02x11 - Into the Night

Take care, Liz.


When I get out you are so dead.

What if she asks me to hurt people?

Then you gotta do it.

I've got a job for you, Maxie.

Have I backed the wrong horse? No.

You've got something there.

Oh, it's a miracle pill. It stops the blood. Makes it thicker.

So the drugs stop the bleeding?

f*ckin' bitch!

For Christ's sake, Fletch!

You should be happy you're leaving this place.

Bea? Bea? Bea! Stay with me!

Bea, you're in Medical, OK?

Can you hear me, Bea? I'm just going to assess your injuries, alright?

Ambulance has been called?

Yes, Governor.

Oxygen, please.

Keep pressure on her arm.

Who did this to you?

Who was it? Bea?

Who did this to you?

I forgot how being pregnant makes you fart.

Jeez, I was going off like a rocket last night.

I'm farting and vomiting, sometimes both at the same time.

Hey Dor, I need you to call Toni for me again. Sure. OK.


Oh, a spot at the big table, huh?

Well Boomer's not using it.

I heard why she got slotted.

Think I wouldn't find out?

She came at me, I defended myself.

Why'd she come at you?

She lost her temper.

You know what she was doing.

She was sorting out Liz.

And you're not gonna get in the way.

No. Now what'd you say that made her so upset?

Does it matter?

Will when she gets out.

I told her, 'Boomer, get off the phone. Stop this sh1t with Liz.

If you don't, I'll hurt you.'

And she says, 'Franky'll have something to say about that.' To which I replied, 'I don't give a f*ck what Franky says, because Franky won't be running things around here for much longer anyway.'


I really needed her to get off that phone.

So you wanna take me now that Boomer's in the slot?

I don't want to do anything Franky.

It's all in your head.

Hey sis, Bea wants to...

Hey Toni, it's Bea.

Yeah, I was just wondering if you had that present for me yet.

No, what do you mean?

It has to be today.

I mean, you never said anything about going away.


Hey, listen.

What you're going to do is you're going to go to Standstead House.

Do you know it?

Yeah, good.

And I want you to give it to Liz.

Yeah, there'll be more in it for you.

Yes, I am able to work autonomously without supervision.

Are you a team player? Yes.

I love team environments.

I spent seven years in one.

Tell us about your employment history.

Yes, ah, I know it's been... well it's been eighteen-and-a-half years since my last job.

Ah, I stopped work to raise... my two beautiful children.


What was that about?

I need you to call Liz.


Have you got a problem?

Ah, yeah I do.

You know what?

By the end of today, Franky'll be gone and I'll be running things.

So when I ask you to do something, you don't ask why.

You just do it, alright?

Now call Liz.

You f*ck up her parole, and I'll never forgive you.



Phone call!



This is Elizabeth Birdsworth.

Hey Liz, it's me. How are ya?

Bea! Oh, God, how are ya?

Hey, guess what?

Guess what? I saw Sophie, my daughter, and she knew who I was.

Yeah, she is so beautiful...

Hey, um, look I've got something coming to you this afternoon.

It's a package.


Yeah, it's ah, it's gonna be there this afternoon.

I was just wondering if you were going to be there.

A package?

What... what kind of package?

It's a surprise, right?

And you're not allowed to open it until I tell you.

So you gonna be there?

Ah, yeah.

Good, cos um, it's really special and I don't want it getting pinched.

Bea, this isn't gonna... this isn't gonna get me into trouble, is it?

Nah. Hey?

No way.

Just, just... just tell me, you gonna be there?

Ah, yeah. Yeah, OK.


Love, is everything alright?

Yeah. Yeah, it's real good.

Look, I gotta fly, Liz.

We'll talk soon.

Oh, sh1t.


Not talking to you.

Oh, I thought you were saying sh1t about all the stupid sh1t I done.

I say sh1t all the f*ckin' time about all the stupid sh1t I done.

Jesus, Kelly.

I thought that was my name there for a while.

Jesus Kelly. What the f*ck.

