02x10 - Jail Birds

It's a miracle pill.

It stops the blood.

Makes it thicker.

I believe these are yours.

These were meant to be posted.

To an ex-Governor?

I expect Mr Channing felt that was inappropriate.

The Governor's cut off my meds.

I was hoping you could help me out.

And you want this sh1t on a regular basis? Then you're my hench.

I need you to be my eyes and ears on Franky's crew.

There is a bad stash of gear coming into the prison.

It's called Pink Dragon.

You have an informer in your ranks.

Franky, it was me!


It was me.

You have got to be strong.

It's easy for you to say.

You don't even have kids, Liz.

I've... I've got two kids, Dor.

And I stuffed up with both of them.

It's taken me seven years, four months, 22 days to write this letter.

Well, at least finish it.

When I was first sentenced, I was terrified of what was waiting for me inside here.

But what's made Wentworth so hard wasn't on the inside at all.

It was knowing what I was missing on the outside.

Being a mother, watching you grow up, fall in love for the first time.

Being able to protect you from danger.

To keep you safe.

But also all the little things, the normal things that families do together.

And now, the day I've waited so long for has finally arrived.

And I'm more scared going out than I was coming in.


Two minutes, that's all.


Look at you.

God, look at you.

It's my fault.

You did what you had to do.

Why did you ask to be moved to H2?

Keep an eye on Doreen.

How's she goin'?

She's alright. Why didn't you tell me about your kids?

It was easier, Bea.

If I didn't talk about 'em, if I didn't think about 'em, and if I didn't have 'em in here with me, then they didn't exist.

But they do exist.

Oh, you never stop being a mum.

Doesn't matter where you are, or how long it's been.

You're right.

You're right.

Come here.

Smith. Time.

f*ckin' bitch!

Everything's finally falling into place.

Change is always difficult in the beginning.

That's when you meet the most resistance.

They test your mettle, hope you'll give up.

But if you stick with it, they lose their resolve. Like Doyle.

I think we can quietly congratulate ourselves.

OK, Graeme. Yeah, we'll talk later.

Hello, Joan. Great to see you.

The promotion doesn't come into effect until next month, but unofficially I have started board duties.

I thought you were overseas on, uh, sabbatical?

A fact-finding mission, actually.

Examining the prison systems of Scandinavia.

The board want me to explore where we might be able to implement some of my findings.

Which brings you here today.

Mm. I'd like to begin by reviewing some of the systems in place here.

May I ask why we have been given the honour?

There's been some concern over recent incidents.

Such as?

The garden project, for one.

I'm not making any judgements.

I'm just here to find the facts.

I see. Well let's hope we get to the bottom of it quickly, hmm?


Oh, I, uh, would like to set up an executive office, if I may.

Of course.

And please let me know if there's anything else you require.

You know, there is actually.

I think for the moment it would be best if Matt Fletcher's transfer was put on hold.

I'm not sure that's in our hands anymore.

I've already taken care of it.

I'll keep you updated.

The transfer's off.

What'd Ferguson say?

Doesn't matter what she says. It's what I do from here that counts.

And what's that gonna be?

I need concrete evidence of everything you've been telling me, implicating Ferguson.

And I need official complaints.

Oh, should be no shortage of those.

Not just from prisoners and not just from you.

I need at least one other officer.

Might be a big call, mate.

She's pretty intimidating.

Man, if you help me get rid of Ferguson, I will recommend to the board you're her permanent replacement.

No offence, Derek, but they didn't warm to me last time, did they?

I wasn't on the board then, was I?

I've spoken to the owner of the restaurant and he's agreed to give you an interview on Monday.



It's just an interview at this stage.

Oh, no, that's great.

I've never been a waitress before.

Well, it, it won't be front of house. It'll be in the kitchen.

Oh, like washing dishes?

Oh, that's alright. No worries.

And just an interview at this stage.


Now, this will be waiting for you in the discharge area.

It has your banking details, your debit card and the paperwork for the halfway house. Yep.

Now, I can't stress to you enough the importance of abiding by those rules. They're there to help you.

There are so many girls who end up back in here because of silly things, like breaking curfew or having a boyfriend back in their room.

Oh, God, there's no risk there.

Well, hopefully we'll have you out of there as quickly as possible.


And it's so wonderful that you've made meaningful contact with your daughter.

Is she meeting you today?

Yeah, they're, they're all comin'.

Oh, that's great.

You'll have so much to catch up on.


Vera! Come in. Take a seat.

How are you?

Good, thank you. Busy.


Well, it must have been hard for you.


Your mother.

Now, that in itself would have been hard enough, but everything that's been going on here.

I... I don't follow.

Vera. You're safe in this room.

What we talk about is strictly between you and me.



