07x02 - Payback

Lucas, it's Marie. I need you to visit soon as possible.

We're tired of waiting. You're finished.

She's coming for both of us.

I want ICE! This what you're after?

- What do you want?
- Kaz Proctor.


Oh, f*ck!

Open the f*cking door or I'm gonna cut this baby out!

I'm gonna step back from my governor's duties.

I need you to take over as acting governor.

Liz, this is Dr Miller, the new staff psychiatrist.

I don't know how much time I've got left but I've still got things that I want to do.

- Why don't you write them down?
- Like, a... bucket list?

Can you commit to me? Now?

We can't keep hiding this for the next years.

- What? You want to call it off?
- But I know you love me, and you can't fake that.
You're the girl I'm gonna marry.

We're gonna have a f*cking wedding!



♪ You don't know me ♪

♪ When I don't know you ♪

♪ You don't know me ♪

♪ When I don't know you ♪

♪ You're calling me in ♪

♪ You're catching me out ♪

♪ You're calling me in ♪

♪ You're catching me out ♪

♪ You're calling me in ♪

♪ You're catching me out ♪

♪ You don't know me ♪

♪ When I don't know you. ♪








Hey! Breakfast?

Come on, sis!


So... as I am reducing my hours, I have decided to step back from the day to day governance of the prison until I return from maternity leave.

No doubt, you will all give Mr Jackson your full support in his temporary role as acting governor.


Thank you, Governor.

Uh, Vera.


OK. Um...

I've got two main priorities.

I think we're under servicing our vocational training so I'll be looking to broaden the select of TAFE programmes.

- That'll cost money.
- Well, we'll target some more hotels for their laundry business to pay for it.

- Yeah, OK, great.
- OK.

I also want to shut down the drug supply.

- Easier said than done!
- I say we order a ramp.

I don't think spending thousands on a ramp is the smartest thing for Mr Jackson to do on his first days in charge.

For a start, we'll increase the perimeter security and rotate the guards around all the entry points.

Now, in regards to the shooting at the gatehouse, the police are reviewing the security tape

so, if requested, please make yourself available to them.

Who's acting deputy?

I'll be interviewing for the position so I encourage all the senior officers to apply.

I'm up for it.


Thank you, everyone.

I'll get you a cuppa, right?

I'm sorry for your loss.

Who do you reckon did it?

Killed her bloke?

Your guess is as good as mine.

- ... Drive through Paris in a sports car.
- Yes, with the top down.

- OK. So flashing your titties?
- No, no, no, the car's top, not mine!

How are you gonna do that?

- Well, you said whatever I wanted!
- Yeah, yeah.

I could push you around the
prison on a laundry trolley?

- Oh, wow! The worst bucket list ever!
- No, shut up! It's a good bucket list!

Shh, hey, hey!

How are you going, love?

- And to tango?
- Yes, that's the tango.

That's a dance, love, and I've always wanted to learn it because apparently it's very sensual.

I could teach you to bum dance!

Booms, I don't want to know how to bum dance, love.

- Yes, you...
- Sorry.

Like this! No, you just do it like this!

- Boomer!
- Yeah! Work it!

- Boomer!
- Jenkins!

Arse out of Birdsworth's face!

Proctor, finish up. Governor wants to see you.

Ah, God, Boomer!

- And AGAIN!
- No!


- Did you bring Proctor?
- Yeah. Um...

I just wanted a quick word.

How's Linda?

Applying for deputy? It's hilarious!

I know you've got to be seen to follow protocol but I'll your be your IC, right?

Could you show Proctor in, please?



- Take a seat.
- Where's the governor?

Miss Bennet's on reduced duties until maternity leave.

I'm acting governor.

Right. Congratulations.

You wanted to see me because... ?


I want to know how the ice is coming in, Kaz.

Now you need me!

You've hardly spoken to me in three months.

I'm sorry for breaking off our arrangement.

- But I did that because...
- ... You made a new arrangement with another prisoner.

I did that because I wanted to protect you, Kaz.

But I made a mistake.

I got it wrong.

And I'm sorry.

Look, you know how important it is for the governor and the top dog to support each other.

You want to work together again?

We make a great team, Kaz.

Are you f*cking listening to me?

- Don't f*cking smile!
- You heard her!

What do you think this is? A f*cking charity?

- You don't get sh1t for...
- I'll take you down, you bitch!

