01x13 - The Revelator

[Door Opens]

## [Blues On Stereo]

Hey, Mary.

Where is he?

Outside... with the kids.


It's good you're here, Mary.


How are they doin'?

She's been crying all morning.

Kenny still doesn't get it.


Anything you need-

I know.

You want me to stick around?


I'm okay.

She knew.

She knew I was gonna bring on something like this.

Ope, you didn't bring this.

A banger shot my wife.

I had nothing to do with that?

Can I help?


You were upset last night.

Was that our mistake?

Oh, Jesus.


And Jax?

He knows what everybody else knows.

Donna's death was Niner retaliation.

Motherless children.


They make people do drastic things. This is bad.

You think I don't know that?

You think I wanted this?


You feel all that, baby.

You feel it here.

That's right.

You walk out that door... you be the man they all need you to be.

Oh, Jesus.

[Police Radio Chatter]

Here you go.

What's this?

Got a call from Lodi.

A black Rover was jacked from a sports bar last night.

Take Fain, see if anybody saw anything.

We both know who was driving that S.U.V.

We got no positive I.D.

This relationship you have with Clay-

I don't like it... but I get it.

You make a deal with the devil to keep the peace.

But look at this.

Look at what we let happen.

An innocent woman killed.

I didn't let that happen.

Yeah, you're right. It's on me.

What was I supposed to do?

Roll over and feed SAMCRO classified information?

I get the "rock and the hard place" this all took you to.

Sorry this guilt comes down on you.

Well, then, help me.

For once. Please.

Just help me... serve justice to these guys.

I should be fishin' somewhere.

Or readin'a book halfbuzzed on vodka and lemonade.

And I'm still here in this suit of mine... because I've got my own rock and hard place I'm livin' between.

I ain't got much more of a run in me.

A few years, maybe.

Need something to leave Della and my half-smart kids.

I'm sorry, son.


[Door Opens]

Hey- Hey. Without a witness...

you'll never put this crime on Clay.

But I doubtJax would be party to anything that would hurt Opie.

Maybe... we let the outlaws serve up their own justice.

Food for thought.

[Door Closes]

♪ Ridin'through this world ♪
♪ All alone ♪
♪ God takes your soul ♪
♪ You're on your own ♪
♪ The crow flies straight ♪
♪ Aperfect line ♪
♪ On the devil's bed ♪
♪ Until you die ♪
♪ Gotta look this life ♪
♪ In the eye ♪♪

[Abel Crying]


Is he okay?

I can't get him to stop.

He's fed. I changed him.

Where's Gemma?

On her way.



Hey, hey, hey. Come on.

[Crying Continues]

Come on. Huh?

[Crying Stops]

Come on. What's all that fuss about?


Here you go.

Come on. Come on.


You're all right, little dude. Yeah.

You're all right.

Can't find the chapter on ex-junkie moms.


Don't think our pages have been written yet, sweetheart.

What happened last night with us-

It was a hard night, Wendy.

That all it was?

God, I want this, Jax.

He's your son. You have him.

No, not just him.


We've done our dance, Wendy.

Yeah, but never like this.

Not with him. Could be different.

We've been through way too much sh1t.

I just want another chance.

I mean, this little guy at least deserves that try, you know.

Put together some time.

All right?

See where it goes.


I will.

I'm gonna make this work, Jax. Okay?

All clear.

How is he?

I don't know.

How do you think he is?

There's no viewing.

Funeral's tomorrow.

Well, let's get people down for this.

I want a good show of support.

Happy's already in town. I'll start making some calls.

I gotta take responsibility for this.

I was the one that pushed for that deal with the Mayans.

I knew there was gonna be some kind of...

Niner blowback, but-

[Exhales] I never thought it would reach this far, go this way.

We all voted yes on that Mayan deal.

Nobody seen this comin'.

That's right.

Yeah, but it happened. So how do we handle it?

The Niners are gonna be dealt with.

But right now, let's just walk through this, be there for Ope.

[Piney] We help Ope by settling the score.

We track down Laroy and put a bullet in that nigger's head.

Now, what are you lookin' at him for?

I'm the one talkin' to you.

[Clay] I know, brother.

I know you're hurtin'. You think you're tryin' to help, but-

Don't you tell me what I'm thinkin'!

You know, if this happened to your family... there'd be six charters halfway to Oakland.

This did happen to my family.

No, it didn't!

The Niners came gunnin'for my son. They killed my daughter-in-law.

You got that? Huh? You got that kind ofhole in your family?

[Door Slams Shut]

I got it.

