03x02 - Failing Upwards

Governor Ferguson's been punishing the women for what I've done and it's gotta stop.

You're our hero!

I want to see Will.

Could you tell him?

I'll talk to him.

Liz. Hey, what's going on?

They're putting me back into general.

Out of the way.

No! No, they'll tear her apart.

Slot her.

What? You can't... No, you can't!

I have to do this.

What sort of human being puts another person at risk just to prove a point?

You don't run this prison, Smith.

I do.

I'm in the exercise yard, Governor.

We have a situation.

I'm putting an end to our little agreement.

You're on your own, Franky.

f*ck! The screws'll never think of looking in there.

Got a food delivery to bring in.

Maybe you should have told your mates not to start burning their gear out in the yard.

Get back to your units.

Open the door or Vinegar Tits gets it.

You don't run this prison.

I do.

Most of the women are asleep.

Now would be the time to do it.

Slot her?

Keep the women in lockdown.

72 hours, at least until the cleaners can take care of the mess.

Will I take care of the cleaners?

Are you still in shock, Vera?


Then why are you making all these ridiculous suggestions?

Just tell me what to do, Governor.

Bring her to the Education Unit.


You can stay, Ms Bennett.

Close the door.

Just a chat.

Why are we meeting in here?

Neutral territory.

Couldn't this wait until morning?

The women will take ownership of the destruction they've caused.

I want you to direct them to clean it up and I want a personal guarantee this will never happen again.

Those are my demands.

What are yours?


Um, well most of the damage was to the women's personal belongings, but there was some prison-issue stuff. Um, bedding, mattresses.

That'll need to be replaced.

When the budget allows, they will be.

What are they going to sleep on until then?

The women need to understand that they only hurt themselves with this behaviour.

May I suggest you think small.

Alright. For starters, it doesn't cost anything to reinstate privileges.

That's non-negotiable.

You can phase in the smoking ban gradually.

Give the women a chance to adjust.


Anything else?


Oh, the cheese. The cheese!

Here you go, girls.

I'm starving!

Pizza for breakfast.

That's one thing I haven't done before.

I'll have that one.

Thanks, Bea. Thanks, Bea!

Thanks, Bea.

That's a coup.

Trash the place and get to order in.

Help yourself.

I'll pass, thanks. I try not to mix saturated fats and bribes.

It's rewarding them.

That is no reward.

That is reparations.

We severely underestimated Smith's hold over the women.

We won't make that mistake again.

I can only wonder what the Board might think.

The Board will think it was a minor incident, which we contained.

This is bloody grouse, Bea.


Eat up. Enjoy.

How can she sit there and just stuff her face like that after what she's done to Liz?

Just think of it as a last supper.


Food deliveries still stuck in the sally port.

We've got to bring it up to the kitchen.

Yeah, cool. Chickens out first?


You're not having any?

Not her pizza. Hey!

Let's get back to work, bubble butt.

Enjoy your pizza, Booms.

You've got two minutes.

Was it worth it?

Killing Brayden?

Does it make you feel better?

Yeah, it does.

But I didn't want to involve you, Liz. I really didn't.

What do they call me? What?

Oh, collateral damage.

That's it, isn't it?


I didn't see it like that.

No, you didn't.

You f*cked up any chance I had of a life with my kids.


The art of negotiation is to begin with the things you agree on.

Smith wants to improve these women.

So do I.

We just come at it from different angles.

There's some programs I want her to reinstate.

It'd be in her interests.

Make her look good.

She still sees herself as better than this place.

Better than all the women around her.

She wants to prove that, even to us.


I guarantee you she kept a neat house.

I think we start with something close to this woman's heart.

Say you get all these things...

What do I give in return?




That's disgusting.


What is that smell?

Those chickens are off.

Are they?

You're telling me you can't smell that? Get rid of them.


Actually, no.

You stay and continue with the food. You two?

All of those, down to the garbage compactor.

Cindy Lou says her back is no good.

Then you can do it by yourself.

You're right, Ms Bennett.

They're a little festy.

Ah, that too.

Are you familiar with the Food Safety Regulations?


We're going to go through the whole delivery together, box by box.

Come on.

So thanks for everything.

I feel a lot better.

