01x12 - The Sleep of Babies


♪ May God bless and keep you always ♪
♪ May your wishes all come true ♪


♪ May you always do for others ♪
♪ And let others do for you ♪

# May you build a ladder to the stars #

I love you.

♪ And climb on every rung ♪
♪ And may you stay ♪
♪ Forever young ♪
♪ May you stay ♪
♪ Forever young ♪

Sometimes I think you love that bird more than me.

Sometimes I do.

♪ May you grow up to be righteous ♪
♪ May you grow up to be true ♪
♪ May you always know the truth ♪
♪ And see the lights surrounding you ♪
♪ May you always be courageous ♪
♪ Stand upright and be strong ♪
♪ And may you stay ♪

# Forever young #


# And may you stay #


♪ Forever young ♪

Get out of here. Go on. Beat it.


[Snoring Continues]

Cut that sh1t out. Get out of here.

All right, all right.

Go on. Get.

You crazy old shithead.

♪ May your hands always be busy ♪
♪ May your feet always be swift ♪
♪ May you have a strong foundation ♪
♪ When the winds of changes shift ♪
♪ May your heart always bejoyful ♪
♪ May your song always be sung ♪
♪ And may you stay ♪

# Forever young #

It's your lucky day, little boy.

# May you stay #

You get to join your family.

♪ Forever young ♪♪

[Man] #Riding through this world #

♪ All alone ♪

# God takes your soul #

# You're on your own #

♪ The crow flies straight ♪
♪ Aperfect line ♪
♪ On the devil's bed ♪
♪ Until you die ♪
♪ Gotta look this life ♪
♪ In the eye ♪♪

[Drill Whirs]

Meeting's all set. Oakland. 2:30.


Opie's wired. There's no way in hell...

we're gonna be able to separate him from everybody.

Everything we're doing. We got to protect our guys.

It's got to happen today.

[Motorcycle Revs]


The track on Opie's pickup is working.

We're not getting anything from the bug or the cell.

Check his truck when you can. He might have been smart enough to sweep it.

What if Clay or one of the others found it?

The pretrial for Hefner's murder starts tomorrow.

The U.S. Attorney will have to release the name of the witness... so SAMCRO will know that Opie isn't the snitch.

We can start making our case tying him to Hefner's killing.

Just have to keep him safe for another 24... and then we can arrest his shaggy ass.

[Clay] I know she's here. I wanna see her.

Clay Morrow wants to see you.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

It's okay. Hey. Hey. It's okay. It's okay.

You kick down my doors. You hurt my wife.

You lock up one of my brothers for a crime he didn't commit.

We'll let a jury of his peers decide that.

What you did to Opie and his family proves one thing- you're desperate, 'cause you got nothing on us.

It kills you, doesn't it?

To see me and my guys living good lives.

Families, friends, nice homes.

You hate the fact... that we get the same rights and freedoms as you do.

Gee, you make me so proud to be an American.

You're a fascist pig... and what Otto did to you is just the tip of the iceberg.

We're good.

Our retainer with Rosen is good for one more week.

If this thing with Bobby goes to trial... we're gonna have to pony up some serious up-front cash.

We have every dime in the warehouse rebuilt.

I know.


I talked to Alvarez.

The Mayans want guns. They want them right away.

We ain't got nothing to sell.

Irish don't start shipping till next month.

We pull our security surplus. We sell 'em those.

[Chibs] Wait a minute.

I thought we didn't sell that surplus.

We don't.

We sell 'em those guns. It's a goodwill gesture.

The Mayans turn around, place a big order.

They give us half the cash in advance.

It leaves us nothing to protect the club.

[Clay] I'm out of ideas here, Jax.

If we don't jump on this deal, we lose it.

I'm just trying to help Bobby here.

I get that.

But A.T.F. Are still camped out at Unser's office.

You really wanna take that risk?

We can do this smart.

We set up two locations in Oakland, right?

We pick up the money from one. We drop off the guns at the other.

This way even if the feds are watching us, they never see guns for money.

