04x11 - Eleventh Hour

So, we need someone who can vouch for you, like a character witness.

Maybe Aunty Joan?

Who's Aunty Joan?

She's my godmother, she knew me mum.

I find you interesting Vera a bit too vanilla for you, Jake?

Get me a g-bag of powder.

You get me that phone, we have a deal.

I saved your life, you were gone.

But I never gave up on you If you get a second chance, you grab it and you don't let go.

♪ [Drum beat flourish] ♪]

♪ [Quietly brooding music plays] ♪

Ferguson: Trust. Often it can be misplaced I've been guilty of putting my faith in people who've let me down.

Betrayed me.

It's made it difficult for me to trust again.

Until now.

♪ ♪

If you look where I told you, you will find a cardboard box.

Inside that box there are answers to who I am, but also about your mother.

There are letters that she wrote me, expressing gratitude.

The contents of that box also tell of a tragedy.

Your tragedy.

Caused by one man.

The man who stole you from your mother's arms and caused her death. Who condemned you to a succession of appalling foster homes Who ruined your life.

And destroyed mine.

♪ [Music intensifies and distorts] ♪

[Footsteps echoing]

♪ [Theme music] ♪

♪ You don't know me, when I don't know you ♪
♪ You don't know me, when I don't know you ♪
♪ You're calling me in. You're catching me out ♪
♪ You're calling me in. You're catching me out ♪
♪ You're calling me in. You're catching me out ♪
♪ You don't know me, when I don't know you ♪

Announcement: Attention, compound. Attentions, compound. H Block are now called to breakfast.

Prisoner 1: I'm bored. Yeah.

Prisoner 2: Are you?

Jump to the boys?

Yeah, I'm thinking about it.

♪ [Whooshing flourish] ♪

Announcement: Attention, compound. Attention, compound. C Block are now... called to breakfast.

f*ckin' serious?!


Bea's weak.

2IC's crook.

Her crew's all over the f*cking shop.


We take her down.

Red Right Hand and your girls.

We take Bea down...

And finally get equality for all the women in here.

Tina: f*ck equality!

Unless all the women are getting shit-faced on my gear.


Kaz: Ah, Tina... f*ck it!

Have you forgotten what she did to you?

We take Bea down... you'll be Top Dog and look after my sh1t.

I don't want Top Dog!

Betrays all my principles.

Well then, go f*ck your principles!

Allie: Ooh, my own personal stylist...

I could get used to this.

Bea: Yeah, I do weddings, proms and court appearances.

So, what are you thinking?

Well... ah, maybe a little up do?

So the judge can see how open and honest your face is.

But sexy as hell, right?

Oh, yeah!

[Door opens]

Bea: Mmm.

♪ [Tense music plays] ♪

I need the shower block cleared. Finish that in H1.

[Bea laughs]

♪ ♪

[Knock on door]

Governor, have you got a moment?

[Phone ringing in background]

Of course, Mr Stewart.

[Door closes]

[Train horn sounds in background]


[Vera chuckles]

[Whispers] Look, no, no, no, no. Not... not here! Not here!

What? Come on.

But you pulled the blinds down!

Not... not...!

Oh... is that why you wanted...

Oh, right!

.. to see me?

Well, isn't that enough?

No... I, uh, I actually had a question about my chances for a salary advance.

Oh... well unfortunately that is against, ah, departmental protocol.

Yeah, no I thought so.

Remember I told you about the microbrewery?


I have found the perfect space in Collingwood.


Only, a couple of other buyers are are circling like sharks.

The owner needs 20K cash deposit today, or it's gone.

I can get 10 together, but... [inhales] just, I'm 10 short.

10 thousand, today?

It's the way these guys operate, only deal in cash, play investors off against each other.


I can't.

I thought the idea of my not being an employee might appeal.


If I break the rule for you, I'd have Linda up here every Friday, I'm sorry.

No, it's cool. I... I understand.

Just thought I'd ask.



[Phone rings in background]


I'm sorry.

Vera: Mm-hm...

Jake: See ya.

[Door closes]

[Boomer laughing]

Liz: Aww... here's Doreen.

[Chair scrapes]

Boomer: Piss off!

Hey, Doreen...

[background kitchen noises]

Boomer: Oh, what, she wants to sit with us?


Liz: Leave it.

[Chair scrapes]

Are you right, Dor?

So... [Sighs] you got the whole prison talkin', Bea.

Gah, [Scoffs] yeah.

[Liz and Boomer chuckle]

Slow news day obviously.

Hey, you, like, gonna eat that...

Now you're a "vagitarian".

[Sonia chuckles]

Susan, that's very witty.

[Boomer chuckles] Yeah, that's me. I'm witty, I'm witty, aren't I?

Liz: Yeah, oh yeah.

Leave it, leave it.

Hey, you know I pashed a girl once.

