04x06 - Divide And Conquer

(sounds of bashing and prisoners jeering)

Prisoners (chanting): Bea, Bea, Bea, Bea.

The oncologist is running a clinical trial targeting hormone positive cancers.

Now, you'd have to start today.

While Bea's in the slot you're Top dog, right?

Doreen, I can't be Top Dog.

Bullshit, that's not mine.


Slot Novak.

It's not my gear!

Allie: All that stuff I said to Westfall, it was bullshit, you know.

Allie: You gotta give the shrink something to get 'em off your back, right?


♪ ♪

This is Tasha Goodwin. I put her in H1.

I'm hoping that if I can tempt you with fresher, tastier meat...

(Tasha crying and gasping)

Tasha) Ugh! (breathing heavily: Oh, f*ck!

Bring her closer, Boomer.

No, Doreen...

Tasha: please, no! No!

Liz: No!

(steam press whooshes)

(Tasha crying)

Take your hand away.

I f*cked up.

Showing mercy?

How can that be bad, love?

The conjugal, it's finally been approved.

(Footsteps echoing)

♪ (Theme music) ♪
♪ You don't know me, when I don't know you ♪
♪ You don't know me, when I don't know you ♪
♪ You're calling me in. You're catching me out ♪
♪ You're calling me in. You're catching me out ♪
♪ You're calling me in. You're catching me out ♪
♪ You don't know me, when I don't know you ♪

♪ (Symphony by Anna O) ♪
♪ We're a symphony, weaving melodies ♪
♪ A fiery, beating drum ♪

(echoed door closing)

♪ Moving together, keeping time ♪
♪ Driving forward on this line ♪
♪ We go together like oh ♪
♪ Oh ♪
♪ We're a symphony, weaving melodies ♪
♪ A fiery, beating drum ♪
♪ Moving together, keeping time ♪

(Doreen and Nash giggling)

♪ Driving forward on this line ♪
♪ We go together like oh ♪
♪ Oh ♪
♪ We go together like oh ♪
♪ Oh ♪

(heavy breathing)

♪ We go together like oh ♪
♪ (grating flourish) ♪

Mr Jackson...

Just shut up, okay.

I know why you did it.

What the f*ck are you turning into?

(Liz and the girls laughing)

Hey Bea! Welcome back.

Oh, how did you go with Mr Jackson?

Yeah, it was really good thanks.

What do you think Liz?

I reckon he'd be f*cking pissed 'cause you went bunta on his arse. (chuckles)

Hey Bee, this is Tasha. She's just joined us.

Liz: Bee is our real Top Dog and that basically means, Tasha, that, ah, she'll protect ya.

Bea (scoffs): Hey.

Liz: Yeah?

Maxine take care of everything while I was gone?

Yeah, all good.

Where is she?

I think she's down in medical getting her bloods done for her hormones.



(siren wails)

It's in both?

There's also some lymph involvement.

I expect Dr. Chappell warned you that time was of the essence.

Unfortunately your delay means that it's too late to be involved in the drug trial.

Because of the size of the tumour, your only chance at surviving is a bilateral mastectomy followed by a course of aggressive chemotherapy.


Go on, then, ask me.

Are you back on the gear?

I'm pinned, look at me.

f*ck, Kaz!

I had to ask.

I think Ferguson planted it on me.

Why would she do that?

Well someone did, and she doesn't like me.

It wasn't her she's one of us.

I'm starting to see that Bea Smith and Jackson could have stitched her up Are you okay?

I just don't see why you trust her.

Because there's another side to her.

You are still my Number 1.

It's so good to have you back.

(Emotionally) Welcome home.

Kaz (crying): Oh.

♪ (thrumming begins) ♪
♪ (beating drum begins) ♪

(water running)

She thinks I got her slotted. I can assure you I didn't.

I know.

You know there's been a shift away from Bea Smith while she's been in the slot.


You should capitalise on it.


(kettle whistles)

Divide and conquer.

(kettle whistle continues)

(kettle whistle intensifies and fades)

(background yard chatter)

Boomer: Give you one made of, like, potatoes.

Boomer: What the f*ck! Oh! What do you want?

Just a word.

f*ck off!

There you go.

That was five, words.

Doesn't matter, oh, you're f*cked!

That's a pity, I was just about to pay you a compliment.

