02x02 - Season 2, Episode 2

They meant it to go off in the coffin during the funeral.

What have they done to him?

Viv, in all honesty, this cannot be the first week back that you visualised.

How do you think she's coping?

Very well.

It's in all of our interests to cooperate. Dad would want that.

I know my son was murdered. Why aren't you thinking like me?

We'll make a deal.


It was a gas main.



Please Lads!

Big smile, chief.

Ma'am, don't shoot the messenger, but Lickberg wants to see you in her office.

Tell them to get out my house.

If she doesn't let me put this down to bed, were going to be partying like it's the Salford riots all over again.

Anyone watching this is expecting us to put it out.

Dinah, where are you, Syria?

Worse, custody suite.

Kennedy thugs, Attah goons, looters, mayhem.

Yeah, so get back up here.

I need you on the databases.

Earl Kennedy's deader than Westlife.

You need me on the street, Viv. You'll thank me for it.

Thank Christ I didn't promote her.

You done?


Good. Can I be your new partner?

You been sacked, or demoted?

Both, potentially.

That a problem?

Not in the least.

Let's go.

Are you OK? Does anything hurt?

Echo 24796.

No visual on the Kennedy mob, ma'am.

More Kennedy retaliations, ma'am.


Molotovs thrown at Nora's bookies, taxi firms, hairdressers...

Get the map up.

I want sentries outside every one of Nora's shop fronts, bars, salons.

I don't give two sh1ts about Nora's property, just the punters.

Hang on, ma'am. That's another attack.

That's the other side of town.

What they using, drones?

Control to Echo 24796, come in.

Arson attack at Mamakusa's takeaway.

Can you get there?

Sarge, that's north.

Customers say they saw the Kennedy mob heading south, towards the Chalbote estate.

Echo Charlie 1 to Echo 24796, message received.

Heading to the Chalbote estate, over.

Jonah, pull a U-ie. It's been awhile.

Did I get that right?

Spot on.

I'll even let you flick the siren, if you can remember where it is.

Go on!


Gavin, if you're going to tell me again that Lickberg needs to see me, I'll...

Drop everything and race to her office?

No need to knock, Christine. We're just holding a little impromptu laundry party.

I was woken by sirens.

I looked Nora deep in the eye.

I thought we'd made a deal. I thought wrong.

The city's fire.

And we're mopping it up.

Because you thought wrong.

Inspector, this is a complete...


Hold that thought, ma'am.

Who's this, your dad?

I'm your fast-track ticket.

You all right?

You should have seen his face!

You OK?

What do you think?

All you did was get an old man a drink, yeah?

Back in your saddle.

Keith, this one's VIP. No doubling up, needs his own cell.

Mr Garvey, have you got a parent or guardian you wish to appoint as your appropriate adult?

Not really.

Spike, you need to find him one.

I'll be having that back.

When you come down from whatever it is you're on, you're going to realise you just killed an old man.

You'll realise you are one.

Let's go.

You hear that, lads?


Got him.

OK, we've got a white van, plate number Whiskey 464 Echo Oscar Kilo, and some large fucker in a ski mask is handing out Molotovs like packed lunches.

Yeah, and lobbing them. Shift!

Echo 23969, DC Kowalska, come in.

Jonah, shift it! We need that van.

Echo 23969 to control.

We're on the van, heading east, in pursuit.

Hot pursuit.

The van's stopped.

You're a f*cking Egyptian now, aren't you? You piece of shite?

Techno bullshit.

You're under arrest for aggravat - ...

Get off!

Lost him. He's slagging off his phone, reading a map, heading west.

♪ Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya... ♪

Keith, got a live wire for you here. Name's Charlie Fegan.

Says she's 18. Caught her looting a pet shop opposite Nora's hair salon.

♪ Someone's lying, Lord, kumbaya... ♪

What am I meant to do with that? Bag it up?

It is a he.

Males' eyes are black, girls' are brown.

Are you on any medication? Illnesses?

Epileptic, schizophrenic, Catholic.