Yeah, I-I was pissed but, but I dunno. Do you reckon that makes me bisexual?

Oh, yeah.

"Beersexual" perhaps?

[Bea's crew laughing]

That's f*ckin' witty too, eh? [laughs]

[Liz laughs]

High five! [Laughs]

Hey... we should probably get going.

Oh, yes. You've got your sentencing today, haven't you?

Oh, yeah. Good luck, love.

Yeah, just give the judge a gobby, eh?

Doreen: Boomer!

Oh, love, Oh, what?

That's gross, Booms!

Doreen: *** team!

Liz: Yuck!

What are you doing?

Are you trying to humiliate me?

Yeah, 'cause it's all about you, Kaz.

Hey! You let her go.

It's okay.

No, no, it's not okay. She doesn't have any rights over you.

You lied, straight to my face!

I know that Allie didn't have anything to do with that attack on me.

You think you're special, 'cause you got her off the gear?

I've pulled Allie out her own sh1t so many times I can't even remember.

If I hadn't have been there, she wouldn't have survived.

[background chatter and kitchen noises]

[Door opens and closes]

You touch her again...

I'll break your f*ckin' arm!

[background chatter and laughing]

♪ [Urgent music with drums] ♪

f*ck it, I'll do it!


We take Bea down. I'll take on Top Dog.

And you'll protect my sh1t?

♪ [Cell door sliding shut flourish] ♪

Mate, how long did you party after I left?

You left?

[Stewart chuckles]

So, dude, are we on again for tonight, or do you need a night off, to powder your v*g1n*?

[Jackson chuckles]

We're on.

Stewart: Right.

Will, have you seen Mr Stewart?

Yeah, you, um, you just missed him.

He's, ah, he's gone on a shift.

Right, isn't that where you should be?


Are you fit for duty?


Just... a bit of a headache.

I have to be out for half an hour, you're in charge.

[Door closes]

Bea: What, he's living at her house?

Franky: And he's callin' her his godmother.

And "Aunty Joan"?

Are you sure he's got no connections at Walford that could get to Jesper?

No, he's just a messed up kid, he doesn't mix with that crowd.

The trial's on Thursday, so you better keep him close.

Franky: I'm on it.

And find out what the f*ck she wants from him!

Stop swingin' your dick around. I said I'm on it.

[Bea chuckles]

[Pops lips]


How's you love life, Red?

Has it improved since my last visit?

Don't give me sh1t, Franky.

I'm getting a different vibe.


What's goin' on? What's goin' on?


[Bea scoffs]

She's got her sentencing today.

Oh, right.


[Bea chuckles wistfully]

You got it bad, Red.

[Bea snorts and chuckles]

You're in love, aren't ya?

Have you, ah...


.. tried the "McMuff"?

Piss off!

[Franky laughs]

Not yet.

[Franky Whispers] Oh.

It tastes like chicken.

[Laughs] f*ck!



[Bea sighs]

[Franky laughs]

[Knock at door]

You wanted to see me, Governor?

Close the door, Mr Stewart.

[Phone ringing in background]

I know, I'm hard to resist.

It's a loan.

Are you trying to get rid of me?


Thank you.

And I'll pay it back, with interest.


Forget the interest, it's a favour.

Are you sure you can afford this?

Yeah, I've go...

I've got savings, and...

I don't want you to miss out on your dream because of the department's inflexibility.

I would do you right here, right now, if it wasn't for...

Maybe you need to call me to the plant room again.

I think it's your move, Governor.

[Vera giggles]

[Envelope rustling]

[Phone ringing in background]

♪ [Tense music with drum beat plays] ♪

[Door beeps unlocked]

[Indistinct chatter and children's voices]

♪ [Sliding flourish] ♪

♪ [Slashing and whizzing flourishes] ♪

[Echoing thud]

[A child screams]

♪ [Thrumming] ♪

♪ [Whooshing flourish] ♪

♪ [ Music calms to a single note] ♪

[Background noise stops]


[Door opens]


[Door closes]

Did you find the box?

Then you know the truth.

The man responsible for you mother's death is the same man who's framed me for these... crimes that I have been accused of.

[Ferguson sighs]

We're innocents.

You, me, your mum.


They just keep f*ckin' up our lives.

We need to look after each other, Shayne.

That's me.

[Quietly] Mm.

Where'd you get 'em?

I took 'em.

So, what, you've been watchin' me since I was a kid?

I have been watching over you.

So, you're saying that I'm important to you?


That you care about me?

I do... I-I-I care about you, of course.

If you cared so much... why the f*ck (!) didn't you come and get me, back then?

[Sniffles] My life was sh1t.

I couldn't. I...

I was moving around... I mean I didn't have grounds You had all the same ground as all them other foster f*cks!

And you knew what my life was like and you did f*ck all!

[Ferguson muffled] I really wanted to, you have to believe me.