Sign. Yep.

Part of it's I think I got an intellectual disability.

All processed?


Do you know her?

Bryant. Hey. The Governor.

Do you know her?


You sure about that?


What's going on?

What do you know?



Bea Smith.

She making a move on Franky, hmm?

I haven't heard anything.

Well if you do hear anything and you don't tell me, I can put a knife across that innocent little face of yours.

Or we could be friends.

What do you reckon?

Franky, don't.



Your tits are getting bigger.

Yours aren't.

Come on.

Let's go to work.

Ladies, this is Kelly Bryant.

Hi Kelly. I'm Jess.

Bryant, you're in 43.

It's the third one down.

Go make yourself comfortable.

Keep going. I heard a nasty rumour that today's your last day.

That's correct.

Yeah, that's it.

Listen, I need you to keep an eye on her for me.

OK? She's, um...

What's wrong with her?

Well she's nervy about something.

Anything out of the ordinary, you let me know, yeah?

Happy to help.

Thanks Jess.

Hey Mr Fletcher?

Have you started celebrating early?

What do you mean?

I'd have a mint if I was you.

I'm gonna count the minutes till I'm out of this place.

Yeah, so am I.

She's cancer, Will.

She got me, and she'll get you.

So you can be a self-righteous f*ck all you want, but I'm your future, mate.

There you go.

I'm gonna need that shiv.

Red! More.

Hang around for a minute.

Ferguson's using you to get at me.

Now it wouldn't be the first time a screw's played that game.

But a Governor?

That's something else.

I never gave Simmo that gear.

I never even had a chance to cut it before the screws confiscated it.

It was Ferguson.

She gave Simmo a hotshot.

I don't know why, but that's what happened. So don't say I didn't warn you about her.

Smith. You're wanted in the Governor's office.

I rest my case.


Morning tea with the Governor!

How cosy! Send her our love, Red.

Will do.

Yeah, that's enough Doyle.

Get back to work, all of you.


Bea Smith for you, Governor.

Thank you, Ms Bennett.

You've got to stop calling me to your office. It doesn't look good.

Take a seat.

OK. Doyle.

What's the hold up?

You did engineer Boomer Jenkins being slotted, yeah?

Well with Boomer put away, Doyle's all the weaker for it.

You've had three days now and you haven't done anything.

When the time's right, I will...

Is that all?

You're not going to do it, are you?

I said, in my own time.

Give me my airing! Ooh!

Puppies, puppies, puppies.

Get me my f*cking airing! Ooh!

Hey Boomer.


When can I have my airing?

Because I was meant to have it hours ago, eh.

And I've been trying...

I've been trying real hard to be good.

Yeah. You know, thinking about the puppies, and their soft, beautiful shiny coats.

But I think I gotta get out...

Shh shh shh shh shh shh.

That Bea Smith, she got you pretty upset the other evening at the phones, yeah?


What'd she say to you?

It's alright, Booms.

You can talk to me.

Still got Mr Fletcher's wankerchief?

No, I gave it back to him.

I seen the way he looks at you.

I bet he goes home at night and has a big old pull thinking about his little sweety Jess.

Ohh, f*ck yeah, oh, I love ya. I'll stick it up ya f*ckin' bum! Booms!

How the f*ck did you get out?

Governor took pity on me, eh.


See, Red? Boomer's out of the slot.

Hello, Bea.

Open your mouth.

Tongue up. Sideways. Other way.

That'll do. Doreen.


This is Kelly.

Doreen's a peer worker.

Hey. How are ya?

You're Aboriginal.

You got a problem with that?


I'll be in H2 if you ever need me.

And if I'm not there, I'll be in the laundry.

Derek, take over for me?

Kelly, this way.

So you know the routine about the count yet?

You muster at your cell door.

Or if you're working you get counted there.

I imagine it would have been the same at Blackmoor. Yeah, I looked up your history. You were there the same time as Ferguson.

Twenty odd years ago she was a guard there. You remember her, don't you Kelly, huh?