She needs rousing checks every 15 minutes and a doctor, cell number six.

f*cking scalped!

Here you go, big fella. Almost bedtime.

Well, another top Kennedy enforcer.

Shut it. I know where you live.

And I know where you live, cell number four.

You touch that phone, I'll make you scream for your mother, I swear to God.

No thumbprint, no pass code.

Whoa, f*ck me, Keith! Got to get this upstairs.

We've got to book it in. Stuart!


Ma'am, Kim Garvey's coked off his tits.

There's no sense in talking to him till he's slept it off.

I want the boy's life story on my desk by morning.

Call Sergeant Murray, he should have his history.

Will do.

Is every pin on that meant to be one of Nora's businesses?


She should be on Dragons' Den. Who knew?

Word in your ear, Viv.

Rome's burning, Miller. Two secs.

And I'm here to give you who lit the match, but it can wait.

Of course it can, I'll grab a kip. Page me.


The landline call that detonated a bomb at the crematorium yesterday, remember that?


Someone made it from a payphone at 11:01am, in Jono's Irish pub, which is where Jacky Kennedy was when the bomb went off, which ought to be enough to piss on the Kennedys' chips, what's left of them.

PC O'Connell, pull in Jacky Kennedy for conspiracy to blow me 'ead off.

You sure about that, ma'am? I was guarding his old man.

Tell him we were understaffed and if his wife gets gobby, call her in, too.


The more the merrier.

Ma'am, we got something.

Yeah, what?

Mad Matt's phone.

It's not drones, ma'am, the Kennedys are using encrypted messages to plan these attacks.

But this one's unlocked, look.

The van's supposed to be dropping off Molotovs at rendezvous points all over town to confuse us but look at the messages -- the van's never where it's supposed to be. Yes, this one.

"The Feds are right up my arse. Where the f*ck are the Molotovs?"

The rest is just a bunch of pissed off emojis.

So, what? Driver's gone rogue? Broken down?

Didn't Dinah say that he had a map, a paper map?

If this whole attack has been orchestrated on encrypted messages, map pins, pings, then who the hell under 60 still uses a map?

Present company excepted, ma'am.

This guy can't use a smartphone.

Joy, anything on that plate number?

No, the plates were cloned, Dinah. just give me a minute.

I'm just trying to find someone who missed out on the digital revolution.

Ah, bingo.

Dinah, his name's Calvin Kilmartin, went down for arson and murder in 1996.

Known associate Jacky Kennedy and was released two weeks ago.

I've got a visual. He's outside a shop on Ashdown Road.



Help us!

Help! Help!

Help us!


I've got a family trapped on the second floor, need a fire crew here right now.

sh1t. Nearest fire crew's five minutes away.

Do not go near that building. Wait for the fire crew.

And do what, a rain dance?

Dinah, please.

We need help.

Don't beg me, Viv. Rescue me.

I'm going in.

OK, Dinah, just keep talking to us.

Approaching the first floor landing.


Voices upstairs, going up.

Police, open up.

He can't breathe, I can't get him to come down.

Anyone else in this building?

I don't know. Kerry, come on.

Come away from the window.

Kerry, Kerry, we don't have time to argue.

We stay here, we die, OK? We have to go back down.

I don't want to go.

Pass her to me.

Keep moving, Hayley.

Stay down, slowly.

Hayley, Hayley.

Dinah, talk to me.


Talk to me.

Come on, come on!

Hold on there. Hold on.

Shh! Shh!

We can't breathe.

There's more people on the first floor.

Keep going, keep going, you'll make it, go.

Dinah, no. The fire crew's coming.

This is not your fight.

There's a padlocked door on the first floor with people inside.

I need a battering ram.

It's the police, where's the key?

Can't breathe!

OK, jump out the window, you'll make it.

Say it again?

Viv, where are the sirens?

30 seconds away, Ma'am.

Oh, sh1t!

Ma'am, there's about 20 blocking the road.

We can't get through, not without mowing them down.

Ma'am, what do you want us to do?


Joy, get Mad Matt's phone.

