02x04 - Season 2, Episode 4

I still have not buried my son.

Push his Herbie buttons, hard.

When that bomb went off, her first thought was for Herbie's corpse, not you.

Shut up! You don't know...

She was a kid.

You did your best.

I'm so sorry.

Can't imagine what it must be like being on your own with a baby.

Neither can she.

Manni isn't Upjohn's biological son.

You didn't know.

My offer still stands, soldier boy.

Is he coming back?


He's one of them.

They put me in that room.

♪ Amazing Grace ♪
♪ How sweet his sound ♪
♪ That saved a wretch ♪
♪ Like me ♪
♪ I once was lost ♪
♪ But now I'm found ♪
♪ Was blind ♪
♪ But now I see. ♪

They had to use some proper scrubbers.

If this nugget's selling drugs, he's hardly inconspicuous.

Have you never heard of "Pabloon Escobar"?

.. Oh.

We've got a likely punter heading your way.

Yeah, I can hear him rattling from here.

There's a skanky bird blocking the view.

Bet she thinks she's clever.

Was that the gear?

Had to be.

Police! Come here.


The gear's on the balloons!

Grab him. Sit down there.




What you shouting my name for?

That's a nice jacket. Is it supposed to be reversible? Come here.

Are you off your head, you, working for Nora Attah?

Are you on drugs?

Get in the back. Get in there.

Watch where you put your hands!

Shut up.

Isn't that Cathy's sister?

I know who's not telling Dinah.

In your brother's honour and for your own sake, don't waste this one.

We've just hit on your mother's grafters, from Withington to Wythenshawe.

You don't have to go down with her.

Well, I can't carry on living like this.

Come and talk to me, Manni.

We need to be listening for names, places.

Is he chucking money around?

If he is, is it new currency or recycled cash?

Any 50 notes?

Anything else?

Yeah, count his credit cards for any we can't match up.

None of this compromises you.

You talk such sh1t sometimes, Dinah.

It's just trained observation.

You're always at it.

You're on a witch-hunt.


The both of you, based on a child's complaint of a relocation of care homes.

Hayley Blunt has mixed up her agencies. He's not even a social worker.

I just dropped her off at the foster family who are looking after her sister. She's convinced Ewan's influential.

Somehow, Nora knew we had the Fowleys.

No, I'm not doing it.

No, Joy, don't...

All right?

Forget Hayley.

You're not prepared to go through with it, if only to help us rule him out?



If you know what files you're looking for, this one's fine.

If you're ripping his whole laptop, you'll need this.

Mercy buckets.

.. His password.

It's case sensitive.

Gimp! Sh!

Can he access all our computers?

He can access cheese on toast.

That's Carly.

Oh, wow!

What a stunner!

Do you see her much?

Yeah, more recently.

That's good. You're doing something right.

I'm just paying for horse riding lessons on Tuesdays.

I'm still under the ethics committee, so...

What, for the affair?

Never had an affair.

What about Christine Lickberg?

We're just colleagues.

So your wife didn't cite her in your divorce, then?

She did, yeah. Well done.

She also cited three other women I knew only in passing, and apologised to them all, eventually.

So what ethics are under scrutiny, then?

That... is personal.


sh1t. Sorry!

Sorry, mate, can I have the bag I came with?

Not the coat, just the bag.

Of course, sir.


I've got some sports gear with me.

Back in a minute.

It's a five-year-old laptop, not WikiLeaks.

What are you doing?

(sh1t. Dinah, hang on.)

Don't be silly.

I'm not used to being as blunt as this, but... it's not that you're not right for me, it's just...


Oh, dear.

Social life?


Oh, I hear custody's full of Nora's infantry.

Well done.


(Dinah? Come on.)

(Give us the stick.)

Mug shot raffle time, everyone.

Come on, get your mugshots copied.

You're going to miss out.

Actually, there's a bit of a problem with that.

No, no, no, Spike.

Gloating is compulsory.

Names on the back, scrotes in the bin.

So far, I've got three unlicensed drivers, two cocaine dealers, one weed grower.

And I've just got the partridge in a pear tree.

