01x09 - Hell Followed





Where is he?


Don't tell me to relax.

I called his cell phone a dozen times...

Tara's house, no answer.


I can't just sit here.


Until we see where this lands, you stay put, understand?

What if they got to him?

Jax can take care of himself, Gem.

I'll take a ride to the hospital. See if he's there.

I'll go with you.

Take care of my boys.


Whew! You got your slugs out of this guy's ass. The infection's spreading.

And he may even have sepsis.

Just do the best you can, all right?



[Chibs] Trying to find the damn slug.



[Doorbell Buzzes] - [Hayes Screaming]

Unser at the back door.

[Screaming Continues]

Let him in. Shut those doors.

Oh! My arse!

[Screaming] Oh! My ass!

Keep him quiet.


What could I do for you, Chief?

I need to bring you down to the station house, ask a few questions.

Why? What happened?

Someone went after Darby last night.

Killed one ofhis guys, two women.

At his house, in Charming.

You think it was us?

I also found two dead Mayans in a ditch off 18...

half a mile outside of town.

Last time I looked at the scoreboard...

Nords and Mayans were the away team.

Glad you're rooting for the home team, Chief.

L-I see you for a minute.

It's okay, Gem. It's all good.

This ain't funny at all.

Five D.B.'s. Know what heat that brings?


Jesus Christ.

[Door Closes]

Who the hell is that?


With two bullets in his ass that were meant for my head.

The Mayans went after me too.

Goddamn it!

We didn't have nothing to do with Darby.

And the dead Mexicans were the results of their own stupidity.

But I made sure that didn't land in Charming.


My office still got the stink of A.T.F.

This body count's gonna bring that haughty bitch circling back.

I need you to come with me.

All right? Due process.

I got nothing to hide.

Hey, you do not go alone.

Hey, I think I could keep him safe.

I'll be all right.

You hold it together here.

I'll meet you down there.


You stay put.

[Tig] Yeah. I'll watch her.

Come on.


Got it! I got it. Got it!

One, two-


Ah, Jesus! sh1t, sh1t, sh1t!


Come here! Hold that!

What the-

What's going on?

Oh, we got one slug out.

This is insane.

What the hell are we gonna do?

Just you keep your finger in his ass.

This is way beyond my wheelhouse. This is way beyond it!


Just stay-

Gemma? Gemma, where are you going?

To find Jax and Tara.

No, no, no.

You heard what-You heard what Clay said. Family stays put.

You got two choices, Tigger, tackle me or tag along.

Now, look. I got nothing but adoration for you.

Why you gotta give me such a hard time for?

It's my nature. I'm a giver.

This is why I beat hookers.

Jesus Christ. You scared the sh1t out of me.

Where you been?

Sorry. I got caught up.

You've been here? This whole time?

We've been waiting for those medical supplies, man.

I know.

That's it. You know?

Someone tries to kill Clay and you decide it's a good time to get laid?

It's not like that, Mom.

If you want to resurrect old trauma with this bitch... you do it on your own goddamn time.

She's not there. Don't go looking for her, either.


Leave her alone.

Don't ever forget your first priority.

I didn't.

Take your foot off my bike.

[Man] #Riding through this world #

♪ All alone ♪
♪ God takes your soul ♪
♪ You're on your own ♪
♪ The crow flies straight ♪
♪ Aperfect line ♪
♪ On the devil's bed ♪
♪ Until you die ♪
♪ Gotta look this life ♪
♪ In the eye ♪♪

Right. See what happens.

It wasn't Sam Crow. It was Mayan filth killed my guy.

We have your statement.

We'll look into your accusation.


Arrogant piece of sh1t!


What the hell?

Get that asshole off me!

Get up!

You okay?

The shithead caught me off guard.

Put him in holding.

Oh, yeah. That's right.

Arrest the white guy. Let the wetbacks and coons shoot up whoever they want to shoot up.

Oh, hey.

You do know that I'm married to a dark-skinned woman, right?

Yeah, I know that.

Let's go.

Just making sure.

How you feeling?

What the hell's going on?

There were some, uh, complications?

Where's the Scotsman at?

