01x02 - Seeds

[Man Shouting, Indistinct]

[Vehicle Approaching]

Got the good sh1t.

There we go, boys.

Oh, these muffins are great with tequila, Bobby.

sh1t's addictive. Turning me into a fat b*st*rd.

Turbinado sugar, organic flour, no processed sh1t.

Not that any of you give a damn.

You put hash in them?

You know my rule. No bud before 9:00 a.m.

I don't have that rule.

Morning, kids. Deal with the Niners has officially closed.

Spoke to Laroy, and he is giddy... about his new assault rifles.


Like how we're all about racial harmony.

Spend it wisely, boys.

Might be a while before we see any more gun green.

[Chibs] I love the green.

All about the Benjamins! - Hey-

I just got an update from my city hall snitch.

Looks like Hale's got a warrant to search our warehouse.

[Flies Buzzing]



[Police Radio Chatter]

You're a little outside your jurisdiction, aren't you, Hale?

Well, something blows up this close to your town... it would be bad law enforcement not to look into it.

Well, this is county property.

"Sanwa" sheriffs can handle this.

You know this guy? Rodrigo Carpio?


Found him in the debris basin.

Three bullets in his back.

Bluebird Supply business card in his wallet.

From his rap sheet, I'm guessing he was employed as security.

No kidding?

He died 50 yards inside Charming.

Bluebird warehouse is part of my murder investigation.

And that's a warrant.

In case you've never actually seen one.

Glad your boy's gonna be all right.

Yeah, thanks.

I'm sorry about last night.

I should've had that place leveled before the Mayans ever got there.

Made a sh1t call.

Yeah, I'm the one who should've been there... blowing the sh1t up.

Should've never gone to Tahoe.

You know what?

Everything happens for a reason.

We hadn't hit that warehouse, we never would've known... about the Nord-Mayan hookup.


Gotta get this sh1t to Rosen's guy.

Need a big Jew brain to figure out these Bluebird losses.

Not this big Jew brain, baby. I can barely count my own fingers.

Gonna go see the kid later.

Okay, I'll be there. And I still wanna do that dinner.

Maybe tomorrow night.




Did he say anything... about what he found in storage?

Doesn't matter.

He's not his old man. Stop worrying.

[Phone Rings]


Right. That was Unser.

Got a protection run tonight.


I gotta tell you something, man. I mean, it could be bad.

It already is.

Those two dead Mexicans in the warehouse hall- I was hitting 'em.

Jesus Christ.

Both of them?

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Kind of a taco "twofer" thing.

Tell me one of them doesn't have a bellyful ofTigger juice.

Afraid they both do.

You did time, shithead. You are in the D.N.A. Database.

Yeah, I know.

Forensics team gets ahold of those bodies-

I'll go pull 'em out of there.

Hale's gonna be watching that warehouse day and night.

Well, maybe Trammel can sneak me in, you know?

He's a county sheriff. He outranks the local P.D., right?

Oh, you're just gonna stroll out of there... with two dead Mexi whores draped over your shoulders?

I'll gut them dead bitches.

I'll flush their bellies with bleach.

No D.N.A.

What kind of nasty sh1t did your mama do to you?

What do you mean?

[Mechanical Whirring] - [Police Radio Chatter]

[Hale] Got enough ammo in here to give Halliburton a hard-on.


Holy sh1t.

Jesus Christ.

Tape it off. Nobody enters.

Get me the E.T.A. On that forensic team.

Mr. Bluebirdjust flew into a brand-new cage.

[Man] #Riding through this world all alone #

♪ God takes your soul ♪
♪ You're on your own ♪
♪ The crow flies straight ♪
♪ Aperfect line ♪
♪ On the devil's bed ♪
♪ Until you die ♪
♪ Gotta look this life ♪
♪ In the eye ♪♪

What were you thinking, brother?

I was thinking about getting my dick sucked twice.

All anybody can prove... is that a couple of brownies swallowed your chum and died hiding from the fire.

You didn't kill anybody.

It's not about the manslaughter rap.

C.S.U. Team tests those bodies...

Tig's D.N.A. Puts the gun factory at our doorstep.

And then A. T.F. Takes up permanent residence in our collective rectums.

That warehouse sits on county property.

Hale's gonna have to wait days to get San Joaquin to shake loose a forensic unit.

It's a local case. County won't get involved.

