01x06 - Episode 6

This looks fantastic.

She needs a patrol car keeping an eye on her.

Why am I still hearing we're two officers down? Call them in. Now.

His alibi holds up. We don't want to alienate a star witness.

Princess Tessa with a Z and Handyman together bring up one search result.

Alpha? It's not funny.

Dinah! He's here!

Ow! Argh!

We've been had.

Get off him! You're killing him! Get off him! Get off him!

It's not him! He's not the guy, Cathy! Cathy!

Look at me, Cathy!

The man who attacked you, where did he go?

That way.

Down there! Go!

We'll see him right, lovely. I promise! I promise!

Did you see his face?

That f*cking cat!

What cat? What cat?

On his arm!

You mean a tattoo?

Yes, a tattoo.



You see him?

Not round that way.

Got blood here.

There's more this way.

That comes out at the canal. We'll go round.

With your key, in there?


Crime scene, Joy.

Set the cordon at 1K and squeeze it from there.

He's got a few minutes start but he's on foot.

I want the chopper, I want dogs and I want them now.

If I was him, I'd have a car waiting outside.

No, there's CCTV on the estate.

You seen a camera down this way?



Echo 23969, found a key covered in blood on the path to the canal.

Continuing pursuit.

Follow the ambulance.

No way. I'm going to find him.

No, no, we need a proper description of him.

Get her on her own, she might give it you. Don't give me the face.

If we find him, I'll call you.


'All units, all units.

'Suspect's last known status is on foot and moving.'

Seal off the south exit of Rowsby Street.

'Echo 24796...'

.. we're heading west along the path towards the canal.

We're going to need the dogs...


One moment, ma'am.

What do you think you're doing?

Have you seen anyone come along here in the last couple minutes?


Jesus! How old are you?

Out here! Now!

Have any of you seen or heard a man just run past here?

'Echo Tango 2 to control, no sign of suspect on northern approach.

Cutting back round to Bengal Street. Over.'

Bummer in the bushes saw a man run across the bridge with his hand over his eye.

No sign of him now.

I'll do the pub.

Oh, bollocks! Hundreds of them!

Profile put him between 20 and 50.

It trims it a bit.

(Cathy cries)

Step back now, please.

Cathy! Cathy, Cathy, Cathy!

They get paid to do this. Leave them to it.

Help me find him, right?

The black cat, the tattoo, what arm was it on?

I don't know!

When did you see it?

When I stabbed him.

OK, show me what he did with his hands.

He went sort of like that.

It was this one.

Tell me you're right.

It's going to be all right, OK?

'Bunch of kids saw a man with blood pissing out his eye get in a silver car and drive north along Springfield Road.'

And she's sure, yeah?

Inside of his right forearm.

How's Alpha doing?


We f*cking had him.

You weasel b*st*rd.

DI Deering to all units, suspect's name is Patrick Llewellyn...

'owner of a silver Seat Leon,

'index Mike Charlie 5 2 November Kilo Papa.'

We had him?

Look after your boy.

I'm going to crucify that piece of sh1t.

'Charlie 1 to DI Deering, visual on one silver hatchback driving erratically, west on Mill Road.'

DI Deering to Echo Tango 2...

'.. intercept vehicle at junction of Mill Road and Alfred Drive.'

Take a left. Take a left here.

Echo Tango 2, on way.

'All units converge at the intersection of Mill Road and Albert Drive.'

OK, we can block him off at the junction by taking the next right along Albert Drive.


Help! There's a man! He's been bleeding!

He's covered in blood! Over there!

Where is he?

He's covered in blood!

Down there!

Look, all right, love. Just calm down, OK? What happened?

I was out. I was out running. I found him there not moving.

Jesus! It's not Llewellyn.

Can you hear me, mate? Come on. Come on.

Echo 26511, ambulance call to Chisenhale Lane.

Echo Tango 2 to control, request current location, suspect vehicle.

That's him.

Oh, f*ck!

'Taz? Stuart?

'Where are you? What is going on?


I have visual of suspect. I could cut him off on the next left.



He's in there.

Is he alive?

Ma'am, I'm so sorry. Llewellyn. I should've looked harder and I've took my eye off it.

We will worry about that when we know he's our man.

Why else would he go after Cathy?

I need to be sure.

