02x06 - The Pink Dragon

Help her!

Would you go and get some help?

Is that your daughter?


She's got herself tied up with the Holts.

Brayden's dangerous.

God knows what she's getting into.

Who said anything about Brayden?

She was all over him in the car park.

I'm sure it was Brayden Holt.

Brayden will use Carly.

How do you know he's not using her as a drug mule?

Get me a name, someone on the outside I could use to get to Brayden.

Tell your mate to call her Uncle Morgan.

What's Vinnie doing to get me out?

He wants something in return.

Bea Smith. Vinnie wants her dead and you're doing it.

Holy sh1t! She's on the roof!

What the f*ck is she doing?

I want to know how this could happen.

She climbed the fence and got onto the fire escape.

In full view of the officers on yard duty?

I ordered her to come down but she's too wired to stop.

How are there drugs in this prison again?

Sierra Four calling Sierra Two.

I'm on the roof. Over.

I want this resolved immediately with no casualty.

Is that clear?

Roger that.

Birdsworth, be careful!

Oh sh1t!

Let me see if I can talk her down.


She trusts me. Please!

Just give us a go.





Is she trying to kill herself?

No, she's just high.

I can't... I can't watch this.

Look at this!

What are you doing here, love?

Look at all this, 'ey!

They're all fluffy like Philly cheese, 'ey?

Some of your product, Franky?

You want a taste, Red?

Sit with me and we can look at the Philly cheese together.

No, no. I'm out of here.

Where to, love?

I'm going to fly over that wall and leave this shithole!


Jenkins, get inside now!

No, no way. I want to see the splat.

Come away from the edge, Sky.

If you fall, you're gonna hurt yourself.

No, not fall. f*cking FLY!


Sky, you silly bugger.

Are you all right?

I want to know how these drugs are getting in.

I have no idea.

I know you care about the welfare of these women, Liz.

You fear for them and it's made you an excellent peer worker, but you're coming up for parole.

What's gonna happen when you're not here?

Without you, Franky Doyle is going to run riot.

It won't be long before someone else dies, just like that poor Korean girl.

What was her name?

Her name was Su Yung.

Hmm, Su Yung.

You can prevent that, Liz.

Talk to me.

She's not talking. Organise a ramp.

I want these drugs found.



Is she OK?

She's in Medical, coming down.

I don't want a serve.

I'm gonna give you one.

You talk about these woman being family, then you pump them full of crap gear.

I didn't know that gear was crap and I don't force them to use the sh1t.

Oh, Franky, mate.

That's a f*cking cop-out and you know it is.

It HAS to stop!

We've just had Sky on the freaking roof.

How would you feel if she'd jumped?

A lockdown is in force.

All prisoners must return to their units.

They're doing a ramp!

Be ruthless. I want results.

The total yield was a few small amounts of various substances.

Personal use amounts?


No-one is talking about the source?

I'm afraid not, Governor.

Someone's bringing in those drugs for Doyle.

She's too smart to do it herself.

I'm gonna find out who it is.

Come here, Vera.

Yes, Governor.

This is a visitors log.

Last week... and today.

Anything stand out to you?

Simone Slater's husband is visiting for the third time in two weeks.

That's unusual.

More than unusual.


I want you to monitor that visit.

Keep a close eye on them.

Yes, Governor.

That gear you gave me last week was sh1t.

It had a bad effect on one of the women.

Someone put the chocolates in the fridge and the stick mags are out of date, think we're running a supermarket?

Listen, arsehole. I've got a responsibility to those women.

They trust me to bring in decent gear that's not gonna f*ck 'em up.

Oh, a little firecracker, aren't you, 'ey?

You'd go off like a frog in a sock.

Not that you'll ever know.

Don't be like that now, baby, 'ey.

I promise I'll do better next time.

You'd better, otherwise the arrangement's over.

I'll erm...

I'll get you some Pink Dragon.

Pink Dragon?

Yeah, it's real pure. Potent as.

Satisfaction guaranteed, babe.



You'll be an absolute f*cking legend.

It'll cost you a buck.

Doyle, no fraternisation with the male prisoners.


Don't make me gag, Miss Miles.

Get back to work.

Hey, you got a visit?


You're gonna get me that number?

Spitz said he'd look into it.

He's gonna give it to you today?

Smith, get back to work!

Get me that number!

What's the f*cking hold-up?

Just get it done.

I do her and walk around with a massive f*cking target on my head!

You know what it'll mean if I get caught.

Fifteen to 20 years in here.

I can't hack that.

Find a way to do it so no-one can pin it on you.

It's not that easy!

