05x03 - Nothing But the Truth

(dramatic music)

FRANKY: Oh, it's a kite.

- Means freedom.

- Freedom.

Francesca Doyle?

We have a warrant for your arrest for the murder of Michael Pennisi.


Look out, Franky's back.

Now you're gonna see what a real top dog's like.

I'm onto you.

You're never gonna get away with it.

Don't tell me, they think it was you.

Go, Franky!

Smash her!

There's the old Franky Doyle.

What happens if I stuff up?

You're gonna be fine.

You're gonna be great.


Have you ever seen this firearm before?

FRANKY: Where'd you get it from?

Hole in the wall at Aunty Joan's place.


The DNA also puts this gun in your hand.

Franky, you lied to me.

Oh, so I'm a liar and a murderer, is that it?

Is that what you think?

Getting out of here might take a bit longer than you thought.

She will be punished, Bea.

Liz, you're not Witness X?

(footsteps echoing)

(theme music)

You don't know me, when I don't know you You don't know me, when I don't know you You're calling me in.

You're catching me out You're calling me in.

You're catching me out You're calling me in.

You're catching me out You don't know me, when I don't know you (ominous music)

(low rumbling whooshing flourish)

- (echoing drum beat)

- (muffled screams)

- (hushed)

I trusted you - (muffled speech)

- and you betrayed me.

- (muffled speech)

- Nobody gets away with that.

- (clippers flick on)

- (clippers buzzing)

- (muffled crying)

MAN: (over PA)

Attention, compound.

Attention, compound.

- Count will commence in ten minutes.

- Oh.



INMATE: Take it easy.

You'll knock somebody out.


(low rumbling flourish)

(indistinct background chatter)

Today's the big day.

You nervous?

Oh, no.

The prosecution haven't got a leg to stand on.

I mean, why do you think they're resorting to this ridiculous mystery witness business?


Another few days in here and I'll be a free woman.

In fact, everything in my cell is up for grabs.

You have been so supportive Especially you, Liz.

You're my rock.

- RADIC: Oi, f*ck off, chopsticks!

- CHANG: Move your - MILES: Calm it down!

- - INMATE: Who's gonna act as a patient?

- INMATE 2: Me!

I will.

Have you noticed that half the women in here are off their nut?

Yeah, there's some really good stuff goin' around, eh?

But I I haven't bought none.

SONIA: Well done, Susan.

You're better than that.

Never settle for being one of the herd.


Spent all me money on Monte Carlos anyway, so.

- GUARD: Oi?!


- INMATE: Don't, you!

- INMATE: Get off me!

- GUARD: Enough now!

- GUARD: Break it up, the two of you!

- sh1t gonna keep happening unless you do something.

- GUARD: Back to your tables!

- INMATE: All right, all right!

- Stevens, brawler's ready, let's go.

- Oh.

Wish me luck.

- Good luck.

- ALLIE: Good luck.

- BOOMER: Good luck.

- DOREEN: Bye.


- (background chatter and laughter)

- INMATE: Good luck.

There's plenty of other warehouses out there.

Yeah, not for a microbrewery.

That site was perfect.

Well, keep looking.

Something will turn up.


Oh, I'll transfer that ten grand back into your account too.

- You still might need it.

- No, I'll be right.

Just stay positive, all right?

MAN: (over PA)

Attention, compound.

Attention, compound.

All women - to report to assigned work duties.

- (hushed)


Tell Mercado I've got another shipment coming in.

- She needs to organise payment.

- Attention, all staff.

Available - Okay.

- officer to admissions for escort.

- Jake?

- Yo!

Mate, I've gotta do an induction.

Can you take this to H3.

They're for Doyle.

- Mate, I can't, I'm on Ferguson duty.

- Oh - I'll take it.

Yeah, yeah, no problem.

- (sighs)


You sure?

Ah, research for her case.

- Let's hope it makes a difference.

- Okay, great.


(indistinct background chatter)

These are for you.


Franky, it's not that I don't believe you.

I'm just trying to make sense of all of this.

Well, Ferguson's behind it.

I just have to prove it.


So, how you gonna do that?

Not sittin' here talkin' to you!

(background chatter and noises)

RADIC: You owe me!

- CHANG: I don't owe you sh1t!

- ALLIE: Hey?!

There's screws outside they're gonna hear ya.

- Mind your own f*ckin' business!

- You buying?