Hale will just wind up borrowing a crime scene unit from Lodi.

Hey, Big Otto's sister still works for the A.D.A. In Lodi.


Call her.

See if there's a forensic team heading this way.

I gotta talk with Unser.

Maybe I can convince the chief to put a leash on his hyperactive deputy.

Unser's just waiting for the clock to run out.

That old boy's a lame duck.

So your boy- Not really a team player.

I've made several gestures of friendship.

He's declined every one.

Hale's not interested in friends.

He thinks Charming's stuck in 1969.

Wants to bring it into the 21 st century.

Hale is a half-bright clerk with a Wyatt Earp complex.

Hardly seems like a guy with a vision.

Don't underestimate him.

He's tight with city council... and his old man's got deep political ties with Northern Cali.

Yeah. But you're the boss, right?

Come on, Clay.

Since they found the cancer last year, I got one foot out the door.

I mean, squad's his now.

Be official in a few weeks.

This uptight piece of sh1t is gonna make our lives miserable.

Do you understand what I'm saying?

There's nothing I can do about it.

Doctors, my wife- They're making me step down.

I'm sorry. It's done.

Yeah, I'm sorry too.

This doesn't mean we can't keep our business arrangement.

Me and you-We had a good thing going for a lot of years.

We need each other.

Yes, we do.

What's the run?

Got Blu-rays and iPods heading down to San Jose.

Goddamn niggers have been jacking the sh1t out of them.

Keep your eyes open on this one.

I'll make sure they get where they're going.

How you doing, Jax?

Heard about Wendy and the baby. I'm sorry.


You know, I took a ride out to the streams today.

Saw that warehouse that burned down.

Outside your jurisdiction, ain't it?

Did you ever hear of a Bluebird Supply Company?

Apparently they hold the title on that parcel.

Never heard of'em.

Whole area was littered with casings and gun parts.

That warehouse was a weapons depot.

No kidding?

Chief Unser's retiring at the end of this month.

I'll be stepping into those shoes.

Unser's always had a "look the other way" policy with the Sons of Anarchy.

Unser's a lazy drunk.

I will not look the other way, Jax.

Just a friendly heads-up.

We're all free men protected by the Constitution.

You look any way you want, Chief.

[Electronic Beeping]

He's moving around a lot more.

Yeah. All his vitals are up.

Any permanent damage?

'Cause of the drugs- Brain or anything?

Can't know for sure.

But everything so far points to full recovery.

How long is he gonna be in that thing?

Could be weeks.

But he'll be in the NICU for at least two or three months.

Hey, look.

I'm sorry about last night. I wasn't-

I really don't want to know.



Just figured you'd land a million miles from this place.

You always hated it here.

No, I didn't hate Charming, Jax.

Just... me in it at the time.


Looks like Wendy's gonna be okay.

Define "okay."

We're taking her through sedated detox.

She'll be out for a couple days.

You two-Are you together?

No. I filed over a year ago.

She got clean about 10 months back.

We tried to reconcile.

Didn't work out too well.

Well, looks like one good thing came out of it.


Yeah, I guess it did.

I should get going.

Yeah. I'm late for rounds.

It's good to have you back.

[Woman On P.A., Indistinct]

[Electronic Beeping]

[TV, Indistinct]

I'm gonna need the truck.

Why can't you take the wagon?

We're three months behind.

I gotta lock it in the garage or they'll repo it while I'm at work.

I don't know how to get in front of this sh1t.

We're getting buried here, Donna.

Hank, I'll pick up some weekend work.

You'll get that pay bump soon.

We're gonna make it through this, baby.

I promise.

Yeah. We'll figure it out.


Shouldn't you be at the mill?

I'm on my way. I gotta ask a favor.

Well, what's up?

Three months behind on Donna's car payment. They're gonna repo it.

Now, I hate doing this-

If you're gonna ask me for money, I can't help you.

I just made the quarterly insurance payments.

I'm gonna be tapped until the end of next month, okay?

Look, I'm sorry, Son.

That's all right.

Thanks, Pop.

Hey. Clay... is making a protection run tonight for Unser.

It's low-profile sh1t.

You ride along, scare off the bad guys, huh?

I think I'm on Clay's sh1t list. Doubt he'd put me on it.

Well, then why don't you make it right?

I don't know.

I don't know what the hell's wrong with you.

Why don't you quit whining... grow a dick... and take care of your business?