Is he alive?

I've given him morphine.

How long to get him out?

He's not getting out.

How d'you mean?

Steering column's crushed his chest, door's cut open his abdomen.

Moment they relieve the pressure, his guts'll spill out like a slaughtered pig.

He's dead. He just doesn't know it.

Can he talk?

His last conversation.

Give me five minutes.


Patrick, hello.

I'm Viv, remember? I'm a police officer.


I know who you are.

I want to get out.

How do you think you're doing?

Bit poorly.

It's worse than that.

You're dying.

Thought so.

I don't know where you're going, none of us do, but what I do know is you're going to feel a lot better about it if you travel light.

You get me?

Do you mean the girls?

I mean the girls, Patrick.

What did you call yourself online when you talked to them?


Do you want the long story?

It's a bit late for that.

I want my mam!

I'm here.

I'll see you through.

It's all right.

You can go off now.

Fucker's dead.

(Journalists shout)


I know you're all excited, heart pounding, can't get your breath, we are that close to ending this, but close is not enough.

Calm, methodical, Sunday f*cking best.

Hey, this is a night to remember.

Girl outside offered me a hand job just for a look around the place.

Take her up on it?

Considered it, you know, wipe clean and all.

Bit public, though. I think she was a journalist.

This laptop on the coffee table...

Get it to the geeks, quick as.

Even if it nails him as Handyman, he still has an alibi for Lucy's murder. The Blue Anchor.

I'll check it out. I'll re-check it out.

I could go and do that.

I said I'll go, right, so I'll go.

Spike, when you brought Llewellyn in, Cathy was talking about a real cat, not a tattoo.

Black cat tattoo. Ma'am, it was right at the bottom of his PNC file, I just didn't see it.

Coulda, shoulda, don't matter.

Job in hand, Spike.


He's got my address.

Bugger. Times Cathy left the house, places she went.

He was watching us.

He was watching the bloody house!

No. We're still freezing our tits and bollocks off here.

No sign of Miller's gang of freaks.

What have you got?

An ID, at least. Kieran Reilly. It's tragic, mate.

No fixed abode or next of kin and if he comes round at all, he'll be pissing in a bag for the rest of his days.

What about that jogger?

Stuart's taking a statement, still.

I bet he is.

Lithe is the word I'd use.

Sounds like he'll need to make further enquiries.

Stuart's on the case. About time he got a result.

Piss off. He's on the shag every night.

So he says.

It's curdling in his balls.

Pining, isn't he?

What for?

Put someone on the door.

Stop serial killer groupies w*nk*ng on the front step.

I know. We should do doors, just in case anyone saw him with the Downs girl.

Doors? Really?

Good idea. Get practical. Let her work it off.

f*ck a duck.

Hi, I'm Detective Serg...

Hi. Police.

Would you mind answering a...?


We're from the police, sir. Would you mind...?

Piss off.



(Dog barks)

Police. Hi, I'm Detective...

Would you mind answering...? We're from the police.

'Scuse me. Would you mind...?

Is it about my pots?


Pissing in my pots. I mean, you're caught short, fair enough, every man deserves a private moment, but these are carefully tended.

It lends the area much-needed character.

I have a reference number from the council and pictures.

Jocelyn Wade, Lucy Cooke, Teresa Adamson, can we go to their parents and say,

"Yes, this is the man who killed your daughters."

Are we sure with our heads as well as our hearts that we can do that?

The notebook!

Implicates him in the attack on Cathy but not the murders.

Llewellyn was cautioned for violence to secure entry 15 years ago and sectioned.

After that one charge, I would have expected to see another.

Either another charge or none in the first place.

You did say the killer would be volatile.

Patrick Llewellyn, he's the right age and he worked with Lucy Cooke.

(Door slams)

Ma'am, I've been looking at all the CCTV footage in a mile radius of the Blue Anchor pub the night that Lucy was killed.

Sir, if you want to just come over. Look, you'll see...

Yeah. Clear as day.

Maclaren: How did he get past the camera in the pub?

Because he's a sneaky little worm. Pop goes the alibi.

I thought you said being gay would rule him out as the killer.

And if you brought me clear proof that he was gay, I'd still be inclined to rule him out.

I give you a profile to help point you in the direction.

Once you've caught him, the profile's irrelevant.