Why would the feds still be trailing us?

Maybe they're pissed off

'cause you didn't turn.

You and Tig pick up the money. Me and Jax drop off the guns.

I'll go with Ope and Tig.

[Clay] Nah, nah, nah. The fewer the better.

Why don't you just go up to the warehouse, let me know how that's going.

Just some bullshit errand.

I got stuff to do.

[Door Opens] - [Tara] Hey.

I think that's all of them.

It's just some liability stuff.

[Abel Coos]

Is something wrong?

With Abel leaving...

I just realized it's not just you.

You have a son. L-

We need to think about what we're doing.


You really wanna talk about this, huh?

'Cause the one upside of Wendy, she was usually too wasted for relationship chats.

Well, I'm painfully sober.

I can see that.

[Abel Cooing]

I'm not getting out of this, am I?


My sh1t was crazy, Tara.

That " I got to be with you every minute or I'm gonna kill myself" type of crazy.

I know.

Look... the way I feel about you hasn't changed.

I can still go there. But this can't be that.

'Cause we got to figure out what's right.

But I'm not trying to avoid this, what we have.

Just gotta take a minute to know what to do.


You can have a minute.

[Door Opens]

Where you been?

Here. Take the other end.

I know what you're doing.

Hanging a banner?

With me and Tara.

What am I doing?

Using me to hurt her and Jax.

Asking me if I still love him, do I want my family together.

That was all about pushing her out of the picture.


It didn't change anything.

I still meant everything I said.

What do you care what my motives are?

You still get the thing you want the most.

So do I.

I was okay with you slipping me enough crank to kill a horse.

Because of what I did to Abel, I deserved that.

But I am not the same person I was two months ago.

I can't be a part of this.

You're playing with people's lives, Gemma.

I'm protecting the innocent.

If I step on a few toes in the meanwhile, so be it.

Jesus. You really believe that, don't you?

So what?

Putting down that needle for a few weeks somehow gives you the right to judge me?

You better take a good, long look, sweetheart...

'cause you are burning a hole through the very thing you can't wait to become.

Maybe that's why you hate yourself so much.

The sooner you accept that... the sooner you put down this holy crutch.

Jesus... is just a guy who cuts my lawn.

If you need anything, I just want you to ask Agent Yost... who'll be staying with you, okay?

When does the trial begin?

We don't know exactly. But soon.

Is it gonna take a long time?

I'm not sure.

Uh, don't worry, okay? We have sheriffs on the street.

I have my people staying with you.

It'll all be over before you know it.


Come on.

You think this is a bad idea.

Yeah. I do.

Clay made a deal with the Mayans... to make sure the war didn't reach Charming.

It's bigger than that now.


Let's just get this done.

Hey, man, if you think I'm walking into something-

Look at the last few months, man.

The warehouse gets blown up.

Mayans tried to kill Clay. Bobby's in jail.

We got A.T.F. Trying to stick RICO up our ass.

How much longer do you think this club's got?

We're better than this, man.

My old man?

He saw the nightmare coming.

He was smart, Ope. Way smarter than me.

He had ideas about where to take the club.

You know? Legitimate ways to earn.

He knew.

Sam Crow's got to change to survive.

Clay'll never walk away from running guns.

I know.

He's made that very clear.

Well, a few more years... he won't be able to turn the throttle, and you'll be number one.

And Bobby and Tig?

Pushing them in a new direction?

Jesus Christ.

Two immovable objects.

Irresistible force.

It could happen.

Hey, Ope. Donna's here.


Probably best not to greet her with two bags of guns.




I'm sorry to bother you.

No. It's all right. What's up, babe?

Your mom wants to take the kids to Fun Town and then to dinner.

I didn't wanna say yes until I talked to you.

Mom's volunteering to spend time with the kids.

Yeah. I guess she had a good time with them.

You know, you really should talk to her, Ope.

I think she's just finding excuses to stay around until she sees you.

Yeah. Maybe.

Yeah. She can take the kids.

That means we'll have the house to ourselves for a while.