Jimmy Cacuzza called. The Italians want to place an order.

I didn't know what to say.

How about, " The store burned down.

They missed the fire sale'"? - Well, I talked to Otto's sister... and Lodi forensic team will be here first thing in the morning.

And the sh1t keeps piling on my head.

Only one thing is gonna stop that Lodi forensics team... from getting to our warehouse... and that's another murder in Lodi.


I don't know.

Hale's on red alert. Mayans, Nords-

Everyone's twitchy as hell, man.

It's not a good time to kill-

It's never a good time.

We're talking about protecting Tig and staying out of A.T.F.'s crosshairs.

We hit the projects. We find ourselves a scumbag, a dealer-

We should off a couple of Nords, Clay, is what we should do.

All right? We should just do that, and then dump the bodies in Lodi.

It buys us some time to get those Mexicans out of the hole.

It sends a message to Darby. Kill two birds with one Crow.

Very clever. With the cops eyeballing the warehouse?

Doesn't matter.

Doesn't matter.

I'll handle that. You set it up.


What if I could do this without spilling blood?

Look, this isn't me tripping some guilt sh1t because of my kid.

This is about one of us thinking straight.

Brains before bullets, right?

Let's hear it.

All we need for a murder are bodies and a crime scene.

Jackie boy, now you lost me.

Skeeter- He's always got more gambling debt than he can handle.

I'll make it worth his while.

The cemetery guy?

Cash for cadavers. Like it.

I give Lodi a front-page murder.

We don't stir up another sh1t storm to bite us in the ass.

What about educating Darby?

I'll figure that out.

The important thing is to keep your D.N.A. Out of the petri dish-

Protect the club.

Path of least resistance always best, right?

We'll do it your way, V.P.

All right.

Don't make me regret this.

They really cremate bodies here?

Yeah, we do.

Hey, guys. What's-What's going on?

We need a favor, Skeeter.

Christ, man.

Now is not a good time. I got a new supervisor crawling up my ass.

Come on.

[Jax] Relax. Not here to make a deposit.

Actually, it's a withdrawal.

We need two bodies, fresh.

You serious? For what?

Well, I could tell you, but then I'd have to stuff you in the furnace.


Two dead ones. That's-

That's crazy sh1t, man.

I'm sure you took a beating at Golden Gate this weekend.

No. L-I stopped the ponies, man. I stopped it all.

Gamblers Anonymous. Three-Three-Three months now.

You're kidding. You don't want the money?

I'm working a program, you know?

Jesus Christ.

Something you might be able to get for me.

What's that?

Emily Duncan.

Emily Duncan. She's one of our Friday night whores.

She loves a good punch up her knickers.

Yeah. No kidding!

I've been trying to push up on that for a long time.

You want to hook up with a Crow-eater, I'll make it happen.

Really? sh1t. Well, you got a deal.

I, uh-

I'm not cremating anything until the end of the week.

We need two by tonight.

Well, I'm prepping a closed coffin.

Some phone guy took a header off the top of the pole.

White guy?


I'll take it. Need a Mexican guy too.

Buried one this morning. Cheap seats. Should still be fresh.

You mean that we gotta dig it up?

Who said anything about "we"?

This is so wrong, man. This is so wrong.

## [Radio: Mexican Pop]

Hey, Darby. Here. I got you a tamale.

I never should've led you to their gun warehouse.

I knew that stealing those M4s was a bad move.

None of my moves are bad.

I lost my best guy... niggers got their gats back, and you're out three men and a warehouse.

What the hell would you call it?

Insurance covers the warehouse.

And I've always been about survival of the fittest.

Well, if any of Clay's guys recognized Whistler... they're gonna come at me, hard.

We need to combine forces now.

Strike first.

Let the asshole sweat.

Spin a little doom about what they saw.

We'll learn from their next move.

Their next move is gonna be putting a bullet in my goddamn dome.

Now we made a deal. We work to-

Our deal... was me getting the guns Sam Crow keeps feeding my competition.

I get the gats, I cross the Niners.

Starting a war's not smart.

I got a news flash for you, La Bamba.

I don't give a sh1t about some wetback-nigger beef.

Now, the only reason that I'm at this table... is because I need muscle... to push the Sons of Anarchy the hell out of Charming.

Now, you comprende that?

