01x08 - Episode 8

The suspect's name is Patrick Llewellyn.

He's dead, Cathy. It's finished.

No, it's not.

I demand to know what you're hiding from me on the Downs case.


Patrick told you he was holding out for somebody straight?

What was his name?

Sean Lang, Viv, he faked his f*cking death.

We couldn't have asked for a better son.

And he was a perfect brother to his sister.

Did he not mention her?

Excuse me, darling.

♪ Whoa-oh-oh-oh ♪
♪ You could be ♪
♪ For me... ♪

Not bad for a bunch of manky old farts. You coming home, yeah?

Yeah, yeah.

(She laughs)

Thank Christ I missed that dick in the warm-up.

He sounds like somebody roofied Kate Bush.

You should come with us, you know. Best roadie we never had.

Tomorrow we march on Belgium.

If you need anything while you're on tour, do not text me wish lists when you're pissed because I'm posting nothing.

"Can you just send me...?" No.

Post Office means two hours listening to that dreary old bitch whingeing on about crime rates.

She once made a play for my dad in front of my mum.

(They laugh)

You're blocking traffic.

Dinah's trying to get through.

Just behind us.

Viv, the traffic....

Two secs.

I know.

He thinks we're talking about work, so make an effort.

Give us that catalogue.

What about Sean Lang's employment record?

There's nothing in it.

Because you destroyed it?

I burned it.

I burned everything.

I don't care who he is to you, Viv, you are not going to let him f*cking walk.

Shut your fat, loudmouth face for two seconds and listen. Listen!


You told us to stop, so it's going to happen here, right now in this street - one of us or both of us are taking him in.

No-one is taking him in, Dinah.

(She vomits)

I'm doing him in.

Everything all right?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

They made an arrest with an out of date warrant.

He's suing for trespass. Unbelievable.

I had the phone off at the gig.


I'll get a big McLaren no-no, but sod him, eh?

They think it might be thrush.

Fine, don't pick up.

Whatever you think you're going to do, you know we have to talk.

Hi, love.

Who was that?

Oh, a message for Viv.

What for?

Oh, the reason I didn't stick around at the gig.

I'm sorry, I know I said I'd...

Do you want me to tell you who I think it is?


This is a cast iron promise.

The people who did that to you won't be able to touch you any more.

Believe that.

(Phone ringing)


'Viv, it's Dan. We've got a problem. One of your officers has just been brought in in a state of distress - Jonah Mitchell.'

Jonah? But he's not on shift.

He turned up at my flat at 3:30.

I couldn't even tell what he was saying.

Get some kip.

I'll give you two hours' grace on the next shift.


It was horrible.

I've seen dead bodies before but... A baby?

If I'd had sat nav I might have gone a different way but it wasn't my car and it didn't, and once you make the choice you've just got to stick...


First date.

Me and Ruth.

Met her after the gig.

Nurse? Irish?

Well played.

I'm out of practice.

So? You and Ruth? Well-set?

She gets a call from a friend of hers, Michael Docherty's housekeeper.

In a right state.

The wife's gone into labour unexpectedly and he wasn't there and the ambulance wasn't coming, so we went over.

I was heading to A&E, but Ruth says, "No, the mother's not going to make it, go straight to paediatric emergency."

I tried to call control for assistance.

I knew where I was going, I thought we had enough time.

Oh, God...

f*cking hell.

(He sobs quietly)

(Knock on the door)

Michael Docherty's here.

With a... I was going to say legal team, but they look a bit Hogwarts.

Meet me in half an hour? Where were you?

Not now, I'm looking out for someone else's life.

One hour.

One hour and I bring him in myself.

Following the events of the night of the 22nd of September this year that led to the deaths of my wife, Marilyn Rhys Docherty, and my son, Bren...

Brendan Doherty, and after consultation with medical legal specialists, I'm seeking the arrest for manslaughter of PC Jonah Mitchell and Ruth Cheetham.

Whoa, I'm so sorry. Ma'am, sorry about that. Sorry.

I'm so sorry, Mr Docherty.

That's PC Thompson. 24796, if you want to add her to your list.

Excuse me. Sorry.

You don't even look embarrassed.

Was this scripted?

Corner him without the lawyers?

Bad call, because I know more about the law than those two turkeys ever will.