Oh, he's gonna be right back.

Where the hell's your hand?

It's, uh-


Oh, okay. Um-

Well, my finger is, uh... plugging up one of your bullet holes.

You got your finger jammed up my ass?

No. No.

Well, technically, yes, okay.

But my finger's not jammed up your ass.

'Cause, you know, that would be gay.

It's kind of jammed in your ass... which, I guess, is still kinda gay.


But I'm not gay.

Am I gonna die or not?

No. I don't think so.

Oh! Oh, Scotsman.

I need you guys to do me a favor.

Brenan Hefner, port commissioner, he's gotta be dealt with.

There's plenty of time for that.


It's gotta happen before Monday.

He's gonna sic port dogs on our shipment.

You gotta take him out. You promise me that.

Hey, don't worry. I promise you. It'll get done. I swear.

Have a drown. There you go.

Take him out?

That means like kill him?

No. I think what it means is dinner and a movie.

Jackie boy, where have you been?

I'm here now.

The bullet in this guy's ass has hit a major femoral artery.

He needs a doctor, and he needs it now.

All right.

Where's Clay?

Unser took him in for questioning.

The Mayans tried to hit Darby too.

Holy sh1t.

Look, the other charters are on their way, all right?

Clay wants to bounce out this Mayan problem with them before we decide on any retaliation.

Okay. Makes sense. Let me know if anything breaks.

Where are you going?

To find a doctor.

Don't ride alone.


I'll go with him.

[Door Opens] - [Donna] I've been calling you.

Oh, sh1t.

[Door Closes]

What the hell is going on, Ope?

Something came up. Clay needed me.

The mill called.

McCain says if you're not there to pick up the second shift, your ass is canned.

I'll deal with it.

Deal with it how?

You're not there, you're out of work.

We got something going here, Donna.

You lying piece of sh1t.

Your promises were just smoke, weren't they?

No. I never lied to you. I said I'd find a way to earn straight.

They're gonna fire you. The club more important than taking care of me and the kids?

No. It's more important than spitting sawdust

10 hours a day. I'll figure it out.

I'm not gonna live this way anymore.

I'm done with this sh1t.

[Clears Throat]

[Door Closes] - [Engine Starts]

Look, man, I'm fine. You should go after her.

I can't keep doing this. Half our goddamn fights are about money.

And I can't get ahead without the club.

I need back in.

Guns, protection runs, all of it.

But you still gotta talk to Donna. You gotta-

I'm done talking.

I want back in, Jax.

I'll talk to Clay when I see him.

I didn't see this coming.

Us and the Mexicans, it's been kinda quiet.

I'm not an idiot.

I know it was the Mayans torched your warehouse last month.

Yeah. But coming after me?

And Herr Darby?

That's a new kind of boldness.

Me and you, whatever the hell this is now... always had one thing that we played out together.

Keeping blood and greed away from our front door.

Well, we've done that.

Until now.

And my fear is, knowing the amount of pride stuffed into that cut...

it will not end here.

Don't get involved in my end game, okay, old friend?

I'm not an old friend, remember?

I'm an old cop.

And this old cop is telling you the tit for tat can't go on.


We done tittin' and tattin'?


You take out that Mayan boss... and you will trip a wire that sends this town into the history books.

The bad guys will leave the ghetto and bring their filthy game to Charming.

And next time it won't be a few of Darby's scumbags who go down.

It'll be one of your guys. Or Floyd. Or some kid or something.

See where I'm going with this?

Deal always was outlaws live in Charming, sh1t beyond the borders.

You can't change the rules or it all goes to hell.

And that, my old friend... is exactly what Captain America out there wants.

Hell to break out in Charming, followed by all the things that put the devil in place.

It's for my cancer.

I got a card.

[Motorcycles Approaching]

What the hell is this?

Little family reunion.

Holy sh1t. Did you hear anything that I just-

Enough. Enough. All right? Your goddamn angst is giving me cancer.

I heard your plea, loud and clear.


There's only one thing that's gonna make this work.

Have your sheriffs pick up Marcus Alvarez, bring him here.

Oh, sure! Should I dress him in a lamb suit?

