.

Oh, they'll get over it.

You saved his life.

If it wasn't for the fact you saved me from Franky... How is Franky?

Been laying low?

What do YOU think?

I'm not scared of that clitty licker.

You should be.

She won't forget you challenged her.

She'll be coming for you.

She'll have you too for interfering.

I want you to listen to me.

We need to watch each other's backs.

You'd back me against Franky?


Not if you picked a fight with her.

I'm not interested in being part of any crew. But if I hear there's danger, then yeah, I'll give you a heads up.

We need to be mates.

Need to make it work.

That's right.




The Holts have got a hit on you.

Do you know who's doing it?

Could be anyone.

Got a lovely new bunch for you today.

He's a tosser, that bloke.

Out you get.

You're next darling.

Oh, Jesus.

Straight ahead. Move, move.

Come on, lucky last.

f*ck off! I can manage.

Yep, right. Fine.

In the middle of that black square there.

OK, face me, right?

And take the wig off.

Turn around, face me, wig off.

Oi! Take the wig off, yeah?

For the photo ID.

You're gonna take it off for the photo ID, OK? No.

Please. Don't.

Don't make me come over there and take it off you, all right?

I think we could make an exception in this case.

Right. Well, it's your call.

If the governor objects, you can buy a new ID, right? You can pay for that. Yes.

Look at me.

Ready? That's it, hold it there.

Profile, please.

Profile on the other side, please.

Give us a smile.


Jessica Warner.

Date of birth?

9th of July, '95.

Are you cold?

Do you want a blanket?

No, no. Don't leave me.

Next of kin.

Next of kin.

Medical. Yeah, I'm in Admission.

Might need sedation, please.


Jessica, I need you to take some deep breaths, OK?

I need you to try and settle down.

I'm... I'm really scared.

I'm really scared.

I didn't do anything.

Yeah, I know.

Please, you've got to help me!

I can't be in here!

You need... Please!

You need to calm down, otherwise I'll have to get the doctor. All right?

Let go.



I'm calm.

It's OK.

Thank you.

I didn't expect there'd be someone like you here.


Next of kin.

Oh, come on, Kat.

Want to quit stalling?

I've got a busted leg, for f*ck's sake!

I know my rights.

And you know the drill.

The sooner you get it all off, the sooner we're done with this.

I'm waiting.

Oh, f*ck off!

Would you go and wait for me in that room, please? There. Yeah.


I'm no strip-searching her, OK?

I'm not doing it.

When have you ever strip-searched a female prisoner?

She wouldn't be here unless she was post-op.

I'll be there in a minute.


Are we going in the garden, or what?

Where's Miss Miles?

We're burning daylight here.

Hey, Bea!


Hello! How are you, love?

Thought you'd be gone for at least six weeks.

Ferguson cut me some slack.

She cut you a LOT of slack.

People will talk.

Let 'em.

It's not like it's much of a favour, anyway.

Why? What's up?

Come on, spit it out. I can tell when something's bothering you.

I don't think the Holts are gonna take what I did lying down.

You might have known that, love.

Has someone said something?


There's a bunch of newbies arriving today.

I'm probably just being paranoid, anyway.

How are you?

Haven't run away with Nash yet.

Oh, no! Don't mention Nash!

All I hear is Nash said this, Nash said that, Nash did this.

You've got it bad, girl!


What have we got here?

Pretty young thing!

Who've you brought in?

Holy f*ck!

What are YOU? Are you a girl?!

What is that?

What are YOU?

Are you even a girl?

You're ugly.


Guess who's looking over here?


Looking over our way.

Look at her, She's grinning like an idiot.

I told you.


Thank you, sir.

He wants ya. Bye!

I think he's hungry.

I'll give him something yummy, then.


He's a greedy little sucker, isn't he?


He's lucky he's got us, eh?

Right, get back to work.


So, what did he say?



We were just feeding the bird.

Feeding the bird?

Is THAT what you call it?


'They're off.'


It's all there.

Everything Franky asked for.


In that case, I can authorise payment.


You doing all right?

Yeah, I'm OK.

If Boomer asks you for your dessert, give it to her.

Do you recognise any of the new girls' faces?

No. Could be that sewer rat, Sky.


I can't help it.

Hey, show us your cock!

I'm not sitting next to this f*cking freak.

Don't bother, I'm going.



All right! That'll do, ladies!

So, Liz is at the new machine here and it's good to go.

What about the old one?

You can't just leave it there.

It's bolted to the table, what do you want me to do?

Yeah, it's gonna get in the way.

Hey, Goldilocks.

Hey, you.

Want to move this table out into the corridor?

Are you addressing me?

Would you like a written invitation?

Ah, you wouldn't make any of US do it.

If you want my assistance, you'll find some manners.


Why, Maxine, how charming you look today.

Might I prevail upon you to assist me in moving this piece of sh1t out into the corridor?

Seeing as you asked so nicely, certainly.

So, muscles, you want to drag that over to the stairwell for us?