- I got crank.


- Give it to me!

- You bloody owe me!


- I owe you jack sh1t, now piss off!

- (echoing drum beat flourish)

- (tense music)

Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Stay back you f*ckin' psycho.

- Take it easy.

- Eh?

- ALLIE: What the f*ck are you doing?

- ALLIE: Just take it - CHANG: Ugh!

- CHANG: Argh!

- ALLIE: Argh!


- ALLIE: f*ck!

- CHANG: Ugh!

- (Both breathing heavily)

- GUARD: Oh, f*ck!

MILES: Drop the shiv!

- GUARD: All right.

- Drop the shiv, Radic!

- (Radic laughing manically)

- (Chang whimpering)

- Drop the f*cking shiv!

- (Chang whimpering)

- CHANG: f*ckin' idiot!

- (Radic laughing)

- What the hell's going on?

- GUARD: Come on Chang.

- MILES: I'm slotting these idiots!

- GUARD: Come on.

- MILES: Go too.

Get down!

- RADIC: (hushed)

Ha, f*ck off!

- RADIC: No, it was self-defence.

- MILES: Keep moving.

You know the - f*ckin' rules.


- You okay?

(Allie sighs and gasps)



Oh, sh1t!

Okay, come on, let's go.

(Allie panting)

I heard what happened.

Are you okay?


They were doing a drug deal in the shower block.

You're supposed to deal with this.

I don't get it, Kaz.

You hate drugs, just as much as Bea did.

I had to do a deal.

With who?

Tina Mercado.

Are you kidding me?

When I took over I needed to know that all the women were onside.

I made a mistake, I know, and I'm sorry.

I will fix this.

Allie if I don't do this carefully, I am out.

And someone like Tina or Jucie'll be running the prison.

Proctor, what are you doing in here?

Just checkin' on my friend.

ALLIE: Hey don't worry about me.

Protect the women.

RADCLIFFE: Proctor, out!


Ah, you're late.

I can only give you five minutes.

I'm sure that'll be long enough for both of us.

So, how are you settling back in?

I never settle, Miss Westfall.

In this instance I'm prepared to admit that I may have been outplayed, but, you know, it's a long game.

Between you and who, exactly?

(whooshing flourish)

Tell me, how's Franky coping?

(chuckles quietly)

(inhales deeply)

I'm not discussing other inmates.

Must be quite a shock to the system.

Still, emotional attachment always comes at a price, hmmm?

And what would you know about emotional attachment?

She told you her conspiracy theory.

She thinks I'm responsible for bringing her back into Wentworth.

Well, that would be ridiculous, wouldn't it?

No, Franky's always had a vivid imagination.

She's highly intuitive.

I hope that Vera is supporting you through this trying time.


You know a good Governor protects her staff.

Forgives their indiscretions.

All right, I think we're done here.

- Ah, Officer Stewart?

- You know I feel for you, Miss Westfall.

Mmm Franky's right in front of you and she's just a million miles away.


If it's any consolation, you know, I think Franky's struggling too.


The pain and the rage just (hushed)

simmering beneath the surface.

- (door opens)

- BRIDGET: Joan find somewhere else to workshop your monologues.

Don't you worry, Miss Westfall, I'm sure your secret's safe with Vera.

(ominous music)

(door closes)

- Franky!

You need to speak to me, - I just spoke to Ferguson.

- What'd she say?

- She was trying way too hard to make me suspicious.

She wants us to think that she's responsible, which means she's probably not.

So, you still don't believe me?

No, she's more interested in us.

Ferguson's the only thing that makes sense.

Franky, you're not listening.

Ferguson has worked out that we're together.

If Corrections find out, your career's f*cked.


I'm going to hire a private investigator to look into Pennisi, okay.


No way!

I'm just not gonna sit around and do nothing.

- It'll link ya to me.

- I don't care!

I love you.

I'm not going to let you rot in here.

Until I get outta here, Gidge, I don't wanna see or hear from you anymore, okay?

Just stay away.

(melancholy music)

- (door opens)

- (whooshing flourish)

(metallic slicing flourish)

(basketball bouncing)

- Eh?

- Hey.

(both chuckle)

I bet you can't wait to get out of this place, hey?

I'm kinda jealous.

Oh, love, you've only got another six months.

You'll be back with your boys before you know it.

- Mmm.

- Hey?