The evidence confirms or compounds a hypothesis.

(Phone buzzes)



Go on.

Lab confirms the laptop retrieved from Patrick Llewellyn's flat was the one that was used to set up and run the Handyman account.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Oh! Oh, my word!

Oh, good. And breathe!

Well done.

Well done, all of you.

Thanks, sir.

So, let's close this down.

Yes, sir.

Spread the good news, my children. Spread the good f*cking news.

Alcopops are on me when we've a moment but right now our dance card is full. Last night's assault.

Yes, ma'am.

Well done, you.

How's Cathy doing?

I'm just going to find out.

Tell her that the hard work's just beginning.

Purpose of hesitation?

If we didn't have the laptop and the notebook, would you still think he fits the profile?

Within an acceptable margin, yeah.

He fits the profile.

Does that mean that I think he's your man...?

Yeah, Stuart and Taz found the lad over here. Taken a right kicking.

Face like a balloon, internal injuries, pancreas like a chocolate mousse but he managed to crawl from over here.

Found a bit of cloth up there on the wire matched his shirt.

What's on the other side?

Breaker's yard.

It's 228 Lomond Street, Mercy's car park.

'Thank you all for coming at such short notice, but now I can confirm that the man who died in last night's traffic accident is our prime suspect in the murders of Lucy Cooke, Jocelyn Wade and Teresa Adamson. Detective Inspector Deering and her team are working continuously to discover all the facts around these cases.'

How is he?

He's going to be all right.


He was just awake.

They said he's going to be OK.

Right, come on. Let's go.

I can't just leave him. How can I?

Because you haven't slept, you haven't eaten and you look like a bag of shite.

'I'm afraid I can't comment further as this is an ongoing investigation, so...'

'This brings to a close the hunt for the killer of all three...'

Mr Mercy?


Detective Sergeant Freers, this is DC Tanner.

Do you mind if we ask you a few questions?

Oh, right, yeah, great. In you come.

I more than half thought you weren't going to bother, to be honest, but here you are, two of Manchester's finest.

Yeah, we like to think so.

There was a serious assault last night.

A man was found unconscious the other side of that wall.

Assault? Have you not come about the burglary, then?


Yeah, they didn't get anything because anything that's worth nicking is locked up.

I've had me fingers burnt in the past, but I think they did get into the office.

Right, well, we found a piece of the victim's clothing torn off in that wire up there.

Right, I see.

What? Did he smash his head open trying to get in or something?

I won't be too upset if he did, you know what I mean?

Do you mind if we have a look around?

No. All right, on you go.

Can I...?


I like beans.

Is it him, then?

Yeah. It is.

Well, if you know it's him, then why do you want to show me the photo?

We want to be absolutely sure.


I don't even mind them not being hot. Didn't even used to bother.

Eat them from the can.

Mostly couldn't find a spoon anyhow.

Is it...?


It is.

Black cat man.

Is that it, now?

Are we all done? Finished?

He is.


Well, when I say office, you know...

(Metal clangs)

What's in here?

Oh, nowt much. Just a few tools and stuff.

But he'd want an angle grinder to get in there.

Yeah, there's no damage, but I thought I should report it anyhow.

Do I get, like, a police number for insurance and that?

(Metal clangs)

What was that?

Oh, that'll just be stuff shifting about.

I probably didn't stack it very well yesterday.

I were in a bit of a rush.

Can you open that door, please?

What do you want to do that for?

I told you. It's only a few tools and that.


We'd like to see inside.

You need a warrant.

Under section 17 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act of 1984, I'm authorised...

What does that mean?

It means you either open that or we arrest you and break it down anyway.

Oh, my God!

You coming or what?


You didn't tell me Shane Mercy was involved.

I didn't know he was.

Yeah, we're looking at GBH - murder if this Kieran guy doesn't come around.

He's got a head injury.

Plus, we've got unlawful imprisonment, even slavery.

There could be more of them we haven't found yet.


Good clean result, just the job.

Thank you.

Shall we?

Wait, I thought I was in charge of this case?

So you are, absolutely.

I'm no helicopter boss, Joy, you know that.

It's just I've been wanting to put Mercy in my sticker book of bastards for years.

First time I met him was on the beat.