Yet you bung them 500 sods an hour to get you in this kind of state, how is that respectful?

This isn't my decision to be talked out of, Inspector.

They caused the deaths of the two most valuable things that I've ever owned.

I want them nailed to a cross.

Even though they did their human best, as citizens?

Well, whilst you're banging in the nails, Michael, your wife and son are lying in boxes in a mouldy redbrick in Moston wearing barcodes.

I'm going to slaughter the fucker.


I know people.

We all know people and we know them for a reason, Viv.

Do you know people? I know people.

He didn't just do this to you.

I want Cathy to see him in court, look him in the eye and know in her bones that she wins, that she is better than him.

If he gets to court, he's got an audience. He'll love it.

Love seeing what he's done to her.

What he's done to all of us.

I'm not going to give him that satisfaction.

Best fella I've found in years was only sharing my bed for this reason.

I can't believe Laurie planned this for you.

Six weeks touring, then it's acid bath or pig food.

Six weeks?

You want him sending postcards of his latest victims?!

I know what I'm doing, I just need to square the corners.

Got Dad on my side.

It's not your dad, Viv, it's a pony.

If you're not caught now, it'll be when you've forgotten all the lies you've had to tell and you drop one wrong word, one word, and we're in the sh1t.


Whatever you do, the least I owe you is to clean up after.

And the most.


But you need to decide and it's got to be now, not six weeks' time.


Cathy needs to go with you.


Is that you?

What are you doing home?

Think I trust you to pack your own bag for a six-week stag do?

Won't be like that.

You'll be smashed out your skulls before the ferry's out the docks. The lot of you.

Did you really come home for me?

Why else?

What's wrong with these?

You can't take just jeans.

They're a bugger to dry.

Driving long distances in damp denim's an invitation to fungal infection.

You OK?

You're not quite yourself.

Don't take me wrong, Laurie, but for all the gigs, albums, tours that never happened...

I can't tell you how chuffed I am for you all, but... six weeks feels like...

I am coming back, you know?

Home is where the heart is and God knows you're home to me.


What time are you meeting the band?

Picking me up about six.

There is something, though, isn't there?

Mm? What is it?

Have you got a surprise for me?


No. But I wish I'd thought of it.

Send you off with a little something.

I've got new toothbrushes. Take one of those.

You all right in there?


Yeah, I'm... I'm... Nearly there.

Is this about Sean Lang?

Where have you been?

I were chasing a lead on that betting shop fraud.

Can't see it going anywhere.

No, no, I'm not surprised.

The Llewellyn case.

Why did Viv get Connie to dredge up a dead employment record?

And who's Sean Lang?

What employment record?

Dinah, I'll take one lie, but looking at me straight in the eye while you try to slip another one past me, that's taking the piss.

I'd tell you if I could. You know I would.

Joy, there are some things I just can't...

The case is still alive, isn't it?


Yeah, just a second. Isn't it?

That's OK. Find out for myself.

Docherty's pointing a gun at Jonah's head. I'm going to go and see Ruth.

We need to get that whole story.

Yeah, I'll come with.


(Phone rings)

Who have you told, Viv?

I've told no-one.

I'd love to believe you.

You don't know how badly...

I'd love to believe you.

I destroyed evidence for you.

Did you?

Yes, I did.

Patrick Llewellyn's arrest sheet, 1999.

Video footage of you going back to Llewellyn's flat... in fancy dress.

Sean Lang's employment record.

All the things that link you to Llewellyn.

All of it.

Because I have a plan.

Call Viv.

Phone: I don't see Victor in your contacts.

Call f*cking Viv!

(Phone dials)

'This is Viv. Leave a message.'


DC Kowalska checking in about that thing, because we're...

We're all wondering where we go from here and you haven't got back to us.

So we don't know what to do, you know?

You do the tour, six weeks drinking and gigging.

And you f*ck someone.

Doesn't matter who, but you f*ck her.

And you make sure you are seen.

And then you come home, dragging your sad cock behind you in shame.

And then?

Bag's on the front step.

You walk.

And I never see or hear of you again.

But if I'm going to sweep up after you, I need to know exactly what you did.

You know all there is, Viv.

I know you held your sister's head underwater till she drowned.

