02x04 - Eureka


We know you still got an ATF target on your back.

You really think it's safe filling this new space with illegal gun parts?

We sell, ship, store. You load your saddlebags, deliver.

Charter to charter. Give you 20%.

MC Pony Express is going to cost you 28%.

Call a vote, prez.

All in favor?


You and Clay. Guys are worried.

Nothing to worry about.

Convince me.

Who are you?

We feel it would be best if you stop dealing arms to the One-Niners and the Mayans.

You're done selling guns to color.

Nobody threatens Samcro...

Black, brown, or white.

Who the hell's that?

Friend of Darby's.

Nothing to worry about.

My baby swallowed something! He's choking! Please help me!

We need you to pass on a message to your old man.

Tell him to stop selling guns to niggers and wetbacks or we find you and we do this again.

Oh, my god!

Get me out of here.

Promise me. You won't tell anyone.

We gotta tell Clay.

Not Clay. Not Jax.

No one.


Let me. Come on.



Cortisone helping?

I'm fine without it.

I know.


When you back?


Be safe.


Maybe some time away will help you.

Get past whatever this is.


What's the run?

Blood drive, children's hospital in Eureka.

Samcro community servants.

That's what we're all about, baby.

My boy, the master of timing.

I love you.

I love you, too.

I got him.

Here we go.

I know.


I'm your old lady.

Come on. Let's get you some breakfast.

We got it all?

Yeah, we got our eat for tonight.

Didn't know you were riding.

Clay wants me on the relay.

Mary with the kids?

My kids are fine, Jax.

Chitty, chitty, bang bang.

All right.

It's an old fat boy on an old fat boy.


Thought you put that beast to sleep.

This fat boy ain't even reached its prime.

Barely looks like it can reach the end of the lot.

Best bike for a long ride.

And I put it up against any of your pretty Dynas.

You hitting a gay rodeo on the way?

It's captain chaps.

Cowhide protects the man hide.

Get in line, Brokeback.

Oh, man.



Goddamn, man. Come on, I gotta ride behind that thing?

Shut up.

You should be used to getting sprayed in the face.

Usually by Bobby.

Eat me, Chibs.

See, the thing is, I like a full scrote when I snack on someone.

Is that right?

Pretty soon you can have that.

You gonna spontaneously sprout a nut?

What, what, what, what?

Getting a Neuticle.

Getting a what?

You're getting a musical?


A fake ball. A Neuticle.

It's an implant. Give me a sense of symmetry.


Are you for real?

I'm just waiting for the VA insurance to clear.

You're getting a glass ball?

No, no, it's not glass. It's like a...

What is it?

Like it feels real, like a...

Hard-boiled egg?

Soft, you know, squishy.

Like it's... No, like a real ball.

I don't even know... Come on. I don't even know what that means.

It's modern technology.

I'm trying to be open here, okay?

Okay, real mature, guys.

You're a class act, Chibs.


You don't want to know. Really.

Shoulder gonna hold up?

The shoulder's good.

Appreciate you taking care of the garage while I'm gone.

No problem.

Tell the boys they can log some OT. I don't want to get buried.

I'll keep an eye on her.

I know she's been...

She's fine.

You just worry about the cars.

Got my full attention.

What do you say, prez?

Let's go save the children!

Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's bed Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye.

Episode 204: Eureka Military surplus shop is cover. Wish we thought of that.

That's Edmond. Boy's a genius.

Oh, yeah?

Must take after his mother.


How do we carry?

Ten guns in each.

Roll it up, strap it on.

Just a biker with a bedroll.

Six riders, five dozen.

That's a good haul.

Runs are set up for the next three months.

One every two weeks.

We'll try to cover as many runs as we can with charity rides.

Cops never mess with us when we're serving humanity.

Rest of the time, travel in twos. Stay off the main roads.

Should be no problem.

The thirty-two, they're pleased the way this worked out with Sam Crow.

You tell the scabby fence boys, I'm all about the cause.

You can tell 'em yourself.


Jimmy O, some of the Falcarragh crew, might be coming stateside, time allows.

Tiocfaidh dr la.

Our day will come.


Hold on.


Just drop it there.

Anything I can do?

Hunt down the keys to the gold Sebring.

Sure, darling. Right this way, sweet cheeks.

Good morning.

You looking for Sherman's?

They closed last month.

Hope it wasn't a return.

Sorry, ma'am.

Excuse me. Are you leaving?

Are you leaving or what?


Who's down?

Tig, you all right?

sh1t, Tig.

Got a disturbing call from a woman says you pulled a gun on her?

That's it?

Just "Yeah"?

I didn't shoot her.

What the hell am I supposed to do with that?

You gonna hit a bank or something?

That's what they were wearing.



Someone dropped it in our mailbox today.

In the Sherman's bag.

They're just trying to rattle you.


Holy sh1t. Zobelle.

Look, I'm sorry about the gun.

Come on. Let me take you home.

I got something I got to do. I'll be okay.

Want to give me the gun?


I'll return it later.

He's stable. Get him to admitting.

Sorry, man.

