02x03 - Season 2, Episode 3

Quick! Get somebody!

She was under my care, Ma'am.

This was never your fault, bonnie lass.

There's more people on the first floor.

Just keep going -- go, go!

The family you pulled out the fire, the key to the padlock's been found, in their flat.

You have just made me feel like the luckiest mum on earth.

Thank you.

They've already discharged themselves.

They went as soon as you left. They must have been working for Nora.

I don't use children.

Whoever locked them in that room better hope you find them before me.

Ma'am, could you...?

I haven't got time, Gavin.

Fake it.

You told me never to do that again, Ma'am.

That was then.

Ma'am, over here -- we've got something.

This is Jason Fowley, stepping off the boat -- in Belfast.

Let me get onto the PSNI.

Oh, that's 12 hours ago. They could be halfway to Guadeloupe by now.

We can still get him, I'm confident.

Look, Ma'am, we left those kids to die.

Don't tell me not to take this personally.

Jason has got a 36-hour head start.

We can still find Kerry.

When did she leave the hospital?

14 hours ago.

She'll be getting desperate.

She's sh1t out of money, she's dragging a sick kid behind her.

If we can catch her, then we can get her to give evidence against Nora.




Possible hostage situation at the Exchequer pub.

PC Thompson and PC Mitchell are en route.

Patch me in.

Echo 24796 -- we've got shots fired at the Exchequer pub.

How many gunmen, mate?

Just the one, carrying a sawn-off, 70-odd, Caucasian.

We've got a gunmen with a sawn-off, 70s, white.

Where's that firearms unit?

I'm going to need a name for the report.

Kev Daniels.

Jonah, there'll be a trade door round the back -- come on.

Stay still, and that goes for you too.

Now, where's the vault?

What vault?

What's the combination?

We don't have a vault.

Tell me, or I'll shoot.

Echo 24796, talk to me.

Gunman is 70s, big glasses.

Where's the sodding vault?

Where's Peggy?

Where, where, where... Where's Peggy?

He keeps asking for a Peggy.

Jonah, his name is Eddie Tierney.

He still thinks it's a bank.

Get that gun off of him.

He's senile, and dangerous.

Open the vault. I'll shoot.

Listen, there isn't a vault.

Eddie? Stop -- wait, don't.

You bastards.

Now, don't move!

I know you think it's a bank.

It was a bank, but now it's a pub -- Even better, eh?

I said don't...

Echo 223969 -- suspect has collapsed, and has been disarmed.

Yeah, show me where.

Step back from him!

Do not move him, please.

Do not move him. Just step back.

Hello? Hello, can you hear me?

Yeah, he's in a bit of trouble.

How many volts has that thing got?

50,000. Why?

OK, draw it.

What, are you mad?

Look, it's all we've got. He's dying here.

Trust me -- I know what I'm doing.

OK, aim it.

Are you sure?

Right, I'm going to say clear, you're going to fire.



Is he dead? Did I kill him?

Where's Peggy?

Come on!

Yep, just one minute.

I'll be with you as soon as I can.

Young man?

Nora Attah. For Inspector Deering.

She is expecting me.

Oh, good.

Take a pew.

Are you Peggy? Peggy Tierney?

Have you found Eddie?

Do you mind if we come in?

We're not going to charge Eddie.

His GP's confirmed he has Alzheimer's, but I'm afraid...

I'm sorry, but he's too dangerous to be out.

We're going to have to put him in a dementia ward.

Oh, God. Daft bugger.

It's supposed to be our 50th next week.

I mean, totted up, that's 36 in the clink for armed robbery, and ten out of his f*cking mind.

I'm home!


Hey, you'll never guess what I've got -- sushi and wasabi.

It'll blow your head off.

Bloody hell, it's like the tropics in here, Peg.

Are you going to turn that thermostat down?

Oh, you've got company, Peg. Have you been breaking the law?

Oh, Freddie, don't joke.

They've got some bad news about our Eddie.

Freddie? Wait.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. We met this morning.

You said your name was Kev Daniels.

Peggy, you won't mind putting this sushi in the fridge, would you, before it starts cooking?

Come on, pet.

There we go. We won't be a sec, pet, all right?

What was all that 70-odd shotgun sh1t you spouted?

Why didn't you just give us his name and tell us that he had Alzheimer's?

Well, you never asked.

"Never asked"!

I have done nothing wrong.

We'll see about that, pal.

Echo 23969 -- requesting name and ambulance check from the Health and Care Registry.

Ma'am, we're going to need a strategy.

