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02x07 - Metamorphosis
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You were lucky to have that transgender person to help.

Her name's Maxine.

Are you OK?

Thanks for what you did. Bates's gear is not all it's cracked up to be.

There is a bad stash of gear coming into the prison. It's called Pink Dragon.

What do you want?

A hit.

Junkies never change, do they?

You talk about these women being a family, then you pump them full of crap gear.


How is this fair?

I'm the victim here.

Who's that?

Vera's told me so much about you.

Miss Ferguson brought us some dinner.

Damn sight better than what you've been feeding me.

You idiot.

She'll be up for another seven years.

Is that how you look after your friends?

Code black in H4.

This is the same pink sh1t I confiscated from H2.

You obviously didn't find it all, did you?

They need to see this.

I had a contract with these prisoners and they broke it.

You're punishing everyone for the actions of one or two.


Look at them, Vera. It's the herd mentality that drives those women.

If we show an ounce of weakness... the herd will sense it.

I'm here as a peer worker, Franky, to make sure you're all right.

f*ck me.

I hope you're happy with yourself.

Yeah, I'm pumped.

Check it out.

You hear what Ferguson did to the garden?

Took a Bobcat to it.

The shed, everything.

It's all gone.

Nazi bitch.

No, you're the bitch.

You're responsible, Franky.

Nash, the magpie.

You wrecked everything.

Whoo! Not feeling loved up here, Dors.

You got to work on your peer sh1t.

f*ck being a peer worker and f*ck you!

You ruined everything for your own selfish bloody purposes.

Didn't hear you complain when I got you time with loverboy.

Everything OK, ladies?

Sweet as pie, Mr J.

Right, Dors?

OK, then, Franky. Holiday's over.

You'd love him, Bea.


Well, he's my saviour.

This is the first time he's visited though, yeah?

He's busy. With work.

He travels a lot.

I really wish you could meet him.

He'd like you.

You never told me what happened between you two.

Nice do, Maxie.


I'm sorry about Simmo.

No, you're not.

It was a shitty way to go.

It was your crap gear that did it.

She did it to herself.

Just want to make sure we're sweet.

I found her, Franky.

Needle was still -

Oh - crap still in it.

The pink crap?

She hadn't finished the hit before it killed her.

You sure it was pink?

Boob cosies.

You can have them when I leave.


Make a bikini.

I'd look good in a bikini.

You're back!

Did you sell some Pink Dragon?

What? No, I never.

Look at my face.

That sh1t hadn't been cut yet.

I did what you told me to do.

I hid it in my cell.

You gave some to Simmo.


Or you sold it to someone who gave it to Simmo.

I didn't!

Franky! She's telling the truth.

How the f*ck would you know?

I was here when Fletch tossed the cell.

He found the gear and she hadn't opened it.

So how did Simmo get her hands on it?

How do you know she did?

Cos I f*cking know.

Maybe Fletcher sold it to her.


He's been a bit grumpier than normal, hasn't he?

I wouldn't be surprised if he was bent.

Jesus wept!

You clean it.

Stuff that.

One of these delicate flowers here can do it.

Here we go. Goldilocks.

Got a job for you.

I've got a visitor.

Not for 20 minutes.

Plenty of time to mop up this spew.

I don't want to smell of vomit.

I don't give a flying fig.

You'll mop it up or I'll write you up a charge.


I've got a visitor.

I'll can your visit unless you mop this up now.

I'll do it afterwards.

You'll take the f*ck off!


Jesus Christ.

Is that all you got? Get off the f*cking floor and take the mop!

I will take care of this!

Just go away! Go!


Can I help?

Do you mind if I...

You're not very good at putting on make-up.

Thank you.

It was self-defence.

You stuck a garden fork in a man's genitals.

That's the bit I was defending myself from.

This is an act that suggests a certain level of intentional malice.


You said he was going to rape you in the garden shed. Is that right?

The f*cking penthouse was taken.

Mr Bates says you came on to him.

I don't eat sausage.

I'm a vagitarian.

And what does that mean?


Hi, Maxie. How are you going? You OK?

You look great.

It's really good to see you.

What's wrong? Why are you here?

Has something happened to Gary?

No. Sit.

They won't let Gary visit.


Hey, sis! How are you?

Good to see you!

It's good to see you.

Look at you. You're looking good.

I'm feeling good too.


NA is keeping me on the straight and narrow.

I'm so happy for you.

I freaked when you called.

I mean, sh1t, Dor.


I need to see him.

They haven't let me call him.

I need to explain to him why it happened the way it did.

I need to tell him.