[Door Opens, Closes]

Where are you goin'?


Look, man.

Nobody wants to even this out more than me.

Let's just bury Donna, catch our breath, and then we'll do what needs to be done.

Yeah. Let's, uh- Let's do that, huh?

[Starts Engine]

Hey, prospect.


Keep an eye on the old man.

Where is he going?

I don't know. That's why you're following him.


Excuse me.

Can I have a minute?

Yeah, sure.

I heard about what happened to Donna.

God. I'm so sorry.


Anybody know what happened?


Look, I know you're busy.

I just wanted to make sure you were all right.

Mmm, I appreciate that.

I'm sorry about last night. L-

It's okay.

No, it's not okay.


Nothing is okay.

Like, the last few weeks, l-

I tried to follow your lead. You know, find some kind of... compartment to put all this stuff in.

But I just- l-

I can't. I don't... sleep.

I'm more scared now than I ever was.

I'm scared of getting caught. I'm scared of not getting caught.

We got away with murder. What does that make me?

A survivor.

I think you're a good man... with a big heart.

I believe you try to do as much good as you can, but... you live a life I don't think I'll ever really understand.

I called Chicago Presbyterian today... and they said they'd take me back.

And I think it's the best choice.


Don't you get tired of it?


I'm not running. I'm-I'm just being realistic, Jax.

Call it whatever you want.

Your life is a series of hit-and-runs.

The minute someone makes you feel uncomfortable... tests your loyalty, little Tara packs her bags and hits the road.

Well, I guess you got what you wanted from me, right?

Used me to do your dirty work.

That's not fair!

Not fair?

You wanna know how many women I've slept with over the last 10 years?

Don't do this-


Maybe more, I don't know.

I barely see their faces.

I married Wendy because I was lonely.

Because I got tired of the endless disconnect.

It was just a sad time-out.

Because when I'm inside someone, there's only one face I see.

When you came home, it was like some kind of sign to me.

Like my past coming around giving me another shot to do this different.


And now that chance is running back to Chicago.

You take care, Doc.


## [Rock On Stereo]

Hey, you think I could borrow your car?

Need more wipes.


My wallet's over there. Just take what you need.

ThatJax's stuff?

Well, I figure I'd better unpack for him... or this sh1t'll be sittin' in the garage... for the next three months.



You're, like...

Dr. Jekyll and Donna Reed.

You and Jax- How's that comin'?

He has his doubts about me comin' back.

We all do.


Well, I'm gonna convince him. Gonna be the girl he fell in love with.

Good for you.


All right, I'll be back.



Boy, some sh1t never changes.

## [Continues]

♪ Ooh, and I felt ♪

♪ And I felt ♪
♪ I felt ♪
♪ And I felt ♪
♪ I felt ♪♪

What's goin' on?

I wanted to give you this news in person.

Well, that don't sound good.

It's not.

The U.S. Attorney is releasing the details on the witness at 5:00.

5:01, A.T.F. Is presenting their case... against Opie Winston for Hefner's murder.

Bring him in for a lineup.

From what the prosecution's shared, he's probably not goin' back home.

Jesus Christ.

So what do we know, Rosen?

There's an eyewitness. Probably a resident.

They offered wit pro, which means he's in lockdown.

Opie buries his wife tomorrow.

I'll drag my feet.

See that they don't bring him in too early. Sorry.

Have my office call you about my retainer?


Sure. Thanks.

[Machinery Whirring]

G, Dog, go.

All right.

Their whole case against Bobby and Opie is that witness.

Without him, they got nothin'.

So we gotta get to him.

Kill him?

He's a rat.

Rats deserve to die. End of story.

"Wit pro'"means safe house. Twenty-four hour protection.

That's a dead end.

That can't be.

Opie goes back to prison, what happens to his kids?

What, the state's gonna give 'em to Piney or Mary?

They're gonna end up in the system.

Let's not forget Bobby. He got I.D.'d...

'cause he had to clean up after Ope's mistake.

We gotta do this before the funeral.

Ope's family can't take another hit.




Maybe Trammel can help.

If the safe house is in San Joaquin, he's probably got sheriffs on him.

Call Happy.

I'm sure one of his smiley face tats is for a dead witness.

I'm on it.


Jax. Hey, man, I got, like, a serious problem.

I followed Piney into Oakland.

What the hell is he doin' in Oakland?

It looks like he's goin'into a bar, but there are Niner tags everywhere.

Jesus Christ. Piney went lookin' for Laroy.

Oh, goddamn it!

Crazy old kook.

Where are you?

38th and Allendale.

All right, watch his back. We're on our way.

