06x12 - Showdown

RUBY: Marie's getting photos in of me hitting Danny.

She's gonna know it's me.

CHANNING: That bitch is out there somewhere, and she has destroyed my f*cking life.

Ferguson is still here.

It came through 10 minutes ago.

We've got no choice now. We have to pay the money.

Information's power.

In here? Everywhere.

Got a lot of enemies, Rita. How do you think I control them?

You got, like, dirt files or something?

MARIE: Yeah, that's exactly what I got.

BOOMER OVER P.A.: I didn't bash Cherry!

Liz Birdsworth has got the dementia!

ALLIE: You need to stay away from Kaz.

She's gonna try and come for you. She's already tried once.

She poisoned me?

If I wasn't getting out of here, I would slit your f*cking throat.

Kaz is your best friend, and you picked Marie over her.

I can't trust you. We're done.

Chamberlain, the doctor you assaulted, he dropped dead.

What are my chances of being convicted?

BARRISTER: You're f*cked.



I'm not the f*ckin' blackmailer!

OFFICER: Looks like the tip-off was good.

SONG: j& You don't know me j& When I don't know you j& You don't know me j& When I don't know you j& You're calling me in j& And you're catching me out j& You're calling me in j& And you're catching me out j& You're calling me in j& And you're catching me out j& You don't know me j& When I don't know you. j&

Sierra 2, this is Sierra 6.

I'm escorting the detectives now.

Thank you, Sierra 6. Why are they back?

You have to chair the staff meeting.


Go on, get out of here.


Thank you, Ms Miles. You can close the door.

Take a seat.

What can I do for you?

We found a body last night after a tip-off.

We believe it's Joan Ferguson. What?

Joan Ferguson?

Forensics should be able to confirm the ID in the next few days.

HYDARI: Now, the body is roughly the right height and build and dressed in a Wentworth-issue tracksuit.

COLLINS: It was buried in one of your workshop boxes.

The same type Ferguson and Doyle used to escape.


Bloodied scratch marks inside the box indicate that she was buried alive.

COLLINS: The implications are clear.

It appears someone on your staff may have assisted Ferguson and then murdered her.

Well, that's impossible. Where did your tip-off come from?


All of your officers will need to be re-interviewed.

HYDARI: We'll get started immediately.

Yeah, of course. Certainly.

We're f*cked. We are if you don't calm down.

You two need to get your stories straight.

Do you know where the tip-off came from?

It's got to be the same person who's blackmailing us.

This was a warning. Punishment for last night.

Have they sent any other messages?

You need to get in touch with them before they shop us to the police.

Do not tell me what to do!

So now what?

RITA: Marie Winter has a dirt file here, in prison.

Once I get a hold of it, we won't just nail her protector, we'll have her entire network.

Well, good. 'Cause that's your job.

There's a few things I want done first.

What do you mean?

Susan Jenkins was charged with Cherry Li's bashing.

So? Dragovic did that.

So you're gonna get Jenkins' charges dropped.

And I want Ruby Mitchell transferred out of Wentworth.

What's she got to do with it?


She's my sister and I need to protect her.

You've got to be kidding me. Your sister is an inmate?


Oh, this is bullshit.

You've had split focus this whole time.

You have no f*cking idea what I've been through.

Just do this for me.

You want to finish the job, yeah?

You want the glory, the promotion and the pay rise.

So get my sister out of here.

When is the championship?

In a few months.

When I get out.

I don't know if I'll ever get out, eh?

Thanks to Cherry f*ckin' Li.

Hey, it wasn't her fault that she got bashed.

BOOMER: Hey, no! Stop distracting her, alright?

She's got a new bestie now, so see ya.


Keep punching. Come on, sis.

Oh, whoa! Oh!


What's wrong?

Hey? Just give me a minute, Boomer.

I'm... Just give me a f*ckin' minute!

Hey. We'll go for a walk.

Come on. Come on.



Come over here.

Five grand and I'll fight whoever you want.

Five grand? You'll get your money's worth.

Alright, I'll see what I can do.


I don't want Rita finding out about it, alright?



WILL: Connors. Just returning a book.