I need to tell him I love him.

I can do that for you.

No! I need to tell him myself!

Gary... has been headhunted.

He's got a big project starting in New Zealand.

He won't be back for months.

Not until the trial.

I need to see him before he goes.

Hey, he never deserved you.

Maxie, the way he treated you!

You're too bloody good for that, brother of mine.

No reasonable person is going to believe you were justified in castrating a man.

They don't have to believe it.

The only question to be asked is whether the accused believed, on reasonable grounds, whether it was necessary in self-defence to do what he or she did.

Zecevic versus DPP, 1987.

Thanks so much for doing this.

I'm sorry about all the crap.

No, you're all right.

No. You were really good to me and Kaiya.

Not everyone sees things the same way.

Aren't you the smart one?

You know what? You're sacked.

You'll regret this.

I'm scared!


Give it a shake.



Bend over.

Part your cheeks.

That's it.

Put your T-shirt on.

What's in there, Dors?


I'll stand here all day if I have to.

We go fishing?

It's not drugs!

Oi, Booms!

All right! All right!


Get us a cuppa, will you?

Get it yourself.

Can you at least turn around?

It's not like I haven't seen your janie before.


OK. I'm late.

And I've been crook.

Ha! Didn't you use protection?

Piss off.

How late are you?

I don't know. That's why I got it.

Better hope the Grim Reaper doesn't find out.

Your hesitation cost you.

You have the instinct and the desire.

What you lack is the ability to follow through.

My opponent lost his balance.

That made him vulnerable.

Why did you stop?

It was a sporting thing to do.

It was the weak thing to do.

The time to strike is when he is on his knees.

A lesser opponent will rise up if you give him the slightest opportunity.

You must be ruthless.

You wanted to see me, Governor.

Yes, Vera.

We need to get to the bottom of this garden contraband racket.

And to be honest... I am stuck.

Why don't you take charge of that investigation?

I'm giving you a full mandate to do whatever it takes to pin Doyle for it. We know she was behind it.

It's important that we make an example of her.

Get someone to talk.

The women won't lag.

Then you will find another way.

Just bring me proof.

Is there a problem?

Time to step up, Vera. I'm giving you a chance to prove yourself.

Come on, help me. I believe in you.

You just need to believe in yourself.

Thank you, Governor.

Come on. Open up.

Open up.

Mum, I...

I had a good day at work today.

I think Joan is starting to trust me more.


The governor.

Remember? She brought us tea.

She lets me call her that.

She's given me a very important job.

You'll fail. You always do.

Come on, you've got to eat.

I'm in terrible pain!

You're not due another morphine shot till midnight.

You've always been a disappointment to me, Vera.

Even as a little girl, you never had much spirit.

I think that was because you were...

What was it they used to call you, Vera?

The kids at school.


Can't remember, Mum.

Stinky Pants. Was that it?

After you wet yourself at show and tell.

I could still hear them when I'd pick you up from school.

Here comes Vera Stinky Pants!

Oh, Mum!

Mum! Sit up. Try and sit up.

Why are you putting me through this, Vera?!


I am trying to take care of you.

No, you're not! Stop the pain!

I can't!

For God's sake, stop the...

I don't know what to do, Mum!

Do something!

How's Goldilocks?

What is your problem with Maxine?

I don't have a problem with him, as long as he does as he's told.

The doors have been closed all morning.

Heads up, the women don't really like that.

You want to talk about it?

I'm going to be here for the next... 12 years.

So if you change your mind...

Hey, might want to give that one another wash.

OK, that's lunch.

Right on cue. You all right?

Come on. Come on, Dor.

Not you, Doyle.

We both know you were behind the drop-box in the garden shed.

How's your mum, Miss Bennett?

Boomer's looking at serious drug charges.

She's in a bad way.

You're really going to let her take the fall?

Boomer's a scapegoat.

Your scapegoat.

It wasn't me. It wasn't Booms.

If you ask me, it was one of the officers.

Is that the best that you've got?!

It's pretty good. That guard Steve, he was smuggling sh1t in.

Leaving it in the shed for one of his mates to pick up.

The contraband was found in Boomer's cell.

It was planted there once the sh1t hit the fan.

That's not going to wash.

The officer found it in no time.

Practically went straight to where it was stashed.

Like he knew it was there.

You see Mr Fletcher lately?

Does he look like he's been using?

Hm! You're no different to us.

You just wear a fancy uniform.

Go to lunch.

I am sorry about your mum, Miss Bennett.

He cut my hair off, Bea.


He paid for the surgery.