Your mother was so important to me.

[Shayne muffled] But I wasn't You were. You are!

[Crying] Bullshit!

D..., ah..., I let you into my house.

Shayne: Bullshit!

I mean inside my home.

It's bullshit! Bullshit!

I mean... I... I... I never do that!

Shayne, you need to listen to me.

f*ck listening to you!

♪ [Tense thrumming] ♪

And this thing you want me to do...

[Door opens]

You can shove it up your arse!

Stewart: Hey, No wait! Not wait, wait, wait, wait!

Stewart: settle down.

Piss off!

No, no, wait! No wait! Come back! Shayne!

That's enough, calm down!


Joan! You need to calm down.

I need him. Oh, I need him, I need him.

I need him. I need him.

Come on, let's go.

I need him. I need him. I need him.

♪ [Whooshing flourish] ♪

Liz: Ooh, what you reckon this is?

Cock sock.

It's a big cock sock. Pssshhew!

[Doreen chuckles]

Boomer: Needs to be wider.

[Crew laughs]

Hey, looks who's back.

Liz: Hey, love. Hey.

Liz: How'd you go?

Boomer: I bet it was sh1t, was it?

Boomer: Yeah, they... they say that the second round of chemo's even worse than the first, so...

It's fine. It's fine.

Bea: Yeah?

Come on, sit down.

Max: Queasy tummy!

Oh, I'll get you a sugary tea, love.

Max: Ooh!

Max: Thank you. Oh, I'm okay. [Sighs]

Just... just breathe, yeah?

[Allie sighs]


10 years.

[Allie Sighs]

Oh, f*ck me, eh?

Liz: Wow, that's a fair whack, love.

[Chuckles and sighs]

I'm sorry.

[Allie scoffs]

I'm not. [Chuckles]

I couldn't give a sh1t if it was 20.


♪ [Electronica with a heavy beat] ♪

[Ship horn sounds in background]


Jakey-boy... how the f*ck's my favourite prison screw, eh?

Yeah, good, Turk, good.



Well... what are you waiting for?

Do you want a hand job?

Billy, give 'im a hand job.

No. [Scoffs]

Oh, Jesus, f*ck! Hang on a second.

[Turk's crew laughing]

It's all there. 10 large.



Wow... playin' with the big boys now, hey?

About time.

Want the other 90 grand in my account by 4:00 PM this afternoon.

Stewart: Yeah, no worries, Turk. I'll be there.

Trust me.

f*ck it up... and I'll f*ck you up!

Trust me.

Now, so what about that hand job, eh?

Billy! Give 'im the hand job.

No, it's all right, thanks.

[Turks crew laughing]

Had one this morning.

Yeah, f*ck off!

[Piercing beep]

[Loud humming]

[Indistinct background announcement]

[Piercing beep]

[Repeated beeping]

[Hand scanner buzzes]

Must be the belt.

[Scanner buzzes]

Vera: Mr Stewart?

[Scanner buzzes]

Come with me.

♪ [Pulsating beat plays] ♪

[Indistinct announcement]

Vera, why...

Up against the wall!

Do it!

Spread them!


It's Governor!

Now, spread them!

♪ ♪

This is a spot strip search, Mr Stewart.

Vera, listen...

What the f*ck, Vera!

What, no... but...

It's not... I... it's not... Oh, sh1t!

No, oh, but you...

[Door opens and slams closed]

♪ [Urgent music plays] ♪

♪ [Music ends] ♪

[Metal gate clangs shut]

Turn it around. What does he need? What does he want?

What does he want?

Come on, come on, come on.

It's a minor betrayal, that's all.

Focus, focus.

That's a help, isn't it.

Come on!

Turn it around. Turn it around. Turn it around.

[Muted] Focus, focus.

[Door beeps unlocked]

Miles: Officer.

Ferguson: What does he want?

Stewart: Thanks, Linda.

Miles: What's for lunch?

[Ferguson muttering indistinctly]

Stewart: Pumpkin soup.

[Scoffs] Oh.

Miles: f*ckin' bitches.

[Door beeps unlocked]

Ferguson: Focus, longer.

Ferguson: Just repeat it.

Ferguson: He's a kid.

Talking to yourself again, Joan.

Ooh... first sign of madness, hm?

You look a tad frayed around the edges there, Mr Stewart.

Bit of a tussle in the lunch queue?

Your little freak out in the visitors, what was that about?

Perhaps I'm on drugs.

You know what I reckon you need, Joan?


[Inhales] A good... hard... f*ck.

Are you the man to give it to me?

I wanna use the phone.

And what makes you think I give a sh1t?

I may still have a few of Vera's juicy secrets to toss your way.

♪ [Heavy rock music playing in background] ♪

[Phone rings]

[Phone continues to ring]


Shayne... it's, ah, it's Aunty Joan.