You have heard I've been promoted to the board and we're all very eager to get to the bottom of what's been going on, specifically this, um...

This whole garden fiasco.

Well, my understanding of the garden project is that Governor Ferguson shut down a drug supply.

I don't think the board sees things as optimistically as you do.

Now, listen, you should know this.

They're lookin' for her replacement.

And I think it should be you.

If you cooperate.


Mm. I'd like you to make an official statement about what really happened in the garden.

As far as I'm aware, I've just told you what really happened.

Vera, come on.

You don't want your record tarred with the same brush as hers, do you?

Change is always difficult at the beginning.

I've been here a very long time and I've never seen this prison run more professionally.

I have to say I'm disappointed.

Because I really thought that I could count on you.

And that's it.

I'll speak to you next week, but you've got my number, you can ring me about anything at any time.

Alright. Well, thanks for everything, Rachel. See ya.

Right. Good luck, Liz.

See ya. Thank you.

Ms Sanger.

Mr Channing.

Can I help you?

I'm looking for my deputy.

I was told she was with you?

You've just missed her.

Clearly. Thank you.

What'd they say?

Seven years.

Oh, f*ck!

f*cking judge gave me seven more f*ckin' years.

So I'll be, what, f*ckin' forty-fuckin'-three before I get outta here!

Booms! Miss Miles, I got it.

Come on.

Oh, Booms. OK.

That f*ckin' nagging bitch.

Yeah, I know.

I'm gonna f*ckin' get her.

I'm gonna f*ckin' well make Liz pay.



Hey, promise me you'll keep your head down, yeah?

You stay out of Ferguson's way, OK?

And I'm sorry about what happened to Maggie.

It was a sweet little bird.

Come on, ladies.

Here, give us a hug. It's alright.

It's alright, darlin'.

It's alright. It's alright, love.

You're gonna be alright. Alright?

You're gonna be right.

OK? And I'll come and visit ya.



Stop crying, alright?

Love you.

Bye, Liz!

Oh, Jesus, you're makin' me cry, ya silly buggers.

It's beautiful, isn't it, eh?

Thanks, girls. You don't do anything I wouldn't do, alright?

See ya, girls.


Oh, Jess. See ya, darlin'.

I'll miss you.

You'll be right. You'll be right.

Bye, girls.

Don't make me cry, alright?

Hey, for what it's worth...

It wasn't Jacs that killed Meg. It was Franky.


Love ya.

Thank you, Will.

Look after the girls.

Take care, Liz.


Psst! Hey!

What's up your arse?

Razor f*cking wire to keep you out.

Just watch your language in the library, will ya?


What are you doin' there?

Nothing, Mr Fletcher.

Hey, it's clean.

You gotta face your demons, Jess.

And you can't let the system beat you down.


Come on. It's time to re-join the real world.

OK, shoppers, come on down here.

We've got specials all day long.

There's so many types of bags...

You can't stand out there, come on in.

Cheers, mate.

No drugs. No alcohol. No excuses.

Any alcohol in your room is a breach of parole.

There's no cooking in your room.

No loud music, and no visitors.

Curfew is at 10pm, not 10.15, not 10.05, 10.

If you are late you'll find the front door locked.

Failure to meet curfew is a breach of parole.

Keep your door locked at all times, especially when you're in.

Any questions?

No. Thanks.

I wonder what she's doing right now.

Mmm. Can you imagine your first day out?

Oh, I'd have a huge steak.


And some radishes.


Oh, I know it's weird, but I've been craving 'em all week, true.

You know the first thing I'd do?

I'd run a long hot bath and I'd just soak for days.

And wash the stink of this place out of my hair.

It'd be nice to see something that didn't have barbed wire attached to it, eh? Yeah.

And just open a window and breathe in some fresh air.

Oh, that'd be so good.

Oh, give me a break!


He's gonna do it.


Me Uncle Norm. He's gonna bash the sh1t out of Liz. Right, he owes me a favour. I just gotta...

I just gotta find out where she is.

Can you guys go?



Don't. Don't... don't you try and stop me, OK?

I'm not. I'm just telling you to be careful on the phones, yeah?

Don't be overt.


Talk in code, yeah?

I'm not stupid!

I'm not...


My main concern is that you were exposed to an unacceptable level of danger.

As opposed to an acceptable level?

In a way, yes.

You were nearly raped under Ferguson's watch.

Oh, so you raced down here to see if I was alright?

I just wanted to make sure it never happens again.

With your help.

With my help?


You confiscated and read my private mail. Now you want my help?

That was a different matter.

In this place, everything's connected.

Wouldn't you like to see a change of management?

Tell me, did they turn you on?


My letters to Erica.

Did they turn you on?

Did you imagine us together? What I'd do to her? What she'd do to me?

Was I even in the picture or was it just the two of you?