- Piss off!

You too. You heard me! Disa-fucking-ppear!


Are you bringing ice in?

- No!
- You gave Kylee Webb the crank.

- She went psycho on it! I didn't! Don't bullshit me!
- I didn't!

I don't deal in meth, Kaz, I swear!

Sketchpads make for sh1t clients.

If you're lying to me, Vicky, I'm gonna make you fly, just like I made Sonia fly. You got that?

Hey, girls.


I'm sorry for your loss.


You were gonna train me today, remember?

It was Marie. She killed Ray.

How would she get to him?

Word is Marie's lost everything. She's got no pull.

Hey, sissie!

It freaks me out seeing you like this.

He's stuck.


I've been seeing that Old Man Crow, the trickster!

He's been playing with me, holding back Ray's spirit from where it needs to go.

The crow! Why would he do that?

Ray's not gonna rest until I've done payback for him.

What if it wasn't Marie?

It's her all right.

I had certain assurances Rodney...

- I know, Marie.
- ... and he didn't lift a bloody finger during the trial!

Someone in his position can't be seen to manipulate the judiciary.

So what can he do?

He can influence legislature.

OK, I'm listening.

You were convicted on an approximate cause and that's a woolly legal area.

Our best chance is to have that law changed retrospectively.

And how long is that gonna take?

A lot less than years.

I can make some discreet calls but you have to sit tight.

I am sitting on a f*cking powder keg with his name on it so you tell him that!



- We're neighbours.
- Yes, we are.

- How's Will settling in?
- Oh, he's...

... practically redecorated the office.

I made that list for you.

Candidates for your anti-recidivist program.

Fantastic. Thank you.

- Susan Jenkins.
- Yes, she is... fairly easily influenced by her peers so runs the risk of reoffending and her parole is almost due.

Ah, sounds perfect.

I've deliberately left some names off the list.

Those I deemed too institutionalized or too entrenched in their anti-social behaviour.

- Well everyone's redeemable, Vera.
- I don't know about that.

I have met some pretty irredeemable characters in my time.

How's the new office? Oh, sorry. I'm not interrupting anything, am I?

- No.
- Vera's just been helping me set up my program.


Well, I'm also a resource you can exploit.

Oh, thanks, man. I'll remember that.

But, at the moment, I think Vera's given me everything I need.



So the problem is there's just not enough rehabilitation studies to provide an effective analysis for recidivism programs.

Now apart from the new drug trial, my system has six components.

- The risk-needs assessment, an analysis of your individual motivators, targeting the appropriate intervention, rewiring the brain through the practice of... (HIS VOICE FADES)

(HE FADES IN) ... Plus ongoing support.

So, what do you think?

Do I have to get my kit off?

'Cos I wouldn't have a problem with that!

No, there's no physical exam.

- I'm more interested in what's going on up here.
- No!

No way. You're not f*cking with me brain.

- I'd like to start with a test.
- Ay? No!

Miss Bennett didn't say say nothing about no test.

It's just a standard personality test.

There's no right or wrong answers.

It's gonna help me tailor a program just for you.

I managed to get a look at the footage.

Not pretty. Took two in the chest with a sawn-off shottie.

Did you get a look at the shooter?

Two guys on a motorbike. Both had helmets.

Guy on the back was the trigger man.

As if they wanted to make a point, driver was wearing a bikers' jacket.

Butchers' Motorcycle Club.


I don't know how to tango, Liz, but I know how to dance round my bag!

You should come over here and throw a few punches.

No, love. I'd fall over my own feet.

- Well, if Boomer, here, can do it, anyone can.
- Yeah!


- You're as slow as an old turtle!
- I'm not!

- You are.
- I'm not!


- You killed Ray!
- Hey, hey. Rita!

- It's OK, babe. What are you talking about?
- I know it was you.

The Butchers, they were behind it! They do your dirty work!

- Not any more.
- You've still got links to the bastards...

Rita, haven't you heard?
It's all gone to sh1t for me.

- I've got nothing on the outside.
- Don't f*cking lie to my face!

- Rita, she's not like that!
- Just think about it!

Why would the Butchers kill Ray? I think you know why.

You know that little bogus drug deal? You put Ray in the sh1t!

- That's f*cking bullshit!
- The Butchers hit Ray because of what you did!

Step back, lady.

Just step back.