Text, "f*ck the Feds.

"More Molotovs from the white van in Platoon Place.

"Missile up.

"Smiley face, wink, exclamation mark."


Tegan, Taz, you are all I've got for shock and awe.

They're more scared of you than you of them.

Here goes.

Come on, then!

Platoon Place.


Let's go.

Get on with it!


Dinah, listen to me. There is nothing you can do.

You need to get out.

And that is not an order, that's a commandment.


Dinah! Talk to me!

My God!

They were right above the fire, so smoke chugged up so fast that...

Oh, f*ck off, Miller.

Erm, would have been quick.


Dinah, sweetheart, there's nothing you could have done.

That padlock were made of granite and you should still be in hospital.

How old were they?

Well, there was nothing on them, so we're going to have to wait for forensics, but according to the undertakers, from their faces, not one of them had ever blown out more than 15 candles on a cake.


This day is just beginning.

Now, I appreciate you showing up, but...

I need you with a clear head.

Can you go home, hug your kid?

For me, yeah?

Ma'am, if the vape shop downstairs was Nora's, then what the hell was this?

Have you ever seen a crime scene with so few onlookers outside?

Nora's got this postcode on schtum.

Start knocking on doors, Joy.

DC Tanner?


Euan Murray, child protection unit.

How's that going?

Oh, don't ask.

Lickberg wooed me, well, groomed me, actually, promised me I was going to head up a multi-agency hub.

I think she meant the disabled toilet opposite the box room she parked me in.

Well, say that to her face.

I would if she ever showed it.

Here, Kim Garvey's file.

Taken into custody before he could walk, five foster families, 15 care homes.

All that, and he went from zero Twitter followers to 15,000 in one night.

DC Tanner interviewing Kim Garvey with DS Murray and social worker Joan Watson in attendance.

Despite attempts to convince Kim Garvey to have legal representation, Kim has refused all available consultation.

Have you ever heard of the Attahs?


Are they any good?

Manny Attah?

Nora Attah?


Kim, you and I both know that somebody told you to do this, and I promise you...

.. they're laughing.

That's assault too, now, yeah?

You'd better just f*cking charge me, mate, otherwise I'm going to shiv you up just like I did that fat Irish f*ck, so you'd best just bang me up.

f*cking bang me up!

Thought you'd be sick of us by now, Detective.

Mum, we've got a guest.

Know why I'm here?

The fried yams.

Five burned kids in a padlocked cell right above your vape shop.

My vape shop?

Slaves, and you're going to tell me who they were right now.

Manny, ask the boys to make me and my visitor some raspberry leaf tea.

She needs to cool off.

Are you scared of me, Detective?

Then come closer.


Do you know what this is?

Tramp stamp.

I came here in a plane with my sister.

My uncle told us we were going to get an education.

We were your daughter's age.

How do you know how old my daughter is?

They said if we didn't do what they said, they would set us on fire.

We were sold up and down the country, raped behind every petrol station.

When we tried to get away, he burned his name on both our hearts.

We belong to Suleman.

He beat and raped my sister to death, made me watch.

Then he stuck it in my mouth, held a knife to my throat.

I escaped.

I run to the police station, but the policeman...

I recognise him, so I run again.

Most women who survive, they turn their tattoos into butterflies, because they can't bear to look in the mirror.

But not me.

I look and I say, I am the transformation, and this is where I draw the line.

I don't use kids.

Whoever locked them in that room better hope you find them before me.

What was your sister's name?


I don't care if you don't use kids to f*ck.

You used to one to kill Earl Kennedy, and you are using them in that room.

I'm going to prove it.

Does Viv know you're here?

Ma'am, if you go to the press briefing announcing that we've got five dead, unidentified kids, there'll be a national outcry, and what's worse, we'll have a shanty town of anxious parents wondering if it's their own missing kid on the slab.

Please, Christine, get your speech writers to do what they do best.

Which is?


Identify them, fast. Clear enough?


Nora? This is not the best time.

So I'm told. I'm sending you an MP3 for training purposes.