Maybe it was all three.

f*ck you.

If you write out an official complaint about what happened in the garden, I might be able to help you with the assault charge.

Might be able to help?

You'll have to do better than that.


I'll provide you with a glowing character reference.

I mean, they don't come much better than that, do they, huh?

From the Regional General Manager of Corrections.

So what'd Ferguson do to you?

I just wanna run a safe prison.

Oh, OK. Well, you're not getting' jack sh1t from me until I see that character reference.

I can give you a hell of a lot more on Ferguson than what happened in the garden. Get writing.

Boomer's going after Liz.

She's gonna have her bashed.


Boomer's uncle.

sh1t! Do you know when?

She doesn't know where Liz's staying.

But once she gets the address she's not gonna mess about.

You let me know if you hear anything.

I'll take them.


I'm Liz.

I know. I'm Kay.

Hi, Kay.

Ah, these are for Sophie and Artie.

I, um, wanted them to have these letters. They're just a, um...

Seems a bit strange that you never wrote in all that time, and now you do.

Well I'm... I'm out now.

Just... it could be a little confusing for them, that's all.

I guess it would be, yeah.

It's not my place to tell you what you can and can't do.

But when you did what you did and then disappeared from their lives, the children were broken.

Took them a very long time to get over it.

I just don't want to see them get hurt again.

I understand.

Here. I'll make sure they get them.

No, it's OK. I'll...

f*ck! Phone! Ring, ring!

Ring, ring! Ring, ring!

Someone answer the f*ckin' phone!

She's not answering.

Try again.

Alright ladies, phones are closed.


We have to just make this call.


Two minutes.

No. Come on, let's go.

You know the rules.




I, uh... I can't get Liz's address cos that bitch Sanger, whatever, won't give it to me.

Oh, Jesus, Booms!

You asked a f*ckin' parole officer?

That's not exactly keepin' it on the down low, is it?

Yeah, I didn't tell her what it was for.

Well, thank f*ck for small miracles.

This is exactly what I was telling you about. Don't leave a trail.

Yeah, alright already!

I'm, I'm, I'm pissed off.

Yeah I know, but you don't wanna get more time because of it.

Maybe you should just leave it for now.

No way! I'm just sayin' that your head's not f*ckin' in it...

No! I am the one who got seven years and it wasn't even my gear.

I'm... I am gonna get her.

But, um, but I need ya help.

Shut up!

Shut up! Shut the f*ck up!

Is this it?


Next time there better be more.


Oh, God.

f*ck you. f*ck you.

f*ck you.

Wentworth's own clitterati!

Minus the martinis.



What's this?

Oh, you got it?

Yeah, just be careful, yeah?

f*ckin' excellent!

Just be careful, yeah?




I'm sorry you got seven years.

Governor, you wanted to see me?

Ah, Ms Sanger. Come on through.

Close the door.

And please, take a seat.

Now I, uh, don't want to discuss your private relationship with Mr Channing. That's your business.

But as Governor of this prison, I would like to know just why you were sharing parolees' files with him?

I'm sorry?

Am I mistaken?

No, but it's, it's not like that at all...

Like what?

Well, Mr Channing works with me to help parolees.

He uses his contacts to help organise job interviews and he...

He gives references for housing.

The Regional GM of Corrections writes references for parolees?

Well, no, not all parolees. Just the ones that need it the most.

Um, the ones without family or support who end up in halfway houses.

He has been a tremendous support to some of the girls.

Well, I was not aware of the extent of his generous spirit.

Thank you for clearing that up.

Will that be all?

Thank you.

Boomer's got Liz's address.

Oh, sh1t!

Did you manage to warn her?

No, I couldn't get a hold of her.

We gotta stop Boomer from getting' to the phones. Where is she now?

What the f*ck!

Hello? Hello!

Hey, somebody!

Thank you, no. No message.

This is the last of the parolees processed by Rachel Sanger.

Can I ask what your concern is?

Is there anything wrong with Channing helping parolees?

Just close the door.

Tell me what you see with these forms.

Do you see any pattern?

They're all re-offenders.

70% of parolees are re-offenders. Just look closer.

They were all paroled at the same halfway house. Standstead.

Come over here, have a look at these and tell me what you see.

Look at, look at the photos.

You notice anything?

They're all quite attractive.

And young.


These five were billeted to Standstead House but with no family, no support. And they all left within one week without giving a forwarding address.

They're effectively missing.

Hello? Yeah, I'm on my way now.

I'll be probably like 20 minutes.

Yeah, I don't know.

I think it'll hold up a bit.


Don't you look gorgeous.

Do ya reckon?

Looks beautiful, darling.

I've gotta go. The train's in like 20 minutes.

Will you be late, do you think, or...?

No, no, no. I gotta go. Bye.