(Boomer laughing)

Really? (scoffs)


Just I reckon you and Maxie make an excellent team.

Me and Maxie? (scoffs)


What... how-how do you mean?

(clicks tongue) A leader who doesn't resort to steam pressing people's hands.

Somebody who shows mercy and compassion.

A lot of support for Maxine.

You'd make a great right hand.

(quietly) Yeah.

Bea's still boss but, eh?

(train whistle sounds in background)

Juice: Oi, Bea!

I got slotted because that Koori lagged, and bloody Maxine did f*ck all.

Jesus Christ!

I want my pound of flesh Bea, I'm entitled to it.

Too late! Maxine was in charge and she made the decision.

You must have gone all soft while you were in the slot then.

All that midnight sweet talking with your little Polish princess.


You don't punish the Koori, me and the boys will be forced to do it for ya.

(clicks tongue) For f*ck's sake!

All right... but I get to choose the punishment You're not to lay a finger on her. You got it!

(inhales) You lied to me about Maxine handling things.

I... I didn't lie about it.

She handled it in her own way, Bea.

You tryin' to undermine me?

You look at the situation you put me in.

I'm sorry.

I had to hear from Juice?!

Birdsworth, right?


Governor wants to see you.

Now, Birdsworth.

Right-o! Comin'.

(knock at door)

Liz Birdsworth, Governor.

Oh Liz, thanks for coming up, why don't we take a seat over here.

So I'm not in trouble then?

No. (chuckles) Please...

Look the, um, police want our help with a case...

There's been a suspected homicide and the body of the victim is still missing.

Oh, they need a bloodhound not me.

A woman's been charged.

She'll be remanded here and we were hoping that you would agree to befriend her.

Oh right, right...

So act like a friend, suck her in, then weasel a confession.

Police are desperate to find the body and clues that can help them find it...

And I'm the lagger. Is that it?

We'll ask Liz Birdsworth 'cause she's got a mouth on her like a foghorn, it goes off. Whoo!

No Liz! Liz, we selected you because of your experience as a peer worker You are liked and trusted by the women.

Yeah, but not for much longer if I did what you're askin'. Forget it!

You and I both know what happens to laggers in here.

Can I go now?

Okay, look all I'm asking... is that you meet with Detective Kaplan. Just hear him out.


There might be something in it for you too.

(Tasha screaming)

Right, bring her in!

Argh, argh! You're hurting me!

Oh, shut the f*ck up slag or you'll (Tasha whimpering) know what pain really feels like.

(Tasha screaming and crying)

Oh, you want another go at the "f*cked" button, do ya, eh?

'Cause we're going to train that out of ya.

(Tasha screaming and crying)

Tasha (hysterical): No! No! No!

(Tasha breathing heavily)

(Tasha whimpering)

Tasha: No! (whimpering)

(Tasha sobbing)

Help me, please. (crying)

(Tasha whimpering)

(Tasha sobbing)

(Tasha whimpering)

(both breathing heavily)


It's so good doing it lying it down.

Nash: Standing up's pretty good too.

(Doreen laughs and inhales)

(Nash sighs)

I can't wait to till we're in our own place.

It will be perfect.

(Nash sighs again)

Yeah, well... it'd be good if I got a job as well.

No luck, huh?

Nash (exhales): I'm trying.

No one seems to wanna hire a jailbird.


A friend of mine offered me a room at her house but...

What? That's great news babe!

You think?


You wouldn't have a problem with it?

(knock at door)

Guard: 5 minutes in there.


It'd just be till I got on my own feet.

Well, if you reckon it's just a temporary solution, it's fine with me... (chuckles quietly)

Doreen: Josh'll be happy. There's a really big backyard...

Liz: Yeah, to make a mess of.

Oh, that's lovely.

It is. Anyway...

And Nash says she's really great with kids.


Boomer: Hang on, hang on, what, he's moving in with a chick?

Yeah, so! I trust him!

Are you like, f*cked in the head or somethin'?


You can't trust anyone, like no one, not even your own f*ckin' sister.

Oh, come on, Booms, What?

There's heaps of trustworthy people Oh! (chuckles) Name f*ckin' one, yeah, name one f*ckin' person you can trust.

Maxine! There's one.

Liz: You trust Max, don't ya?

Boomer: Yeah.

Liz: Yeah?

Yeah, but Nashy's not shacking up with Maxie is he?