You're due in medical. Random drug test.



VERA: Thank you, Mr Stewart.

Uh, the police have asked to use a second office.

Give them whatever they want. Take a seat, Proctor.

Thanks, but I've been sitting on my butt for the last 24 hours.

What are the cops doing here? Nothing that concerns you.

I want to talk about Marie Winter.

You're gonna have to ask her what happened.

I mean, she wasn't very happy.

Right, was it a fight or a challenge?

Why challenge me? She's out the door in a minute.

Yeah, maybe not.

Her assault victim died of his injuries, so she is now facing manslaughter charges.


Now this makes sense.

Trust me, you do not want that piece of work in charge of our women.

Do you have enough support to keep control?

Yeah, I think so.

But you know this place.

They gave Joan Ferguson the job.

I think you're good for the women, Kaz.

And the last thing I need right now is more instability.

I would like to help you if I can.

Will, I want you to release Proctor back into general first thing tomorrow.

What about Winter? Well, you keep her in the slot.

Well, we don't know who started the fight.

I've reviewed the CCTV and I think Proctor was defending herself.

If she gets out first, she's got time to shore up support.

I do not want Marie Winter in control.

At least with Proctor I know where we stand.

Ms Bennett?

Oh. Have you got everything you need?

Yes, thank you.

I've scheduled your interview for tomorrow afternoon.

You too, Mr Jackson.

We're happy to help.


WOMAN: Oh, piss off!

What you up to? Oh.

Oh, this is... This is my memory box.

So these are all little memories, and I write 'em down so I don't forget 'em.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.


"The women yarn-bobbed the..."

Bombed. Bombed.


"..Yarn-bombed the yard for me."

Yeah. Oh, yeah, I remember that.

Go in there? Yeah, yeah.

What's that one? Oh, that one.


"Boomer tried to teach baby Josh to say 'tits'."

Oh, yeah! (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS)

"Tits!" "Tits! Tits!"

(BOTH LAUGH) Dors was so pissed off, hey?

Yeah, she was. She was, wasn't she?

Yeah. Oh, do another. Huh?

Do another one. Oh.


Oh. "Bea's first day. She was scared stiff.

"| tried to look after her." And a little picture.



I miss her.

Yeah, me too.

And Franky. And Maxie.

And Dors. Oh, God.


Sometimes I feel like the whole world's just moving past me and I'm just standing still.

I know that feeling, love.

You seem normal again.

Oh, sometimes I'm OK, Booms, and then sometimes I'm not.

So I have to just take it one day at a time, you know?


Governor wants to see you.


Why, am I in the sh1t again, am I?

MILES: Probably. f*ckin' hell.



Give this to Marie.


You're peer worker, so go see her, give her this.

I don't think I can be peer... f*ckin' do it.

It's too late in the day now to go...

First thing tomorrow, yeah? Yeah.

Yeah, first thing in the morning.

Oh, God.





Are you OK?

Yeah. I'm itching to get out.

WILL: I need some information to control them.

Heard you might get bail.

Well, maybe you should stop picking fights.

Why did you do it?

What, do you want to take over? Is that it?

Oh, come on. You officers have no idea what goes on in here.

WILL: So tell me.

Listen, if you want to survive in here, you've got to keep your head down.

Being top dog invites trouble.

I'll get you out of here as soon as I can.


Oh, by the way, Connors was in your cell.

Doing what?

She said she was returning a book. Is that... Was she legit?

Which book?

I don't know. It was pretty chunky.

Blue spine.

Oh, no, forget about that. That's no worries.

OK. I'll see you tomorrow.

(WHISPERS) Oh, f*cking Rita!

Governor, Jenkins to see you. Thank you, Ms Miles.


You might want to be sitting for this.


I just got off the phone from the DPP.

Your charges for the assault on Cherry Li have been dropped.



Oh! (LAUGHS) That's awesome!


Oh, yeah! (LAUGHS)

What strings did you have to pull, eh?

No strings. Lack of forensic evidence.

Yeah! Lack of forensics! OK, OK, great.

No, it's alright. It's good. Sit.

Sit. Yep.