So, Maxine, have you, er...

Did you really go the... you know?

You should try it. It does wonders for your complexion.

Hey, kiddie, I'm Franky.

I suppose a f*ck's out of the question?

Franky's just trying to be friendly, love.

I'm in H-2. Door's always open.

Franky, back off!

Pick on someone of your own persuasion, will you?

Hey. Hey, hey. I need some more painkillers for my leg.

No. Get back to work.

Didn't you hear what I said?

My leg's f*cking killing me!

I said get back to f*cking work.

You're not in pain.

I know drug-seeking behaviour when I see it. Go on.

Ladies, you've got an hour before dinner if you want to take a shower.

If you grab your toiletries and towels, I'll take you down to the shower block. I won't.

I'm sorry, now.

I need privacy.

This is a jail, honey, not the Shangri-La.

You understand.

All right, you can go later or in the morning before breakfast.

Thank you.

That confirms it.

She's got a dick.

Smith! Hurry up, you're on laundry despatch.

Well, it's got to be one of the newbies.

Yeah, well, it's not the young girl cos she's like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

The cripple couldn't have pushed that machine on her. It's got to be the bloke.

That's the worst disguise I've ever seen.

Bea, you're gonna have to do your research, find out who's got associations.

How do I do that?

Miss Miles.

What did you give Maxine?


That's nothing as well, is it?

Hey, hey. Tell me.

It's a blade.

Razor blade?


What do you f*cking care?

Move, move, move.

Did you hear some drugs went missing from Medical?

What sort of drugs?


If there's an overdose, expect seizures.

I bet you I know who's responsible for that.


Hello, Miss Miles.

You doing the prisoners special spend this month?

I might be.

I've got quite a bit saved up.

So what do you want?


On the new prisoners.

You know I could have you slotted for attempting to bribe an officer.

It'd just be a little something for your trouble.

What kind of information are we talking about?

I want to know what they're in for, and if they have any connections to the Holt family.

I can't promise anything, but I'll see what I can do.


Don't thank me.

I've got money on you seeing the week out.



Wonder if you can get me something.

I'll pay whatever you want.

What is it that Red could want so bad she's willing to put herself in my debt again?

I need a weapon.

I've been banned from buying blades.

Well, Brayden's not coming back.

Thank you for ending Simmo's drug supply, by the way.

So what is it that you could need a weapon for?

To protect myself.

Who from?

The Holts have put a hit out on me.

Did Simmo put you up to this?


So how can I be sure you're not gonna use it against me?

How can I be sure it's not you?

I think it's one of the new inmates.

So can you get me something?

You'll need more than a shiv against the tranny.


Cost you.

I said I'll pay.

sh1t, yeah.

So why don't we have a little wager?

Two bags of darts says she's got a dick.

Three. Make that three.

Who cares if she HAS got a dick?

It'd come in quite handy, actually.

What's going on here?

Oh, just having a little wager on Maxine's genital parts.

Smart money says she's hung.

You want in, Miss Miles?

Yeah, put me down for 50.

I reckon she's all woman.


I'm with you, Miss Miles.

Can I go and feed the bird?

Yeah, go ahead. Cool.

Hey, Dor.

What the f*ck?

Ssh, ssh.

Mind your own biz, Dor.

Want a go?

Oi, back here, love.

Hey, hey, hey. Just a heads up.

Dors caught me doing a...

Oh, f*ck.

I know what you're up to.

Yeah? What?

You're using the garden project as a way of smuggling stuff in.

I don't know what you're talking about, Dors. Yeah, you do.

Bates is bringing stuff in, and Boomer's giving him gobbies as payment.

Is that right? Yeah.

It's a f*cking good idea.

This is something for the girls, for their morale.

You have no right to stuff it up for them.

If you don't shut your mouth, the screws will get wind of it and Ferguson will close the whole project down. Just sayin'.

That's what I'm afraid of.

Yeah, so f*cking shut up.

Otherwise your precious Nash'll get sent back and... no more garden.

Or, if you play your cards right, I can fix it so you get some time alone with lover boy, eh?

Sorry, Miss Miles.

Inside. In here. Over to the bed.

Stop stuffing around.

She's flogging medication. Vera's on her way to strip-search her.

I want you to organise an X-ray of that cast.

My bet is that's where the drugs are stashed.

He's a f*cking psycho!

We'd need the prisoner's consent for an X-ray.

She's a junkie. Huh? Am I the only one here that can see that?

Rose, move it. Get on the phone and organise the appointment. Let's go.

Just settle down, Fletch.

Or what, mate? You gonna dob me in to Ferguson again? What?!

It's harassment.

She had me for leaving the sewing machine in a dangerous place.

Thanks a lot, mate. Nice work.

I didn't dob you in. She asked me.

It was no accident, Will, OK?

It didn't unbolt itself and throw itself down the stairs!

I had no idea about that incident when she asked me.

Too busy pandering to the prisoners' needs! Mr Fletcher!