Boomer: No! (chuckles)


Liz: No... what was I thinking?

Oh, now look what you've done!

She's spooked now.

I gotta call Nash.


Sit down!

You're running round like a chicken with it's head cut off.

Pull yourself together Don't let her experience make you paranoid.

(prisoners laughing in background)

Juice: Ya lagger!

women: Yeah!

(women laughing)

Oh, suck it up, ya snitch!

women: Yeah, snitch!

women: Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch!

Hey, enough!

(Juice tsks)

(Tasha whimpering quietly)

Hey it's okay, it's okay.

(Tasha crying)

Th-they've stopped now, you're safe. You're safe.

Who did this?

I did.

P.A. announcement: Attention compound. Exercise period is now over. All prisoners return to your units.

Guard: All right, that's it. Airing's over. Everyone back to your units.

Now, or you get slotted. Come on!

♪ (drum beat) ♪
♪ (metallic flourish) ♪

How is she?

She cried herself to sleep. Poor thing.

How could you do that?

You break the rules, you pay for it.

She was just trying to stop herself from getting raped for Christ's sake.

Her hair will grow back.

I think this stupid system of punishing laggers has gotten ridiculous.



I think sometimes you have to tell the truth. Right, Liz?

Could have been worse love. She could have had her hands burnt.

Bea: Yeah. There could have been permanent damage. I prevented that.


I can see you're concerned for her so just... just keep looking after her until she settles in and learns the ropes. Okay?

Sure. (sighs)

What's taking Maxine so long?


Dor, I reckon you're right. Max would never have burnt me hands, eh?

Hey, Liz told me you were in Medical, where have you been?

Hospital, for tests. I'm keeping this to myself.

So how did it go?


What happens next?

They're just weighing up the options at the moment.

What are the options?

(chuckles) I don't really want to talk about it Bea.


You sure you're okay?

Yes, honey. I'm fine.

How was the slot?

Fine. (tsks)

So, what happened with the new girl? You were supposed to sort her out.


Oh, Jesus, Maxine.

I asked you to step up to keep order, not play Mrs Nice Guy.

I'm sorry but I didn't think it would do any harm if I let her off with a warning.

Oh, yeah?

'Cause I had Lucy baying for blood, so I had to do something because you didn't do something when you should of.

♪ (fast beating flourish) ♪

(Bea sighs)

So, Conway's back. Copy of her scans have gone to Medical.

(knock on door)

Can I have a word, Governor?

Yes, come in.

No, you should stay.

Ah... the incident in the yard this afternoon, I reckon the women are punishing that girl because she pushed the panic button.

Yes. They see it as lagging.

But it's not right though, is it?

That's their system.

Well... in the male prison the inmates sort out their problems one-on-one.

Here, they're like a pack. All barking to the Top Dog's tune.

Now, I'm suggesting we unpick that.

Well, there can be a virtue, having a leader that keeps the women under control.

Bea Smith, for example, has a very strong anti-drug stance.

It's good to have a go-between we can work with.

Liz (on phone): Yeah, yeah, no it's all good now. Dor's good.

Liz: Yeah, everyone's well. Hey?

Please, please answer.

Liz: Oh, you know.

Liz: So, love, what about you?

message: Hey, you've called Nash. Leave me a message after the beep. (beep)

Nash, it's me. I really need to talk to you.

Look, phone time's nearly over but I'll call tomorrow morning, right after breakfast.

I love you. Miss you... and Josh.


♪ (ominous flourish) ♪

P.A. announcement: Attention compound. Prisoners can now make their way to the Visitor Centre for processing.


(indistinct background chatter)

(door unlocks)

Guard: Yeah, straight through.

(chuckles) Hey...

Guard: Where are you going?

Guard: Where are you...

Thank you for coming.

(clears throat)

No one knows here, Gary, so... please.

I guess you need money?

Gary: For the doctors bills.

Oh, honey.

Max: No, no.

No, no, no. I'm...

I'm happy to pay for whatever you need.

It's really generous of you Gary, but it's... it's not necessary.

Well then, why did you ask me to come here?

Well, um... there is something you can do for me, that I wanted to ask you.

It's quite serious, the illness, and...

I may...

No, no, no, don't.

Don't get emotional here, please.


I want you to talk to your sister, and um... ask her to go through with our arrangement.

You're not serious?

Well, she wanted to have a child too and I thought if she still wants to...