Nora's brought her lawyers in.

I don't need a strategy.

I've got a weapon of mass destruction.

... where I draw the line.

I don't use children...

Peep. How's the triplets?

Don't ask. Marcus has shipped his mother over to help me cope.

She's Greek. It isn't pretty.

I need to sink my teeth into a criminal mind that's not me mother-in-law, fast. What've we got?

Spike, turn the air con off in the interview room, would you?


Does doctor-patient confidentiality still hold on maternity?


Nora Attah's got me on the ropes.

Those kids are dead. She did it.

No-one's talking, and I can't find a single chink in her armour.

I'm dying here, Peep. I need an in.

So let me at her.

Hi, Nora.

Hey, Manni. Oh, sorry to keep you, it's all kicking off.

Do you mind if I sit on this?

It's for me back.

Well, who are these two? Lackeys?

My solicitors.

A family outfit. He is the brain, she's the mouth.

How do you do?

Don't tell me -- you two finish off each other's sentences.

Do either of you ever say sentences?

Are they on?

Viv, are you lucky in love these days?

I only ask cause it doesn't look as if you're getting any.

And where did you grieve your husband?

The Bahamas?

Spike, hit the tape.

This interview is to be conducted under caution.

You have the right to legal advice...

Our clients are here of their own volition.

At your request.

They are categorically not here as suspects.

Can I just get a word in?

Nora, you promised not to hit Earl Kennedy.

Viv, I kept my word. Neither me nor my son have any acquaintance with Earl Kennedy's assassin.

It was a tragic incident.

A lone wolf cub.

Brian Parkwood, Brightney Holland, Damon McKenzie, Carrie Blackwood, Laura McGee. These all went up in smoke above that vape shop.

May God give them rest.

Do you have any financial ownership of the building?


Why'd you even bother turning up?

I still have not buried my son.

I want you to release his remains.

I have already said that I cannot release Herbie's body until I get the nod from the coroner.

What about me dad? He's still in the morgue too.

I'll put in a word.

Hiya. Er, sorry, can I borrow you for a quick squiggle, Ma'am?

Manni's showing classic signs of non-verbal leakage.

Leakage? What?

Micro-twitches, yeah.

She mentions Herbie -- he blinked six times, rapid-fire.

Then you mention Herbie -- Manni flinches.

Herbie cues a panic he's trying to repress.

Push his Herbie buttons, hard.

Why, just cause he's blinking?

It could be anything -- grit, pollen count, he fancies me.

Expose him. I want to see how he reacts in front of mummy dearest.

Phew. Today just keeps coming.

How's it hanging, Immanuel?

Oh, I never got the chance to thank you for helping me broker the deal between your mum and Earl Kennedy.

Shame how that panned out, but you tried your best, to prevent a war, and I'm grateful.

Tell me, when your mum changed her mind and decided to hit Earl Kennedy...

My client did no such thing.

You will desist from implying...

Save your gabble tunnel.

.. did she even listen to a word you said?

How many gangsters live with their mum, making raspberry leaf tea?

At Herbie's funeral, were you a chief mourner?

No, she made you a car park attendant, and when that bomb went off her first thought was for Herbie's corpse, not you.

Shut up! You don't know what the f*ck you're talking about!

Manni, I beg, lock up!

Make you no vex me.

We are done.

Those jailers, on the loose, on the run with that little girl.

I hope you find them.

Who says we haven't already?

Hmm. I do.

Dinah, tell me you've got something.

Right -- Jason ditched them the second they got to the hospital, but Kerry stayed.


Well, she loves her kid.

If Hayley gets sick again -- and doctors say she might --

Kerry's not going to risk her life.

We need to get word out to every hospital, every drop in clinic, every doctor...

Do it.

Come on, people, clock's ticking.

Stonking, STONKING villain. She's ace, she's ace.

Do you think she's got to Kerry?

She's classy, too. I can't compete with her.

Oh, so tell me something that doesn't depress me, Peep.

Manni's a natural born squealer.

He's, what, 24?


And Herbie was the favourite, so you've got a 29-year-old wimp who's still competing with his brother, dead brother, for mummy's love.

Makes for a very powerful inner monologue for the lad.



Thanks to Sergeant Murray, we now have identified all the kids from the vape shop fire.

They were all aged between 13 and 15 and had certain things in common.


It's OK.

The kids were all from the same cluster of care homes in this 20-mile catchment area, Nora's turf.