My office. Now.

Governor, I'm busy.

We have found your missing meds, Mr Fletcher.

It was an inventory error.

Follow me.

What the f*ck?

Ferguson's being a bit rough on you.

I'm just for something different.

She's got me mopping out the wet cells.


Thought I could give you a hand.

It's bloody Will.

You know he's dobbed me in with f*cking Ferguson again, right?

Do you really think he'd do that?

Well, there's the laundry incident, OK?

And the official complaint he made against me for using capsicum spray on Sky.

The disagreement with me over Kat.

And he left me holding the bag when Simmo and Bea went missing for the count. f*ck!

I just don't think he would intentionally undermine you.

There might be another explanation.

The explanation is, Vera, he's got it in for me.

That's it, OK?

Now, you haven't said anything to him, have you, about Meg and I?

Of course not.

Because if he knew, he'd f*cking kill me.

All right?

Want to know who slashed your tyre, mate?

Argh! Jesus!

Hope you were f*cking worth it!

I've got something for you.


It's a zip gun.

Had it made especially.

How does it work?

It's pretty basic.

There's a tack inside there.

It's spring-loaded.

To fire it, you flick this trigger.

Cap hits the end of the bullet, and bang, it fires.

But you've got to get up close and personal.

And there's only one bullet in it.

So you make sure you use it on the right person.

Thank you.

It's gonna be more than a thanks, Red.


Keep walking.

I got the info you wanted.

Couldn't find a match between any of the three newcomers and the Holts.

Tranny's a clean-skin, in for stabbing her boyfriend.

Junkie tried to hold up a 7-Eleven with a syringe.

The girl - assault, but I couldn't see all of her file.

Some of it was marked Governor's Eyes Only.

What does that mean?

Prior conviction, maybe.

How do I know she's not connected to the Holts?

I guess you don't.

Hi, there.

You're Maxine, aren't you?


Yeah. You gonna have a shower?



Are you?

Yeah. Yeah.

Well, after you.

Oh, no, no. After you, hm?


Oh, I insist.

You're not here to shower, are you?

You're just trying to have a look.

So which is it?

Oh, sh1t, is it both?

Oh, come on! Don't be like that.

I got a packet of biccies riding on this, eh?



You're gonna keep your voice down, OK?

You're gonna sit up, right?

And you're gonna answer my questions or I'll put a bullet in your brain.

Did the Holts send you?

What? I don't know who the Holts are.

Don't lie to me!

What's in your file that's so secret?



I-I had a previous conviction.

What previous conviction?

Hm? What previous conviction?

For killing a child.

That's bullshit.

You're lying.

If that was the truth, you'd be in Protection or you'd be dead already.

No, no, no.

Cos they caught the real killer.

Then why are you here now?

It was self-defence.

Her husband came after me.

Please, you have to believe me.


You told him.

You betrayed my confidence, Vera.

No, I didn't say anything.

Then how did he find out?

Can I help you?

Oh, I was looking for Bea.

She's next door.


I thought they'd put you in Jacs' old cell.


Is this a tranny block?

Oh, she'd kill you if she ever heard you say that.

I'm... I'm confused. Where is she?

Oh, she's dead.

Bea killed her.

So just a word of warning.

Don't mess with Bea.

I wasn't planning on it.


That's good.

Argh! Argh!





Thank you.

How's the patient?

Walking wounded.

She'll live.

Leave us.

It seems your attacker got herself arrested to get into this prison.

She'll be moved into Protection with an attempted murder charge tacked onto her sentence.

Glad to hear.

You were very lucky to have that... transgender person there to help.

You know, her name's Maxine.

It's useful having friends, isn't it?

None of these people are my friends.

I understand you, Smith.

You're a loner.

But it doesn't pay to be alone in here.

That's why people form alliances.

Who are you suggesting I form an alliance with?


I'm simply stating there is strength in numbers.

You're vulnerable when you're alone.

How you doing?

I'm sore.

You know I found a zip gun in Kat's cell.

What's that?

It's a homemade gun.

I guess I'm lucky she didn't use that on me, then.

She's the lucky one.

It was booby-trapped.

What does that mean?

It means if she'd used it on you it would have blinded her and blown off her hand.

I played right into your hand, didn't I?

What are you on about?

You were hoping that thing would blow up on me.

Oh, f*cking settle down, Red.

You've been tight with Simmo lately.

It wasn't meant for you.

I thought you were getting it for her to use on me.

I'm not stupid enough to put a weapon into the hands of my enemy.


Well, I'll remember that.

Are you OK?



I, er, I just wanted to say thanks.

Thanks so much for what you did.

Are you OK?


I heard they found... another weapon in that bitch's cell.



Thanks again.

For what it's worth, you shouldn't feel shy about showering with the other women.

You look great.



Er, and if there's anything I can ever do for you...

There is...

There was something that,... er, I've been meaning to ask.

You're looking better. Eh?

Are you all right, Maxine?