He told me if that's what I wanted, he'd support me 100%.

My shrink warned me Gary was more interested in me as a cross-dressing gay man.

I said I'm not gay.

I'm a woman.

And I always have been.

Bea, I had this fantasy I was going to emerge from the chrysalis like a butterfly.

Turns out Gary preferred his butterfly with a cock.

One night, I woke up and...

He was hacking my hair off with some scissors.

Before I knew it...

I grabbed them and I...

I stabbed him.

My hair, I had to shave it off.

That's why I wear this wig.

If I could just see him for five minutes. That's all I need to make him understand.

You -


My veins!

It's my veins!

Medical assistance to the dining room!


We've got this.

Let me look.

Call Medical.

I'm bringing down Marge Novak.

Marge, listen to me. Marge!

Are you hep C positive?

OK. You need to come down with me and get cleaned up.

Well done, Max.

Don't let her bleed on the food!

It's going to be all right.

Here you go. That will do until you get to the staff room.


You're welcome.

Any cuts on your hands?

Let me look.



Where do I put the contaminated clothes?

Dump them in the basket. I'll put them through the laundry.

How's Novak?

Her varicose veins.

She's also a haemophiliac.

It's a bit on the small side.

Looks good.

Er... OK, your turn.

Pop these on for me.

Throw your clothes in the basket.

Thanks very much.

Any cuts on your hands?

Let me look. Yeah.

Sorry, this is a little too small for you.

So you lied to me.

It's Maxine.

I really need to see you again.

I've called in the SCSG to conduct a formal search of all prison officers -

A search of the officers? I asked you about the garden shed drop-box.

That's what I'm doing.

To get Franky Doyle.

There's another line of investigation.

Not colleagues.

I do understand that.

A security search reflects poorly on my staff. Especially on me.

It is not my intention to embarrass you.

Then explain why you ignored my order.

I'm doing exactly what you ordered.

I have reason to suspect Mr Fletcher of smuggling in the contraband from Walford.

What's going on?

What are you doing in my locker?

Miss Bennett has brought in the SCSG to conduct a search of staff.

They're amino acids.

In daily portions.

Miss Bennett?

Mr Fletcher, the SCSG are going to test that material for illicit substances.


I ask you to leave the premises until the matter is resolved.

They're bloody amino acids!

You need to leave, Mr Fletcher.



I missed you at lunch.

You must be crook.

Heard about you spewing.

A gift for C block.

We brought you some dry biscuits.


If you're crook, why don't you see the nurse?

I don't need to.

Oh, my God, you're preggers!


Sneaky little bugger!

With Nash, eh?



Are you OK with it?

I want a baby more than anything.

But I just don't want to bring it up in here.

Oh, Kaiya was all right, wasn't she?

Did you tell anyone?


She made me tell. But keep it a secret. We can't tell anyone.

Dor, we can't keep it a secret.

You are going to get huge.

Just for a couple of months.

Till Nash gets out.

I don't want this to stuff up his parole.

Oh, love.

Oh, my Dor!

There you go, Mum.

OK, that's it.

Not enough.

It's the maximum dose.

Any more is dangerous.


Give it a minute.



Vera! The pain!


Shut up.


Shut up. Shut up.

Shut up.

Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

It's Governor Ferguson.

Governor. Yes?

The lab results came back on the package in Mr Fletcher's locker.


It's a common amino acid supplement.

Biologically dubious but perfectly legal.

I am extremely disappointed, Vera.

You have really let me down.

I'm sorry.


I'm not the only one you should be apologising to.

We'll speak tomorrow.

I am so sorry.

I don't know what I was thinking.

Franky Doyle planted a seed about you smuggling in the contraband from Walford.


Vera? Not your mum, is it?


What was that about?

I don't care.

Sorry, Marge.

Are you feeling all right?

It's my veins.

Bloody hell, they go and then they bleed and bleed.

I die every time.

They gave me a little pill.

It's a miracle pill!

It stops the blood.

Makes it thicker.

I tell you, it's a miracle drug.

I die every time.


What did you say?

Haemo. Haemophiliac.

Yes, I know that.

But what did you say before?

They upped my dose.

Might have bled to death, eh?

So the drugs stop the bleeding.

Yeah, yeah, stopped it.

Bloody miracle.

What are you after?

I hope you feel better soon, Marge.

The governor called me this morning.

My suspension has been lifted.

About last night. Are we OK?



Hey, I'm taking a... What?!

Get the f*ck out, mate!

You think you're pretty f*cking clever.

Can you open my door, please?


Fearing for your personal safety?

I've got a f*cking reputation.