Get away from her.

- You want to get slotted?
- You did this, Rita!

f*ck you!

His death's on you!

(FADED) Connors?


Ray's dead because of me.

So, why did you attack Winter?

Mistake. I thought...

Look, I understand what you're going through.

I know it's tough, but you beat a prisoner to death and now you're threatening another inmate.

You give me one good reason

- why I shouldn't put you in isolation, permanently.
- No.

You can't.

You can't separate me from my sister, Mr Jackson, please.

Ruby's all I got.

Miss Miles.

The slot?

Reckon you're lucky Mr Jackson knows a thing or two about grief.

Wait there.


Let's go, Connors.

Connors! I said, "Let's go."

Oi! Any of youse know how to tango?

What?! What are you talking about... ?

Hey! What about youse lot? Any of you know how to tango?

- ALL: Nah, mate.
- No? f*ckin' hell.

Does anyone know how to f*ckin' tango?!

Hey, Lizzie? How's about the Nutbush?

- No.
- Pole dancing?

'Cos plenty of these ladies know how to do that, eh?

Booms, don't worry about it, love. No, I will worry!

All right? I will worry!


- Do you know how to tango?!
- Liz?

Lizzie, you OK?

That's the second dead bird I've seen this week!

Hey, Ruby. What's Rita said to you?

- About what?
- Well, does she reckon Marie's got something to do with Ray's death?

I think... she's just grieving, you know?

- Bloody awful, isn't it?
- Appalling.

Oh, gross!

Feels like all its bones are busted!

It got dropped out of a drone, you butter head! What do you expect?

You're a sick f*cking genius!

You... get down!

The f*ck is this?

Looks like meth to me.

- Kaz, look...
- Shut up!

You lied to me.*

- You did give Kylee the gear.
- I didn't!

- You're still lying?
- I deal in ice, OK?

- But I didn't sell any ice to that junkie skank!
- Who did you sell it to?

Who'd you sell it to?

Marie! I sold an envelope to Marie!

Hey, Chocco.

Good to see you.

Still can't believe it happened.

It's like a bomb's gone off at the club.

- Whole place is in shock.
- It was the Butchers.

- What?
- They did the hit.

Are you sure?

- How?
- Security footage.

- Driver was wearing their colours.
- sh1t.

Don't shed.*

Blood for blood.

We've gotta hit 'em hard, Chocco.

Too f*cking right we do.

Marie tried to kill me.

Kylee's attack.

Just found out Marie was behind that.

Are you sure?

I heard what you said to her in the yard.

Hey. We team up, we take her out.

What are you saying?

You know what I'm saying.

I gave her a warning and she f*cking ignored it.

- Not interested.
- Hey.

Don't you want to avenge Ray's death?

I am. The club's taking care of it.

Wasn't Marie.

Can youse tango?

What about youse? Can youse tango?

- No.
- Oh, f*ck!

How hard can it be?

- Jenkins?
- Yeah?

- It's very creative.
- Yeah. Cocked it up.

I must have s*x on my brain, eh?

Can't blame me. How friggin' hot's Dr Miller?!

Look, the thing is, I picked you for this programme especially.

- You did? Oh.
- Yeah!

Don't you want to be part of something?

Something of real importance that could help other women in your position?


- Susan.
- Wha... ?




I'll leave that with you.

- How did you... ?
- Aw, I just...

... appealed to Boomer's better nature.

Ah, the Salida! That sounds deadly.

Oh, wow! This is all off the internet!

- How did you get it?
- Vinegar tits.

- Eh?
- Yeah, yeah.

Had to do some deal with her to do some dumb test, didn't I?

You probably got better things you could've bargained for, love.

Like extra privileges or less work unit?

- Yeah, more Monte Carlos.
- No!

No, your bucket list's much more important than any of that sh1t, eh?


- Eh? I'm more important than Monte Carlos!
- Yes.

Don't let it go to your head.

Oh, not that it will stay in there.




I did it, Ru.

I killed him.

I set him up to take the fall for me a while back.

To protect my cover.

The Butchers killed Ray.

It was payback for that.

I killed him.

Boomer, these answers show that you have great emotional intelligence and empathy

- but that you often act on impulse.
- Well, yeah.

And given that impulse can lead to poor decisions, we need to come up with some strategies to control them.

- Like, er, full-body massage?
- Well, no.