WOMAN: (over PA)

Canteen is now open to H Block.

When are the cops calling you up?

Oh, Don reckons in a coupla days.

Yeah, the prosecution have gotta few more witnesses they gotta get through first.

- Oh, right.

- Which is good, 'cause it gives me more time to memorise my bloody statement.

Just tell the truth and you'll be fine.

- Yeah.

- WILL: Birdsworth!

Governor wants to see ya.

- See ya.

- See ya.

(sighing deeply)

Liz Mm, shouldn't you be at the trial?

Thanks, Ms Bennett.

(Don exhaling slowly)

What's happened?

Look, I hate to have to spring this on you, but the prosecution want you in the witness stand tomorrow afternoon.

- God, you said I had a coupla days.

- Yeah, I know, - I know, and that was the plan, but - Yeah.

the defence have already discredited most of the physical evidence.

- So it's down to me?

- Well, your testimony's crucial.

- Oh!

- But don't panic, it's okay, you got this.

- Okay, just stick to the statement.

- Yeah, but th-that's the thing, right, because, my memory is all over the shop and I can't retain - anything!

- Yeah, yeah, but that's just nerves.

- Look, you're gonna be fine.

- (sighs deeply)

You're gonna be fine.

Just visualise the story.

- Stick to the main points.

- Yeah.


Hey, we'll go over the statement again.

We'll keep going over it until you're a hundred percent comfortable.

- Yeah.


- Okay?


I believe in you, Liz.

Don't you ever forget that.

(Liz gasps quietly)

(gentle music)

I can't wait till you get outta here.

Me too.

So, Joan Ferguson hired someone to kill Mike Pennisi and frame you?

- Mm-hmm.

- With a gun with your DNA on it?

Oh, come on, Franky, this is nuts!

Unless you can explain to me how your DNA ended up on that gun, there's I can't help you.

I took it off Shayne Butler, Ferguson's godson.

What what's Shayne doing with a handgun?

Well, it belonged to Ferguson.

She wanted him to use it on Nils Jesper.

Oh, God, they're still looking for the gunman!

Yeah, well it wasn't Shayne.

I talked him down and I threw it in a dumpster.

Ferguson must've had someone follow me and pick it up.

- Okay, where was Shayne at this point?

- He'd gone.

He didn't shoot Pennisi or anyone else.

He's not a killer.

Why haven't you told me, or the police about this?

Because, I don't want Shayne arrested for possession of a firearm, or worse!

You need a defence, and and this boy is the only hope you've got.

If he gets arrested, they're gonna send him to Walford as soon as he turns 18.

Yeah, and if he stays quiet, you might be stuck in here for the rest of your life.

(sombre music)

- (whooshing flourish)

- MAN: (over PA)

Attention, compound.

H Block are now called to dinner.

Think I might just take Franky a tray or somethin'.

No, no, no, leave it.

She wants to be left alone.


Well, uh one minute she's, like, jumpin' on me and tellin' me she misses me and everything and then the next she won't even talk to me.

I don't understand.

Oh, love, she's just gettin' used to be being back.

She doesn't belong here anymore.

Why's everything have to f*ckin' change?!

- Change sucks!

- Hey, you've changed.

- I have not!

- Yeah.

- You used to be a pain in the arse.

- (Doreen chuckles)

- Hey?

You were.

- (all chuckling)

If everything stayed the same - it'd be boring, Booms.

- Mmm.

Nah, it wouldn't.

'Cause Maxie'd still be here, eh?

I reckon you need a job or a hobby or somethin', - love, to keep ya busy.

- Mmm.

- Like what?

- Mmm, I dunno.

Hey, Kaz, want anything done?

- Boomer needs somethin' to do.

- Oh, look, don't - Nah, all good.

- Oh.

Hey, Sonia, how'd it go?!

I just need to ask Which one of you bitches is Witness X?!


(tense music)

Come on, speak up!

Stevens get your food and sit down, please.

I received a copy of the statement today and it's perfectly obvious one of you women is fabricating evidence against me.

- WILL: Stevens!

- All right I'm going, but I'll find out who it is.

(music ends)

It's probably Liz, eh, 'cause she loves a good lag.

- DOREEN: Boomer, shut up!

- Don't ya, eh?!

- Shut the f*ck up!

- Eh?!

They're best mates.

It could be anyone, it could be you?

- LIZ: Yeah!

- I'm not a lagger.