Jax is having a party for Abel. It's a homecoming thing.


You don't have to go.

But I got to swing by and drop off a gift.

I wanna go. Abel coming home is a big deal.

Our family should be there.

Yeah, we should.

I'd like that.

I'll tell Mary to bring the kids home before dinner.


You really doing this for your kids?

Yes, ma'am.

Got two boys.

Uncle Sam cut off my aid. Again.

You look pretty able-bodied to me.

There's got to be something better you can be doing... than holding up clever signs and begging.

It's hard for me to hold down a job, ma'am... on account of the mental illness.

Tend to fly into rages. No apparent reason.

Since when is that a mental illness?

Don't shoot this into your arm.

That's kind and generous. Thank you, ma'am.

Abel will help my little boys.


Able to help my little boys.

Bless you.

Glad you're still in one piece.

Yeah. It's been a real exciting month.

Should I be worried about eyes on us?


Nobody knows I'm here, including my own crew.

sh1t looks serious, man.

What's giving you worry?

It's Alvarez.

He tried to off me.

I needed to buy some time... prevent the war from hitting Charming.

Told him I'd sell him some guns.

You're selling to the Mayans?

That's why you and me are talking.

There's a meet arranged for this afternoon.

Alvarez thinks he'll be getting his first gun shipment.

He ain't.

Time and locations of the deal.

Guns at one, money at the other.

I want you and your crew to step on both ends.

I put a bullet in Alvarez, you drop as many wetbacks as you can.


And why in the good Lord's name would I be doing your dirty work?

Keep the guns.

I keep the money... and, uh, this FUBAR... helps move our relationship back to monogamous.

I know you've been buying guns from the Russians... three times the mark-up, half the selection.

If you wanna waste your hard-earned heroin money on that sh1t, you be my guest.

I'll feed the competition with the better bullet.

What are the weapons?

AKs, MAC-10s, combat shotguns.

About 25Kworth of hardware.

All right.

We'll, uh-We'll make the deal.

And then you wait until me and my crew are safe and clear.

Join the party.

Hey, look, man, I understand the need... to make an executive decision for the good of the club.

I get it. The Opie thing makes sense to me.

But this-We have made a club-wide peace with the Mayans.

We can't-

The peace stays intact.

The Mayans are gonna think that the Niners got their intel off the streets... stepped on the deal... and all we got to do is spin the angry black man story.

Play the niggers against the wetbacks.

I like it.

So how do we handle our other problem?

Just before the Niners jump in... put a bullet in the back of Opie's head.

This way even if A.T.F. Crashes the party... there's no illegal guns.

Opie looks like the victim of gangland violence.

And we blame the angry black man.

It's the American way.

Donna took the truck to get groceries. We checked.

The bug's been ripped out, and Opie's cell is dead.

Clay found it. He thinks Opie's working for us.

That's what this morning was.

He's feeling guilty about what he might have to do.

How do we handle this?

Put an extra team on him.

We have to keep Opie in one piece.

I'm on it.

I'll, uh- I'll meet you back there.

Okay. Take care.

Hey. You looking for me?

Yeah. I need to ask you a question.


Are you with Jax?

Uh, l- I don't know how to answer that.

Do you love him?

I'm not comfortable having this conversation with you.

I don't give a sh1t what you're comfortable with.

We've spoken over a half a dozen times in the past couple of days.

You don't think you might have mentioned that you're sleeping with my husband?


Two more months before that's official. Okay?

He's my husband, and Abel is our son.

You need to check into your sober-living facility, get some time.

If you and Jax are supposed to be together... he'll be there when you get out.

And where will you be?

I have to get back to work.

She'll never let you be with him.

Gemma hates you.

She'll do whatever she can to keep you guys apart.

You may as well quit while you're still ahead... or alive, for that matter.

Let me borrow your cell.

I got to check in with Donna.



Found mine in a pitcher of beer.


You know anything about that?

Maybe it was thirsty.

Do you ever see your kids?

Once or twice a year.

Not hard for you?

Used to be.

It was two girls, right?