See ya.

Don't hang up, please.

Please, Shayne.

[Mates yell excited in background]

♪ [Heavy music continues] ♪

What do ya want?

I need to you to come back and see me Forget it.


[Whispered] please, I can't let us part like this.

I owe it to your mother.

She's dead, she don't care.

That's not true.

You know, she's watching over you.

Just like you've been.

[Gun fire in video game heard over phone]

What's that?

[Gun fire continues]



It's just video games.

Me and my mates are having a bit of get together.

Get... get together?

A bit of a party, you know?

You're not making a mess!

[Phone disconnects]

Shayne? Shayne?!

[music and video games continue]

[Explosions sound in video game]

[Kitchen equipment noises]

10 Years...

I'm sorry, kiddo.

♪ [Tense music plays] ♪

Ice cream.

[Drugs packet rustles]

Yeah, well... no we'll share.

Hey, um, have you seen Bea, I need to talk to her.

Laundry, honey.

What's up your bum?


Why aren't you at your work unit?

Oh, yeah, sorry, Miss Miles, I wasn't feeling crash hot, I... I got a pass.

You need to get back to kitchen clean up, now!

Okay, fine. Well, can I at least take a piss first?

Hurray up!

♪ [Gentle music plays] ♪

[Packet rustles]

Squirt it out, Novak!

You right?!

[Packet rustles]

[Toilet flushes]

[Door opens]

Miles: Come on!

[Lighter flint flicks]

[Bong water bubbles]

♪ [Distorted sucking air flourish] ♪
♪ [Whooshing flourish] ♪

[Exhales shakily]

♪ [High pitched fencing swords slash] ♪
♪ [Distorted whooshing and slashing] ♪


♪ [Ominous tones starts] ♪
♪ [Swords slashing and dark tone playing] ♪
♪ [Sword slashes] ♪

[Mates laughing and playing with fencing swords]

Frosty: That's it. Oh, come on!

Frosty: Come on, do it! Ow, you did it!

Frosty: Yeah, you can f*ck him up!

Franky: What the f*ck?!

[Swords slashing]

Franky: Get out!

Frosty: Who the f*ck are you?

Franky: Get out!

Frosty: All right. Uh...

Get the f*ck out! Go!

Frosty: Hey, hey. Chillax, Khaleesi.

Franky: All of you, get the f*ck out now!

Franky: Off you go!

Frosty: Oh, yeah, I'm goin'.

Frosty: f*ckin' hell.

[Door slams]

[Water running]

Shayne: Argh!

What are you doing?!

You start your community service today, Shayne.

Oh, it's cold!

Hey, you can't associate with those dickheads, okay.

It's part of your community service order.

Oh, screw community service!

Hey, it's better than jail.

I didn't even f*ckin' do it!

Do what?

Boost the car.

What are you talkin' about?


It was Frosty!

I just said I did it to get him off.

What, you covered for him? What the f*ck did you do that for?

Because he's 18!

I'm just a kid. He would have gone to Walford. They don't put kids in jail!

f*ck! Franky, turn it off!

Get those clothes off.

[Water gurgling in drain]

No... no... no, that's not...

[Whispered] What, a bag of ice?!

I sprung Tina in the pantry with a huge stash.

She just gave me that to shut me up.

Bea, I was never gonna use it, I swear. I just took it to show you.

[Packet rustles]


[Toilet flushes]


[Puts knife down]

You just don't listen, do ya?

So, here's what's gonna happen... that fresh stash you just brought in... you're gonna flush every pill, foil, gram.

I'm gonna stand there and watch you do it, and then you and I, where gonna take a little walk No!

Huh, sorry, what?

Those Red Hand bitches and my girls, we're a team now.

We're strong and you're f*cking weak!

Your days are numbered, Bea.

Tina: And when we take over, I'm going to ring in all the sh1t I want.

And your drug-fucked girlfriend will be my number one client.

♪ [Drums beating rapidly] ♪

Argh, f*ckin' bitch!

[General scuffling sounds]


Come at me, huh?

Guard: Hey!

Yeah... just seeing what was on the menu.

[Maxine retching]

Liz: All right, love.

Sonia: Try and breathe. That's it.

Liz: It's better out than in.

[Maxine sighs]

Sonia: Just try and...

[Maxine retches]

Liz: Don't worry.

Liz: That's the way...

Sonia: Good. Good.

Liz: You right? Just breathe.

Hey, Boomer!

Liz: Don't be scared, breathe.

Sonia: It's all right.

Bea: Come here!

Sonia: It's all right, Liz and I have got this.

[Maxine retches]

Liz: Take your breath, get your breath... that's it.

Yeah? Eh?

It's time to kick some heads in.

Red Right Hand and Asian crew, they've teamed up. I'm gonna need ya!

Oh, no, no, I can't, Bea. I'm... I'm pregnant.