I'll give you some guys to watch your back in case they retaliate... but we've got to let this sh1t settle down before we make our next move.

And don't worry. We'll both get what we want.

Where's my goddamn Suburban?

## [Radio: R&B]

Who the hell is that?

That, me ol'mucker... is 130 pounds of hog-riding giggety.

Hey, Jax.


Uh, Chibs said you were looking for me.

I'm Emily.


sh1t. Sorry. Come in.

Sit down.

Nice room. [Laughs]


So I need you to do a favor for the club, Emily.

Really? Sure.

I mean, what do you need? What can I do?

You know Skeeter, right?


That guy's been trying to get in my pants since high school.

I need you to let him in.

Are you serious? Dude, that guy burns dead bodies.

He creeps the sh1t out of me.

I know.

But we need Skeeter to do us a good deed-


And the only thing he wants in return... is the hand of beautiful...

Emily Duncan.


I'm not some whore.

Come on. It'll be our secret.

[Chuckling] Yeah.

Cross my heart.

I need you, Emily.

Oh, boy.


You do me, I do him.

Fair enough.


Do me a favor?

What you need?

Put your coat on.


I'm all about the service, darlin'.

# Find another man in another place #


♪ I'll throw that stuff right back in your face ♪
♪ Sure enough I would Oh, yeah ♪♪

[Shovel Clanks]


That's great. That's great.

Not only do you stink, but you're a fat b*st*rd too.

Hey! Beware the zombie bikers!

Jesus Christ. You scared the piss out of me.


[Laughing] Who's your friend?

Hate this sh1t.

It's really bad karma, you know, digging up a grave, man.

Nah. As long as it's not your grave, karma's just fine.

So how we gonna get him out?

I think we're gonna need a tow truck.

Jesus Christ. These guys stink.

We'll leave Darby some good dead Mexican stench.

Dude, look, I tell them I lost it in battle.

All they want to do is wrap their patriotic lips around it.

[Tires Squealing]


Get that asshole! You know, he made me spill my beer!


Abel seems better. Stronger.


He is a lucky kid. Both he and his mom escaped death on the same night.


I heard about Wendy. Very sad.

I can't say I'm surprised.

Guess you wouldn't be.

Something on your mind?

No. Something weighing on yours?

Junkie tell you something?

No. She's still sedated.

But I talked to her after that baby was born.

She was crushed.

She hated herself, but she wanted to live.

No, somebody else popped her with that needle.

Or, at the very least, gave her the loaded gun.

Guess you think I'm that somebody?

Guess I was the one shooting it into her fingers and toes... the whole goddamn time she was pregnant too?

No. That sin's on her.

If I were a cop, I'd call that motive.

Well, thank God you're only a doctor.

We'll see what Wendy says when she comes out of detox.

Or maybe I'll bounce my theory off ofJax.

See where he lands on it.

That's how you're gonna win back his heart?

Accusing his mother of trying to murder his ex-wife?

Come on. You are smarter than that.

I am not trying to win back anybody.


Then why did you come back to Charming?

Because of the job.

Which one? Doctor or detective?


You still think... you can just say or do anything you want in this town, don't you?

Everything comes around, Gemma. No one is untouchable.

You want to touch me, sweetheart?

That make you happy?

[Elevator Bell Dings]

You're an idiot. It's not gay. I've been shaving my sh1t for years.

Oh, it's totally gay.


Oh, sh1t.

Aw, sh1t.

[Siren Blaring]

sh1t. He spotted the smashed front end.

Cops run those bogus plates... they're gonna search that S.U.V. From top to bottom.

We got two dead bodies in there, man.

[Police Radio Chatter]

Lodi's got a sky team.

We'll never get away, not in this piece of sh1t.

Put the gun away.

What's up?

[Tires Squealing]

Jesus Christ! Hey!

Hey! Get back here!

[Juice] Come on, piggy. Come on!


Run, prospect. Run!

Get in, you faggots!

Run, baby, run!

Run, boys! Get in!


Bye, copper! Bye!



I haven't had a chance to talk to you much... since you got out of the joint.

Not much to say. You know what it's like.

Takes a while to adjust.


Hear Donna's having a rough time of it.

I think it was easier for her when I was inside.

She knew what to do then.

Gets that way.

Sometimes the people we love just don't know the right move.

Crippled by all the sh1t they're afraid of.

Donna's not crippled.

She's pissed.

How about you, Ope? You pissed?