Dawn and Fawn.

Yeah, I know.

That's her voice mail. Thanks again.

You're early.

Ain't early, you're late.

[Speaking Spanish]


I hate dolls, man.

They creep me out.

Back here.

That's some story that needs to be told.

Let's go.

Let's do this, man.

That's 30 for these. Thirty up front for the order next month.

[Speaking Spanish]

Custom scopes.

We know.

[Zippers Zipping]


Call him. Tell him to give 'em the cash.

Niners. Niners.


Goddamn, Laroy.

In the back. In the back.

Oh, sh1t.

[Dolls Laughing]

You dead.


sh1t. Thanks, man.

[Gunfire Continues]

Let's go.

What the hell happened here, Clay?

Clay! Lay some down.

Get in!

Was this a mistake, or was Laroy sending a message?

I don't know.

This could be the worst-case scenario.

Niners want us dead. Mayans won't trust us.

We'll lose our customer base.

Gain two huge beefs.

Broke with no guns.

[Cell Phone Rings]


sh1t. That's Gemma.

I'm on my way.

Can you pick up Wendy?

Yeah. Be there in a few.

All right, baby.



I got to go pick up my kid.

We need something good right now. Go get him.

All right.

See you at the house.


What the hell was that, man?

It was like the angry black man was even angrier than we thought, huh?

Laroy definitely double-crossed us.

And Ope?

Nah, I couldn't.

Couldn't get a clear shot.

Well, if- if the Niners are that pissed, maybe- maybe they bring their rage to Charming.

I mean, they saw Opie's truck at the money drop.

What, a drive-by?

Got to be tonight, after the party.

Make it ghetto. Make it gangster.

All right.

I've been looking all over for you.

What the hell you doing in here?

The only place I can think without the A.T.F. Buzzing around.

I can relate.

I got some information.

And if I give it to you, then I'm betraying my badge.

And if I don't... someone could get hurt.


That badge?

It ain't even real silver.

What do you need to tell me, son?

This might be your most insidious move yet.


You have to be more specific.

Convincing Wendy she might actually have a shot of winning backJax and her family.

That's a lot of false hope to lay on a recovering addict.

I don't know where you're going with this... but I was trying to help Wendy, encourage her efforts to change.

Yes, you are the embodiment of encouragement.


Hey, little man.


We're busting you out of this place.


Oh, it's okay. Thanks, Doc.


Appreciate it.

All right.

Let's get this family home.

[People Chattering]


Yes. Look at this.

Congratulations, Jax. Look at that.

He's beautiful, Jax.

He ready for his first brewski?

Come on.


It's you and Grandpa, huh?


My boss is pulling the plug on Charming.


The Mayan body count in Oakland pissed off the F.B. I... and I have to settle for Munson, squeeze him for the rest.

What about Opie?

Opie made his own bed.

Yeah, and Clay thinks you're in that bed with him.

Okay, this guy's in danger.

The witness's identity will be out tomorrow.

SAMCRO will know that he is not the snitch.

Look, a lot of sh1t can happen overnight.

Okay? You cannot pull your detail off him.

It's out of my hands.

You know, you guys are unbelievable.

You storm in here, and you turn this town upside down... and then you just walk away... and you leave us with this mess.

We had some fun though. Right?

## [Blues]

Hey, Lowell, how you doing, man?


Yeah? You good?

He's gonna crawl up. Watch this.

You think he can keep this up?


No hands.

When these kids get older, they lose their nerve.

No, no. Watch it. Watch my hands. Watch my hands.

I got to see how you drink this.

No, no. Watch it.

Ellie, can you scare him? Scare him.

You're doing okay?


You wanna try it again?

Hold still. Hold very, very still.

'Cause this could be- We're gonna sell this on the road.

You and I are gonna make a lot of money doing this.

I'll be right back.

Can I talk to you for a second?

Now I want to drink. Thank you very much.

What's the matter?

Nothing. It's just-

Look, Wendy's like a heartbeat sober.

We don't want to do anything to set her off.