The lad wants to meet.

Manni Attah.

Really? Well done.

Decommissioning this number of wet farts will seriously impact on Nora Attah, make no mistake.

Go on, Spike. I've been hearing all about your big bust today.

Are you sh1tting me?

You back on the game?

Because that's the natural assumption when you share a bag of chips with a man selling balloons.

Any needles lying around that house? Amy's going to be crawling soon.

I haven't even bought Rizlas in five months.

Get that checked, Detective.

That'll prove it.

Don't you worry.

I need you focused.

I'll take care of Donna.

Laters, Dinah.

Do you know how much this is going to hurt her?

Nobody asked Dinah to walk into our lives.

Hey, mouth! As I recall, she didn't walk into your sister's life, she saved it.

I was in rehab when Arthur walked out.

I waited nearly a year to get into hospital and I weren't fit to leave, but I did, because Cathy needed me.

Cathy rang only me.

What... a... crying... shame.

You can lock her up again.

Listen, I think I was overcompensating earlier.

On the way here, I was like, "Don't talk work, don't talk work", and then I just hit you with a full personal inventory.

You've Nora Attah to thank for that.

She just seems to be all we're working on.

She's been more in my dreams than not, recently.

How about you?

I've higher priorities.

Yeah. So have I, but 85% of them somehow just trace back to the bloody Attahs.

Look, we'll still be sweeping up Nora Attah's sh1t when we're all dead.


So, you're the kid from over there who decided to polish up and serve the realm. I'm good at this.


I come from that way.

I'm the posher-than-shit kid trying to put it to good use.

No, you're kidding me!

I could check. You know I will!

My dad died well off, but Mum earned her own money.

And what does your mum think of you slumming it with us lot, then?

She's put me back together, stuck me back at my desk many a time.

She knows that's where I'm supposed to be.

I like the sound of your mum.

She'll be sick of hearing about you.

Have we enough to charge her?

Where are her samples?

Are you asking me for favours with Donna?

No, I am not. Be my guest, sling the book at her.

CPS reckon it's 50-50 for conspiracy to supply to stick.

Why risk the funds?


'Yes, ma'am?'

Can you release Donna Calvert?

But not till the morning.

Let her suffer.

Look what I just got off Ewan's laptop.

Lauren McGee, burned to death above Nora Attah's vape shop, was living in Forest Walk Care Home even though she had an auntie in Rhyl who said she could live with her.

Well, makes sense, she wanted to be close to her dad.

He's a war veteran. He was vulnerable...

But according to a social worker, Lauren did want to go.

Check out this e-mail from a very persuasive Ewan Murray.

This is me.


Afraid I'm low on coffee.

I'm not that presumptuous.

I've really enjoyed myself.






It's me.

I'm guessing there's nothing glaring to report.

No. He spends what he can.

We went halves.

He loves what he does, he says what he thinks and he's a lot more honest than we are.

Each of the five victims had the decision on which care home they were sent to influenced by Ewan.

Is that not his job?

Hang on, have you been through his stuff already?

Ryan Parkwood, Kyle Lockwood, Lauren McGee, Briony Holland and Damon McKenzie, all now dead, were moved from other sites into care homes within Nora Attah's catchment area.

And... these three were moved despite advice they'd benefit from close proximity to family members.

Moved by Ewan.

What, and three's a pattern?

It's good enough for me.

Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Cos here's one I prepared earlier.

Ryan Parkwood, bright kid, Doncaster, shifted to Brookway care home in Manchester.

He was gifted at maths.


And one of the counsellors at Brookway was a retired maths professor, so Ryan had specialist tuition for free.

That's what Ewan does for a living, he tries to make a difference.

You know what? I'm terrified for him.

This could be any of us.

Has it occurred to you that Nora wants us cutting each other's teeth out?


No, I just can't afford to let people tell me what to think any more, and I've seen what you two can do when you gang up on people.

How are you feeling?

I need help in reception.

Absolute sh1t storm brewing.

Don't worry, I'll go.

Well, explain it to me!

I'm trying to.

This is Detective Sergeant Joy Freers.

