01x06 - AK-51


You okay selling these guys five AKs?

Yeah. Nate- He just hangs out with these survivalist cats.

Bunch of crazy old guys playing-

I don't know. Capture the flag, or something.

I want to thank you for, uh... peeling a few free so I could, uh, let this happen, huh?

No problem, Piney.


Those Russians make a hell of a gun.

I'll give 'em that.



Looks like you're about 5,000 light.

I thought we were getting the family discount.

You are. 10,000.

I know damn well these guns go for a grand on the street.

When was the last time you were on the street, Junior?

Russ, we had a deal.

Give the man his goddamn money.

Pay him.

Here you go. Sorry, man.

Hey, thanks, Piney. L- I'll be seeing you.

Yeah, Nate. Hey, you take it easy, brother.


[Both Moaning, Grunting]

## [Stereo: Blues Pop]

You're too-

You gotta get me a little wet, baby.


Hey, wait a minute. Where you going?

How is this my fault?

## [Stereo: Blues-rock]


[Water Spilling]


Oh, Jesus. Hey, Half-Sack!


Get in here!

Oh, Jesus Christ.

What the hell is this?

Oh, man.

[Half-Sack Mutters]

Who do you think would be flushing panties... down the shitter?

That's weird.

Yeah? You think?


How'd this morning go?

Jarheads were dicks, but made Piney happy.

I think it's cool.

Any tails?

Nah. Doubled back three times. No one followed us.


Looks like the rest of the AKs are here. - Call the Niners.

I'm sure Laroy will be thrilled his new Russian firepower's here a day early.


Be right back.


We okay?

Oh. Yeah.

Yeah, I'm sorry. L-

I just-

It's a strange morning.

I'm fine.


Uh, do you have the number for the septic guy?

Piney filled the tanks already?

Yeah. And someone's been flushing lace panties.

I don't even know what to say to that.

[Sighs] Here you go.


You look real nice today, Gemma.

Thank you, Eddie.

Whew! It's good to be ba-


What the hell is she doing here, huh?

She told me she was gettin' out in-

Hey, it's not his fault, okay?

I know I'm not supposed to be here. Just let me-

Let me go talk to someone.

You talk to somebody in some other charter.

You got that, sweetbutt?

Get her the hell out of here now.

Let's go.

What were you thinking, man?

What was I supposed to do? Just throw her out of the cab?

Let's go.

Let's go.

Get me out of here.

Who's that girl?


I don't really- I don't know.


I saw your heart skip a beat from here.

Who is she?

Just a Tribe hang around.

Clay hit that tart, didn't he?

I wouldn't know who Clay's hitting- except for you.

I'm sure he's hitting you... because you're his wife and all.

Get out.




## [Radio: Hard Rock]


I'm looking for Good Shepherd Junior High School.

My grandson's in a play and I can't find-

It's supposed to be out here on County 18 somewhere.

You missed it.

It's about six miles back.

Oh, over there?

Don't you move! Don't move.

Easy, easy. Hey, open the back!

Get Frank's son out of the van!

Stay still.

Hold it right there!


[Tires Squealing]

Get in the car!

Don't move! Don't move.

[Man Shouts]

Come on, this way!

Just watch yourself!

Move! Move!

Let's go!

Come on, we got him!

[Tires Squealing]


Who did McKeevy see up north?


Few gun brokers... some Irish expats and fat, black hookers.

Where is he now?

He's greasing the palms of port authority contacts.

All right, we've got a week, maybe 10 days.

Then he wants his 200 "K."

We're working on it.

Clay, he made it very clear.

We got to have the money up front...

for the I.R.A. To keep 'em flush.

Otherwise, he'll sell to the Russians... and we lose the Irish pipeline to our guns.

Laroy's gonna take the three dozen AKs off our hands.


At a deep discount.

Well, it's either that... or spend a month finding a better buyer.

At least this way, he puts

50 grand in our pockets now.