She's got a way about her that's hard to forget.

Listen Kelly, I can help you, OK?

I can.

But you need to tell me what happened.

I'm gonna finish up my time, then I'm gone.

I can find the way from here.

Hello, Mr Fletcher.


I'm really gonna miss having you around here.

Well you're part of a very exclusive club.

You took my advice.


You smell good enough to eat.

On your way, you.

Alright, first of all the issue of accrued leave.

Governor, you had quite an effect on the new inmate this morning.

Did I?

Kelly Bryant.

Yeah, you can't shut her up.

She's talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.

The Governor walks past, stops talking. Can't talk, won't talk.

I thought she was having a stroke.

It was quite an effect you had.

Thank you, Mr Fletcher. Fascinating.

She seems to know you from your time at Blackmoor.

Did she serve time at Blackmoor?

Same time you were there.

Well, I must have made an impression then.

I reckon you must have scared the sh1t out of her.

Mr Fletcher... I aim to scare the sh1t out of everyone, Mr Fletcher.

Now to our business, hmm?

Accrued leave.

Look at her. It's like nothing ever f*ckin' happened.

Here you go. The garden boxes.

I wanna be the one, eh.

You know the rules.

Just gotta be me and her.

Yeah I know the rules, alright?

I get the rules, but I been waiting.

Booms, you'll get your turn.

Alright ladies, all good.

Off to lunch.

Hey, I got a job for ya.

Follow Maxine.

Hey, Red... What's going on?

Franky had Maxine totally sussed, hey.

I could have got you a shiv.

All you had to do was ask.

You gonna try and stick that in Franky, were ya, huh? You're f*cked!

Let's go talk.

I don't think so.

Yeah, copy that.


I'm gonna see you after lunch.

Is everything alright here, ladies?

Yeah. We're good.

Yeah, it's all good.

See ya, Red.


Something's building.

Over there. Taking bets.

Ah, eight says it's Franky.

Yeah, well I'll have three.

What's the wager, ladies?

Ah, no wager, Mr Jackson.

Betting's against regulations, Pierson.

Yeah, I'm not betting.

What's that then?

Cigarettes. Well I suggest you pick them up before I confiscate them.

Yep. OK.


There she is.


I'm going to enjoy watching you turn back into a man.

Well I would have anyway with the stuff you were giving me.

What was it, chalk dust?


What was it?

Franky was trying to help you, you f*ckin' man.

Oh, darling, this one doesn't care about anyone.

You know what?

Why don't you leave this to the real women?

This is between me and Bea.

And if you get involved in any way, your tits won't have a chance to drop naturally. I'll cut 'em off.

I'm terrified.

You should be.

Hello, Mr Fletcher.

Hey, Miss Warner.

How's your last day going?


No good? Sad to leave us, I bet.

Yeah. I think I'm really gonna miss the place.

It's funny that.

Anyone in particular?

Well I'm really gonna miss having you around to make me feel safe.

I've got something for you.

A goodbye present.

I can't accept gifts.


Yeah, rules.

Well maybe you can give me something.

A mint.

Oh! A mint.



What'd you think I was saying?

I'm gonna go clean the showers.


Oh, yeah!

Shh shh shh.


Yeah, roger that.

By all means, feel free to give Mr Fletcher a send-off.

Just do not do it here.

That would be highly irregular.

How has Jenkins settled back in?

Oh, I think everything's OK.

No trouble as far as I know.

Keep me updated.

Will do, Governor.

Thank you.

Sierra One, Sierra Six?

Sierra Six.

Yes, H4 is clear. You can return the women to their unit.

Copy that, Sierra One.

Come inside me.

What'd you say?


Yeah. Yeah.

No, no, no, no, no. No, I can't.


No I can't. I can't do this.


I can't...

What's wrong?

I can't, I'm sorry. It's not right.

What's wrong?

It's just wrong...

Where's my swipe card?


My swipe card.

Where the f*ck is it? I had it when I came in. What's going on?