Listen to me. Bring in Alvarez, I talk to him. I talk to Darby.

We figure it out.



An hour from now, there's gonna be a dozen guys sitting around a redwood table planning a kill.

If I were you, I would take my request... and put it at the top of that old cop to-do list.

How's he doing?

Good. Strong-willed little guy.

Thought you were gonna take a personal day.

[Sighs] I tried to. I had to get out of there, you know?

It's a light day.

You okay?

I don't know.

What- [Clears Throat]

What'd you do with him?

It's done.

What did we do?

When Kohn showed up in Charming, he knew this could only end one of two ways.

Either him dead or you dead.

It ended the right way.

[Scoffs] Maybe I came back here knowing the same thing.

And this was the only place I felt safe.

It was survival.

You did what you had to do.

Is that how this works? You make up your own moral code for everything?

I never killed anyone like this before, Tara.

I don't know what the code is.

I'm sorry.

I've been waking up every day since he was born with a sick feeling.

Wondering who was gonna die today.

And it scares the sh1t out of me.

And then I woke up this morning and it was gone.

I think that scares me more.


You're in shock.

I don't think anything could shock me anymore.

What do you want me to do? How can I help you?

Don't go anywhere.

I'm not.

I need you to come to the clubhouse with me.

Those medical supplies I needed?

Bullet wounds.

The guy's got a bad infection. We're gonna lose him.

I'll borrow some things.

What happened with you and the Mayans?

I know you and Alvarez made a deal in Chino.

What went south?

That spick name don't ring a bell.


Ring a bell now?

We can keep going cage fight if you want.

How many punches you got left in that hand?

Okay. Okay, stupid question.

I gave up the 20 on your gun warehouse.

Mayans were supposed to provide muscle for my crank push into Charming.

Alvarez double-crossed you.

And I'm gonna slit that wetback's throat ear to ear.

No, you're not.

Neither am I.

What the hell you talking about?

Hey. The murder rate tripled in my town last night.

If we kill King Beaner, Charming becomes a war zone.

So, what?

We sit back and do nothing?

No. We do something.

And it'll be satisfying.

But Sam Crow handles the retaliation.

You got it?

Oh, my God.

[Gemma] Took two slugs. Got one.

Little Dutch boy's keeping the- the blood dike from bursting.

Here's some vancomycin. This'll kill anything.

Give him two now and then one every four hours.

Hey. Hey, you gotta wake up.

Wake up. Here. Come on, wake up.


Oh, what's going on?

Here. Take these.

Doc's here.

She's gonna fix you up. Here you go.


How's it look?

It looks like you got shot.

The doctor is a friend of the club.

You're in good hands.


Oh, no.

Are you Irish, Doc?


Oh. The half that's the doctor?

I'm not sure.

You should find that out. It's good to know.


Oh. Where should I put it?


I'm gonna have, um-


Juice pull his finger out.

I want you to stuff that gauze into the wound, then I'm gonna close it off with this clamp.

Sure you know what you're doing?

Guess we'll find out.

You ready? One, two, three.

[Juice] Holy sh1t. Greatjob, Doc.

Can I go and wash my hands and stuff?


Hey, you did- you did great, Juice.

You helped- You helped save his life.



[Door Closes]

That was very sweet.

No, I mean it.

That guy's not used to good feedback.

Okay, I'm a little out of my element here.

I'm not quite sure how all this works.

For now, you keep him alive.

Beyond that...

I got no idea how this works.

What the hell is this? Sheriff said I was being brought in for questioning.

[Lock Locking]

[Clay] I'm sitting here... trying to think how killing me and the dirty white boy... is a smart move for you guys.

There's gotta be a piece of the puzzle I ain't seeing.

Or maybe you're just really stupid.

Which, looking at how you botched both hits... is a theory ain't too far-fetched.

You got something you want to do here? Let's get to it, man.

You mean like-like shiv ya?

Make you suck my dick?

That's a little obvious, don't you think?


You and me, Marky, we're gonna have our own little M.C. Summit.

Oh, yeah?

We're just gonna figure it all out, are we?