Plus the 10 I got this morning and the Chinese money.

Gets us more than halfway there.

Clay? You better get out here.

[Radio Chatter]

Well, you're either feds or limo drivers.

Agent Stahl, A.T.F.

I'm looking for the owner ofTeller-Morrow Automotive.

That's me.

Come on. Let's go, Clay.

You gonna bother mentioning a charge?

No charges yet.

I just need to discuss your relationship with a Nate Meineke.


Nate Meineke.

He's one of the men who held up a prison transport vehicle this morning.

Killed three people with AK-47 s.

We found Mr. Meineke's cell phone at the scene.

Last call he received was from your garage.


Lady's choice.

Oh! Tattoos and chivalry.

Delicious combination.

[Man] #Riding through this world #

♪ All alone ♪
♪ God takes your soul ♪
♪ You're on your own ♪
♪ The crow flies straight ♪
♪ Aperfect line ♪
♪ On the devil's bed ♪
♪ Until you die ♪
♪ Gotta look this life ♪
♪ In the eye ♪♪

I was in the garage waiting for you.

I just called Nate to confirm the meet.

I never thought anything like this would happen.

You had no idea what they were up to, Pop.

I don't get off that easy though.

I let friendship interfere with business.

I know better.

Gotta reach out to them, Piney.

We need to find these guys before the feds do.

Nate would not rat on me.

No, but his dipshit kid sure as hell would.

It's just a matter of time before the feds... connect you to Nate and come after you too.

You know, Opie, I don't give a sh1t. How's that?

Yeah, well, I do. Take him to the cabin.

Oh, so you're calling the shots now, huh?

Till Clay gets out, V.P. Patch means this sh1t lands on my back.


The backs of children.

He's just pissed at himself.

Well, the old dude saved his ass in Khe Sanh.

But the rest of that crew- Killing cops and innocents?

We'll find them.

Hey, you call Trammel?

Trammel called us, looking for Clay.

A'ight, good.

[Bobby] No way we're getting those guns to Laroy with the feds there.

I see you haven't called your lawyer.

My lawyer's 1,200 an hour.

When I got a problem worth that pay scale, I'll give him a call.

And you don't think that aiding... and abetting a murderer in a triple homicide is a problem?

I don't know nothing about that crime... or the guys that did it.

Home grown terrorists-

Über right wing fanatics.

Yeah. Not the brightest figs in the Newton... but dangerous enough to clock a watch.

Just 'cause somebody from my garage called one of those assholes... that doesn't make me an accessory to murder.


But your association with an organized crime syndicate...

and your rap sheet for gunrunning... flags you as the source of their illegal AKs.

Sons of Anarchy is a motorcycle club.

And just for your information...

I haven't been charged with a crime, gun related or otherwise... in over seven years.

I'm a mechanic and a motorcycle enthusiast.

You are a criminal and a gunrunner.

And in my book, you are responsible for the deaths of three innocent people.

Now, in a couple of hours, I will have a warrant...

to search your garage and your little clubhouse... and we'll see how enthusiastic you are then.

Uh, maybe I should call that lawyer of mine after all, huh?

Well, I'll set that up... in a couple hours.

Hmm. Look at that. I just saved you 2,400 bucks.


[Bell Rings]

[Man] Yeah, don't spank her. Let's rehearse it.

Can you believe the balls on that little whore... showing up at the goddamn clubhouse?

Clay couldn't have known.

So what?

The rules got broken.

What happens on a run stays on a run.

It does not show up and slap me in the goddamn face.

That does not happen to me!

She's so young.

And dumb.

And before she knows it, she's gonna be old and wise like us.

How am I supposed to handle this?

I just want to rip his goddamn heart out.

Estrotol- Solution 15.

It's magic. I'll get my guy to write you a prescription.

I didn't come here for a diagnosis.

Sure you did.

You're lucky, baby.

My wells went dry at 45.