I had to mop up what was left of his teenage girlfriend after he'd kicked her round the park till she miscarried.

I just want to watch.

His name's Ajamu.

He came round a couple of months back looking for work.

Obviously not the full ticket.

He'd get lost trying to find his own arsehole, that lad, you know what I mean?

But he were homeless, I couldn't just turn him away, could I?

So you stumbled across a vulnerable adult merely by chance and generously took him in?

Bed and board in return for a few chores, you know?

Clean the yard.

Why did you lock him in that container?

A joke.

That's hilarious.

And as for Kieran Riley, I've never heard of him.

Ajamu, why did Mercy lock you in that container?

Oh, it was just for a joke, you know? We're always having a laugh.

Does he pay you for the work you do?

No, but I don't need it.

Shane looks out for me.

A roof over my head, it's dry, plenty to eat and the yard is safe.

He treats you like a dog... a dog... and you're saying thank you.

He looks after me.

Do you know this man - Kieran Riley?

He's also been living rough.

No, no, I don't. I've not seen him.

You sure?

Yeah. Yeah, definitely.

I mean, I'd say if I had, wouldn't I?

Look at it.

I've not seen him before.

Look at it!

He's in a coma, brain damage.

Even if he wakes up, he's going to struggle to remember his own name.




Right, shall we take a break?


Do you want a brew?

Yeah, yeah, great.

Tea or coffee?

What are you making?

Whatever you want.

Right, yeah. What are you having?

He'll have tea.

Will do.

I'm conducting a murder enquiry.

One of the people we're looking at was a patient here.

Bloody great, that's bloody all I need.

This is exactly what they want.


Shrinkage, surplus fat.

Tell you what, let's not bother at all.

Let's give them some luncheon vouchers and let them wander the bloody streets.

It's a historical case from about 15 years ago.

Oh, right, right, OK. Go, go.

Patrick Llewellyn, referred here in 1999.

Llewellyn... Patrick.


I'd like to see his medical records.

You know I can't show you those.

He's prime suspect in the downs killer case.

The press are all over it, as you can imagine, but...

You know what, don't worry about it.

They're unlikely to learn that you did your best to obstruct the investigation.

Very unlikely.

I can't tell you anything.

Um... How long was he here?





Was he...? Did he seem...?

Was there any indication he might pose a danger to others?



A bit?

To some others?


To you?

One woman?

One person?


He was a danger to...

He tried to harm himself?

Well, what about unlawful imprisonment?

It was consensual.

You heard him.

Mercy's done us.

He's shafted us through every orifice available, made some new ones and had a second go.

What about forensics in the yard?

Kieran definitely wasn't beaten where we found him - not enough blood on the scene.

We didn't find any traces in Mercy's yards either.

He probably got Ajamu to clean it up.

We did find Kieran's prints in Mercy's office.

Making Mercy's story that he tried to rob the place seems almost plausible.

Ajamu's our key witness here. He must have at least heard something.

Big frumley-dimwit is only going to say what he's told to.

He needs social services.

He won't have them, will he?

"Shane looks after me."

Shane's his problem. If we could just get him to talk...

If we push him now, Shane's toy solicitor is only going to scream undue pressure.

Let's wait and see. And if Kieran wakes up, there's your witness.

What if he doesn't? What if he doesn't?

What if Mercy moves Ajamu on?

We wait and see.

That you back then?


Llewellyn tried to kill himself.

Ever heard of a dominating sociopath of this type trying to kill themselves?

Not a lot, but Peep's a psychopedia.

I'm sure she's got dozens of cases that she'd be thrilled to share with you.

No matter how hard you scrub, there's always a residue.

So you're just going to go and have a quick word with this bloke, yeah?


Does Joy know about this?

Why? Are you missing her?


I'll give you a shout, yeah?

This is the type of favour which ends with me and you painted seven kinds of sh1t.

What the f*ck is he doing?

Is that you doing your chores then?

What are you doing here?

How did you get in? You can't come in here.

Mate, you can't live like this.

Let me help you. I can take you...

I can live how I want.

I like it here.

And anyway, I wanted him to lock me in.


Because then I'm safe.

You really think you're safe? In here?

Yeah, I do.

You think you're safe from Shane Mercy?

Shane's done nothing.

Not to you. What about Kieran? Was he safe in here?