I don't look crash hot, but yeah.

You just take care of yourself.

Yeah, I will, Rose. Thanks.



Bea asked me to make sure you got back to the unit OK.

Oh, right.

This can't go on forever, can it?

Just a little longer yet.

Look out, here comes the f*ckin' lagger.

Everything alright here?

Hello, Miss Miles.

You look lovely today.

Your daughter's applied to visit you.

Just need to sign here and approve it, and I'll get it through quickly.

No. Nup. I'm not going to let her see me like this. Nuh.

OK, I'm going to help you cover those up.

Oh, love, thanks but no. Nuh.

Look, Sophie'd be happy to see you no matter what you looked like, Liz.

Oh, God, Dor.

Look at me.

Soph deserves better than this.


Hey. This is all your fault.

Oh, sh1t.

You know what? You can blame me for that, but you can't blame me for the last seven years of you refusing to see your own kids.

It's just another excuse, Liz.

Oh, piss off.

No, you turn your back on Sophie now...

I am not turning my back on her.

What, you're protecting her?

Yeah. But that's something you'd know nothing about.

Bet it took a lot for Sophie to get in contact with you again.

But you refuse to see her now, you may never see her again.


Excuse me, Governor, I have staff credit union release forms for Matthew Fletcher.

You just need to sign them.

And how is Mr Fletcher?

I haven't seen him for months.

I really wouldn't know.

If you sing to bubs, it'll kick.


Yeah, you wanna have a go?

Put your hand here.


OK. You got a song?


♪ Hush little baby Don't say a word ♪

♪ Mama's gonna buy you a mocking... ♪

Oh, did you feel that? Keep going.

♪ Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird. ♪

♪ And if that mockingbird don't sing ♪

♪ Mama's gonna buy you a diamond... ♪

Oh, it did it again!

Hey. Hey, Dor, I heard you lost your shampoo in the riot.

You can have mine.

I don't need it anyway.

Stick it up your arse, Boom.

I don't want nothing from you.

I got seven years cos of that bitch.

I don't care.

Yeah, well you would care if you got seven more years, wouldn't ya!


Serves me f*ckin' right for trying to be nice.

G'day, mail time, ladies.

Smith? For you.

Someone thinks you're a hero.

Anything for me, Mr J?

No, sorry, Boomer.

Oh, yeah, that'd be right.

Dumb f*ck family can't read, can't write, eh.




What? What is it?

Some lady, Kaz Proctor.


Some nut case wants to come visit me.

Don't think so.

So you want to tell me what's in this one before I read it, Mr Jackson?

Congrats on the sale of your house.

Governor wants to see you.

I am worried about it, I'm sure you are, the level of drug use in this facility.

Yeah, well I think bringing back the drug rehab programs would be a really good start.

Well, a better start would be to halt the supply altogether.

We both know who we're talking about.

Isn't it coming from a number of sources?

One more than most.

Oh, no, Lizzie Birdsworth helped you out once and look what happened to her.

Birdsworth was indiscreet, to her peril.

I'm still interested in bringing charges against her attacker, whomever that might be.

You don't know?

No. Do you?


Well, then we're agreed that a drug-free Wentworth is better for the women than the opposite.


The drug program's reinstated and the recidivist programs reinstated as well.

They're good, good ideas.

So, let's talk about the drug supply.

Lag on Franky?

That's what she wants.

I'm gonna do it.

No, you're not.

Why, because I had an agreement with Franky?

If I did break it, how many women do you reckon'll fall in behind her?

Enough to make things difficult.

Come on, Bea.

There's a client base for a start.

You think they're going to be happy to lose their supplier?

If I keep negotiating with Ferguson then we can make a difference.

Make this shithole... Shhh.

You lag on Franky, and it gets out, you'll have no credibility with the women.

And that's probably what Ferguson wants.

She wants to take me and Franky out in one hit.

It makes sense.

f*ck her.


Move in with me.

Why? Why not? You're there nearly every night anyway, so it sort of makes sense.

The sensible angle. So romantic.

I'm pretty sure those orgasms aren't fake.

Most of the time.


Well, you'll never know.

See, I don't believe you.

Mr Jackson, can I speak with you?

We'll continue this conversation later.


What is it?