I mean, guys get locked up... they resent the loss of freedom.

Start doubting choices they made- the right and wrong of it all.

I got no resentments.


Yo. UncleJimmy called.


## [Jukebox, Faint: Rock]

♪ You know I love you, baby ♪

I just got a heads-up about a hijack zone.


Coleman off-ramp.

Uh, think we should go around the back way, take 101 instead.

You sure you guys know where the hell you're going?

You sound like my wife.

♪ All over, baby ♪
♪ End of the line, Rollin'on ♪♪

[Jax] Okay, bring it forward. A little more. A little more.



Oh, that sounded nasty!

Oh, Jesus. Someone call Green Peace.

We're saving a Mexican whale.



Come on, Shamu.

Oh, God.



[Horn Honks]

[Indistinct] Okay.



Get the blood. Come on!


Make it look real!

[Chibs] You ain't icing a cake, prospect.

It's a crime scene. Let's go!

[Half Sack] I know. I know.


All right, let's do it.

[Juice] What a beautiful thing!

All right, plant the gun. I'll leave the message.

All right, let's go!


Circuit City, kiss my guinea ass.

I can move this whole load for you in two days. - Good.


Aaah, just throw me 10%.

It's my little gift to you. We had a little setback with the business.

Yeah. We heard rumors.

Wetbacks, right?


It might be a minute before we're up and running.

I'd appreciate it if you... and some of the other crews would be a little patient... give us some time to get on our feet... before you found another distributor.

We might need to go elsewhere in the short term.

But I'll let the boys know.

They don't do any big gun business with anyone except the Sons, hmm?

Thanks, Jimmy.


Make it fall off the truck, boys.

You knew all this was going down?

Well, I had it in the works, but I wasn't sure till I got the call.

Well, what about your deal with Unser?

We're supposed to protect the cargo.

Chief Unser needed a wake-up call.

We needed a goodwill gesture.

It'll all work out.

You wanted in, right?

Yeah, I did.

## [Radio: Rock]

Wait a minute. You see what I see?

[Chibs] Aye.

That's that douche bag that cut us off.

[Tires Screeching]

Been a very long night, brother.

Come on. Won't take long.

Yo. Pass me one of those Hostess "Dumb Dicks."



Hey! Hey! What are you doing?

What are you doing?


Don't ever cut me off again, shithead.

What are you doing? Hey! My store! This is my store!

What are you doing? Hey, what are you- Hey!

Why don't you come at me now, asshole?



Jax! Jax!

Let me get a shot!



You okay, Jackie boy?

Holy sh1t.

What the hell happened out there?

O'Brien Electronics is my biggest account.

Probably the last time they'll use Unser Trucking to transport their precious cargo.

What are you doing, Clay?

Just keeping a good cop on the job is all.

You don't step down for another six months.

You let us rebuild.

And keep Hale off my goddamn back.

If I say no?

Then I'll make sure every truck leaves this yard hits a roadblock.

Where's my driver?

Oh, he's getting patched up.

We convinced him to keep this incident in-house.

Jesus Christ.

This how you treat an old friend?

No. This is how I treat an old cop.

I'm sorry, Miss Winston.

We can't take your checks anymore.

The last two bounced.

Okay. I, uh- I'll just pay cash.


What's this?

The rest of your groceries.

Opie's out now. We don't need any more charity.


It was never charity, Donna.

It's what we do. You're family.

I have my family back. I don't need yours.


I know what you went through.

Been there-with two husbands.


Lose your man. Kids lose their dad.

You get pissed off.

Want to blame the club.

But Sam Crow is not the enemy. It's the glue-

The one thing that will always be there... to pull you through the ugly sh1t.

Gotta stop fighting us, Donna.

You need us.

I married Opie.

I didn't marry the club.

You have no idea what I need.


We're having a little family dinner tonight. You and Ope should come.

Bring the kids. You might actually have a good time.

Don't say anything else.

My Martha Stewart's wearing real thin.

You know where we live.

[Bell Dings] - [Man On TV, Faint]

Why did you pull my detail off the warehouse?

I was paying overtime for six unis... to sit on a 20 that's not even in our jurisdiction.

This is my case, and overtime is not really your concern anymore.

Afraid it is. Not stepping down yet.

What are you talking about? That's already done.

No, it's not. Gave city council a heads up.

I'll be keeping the badge for another six months.