Keep your dog on a tighter leash.

Go home to Mummy, little girl.

'Five burned kids in a padlocked cell, right above your vape shop. ♪


Mr Kennedy, the call that that detonated the bomb at the crematorium yesterday was made from a payphone inside your Irish pub, and witnesses place you there at that exact time.

I pay Oxbridge here a grand an hour to keep dolts like you from my door, but even I know you may as well be wearing a blindfold playing pin the bomb on the Paddy.

Why would I stitch a bomb in Herbie Attah's chest and then leave a bread trail right to my own pub?

You wish I was that stupid.

The only one being stitched up here is me.

And that black bitch's head's going to roll right down the alley for what she did to my dad.

Now, you want to keep me in this building, gorgeous, charge me, or blow me.

We're going to have to blow him.

We might not get him for the crematorium bomb, ma'am, but I can get him ten years for the fires, I know it.

I'm watching.

Easy, easy!

Got a muzzle for this one, Sarge?

And check him for rabies, he's tried to take a piece out of me, an' all.

Sorry, lads. Dark meat, white meat, it's all the same to me.

Come on.

I want a real lawyer.

Oh, you mean a Kennedy lawyer?

I'd rethink that if I were you.

Five children were discovered in the building that you set fire to.

They couldn't escape.

Too bad. You have to die of something, you know.

You did 20 years for Jacky Kennedy, never squealed.

I find that loyalty touching, even though everybody knows as soon as you were inside Jacky was spit roasting your wife on your water bed.

Yeah, she sent me a postcard of him pouring champagne down her tits.

God rest her soul.

Recognise this?

We found it in the van.

It was in Arabic, actually, not Egyptian.

You must have pressed every button it had, just like my Nan.

Now, I don't think this is your fault.

You went down in, what, '96?

That's before people even sent texts.

How can anyone catch up with the digital revolution two weeks out the clink?

Get me the lawyer!

All we had to do was change it back and, hey presto, texts that prove that that building with those dead kids was burnt down on Jacky's say so, that you were too clueless to delete.

But, if you want Jacky's lawyer, okey dokey.

Dial me Lewis and Sykes Solicitors.

No, you f*cking witch, no!

We'll make sure that you and Jacky share the same prison, the same bunker. You'll be shanked in a week.

But if you turn grass, you can serve at Her Majesty's pleasure far, far away. So, Calvin, how's that loyalty now?

'Lewis and Sykes Solicitors, hello?'


♪ Oh, Jacky boy...

All I did was send him to the vape shop, I don't know nowt about any dead kids.

My condolences, Jacky, for the old man.

See you in 20.

Well done, lady.

The Kennedys might have set fire to the building, ma'am, but they didn't put the padlock on the door.

Hey, my bird's got a bigger cage than me, I'm choking here!

Give Goldilocks the skylight in cell number four, see what she cooks up next.

Seriously, ma'am, if you could start processing some perps so I can clear the cells, I will shower your head in kisses.

Promises, promises, Keith.

Joy, you heard the man. Mop up.

Don't bother playing it, I know what I said.


What do you need? Two weeks, a month?

Holiday, not suspension. I can clear it for you.

What were you thinking?

I wasn't, was I?

Look, just let me get back to the case.

Why, so you can jeopardise it even more?

We had not even begun to appreciate the significance of what we had just uncovered and you dive head first shooting your gob off at Nora Attah because you haven't got a single bone of strategy in you.

God knows what moves she's making now to cover her tracks, if she's even involved.

I need to know.

Are you part of this team or not?

Part of this team?

Are you joking?

I've spent the last year keeping your secrets and covering your blindspots, and me and Nora aren't the first to notice you've got them, are we, Viv?

Say that again.

And what's the last thing you do remember then, Charlotte?

Buying vodka, riding home on my bike, feeling sh1t.

It says here you were arrested for looting a pet shop that got attacked last night and you ran out and were caught with a cockatoo under your top.

It's coming back to you, then, is it?

I was riding home and these two blokes knocked me over.