So, given your parole is coming up...


...| expect you to be on your best behaviour.

No more announcements. Nah.

No, you got nothin' to worry about, Ms Bennett.


Ms Miles.

Oh, can I go now? I'm getting parole.

(MOUTHS WORD) I'm getting parole!






Hello, Vera.

Oh, that's better.

Feet are killing me.

For the recycling.

How ya been?

Why are you doing this?

Really liked that job.

You were terrible at it. Could have been friends, Vera.

Pity it turned out that way.

So it is a revenge thing. Petty revenge.

500 grand is not petty.

It'll set me up nicely.

Did you like the magpie?

Found it in the park. (LAUGHS)

The gloves and the epaulets, a cack.

Bet you shat yourself.

You broke into my home. Where's the money?

I don't have 500 grand. Come on, Vera.

What's a spinster like you gonna spend your cash on?

Besides, everyone knows that bitch mother left you her house.

Pay UP-

Or the photo goes to the papers and the police.

I'll get you what I can, but I need time.

I give you one day, Vera Bennett.

If you breathe a word of this to anyone, you're finished.


And that goes for Snaky Jakey and Dumb-fuck Jackson.

From now on, this is between you and me.

And how do I know this'|| be the end of it?

Well, you don't. You have to take my word for it.

See ya tomorrow night.


That's the sound of your chickens coming home to roost.



Good news, Uncle. Got a present for ya.

JONES: Oh. Is it what I asked for?

'Course it is. You'll love it.

How's things with you mob? House search goin' OK?

JONES: Yeah, good.

The application's with the agent.

Great. I know how impatient your sister can get.

JONES: Alright, we'll be in touch.


Governor, the detectives want to interview me this morning.

Do you know what it's about? Well, you'll have to ask them.

Can you action Ruby Mitchell's transfer papers?


Did you get a reply yet?


If there is any news, you will hear it.

Hey, fight club's on this arvo.


Got some big bets coming in from outside.

Put up a good fight.

I always do.



Yes, how's it going?

We've got some fresh intel.

A Corrections Department vehicle was caught on a traffic camera near the burial site the night of the escape.

It's registered to this prison.

We believe it was used to transport Ferguson, and that the driver is her accomplice.

Who was the driver? Well, that's unclear.

We're cross-referencing staff rosters, but we're also presuming the accomplice could have slipped out while on shift.

So we need access to CCTV covering all vehicle garages.

Yeah, of course. Now.


MILES: Dragovic.

You still interested in Ruby Mitchell?

Yeah. How interested?

20 bucks. Hundred.


Transfer application's come in to send her to Barnhurst.

When? Dunno.

Came from outside Corrections, which is weird.

Could be as early as tomorrow.

MAN ON RADIO: Sierra 6, this is Sierra 1.

This is Sierra 6. Go ahead. Your assistance is required...


You deliver the message? What?

The message for Marie!

KAZ: Liz?

What did she want?

I don't know.

Hey, now that the cops have dropped the charges, maybe I can come watch you box in Malilla, hey?

Manila. Yeah.

(LAUGHS) Can...

I'll save you a seat ringside there.

f*ckin' ringside! Cool!


Hey, I'm gettin' out.

Great. Happy for ya.


RUBY: What are you gonna do when you get out?

Hey, Drago, you betting on the fight?

Routh versus Ruby.

It's gonna be a good one. Routh fighting Mitchell?




VERA: So you need to go into archive.

And click on the cameras you want.

All garages and entrances.

VERA: The date in that search box.

And a start and end time.


Let me try.

Nothing there.

No. Surely you've got a backup?

HYDARI: No backup data found.

So all camera logs for that date have been erased?

Well, it appears so.

Who'd have access to those logs?

WILL: I panicked.

After Channing came in, I... I just panicked.

Jesus Christ!

You realise what you have done?

They are onto us now.

They know only senior officers could access that footage.

It's circumstantial.

So we stay calm and stick to our stories.

The only person with evidence is whoever took that photo.


Can I talk to you about Ruby?


I don't understand why she called things off.

Have you talked to her?

Yeah, I've tried, but she gives me nothing.