I don't know, man. Mayans and Sons, that's some real Arab-Jew sh1t.

We got a little history. But why don't we talk about the present?




You guys need guns, right?

Half-ass gats you're buying off the street barely scare the clerks at the 7-Eleven.

We arm up just fine, ese.

Bullshit. You're packing toys. You need real guns.

I need real money.

Maybe it's time for me to... expand my customer base.

Sounds smart.

What I really need is that nigger's heroin trade.

Can't take it if their guns are bigger than mine.

I said expand, not exchange.

I'm still gonna sell to the Niners.

If you guys want to play Operation Ghetto Storm, knock yourselves out.

What I'm offering you is the same hardware at the same price.

And what's your end?

Peace of mind.

Charters up north, they settle all their beefs with the S.O.A.

And I don't care what it costs you.

It all ends up in our favor.

And Nevada?

Your charters leave my new crew in Indian Hills alone.

And the first bullet... out of one of my guns that hits a Son or friend of, ends the arrangement... followed by a hell you don't even want to know.

What about A.T. F?


Yeah, they know about your Irish gun hookup, ese.

Ship from Dungloe, oil drums.

Got intel on all of it.

And that puzzle piece you couldn't see... some A.T.F. Agent you guys pissed off sent Darby a file.

Gave him all the info on your gun business.

Let me guess, Darby used it as currency.

The guns for my hit.

I hate that white boy.

Let my emotions get the better of me.

The hits- bad planning, sloppy work.

I guess God had a bigger plan. I mean, here we are talking about peace.

Ain't no peace yet.

Don't forget you tried to end me. That doesn't go unanswered.

Salt Lake to Tacoma... my crew's gonna want your head on a stick.

I got a compromise I think will satisfy everyone.

[John Teller's Voice] I never made a conscious decision to have the club... become one thing or another.

Itjust happened before my eyes.

Each savage event was a catalyst for the next.

And by the time the violence reached epic proportion, I couldn't see it.

Blood was every color.

[Knocking] - [Juice] Hey, Jax. Doc's looking for you.


One, two, three, up!


You got it?

Yeah, I got it.

How you doing?

Taking it.

We got you. It's okay.

You'll be all right.

How is he?

I got the slugs out and stopped the bleeding.

If the penicillin kills the infection, he should make it.

How was she?


Can't stop that bleeding.

She still wants me dead. You know that, right?

I'll handle my mother.

What happened last night can never happen again.

I hear that.

Not just someone trying to off me.

But bodies dropping in Charming 'cause of us.

We had nothing to do with the hit on the Nords.

[Clay] Mayans went after me and Darby, all right?

Different targets, same war.

[Man] Mm-hmm.

If we fire back... we can't stop the blowback from hitting home.

[Chattering] - [Man] Yeah.

I sat down with Alvarez.

[Man] What?

You're kidding me? - Whoa.

What, just the two of you?


Unser's cage. We, uh-

We discussed our outstanding issues... and made a deal.

What kind of deal? - We sell them guns.

They settle all their beefs with all of us.

Any territory hassles, any business disputes... it all lands in our favor.

You made that call without a vote? - [Man] Yeah.

I set it up. We vote on it now.

If this thing passes... you all sit down with the Mayans in your own territories...

you work stuff out.

Take the win.

What about Laroy and the Niners?

We've had a deal with them for years, that we don't sell to the wetbacks.

Juice, Laroy don't got no loyalty to us.

He's been buying from other dealers, he reneged on the A.K. Sale.

Ain't no reason at all we can't branch out.

The peace we make with the Mayans could start something a lot worse with the Niners.

We'll deal with that fire when it catches.

[Tig] You know, these assholes tried to kill you, man.

We're supposed to just pretend that didn't happen?


No. That debt gets settled.

But not by us.

It's gotta be some outside charter.

You up for it, Hap?

I'll do this thing. It'll be perfect.

Of that I have no doubt.

[Man] Mm-hmm.

Everybody in favor of the Mayan deal-

Anybody opposed?

[Cheering, Whistling] - ## [Rock]

Cameron was supposed to kill that piece of sh1t Hefner before Monday.