I met your mum and dad.

Lovely people.

Who loved you very much...


She took so much, Viv.

She was choking us.

Suffocating the whole family.

My parents, they signed papers, agreed to treat me as their own, but they didn't.

It was 70-30 her.

And she took and she took.

When she died...

When you murdered your sister.

What happened to the other girls?

Lucy Cooke?


Jocelyn Wade?


Theresa Adamson?

Yes, God help me.

What about Cathy Calvert?

She's still alive.

She still got raped.

Not by me.

Viv, look, terrible things happened, never in my life...

Are you saying Llewellyn did it or did he make you do it?

Flaky, bent queens tend to stick to their own.

You can't not be wondering how we ended up together? Why?

I... I don't want to hear why you actually needed me.

That first Friday we met.

You melted me like nobody ever had, could or never before.

I love you, Viv.

I love you.

The rest of it just happened.


You told no-one, right?

You lying bitch.


You know what's going to happen now, Inspector.


I only have to say it once in court, soft, like we were in it together, we did it for love.

And I will. I'll f*cking Rose West ya.

And there won't be a soul doubting it once I've finished.

"She destroyed evidence for him." Which you have.

(He chuckles)



(Viv winces in pain)

(They shout)


sh1t! sh1t!

You can unpick that sh1t, an' all.

If he comes round and twats the pair of us, we won't know which story anyone's telling. One, two, three, lift.

Go at his feet.

(He groans)

(They pant)

What...? What exactly are we doing here?

To the amp. The speaker thing.

Pull down his sleeves. It might have escaped your notice, but cuffs do tend to leave a distinctive mark.

(He screams)

It's f*cked, Viv.


So what?

So I was hoping you might have some idea.

(Phone rings)

DI Deering.

'Vivienne, this is Michael Docherty.'


Michael Docherty. Can I...?

'Read your e-mail. They were on coke. They were on f*cking coke.'


I mean, even if it doesn't reach court, you can't have a dead baby on your record, can you?

Makes you look like you...

Everything will be...

What's he playing at?

She can't blame herself.

Tell her, it's no-one's fault.

Jonah, you can't be here.

Oh, he was only being nice.

You're witnesses.

Just grab a chat, OK?

Off the record.

Yeah, sorry.

Jonah, it's going to be fine.

We just want to hear what happened from your point of view.

(Door opens)

I'm sorry, this comes from Maclaren.

Ruth Joanne Cheetham, I'm arresting you on suspicion of the manslaughter of Brendan and Marilyn Reece Docherty.

You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say may be given in evidence.

You'll need a coat. It's wet out.

You... Y-You can't go in.

How can I not?

What would I normally do... on what has to appear to be the most exceptionally normal of days?

No communication. Unless you have to.

What...? What...? What if he comes round?

What if...?

Don't take your eyes off him.

(He groans)


I want their salaries, their pensions, their houses, their reputations...

Michael. I know...

No, Vivienne, she was a professional nurse on coke.

He was a professional copper trying to cover things up.

That's taxpayers' money. They deserve to know what we're paying for.

Your company's registered in Guernsey.

They're f*cking dead!

Oh, no.

That was nobody's fault.

I said something terrible to my wife earlier.

I threatened to implicate her.

She's done nothing wrong.

Look, I know there's been more violence than God, but...

Oh, I am not interested in what God thinks of you.

I want you to know what you've done.

This is from Viv, just after you two first met.

Half three in the morning.

"I don't know how I'm going to say this, but the bloke I met tonight wasn't a blind date. I lied. It was our third, but I can't always trust your mouth, so I left it till now. Laurie, he's called. I've looked under every stone and there's no side to him. I love him. Can I say that at my age? But I do. Delete this text cos I'm probably pissed."

Ma'am. Ma'am, Darren wants a quiet word.

Asking you to pass it on defeats the object.

If you knew she'd taken coke why would you go anywhere near a medical emergency?

I didn't know.

Not till after.

To be honest, it's never an assumption with chubby chicks, is it?

And she told me she'd taken it hours before, though. Hours.

But they didn't test her, I asked them not to.


Carrisford and some kid with a rod up his arse.

But I'll tell you now, on oath, she was totally straight when it mattered.

Docherty must have heard different from one of them.

Christ, Jonah.