Strictly between us, I have been checking in on Mr Fletcher.

Is that a state secret?

I'd just prefer it that way...

What does he want?

He's been calling me every day, and I'm thinking of changing my number.


He's changed.

I think it would help him.

People don't change, Vera.

See, they find out who they are and they get scared.

So, whatever he said to you, that's fear talking. That's all that is.

I said I'd ask.


Well you can pass a message on from me.

Tell him to stop calling me.

Cindy Lou says she only pays once happy-lucky in her hand.

Well tell Cindy Lou it's cash up front.

I lost the last delivery because of the riot.

I don't have the cash to cover everyone.

Five grams of speed and a couple of eckies.

Alright, five grams of bogan and two eckies for Juice.

How long's this gonna take?


Cindy Lou says OK.

Big order.

You better not f*ck up.


Wait your turn.

What are you waiting for, a f*ckin' receipt?

Hi, Jodie.


You're bringing drugs in here?

Um, am I?

You're aware of my position on that?

Ah, yep.

And what is that?

You're um, you're anti-drugs?

And yet here we are...

I'm not really that involved.

Hey, how long do you think it could have gone on without giving me my cut?

Hmm? Oh, I know you and Franky are bringing it through the kitchen.

What I want you to tell me now is when the next shipment's due.

I can't... What the f*ck!


This afternoon.


f*ck. With the meat delivery.

What part of the meat delivery?




I'm not lying. Look, it's the one face down in the box, alright?

That'll have the gear in it.


Now you're not going to tell anyone about our little conversation.

You breathe a word of this to Franky, you know what I'm capable of.

This is going to add years to her sentence.

You think I haven't thought of that?


You alright? You seem quiet.

Yes, I'm fine.

Alright then.

You f*ckin' bitch!

Yeah, here we go.

You're gonna pay for this, bitch.

Get off me!

I didn't do it!

Come on, ladies.

Keep it to yourself.


Move away. Come on.

Yep, yep.

God, you'd better be there, Burnsy.


This one can't f*ck up.

Look at you. You're all grown up.

You're beautiful.

Sit down?

Oh, love, this looks a lot worse than it is.

What happened?

Oh, nothing. It... Hey, how's Artie?


He must be big now.

Is he doing alright at school, and he's got the cricket, and...



That's good.

Why are you here?

Didn't you want me to come?

Oh, of course, love.

I used to dream about you all the time.

I'd wake up and think that you'd just left the room.

Like you'd actually been there, you know?

But you weren't.

And then I saw you that night, outside the pub.

You stopped that guy.

But then you were gone. Again.

I thought you were out.

What happened?

Soph, I... I um...

I'm sorry, love.

It's just better you don't come here.

What the f*ck are you doing here?

Finish it.


I want you to finish it. Go on.

Get your seven years' worth.

Are you f*ckin' mental?

f*ck off! f*ck off!

I'm sorry. Sorry.

I'm sorry.

You shouldn't be sitting out here by yourself, Liz.


Hey, did you see Sophie?


How'd it go?

It was good, yeah.

She seemed really, really well.

Oh, good.

I knew you wouldn't regret it.

She would have loved it too, you know?

Yeah, yeah.

Hey, Liz?


I still haven't decided who should be my alternate carer, you know, when bub comes.

Would you? Like you've had kids, and you know all about that stuff.

You're a great Mum.

I'm... I'm not a... No, I don't...

I don't need to be alternate carer.

What? Why?

Why don't you get little Jess to do it? I reckon...

I reckon she'd be great at that sort of thing.

I'd do it, Dor. I'd love to.

Oh, look thanks, Jess.

You've been great and all but Liz is like my Mum.

Can you just think about it?

Nuh. No, I don't need to.

If she doesn't change her mind, you know, I'd so love to be there for you and the baby.

It'd mean so much to me.

Thanks, Jess.

OK, delivery truck's here.

Who's feeling strong?


I'll do it.

Good. Come on, let's go.

The aim is to intercept the shipment when it is in the possession of Franky Doyle.

Our information is that the contraband is secreted inside the poultry. Any questions?

OK, all done.

Miss Miles, I need to go to the ladies.

Take her, will you?



She's taking it.

Let's go.

Stay where you are, Doyle.