They also share the same history of frequent absconsion, you know, care homes, social, and if we're honest, even us, wouldn't raise an eyebrow if they disappeared.

And all the kids were extracted from broken homes with histories of abuse.

The bottom line -- the lowest point of your life is probably the high point of theirs.

It doesn't take much to earn their trust with anything more than a Happy Meal.

Right, thanks very much, lads, lass.

OK, action stations.

We need to find the cracks between the Attahs.

Mother and son.

You need to eat, sleep, breathe the Attahs.

No slacking -- go.

You're kidding? Been up to me elbows in Herbie Attah's grease.

Got his dead dad two slabs down.

Been sneezing Attah DNA out me nose.

Joy. Erm...

Your IPCC interview is confirmed.

Five o'clock today.


You OK?


Not really. Every time I close my eyes I can just see...

They're going to find me guilty.

I won't let them.

Ma'am, I've got a sighting of Kerry Fowley, CCTV at a chemist on Barrow Road.

When was this?

50 minutes ago, ma'am.

Chemist said her daughter was wheezing, Kerry was shouting at him for medication.

Well, they're still alive. We've got a chance.

Are they on foot?


Wait. When I was checking Kerry's social media, her bridesmaid was a nurse. Erm...

Tulip Panesar.

Tulip Panesar.

Yes, 12 Caddy Crescent.

Caddy Crescent, M8.

Yeah, that's about a 15 minute walk away from the chemist, ma'am.

Jump to it. Dinah.


Take Joy with you.

It's only a manhunt that'll keep her mind off that interview.

Manhunt, Ma'am?

Chick chase, whatever, go.


The door's wide open.

Mrs Panesar. It's the police.

Check upstairs.

Where's Kerry?

I know they were here.

Please, he's going to shoot us.

Just wait. Think.

Look, you're chasing Kerry Fowley in a manhunt.

But you shoot us, you become the manhunt.

Rack up your IQ, go out the front, my colleague's out the back, we won't pursue you.

Oh, God, he's gone.

Are you all right, honey?

What did I miss?

You need to let me go right now.

Calm down.

It must be illegal.

Somebody should stay with Peggy...

Break it up. What is going on?

A misunderstanding.

He's not who he says he is, Ma'am.

What's the charge?

False impersonation of a paramedic, and a gazillion others, probably, including making me zap an old man, you freak.

That's not true. I wouldn't...

PC Mitchell, a word in your ear.

John, it is not illegal to impersonate a paramedic.

But it's got to be, ma'am. It's illegal to impersonate a copper.

But not a paramedic or a doctor or a sodding vet, for that matter.

Am I right in thinking that you used a stun gun on an old man who was already passed out?

Because he said, "Trust me".

Good job it WASN'T a heart attack.

You were lucky you didn't kill him.

Jesus Christ, you get paid for this.

Throw him back in the sea. De-arrest him.

"De-arrest him?" What's that?

It's all right, mate, I'll do it.

Frederick Dobson, we are de-arresting...

No. No, no, no, no, no. I want to hear him say it.

Freddie Dobson, I am de-arresting you.

Anything you say will...

Well, it'll mean f*ck all, so go on, off you hop.

I'd like to make a formal complaint, please.

Oh, come on, leave it out.

Not you, just PC Mitchell, for being overzealous in his performance of duty.

I've never been overzealous in my life.

Don't waste your breath. This way.


This form, sir.

Thank you very much.

'Tulip, this is very important.'

Why do you keep asking me the same question?

I told you -- I don't know.

She needed me to check Hayley were OK and then she took off in my car.

OK, and did Kerry say where she was headed?

To her sister's.

Do you know where her sister lives?

I've never met her.

Can you tell me about Kerry's daughter, Hayley?

She isn't Kerry's daughter.

Kerry can't have kids.

So you think Hayley could have been one of the vape shop kids, and therefore from a care home?


Oh, no, there's over 200 Hayleys in care homes around the country, so without a surname, we've got nothing to narrow it down with.

Well, all the vape shop victims came from the same cluster of care homes in a 20 mile radius, so Hayley must have come from the same cluster, right?

So let's get narrowing.

Right, Freddie's licence. Erm...

No, no parking tickets, no speeding tickets, nothing.

So it's not illegal to drive around in a fake ambulance?

Only with lights and two-tones on, not with them off.

Look, Jonah, I know he's nuts, but he knows the law, don't take it personally.

It's not personal. He's a fraud.

He gave us a fake name, and he made me trust him enough to jizz my volts over some old fellow who'd just had an heart attack.