KAZ: All right, calm your farm.

Just eat your dinner.

(tense music)

(music ends)

Sonia never confessed, did she?

You're making it up.

Why would you lie?

Because I really wanna get outta here, Dor.

And because the woman she murdered and her kids deserve justice.

That's why.

If anyone find out about this, you're dead.

They're not gonna find out.

Are they?

(tense music)

- Couldn't sleep?

- (gasps)

Oh, no.



It's times like these I crave my insomnia pills.


Anyway, I've been lying awake, thinking it over and I've worked it out.

I know who Witness X is.

(low drum beat)

Mmm, who?

(drum beats)

Maxine Conway.


- Why do you say that?

- Well, it makes perfect sense.

Moving to Barnhurst was a terrific cover story.

I mean, it's such a betrayal though, don't you think?

I mean, to think I even offered to buy her some new breasts!

- And you really reckon it's Maxie?

- No question.

Well, what did the statement say?

Oh, some nonsense about me confessing to Helen's murder.

Wow, I I don't understand it, I mean why - why would she lie?

- Who knows?

Early release, possibly.

But, I don't want you to worry about it, Liz Witness X will get what's coming.

(tense music)

Liars always come undone.

(music ends)

(whooshing flourish)

(wind whistling)

How you feeling, Liz?

- You ready?


- Ah, yep, I think so.

Did you arrange the cover story for your work unit?

Yeah, yeah.

I told the women that I was having chest pain, and I went to medical.

Uh, but I reckon it's still suss, me disappearing the same day Sonia goes to court.

Yeah, you you're covered, Liz.

You're covered.

- You won't be coming back here anyway.

- (train horn sounds in distance)

We've got some civvies for you.

You can get changed here.

You'll leave the prison through a back exit.


And wh-what happens again when we get to the court, are you sure I'm not gonna see Sonia?

No, you won't anywhere near the courtroom until Stevens has been cleared.

Then you'll go in and give your evidence.

Yeah, but people are gonna see me and th-they're gonna know my name.

Nuh, your identity will be suppressed.

Court will be cleared, then you'll give your evidence.

And then what?

You'll be release on parole immediately.


(gulps and inhales deeply)

Right, so the (sighs)

- This is it?

- Mm-hmm.

I don't I don't get to say goodbye to anyone.

- No, you can't.


- Nuh.

We've arranged temporary accommodation for you in a new apartment, near the city.

Social worker will meet you there, and they'll have your personal affects.


(inhales deeply)

I can't actually believe it's happening.



You deserve it, Liz.

VERA: It's the first day of your new life.




- (door beeps unlocked)

- (indistinct background chatter)


(Shayne sighs deeply)

- You good?

- Yeah.

Are you okay?

Well, I've been better.


You actually get anything on Joan?

Well, she didn't deny it.

Wish I could do something.

Yeah, well maybe you can.

Look, I hate to ask this and there's absolutely no pressure but you're the only person who could tell the police where that gun came from.

You can prove it was Ferguson's.

How much would I have to tell them?

Everything but you wouldn't have to do it alone.

You'd have Fessler, so you'd have representation.

- I might get charged with possession.

- (sighs)

Look, I totally understand if you don't wanna do it.

You know, if I was sittin' where you were If it was you, you would already be at the cop shop, Franky.

(Shayne exhales sharply)

Hey I'll do it, all right?

- Really?

- Yeah.


You ready?



Thanks for everything, Miss Bennett.

I really appreciate it.

Good luck, Liz.


(nervous chuckle)

- WOMAN: (over PA)

Attention, compound.

- (door beeps unlocked)

Attention, compound.

D Block are now called to lunch.


Franky, come in front of me.

- There you go, Franks.

- Oh, thanks, Dors.

(nervous chuckle)


So, like, are you are you gonna hang out with us, or Yeah, sure.

Oh, awesome.

That's really cool, eh?

That's cool.


Hey, if, um if you don't want your apple crumble, just give it to me.


Nothin's changed, eh?



Hey, d'you speak to that Shayne kid?

Yeah, he's makin' a statement this arvo.

Part of me wishes he said no.

Hey, any word from Liz, is she okay?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, they'd, um they just reckon it's a bit of indigestion, so they're keepin' her in medical for the afternoon.

BOOMER: (laughing)


Allie all right?

Heard about her little accident.

These junkies are just gettin' out of hand.