(scoffs) Are you delusional?


Have you forgotten that you stabbed me with a pair of scissors?

Rachel, thinks you're a f*cking nutbag.

(Maxine sobs quietly)

♪ (sombre music begins) ♪

I thought... I thought if you'd forgive me... she would too.

I think the hormones may have affected your brain.


Because you're acting like a dumb blonde.

Gary... don't...


I will pay for the treatment.

(Max sniffles)

Send me the details, but that's it.


Do not... contact me... again!

(crying) Gary, please... (sobs)

(Max cries and sniffles)

♪ (sombre music continues) ♪

Kaz: I assume that arsehole was your former partner?

You okay?

I heard how he spoke to you.

You and your gang have said worse.

Yes, we have.

And it won't happen again.



I guess it's taken until today for me to... see you as a woman.

Wow. So, Gary's done me a favour?

I wanna make it right with you.

Offer you my support, when and if you might need it.

You offering to have him bashed?

Mm... well, you know, I still have my contacts on the outside.


Attention compound.

.. but no thanks.

Attention compound. All women to report to assigned work duties.

Kaz, about what you've just said to Maxine...

And, she wanted my help.

Can you believe that? All over a cheating boyfriend!

Ferguson: Your work never ends.

Nah. Except why would I wanna help one of Bea Smith's crew?

Did you notice Anderson's reaction to the incident in the yard yesterday?

Yeah, she was protective of the girl.

Her faith in Bea Smith is eroding.

I'm sure she could use a friend right now.

(knock on door)

Ms. Birdsworth.

Don Kaplan, homicide.

Don't hold that against me.

Yeah, look I know who you are, and I've already told the Governor, I'm not interested. So...

(clicks tongue) Okay, Elizabeth...

No, no. Liz.

I hate Elizabeth.

Okay, Liz, all right.

Look, all I want from you is a couple of moments of your time.

Is that all right? Please, sit down.

I dunno why you insisted on seeing me, 'cause I'm...

I'm not gonna change my mind about it. So...


(Liz clears throat)

Liz, do you have kids?

Yeah, got a girl 19 and a boy 14.

You must miss them. I bet you can't wait to get out of here.

(clicks tongue) Well, you got that bit right.

(shuffles paperwork)

Seen her before?

Yeah. Yeah, I know her from somewhere. Where?

Sonia Stevens...

Right. she inherited her husband's cosmetics empire.

But, we suspect there's a bit more (chuckling) to it than cosmetics.

But you'll be finding out for yourself in the next coupla days.

We've charged her with murdering her best friend.

Oh, right, and you expect me to find out where the body's buried?

Look, there's an aspect to this case that I think you'll appreciate.


It's the children of the victim who've lost their mum.

And without the body, there's... they've got no closure.

Yeah, that'd be bloody awful.

And you're gonna get your kids back, Liz.

And if you help us get the information we need... it could be a lot sooner than you thought.


Well, we've done a deal with the DPP.

You'd be eligible for immediate parole.


Yeah, but I'd have to testify in court.

You don't have to make that decision right now.

We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

All I want from you now, is just to think about it.

That's all. And then if the answer's still no, understood.

You won't have to see me again.

(truck exhaust brakes sound in background)

It's been a real pleasure meeting you, Liz.


(truck exhaust brakes sound again)

(indistinct P.A. announcement)

(sound of something smashing in background)

Stewart: Hello, Tasha.

I see you missed breakfast.

You must be hungry.

Not really.

You're afraid to go out, aren't you?

In case the other inmates give you a hard time.

I think it's wrong, what happened to you.

Whoever was behind this should be punished.

If you tell me who did it...

I can help you.

♪ (tense flourish) ♪

How can you help me?

Well, I can make sure you're put into protection.

So they can't get to you.

♪ (tense music) ♪


I did it... to myself.

I know that's not true.

It was Bea Smith.

Wasn't it?

What are you doin' here?

Just checkin' on her.

Well, I'm here now, so, she'll be fine.


See ya later.

What did he want?

I dunno.

You never talk to the screws, you hear me?

We're going out to the yard.


Your hair'll grow back and then they'll leave you alone.

You can't hide in here in the meantime.

It'll be okay.

(lock beeps)

Kaz: Buy some chips?


Hey, go buy yourself biscuits or something. You must be starving.

Stick it on my account.