But there are certain exercises we can do to help practice impulse restraint.

- Oh.
- Now, for instance, tell me one of your vices.

- My what?
- Like something that you want but you know you probably shouldn't have.


- Monte Carlos.
- Ooh!

- It's Tim Tams for me.
- Boo!


- OK, so here's your challenge, Boomer.
- Mm?

I want you to resist eating a Monte Carlo...

... for hours.

Think you can do that?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?


Have you got any questions?

You're not gay, are you?


- We had a sit down with the Butchers.
- A sit down?

We were gonna blow the fuckers up, you know?

- Old Conqueror special.
- So, why didn't you?

- Turns out they didn't do the hit.
- Because they told you that?

Jesus, Chocco, what about the f*cking jacket?

Guy went rogue.

He was driving the bike but the club swears, black and blue, they didn't order it.

Listen to me, Rita, I know the Butchers weren't behind this.

Why would you believe them?

Because we found out who the shooter was.

This guy called Lucas.

- Lucas?
- Yeah.

Known associate of that Drago bitch you killed.

We % think it's payback for that.

I'm in.

We kill her.

- How?
- You tell me.

- We shiv her.
- Both of us at the same?

Well, one of us holds her down and the other one just...


And who does what?

This isn't just about poking holes in her.

We're talking about murder, right?

- Done it before, so...
- Sonia? Nah.

You were protecting Liz. It wasn't planned.

This is cold-blooded.

- Same as what you did to Drago.
- Nothing cold about that.

I was out of my mind.

And killing like that?

Besides, I can't be linked to it.

f*ck up any chance of me getting out of here.

And Jackson will put me in isolation to rot, away from Ru.

Poison her gear.

Tried that once, doesn't work 'cos she doesn't inject, so that's too hard.

It's easy to say it, eh?

So, if we're not gonna shiv her, drug her, bash her brains out and you don't want to get made for it...

... then how?

Conqueror special.

- Couple of ring-ins?
- Cleaning detail's popular today.

Cost you if you want to join.

No, thanks.

Hey, Miss Miles?

I think my spray bottle's broken.

- Why?
- I dunno, something caught in the bottle.

- It's not spraying.
- OK.


We just need to get some fertilizer.

- Got Liz on it.
- What?

Gardening detail.

Oh, f*ck me.

Made some great progress with Boomer today.

- She's a ripper!
- Yes! She is full of beans.

Have you had a look at Elizabeth Birdsworth's file,

- by any chance?
- No, not yet.

Well, I've just been looking at her medical bills.

They're quite substantial, which shouldn't matter.

But I'm just wondering if there's anything more we can do for her.

- She's on sodium selenate?
- Mm-hm.

Yeah, maybe there is.

The drug I'm trialling here targets the same areas of the brain.

It could have secondary effects on other brain functions that might relieve her symptoms.

I can talk to her if you'd like me to.

OK, erm...

... I think work unit's almost finished. Are you free now?


Rit, she's here.


Did you get it?

- Get what?
- The fertilizer.

Aw, you shouldn't have trusted someone who's losing their marbles, love.

Is that enough?

Cheeky bitch.

What are you growing, girls?

Oh, cactus, Liz.


- *
- This is dangerous.

Gotta be careful.

- Liz?
- f*ck!

Hey! Miss Bennett!


Liz! Ladies.

Dr Miller wants a word with you.

- The new prison psychiatrist.
- What does he want with me?

Does he wanna stick me in the psych unit?

No. He just wants to discuss your medication.

- Well, no, thanks, I'll pass.
- Oh, Liz!

Dr Miller wants to help you.

- Someone say Dr Miller?
- Yes.

He wants to go over Liz's course of treatment with her.


Oh, yeah! He's real nice, Liz, you'll love him!

And he's, like, really hot, too, isn't he, Miss Bennett?

Yeah. Wouldn't know about that.

Liz, I promise you have nothing to fear.

Come on. He's waiting for us now.


Oh, f*ck.

I'm sorry if I sound like a broken record, but if you could just be...

Yeah, yeah...


(IN LIZ'S HEAD) She's been showing signs

- of deterioration for some time, now.
- Yeah, sure.


Hi, Liz. I'm Dr Miller.

We met when I first arrived.

You want my help?

Actually, I was hoping that maybe I could help you.

You see, I'm trialling a drug as part of my research here that may, in fact, benefit you.