Boomer, please!

Nah, I'm not gonna risk, like, a punch to me guts or somethin', and, I-I... Sorry. I gotta...

Liz: You gonna go again? Okay.

[Maxine retches]

Liz: Let it out, let it out, love. Come on.

Liz: I'm gonna get ya some ice, okay?

Liz: Hold on, Max, I'll get a towel.

[Maxine retching and gasping]

Sonia: You're doing well.

[Indistinct yard chatter]

♪ [Urgent music plays] ♪


Bea. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Can I talk to you?

Your cell or mine?

[Stella chuckles]

Just need an assurance.

I just need an orgasm.

[Scoffs] Yeah, good. Look... some sh1t's going down.

I need you and your boys to back me, and if you do, I promise I'll make it worth your while.

I've heard your goose is cooked.

Are you going to back me or not? That's all I need to know.

Even if you don't put in me a wheelchair permanently, I've still got 3 f*ckin' screws in me foot.

You're dead meat, Bea. In fact... [Sniffs] you're already startin' to stink.


♪ [Whooshing flourish] ♪

[Indistinct whisperings]

Prisoner 1: I think she's losing it.

[Indistinct whisperings]

♪ [Whooshing flourish] ♪

Prisoner 2: ...Top Dog...

[Heart beating]

Prisoner 3: Look at her. All alone.

♪ [Whooshing flourish] ♪

[Indistinct whisperings]

♪ [Whooshing flourish] ♪

Prisoner 4: She's got no friends. No...

[Indistinct whisperings]

Prisoner 5: She's losing her mind.

[Indistinct whisperings]

♪ [Whooshing flourish] ♪
♪ [Heart beating with pulsing music] ♪
♪ [Echoed thud as music ends] ♪


A fresh stash of drugs have just come in. A big one.


Right. Well, we both know you're not going to give up a name.

So, why are you even bothering with this?

I thought you'd wanna know.


And now I do know. So, what do I do with that information?

Order a ramp.

By which time, the drugs will have been safely stashed in some hidey-hole.

If you're not going to give me some information I can actually use, Smith, what is the point?

[Leafing through documents]

Tina Mercado.

[Door opens and closes]

Stewart: Whoa, whoa, Turk, calm down. Calm down!

What do you mean the money's not there?

♪ [Ominous music plays] ♪

Mate, it's only 25 past.

Yeah, okay. Okay, I'll call my guy and get it sorted.

No, everything's sweet, mate, okay?

[Sighs] Oh, f*ck it.

♪ [Music becomes urgent with drum beats] ♪

[Indistinct background commotion]

What's going on?

Cell toss.

♪ [Music ends] ♪
♪ [Drum beats] ♪
♪ [Drum beats] ♪

Jackson: Governor.

♪ [Drum beats] ♪

Slot Mercado.

Guard: Let's go.

f*ck this!

Vera: Lock those in the cabinet in my office.

I'll alert the police.

♪ [High pitched ringing with beat] ♪
♪ [Urgent music plays] ♪

[Vera muffled] Thanks, Peter.

[Door opens]

♪ [Music ends] ♪

[Phone rings]

What are you doing?

[Phone rings]

What do you think?

It's not appropriate.

Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry.

I just...

I just felt really terrible about before.


You caught me at a bad time. I had to rush off and... replace Linda on Ferguson watch. I just wanted to make it up to you.

[Knock at door]

Vera: Yes.


Yep, come on in, officers.

The, um, prisoner's name is Tina Mercado.

♪ [Urgent music plays] ♪

[Keys jangle]

She's currently in isolation. but I can make her available for an interview.

Cop: Thank you, Governor.

♪ ♪

I'm forging your signature, Bea.

[Chuckles] You don't know how to forge my signature.

[Allie laughs] Bullshit.

Gonna sign you up for anger management classes...

That's amazing. Really?

I'm gonna forge your signature, and I'm gonna sign you up for yoga and meditation.

Oh, sweet! I'll be sane as f*ck in 10 years.


Bea: Awww.

Bea! Hey...

Someone's lagged...

Liz: Apparently when the screws tossed the whole unit, they knew exactly what they were lookin' for.

Juice: Bea! You better sort this out.

We've got a f*ckin' rat in the ranks.

Prisoners: Yeah!

Oh, you want me to sort it out, do you, Juice?

You're Top Dog.

Only when it suits you.

[Juice scoffs]

Which one of you bush pigs spilled ya guts to the screws?

[Prisoners muttering]

Bush pig! I think that's a case of pot/kettle, don't you, love?

It was Allie.

Prisoner: What?


Kaz: Kim said you saw Tina in the kitchen with her stash!

♪ [Tense music plays] ♪

Juice: That's why Vinegar Tits moved you to H1.

You're the new Governor's bitch.

Bea: No, no, no, no, no.