I don't give a f*ck about your reputation since you crapped all over mine.

I don't know what you're talking -

Talk or I'll choke you out!

You're a bent screw.


You sold that gear to Simmo.

You know f*ck all.

You idiot! I'm going to make your pathetic life hell.

It's already hell.

It's a f*cking holiday camp.

You must have been to some fucked-up camps as a kid.

Yap, yap, yap.

Hey, what's going on in here?

What is going on?

Are you all right?


What was that about?


f*cking Fletch.

I'm going to get that prick.

You've got to eat something.


Oi. Fletch is coming.

In there.

What's going on?

Panic alarm in the kitchen.

Panic alarm in the kitchen.

Copy that. I'm on my way.


Check it out!

She's got vinegar tits!

Vinegar tits!

Vinegar tits!

Did you see them?!

Vinegar tits!


Stinky Pants.

Stinky Pants. Stinky Pants.

Stinky Pants.

Stinky Pants. Stinky Pants.


What's that smell?


Oh, Vera.

Vera, Vera, Vera.

The prisoners -

No point looking to the prisoners.

What do you expect from them?

They smell weakness. They attack.

It's as instinctive as breathing.

It might be best if you took some time off.

You're too distracted.

Your mother's illness, it's taking all your focus.

Ms Miles can assume your responsibilities.

I guess I was wrong about you.

You're just not up to it, are you?

Go home, Vera.

Take care of your mother.

I'm fixing up my place.

The water is back on now.

The fishing's pretty good.

A few trout. Carp.

It sounds nice.

White Wolf. I'll take you up there if you like.

I could teach you how to fly-fish.

Are you OK, Vera?

f*ck off.

That drink machine stole two bucks off me.

I put it in and I pressed the button and nothing came out.

Visiting is now over.

Thank you. Oi.

Where's your pass?


It's here somewhere.

You're holding everyone up.


Move over here. Find it.




Will! Will, it's Conway!

It's Conway! Stop her!

It's Conway! Stop her! It's Conway!

Let me go! Let me go!


Miss Bennett.

Can I have my wig back?



If you want it your wig, then you shouldn't have thrown it away.

Didn't see you at lunch.

Wasn't hungry.

Not preggers, are you?

Thinking about becoming a doctor?

Why not? You're thinking about becoming a lawyer.

Good luck with that.

Miss Miles, it's nice to see you back.

No thanks to you.

You must have kissed somebody's arse.

No prizes for guessing whose.

What do you want?

Bit of dirt.

Plenty of that in the garden, for free.

Usual arrangement?


Who do you want the dirt on?


He's as clean as they come.


The gear he found, he scored some.

Says who?

Says me.

Didn't happen.

How do you know?

I saw what he found right after he tossed the cell.

He got it after that.

Didn't have a chance.

He handed the whole package to the Governor.

To Ferguson?

No f*cking way!

That's what I saw, Franky. Make sure the money's in by Friday.

Want to make a night of it.


Governor, Franky Doyle.

Thank you, Mr Jackson.

Thanks, Mr J.

If this is about the lawyer you've dismissed, you've burnt that bridge.

Good. I'd rather rep myself.

Because you're so much smarter than everyone else?

I hope you don't overestimate your knowledge of the law.

I don't claim to be an expert.

But I do know an indictable offence when I see one.

Take Simmo's death, for instance.

No, you've lost me. How is suicide an indictable offence?

Trafficking a drug of dependence.

15 years for a commercial quantity.

No doubt that knowledge will come in handy for you one day.

Why did you want to see me?

I know who sold Simmo the gear.



How do you know that?

Prima facie evidence.

The gear that you had possession of ended up in Simmo's veins.

And you can prove this.


Or... Maybe you could return the gear to its rightful owner.

I can forget it.

You're very sure of yourself.

I like that.

But you have a tendency to overplay your hand.

Could always ring the ombudsman.

Make a shitload of noise.

Are we done?

I think we are done.

How do you know it was suicide?

You said it was suicide.

Maybe it was an accidental OD.

Slater had a history of drug abuse.

I'm sure she knew exactly what she was doing.

Then why wasn't there any blood in the syringe?

She should have drawn blood into the syringe to make sure it was in her vein.

How do you know she didn't?

Because the gear left in the needle was pink, not red.

So she didn't inject herself.

Someone gave her a hot shot.

If you really want to play detective, Doyle, I have a far more interesting mystery for you.

How do you think we knew exactly where the drugs were stashed?

You should be less concerned with how Simmo expired and more worried about the fact that... you have an informer in your ranks.

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