Kicked me here, smashed my bike through the window, ran off, and I get pinched.

So, in fact, the only thing we disagree on, Charlotte, is that you didn't raid the till.

It's Charlie.

It says Charlotte on your record.

Charlotte Elizabeth Victoria.

What are you, in line for the throne?

I didn't raid the till. I didn't have any cash on me, did I?

Why did you open all the bird cages?

Because, wait a sec, who am I talking to?

You like seeing things get caged up, don't you?

It gets you off, right?

This isn't a game. If I charge you...

For f*cking what?! I haven't done anything wrong.

I was just freeing birds.

Gareth, have you seen where Dinah went?

No, ma'am, but Lickberg's on your six at six feet four.



Inspector, may we speak in your office?



Here's good. How'd it go?

Well, in the past they had the rack and now we have the press.

It was difficult out there.

And now I'm invited upstairs to explain recent events.

Five dead kids.

Yes, I'm aware of that.

As are they, and the Home Office, and the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Do you know what they call you upstairs?



Because everything's a trial with you.

Don't bother getting offended. They called me Unendearing.

I know.

They put you in charge of me because they fancied taking bets on blood sport.

Let's prove them wrong.

We can sell this as a win, bittersweet but a win.

A bomb, gang warfare, underage victims, where's the sweet?

We just charged Jacky Kennedy.

With what?

Conspiracy to commit arson and manslaughter.

You can tell them upstairs, gang war's over.

Not bad for a 24-hour shift, eh?

That's, um...


It's got potential. I need a full report on my desk by tonight.

I'll write you a tome.

An enforceable, visible, rapid response to the atrocity in that room.

Vigorous, powerful, effective.

If not, it's both our careers on the front page of the Daily Mail.

And a round of Guinness on you, ma'am.

I'm breaking her in slow.

Hiya, I'm looking for Hayley Fowley.

Just that way.

We never really saw any of them.

Just heard them.

Couldn't not.

It just sounded like kids.

We thought the flat was...

.. a drug stash or something.

Who rented the flat out to you?

Jason saw an ad online.

Just some bloke. Paid him in cash for six months, that was the last we saw of him.

We thought we could save up.

Why didn't they just jump?

Windows were blocked up.

And a padlock on the door.

I'll need to talk to your husband.

He's grabbing some clothes round Mum's.


You have just made me feel like the luckiest mum on earth.

Thank you. Without you, we wouldn't even have made it down the stairs.

Seems all you do is cry wolf.

Epileptic, claustrophobic, said your mum was dependent on you in a wheelchair.

Where do you stop?

OK, look, I've had a bad day.

With respect, you don't know what a bad day is.

Hey, Miss Selfridge, doesn't look much like you do, either.

OK, I've got a kid brother.

His budgie died yesterday so I wanted to get another one.

A better one.

So you stole the cockatoo for your wheelchair-bound mum.

No, my brother, Jay.

Is he in a wheelchair?

His budgie died, so what did it die of, Charlotte?

A broken heart.

It's Charlie, for f...

Look, I can't go to prison.

I just can't.

I'll do the community service, whatever.

Whatever? You really don't have a clue, do you?

I just wish we had some CCTV to check it out.

Me too, if it'd shut you up.

Oh... Oh, we DO have the CCTV.

The pet shop owner has just uploaded it.

There was no money in it.

It's just a f*cking pet shop.

No, it's somebody's pet shop whose sweat and tears somebody like you hasn't even got the imagination for.

Right, Well, this interview is terminated while the interviewee has a think about what she's just chucked away.

Forensics photos from the victims, if you can stand it.

Ma'am, the lads have picked up dozens of kids' prints from the framework.

There's no hits. Crossing fingers for dental records.

Except I've seen their teeth.

Not one of them ever looked back and said "Aah", least not for a dentist.



Quizzed the locals about the vape shop.

Most we can get is that nobody went in, nobody went out.

One of those shops you can't work out how they stay open.

I need Nora's name linked to that building, no matter how small a print.

Ah, Sergeant.

I'd like to offer my congratulations.