Well, it weren't a heart attack, it was a tachycardia or something.

Ma'am's right -- I could have killed him.

Who cares if he hasn't done anything illegal yet?

He's a phoney.

And am I the only one with an imagination sick enough to worry about what else he might be getting up to?

All right, bring her in.

Thank you.

Found Kerry's sister -- she just tweeted a photo of herself meditating at an ashram in Tasmania.

That's Kerry's only sister.

Oh! Where is she?

We found Hayley's file.

That's her.

Yeah, real name's Hayley Blunt, been in care six months.

Wait -- it's not Kerry's sister they're going to, it's Hayley's.

Hayley's got a sister.

Where's she?

Yeah, OK, yeah. Hayley and her sister got split up.

How does that even happen?

Hayley got the care home, but her sister got sent to a foster family in Glossop.

I'll go find the address if you two hit the road.

Hold it, Sonny Jim, I give the marching orders round here.

Pepsi and Shirlie -- hit the road.

Me and Ewan'll find the address.

Joy, keep an eye on Dinah.

No more heroics.

Done. This sh1t finds me.

Police! Open up!

Where's Kerry?

She's locked herself in the bathroom.


Are you all right, love?


I can't...


I can't...

I can't...

Kerry Fowley, you're under arrest for manslaughter, child slavery, and kidnapping.

You and me have a lot to talk about.

Oh, mind your step there, Christine, you might need to get those power heels fumigated.

I think I'll risk it, Inspector.

No playing with health and safety, ma'am.

Erm, honest question, Inspector -- are you taking the piss?

An infestation is a necessary cover, ma'am.

We're about to bring in the woman that could deliver us Nora Attah, and as far as we know, Nora hasn't got a clue.

So we need to clear the cells of any low-lives that can tip Nora off.

Yeah. Actually, I quite like that bit.

What I'm sick of is why can't just inform me of what you're going to do before doing it.

Oh, you'll get used to me soon enough, ma'am.

You're doing great.

They're here.

Kerry Fowley, do you require legal representation?


Or a duty solicitor can be provided to you free of charge?


Let me know if there's anything I can do.

Good luck.

Oh, I feel like a c**t now.

Peggy, did Freddie ever tell you, that he isn't a real paramedic?

He told me this afternoon.

He was in tears.

He said he couldn't pass the paramedic exam cos his reading's bad.

He's dyslexic.

Does he pay rent? Have you ever lent him money?

He cleans Eddie's sh1t from the skirting board, he collects my prescriptions from the chemist, and he covers my legs in cream, and makes me laugh while he does it.

But, Peggy, at the pub, Freddie pretended to not know who your husband was.

He lied about his name, got me to trust him enough to fire my stun gun at him.

You're lucky your husband isn't dead!

And what if Freddie did get carried away?

The only thing he's ever done is try to help me!

The only thing I have is that young man in my life.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Freddie's cooking dinner, and then we're going to Netflix and chill.

Still want to pursue this?


She's right.

I'll write it up, put it to bed.

Thanks for hearing me out, though.

No problem.

How's she holding up?

She needs a bronchoscopy.

Oh, I've got to go.

You keep watch, yeah?


Sergeant Frears. Joy, wait.

Ewan, I'll be fine.

Look, I know you feel guilty about Charlie.

I get it. But all anybody has to do is work with you five minutes to see you're seriously good at your job.

So fight your corner in there.

Just cos you feel guilty, doesn't mean you are.

Yeah. I'm late.

How long had you and Jason lived above the Vapour Nest? - 10 months.

And how long were you locking kids in that room?

10 months.

I never knew the names.

It weren't what you think.

Most of the time, I'd just tell them to keep the noise down cos they were laughing too much.

Then why the padlock?

Jason said we had to.

I've got a daughter. I ran up those stairs.

I dragged you out, you had every chance to tell me those kids were behind that door.

I wanted to, but those kids were dead already.

They weren't. I could have saved them.

Maybe, but they'd have ended up back there, or worse.

What do you mean by "worse"?

I'd like my water back, please.

Hayley was the only one worth saving.

Oh, shut the f*ck up. I don't care how you justify it to yourself.

You know what I can't justify?

I can't justify how I saved your pathetic life, twice, in 48 hours!

I'm asking myself the same question.

Well, I would if I were you!

I knew she was in danger, that's why I took her to her sister, so don't you f*cking look at me like that.

Will you get her out of here?

Thank you, Constable.

Your friend, Tulip, told me that you can't have kids.

I understand.