What the hell are you doing, Unser?

Right now, getting a haircut.


You've always been in Sam Crow's pocket.

This is about me-

Stop talking, son.

One more wrong thing comes out of our mouth... and I'll rip that badge off your puffed-out chest.

[Bell Dings]

Sorry, Floyd.

That boy needs a hot shave.

Yes, he does.

[John Teller's Voice] "Most of us were not violent by nature.

"We all had our problems with authority...

"but none of us were sociopaths.

"We came to realize that when you move your life off the social grid...

"you give up the safety that society provides.

"On the fringe...

"blood and bullets are the rule oflaw...

"and if you're a man with convictions... violence is inevitable. '"

I hope they looked better than this when they blew ya.

A little.


Jesus, it smells like old socks and pussy in here.

Oh. Hey, darlin'.

They're having a sale on toiletries... so I picked you up some "thangs."

Thanks, Mom.

You okay, baby? You look exhausted.

[Exhales] Long night.


That your dad's stuff you found in storage?



Some pictures, a few Harley manuals.

Bunch of Nam sh1t.


Oh, wow.

'80s hair.

How hot was I?

Smokin' hot.

You said you read something?

A few journal entries. Nothing much.

Oh. I'd love to read it.

Your father- He was a real good writer.

Always had a knack for it.

You know, I'm the one who bought him that old Selectric.

Didn't know that.


[Man] Jax! Clay wants you!

Custom job.

[Mouthing Words]

Unser's not retiring.

What did you do? Threaten to rape his daughter?

That's a little harsh.

Maybe the old man's not ready for the gold watch.

Just got back from that Bluebird warehouse.

There were two dead women in the utility hatch... before my guys got pulled off. They're gone.

They could've been napping.

You guys.

Cruising around here like heroes.

But you and I know the truth.

What truth is that?

You're white trash thugs holding onto a dying dream.

Oh, that is so poetic, Chief.

Oh! I'm sorry.

I guess it's just Deputy Chief.


It doesn't matter if I'm chief or not.

You can't stop progress.

It won't be long before Sam Crow... is just an ugly memory in the history of Charming.

So you enjoy the ride while you still can.

[Police Radio Chatter]

You go get rid of those bodies.

Yeah. A'ight.

Should we say a prayer or something?

You know any Bible passages about lost semen?


Uh, may the ray- ray of sunshine warm your souls.


Let's roll.

♪ Billy Ray was a preacher's son ♪
♪ When his daddy would visit he'd come along ♪
♪ When they'd gather round the parlor talkin'♪
♪ That's when Billy would take me walkin'♪
♪ Through the backyard we'd go walkin'♪
♪ Then he'd look into my eyes ♪
♪ Lord knows, and my surprise ♪
♪ That the only one who could ever reach me ♪
♪ Was the son of a preacher man ♪
♪ The only boy who could ever teach me ♪
♪ Was the son of a preacher man ♪
♪ Yes, he was Ooh, he was ♪
♪ Yeah, he was ♪

# The only one who could ever reach me #

[No Audible Dialogue]

♪ Was the son of a preacher man ♪
♪ The only boy who could ever teach me ♪
♪ Was the son of a preacher man ♪
♪ Yes, he was Ooh, he was ♪

# Yeah, he was #

[Engine Revving]

♪ Bein'good isn't always easy ♪
♪ No matter how hard I try ♪
♪ When he started sweet-talkin'to me ♪
♪ Come and tell me Everything is all right ♪
♪ Baby, baby, everything is all right ♪
♪ Can I get away again tonight ♪
♪ The only one who could ever teach me ♪
♪ Was the son of a preacher man ♪
♪ The only boy who could ever teach me ♪
♪ Was the son of a preacher man ♪
♪ Yes, he was Lord, he was ♪
♪ Oh, he was ♪
♪ The only boy who could ever reach me ♪

Jax? Jax? I need some corn.

♪ Was the son of a preacher man ♪
♪ The only boy who could ever teach me ♪
♪ Was the son of a preacher man ♪
♪ Yes, he was Oh, he was ♪
♪ Oh, he was ♪
♪ Hallelujah ♪
♪ He was the sweet-talkin' son of a preacher man ♪
♪ The only one who could ever reach me ♪
♪ Was the son of a preacher man ♪
♪ Hallelujah ♪
♪ Hallelujah ♪♪