Kaz: I got the info you wanted.

That was quick.

Drove up and checked the letterbox.


Your bloke and baby are shacked up with a woman and another kid.


Playing happy families, according to my contacts.

Did you get her name?

Mail addressed to a Miranda Watson.

♪ (sombre music) ♪

Are you sure?

You know her?

It's his ex. Nash's ex-partner. They've got a bloody kid together.

Nash: Babe.

Don't you "Babe" me, you arsehole.

Nash: What? Dor...

You lied to me!

A friend just said you're bloody living with your ex! Miranda.

Nash: Dor, I...

I'm waiting for an explanation, and it better be bloody good!

Nash: I can't explain on the phone.

Nash: I'll come in. (hangs up)

No, you tell me now!

Oi! Oi! Anderson!

Phone time's over. Settle down.

You can call again tomorrow. Hey... look, about Tasha...

I was just tryin' to protect her. Okay?

Yeah, well, you can't.

♪ (ominous flourish) ♪

(indistinct calling out in the yard)

♪ (dark pulsating music) ♪

(indistinct laughing and talking in yard)

Brought you something.

To keep your head warm.

Thank you.

I'll tie it for you.

(railway crossing bells clanging in background)

What happened here?

Last time I was locked up I tried to neck myself.

Didn't work, but.

(train whistle sounds in background)

Looks good.

You must be finding this a little overwhelming.

I'm scared I might do something wrong you know?

Make another mistake.

Ferguson: Can imagine.

Prison life is a bit of a minefield, isn't it?

I'm scared of the guards but the other prisoners are worse.

Between a rock and a hard place.

Both wanting... to (whispered) crush you.

Now that you been branded a lagger, no prisoner will befriend you.

Doreen's been looking after me.

Really? Where is she?

Ran off somewhere.

I understand. (chuckles) She wouldn't want to seen too close.

Mr. Stewart's okay.

Stewart? God, guards, they're worse than cops.

You try to seek their protection they will just use your information and throw you to the wolves anyway.

Bloody hate cops.

Yeah, you can't trust them. Pfft!

I don't know what to do.

♪ (dramatic guitar music) ♪

Hopefully you have a short sentence. (chuckles)

Seven years.

(whispered) God!

(echoed metallic clanging of cell doors)

Look, I... I know that must feel like a lifetime.

And God knows you must be feeling very alone.

You know, so far from home with no friends, no family, no support.

(Prisoner's echoed jeering)

Yeah, right, you dirty rotten snitch!

But in time...


Lucy will turn her attention onto somebody else.

(echoed laughter)

But until then you just gotta... hang in there.

prisoner: No more.

prisoner 1: Fresh meats.

prisoner 2: Yeah, fresher.

(indistinct chatter, prison door shuts)

Hey, what are you doing wandering around on your own, love?

You know it's not safe.

Come up here and watch telly.

Awesome, bickies!



You right, love? Not you! Her.

Yeah, I'm all right.

TV Announcer: Contact CRIME STOPPERS on 1800 333 000.

Boomer: Oh... hm. these are the best bloody bickies...

No, no, shh, shh.

This is big. I want to hear this.

...children made this impassioned plea.

My brother and I would like to appeal to the person who's done this, to please... tell us where our mum is.

Oh, love.

(daughter sobs)

It's just awful to think our mum might be out there somewhere, alone.


If anyone has anything, we beg you to please help us.

TV Announcer: If you have any information, call CRIME STOPPERS on 18...

♪ (scraping and whooshing flourishes) ♪

male guard on walkie-talkie: *** arriving.

Proctor. From your visitor.

♪ (ominous flourish) ♪

Miles: Sweet!

Hey, did you get 'em?

You asked for this Dors, okay?

G'day, Bea.

(whispered) f*ck!

What did Kaz give you?

See for yourself.

prisoner in background: No, you told me that...

What the f*ck, Dor. You went to Kaz for these?

Bloody oath!

I couldn't get onto Franky and you weren't gonna do anything were ya?


You just brushed me off.

Paranoid, ya said. Look!

You don't ever go to Kaz again, understood?

(closing door echoes)

(indistinct background chatter)

(whispers) f*ck it!

(knock on door)

Come in.

Liz, great to see you again.


(sighs) So, you've either been thinking about my proposal, or really like my company.

Well, you certainly have a knack for ingratiating yourself.