I'm not a murderer and Bea Smith is my only ally in here.

You know what's Vinnie's like.

Remember Cat's brother?

That could be me or Carly.

Not if you take him out instead.

Don't make a joke of it.

I don't mean you but what about that bloke, the name you gave me?

Call him. He'll take care of it.

It's too risky. Where will we get the money from anyway?


You've got to do this.

You have to do this or I'm a dead man.

What did he pass you?


You might as well give it up.

I'm gonna find it anyway.

Is this how you get your kicks?

How pathetic!

Fine, have it your way. Kit off.




What was your impression from the conversation?

He seemed to be pressuring her and she mentioned Bea Smith.

Bea Smith.

Wouldn't be the first time Smith has brought in drugs.

She wouldn't be a pushover now after what happened to her daughter.


Keep an eye on Slater.

She's up to something.

Yes, Governor.

Miss Miles?

Can I show Doreen the plants?


Thank you.

How you going?


I really, really want you.


Hey, listen, babe, the gear Bates is gonna give Franky is not all it's cracked up to be.

What do you mean?

A couple of guys OD'd the other day from it.


You all right?

He's calling it Pink Dragon like it's something real great but...

Ladies, that's it for today.

Pack up. Back to your units.

Come on, fellows.

That's it. Pack it up.


See ya.

What do you expect me to do about it?

How about giving Franky a heads up?

She wouldn't piss on me if I was on fire at the moment.

It has to stop.

Yeah, but how?

I don't know but I'm not gonna sit on my arse and watch someone OD.

You're not gonna lag are you?

No! No, of course not.

Don't start a sh1t storm.

Just promise me...

Promise you what, darl?

Promise me you're not gonna stuff up the garden.

You mean Nash.


Yeah, yeah.




No, it doesn't look like I'll be getting out early after all.

I've got that contact for you though.

But, I've got to set it up.


I just need to know you can get the money.

Oh, yeah? Why's that?

You're not thinking of ripping me off, are you?

Of course not. It's just...

The guy will only deal with me.

He'll need half upfront given that the target's a hold.

I told you I'm good for it.




Hey, Mr Jackson. How's Sky doing?

She's OK. She's in the wet cells under observation.

Been there, done that.

Yeah, you had the deluxe suite.

What is it, Slater?

I want to request my uncle be added to my call list.

I heard from my husband. He's sick and I need to call him urgently.

I'll see what I can do.

How much? I've got 200 on me.


f*ck off then.

All right, deal.

What's up your arse?


If I don't do it, someone else will.

I'm not hungry.

I'm gonna go back to the cell.

Liz, what...?

What's wrong with her?

I know this is a very difficult decision for you, but you know in your heart it's the right one.

I'm worried for the safety of the women.

That is the ONLY reason I'm doing this.

Talk to me.

There's a bad stash of gear coming in called Pink Dragon.

Who's bringing it in?

Is it Slater?

I don't know.

How is it being smuggled?

I don't know that, either.

I just got wind of it.

I heard some junkies talking.

If you don't tell me how it's coming in, I can't intercept it.


If junkies get their hands on it, another death may result.

Do you want that on your conscience?

Do you?

You can't have the women's methadone and not expect this sh1t to start happening!

As soon as it gets here, I'll let you know.

That is the best I can do.

Very well.

It feels better, doesn't it?

Doing the right thing.

I feel like Judas.

It could be the number of a drug supplier.

Very good, Vera.

You can leave this with me.

It's me. I have a name and number I want you to check out.


Good, Joan, but remember, selecting the accurate time to start your attack is as important as the CHOICE of attack.

Yes? DRAW their advance.

Once, once you've lured them, then parry and thrust!

I've got that information you wanted.

Drug dealer?

Contract killer.

That number won't connect.

It hasn't been approved.

Oh, Slater...

So sorry to hear about your uncle.


f*ck! f*ck! Argh!

Mr Fletcher. I spoke to the governor at Woodford.

There's a vacancy coming up.

And you immediately thought of me?

f*ck off!

Get the f*ck out of here!


Forget about Slater.

She's not bringing in drugs.

What about the phone request?

Whatever that's about, I've shut it down.

And Doyle, do you want me to question her?


Franky Doyle. Should I question her?

No, no, no, no.

All we have to do is wait.

Be patient. Be vigilant.

We allow her enough rope...

And we'll catch her with this Pink Dragon?

No more top dog.

If you create a power vacuum, someone else will step up.

That's fine.

Thank you, Vera.

Simmo, what's wrong?

Oh sh1t! Has something happened?

They won't let me contact that guy.