You know, Bea Smith would've taken control by now.

Course, she was her own boss.

- (cutlery clatter)

- (ominous music becoming urgent)

RADCLIFFE: Out of the way, coming through.

Coming through, let's go.

That is the third drug related incident this week.

What the hell is going on?

You're right, I'm sorry.

We all need to be more vigilant.

All right, organise a cell toss, right away.

- Shall I call the Dog Squad?

- No, we can handle it.

It's the whole prison, not just H Block.

Right, schedule a staff meeting for first thing tomorrow.

I'm going to put a rocket up everyone.

- Yes, Governor.

- And talk to Proctor, she's anti-drugs.

She might be able to help.

- Yep, will do.

I'll keep you posted.

- WOMAN: (via PA)


All women to report to assigned work duties.

So, why'd you see Shayne Butler this morning?

- You been checkin' up on me?

- Well, you won't bloody talk to me!

I told you to stay away.

Hey, listen, I know a lot of people have let you down, but I'm not one of them.

- Now, you've gotta let me help you.

- What's the point?!

We can't even be seen together.

It's over!

- I don't accept that.

- I don't give a f*ck.

If Ferguson sees us and tells the board you'll lose your job.

Well, I'm thinking of telling them anyway.

- That's f*cked!

- No, I can't have Ferguson - dictate my future.

- No, you can't give up - everything, 'cause of Ferguson - I don't care, I'll just get another bloody job!

I'll visit you.

And I'll wait for you!

- And what if you're waiting forever?

- Well, then, I'll wait forever!

Well, you're an idiot!

Nothing you say - will change my mind, Franky, again.

- Don't!

(atmospheric music)


(music ends)

I need you to stop supplying the women for awhile.

Are you serious?

- Why?

- Are you f*cking stupid?

Because someone nearly died today.

She couldn't handle her sh1t, not my problem.

I am asking you, because I know you're not stupid!

Just lay off the gear for a couple of weeks, okay?

Or what?

What are you gonna do?

I'll find out how it's coming in and I will shut you down.

- We had a deal.

- Deals change.

Lay off the gear!

That gear is the only reason you're Top Dog.

Just do as you are f*cking told!

(atmospheric music darkens)

(echoing drum beat)

(whooshing flourish)

(Liz humming quietly)


Liz, we're ready.

(suspenseful music)

(slow whooshing flourish)

- Just shh, shh, shh, shh.

- What?

- What's goin' on?


Oh, Jesus!

- It's all right.

It's Sonia!

- No, no, it's okay.

- Well, did she did she see me?

- No.



- Did she see me?!


What the f*ck was that?!

There's s'posed to be protocols.

Well, I'm sorry.

That shouldn't have happened.

- DON: f*ck!

- GUARD: W-well, we gotta keep movin', - otherwise they're - No, no.

I need a minute.

- Liz, we need to - Just give me a minute!

(sighs deeply)


Oh, f*ck!


JUDGE: The identity of this witness is protected.

The use of any recording device is a federal offence.

(suspenseful music begins to swells)

Please stand.

I swear by Almighty God, that the evidence I shall give will be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Thank you.

You may sit down.

Vera's given the okay for a counselling session.

Come on, let's talk about this.

There's nothin' to talk about, you can't fix this.

Franky, I'm just tryin' to help.

Well, why don't you try believin' me?

Or maybe that's it.

You never really trusted me, I'm just a bit of rough trade.

- Franky, you know that's not true.

- Isn't it?!

Maybe this is where I belong.

Behind bars, like a f*ckin' bad girl.

- Ugh!

- f*ck off!

- Franky - Or maybe that's what turns you on?

- I'm you big f*ckin' prison fantasy!

- Don't you do this.

Well, come on.

Let's go!

- Let's f*ck, right?


- Stop!

Stop it!

- (hushed)

Stop it!

- Come on.

No, don't worry about it.

- I can handle it.

- f*ck!

- This is what you want, isn't it?

- f*ck!

- Huh?

Just one last time.

- f*ck this sh1t!

- I know you want it.

- What are you doing?!

What are you - (muffled)

f*ck you!

- I'm tryin' to get you off like a f*ckin' crim!

- (dramatic music)

- (muffled voices)

- (echoing whooshing flourish)

- (muffled voices and screams)

f*ck off, Franky!


(gentle music)

What the hell are you f*ckin' doing?