That was different though.

How is that?

How was it different for Kieran?

You and Stuart, why don't you get a room? The pair of you.

Kill or shag, either way, you walk out happier.

Shut up.

Where is he?

We thought you knew?

He's gone in there.

Is he talking to the Mercy?

No, we're looking out in case he comes back.


You know Kieran.

You're making me feel very...

Is that because he was staying here as well?

(Phone ringing)

Is he like you? Tell me...

You call him. Tell him he's a knob.

Oh, my God.

Was he exactly like you? Kept caged in here?

(Phone ringing)


You've got to go. You can't stay here. Come on.


Come on.

Ajamu, come with me.

Come with me now!

No, no, I'm staying. Go.


Thanks for picking me up.


When you looked at Llewellyn's PNC file, you picked out the information you needed to know at that particular moment for that particular interview.

You didn't know that tattoo was important, none of us did.

Did you stop for a reason?

You wound yourself up so tight about it all, you're prepared to blow another case cos you're so puffed up.


We didn't know it was important, I didn't make the link.

I let Llewellyn walk out so he could kill Theresa. Me.

You know, it doesn't make me feel any better saying it out loud.

Ajamu does know Kieran.

And the way he put me over that wall, he's done it before.

Joy, could you...?

What are you up to?

Both: Nothing, ma'am.

We were just following a lead on that assault.

Oh, yeah, what's that then?

We've... We've got reason to believe that Ajamu knew Kieran.

Kieran was just one of the Mercy's pets.

I mean, he might have a whole load of...

No, no, no, don't move, I'm coming, I'm coming right now.


What is it?

It's Cathy. She's upset, she ran out of the house.

Cathy! What are you doing?

All that time you were looking for him, I wanted to help but I couldn't because... I couldn't remember and I'm stupid, and...

No, it's not stupid, no. That's not...

If I came back, I would have remembered the whole thing, but...

Why don't we go and see Dr Peep tomorrow?

This isn't for me, it's not about me.

He's dead, Cathy. It's finished.

No, it's not.



It sounds like the place.

What else do you remember?

He brought me this way.


In here.

I could smell him.

All over me.

Inside me.

I can't do them. I can't do that.

What am I going to do?

The Cat was talking to another man on the phone... the one that did stuff. Dinah, there were two of them.

I wasn't raped by the Cat-man, it was the other man.

This had better be good, cos me and my loving husband were about to get all hot and tropical over...

Oh, hello, love.

Sorry, Viv, it can't wait.

Kettle's on.

I'm sorry, Laurie.

Tell her what you remember.

He talked to someone on the phone.

Who did?

The black cap man.

While I was in the room, put him in a right state.

Told him the cops were on the way, the other man did.

The other man?

The one that raped me.

This other man, did you see him?

Not properly.

I could smell him, I could feel him but... I never saw his face.


Hello, it's Marion Heppelthwaite here.

You said you were going to give me a quote about the landscaping.

Anyway, I've got to go and pick up the kids so...

Yeah, right, I'm just on my way. I'll be right round.

That... that's great.

Thank you, thank... thank you so much. Bye.

(Engine purrs)


I used to have a rabbit called that.

Are you all right, mate?

You weren't locked in that stinking box on your own every night.

Kieran was in there with you.

But I never said...

Did he feel safe there or did he feel scared?

He wanted to get out, but...

He was right to be scared, cos someone beat him into a bloody paste.


Who did that, Ajamu? Who did that to your friend, Ajamu?


Who did that? Ajamu, there's no point in running!

Where's he going?

Come here!

I tried to help him.

Yeah, but why not try helping him now, eh? By telling us what Mercy did.

He didn't do anything.

Kieran's got no-one.

This is wrong.

Who's going to look after him?

Shane promised he'd be OK.

Cos after this, he'll need a lot of looking after, believe me.

Ajamu, Ajamu...

It wasn't Mercy, was it?


No, it was me.

I did it, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I kicked him.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

(He sobs)

You're all right, you're all right.

All right. Don't worry.

You're all right.

(He sobs)

You're all right.

(Piano plays)

You start in here.

(Piano plays wrong note)

Christ alive!

Nobody should get to play an instrument unless they CAN play an instrument.

I got the notebook from up there.


Well, I used that chair to get up there.