Ferguson has blocked the number.

f*cking hopeless.

Carly is gonna get sucked in by the Holts, and I'm stuck in here!

I'm f*cked!

I'm f*cked.


We'll work something out.

All right?

Exercise period is now over.

Come on.

I'm telling you, I can't do it.

I can't do what Vinnie wants.

Listen, listen, you can take care of yourself but you've got to make sure that Carly is safe.

I don't know, maybe, maybe tell her to stay overseas or something.

You're asking me to do something you can't do.

I'm sorry.

Listen, listen, you can take care of yourself but you've got to make sure Carly is safe.

I don't know, maybe, maybe tell her to stay overseas or something.

For crying out loud, you stupid bitch!

You have to do Bea Smith!

What do you think is gonna happen to me?

You've got to do it!

Will you miss me?

I will for sure.

It's very quiet around the house.

Are you serious?

What are you doing here?

I need to see Franky.


Maybe she doesn't want to see you because we don't like slags here.

Shut up, you stupid bitch.

You shut up!

Do you wanna go?

Hey, shut the f*ck up!

What do you want?

Now you've interrupted my study.

A hit.

Junkies never change, do they?

And you're coming to me.

Have you got the cash on you?

Booms. Go.

I need a fuete, too.

Have fun, Simmo.

Hey. I just came to see if you were...

Oh sh1t!


Hey! Can you hear me?

Hey, Simmo! Wake up.

Come on, open your eyes!

We need help here!

Simmo, sh1t!

Somebody help!

Hey, Simmo! Simmo!

Look at me, wake up.

Can you hear me?

It's Slater.

She OD'd but she's gonna be OK.

Smith found her and raised the alarm.

I see. How ironic.

When the nurse has her stabilised, cuff her to the bed.

She can spend the night in Infirmary.

You think handcuffs are necessary?

If she suicidal we don't want her trying it again, do we?

Yes, of course.

Keep her under constant observation.

Yes, Governor.

Actually erm... I have to get some other officers to take care of Slater.

Why is that?

My mother's on stronger pain medication but it's not working.

I know I assured you I wouldn't let issues at home...

Vera, enough. I understand.

Go home to your mum.

Is just, she's extremely erm... She has a strong personality.

Thank you.


Mum, I've called palliative care.

It's two hours till I can give you another shot.

I can't wait!

I know. OK.

I can give you a slow-release OxyContin to tide you over.

Well, just get on with it!


OK, come on.

Come on.

OK, here you go.

That's it. Good.


Mum! Mum, you have to swallow it!

Spit it out, spit! Spit!

Oh, God!

Oh, it's all right. It's OK.

I know you've got your hands full.

I've just brought you some food.

Oh I'm...

Thank you.

I'm just in the middle of something.


Would you like to come in?

No, I don't want to interrupt.


I have to go.

Sorry, I have to see to her.


Mum, you're fine.

Who's that?

Erm, Mum, this is my boss, Governor Ferguson.

Hello. I'm very pleased to meet you, Mrs Bennett.

Vera has told me so much about you.

Miss Ferguson has kindly brought us some dinner.

It'll be a damn sight better than what you've been feeding me.

I have to puree her food.

She has difficulty swallowing.

I have difficulty swallowing the muck she gives me.

I'm sure Vera is doing her very best, Rita.

She tries, but she can't cut it.

It's the story of her life.

She's like this at work too, I'll bet, huh?

Mum, I think that's enough for now, don't you?

I need something for the pain!

I'll get you something.

Why don't you do what you need to do?

I'll just heat one of these up for the two of you.

I don't want to put you to any trouble.

No trouble at all, just point me in the direction of the kitchen.

That way.

I'm sorry about Mum.

She's a bit delirious.

Don't apologise.

All the medication.

She's got quite a cocktail.

Half of them don't seem to work.

These orange ones are supposed to knock out a horse, they barely touch her.


Thanks for this.

She's recovered well, physically at least.

Dr Rasham thinks it was a deliberate OD.

Has he prescribed any medication?

Yes, he's put her on a course of antidepressants.

That's very good.

I think she can return to her unit.

It will take some time...

It'll get her back into her routine.

Remove her cuffs.



Look, I've been thinking...

Maybe you should give me the number and I can sort it out, yeah?

Oh, maybe you should have let me die.

Hey! That's the thanks I get?


Would you just give me the f*cking number?

f*ck you!

You know what? f*ck you!

f*ck you! You've got to stop feeling so sorry for yourself, Simmo.

You're not special.

Everyone's been through sh1t in this place.

You have everything to live for.

You have a beautiful daughter and loving husband still there for you.