We've been here before.


Yeah, you may have had sessions with the previous psychologist.


You're trying to trick me!

- No, this is...
- ... Sonia's really latched on you.

... I only want to help you.

Yeah, that's what you said last time!

- Last time?
- Yeah! What do you take me for?!

Where's the coffee and the muffin?!

And if you try and kiss me again

- I will punch you in the nuts!
- Liz, I...

- Sit down please.
- Miss Bennett! Miss Bennett!

He is trying to seduce me.

And he wants me to tell lies about Sonia Stevens!

- Oh, Liz, please...
- You tell Don

I will not be made a bloody fool of again!

- Please!
- Liz, listen to me, that's not Don. That's not Don.

No, that's not Don Kaplan.

That is Dr Miller.

- Dr Miller?
- Dr Miller.

- Dr Miller.
- The new psychiatrist.

That's Dr Miller? He...

- You're Dr Miller?
- Yeah, that's right, Liz.

OK, Liz, why don't you sit down?

Sit down and just, um...

- ... just hear what Dr Miller has to say.
- Yeah.

I'll hear what he has to say.

I'll explain to you later.

- Dr Miller.
- Yeah, that's right, Liz. I'm Dr Miller.


I think it's just his eyes.

They're green.

Yeah, he's got some nice eyes.


- Oh, what do you want?
- I want to talk to Ruby.

Too bad, so sad. We're trainin'.

- Ruby?
- Oh, are you deaf?

Boomer, I got this.

What's going on with Kaz and your sister?

They're up to something.

Is it about Marie?

Whoa, you're paranoid.

They've been stealing chemicals.

I saw them.

I think Kaz is going to poison Marie again.

I don't know anything about that.


I'll check it out.

Shouldn't be snooping, Ru.

Do you want to stay in here for bloody ever?

What are you getting mixed up in?


You're taking out Marie?

Are you crazy?!

She killed Ray.

Got one of her followers to do it.

- Revenge for Drago.
- So?!

So?! She's got to pay, Ru!

Ray's spirit, he can't move on! He's being held back!

I owe it to him!

- You talking about Old Man Crow?
- Yeah!

It's not that.

You know Kosta's getting dead birds dropped in the yard from drones packed with drugs?


So, forget about the bloody crow, and forget about this.

I know what I know.

And I know what I saw.

- I can't.
- Yes, you can. You'll get caught.

- No!
- Yes, you will!

Rita! You'll never get out of here!

And, you know, we'll never be together!

I finally got my sister back.

I can't lose you again.

- Basic eight step, eh?

Yeah, I'm not so sure it's gonna be so basic.

Er, hello? How hard is it to follow some pictures?

Back on the right foot!

- Whose right?
- Well, who's the bloke?

- He is!
- Duh!

Well, "duh", then! It's your right!

OK, back on the...

- OK.
- Ooh!

I know. It says here, "No touching."

So, you've got to be close

- but not too close.
- Not too close.

- Yeah. That's it. Yeah.
- So, that's too close.

I think it's about the space between your body.

- I don't understand what that means!
- That's all right!

- It's just that bit here.
- Just give it a shot!

- OK, Lizzie?
- Yes?

- Forward on your left foot.
- OK. Yeah.

After three. One, two, three...

Four! Oh!

Aw! I don't think that was...

- I'm sorry.
- Yeah, see? No touching!

- Oh! Sorry, love.
- Jesus.

- All right.
- OK. Back, side, forward, forward, cross.

Forward, cross... Oh, no, wait a minute.

- You said, "Back, side."
- Oh, Jesus,

- I'm dancing with a demented...
- Oh, come on!

Boomer! Boomer, take a break.

- Have some Monte Carlos or something.
- No!

I'm practising the impulse restraint thing for hot doc, all right? So...

All right, ladies, it's getting late. Turn the music off, please.

- Oh...
- Oh, for God's sake!

You heard me, go on! Tango off to bed.

You know how to tango?

Music off.

Well, what if we don't want to turn it off?

Well, maybe I'll just slot you for disobedience, Jenkins.

- Oh, no, no, no. We'll turn it off, Mr Stewart.
- No, no, don't worry about it.

Look, it's for Liz's bucket list.

- Bucket list?
- Yeah, things to do...

... you know, before she can't remember anything.

Hey, I need you to fix me up with some gear.