Hefner's squeezing the Irish for more payoff cash, so he's gonna intercept the cargo.

How is that our problem?

[Chibs] It ain't a problem.

It's a gift from the Irishman.

Look. We take out the port commissioner...

he's gonna give us back the 200K that wejust forked over... plus a month of free guns.

Our warehouse rebuild is crushing us.

It's the cost of raw materials. Free guns and cash?

We could be seeing black before we put a roof on.

Murder for hire?

That's a dirty business.

[Piney] It's not about money.

That asshole killed McKeevy.

Michael was a friend of mine, and yours, and your dad's.

And he went back a long way with Sam Crow.

What do you think, V. P?

I agree with Piney. McKeevy was a friend.

I think we owe it to the Irish.

How is Cameron gonna do it?

Hefner's got a Sunday ritual.

Church with the fat wife, s*x with the black girlfriend.

She lives in a shitty hood right outside his nice Oakland suburb.

[Chibs] And that's where we take him out.

Black on white hate crime? Who gives a sh1t?

Who does it?

I do.

Been awhile since you suited up, brother.

I'll do it.

I can do this.

Get Cameron to confirm the payoff.

Jax, Ope, Bobby... no mistakes.

All right.

I want Ope pulling the trigger on this.

I want to make sure he's really back.

I think we all do.


That's a good look for you.

Mmm. You think?

Are we crazy?

I'll answer that later.

You look like sh1t, man.

Donna took the kids to her mom's. I can never sleep when the house is empty.

This gig doesn't make sense for you, Ope.

Why do you keep trying to push me off this?

You're the one who keeps saying I can't live half in/half out.

'Cause you need it too much.

It becomes about money, then sh1t gets sloppy.

This is not about money.

I'm doing this the same reason you are.

To prove I'm Sam Crow.

I got nothing to prove.

That's not what I hear.

Look, I'm ready for this, brother.

Let's just get it done.

[Engine Idling]


## [Jukebox: Country ]

[Man Coughs]

[Gemma] Good morning.

Good morning.

Thanks for saving the Irishman.

He'd be dead if it wasn't for you.

You're welcome.

Can I ask you a question?

I'm tired. I'm not really up for a fight.

Oh, not a fight.

I'm just trying to figure out what's going on.

You and Jax are obviously reconnected.

Honestly? I don't know what we are.

That's what concerns me.

You're clearly not one of them.

[Tara] I'm glad that's clear. - So what happens next?

I don't know.

You become his old lady?

What does that look like?

Operating on kids during the day... patching up bullet wounds at night?

Okay, I get it.

I know you hate me.

But this isn't me being some overbearing bitch.

This is someone telling you the truth.

You and Jax is a bad idea.

And someone better start thinking clearly before both of you get hurt.

Well, it wouldn't be my first bad idea. Seems to follow me wherever I go.

You know... you are smarter... and more strong-willed...


Than anyone I've ever met.

You need to shine some of that on this thing with Jax.

He's not smart enough right now to do what's right.

You have to be the one to break this off.

Save both of you from something bad.

That is his gray Mercedes in the garage.

Which apartment?

Unit nine.

It's the top floor, third from the right.

Cameras cover the garage. Should do this on the upper level.

If this guy's got half a brain, he's gonna be cautious and armed.

Anyone walks into this, has an eye line, we abort. No risks.

Ope, you take the front steps. I'll take the back.

You stay in case he gets by.

No. Ope.

I'm gonna take the front.

It's the way Clay wanted it.

It's about Ope jumping back in.

Yeah, I know.

All right. Watch him.

All right, I got your back in case he gets by you.

The second this goes down, I'm in the car, motor running.


♪♪ ["Fortunate Son"]

Hey, relax, huh? sh1t happens, man.

Yeah, I know. I'm sorry, Pop.

Because of your mistake, I had to sit down with Sam Crow.

Made a deal with him, man. He's gonna start selling us guns.

That's good, man.

That happened because of you, okay? It's okay, man.

Let's go get a churro.

Catch you up on what we gotta do.

## [Acoustic Continues]




I love you, mijo.

## [Continues]



## [Continues]

## [Ends]