Put that down.

Hands out.

What's that?

It's giblets.

Put that out on the bench.

Check everything.

Once you're finished here, toss the kitchen worker cells.

And all of H2.

Just go easy, Miss.

Go on. Waste of time.


Anything you'd like to say, Spiteri?

That's not mine!

Slot her.

That's bullshit! That's not mine!

Enough of that. Come on, let's go.

This is crap! It's not mine!

It's bullshit! I didn't do anything!

I hate my cell being tossed for no good reason.

I hope you didn't have anything to do with it.

Back at ya.

So, Jodes was ripping you off?

I don't know.

f*ckin' little bitch.

I said I don't know.


You know I'd never do that to ya, don't ya?


Oh, well, at least it wasn't your own money this time, eh?

Yeah, I'm expecting everyone to be really cool about that.

Yeah. Oh, f*ck, they're gonna want their money back, aren't they?

No sh1t, Sherlock. Yeah.

Don't worry, I got your stash still. It's alright.

It's not gonna be enough.

So, what are you gonna do?

I don't know. Look, I reckon this next little bit's going to be tricky.

I'm gonna need you to stick close.

Well I love ya. I'm not gonna let nothin' happen to you, am I? huh?

So, who else we got?


Chinky chonks.

Cindy Lou's not happy.

She wants her happy-lucky.

Well she's gonna get it. She just has to wait like everybody else....

Cindy Lou's very reasonable.

Every day she doesn't get the gear,

10% on money you owe.

That's f*ckin' bullshit and it's not gonna happen.

I tell her that, she'll get very angry.

Oh, well Cindy f*ckin' Lou will just have to f*ckin' wait, won't she?

Now f*ck off!

What the f*ck did you just say?

She said clit-licking, woman loving piece of sh1t arse-fuck.


You're dead, Franky.

How's she gonna get her happy-lucky if I'm dead?

Have a think.

Oh, Kay.

Kay, this is Liz.

Please... Please don't hang up.


I... I need to speak to Sophie because she...

She came and saw me and I did...

I did a terrible thing.


Can... Can you just tell her that I love her and that I'm sorry?

Please just tell her that from me, OK? Ta.


You are so beautiful.

So, are you gonna come back to my place today then?

Ah, I'm working late but yeah, I might crash.

Have you thought any more about my offer?

I didn't say I was going to think about it.

Why not? We're good, aren't we?

Yeah, we are.

But you know, you've...

You've still got stuff.

What do you mean?

Meg and what happened with Fletch.

Yeah, well I'm past all that.

You're not past all that.

I can't imagine how you've managed to deal with everything you've had to...

Well, then don't try.

I'm just saying nicely, and we're good and I want us to work, but it's not enough to just say you're past it.

You still have a lot of anger in you.

You need to deal with a few things directly.

What, like therapy?

Well, if that feels right.

Well, it doesn't.

Well, maybe you should talk to Fletch.

He wants to say sorry.

Maybe... Maybe hearing him out will help the both of you.

He's a f*ckin' retard now, OK?

Because of the accident he's f*cked.

I wanted Doyle.

You wanted the supply.

If you wanted Franky you should have said so.

She will just open another supply route, and she'll want to do that rather quickly. I believe she's in hock to Cindy Lou, among others.

You are not my only source of information.

You want to stop Franky?

Her parole's coming up, yeah?

You make sure nothing stands in the way of her getting it, and when she goes, the problem goes with her.

You are not suggesting she be allowed to traffic drugs with impunity until her release?


And I can guarantee you she won't.


With your help.

Righto, I'm here.

What's going on?

Hey, where's the screws?


Cindy Lou is here. What do you want?

You wanted me. Here I am.

Thanks for coming, everyone.

I'll make it quick. You all know my stand on drugs and why.

See, Jodie knew.

Lucky the screws got to her first.

Now I've had a talk with Ferguson, and she's going to reinstate the drug rehab program, so as of now, there's no more drug trade in here, alright?

Alright? You go against that, you go against me in any way, there's going to be consequences.

Now, I'll go to the wall for every single one of you.

But if you f*ck me around...

What the f*ck are you doing?

Help her.

f*ck off! f*ck off!

What are you doing?

Don't do anything to her face!