Where's my f*cking card?

You. You haven't got it, have you?


Oh, f*ck.

Give it to me. I don't have it.

What is this, some kind of set up?

What... What is all this?

f*ckin' just give me my card back.

Give me my f*ckin'... just give me my f*ckin' card!

You set me up you f*ckin' slut!

Now give it to me.

You're hurting me, Mr Fletcher!

Give me my f*ckin' swipe card!

Give it to me! f*ck! No!

Why? You!

Mr Fletcher?

Sierra 5, this is Sierra 7.

Are you OK?

Mr Fletcher?

Sierra 5, this is Sierra 7, do you copy?

Just say you lost it.

It must happen all the time.

Sierra 5, do you copy?

You need help, Mr Fletcher.

Sierra 5, do you copy?

What have you done?

I don't think you're in a position to ask.

Sierra 5, copy.


He's f*cked up.

Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary today?

With the women?

With the women?



OK, like what?

Ah, nothing really.

Like a tension?


Something is going on.

Yeah, I had the same feeling Tuesday.

Nothing happened on Tuesday.


I am not ordering a lockdown on the basis of a feeling.

The last time it was like this, there was a riot.

I know these women.

Well if you had actionable intelligence then of course I'd consider it, but all you have is speculation.

It's not enough.

Yes, Governor.

Thank you, for bringing it to my attention.

This inmate, Kelly Bryant.

I'd like to talk to her. Discreetly.

Hello, Bryant.

Go on.

Hey Mr Bakula?

Could you open the chemicals cupboard for me, please?

f*ck it.

Reckon you're gonna need bolt cutters to get in there, eh?

No fighting while I'm away, ladies.

Get her, Franky! Get her! Get her!

Get her Franky!

You are so f*cked now!

Get her!

Boomer, you can't. You can't.

Are we done? Are we done?

Tell them... f*ckin' tell them.

It's Bea's. She won.

f*ckin' what?


Bea, Bea come on, stay with me!

Come on!

Do you think she's stable enough for transit?

She's coming in and out, but she'll be fine.

Yeah, she was prepared for it.

Ah, Governor, the ambulance is here. You go with her.

Not her wrists. It's regulation.

OK. Hey, the ambulance is here, Bea.

We're going to take you to the hospital, OK?

Let's go.

Her pulse is 90 over 40.

It's weak and thready.

On three.

That's her medical file.

Ah, they're defensive wounds.

It was a fight.

Call up to surgery.

I want her in there right now.

We'll need a central venous line.


It's from the mail room.

I want a full audit of the mail room.

Find out how they got in there.

Of course.

Why was Kelly Bryant sent to isolation?


Governor's orders.

I'm staying back.

Until Will gets back from hospital.

I thought you couldn't wait to get out of here.

I could do with the overtime.

Surgery went well, but I'd like to keep her here under observation for a while.

There's an abnormally high blood clotting factor I'd like to investigate further.

But she will be OK? Oh, yes.

It's probably what saved her life.

Thanks, doc.

You're in the hospital. You're OK.

So, Franky got you pretty good, eh?

Not talking?

Well you can't blame me for trying.

Glad you're OK.

I'm so thirsty. I'd love a lemonade.

I'll see what I can do.

I need medical attention.

You're not dying. First you tell me what happened.

Your crazy bitch came at me with a pair of prison issue boxcutters.

I wonder where she got those from?

Well you tell me, it was your weapon.

And you're going to answer for it.

Attempted murder.

Unless of course she dies.

I've got about six witnesses to say those injuries were self-inflicted.

Nice try.

You know what? She could have cut me right there, and she didn't.

Got a knife, bang.

Right up there.

She did it to herself.

G'day, you've reached Will Jackson.

Please leave a message.


Are you with Smith?

No, I'm just outside the ward.

Get back to her now.

Those injuries were self-inflicted.

What? Do not leave her side.

You understand me?

Oh, sh1t.

Where is she? The patient!

Oh, f*ck.