- Piss off!
- Come on, I just need another bundle!

I've got no bloody gear.

- Just a teenth then?
- And get f*cking steam pressed by Kaz?

- Screw you.
- f*ck you!

I thought you said you didn't need it.

I don't, it's just...

Need to get over this hump, that's all.

The f*cking Greek next door gave me jack sh1t.

Kaz has got to her.

- Well, can't you get something in?
- Yeah, from where?

- f*ck, I hate seeing you like this.
- Well, f*cking help me!

- How?
- Well, I know you got some of the girls on your call list.

Yeah, to call. As friends.

- Come on, just this one time. Please, Allie.
- f*ck that!

Do it yourself!

f*cking how?! I've got no-one on the outside!

Right? I've got nothing.

All right? They've all just f*cking abandoned me.

All right? No-one gives a sh1t about me any more. Or Danny.

Please, Allie?

Sweetheart, just...

Just one... one time. That's it.

You're putting heroin in front of me.

Knowing my history.

- Are you seriously asking me to do this?
- Oh, God, no.

Oh, sh1t.

Oh, sh1t, I'm sorry.

I should never have asked you to do that. I'm sorry.

Allie, I am so...

... sorry, Allie.

It's so wrong, I...

I'm not thinking straight.


OK, I'll...

I'll do it. Just...

... this one time, OK?
That's it. Never again.

You got to sort this sh1t out, Marie.

I will.


- That coming from H ?
- Yep.




I'm out.

- Why?
- Risk of getting caught.

Can't do it to Ru.

Can't do it without you.

Then don't. It's not worth it.

What about Ray?

Ray's gone.

Killing Marie won't bring him back.



Whatever Rita and Kaz are up to, it's over.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.

Thank you.

It's OK.


Hurry up, Novak.

Got a visitor.

... Which brings me to the position of acting deputy governor.

I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to interview for the job.

You were all very impressive but, er, it was a very hard decision.

But congratulations to the new acting deputy governor,

- Linda Miles.
- Woo-hoo!


Well done, Linda.


What the f*ck, man?

There was no way I was ever gonna make you my IC, Jake.

Well, that must be a relief!

Handover's complete now, you can look forward to your leave.


Listen, if you have any spare time before that, erm,

- I could really use your help running my programme.
- My help?

Yeah, the way you handled Liz and Boomer, I mean, you have an understanding of these prisoners that I just don't have.

- They obviously respond to you.
- That'd be ridiculous.

Vera isn't anybody's assistant.

- Oh, no, no, I wasn't meaning that.
- Oh, I'd love to help you, Greg.

- In fact, I'd consider it an honour.
- Great.

How was your visit?

You still feel something.

Tell me I'm wrong.

Allie, you're with Marie.

Yeah, 'cos you dumped me.

Because you dobbed on your best friend!

I couldn't trust you!

Miss you.

You just want to be with someone.

And, if it's not me, then it's Marie.

If it's not Marie, then it's someone else.

And whoever that someone else is, you'll find a way to sabotage that, too.

Yeah, you're right.

No, I'm the problem, not you.

Not Marie.

- 'Cos I'm weak.
- No, that's not what I'm saying.

No, I am.

I'm f*cking useless.

You don't trust me and Marie...

Marie thinks I'm worth less than...

Less than what?

Doesn't matter.







No! No, no, no!

Kaz, what the... ?!

- Kaz, it's not...
- sh1t!

It's not mine.

Kaz! Kaz...

Please, I need it.

But it's not yours.

It's for Marie.

Then why have you got your f*cking nose in one?

Where did you get this sh1t?

No, bubba...

You shut off her supply with Kosta, I had no choice!

- You have a choice.
- f*ck sake, Kaz, it was just one time.

No, that's how it starts, Allie.
That's how she sucks you in,

- just like she sucked you in last time.
- No, no, no...

Yes, because this is how Marie binds you to her,

- it's what she does.
- Why do you care?!

- It is what she does!
- You slapped my f*cking face!

You cut me off!

You gave me no option.

You gave me nowhere to go.

You did this to me.

LET ME OUT! f*cking...


YOU'RE f*cking DEAD!

Oh, sh1t!

I had to protect Allie.

You're stating in isolation, for everyone's safety.

Fights are breaking out all over the prison. It's gonna get worse.

I don't want anything to do with you.