Nothing is more important than that.

Settle down, Smith.

You need to find the guts to do what you have to to survive, like every single one of these women has had to do.

You hear me?

You need to sort your sh1t, Simmo.

f*cking toughen up!

That's enough, ladies!

Settle down, ladies!

Calm down, please!

Calm down!

You gave Simmo serve this morning.

Is everything OK?




Mr Faulkner, can I just show Dor?

Yeah, go on.

Thank you, sir.

Hey, Dor.

Oh, what's happened?

No, he's OK.

He just got out of his box and fell right on his arse, didn't you?

I think he was trying to fly.



Want to see?

Yeah, go on.

All right.

Give him a go. See how he goes.

Here you go.

He's so cute!

Isn't he?

Maybe if I chuck him off the roof, he'll fly.


What? He's a bird!

It's what they do.

Not yet! He's a baby.

Is he gonna fly?

Atta boy.

He's thirsty.

What's the f*cking problem?

Right, I've got chocolate.

Booze. Ciggies. Weed and...


Pink Dragon.

Oh, look at you!

Cute, isn't he?

It's all good.

I'll send Boom in.

Oh yeah...

I don't want another Boomer blow.

Fine, suit yourself.

I told you the Pink Dragon was gonna cost you, baby.

f*ck off!

You're not going to squeal, are you, baby, hey?

Not with all that lovely green at stake, 'ey?

I know you're not gonna squeal.

Sierra Six to Sierra Three.

We need help, repeat, we need help.

How is this fair?

I'm the victim here.

Bates is on his way to the hospital.

That fork punctured his scrotum.

Yeah, good. He was asking for it.

Yeah, good move, Franky.

All right, ladies. Let's go.

Let's get Jenkins out of there.

Let's move.

Yes, sir.

All you clowns, listen up.

Gather up all your tools and personal belongings.

Don't leave anything because you won't be coming back.

Nash! Nash, over here.

What are you think you're doing?

Taylor, are you deaf?

I said haul your arse out of here.

Let's go.

Please, Mr Fletcher.

Can you let me in?

This area is now off-limits.

Please, it's just for a second.

Are you two trying to get me suspended?

No, no, no.

We just want to say goodbye.

Please, sir?

It's tough, OK, but you've got to let it go and move on. All right?

Move on, Taylor. Let's go, move.


Hold onto it for me, OK?


Let's go. Move!

Let's go. Come on.

Come on. Let's go. All right.

Turn around.

Roll it up. Let's go.

Sierra Six to Sierra Three.

I need someone to help me bag evidence.

Copy that.

That was a bloody cock-up, wasn't it?

Nah, or not.


So, while everyone was freaking out over Bates, right?


I rescued all the gear.

Franky is going to be so stoked when she gets out. You want some?



Hey, Lizzie.


From zero to hero.


Have a seat.

Bloody hell, Mr Fletcher.

Twice in one week.

I don't know why I bother making my bed.

We found your hidey hole in the shed, Jenkins.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Of course you don't. No idea.

Oh, lookie, lookie here. Huh?

It sounds like Christmas.

What have you got here?



No, it's not mine.

Not yours?


We'll see about that.

You idiot.

Move. Move!

It's nice of you to visit.

Are you missing me?


It was self defence.

I don't doubt you had reasonable grounds.

You're entitled to an acquittal if the police press charges.

So, why am I here?

Well, here's the thing, and it's bad news I'm afraid.

Miss Bennett discovered your drop box in the garden shed.

It's a clever arrangement.

Why is it MY drop box when the whole prison had access to that shed?

You're the only one with the smarts to come up with something like that.

Thank you for the compliment but I know nothing about it.

That's strange, because a stash of heroin was just found in your little helper's cell.

Get your big paws off me.

I can walk!

She'll be up for at least another seven years.

Possession of a trafficable quantity.

Is that how you look after your friends?



You OK?

Yeah, are you good?

Yeah, I'm all right.

How's Slater on these meds?

It's still early days, but she seems to be turning a corner.

Hmm, I noticed that, too.

What was Franky doing in the shed with that man?

I heard Boomer got sprung with a whole lot of gear. Join the dots.

So, she's taking the fall for Franky?

I heard Miss Miles got suspended.


Which one of you bitches stole my rubber gloves?

Oh. sh1t.

Hey, did you put that water on...?

Smith? What's going on?

You all right?

This is Sierra Three.

I've got a Code Black in H4.

This is the same pink sh1t I confiscated from H2.

Well, you obviously didn't find it all, did you?

She was determined to end it, Bea.

There's nothing you could do about it.