You just get patched up.

We'll come by after the drop-off.

I'm gonna shove that bike so far up your ass.

He's gonna be just fine.

You tend to his every beck and call and wipe his goddamn ass if that's what he wants you to do.

Call Piney.

Tell him we got two bikes down, gonna need the flatbed.

That's you. Call Piney.

I got it.

I can take it.

I said I got it.

What the hell you talking about, you can't take him?

Mr. Trager has basic coverage.

He can only be admitted to a hospital in his plan.

He's bleeding in your hallway.

I'm sorry. We'll have to transfer him to Red Bluff.

He's stable enough to travel.

How about you give him some pain meds?

I can give him some advil.

He's got a gash the size of your attitude on his leg.

You got enough advil for that?

How much longer?

There's good news and bad news.

You're stable enough to travel.

What do you mean? Travel where?

That's the bad news. We got to move you to another hospital.

HMO bullshit!

Christ! Come on!

Stitch me up!

Sons of bitches!

Call Red Bluff. Need this guy shuttled. Quicker the better.

It's me.

Run this name through your database: Alexander Trager.


We're not open for a few days, but is there something I can help you with?

Not looking for smokes.

I know who you are...

What you do.

If you're referring to the League of American Nationalists, we're...

I'm not talking about what you do with the suit and tie.

I'm talking about what you do with the rubber masks.

I'm afraid you have me at a loss.

Things work themselves around.

Your time will come.

That sounds like a threat.

Charming's a special town.

Not many folks take to it.

I like to think the town chooses its occupants.

Right ones stay.

Wrong ones disappear.

I hate Kaiser.

sh1t. That bitch still has your insurance card.

I got it.

Where the hell is that deadbeat hospital?

Find out.

What do you want me to do, ask...?

Find out. Ask whoever's in there.

Clay said your task is to be my bitch.

Yeah, he did.

I got one request.

You leave that piece of sh1t fat boy on the side of the road.

Dude, that is...

Side of the road.

That is my baby. I...

No. It almost killed me!

He doesn't know what a...

Get up! Now!

On your knees! Let's go!


Get off me! Goddamn it!

Tig? sh1t!

Watch my leg...

Don't worry. We'll find you.



Goddamn bike!

And follow him!

Where the hell were you guys?

And you just let 'em... you just wait there.

You've done enough goddamn damage today.


Bounty hunters...

Just picked up Tig.

The hell for?

They didn't stop to say.

Half-Sack's trailing 'em.

Jesus Christ.

How does that happen?

Ask the jew in leather.

It'll have been the hospital.

Bounty hunters'll pay admins to call in names and nefarious types.

If Tig had an outstanding warrant, I'd know about it.

Might be out of state.

If the bounty's big enough, they could be hauling his ass to Maine.

We got to go after him.

We got a delivery to make.

The bondsmen have no jurisdiction.

There's nothing to stop us taking him back.

What's stopping us is six bedrolls full of illegal handguns.

We go after him now, we got a chance.

He crosses state lines...

If Tig was here, he'd vote to deliver the guns.

We dump the bedrolls somewhere safe.

Relay gets pushed by a few hours.

We're going.

Maybe we should call a vote.

You vote all you want.

I'm delivering the guns.

Goddamn it.


I got it.

On three.


Some days I can't even get my dick out of my pants.

That's what prospects are for.

You all right?


I guess.

The road helps.

Reminds me why I signed up for all this bullshit in the first place.

Amen, bro.

We got to go get Tig.

This thing between you and Jax...

I don't know what it is, but it's pulling focus from what we are.

I'm with you either way.

He okay?

He just needs to know we've got his back.

Let's go get Tig.

I got your page.

Chief Unser is looking for you.

Is everything okay?

You tell me. You seem to get a lot of visitors.

Both sides of the law.


Didn't mean to pull you away from anything.

What is it?

Something happen?

She's out of sorts.

Matter of time before she hurts someone.


Not sure how to help her.

She has to talk to somebody about what happened.

I tried.

You care about her.

Known her since she was 12.

Me and Emily Koza's the ones that tried to talk her out of running away.

She split when she was 16.

Came back ten years later with a baby and a motorcycle club.

Sort of like you did, except without the baby and such.

You and Jax seem to be doing okay.

We're trying to figure it out.

What do you... make of us?

The doctor and the biker?

I've seen stranger pairings.

Excuse me.

Cardiorespiratory tech is looking for you.

Thank you.

Don't think on it too hard, doc.

Come across something don't make you miserable...

Enjoy it.

No one's going to tell me why I got scooped up?


No small talk?

No "hundred bottles of beer on the wall," "row, row, row your boat"?

I'll start.

I'm guessing you played college ball there, baldy.

Offensive line.

Too much of a pussy to make the pro and too stupid to graduate.

Shut your mouth, asshole.

You are clearly in it because of your aggression issues.

You heard what he said?

And you're at least half a fag.

You're probably in love with him, and this job... it's your way of staying close.

Knock it off.

We don't collect if we bring him in beaten.

It's Oregon.