No, no, I got her moved. Allie didn't lag.

Kaz: Protecting your girlfriend are you, Bea?

Oh, get f*cked, Kaz!

I've already warned you.

Right, is this double standards or what? So, you're allowed to lag as long as you're f*cking a Top Dog!

[Prisoners yelling and jeering]

Jackson: Get out of my way!

Jackson: Back off! That'll do!

f*ck you are one f*cking lagger!

Yeah, you got that right.

Everyone back to your units, now!

Walk away or go to the slot, you decide.

Announcement: Attention, compound. Attention, compound. All prisoners return your cells.

[Cell doors sliding shut]

[Door opens]

Kim: Your go.

Why haven't you paid?


I need you to call Tina's guy and tell him to make the payment.

[Scoffs] I can't.

What the f*ck do you mean, "you can't"?

I dunno Tina's guy.

She's the only one who deals with him.

Don't give me that bullshit!

[Muffled] Look, I know you know him. Now talk to me!

[Clears throat]


♪ [Sinister music plays] ♪

[Door beeps unlocked]

[Door opens]

Guard: Time's up, Jake.


End of shift.

♪ [Music stops] ♪

Oh, thanks.

[Door beeps unlocked]

♪ [Sinister music plays again] ♪

[Echoed thud]

Time to do it. We take Bea Smith down, f*ckin' now!

Ah, it's not going to happen.

Yes, it f*ckin' is!

[Kim scoffs]

Tina's slotting has spooked the crew.

You know what we're like... superstitious.

It's bad luck to make a move without Tina.

Bad luck?

Bad luck?! I'll give you f*cking bad luck!

You f*cking superstitious, fat f*cking f*ck! f*ck, f*ck!

[Allie breathing heavily]

Hey, are you okay?

I'm not a f*cking lagger.

I know.

I mean, only to you but...

Kaz isn't gonna let this go. She's gonna come after me.

No she won't.

You don't know Kaz, some of the sh1t I've seen her do!

She doesn't scare me. [Chuckles]

Oh, yeah, well nothing scares you though, does it?

[Sighs] That's not true.

[Allie scoffs]

A lot of things scare me.

Look, come here.

We're in this together, okay?

Now, I'll protect you no matter what.

[Indistinct P.A. announcement]

[Gate shutting]

[Train horn sounding in background]

Frosty: Is that him?

Shayne: Nah.

Shayne: That's him there.


We still partying?

Stewart: Ah, yeah, yeah, we are.

We'll see you there?

Yeah. Actually...

I've got something I wanna run by you.

Stewart: See you there.

[Vehicles start up]

[Motorcycle revs]

Shayne: Let's go.

♪ [Club music plays loudly] ♪

[Laughing and cheering]

Stewart: Microbrewery.


A microbrewery. We'd make our own beer.

I've worked out all the costs: warehouse lease, equipment, company fees.

Comes in at 180K, that's 90K a piece.

Equal partners Mate, this.... this is a huge opportunity.

I'm only offering it to you because we're mates.

Think about it mate. Get the f*ck out of corrections.

No more working for the man or puttin' up with those nasty bitches.

But... if you're in I'm gonna need that 90K, like, yesterday, bro.

I need a piss.

[Door slowly creaks shut and bangs]

[Jackson snorting drugs]

[Door bangs open]

You're a coke-head?


You're a f*ckin' dope whore What are you doing here?

You took me away from my mother because she had a drug problem.

Shayne, you listen, okay. Your mother was unfit.

Unfit?! You're f*ckin' unfit!

It's your fault!

Everything sh1t that's happened to me and to Joan!

You f*ckin' meat puppet!

Stewart: You all right?

[Music gets louder as door opens]

[Door closes, music quietens]

You f*ck!

[Music volume increases as door opens]

Stewart: All right, where to?

Stewart: Oh, where're you goin'?

I'm goin' home.

Mate, we're just gettin' started.

Hey! Well, how about my offer?

90K and you're in!



[Car engine revs]

[General street noises]

[Thumping bass from stereo as car approaches]

[Tyres squeal]

[Car doors open]

Oh, hey, Turk.

[Car doors slam]

How's it goin', mate?

♪ [Loud music with loud drums plays] ♪

Stewart: Jesus, what? Argh!

Turk: Eh, you think you're hard to find?

Where's my f*ckin' money, mm?!

Stewart: Yeah... look, I'm-I'm workin' on it, mate. Argh!

Stewart: Ah, ah, oh! Uh!

[Gun cocks]

Turk: Right...

Stewart: Uh! Oh!

[Gun fires a blank]

Stewart: Oh!

Now, I want my in my bank account by midday tomorrow afternoon, or next time this'll be f*cking loaded! You got it?!

f*ckin' piece of sh1t!

[Liquid trickling]

[Stewart strains]

Let's go.