Hello? Is anyone out there?

I'm in the fridge!

Who the f*ck locked me in there?

I don't know.


It's not funny!

Me nips are frozen solid. Look.

What happened?

I dunno, do I? Oh, what time is it?

I dunno.

Are the phones still on? Oh, f*ck.

Cheers, dickhead. I gotta go!

Hey, Booms, can I please cut in?


Oh, come on, mate, it's a really important call.

Piss off, alright. Hurry up.

You know, Boomer?

I haven't forgotten everything that you've done to me.

You'd better forget it, eh.

Hey, watch it!

You watch it!

You know, I'm gonna take you down.

You and your pimp bitch Franky.

Yeah, you guys are over.


Hey, who are you calling, Boomer?

Daz? Oh, no, that's right.

He's nuts deep in ya sister, yeah?

But I guess that makes sense, right?

She was always the skinny one.


Come on.

You alright or you need me to give you a hand?

Oi, Jenkins!

Let go of me!

That's enough!

Let go!

Right. I'd say you're in the slot.

She started it.

I didn't do anything, mate.

She's just outta control.

Oh, you're gone!

When I get out, you are so dead!

Dead! Ya hear me? Dead!


Yeah, can we get, um...

Oh, actually, can we go four drinks?

Four drinks.

These girls are thirsty.

Bryce is, Bryce is getting'...

Bryce is getting us drinks, hey?

Vodka and raspberry.

Here you go. Rib eye, well done.

Oh, my God. Thank you.

Keep the change.


Shots, shot, shot, shots! Go.

Three, two, one...


Mr Fletcher!


I just wanted to say thank you.

You know, for looking out for me when I was upset.

And I wanted to give your hanky back.

Goodnight, Jess.

Goodnight, Mr Fletcher.

Sophie, no!

She's such a slut.

So, Bryce is hot.

Mm, sort of.

You gonna go with him?

I don't know.

Yeah, well if you keep drinking like that, you're gonna spew all over him.

Shut up.

I mean it, Soph. I mean, you know you can't handle shots.

No, it just makes it easier, you know.

Yeah, what?

To talk to them.

You! You're an idiot.

Look what I got!


We are goin' for a walk.

No! Call me, OK?


Please, stop. Don't! Get off!

Hey, get off her!


You little mongrel! Come on, darl.

Come on. Come on. It's OK, love.

Who are you?

It doesn't matter who I am.

f*ckin' old moll!

You're right, darling, you're right. OK, we'll just...

Come here, darl. Hey.

14 Errington Street, Williamstown.

Is 50 enough?

No? Here's another 50 for your help, OK?

Right. Thank you.

Let's get you in.

That's the girl. Watch your head.

There we are. Good girl. That's it.

That's the way.




I'm telling you, I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know anything.

Where you been, huh?

You missed curfew, and that's gonna cost ya.

If you ever come near me again, or anyone, I'm gonna cut off your balls.

D'ya understand? Hey? And have a shower, for God's sake!

I found out where those missing girls went.

And I'm not sure the parole board would be happy about it.

Perhaps we should swap offices, seeing how you like this one so much.

Apologies for the intrusion.

I won't take much of your time.

How's your investigation going?

Any success?

Well, to be honest, I'm shocked by what I've discovered.


Mm. Yeah.

Attempted rape, violent assault, drug conduit and a pregnancy.

All under your watch.

I have witness statements here that outline a litany of failure.

I'm sorry, Joan, but it just doesn't look good. In there?


I'm sorry, I thought that was the file you kept on parolees.

What? The young women at Standstead Halfway House?

And your point is?

My point is that you have been recruiting ex-prisoners to work in a brothel.

Only a sick mind would come up with that bullshit.

I agree. Accessing vulnerable women when they're released from prison, coercing them into prostitution, that's pretty sick...

You don't have a skerrick of proof and if you repeat that accusation, I swear I will make you pay for it...

You are the co-owner of a brothel, is that not correct?

Under the company name, 'JR Entertainment'?

It's where we found several of the parolees working.

You are a registered director of that company.

What the f*ck do you want?


What, you want...

You want me to resign?

You want my place on the board.

Is that it?



No. I think it will be most productive for me to have a sympathetic ear in that quarter.

Don't you agree?

Hey, Derek! Where are you goin', mate? I thought we had a meeting.

I've gotta be somewhere.

Right, what's happening?

We're gonna have to delay things for a while.

Whaddya mean? What things, exactly?

All of it.

Just for a while.


The board wants to wait.

Well, how long? The plan was to have Ferguson out by next week...

No, it could be a couple of months, alright?

What about my transfer, then?

She got to you, didn't she?

She f*ckin' got to ya!

For Christ's sake, Fletch!

Man up.

You should be happy you're leavin' this place.