I've got nothing outstanding in Oregon.


Assault and indecent exposure inside a livestock transport.


I thought that got squashed.

You skipped on a $40,000 bond.

Sick b*st*rd.

You're dying to ask me, aren't you?

Go ahead.

Bet you got half a stiffy, Oprah.

Gag him.

Jesus christ, break it up!

You son of a bitch!

Get him out of here now.

Get off of me!

Get out of here.

What are you hitting me for?

I was cooperating.


Where are the bounty hunters?

They got Tig maybe two miles down the road at a hotel.

You talk to Gemma?

I tried to get a hold of her and let her know I was coming up here, but nothing.

Where the hell is she?

I don't know.

Your old lady doesn't take kindly to people prying into her sh1t.

I had Dog and Clayton lock the place up in case she doesn't get back.

All right.

Thanks, old man.


They got Tig in a motel about two miles down the road. Four of 'em.

Sporting heavy hardware.

First floor, room 12.

Why did they stop at a motel?

Don't know. They beat the sh1t out of Tig on the side of the road.

The motel was the next stop.

That crazy prick must have provoked 'em.

Can't bring him in beat up to a pulp.

So they're patching him up.

All right, let's go handle this.

If they hit a motel, they got a long ride ahead of 'em. They're going to be there for a while.

Call up the run, tell the boys from Tacoma to get back down here.

That's going to take hours. We got to do this now.

He's right.

We don't know how long they're...

What, in broad daylight?

This is the way we stay off the radar, right?

We're going to be doing runs up here every two weeks with a blanket full of guns.

And bringing five more guys into the mix is going to make it low-profile?

We wait until dark. Somebody goes out for food...

We don't know that{\ if they're going to be here after dark.}.

We got eight on four.

You heard Bobby.

They're armed to the teeth. We have no idea what kind of firepower they're sitting on. We got handguns.

We got surprise.

Call the guys.

Call a vote.

You don't call a vote.

You don't lay your goddamn hands on me!

You two, come on!

Everybody's fried, and it's my fault. I got Tig hurt.

Stupid sh1t.

But everybody has got to calm down.

Have a smoke.

Take a walk.

Everybody, clear your head.

Where you going?

You want to get this done, jump on the back.

This is bad.

I have a feeling it's about to get worse.

Chibs, sack, come on.

What's up?


I'm in.

Where the hell are you going?!


Got worse quick.

We have a plan here?

Ask the old man.

All right, hang on, guys!

It's a simple plan.


Arm up, ladies.

Don't move!

Or we'll blow your balls off!

Listen, I got to tell you...

It's been a lot of fun. Really got to go. This is my ride.

I'd really like to thank you for everything.

I hope we can do it again sometime.



Hey, buddy.

Good. How was practice?

That's awesome, Cliffy.

I told you. I told you sh1t happens, right?


Should be.

You help your brother with that.

Cliffy, just get it done.

All right, buddy.

See you later.

You think I got a death wish?

Sounds like some crazy sh1t, brother.

No comment?

Just a little cautious, I guess.

Not sure what I say ain't going to land in Clay's ear.

What the hell does that mean?

You tell me, bro.

Don't drag me into whatever bullshit you got going on with stepdaddy.

I know you're pissed, but the guys were right this time.

That motel was a quick stop. I would have been in Oregon by the end of the day.

Get him to Saint Thomas.

Hopefully, that's in your plan.

This isn't on Jax. It was my idea.

Just have to blame it on the, dementia.


Going to be a long ride, Tig.

Got another straw?

There you go.

Guys are one short.

Yeah, we laid a bike down outside of Chico.

We got all the cargo, though.

I figured it'd be Tig.

Is he whole?

We're perfect.

All right, guys, pack it up.


You do know the serial number has been ground off that.

Anonymity suits me.

Prefer it didn't end up in your bag again.

Not sure I can make that promise.

I got no idea how to help you.

All I can do is my job.

I ain't going to let nothing else bad happen to you.

Good night.

Easy there, darling.

That one's got a glass ball.

It's actually a crystal ball.

Allows me to see the future of my pen1s.

How is that working out for you?

It's looking pretty good.

You roll a shitty-ass joint.

A masterpiece.

We get back, going to lock Jax and Clay in a room.

Got to work this sh1t out.

It's more than that.

Jax has got to get over his dead daddy sh1t.


Clay can't deal with the fact he's getting older and the kid's pushing him out.

Clay's not going anywhere.

I didn't know what the old man was up to till we were crashing through.

I don't give a sh1t about today.

Where does this go tomorrow?

Next week?

Where does what go?

Your need to undermine my every goddamn play.

I got no need to undermine you.

The things I call out are about the club.

About you and me.

Maybe they are.

Guess I got to get right with you.

What you did.

You do.

You got decades of experience.

Why don't you tell me how I do that?

How I get right with you trying to kill a brother behind the club's back.

Your little trigger boy blowing an innocent woman's head off.

You're going to have to figure that out for yourself, son.

But... I'd do it soon.

'cause if you mention Donna or the incident again... I'll kill you.