What the f*ck's going on?

Get the f*ck off me! Get off me!

Put 'em in.

Both of them.

I didn't do anything!

I'm not doing anything.

I didn't bring any drugs in.

Now what did I say about Liz?


Did I or did I not ask you to leave her alone?


Yes. Yes.

Bea! Bea, you don't have to do this.

She's a f*ckin' lagger.

She knew the rules.

You knew that you should stay away from her but you didn't, did you?

Help me, Franky.

Just stop her.

Stop her, Franky, stop her...

You went against me, Boomer.

No, I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Please, please Franky, please.

Please, please no.

Please, please, please, please, Franky, please help. Help me.

Stop her. No! No! No!

No! Ahh!

It hurts! It hurts!

Can you get yourself to medical?


Off you go, then.

My hands. Oh, jeez, oh, jeez.

It's hurting, it's hurting.

Out of the way. It hurts.

Can somebody help her?

Now anyone got a problem with another woman and is thinking of taking retribution, you can think again.

Everything goes through me first.

Nothing happens until I say so, alright?



Well, back to work.

I'll leave you there.

Will. Mate. Thanks for coming.

Physio reckons I'm doing good.

But I don't know if I believe her.

Well, you got the punishment you were looking for.

You want my forgiveness? OK.

I forgive you.

I'm... Sorry.

You only f*cked Meg because she let you. Don't know why she did.

And you're only sorry because I found out.

I've moved on.

I don't think about it anymore, Fletch.

I wish it could be different, Will.

It is what it is.


Don't call me anymore.

That your way of saying sorry?


Why didn't you stop her?

I couldn't.

Yeah, you could.

You could.

You just... You stand up.

You... You stand up and you help.

And you don't give a f*ck what happens, cos...

Cos you're not gonna let nothing happen to someone that you love.

Cos I love you, Franky.

I love you, but you never loved me.

You know I would... I would do anything for you, anything.

But you give nothing back, cos you're sh1t.

You are sh1t! You are sh1t!

I'm sorry, Booms.

Get out.


Doesn't wash off.

Now I thought we had an agreement.

We stay out of each other's way and there'd be no trouble.

Yeah, we did have an agreement and I honoured that.

You're still standing here.

But things change.

If I find you bringing drugs into this prison, it won't be your hands that get put in that steam press.

You're a natural, aren't ya?

Just rolls off the tongue.

Your parole's coming up, yeah?

That's where you want to be putting your energies.

You know what?

You're worse than Jacs cos you think it's all for a good cause.

Your type's the worst.

And exhale, dip your back, and inhale, arch your back.

Oh, this feels ridiculous.

Repeat after me.

"There is plenty of space for me and my baby."

Come on, Doreen, you've got to take this seriously.

I'm sorry. OK.

We have to prepare you for the birth.

Hey, look, basically you're gonna feel like you want to do a big poo.



Didn't they tell you that at prenatal classes?

Nuh. Must have forgot that bit.

Keep going, Doreen.


You clenching your butt muscles?

Yep, I'm clenching.


I'm stretching, and breathing, and exhale...

Oh, my God!

Oh, that is awful!

It's hurting.

I'm sorry.

Oh, that is gross.

Hey, Dor, hey listen, listen.

Do you still want me holding your hand when you have the baby?

Yeah, of course.

Just don't tell me to clench my butt cheeks over and over again.

Well, I'd be honoured.

Oh, I'm so happy. Yay.

Oh, God, I've upset her, haven't I?

I'll talk to her.

I'm so glad you're doing it!

Oh, me too, darl.

Oh! Oh, yeah, just be careful there.

Just down there.

You OK?

Yeah yeah.


You're wanted in the Governor's office.

Come in.

Bea Smith for you, Governor.

Sit down, Smith.

This gentleman is a policeman.



Hey, Linda.

Ferguson said to go straight to her office as soon as you get here.

Is there anything you want to tell me?

I don't know what I can tell you.

Governor, you wanted to see me?

This gentleman does, Mr Jackson.

You Will Jackson?


Michael Mears.

Homicide Squad.

Can I talk to you outside?

What about?

The murder of Harry Smith.

Someone stoved his head in.

Thought you might know something about that.

Let's go.