For what, ma'am?

For charging Jacky Kennedy before you've even been made Detective Inspector.

It's a big deal.

It was a team effort, ma'am.

Yeah, I'm all for that, but I'm also for fast risers.

Takes one to know one. Keep it up and you'll have a real future.

That's if you want one. So, yeah, if you ever want to talk about how to climb ladders and jump snakes...

.. I'm around.

Thank you, ma'am.

Quick, quick, get somebody!


Come on, mate.

Talk to me.

I'm fine.


So am I. Which is why you're staying round mine tonight, or I'm round yours.

I'll be nice to the cats, I'll bring Piriton -- I've popped two already.

Joy, look...

I know how you feel.

What's this, bad hair day support group?

She's expecting your call.

She's good. She shouldn't be.

Twice divorced. Now she's a mate she calls when she's pissed but I never caught her watching the clock and her sofa is dead comfy.

This was never your fault, bonny lass.

She was under my care, ma'am.

Right, will that be all?


DCI's requested to see you in my office.

I told her I'm coming with you.

No, thank you, ma'am, but if it's all the same to you, I'd just rather face her myself.

Just tell me what she says, yeah?



If that woman even dreams of scapegoating Joy for this, I'll stick her on a ducking stool.

I want you all round her house in shifts.

We're already drawing them up.

I'm sorry.


Nora Attah looked three sets of jurors in the eye and walked every time.

Do you all know how?

She took a photo of every kid, niece, nephew, grandchild the jury had, through a sniper scope.

Good. You should take a big group gulp, because anyone who isn't frightened of her, I don't want on my team.

From today, every breath of free air that she inhales is our fault.

Now, anyone who wants to walk away, do it now.

Most of you have got kids.


About Kim Garvey, how did you get on?

Kim, his dad's dead.

No-one knows where his mum is.

Everyone at the care home said he only spoke to his girlfriend, Lauren McGee. No record.

Now, she has done a runner but she's well worth tracking down, so I've sent some pictures across to the printer.

Sergeant Murray, how do we get Kim Garvey to talk?

Time, ma'am. His wiring's all messed up, there's no short cut.


Yeah, they were card skimming, ma'am.

Kids were dipping into people's bank Accounts with the computers, nicking amounts so small only bean counters would notice but five worker bees would clock up north of 14 grand a shift.

It could get you up to £100 grand a week.

A nice little earner for someone.

What's her name again?

Lauren McGee, that's Kim's girlfriend.

Look at the hand tattoo.

This is the same girl. Lauren McGee, that's her name.

She died in that room with the rest of them and Kim Garvey was used to kill Earl Kennedy.

Both care home kids.

Neither have records.

That's not a coincidence. That's the connection.

Right, so we're looking for missing care home kids without records.


Ma'am in we need to talk to Kim Garvey.

We push him hard now.

Push him on what?

Danny, you found Lauren.

Find her family, find out what Kim cares about.

We're not asking Kim Garvey questions until we know the answers.

Am I right? Don't answer, go!

Will you just buzz the door, please?

All right.

I want it to have been quick.

But it can't have been, can it?

It would have been.



It's OK.

OK. Just take your time.

Oh. She was so proud of me.

She wanted to take me into school, show me off as the big war hero.

Next week, she was going to help me decide whether to lop the leg off.

Get off the meds.

Aidan, did Lauren ever say she was in trouble?

I don't think she'd tell me if she was.

Did you ever see her...

.. with this boy? Or did she ever mention the name "Kim"?

He did this to her?


No. We're just trying to understand his connection to her.

He was with her the last time she came to the house.

Said it was her boyfriend.

But he didn't come in. Just waited outside, watching her, hovering.

She gave me cash.


She'd never had that kind of money before.

Never said where it came from.

You didn't ask?


You will find who did this to her.

I'll hold you to that.


Oh, sorry. I shouldn't be in here.

Oh, actually, I just came to pick up me p0rn collection.


Sorry. Please, please wait.

Sorry. Look, this may not be very helpful...