I'm only 51.

I'm not ready for this.




You know, me and Saunders came up together.

I've known him 15 years.


I'm sorry.


Those were your AKs weren't they?

Yeah, I think so.

Goddamn it, Jax.

Feds picked up Clay.

Traced a call from one of the shooters' cell phones back to T.M.



Need you to find out how real it is- who else they have.

Can't let them find these guys.

Your guns kill a friend of mine, and now you're tasking me to protect the shooters?

It's not about protecting them.

It's about getting to them first.

We gotta get Clay clear of this sh1t.

I was supposed to help you get your guns to the ghetto... and run a little interference.

I didn't sign on for burned bodies, dead sheriffs.

I know.

This is over.

Hey, Trammel. It's too late for over, man.

You know all about us.

And we know all about you.

Look, only way this relationship works is two of us together... or one of us dead.

I'll be waiting for your call.

All right, let me call you back.

Any luck with the warrant?

Sacramento says cell phone's not enough. No warrant.


Maybe I can help.

Agent Kohn.

I guess Chicago doesn't have a dress code, huh? What brings you here?

I can't discuss the specifics of my investigation.

Give me a break, Sparky.

This is Stockton's jurisdiction.

Who's your superior? Gainsley?

I can share these. I, uh-

I followed the Sons of Anarchy to Indian Hills, Nevada last week.

War broke out with a rival M.C.

Those are fully automatic handguns.

That truck was in their lot today.

Are those oil drums?


Well, it is illegal to transport petroleum products... over state lines now, isn't it?

This is Piney Winston, S.O.A.'s founding elder.

Did multiple T.O.D.'s in Nam.

Guess what two guys were in his platoon for every re-up?

Nate Meineke and Frank Cison-

The father of that guy they freed from the prison transport.

Mmm! Mother's little helpers.

Get me my goddamn warrant.


Nothing's coming up under Meineke other than discount mufflers.

[Piney] What's going on?

I thought I told you to go underground.

Nate, uh, reached out.

They're in some survivalist bunker outside of Woodbridge Forest.

Great. You gotta set up a meet.

Well, and then what happens?

They killed three people in cold blood and they're a straight line back to this club.

What the hell do you think happens, Piney?

I don't know.

Just talked to Trammel.

The feds got a warrant to rip this place up.

Aw, sh1t. Cabin, now!

Who the hell do you think you're talking to?


Come on, relax. Relax. Relax.

Let's get outta here.

We will never be able to get these guns out of here.

Yeah, well the feds open them oil barrels... we all got a new charter- Stockton State Prison.

Yeah. Go meet with Laroy. Pick up our money.

Tell him he'll have his guns before the end of the day.

You gonna Houdini this stuff out of here, brother?

I'll figure it out.

Mrs. Teller, Estrotol doesn't make Solution 15 anymore.

It's called Menopause Plus now.

Same amount of estrogen, same formula- Do the same thing for you.



You're welcome.

Skinny-ass bitch.

[Groans, Moans]


Oh, my God.

My nose!


[Man] What happened?

Here, sweetie.

Is she okay?

Who are you? Why'd you do that to me?


[John Teller's Voice] The older I get... the more I realize that age doesn't bring wisdom.

It only brings weary.

I'm not any smarter than I was 30 years ago.

I've just grown too tired tojuggle the lies and hide the fears.

Self-awareness doesn't reveal my indiscretions... exhaustion does.

[Vehicle Starts]

[Monitors Beeping]

What are you doing in here?

Um, I was... curious.

Okay, this incubation chamber is for medical personnel and family only.

It still... hurts me.

Be at SAMCRO in 45 minutes if you want to see his future-

And yours too, maybe.

Well, the Niners do not want the AKs.


Nobody's gonna touch 'em. Not after what went down this morning.

Oh, man.

Well, we'll worry about a buyer later.

Right now, it's all about the sh1t.

[Radio Chatter]

What the hell is she doing here?