I'm sorry, Allie.

Could you talk to her?

You know what she's like, once she makes her mind up.

I just want to understand what happened.

Please, could you try?


What do you want? Shut the f*ck up!



Hey, what the f*ck are you doin'? Let me out!

You thought you were so f*ckin' clever getting rid of that photo.

Now I know your sister killed Danny.

And I'm going to f*cking kill her.

For Marie.

Let me out! Let me out!

Hey! Let me out!



Vera Bennett.

JAKE: The police want to talk to you. Where are you?

I just ducked out to get something to eat.

JAKE: Well, they want to interview us after lunch.


I'm on my way back now.

We weren't aware you'd left the prison.

I'm sorry.

I wasn't aware I had to tell you.

You should keep us apprised of your movements from now on.

Why, am I a suspect?

We've already established Ferguson's accomplice was a senior officer.

And you're accusing me?

We can discuss that during your interview.




Have you seen Ruby?

Well, she's probably getting ready for the fight.

What fight?

Rita! RITA: Hey!

I'm in here!


f*ck! sh1t! What happened?

Drago. Where's Ruby? Fight club.

So, do you, like, need a water or an OJ or something?

RUBY: No, no, I'm right. We're gonna smash her face in!

Hey, Routh's pulled out. You're fighting someone else.


Oh, sh1t. Really?

Come on. Let's get on with it.

Ruby! Wait.

Nah, nah, nah, she don't wanna see you.

Boomer, shut the f*ck up.

The fight's about to start.

It can wait. Go away.

I wanna fight. Do you wanna die?

I can beat her. I know about your aneurysm.

Drago knows you killed Danny.

If you go in there, she's gonna kill you.

I don't give a f*ck.

What do I have to lose?

You're my sister and I love you.

BOOMER: Rube, it's time. Come on!

(WHISPERS) I'm still a cop.

I saw that footage.

I've always known it was you that killed him.

I came in here to protect you from Marie.

Ru, please. You cannot do this.


Who you going on? Alright.

Who do you want? Ruby.

Where the f*ck is she?

HUTCH: For Ruby? Yeah.

What's the hold-up?

Ruby's out.

You're fighting me.

Bullshit. Let's go.

Hey, but the bets were placed for Ruby.

Just f*ckin' fight! Come on.


I did not help Joan Ferguson escape.

So who did?

We're narrowing down our suspects, Mr Stewart.

Your service record's clear.

We think that speaks for itself.

Other senior officers not so much.

Is there anything you can tell us about Joan Ferguson's escape?

I wish I could.

What's your opinion of Will Jackson?

He's a good bloke.

He and Ferguson have history.

Yeah. So why would he help her?

Whoever helped her probably killed her.

Oh, Will hasn't got the guts for this sh1t.

And he was on duty. I was with him most of the day.


And what about Governor Bennett?

We know you two were involved.

COLLINS: You know this prison inside out.

You know every staff member, some of them intimately.

You must have a theory.

WOMEN: Whoa!

f*cking go!



Look, I'll tell you one thing I know for sure.

Vera Bennett had nothing to do with this.

COLLINS: Other officers report seeing both yourself and Mr Stewart in the prison directly after the escape, but no-one remembers seeing Mr Jackson.

Well, this place was pandemonium at the time.

That doesn't surprise me.

Come on, bitch.

Let's talk about Will Jackson.

f*cking what?!




Do you remember seeing him?

It's a simple question, Ms Bennett.

Did you see Mr Jackson in the hours after the escape?



You f*cking bitch.

Your sister's a coward.

Finish her off!

Ruby is dead.



SONG: j& Coming in need j& In a world you wrote j& Hunger won't be quelled j& Till it's tamed Ah-ah-ah j& Andl j& I come here to be what you want j& So you get mad j& So you get mad J' And I... j& Let's go. j& I come here to be what you need j& So you can fly j& So you can

j& Andl j& I come here to be what you need j& So you can fly j& So you can fly. j&

You're Vera Bennett's partner? Yeah.

She'll be fine.

Just a few bruises and a possible concussion.

I'd like to keep her in for tonight.

Yeah, sure.