You wanna push me away?

You f*ckin' failed!

Wanted to hurt me, hmm?

Congratulations, baby.


(sobbing quietly)




(music ends)

You okay?



I need to show you something (inhales)

Ferguson had this sent to - the Ombudsman.

- (Bridget exhales slowly)

It's a letter detailing your continued involvement with Franky and my knowledge of the relationship.

The Ombudsman's coming in this afternoon to discuss it.


I'm so sorry.


This isn't about you, or Franky.

It's me she's after.

She wants to ruin my career.


I'll, um, I'll resign and, um so, I'll I'll just quit.

You deny everything and just just blame me, Vera.

Just blame me.

Know you shouldn't make a rash decision in a negative frame of mind.

- I'm sure you told me that once.

- (chuckles and sniffles)

Yeah, it sounds like me.


I don't want you to leave.

(exhales slowly)

PROSECUTOR: Please tell the court where you were when this conversation with Ms Stevens took place.

Uh, I-I was in the Wentworth Correctional Centre, in one of the H Block exercise yards.

Please tell the court what happened.

Right, well, w-we were talking about the news on TV, 'cause they'd just shown a report about the police finding Helen's body.

And that's when Sonia confessed.

What did she say, exactly.

Well, she said I killed her.

I killed Helen Masters and buried the body.

Did Ms Stevens appear upset - during her confession?

- No.

- Did she appear remorseful?


I'll allow that.

No, she didn't.

Then what happened?

Well, uh, I thought she was joking, but then she told me how she did it, how she killed her.

PROSECUTOR: Please tell the court exactly what she said.

Um she was with Helen in the kitchen, it was about 1:00 PM after lunch, she hit Helen over the head with a bottle, Helen fell down, and then Sonia u-used used the belt to strangle her.

So, Helen died violently in the kitchen of Ms Stevens' home?


PROSECUTOR: What did Ms Stevens say happened next?

Well, she dragged Helen's body into the garage and then shaved her head.

PROSECUTOR: Then what did she do?

She put the body in the car and drove it up to Sassafras.

Did Ms Stevens tell you what she did when she got to her destination?

She parked at the side of a bush track and she buried Helen's body in a shallow grave.

Well, she said it wasn't very deep because she had to dig it out with her own hands and then she said it took ages to get the dirt out from under her nails.

(dramatic music)

(muted conversation)

(door beeps unlocked)

(muted conversation continues)

VERA: I've just met with the Ombudsman.

(music ends)

I do hope you're not intending to persecute me for speaking the truth.

(train horn sounds in distance)

Uh, last time you managed to persuade him to overturn the board's decision, but you can't have it both ways.

Presumption of innocence stands for Ms Westfall as well.

Unless you have proof of your claims?

You know as well as I do that she's involved with Doyle.

Well, as I explained to the Ombudsman, when you were Governor you were threatened by Ms Westfall's insight into your mental imbalance, you attempted to marginalise her, - and listened to prison gossip.

- (atmospheric music)

- Which you provided.

- The Ombudsman now understands that Ms Westfall is a valued, responsible member of staff.

You, on the other hand, have yet another black mark against your name.

All this letter has achieved is to discredit you even further.


(music ends)

That all?

(dramatic music)

Would you escort Ms Ferguson back to her unit?

- (door closes)

- (music ends)

Before we recap your testimony, I'd like to hear about your time in prison.

During your incarceration you've been reprimanded on several additional offences, haven't you?


This witness' misdemeanours are irrelevant.

Ah, one, in particular, I believe is crucial to the question of credibility.

I'll allow it for now.

According to your prison file you've been found intoxicated on several occasions, is that right?

Answer the question.

- Yes, but not for ages - In fact, you've embarked on several alcohol rehabilitation programs haven't you?

- Y-yes.

- Five - different programs.

- (murmuring from jury)

And how many have you successfully completed?

None, but I'm - I'm not alcoholic anymore.

- Were you under the influence of alcohol at the time of this alleged - conversation with Ms Stevens?

- No.

Were you under the influence of alcohol - when you made the statement to police?

- No.

Are you under the influence of alcohol now?

- No.

- PROSECUTOR: Objection.

- JUDGE: That's enough, Mr Baresic.

- (jury continues murmuring)

Let's recap some of your testimony.

You claimed that the defendant murdered Helen Masters, dragged her body to the garage, shaved her head, put her in the car, drove to Sassafras and buried the body.