OK. Five years ago I made Sergeant very fast and a lot of colleagues resented me for it.

Anyway this kid got pulled in on my watch, and I took his life.

In my opinion because I was being an arrogant prick, who needed to prove to everyone that I wasn't someone soft, which I was, yeah, well, so, the IPCC let me off the hook but I swear I would have felt better if they hadn't.

You know, mates, shrinks, wives, they just don't get it. And I really debated stalking you to tell you this.

But what swung it for me, was that I really think I am the only person in this station who can tell you...

I know how you feel.


OK. I've said my piece, I'll just get my p0rn and go.


Apparently her brother's budgie did die and they were burying it when Taz knocked on the door.

She told me the truth and I just took the piss.

That's going to sound great for the investigation.

No. No.

It will sound like she was taking the piss and you had to tell her the truth.

I guess you'll need a drink inside you to keep remembering that, eh?

Come on.


Hey, is he coming?

Do you think you've got enough leverage to shake him up?

I don't think there's much left to shake, ma'am.

Stoke his doubts.

When this kid finally screams, Nora's name, you've never forget it.

Sure you don't want to do it yourself?

Well, you found Lauren, he's yours. Make sure he feels it.

Do you recognise this girl, Kim?

You trying to set me up with her?

Her name's Lauren.

She died last night.

The building she was in got firebombed because of what you did to Earl Kennedy but she was locked in, couldn't escape.

No chance.

This is the room she died in.

Have a swipe.

Lauren was card skimming but, well, we reckon you already know that.

Her dad's just IDed her body.

He also IDed you.

He said you came round to his house with her but refused to come in.

So you did know her, didn't you?

Kim, look at me.

Did you love her? Did she love you?

Cos here's what we think, stop us if we're wrong.

You made Lauren believe that you loved her, lent her cash so she could help her dad, but you also knew that she could never pay you back, and that is how you got her into that sweat shop and that was your plan from the start, ain't that right, pal?

Who was it who made you do that?

You're not to blame for her death.

You just had to get her in that room and your only way out was to kill Earl Kennedy because you hated doing it.

Am I warm?

I want to go.


I want to go!

Miller, this had better not be a drinking dial.

No, ma'am, listen, I didn't have the heart to break this to Dinah, and I hope to God you're not sitting comfortably, either.

Kim Garvey, you're charged with murder of Earl Kennedy.

Do you understand the charge?

Sign where it says signature.

You're not signing this away, mate.

You still have a chance.

You can get f*cked.

Oh, no, this is just the start of a beautiful friendship.

Let's go!


Viv, I'm going home.

Hug my kid.

Viv you're freaking me out.

Is Joy all right?

The family you pulled out the fire.

The key for the padlock's been found in their flat.


They locked them in, their fingerprints are all over it.

They can't have been, I just saw them.

They must have been working for Nora.

Please let me go.

They've already discharged themselves, they went as soon as you left.


Her kid was still on oxygen! She...


I asked them!

I asked them if there was anybody else in the building and they knew?!

They knew and those fuckers...

.. they left those kids to die.

I didn't see it.

I missed it.


You have got this so, so wrong.

You always have.

Nobody asked you to see it all in the first place.

Nobody can.

You put that expectation on yourself...

.. and you're right about me.

Nora knew she was going to hit Earl Kennedy right from the start.

She saw me coming a mile off.

Played me like a f*cking novice.

I need to know...

.. do you still trust me?


I do.

Do you?

Now you're asking!

Do I still trust me?


I mean...

Oh, I never didn't.

So the least you owe me is your very best.

We are going to swallow Nora Attah up like a f*cking earthquake!

Yes, ma'am!

Police! Where's Kerry?

Those girls on the run.

I hope you find them.

Who says we haven't already?

I do.

Please, every time I close my eyes I can just see...

They're going to find me guilty.

You're baiting my Sergeant and you're disrespecting a young woman's death.

Hostage situation at the Exchequer Pub!



Trust me.

They'll kill him.

Here's the deal.

He'll say anything.

Wrack them up!