Her main concern was obviously for the baby, but there's nothing to worry about.

You can go through.


You're pregnant.

Is it, um...

Of course it's yours.


|-| don't know what to say.

That's amazing!

I want to be a proper dad.

I won't let him down. Or her.

Are we having a boy, or...

There's no 'we', Jake.

I'm having this baby on my own.

You don't have to be alone.

We can be a family.

A real family. Please, just think about it.

I know we could make it work.

You know I was going to punish this baby for things you've done?

I swallowed an abortion pill.

I was this close to ending it, and then I realised...

...that it's you I hate.

Not the baby. So I threw it up.

You'll never be a part of this child's life.


Um, I need to be home. I can't force you to stay...

Well, I'll sign anything you want, but I have to go.

Any news on Vera?


Um, yeah. She's... She's gonna be OK.

Great, OK.

I'm going in for my interview.

Just stick to your story.

Thing is, I think I'm done.

This whole f*ckin' mess is because of me.

I think it's time I just own it.

Tell 'em what I did.

That I acted alone.

You'd protect me and Vera?

I'd protect Vera. (DOOR UNLOCKS)

Mr Jackson, we're ready for you now.



You like the bun?

Wore it especially.

I've got the money.

But I want a guarantee.

This has to be the end of it.

Whatever you say.

You will get it when I watch you delete those pictures.

And I want your phone wiped, back to factory settings, in front of me.

You are not getting anything...

CHANNING: I got her. I got her! I got the bitch!



That's not Ferguson.

Who the f*ck is that?

Huh? Oh! Oh, f...

Oh, f...

Oh! Oh! Oh!

This is a volatile place.

People take rash choices all the time, I'm sure.

Is there anything you'd like to tell us about Joan Ferguson's escape and subsequent murder?


Shots fired at Vera Bennett's house. Could be related.

Is Vera OK? She reported it.

Let's go.

What happened? I don't know.

JAKE: Vera, are you OK? It was Channing.

Channing shot her, right in front of me.

JAKE: Shot who? Murphy.

Murphy... Murphy was the blackmailer.

What?! Where's Channing now?

He ran. And the police have gone after him.

JAKE: We're coming over. Um, I... I have to go.


What? It was Murphy.


Wait. What?

There might be a way out.



I called you hours ago.

Jesus Christ. It was self-defence.

Get me out of this. Where's Winter's file?

Are you listening to me?

You never f*ckin' had it, did ya?

You strung us along.

You risked blowing an undercover operation for what?

For my sister.

Yeah, well, no way are we transferring her now.

I can still get the file.

You murdered an inmate.

Who the f*ck are you, Connors?

'Cause I don't know anymore. We're calling it.

The undercover op is finished. No, wait.

I know where Marie keeps it. Too late.

It's not too f*ckin' late!

If I get that file, we blow the whole thing.

You've been deep cover too long. You've crossed the line.

You're thinking and acting like a criminal.

We're cutting you loose.

You can't do that.

You can't leave me here.

JONES: You knew this was off the books.

As of right now, you are just another prisoner.


TV: In breaking news, we're here at the Western Remand Compound where a suspect has been arrested over a fatal shooting in Niddrie.

Derek Channing, formerly a Correctional Services manager, will be remanded over the murder of former Wentworth corrections officer Brenda Murphy.

It's expected he'll face further charges after the discovery of a body in a shallow grave yesterday.

Police have confirmed items of interest related to the crime scene were found in a fishing shack where Channing had been staying.

We've been here throughout the night and seen police officers bringing out a number of items of evidence, including bags containing things like newspaper clippings and maps, as well as a dirty shovel.

RITA: Ms Miles!

Get them coppers back in here!

I need to talk to them!

I wanna talk to 'em!

Ms Miles!

Ms Miles, do you hear me?!

Get them coppers back in here!

Ms Miles, are you listening to me?

I want to speak to Ms Bennett! I want to speak to Ms Bennett!

Let me speak to Ms Bennett! Get off me, you...

Arggh! f*ck!


f*ck! f*ck! f*ck!


RITA: f*ck! Arggh!

She killed Dragovic.