When you're ego's got over the selfishness of it all, you...

You live with it.

But I still have a vivid picture... of who my child might have been.

I can see why you picked her.

But look at these other photos, Kerry.

The youngest was 13, yeah?


What was happening?

Tell me.

They'd come for her... in the middle of the night.

One, sometimes two, kids would be taken away.

And who took them?

A boy.

The same one who paid Jason.

Was his name Kim Garvey?

I don't know. Jason never told me names.

Sometimes you'd see them again... or you wouldn't. I couldn't let that happen to her.

Who hired Jason, Kerry?

The boy.

And did you see anybody else?

Can you tell me their names? Could you identify them?


Will you?

Viv, sorry, I... I didn't think you wanted kids.

Oh, Christ, no. It's all snot, stink, and demands!

Might as well shoot your life in the head.

Strategy, Dinah. Tactics.

You all right? What's up?

Just trying to not look like myself look like a total dick explaining this stun gun.


What's new?

There you go -- a little pick-me-up.

I went to Peggy's chemist.

You said that Freddie got her prescriptions for her, right?


Well, it's illegal to get a prescription for somebody under a fake name.

And guess what? He didn't.

Tegs, you're amazing.

No sh1t. Right, type it in.

This is it.


What? How?


This is my custody suite.

My rules!

Neither one of you are getting within spitting distance...

Calm down! Cool it!

Kerry Fowley did not want representation.

Tell Nora, "No dice".

We understand you had a flea infestation.

May we see the exterminator's invoice?


Then we will raise legal concern that you're putting Kerry Fowley's health at risk, unless the fumigation was a ruse, to smuggle in Kerry Fowley, who has a history of depression, and encourage her not to seek legal representation.

My congrats. For a deaf bloke, it's not easy to come across as a complete gobshite.

Sergeant Pancarney, please escort these termites to their client.

How did they know?!

Our client will not be answering any questions.

Any attempt to do so will be met with no comment.

She is willing to plead guilty to child slavery, manslaughter and child abduction.


You heard the gentlemen.

Charge her.

Two. Two f*cking nil!

How the hell did Nora know that Kerry was here?

We were this close.

Look, at least we know Nora's spooked enough to send the lawyers in.

She's lapping me. She's running effing rings around me.

You mean us.

Right, Viv?


Tegan, this had better be absolutely crucial.

It's Sergeant Freers' interview, ma'am.

'So you stole the cockatoo for your wheelchair-bound mum'.

'No, my brother'.

'Is he in a wheelchair? What did his budgie die of, Charlotte? A broken heart?'

'It's Charlie, for f...! I can't go to prison. I just can't. I'll do the community service...'

Did you notice the scars on Charlie Fegan's arms?


And had you slept or had any kind of rest prior to...?

None of us had. There was a gang war kicking off.

Can you please quote to me article 4 of code C of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act?


(Can't remember it.)

I can't remember it, sorry.


If you had, you might not have found Charlotte Fegan strung up by...

"Strung up" now?

This isn't semantics, Inspector.

You're baiting my sergeant, and you're disrespecting a young woman's death.

Tune up your vocab, Inspector.

Did you at any point ask Ms Fegan to confirm her age?


Are you aware that Charlotte Fegan was in fact 17 years old, not 18 as she claimed, and therefore should have been assigned an appropriate adult?


So when she used words like "I can't go to prison, I just can't", did they sound like the words of an adult, or those of a distressed young person begging may I say begging? -- for help?

I wasn't overwhelmed.

I quizzed Charlie Fegan on the facts.

She got aggressive, and I matched her so as not to show weakness, as I was trained to do.

Had I not just been through a 36 hour shift from hell, where we had to deal with a bomb, gang war, one of my colleagues...

Well, my best friend, actually, who nearly died in a fire, then I might have checked the electoral register in order to verify her age, on a whim.

But who would?

17 or 18 -- I will never forget finding that young woman "strung up", as you so eloquently put it.

So you can throw all the hindsight you want at me, sir.

I did my job.

What she said.

Come on, Peggy, open the door.

We need you to look at these.

Leave us alone!

Freddie's no Samaritan, Peggy.

His real name is Eric Ronson.

We did a PNC check.

These women all have families who complained when they figured out that he was stealing their inheritance.

But the women were all too embarrassed to press charges.

But Peggy, when the sushi ran out, so did Eric.


Hi! Just been to the shop for a pomegranate.

Going to put it in a salad.

'Freddie, the police have just been telling lies about you, and I can't feel my arm! Help me!'