Let's go get him.

[Clay] Get him out of there!

We'll deal with the Niners later.

Let's go find Trammel.

All right.

Glad you could join me.


I was just, you know, comin' down to... see what you were doing and stuff.


You need to, uh... brush up on your stealth skills.

You did everything but wave at me when you were following.

I did wave at you, actually.

I was gettin' a little lost comin' off the 580 there...


Hopin' you'd slow down.

Listen, if you're comin'... let's go get this party started, huh?


I was thinkin' we could not do that and just hang out here for a bit.

Now, I don't need those guys.

I know what I gotta do.



## [Hip-hop On Jukebox]

If you're lookin' for the assisted livin' home, it's two blocks south.

Oh, no, sweetheart.

I got all the assistance I need.




What kind of sh1t is this?

What business you got here?

I'm just lookin' for a friend.

You ain't got no friends here.

Hey, hey! Okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay.

Where's Laroy?

Want to get yourself killed, old man?

Well, I'm ready for that.

Are you?

[Trammel] Yeah, the feds put us on some safe houses. All depends on the case.

What's this about?

We need to locate someone... see how committed they are to what they saw.

Jesus Christ, Clay.

You want me to hand over a federal witness?

[Tig] No, no.

We just wanna talk to him, Trammel.

How goddamn stupid do I look?

Man, I don't care how thick the envelope is.

That- No.

You don't understand.

I ain't offerin' you money.

When this witness fingers Opie and Bobby...

A.T.F. Comes after us with RICO.

Aw, sh1t.

[Tig] Yeah, man.

That means all of us, and everybody attached to us, goes down.

You do savvy that, my not stupid friend?

Jesus Christ.

We'll have the name of that witness this afternoon.

They're not gonna use a name.

I'm gonna need a case number.

[Tig] Case number?

Where the hell are we supposed to find that intel?

Top of Charming's food chain.

We got a problem.

Well, then safety's off. Let's go.


[Jax] sh1t.

Crazy old man.

[Piney] This doesn't involve you, Jax.

One of these... assholes... killed Donna, and I'm gonna make that right.

What the hell is he talkin' about?

I get him to put down the revolver... you promise we walk out of here alive?


No, no, no, no, no.

Put down the gun, Piney.

I ain't leavin'... till the nigger that killed Donna is dead!

All right?





Noise we made at the Mayan gun sale is about how pissed off we are.

But if we wanted your cracker asses dead-

Someone last night in a gangster S.U.V. Gunned down my daughter.

Now, that smells just like nigger revenge to me.

Nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger.

Old fat b*st*rd here says nigger one more time... and that "walking out alive" deal we talked about- off the goddamn table.

[Jax] Someone went after one of my guys.

Killed his wife by mistake.

Wasn't us.

So this old fat b*st*rd... is supposed to take your word for it... because you're an honorable and a black man?

Shut up!


Your trouble with us-

You work that out of your system. Or does this beef keep growin'?

But you keep talking about beefs-


Let me handle this, or I will kill you myself!

[Laroy] Our business issues... still need to be worked out.

But if my need to hurt Sam Crow took me to Charming, had me killin' women... do you think we'd be sittin' here talkin'?

I'm tellin'you the truth.

Niners didn't kill your daughter.

I suggest you boys find your way back home quickly.

Clay. How'd you get in here?

I told the girl at the gate we were here to fix your cars.

Guess we look like the help.


What's this about?

This is a great-lookin' horse, man.

[Clay] I assume you got that, uh... special delivery package I sent ya.

Yeah. I got it.

You made your point. I reneged on our deal.

That knife-

It's still got your prints all over it.

The nutless clown, raped your daughter-

Well, he's buried in Macon Woods.

Dead body, murder weapon, motive.

It's the three things a guy needs... for a homicide conviction.

Jesus Christ.

You're insane.

Well, I assure you, Elliott...

I'm saner than I've ever been.

I need your help, Elliott, and, uh... if you refuse...

I'm gonna turn all three of those items over to Unser.

And the only thing you'll be ridin'... is a big black dude named JoJo.

So what do you want?

I assume you got friends in the U.S. Attorney's office.

Maybe, uh, a couple of judges you've played golf with.


Where are we at with Donna's murder?

Uh, nowhere.

No leads? Suspicions?

No. Sorry.

Come with me.

Gives us some privacy.

For what?

I know how close you and Opie are.

I remember you and him in high school. You were inseparable.

This is feelin' a little gay.

I knew Stahl was setting Opie up as a rat.

She wired his truck.