She's got nothing to do with this.

Assaulted some girl.

Hit her in the face with a skateboard.


What's he doing here?

The feds are grilling him.

What the hell did you do?

Same thing you did.

Nailed some little tart from Nevada.

Like I don't have enough sh1t oozing out of my ears. You gotta go and do this.

You should've thought of that before your dick... went on a cheerleader hunt.

Hey! I didn't tell her to come here.

But she's here!

Well, it's not my fault!

And it's not my pussy.

[Man] Ooh.

[Man #2] All right.

And that's why I'm single.

You hungry?

Take a smoke.



When you were our paperboy... you had that same goofy haircut.


Yeah. That was a long time ago.

The last time I was in here, I was 18 years old.

What did they get you for?

Disorderly conduct. I was piss drunk.

Think there might've been an assault charge involved too.


Yeah, well, go figure, huh?

What do the feds want with Clay?

What do you think they want him for?

Thanks for the smoke.

We're heading out.


[Gates Clang Shut]

[Tires Squealing, Siren Blaring]

[Man] Federal agents!

Dummy up.

[Tires Squealing]

Hands where I can see em! Come on, let's go!

Face on the pavement. Spread your legs.

Check the bottom seals also.

Yeah, these are clean.

[Man, Indistinct]


Clean in the storage room.


You smell nice.

[Exhales, Groans]

Yo, Nate called.

He wants to make a deal on the rest of those AKs.

Russell knows nobody'll touch 'em. Ten grand for all 36.

sh1t. Those guns are worth 10 times that.

A'ight, set it up.

Me and Ope will make the run.

No, you can't go without me.

They won't trust you.

You're okay tying up this loose end?

You know, you don't have to ask me that.



This is the one.

Step back, boys.

[All Groaning, Coughing]

Aw, Jesus!

Get the guns. Get the guns.


Found six of these in his garage.

I'm guessing this is how they're getting their guns into the country.

Dungloe, Ireland?


True I.R.A. Territory.

Outlaw Irish.

This could be huge, Deputy.

If the Sons of Anarchy are running guns... through a known terrorist organization... well, then that puts your little motorcycle club... on at least a half a dozen federal watch lists.

My nipples are unbelievably hard right now.

I'm gonna pull in Homeland Security, Treasury.

We might just shut this Harley mafia down for good.

I'll be in touch.

Did you brief Agent Kohn on this?

Oh, you know, I called Chicago... and, uh, Kohn's supervisor seems to think he's on vacation in Oregon.

Let me know ifhe stirs anything up with SAMCRO.

And keep this inside your khakis.

Oh. Clay Morrow is free to go.

Hale says you don't want bail posted.

That's right.

Just need a little me time.

Well, uh, I'll stay at the clubhouse.

I don't want you in here.

I don't give a sh1t what you want.



I can't take back what happened.

It should never have gone down like this.

I'm sorry.

Won't happen again.

I promise.


What are you doing?

You're staying. So am I.

I'm going through menopause, Clay.

You know what that means?

Means things are changing.


You know what doesn't change?

The love I got for you.

Go home.

Just pick me up in the morning.


[Receding Footsteps]


[Gate Opens, Closes]

I'm really sorry, Kip.

I'm really sorry if I got people in trouble.

Can't let a club president have a time with you... and then you show up a week later. You know?

Especially with his old lady on the lot.

I know.

But I'm not here for Clay.

Do you have any thoughts about pressing charges against Gemma?

Never. I'm not going to.

Anybody asks, you don't know anything... about what went down in Indian Hills.


I know the way it works.


Why the hell did you get in that cargo truck?

You know why.

No. No. Jesus. That-

That can't work. You understand? No, look. Look.

Okay, look. That can't work, okay?

Not after what went down.

Just give me one more dance.

We can take it from there.

I don't think that's a good idea.


No. Because you-You know-


## [Radio: Country- Rock] - [Door Opens]

[Chibs Laughing] Welcome home.