- Is that an accurate summation?

- Yes.

That was the sequence of events, - as relayed to you by Ms Stevens?

- Yes.

Could you explain to the court how the defendant was able to move a body that weighted nearly 20 kilos more than her own.

I suppose she just dragged her.


You suppose?

Well, I mean, it's it's only a short distance - to the garage.

- Have you ever been to - Ms Stevens' home?

- No.

So, the short distance to the garage is just your assumption, isn't it?

- Yes.

- As is the supposition that she dragged the body.

She never actually specified - that detail, did she?

- Well, no.

So, what else in your statement is an assumption?

- Nothing.

- Time of death?

No, she said 1:00 PM.

1:00 PM, after lunch.

- Those were your words, correct?

- Yes.

Would it surprise you to hear that the victim's autopsy report states that she hadn't eaten prior to her death?

So, is the time of death - yet another assumption?

- No.

What about the head shaving?

You claimed that the defendant shaved Helen's head in the garage, post-murder.


- Yes.

- That is what Ms Stevens told you - in the exercise yard?

- Yes.

I would like to show the witness Exhibit 7A.

(dramatic music)

Please describe the photograph.

It it's a photo of, uh, Sonia and Helen.

Hmm, and what do you notice about Helen's appearance?

Her head is shaved.


- I dunno.

- Well, she's very much alive.

- Wouldn't you agree?

- Yes.

In fact, they're laughing together aren't they?

- Yes.

- Which makes a mockery of your testimony.

- In fact, this photograph - (jury murmuring)

support the defendant's version of events, that the defendant shaved Helen's head at Helen's request.

Helen wanted to surprise her sister, who was undergoing chemotherapy at the time.

So, time of death wrong.

Sequence of events wrong.

(voice echoing)

Assumptions replacing facts wrong.

They're laughing together aren't they?

Yeah, wrong.

Your assumption, yeah, wrong.

Helen was wrong.

Helen was wrong.

Your assumption wrong.

- I put it to you that your - (echoing and music end)

entire statement is a work of fiction!

(coughing from jury)

Isn't it true that your reward for making the statement - was an early release?

- Yes.

Isn't it true that this conversation with Ms Steven never happened?!

Isn't it true that you have lied under oath and deceived this court for your own personal gain?!


Answer the question!



- (murmuring from the jury)

- (melancholy music)

(inhales deeply)


Okay, I lied.

(Liz sniffling)

Why did you lie?

Were you coerced into this?


No, it was me.

LIZ: It was my idea.

(Liz sighs)

It was all me.

It was all me.


It was all me.

Nothing further, Your Honour.


- (sobbing and sniffling)

- (door opens)


Oh, God.

- (sobbing)

- (door closing)


I don't I don't know what happened.

I, uh I couldn't think and then my - Shhh.

- I'm sorry, my brain my brain just froze.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry.


- (hushed)

It's all right.

It's not your fault, Liz.

- (sobbing)

- It's my fault.

(whimpers, sniffles and sighs)

Where the where the f*ck did that photo come from?!

They found Helen's phone in Sassafras last night.

The defence got hold of it and they introduced it into evidence this morning.

Well, why the f*ck didn't they tell us?!


The Prosecutor rang me, they left a message and I didn't check my voice-mail.

I You you (sobbing)

- didn't check your f*ckin' messages?

- (Don sighs)


You just sold me up sh1t creek!

I'm so sorry, Liz.

I'm I just need a bit of time - and I'm going to fix this.

- How?!

The barristers are in with the judge now, okay.

I'll keep you posted.

I'm never gonna get out now, am I?

Let's just wait and see what - the judge says, okay?

- (dramatic music)

- Just get some rest.

- (whimpers)

I'm gonna be back in touch as soon as I can, all right?


- (door closes)

- (Liz whimpers)

(slowly whooshing flourish)

(indistinct background chatter)

What the f*ck do you want?!

I need to speak to the Top Dog.

- No, you're invisible, eh?

Ooh - Uh, ooh, oh, there I am.

So, I'm not, may I please?

- (Boomer scoffs)

- (loudly)

This is important.



Tina Mercado is bringing in drugs through the vegetable deliveries.

Take it or leave it.



You still want somethin' to do?

(urgent music)

Get the f*ck out!


What the f*ck are you doing?