Coke isn't why they died, it was f*cking roadworks.

One thing I do need to know.

What happened to Cathy Calvert?

What do you think I did to her, huh?

I'm not a total c**t.

I roofied her to painkilling level before splitting her in two like the others.

Shame she was a full shilling.

But I could tell from the body language that she was pregnant, which was good enough to give me the hard-on I needed to toast her both sides.

Dribble what you like out that stinking gob, you rotting sack of shite.

The fact is, you're...




Dinah, open your eyes.

Come on, Dinah, open your eyes. Come on.

Oi! Come on, you're OK.

Cathy, Cathy.



If your baby's not the full picnic, call it Laurie.

Shut your mouth or I'll...

Do it, darling.

For the pair of us.

That's it.

Shut your mouth.

It was one line.

You shouldn't be taking it at all.

It's not something I even do. My sister hates me.

She only talked me into it because she knows it gives me headaches and makes me bite my own teeth.

What happened on the night of the deaths?

Nieve called.

She's the housekeeper to Michael Docherty.

On my life, I did everything in my professional capacity to help his wife, then his child.

The medical advisory statements concur that Ruth did nothing clinically wrong.

Right or wrong, Michael Docherty's going to make someone pay.

Oh, Jesus Saint Mary.

I say "someone" advisedly.

No, Ma'am, no. We both did what we thought was right.

Jonah, this is not the time to be...

No, if Ruth were Tegan or Taz or Stuart, would you do the same?

It's neither of us or both of us.

It has to be.

(Phone vibrates)

Come on!

(Doorbell rings)


(Horn honks)

Hi, guys.

All right.

You all right?

Yeah, fine, yeah. Great.

It's Joy, isn't it?

Are you here for Laurie?

Yeah, ready to roll.

Why? Is he not...

No. No answer.

You've not seen Viv or Dinah, have you?

Hey, and I know what you're smoking, by the way.

Right, through there.

DS Freers requesting urgent backup to 29 Keveral Lane.




Dinah, you sure? You're hurt enough.

It's got to look convincing.


(Engine revs)

Are you OK? Are you all right, yeah?

(Dog barks)

Quick, get in.



You all right?

You OK?

Yeah, yeah, I'm OK.

If you've brought me two letters of resignation, I make a very good espresso.

If not...

PC Mitchell was clean.

He deferred to Ms Cheetham when it came to deciding where to take your wife and child for treatment so, if one is less guilty...

Oh, he's circling the wagons?

Is this where you tell me about the three kids, their lives ruined when their dad loses a job he wasn't competent to do?


Five kids, actually.

I'm sitting here in a 70-foot kitchen on my own, actually.

Michael, you above all people must understand what a family means.

Ruth, she's smart. No responsibility.

She'll walk into another life but PC Mitchell...

Jonah, he doesn't know anything else.

They were on their first date. He knew nothing about the coke.

And he tried his best to help you all.

The nurse.

All right, Michael. If that's what you want.

If that's what you think we're worth.

Your wife and child for a 29-grand-a-year nurse.

Because, frankly, between us, it seems cheap to me.

Keep in touch, Michael.

And there's the other foot.

That's the heartbeat.

You can see its face! You can see it!

Come here!

The scans, we're fine.

She's fine!



Mum, you OK?

Just an accident, darling.

Bloody car park.

Had to nut a liver specialist just to get a space.

You, too?

Magda: Dinah, what happened?

We went into a wall in Tabley.

Coming from where?

St Marys.

Cathy got cramps. We took her in but it was just cramps, wasn't it?

Thanks for bringing them in.

Bloody hell, Dinah. You going to give me a tip, as well?

Bloody hell. You're a mess, woman.

I'm sorry.


There's nothing to be sorry for.

(Phone rings)


Wait, ma'am, they're going to call you.

Don't pick up. Don't go home.

Trust me.

We won't to sleep until we nail him, ma'am. I promise you that.

Viv, I'm so...

Christ, what happened to you? You all right?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Tell you later.

Ma'am, can I just say this is horrible business.

This is officially f*cking horrible business.

Viv, you can't go in there.

Darren, back off.


(Viv sobs)




Second one down.

You'll never guess where I found this.


You've got my heart.

I've got your back.

Are we good?