Because she's still in love with you?


I'm just saying we should be cool... with whatever this is around her, you know?

Whatever this is?

You know what I mean.

No, I don't.



## [Continues]


Do me a favor. Make sure Tara gets home okay.

Don't ask.


What happened?

I got no idea.



Yeah, I can see that.

We got to head out. They've had a long day.

All right. Thanks for coming.

I'm glad Abel's home.


Come on, kids. Let's go.

Come on, guys.

Come on, guys.


Bye, guys.

Bye, Donna.


Bye, Kenny.

Bye, Ellie.

Okay, kids, seat belts.

Put on your seat belt.



See you later. Love you, kids. Bye.

Hey, you coming right home?

Yeah. Why?

I wanna come back and help Gemma clean up.

Stay. I can take the kids home, put 'em in bed.

You sure?


Thanks, baby.

You're welcome.

You got some cash? Gemma needs powder for the dishwasher.

Love you.

Love you back.

Good night, babies.

[Together] Good night, Mommy.

Whoa! Look at that! Now, this is the trick.

What's going on?

Sorry to bother you on this occasion... but I got some information that probably shouldn't wait.

Hey, listen, if it's about that Niner-Mayan shooting in Oakland-

No, No, No. No. It's about Opie.

What about him?

I know A.T.F.'s been hanging him out as a rat.

But that ain't the case. He's not working for them.

The wires on him- not to his knowledge.

The witness is somebody that lives in the building where Hefner got killed.

That's who fingered Bobby Elvis.

How do you know this?

Hale. He's been privy to all of it.

I just thought you should know that... in case you were having doubts about loyalty and such.

I appreciate that.

TellJax I'm glad his boy's come home.



[Line Ringing]

Come on.


[Line Ringing]

[Woman's Voice]

Please leave your message at the tone.

You all right, baby?

[Cell Phone Lid Shuts]

What is it?

[Horn Honking]



[Honking Continues]

[Sirens Blaring]

Donna? Donna! Donna!

Whoa, whoa. Sir.

It's all right. Let him in.

Oh, God.


Oh, baby.

[Crying Continues]

Oh, baby.

[Motorcycles Revving]

Oh, baby. [Crying]

What do we know?

A guy walking his dog saw a black S.U.V. Roll up on the truck.

Shot her through the back window.

Did they see the guy? Was he black?

He couldn't say.


Unless Donna's been living some kind of double life...

I'm thinking this brutality was meant for Opie.

Uh, some scumbag made a tragic mistake.

Yeah, I guess that's a pretty fair guess.

[Opie Crying]

Oh, baby.

Hey, come on, man. Come on. Come on.


Come on, Ope.


[Crying Continues]

I told you this sh1t would go bad.

This blood's on you.

Back off, Hale.

I'm sorry.

I am so sorry, baby.


How's Opie doing?

You should go home, Mom.

What about the baby?

I can take care of my son.

You sure?

It's time for me to do this, Mom.

Okay, baby. Okay.

♪ May God bless and keep you always ♪
♪ May your wishes all come true ♪
♪ May you always do for others ♪
♪ And let others do for you ♪
♪ May you build a ladder to the stars ♪
♪ And climb on every rung ♪
♪ And may you stay ♪
♪ Forever young ♪
♪ May you stay ♪
♪ Forever young ♪

[Glass Shatters]

♪ May you grow up to be righteous ♪
♪ May you grow up to be true ♪
♪ May you always know the truth ♪
♪ And see the lights surrounding you ♪
♪ May you always be courageous ♪
♪ Stand upright and be strong ♪
♪ And may you stay ♪
♪ Forever young ♪
♪ May you stay ♪
♪ Forever young ♪
♪ May your hands always be busy ♪
♪ May your feet always be swift ♪
♪ May you have a strong foundation ♪
♪ When the winds of changes shift ♪
♪ And may your heart always bejoyful ♪
♪ May your song always be sung ♪
♪ And may you stay ♪
♪ Forever young ♪
♪ May you stay ♪
♪ Forever young ♪♪