Welcome back, bro.

Welcome home.

Look who's here.

Well, feds trashed the clubhouse... but the search turned up nothin'.

We got the guns out.

Oh, wait a minute.

Jackie Boy got all the guns out.



A.T.F.'s got sh1t.

It's all smoke.

Yeah, they were onto the oil barrels.

Yeah, well, we'll just have to find a smarter way... to get the guns in is all.

By the time the warehouse is rebuilt... we'll be a distant memory for the A.T. And F.

Mom home?

She wouldn't let me post bail.



She is pissed!


That she is.

Well, we're handling Meineke and his crew.

Piney set up a meet for tomorrow. We're gonna clean this up.

You know what? I'm tired.

And my head hurts.

And you'll handle it.

I'm just gonna... crash here tonight.

Talk in the daylight.

In the daylight.

We're not idiots.

## [Radio: Country- Rock]

We weren't followed.


It smells like sh1t.

Long story.

They're all here. Three dozen.

Cut open a bag. You can check for yourself, if you like.


[Men Talking, Indistinct]



Sorry about how this went down.

I wanted to tell you, but Russ thought it best not to.

Well, that Russ- He always was a big thinker.

He's a good kid. Just a little excitable.

Believes in the cause.

And this is your retirement plan?

Hiding out in some bunker?

You got anybody up there with you?

Family, women, kids?

Nah. Frank and Russ's boys-

They're gonna lie low till the heat dies down.

Got some people waiting for us in Mexico.


You're gonna be running this revolution from Acapulco, huh?




Come on.

You, uh... take care of yourself, friend.

Well, there, uh... ain't no innocents with them.

[Man] #Won't you ride on #

♪ Angel ♪
♪ Ride on ♪
♪ So high ♪
♪ You got to ride on Ride on ♪

# You angel #


[Explosion] - ♪ You got to ride on ♪
♪ Ride on, ride on ♪♪

All this sh1t landed on your back.

Handled it pretty damn good, kid.

Thanks, old man.

I heard Clay got cleared of everything.


Thanks for the heads-up.

There's a little gratitude bump in the envelope.


The guys that killed your friend- It's been taken care of.

sh1t like that won't happen again.

We together here?


One big happy family.

[Elevator Bell Dings]

Hey, you okay?

Yeah. Why?

I was going past the clubhouse yesterday. I saw all these cops.

Aw. That was a bunch of bullshit.

Got this A.T.F. Agent harassing us.

Following me. Showed up here.

The guy's nuts. Looking for dirt that doesn't exist.

I'm, uh- I'm just finishing up my rounds.

Do you mind giving me a ride home?


What's going on?

Shitty day. My nerves are kind of shot.

Well, I'll be with the kid.


[Radio Chatter]

Here you go.

Been waiting long?

All my life, baby.

Oh, Jesus.

Stupid bitch.

I'm sorry.

No, no. I got it.


No skateboards. Promise.

I just wanted to say I'm sorry if I caused any problems.

Why the hell are you here?

You and him- I want that.

The prospect?


He's the right one.

What if that doesn't hook up?

The others want a taste?

Then I'm gone.

I'm not here for anyone else.

You so much as flash a pretty grin at him-

I will jam my fist so far up your bony ass, your cup size will double.

Is that how your rack got to be that size?

[Scoffs, Sighs]

Not a good time to be clever.

Yes, ma'am.

I promise- I'm clear of your man.

Not even a smile.

You'll heal okay.


And you?

I'll be fine.


Work everything out?

Relax. A threesome ain't gonna happen.

Did I say anything about a threesome?

You are so transparent.

Take me home.

Yes, ma'am.

[Man] #Keep me clean #

♪ Keep me warm ♪

# Keep my soul #

You a'ight?

♪ Keep me nights ♪
♪ Keep me days ♪
♪ Keep me in between a place ♪♪