(chuckles) I do my best.

No, it was the kids who were on the news last night.

Are they the ones you were speaking about?

They are.

Sonia Stevens' name wasn't mentioned but I felt it in my bones that it was the same case.

Well, your bones are very accurate.

(laughs nervously)

You're right for this, Liz.

I just know you are.

Oh. (clicks tongue)

I don't know about any of that, Don.

I wanna help them, I wanna get out of here faster. I just... I'm... I wanna...

What's holding you back?

Well, to be perfectly honest, I'm really tired of gettin' involved in other people's crap.

And, what happens if somethin' goes wrong and she comes after me?

It's not your neck on the line, Don, it's mine.

You won't be alone, Liz. We'll be in this together, every step of the way.

♪ (ethereal music) ♪

Look, I'll be there for you, as often as you need me. That's a promise.

♪ ♪

(indistinct background chatter)

Nash: Hey.


Where's Josh?

He's with Miranda.

Oh, that's bloody great!

You've got 5 second to give me a reason to stay sitting here.


Mia's autistic.


My little girl.

At least, that's what they think's wrong with her.

(sighs) Nash...


So, Miranda and I had to spend some time together dealing with this, and she really needed my help.

So, that's how it came up about the spare room, and I just thought that we could help each other out.

Why didn't you tell me all this in the first place?

Because, (chuckles) I only just found out myself. And I didn't wanna spoil our time together.

I'm not happy about you lying to me.

And as for the living arrangement, this is a game changer.

Josh will think he's a member of that family, and where does all this leave me?

Just calm down, all right?

There is nothin' wrong.

I miss him!

I miss Josh.

And I don't know whether he's happy or he's hungry, or if he needs his nappy changed.

I know nothing!

And it kills me.

It's okay.

Joshy's fine.

I'm takin' real good care of him.

It's the best option... trust me.

Still need to think about it.

♪ (discordant vocalising) ♪

(sheet ripping)

♪ ♪
♪ (low gong flourish) ♪
♪ (drum beats) ♪
♪ (rhythmic piano music begins) ♪



Hey, where is everyone?

♪ ♪
♪ (ominous flourish) ♪
♪ (pulsing flourish) ♪

(whispered echo) sh1t!

♪ (pulsing stops) ♪
♪ (rhythmic piano restarts) ♪
♪ (slashing flourish) ♪
♪ ♪
♪ (low echoed flourish) ♪
♪ (low echoed flourish) ♪
♪ ♪
♪ (low echoed flourish) ♪
♪ (music slows and goes out of tune) ♪

(echoed) Have you seen Tasha? Do you know where Tasha is?

(echoed) Have you seen Tasha? Someone must have seen her!

♪ (ominous flourish) ♪

(breathing heavily)

(Tasha gasping and coughing)

(heavily breathing slows)

♪ (ominous music) ♪
♪ (plucked piano strings flourish) ♪

Oh God, that's terrible, the poor thing. So, where is she now?

They've taken her to psych unit.

The doctors are with her.

Is she going to be okay?

Well, Nurse Ratshit says she will.

Bloody hell, imagine getting the kiss of life from The Freak.


She must have thought she'd died and gone to hell, hey?

I reckon The Freak saved her life. I wouldn't have known what to do.

I had no idea she was that close to the edge. I feel terrible.

Oh no, love...

It's not your fault.

Whose is it?

Well, the women have mixed feelings.

Some of them think Bea should never have punished Tasha.

If she'd let it slide, like you did, none of this would have happened.

There's not much we can do about it now.

Liz: Nah, that's right.

Doreen (quietly): Booms!

Hey you, say something.

Maxine: What?

Boomer and I were thinking.

What if you take over?


Oh gee, you don't want Bea to hear you talking like that.

Forget it. That is the last thing I need to be burdened with.

You'd be really good.

We'd be really good together.

You know. You and me, eh?

Why don't you do it?

I would.

All the women think you'd be much better.

Boomer: Yeah, just think about it, Maxie.

You'd be really good.

Because I have cancer.

(nervous laugh)

You said you were clear, love.

I'm sorry.

What happened?

I found a breast lump.

Where's Bea?

Not sure.

Yeah, good question.

She know about Tasha?


♪ (low rumbling flourish) ♪


(chuckles disbelievingly)

(whispered) f*ckin' hell!