- Get out of the f*cking - Shut your f*ckin' potty mouth - before I put a fist in it!

- Argh!


We had a deal.

- Ugh!

- KAZ: Boomer, no!

- What?

- You know the rules.

- Just hold her there.

- Yeah, all right.


- Uh - Sorry.

- (whispered)

Not sorry!

- Ugh!

(Mercado gasping)



Not that no no!


- Proctor!

- Ugh!



I gave you a chance.


Uh, uh, f*ck!

- Ugh!

- You should have f*ckin' listened!

- f*ckin' listened!

- f*ck!


- KAZ: Booms!

- BOOMER: Yeah.

MERCADO: f*ck!

WOMAN: (over PA)

Attention, compound.

Attention, compound.

Phones are now available for use.

Heard about Proctor.

- Sounds like you need a Plan B.

- Get out of my face!

I know every inch of this prison.

I am deeply familiar with it's security procedure with every floor.

I can help you.



It would serve a higher purpose.

You talk a lot of sh1t.

This offer expires very soon.

You know where to find me.

(dramatic music flourish)

Hey, you seen Kaz?

- Nuh.

- (whispers)


You all right?

You still worried about that Shayne kid?

What time is he heading to the police station?

f*ck you ask a lot of questions.


Do I?

That's another one.

Oh, sorry!


Oh, in ten minutes.

Can I make you a cuppa tea or something?

- WILL: Mail for you Jackson - Sorry, that was another question.

- WILL: Dickson.

- Well, go on then.

Well, how do you take it?

Oop, that was another one.

Black with three, smart-arse.


Mail for ya.

(Franky sighs)

What's that?

It's my necklace.

I only ever told Mike Pennisi about it.

This must be from someone he told.

- (dramatic music)

- God Ferguson didn't kill him.


Who did then?

I must have been someone he was close to.

f*ck, Shayne's gone to the cops!

Doyle, slow down!


Hey, it's urgent, can I use the phone?

I'll owe ya!


(breathing heavily)

(phone ringing)

(line ringing tone)

(phone ringing)

(phone beeps)

Hey, Shayne, it's me.

Don't go to the cops!

Why, what's happened?

FRANKY: (over phone)

Ah, I don't think it was Ferguson.


It was someone else.

Someone on the outside.

(music ends)

Miss Bennett!

I need to talk to ya.

Doyle, I've looked into Ferguson's phone calls, - there's nothing of note.

I'm sorry.

- No, no, no.

It's not Ferguson.

I know that now.

I got a letter and there was something in it that I only told Pennisi about.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Pennisi had been stalkin' me for weeks.

He must have followed me when I dumped that gun.

He picked it up, pretended to run into me and then we talked.

And he told the killer what I told him.

- Doyle?

- Don't you get it?

He knew his killer.

I don't know what you expect me to do about it.

That's a matter for your lawyers.

In the meantime, I setup a counselling session for you and Ms Westfall.


Oh, no luck?


I thought the answer was in here but it's not.

It's outside and there's jack sh1t I can do about it.

(gentle music)

(whooshing flourish)

DPP are withdrawing the charges.

Sonia's being released.

I'm so sorry, Liz.

They're gonna charge you with perjury.




Which means what, exactly?

(Don inhaling)

It carries a maximum sentence of 15 years.


I promise you I will fix this.

- (drum beat flourish)

- (cell door sliding)

- (drum beat flourish)

- (cell door slamming)

(keys jangling)

(door clicks locked)

(music becomes triumphant)

SONIA: Ah, rest assured, I will be seeking compensation for my false imprisonment, but today, justice has been served.

(music becomes forlorn)

(atmospheric music)

(high-pitched buzzing)

(handcuffs click)

There's no escaping this place is there?

- (music darkens)

- (high-pitched buzzing returns)

(music brightens)

(music ends)

Next Tuesday, 8:30.

ALLIE: I know that you got something going on.

I can tell it's something big.

I've decided to keep my distance from Franky.

Bea brought us together for a reason.

(both laughing)

GUARD: All prisoners out of their cells standing by your doors, please.

So, what's your game, Freak?

We might be in here for quite awhile together.

Don't you think it's time we buried the hatchet.

What do you think you're doin'?

FERGUSON: You're all aware of the problem.

I hold the solution.

FERGUSON: There is a catch.

You are gonna get caught.


Next Tuesday, 8:30, on ShowCase.