[Stewart panting] f*ck!

[Still panting] sh1t!

[Breathing slows]

[Car doors close, car screeches off]

[Tyres squeal]

[Whispered] Oh, sh1t! Oh, f*ck!

[Car screeches off]

♪ [Ominous pulsating music plays] ♪
♪ [Pulsating becomes buzzing] ♪

[Birds twittering]

♪ [Music fades out] ♪

[Knock at door]

[Bashes on door again]


Everything you said is true.

Shayne: He f*cked me life up.

And yours, eh?

I'll do it.

[Ferguson chuckles]

Oh, sh1t!

Gonna be late for my community service. My Legal Relief is gonna go mental.

Surely they'll overlook a few minutes' tardiness.

Shayne: You don't know Franky. She'll kill me.

[Papers rustle]

♪ [Suspenseful music plays] ♪

[Door opens]

[Keys jangle]

This is bullshit.

I know who you are.

Aunty Joan told me everything.

So, what's goin' on. What the f*ck does she want you to do?

What, is it take the blame? Like you did for your mate, Frosty. Is that it?

Get out.

What? Say you were working with Jesper, some f*cked up revenge for Will Get out.

Jackson and what he did to your mum?

Franky, get out!

Huh? Shayne, she's manipulating you.

She... she's f*cking using you!

You're the user!

You've been lying to me from the start!

I've been helping you!


Bullshit, nothing you've said is true!

Shayne, we can just...

Shayne: Get out!

Get out!

Get... out!

Ge the f*ck out!

[Door slams closed]

♪ [Jarring flourish] ♪

[Cell door slides open]

♪ [Urgent music plays] ♪

[Door beeps unlocked]

[Door bangs closed]

[Door creaks open]

♪ ♪

Stewart: I got you out of the slot so you could make the call.

Tina: What call?

You know what call.

Tell your guy to make the payment before noon.

No gear, no payment.

[Hushed] I got you the gear.

Then you took it away.

I didn't f*cking...!

[Indistinct radio chatter]

[Door beeps unlocked]

That had nothing to do with me.

Tina: So, who lagged?


Tell me who lagged, I'll call my guy.


It was Smith.


Bea Smith told the Governor to toss your cell.

Now, call your guy and make the payment.

[Guard approaching]


Soon as you get me my gear back.

[Door beeps unlocked]

♪ ♪

[Door beeps unlocked]

Miles: Thank God we don't have to do this much longer.

[Door closes]

Miles: Soon as she's convicted, out of our hair. She's all yours.

[Door beeps unlocked]

♪ ♪

[Door closes]

[Hushed] sh1t!

Ferguson: You all right, Mr Stewart?

You seem... restless.

[Chuckles nervously and pants]

[Hushed] sh1t!

You know if anyone has a right to feel agitated, you'd think it'd be me.

[Stewart sniffs]

I'm on trial for my life tomorrow...

And yet, there you are a bundle of tension, sh1t!

.. whilst I am as calm as a...

That's because you're a f*ckin' psycho!

.. mill pond.

♪ [Grating flourish] ♪

You, Mr Stewart, are a drug dealer, and not a very good one at that.

You think I didn't know?

Saw that little deal you did with Allie Novak. You've been scrambling ever since they found those drugs in Mercado's cell.

Heard about that happy score of Vera's.

Not so happy for you though, hmm.

♪ ♪

You f*ckin' bitch.

You've got yourself into a bit of pickle. Haven't you Jake?

Now, whatever trouble you are in...

I am not it's architect.

Oh, you've got no idea the trouble I'm in.

f*ck it! I am f*cked!

You smug c**t!

I am a dead man!

f*ck it!

I'm so f*cked!

Surely it's not a bad as all that?

I owe a shitload of money!

Money I don't have. These guys... they're gonna kill me.



Well, if it's just about money... that's something that I've got plenty of.

I could get a lawyer to transfer it in a matter of minutes.

How much do you need?

♪ [Pulsating music plays] ♪


90 grand.


[Keys jangle]

What do I have to do for it?

Bea: Where?

Allie: That one right there.

Allie: Can't you see, that looks like a prawn...

[Chuckling] No, it doesn't.

Looks like a seahorse.

[Allie gasps] Oh, sh1t yeah, it does.

Hey, did you know seahorses like to swim in pairs?

Do they?

Yeah, they do.

They link tails so they don't lose each other.


[Both laugh]

Hey... you been drinking your water?

She been drinking water?

Oh, yeah. I've been makin' sure, eh?

Yeah and how I'm pissin' like a fountain.

Yeah. Yeah.

Max: From both ends.

Oh, here we go. What's goin' on 'ere.

Everyone, listen up.

I just heard some pretty disappointing news.

I know who lagged on Tina Mercado.

[General dissent amongst prisoner]

Juice: Who's the f*ckin' lagger? Spit it out.