♪ (melancholy music) ♪

(shallow breathing)



(whispered) Oh, ah.



♪ (music become more hopeful) ♪

(whispered) sh1t.

(water running)


♪ ♪


♪ (music descends slowly) ♪

(Bea snivelling)

(thunder rumbles slowly)

I obviously put too much pressure on her.

Well, you weren't to know how psychologically fragile she was.

I put her in a no-win situation.

Anderson tried to warn me off.

You were doing your job.

No, I was too gung-ho.

You were only trying to protect her.

(knock on door)

Excuse me, Governor, you told me to Mmm. alert you. The brawler's arrived.

Yes, thank you.

♪ (whooshing flourish) ♪
♪ (intriguing music begins) ♪
♪ (piano strings flourish) ♪
♪ (whooshing flourish) ♪
♪ (discordant piano strings flourish) ♪
♪ (twanging flourish) ♪
♪ (low rumbling echoed flourish) ♪

(indistinct background chatter and laughing)

Kaz: Ladies, I would like to propose a toast. Joan.

(Kaz slow claps)

That was an amazing effort.

Here's to Joan for saving a young woman's life.



Kaz: Joanie!

It's what we women do.

We look after each other, huh?

crew member: Yeah.

Well, of course none of this would have happened if Bea Smith hadn't enforced her stupid, bloody rules.

Ha, ha, ha, ha.

Yeah, I'll say.

Apparently we're not the only ones that feel that way.

I've been hearing rumours of a possible permanent takeover.

By who?



♪ (low rumbling flourish) ♪

I'm just going to the loo.


(unlocking bleep)

Just go through.



♪ (intriguing flourish) ♪

Uh, this is Sonia Stevens.


I'm, uh, putting her in your unit. Can you, uh, help her get settled in?

Liz is going to look after you.

Thank you, Elizabeth. (chuckles)

♪ (piano string flourish) ♪

And, uh, yes, don't forget to fill out your visitor request form so there's no delay in your family visiting.

My husband's passed away, so...

No kids?

No, fortunately I dodged that particular bullet.

(Sonia and Liz both chuckle)

Okay, this way, please.

(indistinct walkie-talkie chatter)

Bags the shoes.

(crew laughs)

Can you tell him I'll do it?

Can I come in?

Thought you were already in.

So, I've been hearing rumours.

What rumours?

That you're planning to step up.

Is it true?

Okay, I can't believe you'd even ask me that. (scoffs)

Might as well go to the source.

Have I ever been disloyal to you, Bea?

Even when I don't agree with your decisions I have never gone against you.

You think that I would go behind your back?

All right, I was just checking...

You can't barge in here accusing me of this sh1t.

Calm down, Maxine.

No, no, no, no. I... delayed treatment to hold the fort when you asked me to.

That's how loyal I was to you.

It's okay.

It's not okay, it's too late!

Now they have to f*cking cut my breasts off!

Oh, Maxine, I... I'm so sorry. I...

I... I had no idea.


But the damage is done.

♪ (whooshing flourish) ♪

P.A. announcement: Attention compound. Attention compound. 08:00 and...

(lift dings)


Attention compound. Attention compound. The compound will now...

Thanks for being half-decent this afternoon.

It's good to have a boss who's... caring.

(Vera chuckles nervously)

(lift dings)

Goodnight, Vera.

Nup. (clears throat)

prisoner: What's that?

(laughing and jocularity)

(indistinct background chatter and laughing)

What's that stuff?

Just that.

Bea: 'Cause I ain't having pizza.

(Bea scoffs)

Hey, save us an extra dessert for Maxie, eh, will ya?

Bea: Hey.

Maxine: Hey.


Is Boomer eating for two?



Have I missed something?


You're just not here for us Bea.


It's bad enough that you stuffed up with Tasha, but it's even worse what you did to Maxine.

(whispered) Doreen!

Excuse me?

You knew she had cancer and yet, you made her delay treatment.

Holding onto power is more important to you, isn't it?

Than the life of your friend.

Yeah, all right I knew.

But I didn't know how bad it was.

What the f*ck do you mean that I don't do anything for you?

Everything I do is for you girls, you f*cking cow!

(background chuckle)

Here you are.

Oh, Booms.

Right-o, what's up?


♪ (tense music) ♪


♪ (drum beat starts) ♪

♪ ♪

♪ (drum beat flourish) ♪