I didn't put it back.

Neither did I.

Spike could have. Joy, Miller...?

Miller sealed the place right after we left, yeah?

He's a randy old sod but he knows his business.

(Piano plays)



Two different kinds of tape.

Maybe Miller ran out, got a new roll.

He's been here. The other man, he's been back here since we left.

Why would he? Why risk it?

Clean the place or pick something up - something that might ID him?

We want you to help us, Ajamu, but you do understand that you could go to jail.

Yeah, you said.

Told me.

How is he?


When Shane brought Kieran back, was he angry?

Raging, I never seen him like that before. You know, it was...

It was frightening, you know.

He got Kieran like this by the throat and then he threw him down, and he didn't hurt him, not so much.

A bit, yeah, but it was me that kicked him.

I did it, and I knew I'd hurt him badly.

But I just thought that if... if he was out, then he could go to the hospital or something, you know, get help.

So I helped him over the wall but I didn't want to kick him.

I know you didn't.

So why did you?

He said I had to.

He said I had to or he'd throw me out, and I can't... I can't go back out there.

The people move so fast, it's scary, I can't go back out there.

Just take a moment, OK?

Do you want to stop?


No, I don't.

Who said that you had to kick Kieran, Ajamu?

Who told you to do that?

It was Shane.


(Children yell)

(Phone rings)

She's not picking up.

Mercy's got to know we brought Ajamu in, what if he runs?

(He sighs)

Let's take him - now.

But what about Viv?

Well, it's your case.

Go on.

You're positive no-one's been in that building apart from the residents?

No, absolutely.

They're all right, really. They're nice.

Not the ones who'll tell you to f*ck off, but even then, they don't mean nothing by it.

No-one else at all? Are you sure?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, absolutely.

Look, it was only a Crunchie, and I wasn't gone more than two minutes.

Anyway, it's all right, cos it was just one of them jelly baby blokes, you know, the ones with the...

What do you call it? The funny boiler suits.

CSI bloke.

Did you see his face?

No, he had his mask on.

(Knock at door)

Ah, is this about them...?

Pissing in your pots, yeah, I was wondering if you'd had any further incidents?

If you were looking out, you might have...

This is what I'm talking about. Local neighbourhoods working in partnership with the police, transforming civil society.

Stopping people pissing in pots, yeah.

Exactly. Wait here.

Minor crime creates the environment in which major crime flourishes.

Police and citizen, cooperating to attack it at root.

The little sh1ts around here - bloody book them, will you?

'Take him now?'

No, hang back, wait till he's out the pick-up.

Where the hell...?

What's she doing?

Christ, you never give up mourning, you, do you, eh?

Well, what do you expect?

Bloody mourning, well, I tell you what...

He's going to thump her.

Go, go, go!

(Man yells)

(Siren wails)

Oi, stop!




Oh, get off me, you b*st*rd!

Nice tackle, mate.

Get off me!

(He grunts)

What's he said, that little spaz?

Christ, I was only trying to help the fucker.

Great, I'm glad you said it. I'm arresting you on suspicion of conspiracy to commit GBH. You don't have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you don't mention something you later rely on in court.

Bastards! No f*cking way!

Get in the car!

I'm not having this! I'll have the lot of yous!

The duty solicitor will be here shortly, OK?

How's Kieran?

Well, he's...

He's awake.

Could be worse, you know?

Jail, I mean, at least it's not the streets, you know?

At least it's not out there.

You want a tea or a coffee?

What are you having?

I'm going to have the tea.

(Door slams)

Ladies and gentlemen, quiet please, while I give you the heroes of the hour, PC Taz Ahmed... (Cheering) .. and, and of course, the man who bravely disabled the suspect by throwing his face in front of his fist, PC Stuart O'Connell.


(They sing) Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky) by Bill Conti



Woman: Well done.

Any officer could get hold of one of those suits.

Nobody knew where Cathy was.

Except the people we told... except the men who were supposed to be guarding her.

Patrick was getting information only someone close to us could have known.

'Eh? You want to know where I was?'

Just ask.

Checking up on me, Viv?

It's business as usual.

The gunman shot a jogger, ma'am.



Get up!



Children: Jump, jump, jump, jump!

She'd never do this.

Did you know? Come on, you must have known.