I think Clay found that wire...

thought Opie was working with the feds... and then tried to have him killed.

Donna was a mistake.

Why are you tellin' me this sh1t? You think I'll give up Clay?

We ended up on opposing teams, you and me.

Don't like each other all that much.

But seeing an innocent woman gunned down... two little kids... with no mom-

Man, I think that falls on the wrong side of the fence for both of us.

[Breathing Heavily]

Thank you.


You got something you wanna say?

Donna Winston was murdered last night.

What are you talkin' about?

She was gunned down.


Who the hell would wanna kill Opie's wife?

Oh, well, you see, it was a, um- it was a mistake.

The killer thought that he was killing Opie.

Who went after Opie?

I made Clay believe that...

Opie was the witness who fingered you.

But it was a lie.

I set him up.

Why are you tellin' me this?

We'll be charging Opie with Hefner's murder.

Pick him up after the funeral tomorrow.

U.S. Attorney will seek the death penalty... for both of you.

I guess I'm feeling guilty about creating orphans.

Thanks for listening.

[Door Opens, Closes]

Beautiful animal, huh?


Can I tell you something?

Well, if it involves you and a horse, I'd rather not hear it.


Yesterday, at the warehouse...

Opie, he, uh... he saved me from gettin' my head blown off.

And then I, uh... had a clear shot at him.

And I couldn't take it.

You know... shootin' through the back of that window in the truck-

I was afraid.

I was afraid if I saw his face...

I couldn't pull the trigger.

I didn't know, Clay, that it was Donna... till it was done.

I depend on you so much for that sh1t... sometimes I forget the weight of it.

This thing with Ope, all that means is... you got love for your brothers.

Donna, it's- it's awful sh1t.


[Pats Arm]

We're gonna get past this.

Yeah. All right.

Case number.

What are you gonna do with that information?

What'd you tell your judge buddy?

That a councilman wanted the information... because he didn't want safe houses in his district.

Good. Very good.

What about that knife?

It's still our secret. Don't worry. We'll keep it safe for you.

I called Happy on the prepay.

He had an alarming amount of knowledge about safe houses and witnesses.

Of course he did.

He said there's usually a sheriff or two outside, A.T.F. Agent inside.

Mostly rookies who get stuck babysitting.

He thinks it'll take three guys.

All right.

Me, Chibs, Happy.

You okay to do this?

Oh, yeah. I need to.

All right.

Give Trammel the case number. Tell him to call us with the location.

Now, I want a flawless plan. All right?

Take out the witness. Nobody else gets hurt.

Okay. No mistakes.

Where is he?

Well, he's not back yet. Why?

What's the matter, Jackson?

I got some information on Donna.

What information?

Tell Clay I'm in the chapel.

## [Rock]

[Door Closes]

♪ Caracas bleeds before you with the rising sun ♪
♪ A stranger would forgive you everything you've done ♪
♪ In the street you threw a coin into a beggar's cup ♪
♪ You looked down and he looked up ♪
♪ Oh, ashes to ashes ♪
♪ Oh, dust to dust ♪
♪ Ashes to ashes and dust to dust ♪
♪ Ashes to ashes Yes, dust to dust ♪
♪ Ashes to ashes Whoa, dust to dust ♪♪

He knows.


Jackson knows something about Donna.


He doesn't know sh1t.

Listen to me. He knows everything.

This was in one of his boxes.

It's what he found in storage when Abel was born.

He wrote it all down- all his pathetic hopes and dreams.

This is a book of failures and fixes.

John is speaking to him from the goddamn grave.

You're being hysterical.

I told you to nailJax down, bring him closer!

This is a bunch of words. It's a bunch of sh1t!

It means everything to myJax!

I know my son.

He is restless, just like his old man.

Always lookin' for something more, the reasons why.

This sh1t is gonna send him on a destiny run.

Readin' those secrets, finding out about the Donna mistake.

What happened toJohn-

I cannot do that again... not with him.

Now, you listen to me.

What he read there were the ramblings of a bitter, grieving coward.

I mean, look at it. It's halfway burned.

It probably pissed him off!

So don't tell me he's poisoned!

And this sh1t with Donna- There's nothing to know.

So you better calm down.

This is about your fear, your history.

You stop bleedin' all over him!

[Opens Door]

And finish burnin' that.

[Door Closes]

You are losing control... just like he did.

[Door Opens]

You lookin' for me?

Two days ago, you sat there.

You made me a promise.

Told me Opie was safe.

Now, I'm askin' you... brother to brother, father to son...

just tell me the truth, and I'll accept it... whatever it is.