Me and the boys'll sort her out.

Don't worry about that.


The person who lagged directly to the Governor was Bea Smith.

Prisoner 1: What?!

[Prisoners murmuring]

Get out!

Prisoner 2: Bullshit.

I know it's hard to believe that your Top Dog would betray you, but it's true.

Oh, get off!

Yeah, get off the f*ckin' table before I punch your tits in.

Juice: Yeah!

Bea. Got anything to say?

Tell us. Tell all of us.

Prisoner 3: Yeah, come on.

Did you lag to the Governor, Bea?

Or are you just gonna deny it?


Juice: You are full of sh1t, Kaz.

[Prisoners discussing]

No, I'm not gonna deny it.

It was me.

♪ [Quiet tone plays] ♪

I lagged.

So what?

So... what.

Prisoner 4: So what?

You just betrayed everything you stand for. You're Top Dog.

[Emotionally] Yeah, that's right.

♪ [Gentle guitar music plays] ♪

I was sick of the drugs in this place.

And I was sick of Tina crossing me and... and peddling sh1t to my girls.

And that's why I lagged.

To put a stop to it.

Well, you can't be Top Dog and a lagger. It's one or the other.

Prisoner 5: Yeah, that's right, ***.

So which one is it, Bea?

♪ ♪

Which... one... is it.

♪ ♪
♪ [Music ends] ♪

That's it.

I'm done.

[Prisoners murmuring]

♪ [Gentle music plays] ♪

Prisoner 6: Yeah, good riddance.

[Prisoner murmurs grow louder, some clapping]

♪ [Whooshing flourish] ♪
♪ [Music ends] ♪

[Door opens]


[Hushed] Oh, God!

You okay?

Hey? [Sighs]

[Bea sighs]

[Exhales with relief]

[Liz chuckles]

I just don't have the energy for it anymore, Liz.

Liz: Mm.


I thought I needed it...

Things are changing for me.

Oh, yeah. Mm.

You know what... [Inhales]

I'm relieved. I'm-I'm relieved it's over.

So am I. For your sake.

[Liz chuckles]

[Bea sighs]

[Bea chuckles]

You don't need it.

Bea: Mm.

I'll leave you two alone.



Thank you.

No worries.

[Door closes]

Doreen: Yeah and Tasha, Booms?

Yeah, exactly. I don't bloody get it.

Well, what's going on?

Bea lagged.

Doreen: Yeah.

Like, why would Bea lag?

Booms, let it go.

She okay?

♪ [Gentle music plays] ♪

She's happy.

You could have told me you lagged.

I was tryin' to protect you.

I promise I will never keep anything from you ever again.

I promise you I will never... [Inhales] take another drug again.

[Whispers] Ever.

[Hushed] I don't need 'em anymore.

♪ ♪

[Bea gasping and clears throat]

♪ ♪

[Bea gasps]

♪ ♪

[Bea moans quietly]

[Bea moans quietly]

[Bea exhales softly]

[Bea moans]

[Moaning increases]

[Bea exhales]


[Laughing gently and panting]

♪ ♪

[Whispers] Bea?

[Whispered] Come have a shower with me before anyone else gets there.

Bea: Mm.

♪ [Music end] ♪

[Bea sighs peacefully in her sleep]

[Indistinct quiet prison noises]

[Water running]

[Door opens]


We've still got the place to ourselves.

[Curtain moving on rail]

[Closes shower curtain]

[Water gurgles in sink]

♪ [Whooshing flourish] ♪


♪ [Ominous music plays] ♪

[Allie screams are muffled]

[Allie continues screaming]


♪ [Dramatic music with drums plays] ♪

[Screaming] Help!


[Muffled screams]

Ferguson: Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-shhhh.



[Muffled gasping]

[Syringe hits the floor]

[Syringe cap hits the floor]

[Muffled gasp]



♪ [Music becomes pulsating] ♪

Sh-sh-shhh. Don't fight it.

Don't fight.

[Allie gagging and exhales]


[Allie gagging]


[Allie gagging]

Ferguson: That's good...

Ferguson: Don't fight it.

♪ [Music gradually slows with pitch going down] ♪
♪ [Music ends] ♪

Vera: All the things you've done, don't make you powerful.

They make you sick.

Bea: Allie?

Bea: Allie, wake up. Wake up!

[Siren wails]

I swear to you, she wouldn't do this to herself.

Vera: There's six minutes of footage missing.

An officer's involved.

Doreen: Why would someone... I'll shut up.

It's Kaz, it's gotta be Kaz.

Kaz: Get the f*ck off me!


Get f*cked!

I have a good feeling about today.

[Siren wailing]

Everyone of us who's crossed her, we're all in danger.

[Siren wailing]

This was her plan all along.

You ready?

The unmissable season final of Wentworth. 08:30 PM next Tuesday on SoHo.