Peggy, wait, I'm on my way.

Blues and twos. He's off.

Peggy? Peggy!

Eric Ronson, you're under arrest for the illegal use of a siren.

You tricked me.

No, look. Look, no, I would never...

Whatever they've told you, Peggy, it's just not true.

It doesn't matter.

I flicked my siren for you.

I broke the law for you.

I know, but you didn't call the real ambulance, did you?

What if I really had a stroke?

What would you have done? Fed me sushi?

You're bad for my health.

I'd be safer on me tod.

Come and visit me?

I'm sick of prison visits, Freddie.

Oh, Eric.

You're on your own.


Any of this lot still kicking?


Then I'm going to start a survivor group, because I could do with some new mates.

Go on, then.

Eff off.

Right, that's all the forms for the release of Herbie Attah's remains and the ex-husband, may they rest in pieces.

Oh, one thing -- that is Herbie's DNA strand, and that's Upjohn's, and that's Manni's.

I need another vowel, Miller. It all looks like Countdown to me.

Well, there's nowt in Herbie that didn't come from Upjohn or Nora except, you know, for depth and conscience.

But Manni...

Manni isn't Upjohn's biological son.


If, big if, Manni thought that Upjohn was his father but were to find out that Nora was lying to him, that would really kick, and it would drive a wedge between them.

He might do more than squeal -- he'd scream.

But if you go round telling him something hurtful and private he already knows, you'll just look desperate and you'll lose any trust you've gained with him so far.


What? I don't care if they're teething.

If Mum rubs any more ouzo into their gums, I'll cut her fat, lamby fingers off and send them back to Greece.


I'm sorry -- I'm vetoing it.

Agreed. It's too risky.

But we can still talk to him, and he'll have to listen.


How did it go?

She was a kid. She was 17.

She just didn't want her mum and dad to find out.

Hey, hey.

You did your best. These situations, they never...

I'm so sorry.

20 says you miss.

You're on, Inspector.

I've come to talk to you about your mum, without the lawyers.

She f*cked up, sending them in to defend Kerry Fowley.

This is war.

So, here's the deal -- you tell on your mum for running them sweat shops, we'll send her down for life, but... you'll do a year.

When you get out, you can keep the legit empire, and your freedom.

You don't know me, Constable, and you definitely don't know me mum.

1,000 quid says I win.


You don't carry that kind of cash on you.

Merc. Box fresh.

My G wagon.

Rack 'em up.

Viv, if you could play pool, you'd have bragged about it long ago.

My dad always used to say, if you can fake it, you can be it.

You're getting beat!

I'll take yellow. Looks like you need all the help you can get.

Pardon me, excuse me. Quick time-out.

OK, admit it -- you f*cked up.

Grab your keys, let's run.

I'm going for paternity.

Viv, you said it was bullshit.

You vetoed it.

I'm un-vetoing it. That's the beauty of being boss.

We've released your brother's remains, and your father's.

Appreciate it.

There was, er...

We noticed something in the lab results.

Dinah, DNA report, please.

Your juices prove no way could Upjohn be your real dad.

Mum was right.

You'll say anything.

Go on, lad.


You didn't know.

You're lying.

My turn.

If you can fake it, you can be it.

Or, you can be the daughter of the county pool champion nine years running.

No f*cking way!

Get out.

My offer still stands, soldier boy.

Have a think.


Joy, I just happened to catch up with an old friend of mine, who's on the up in the IPCC.

She looked in on the status of the Charlie Fegan inquest.

Are you sitting down?

They're going for Charlie's duty lawyer.

Her account was all over the place, and mine was backed up.

They're not going to pursue me.

Well, that's great!

Look, I know you're not celebrating, but this coffee is self-harm.

Right, I'll go get us a proper one, yeah? - (Yeah.)

(Oh.) Morning, Hayley.

How are you feeling?

Is... Is he coming back?


That man.

Yeah. Why?

He's one of them. He put me in that room.

You're on a witch-hunt based on a child's complaint.

Somehow, Nora knew we had the Fowleys.

Nothing's been agreed, she's made no investments, so you get nothing from me now that touches her.

Explain to me -- why are we trusting Manni Attah?

Because Viv trusts Manni, and we trust Viv.

I understand that your daughter hasn't come home.

She's with a paedophile!

Every nook and cranny of this fucker's world turned inside out.

Fresh magnolia, to conceal the grisly deed.

It's a right kick in the Jackson Bollocks.


This could be any of us, and I've seen what you two can do when you gang up on people.