Just be honest with me.

Did you try to kill Opie? Kill Donna by mistake?


I don't know who's been fillin' your head with this sh1t, son.

I'm gonna tell you again.

I love Opie, loved Donna.

I'd never do nothin' to hurt 'em.

This is a rough time for Sam Crow.

But we'd better put this sh1t behind us.

Suspicion, resentment.

That kind of sh1t eats up morale, fractures a charter.


It's true.

[Door Closes]

You know where Tig is?


He's on his way to the safe house.

What's the matter?

The info on that witness just came out.

She's a 17-year-old girl, Jax.

Holy sh1t.

Where are they?

What are you doin'? Jax?

Where the hell are you goin'? Jax!



[Tig] Let's do this. Go. Go, go, go.

[Door Opening]


Sheriff Lane, do you copy?


Oh, sh1t! Freeze!

Drop it, bitch!

No, no, no, no, no, no. Give me that gun. Give me the gun.


Take her. Take her.

Take her.

[Girl Gasping]


Jesus Christ! You've gotta be shittin' me.

That our witness?

It's kind of late for a house call.

I was on my way home from work. Just thought I'd stop by and check in.

I guess I miss him, you know?

Yeah, I do.

How is he?



[Footsteps Approaching]

I could do this, bro.

No. It's me.

[Sobbing Hysterically]

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry, kid.

Jesus! You scared the sh1t out of me, man.

Put down the gun.


We don't kill women.

What are you doing here, brother?

[Cocks Weapon]

What the hell is this?

Put it down, or I will put a bullet in your temple.

You think you got the balls to do that?

[Sobbing Continues]

All right.

You two, get out of here.

This wasn't the plan.

You think this through.

Go home, now.

Let's go.

Do you see this guy? He's a bad guy, and he wants you dead.

You know why?

'Cause you're gonna rat on two of his friends!

So you can't do that, 'cause he will find you no matter where you are.

And next time, I won't be there to save your life.

You understand?


The feds, the cops- Nobody can protect you. That's obvious.

If you testify, you will die.

I won't. I promise. I won't.


You get a train, you get a bus, you steal a goddamn car.

I don't give a sh1t. You get out of California tonight or you're dead!

You just crossed the line, brother.


You know?

Not yet.

Yeah? Come on! Bring it!

Come on.


[John Teller's Voice] "To my oldest, dearest and wisest friend.

"What we started, you and I, was a good thing for a good reason.

"What we've become is a different thing...

"for reasons I no longer understand.

"I feel angry winds at my back...

"and I'm not sure how much time I have left...

"in this cut I love so much.

"This book is for all the things we wanted...

"and for all the things we still can be.

I love you, brother.J. T.'"

Oh, my God.






Okay. Go catch up with your grandma.


You're welcome.

Oh. Here.

No, keep it.


There's cool water down there.

♪ Tell me, who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Wrote the book of the seven seals ♪
♪ No, God walked out in the cool of the day ♪
♪ Called Adam by his name ♪
♪ He refused to answer♪
♪ 'Cause he was naked and ashamed ♪
♪ Tell me, who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Wrote the book of the seven seals ♪
♪ Now, Christ had 12 apostles ♪
♪ Three he led away ♪
♪ He said Watch over me for an hour♪
♪ While I go yonder and pray ♪
♪ Tell me, who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Tell me, who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Wrote the book of the seven seals ♪

[Priest Speaking, Indistinct]

♪ Well, Christ rose on Easter morning ♪
♪ Mary and Martha came down to see ♪
♪ He said Go tell my disciples ♪

# Meet me in Galilee #

Not to deliver it into the hands of-

♪ Tell me, who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Tell me, who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Wrote the book of the seven seals ♪
♪ Tell me, who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Tell me, who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Who's that writin'♪


# John the Revelator#

♪ Wrote the book of the seven seals ♪


♪ Well, well ♪

## [Vocalizing]

♪ God walked down in the cool of the day ♪
♪ Called Adam by his name ♪
♪ He refused to answer♪
♪ 'Cause he was naked and ashamed ♪

Time for a change.

♪ Tell me, who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Tell me, who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Wrote the book of the seven seals ♪
♪ Tell me, who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Tell me, who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Wrote the book of the seven seals ♪


♪ Who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪

## [Vocalizing]

♪ Who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪

## [Vocalizing]

♪ Tell me, who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ John the Revelator♪
♪ Tell me, who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪

## [Vocalizing]

♪ Tell me, who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪

## [Vocalizing]

♪ Tell me, who's that writin'♪
♪ John the Revelator♪♪