I understand that your daughter hasn't come home.

She didn't arrive at her mother's.

Is there anywhere else...?

She's been abducted.

Mr Hislop, there's a big difference between somebody going missing and being taken against their will.

This doesn't happen.

She always tells us where she is, who she's with.

She never said she was coming to me.

She's with a paedophile!

What's the matter with you?

She's been missing since exactly when, Ella?

Since she left school.

They've been talking for three weeks.

Erm, do you want to just follow me, please?

Sally Hislop, 15.

Went missing last night, supposedly en route to her mother's house in Newall Green.

At 16.45, Sally boards a bus at East Didsbury, but not in the right direction.

17.05, she disembarks at Chorlton and then five minutes later, the last sighting, on Rosestone Walk close to Bluebell Woods.

Now, for the last three weeks, Sally's been engaged in sexually explicit conversations with Vincent Jepson, 32, no previous.

You know you're getting old when the paedophiles look so young.

Right, some random snippets of chats between Sally and Jepson just to give you a flavour.

If you could pass these little billets-doux to the back to the class, you will all see that young Sally is definitely no angel.

Mouth like a stinking sewer.

What's with the felt tip?

To prove the chat isn't a sting by the police.

The groomer asked the girl to write her name to guarantee she's a real individual in real time.

Yes, well, disturbingly, Sally has had sexually graphic conversations with five other nonces over the last year.

What is wrong with her?

Latest contact with these charmers was three months back.

Whereas she only gave Jepson her address four days ago and ominously, today is his second day off work.

Attic, cellar, garage, wardrobe, every nook and cranny of this fucker's world turned inside out.

Vincent Jepson?


We've a warrant to search the premises.


All right? f*ck's going on here?

We're arresting you for the online grooming and suspected abduction of Sally Hislop.

What?! Bullshit.

Vinny, what's happening?

'It was a site for over-18s.'

She came on to me.

I told you, she was 15.

Just two comments of a sexual nature to a child under 16 constitutes grooming.

And you made over 200.

More incriminating is that you didn't once ask Sally to desist with her graphic suggestions.

If we were Spanish or German, this wouldn't even be an issue.

Actually, half of Europe. Standardise...

Cornish pasties and Eccles cakes, but you try defining "consenting adult."

This schoolgirl said she was on all fours in her gym knickers and asked you to come round to choose which orifice to stick her dildo into.

I know you were tempted.

Yeah, but that doesn't mean I was going to go through with it, does it?

'What does your wife think about this?'

On the nonce spectrum, he's looking more Polanski than Savile.

His alibi's holding up.

Freeze his passport. We are way past the first 24.

OK. From the conversations, it looks like these four arranged to meet Sally.

Do you think she actually went through with it, though?

That's not the issue. There's a pattern, regardless.

Each of them goes to ground immediately after the final contact, when they've agreed a date and time to get together.

But s*x offenders reoffend, so why aren't they hanging around online?


Another filthy fucker's firewall breached.

"Uncle Finbar" chatted with Sally in February.

Real name, Fintan Coyly, collared for sniffing a girl's hair and reeling one off underneath an ice cream van outside Sandalwood Primary in 2010.

Who said romance is dead?

Erm, no, hang on.

Oh, no, it's a false alarm.

Tampering in Pattaya, back Friday via Heathrow.

Well, at least he'll have a surprise waiting.


Right, Finbar, you have positive ID.

Ooh, I love you.

Meet me at Sally's dad's garage.

Sounds like the walls can talk.

Yeah, I am right there.

All right?


So is this exclusively the dad's garage, then?

Yeah, well, all the Mad Max mechanics sh1t.

He's had it customised once he won custody so he can work from home.

So, hydrochloric acid and elbow grease for a thorough scrub.

And fresh magnolia to conceal the grisly deed.

But... it's a right kick in the Jackson bollocks.

It's blood, everywhere you look.

He must have slung her about like a slaughtered chicken.

Why is it always the f*cking dad?

And this is just to stop a black man from walking through your house?

I'm hoping there's still three in the wardrobe.

Take your pick.

You need to tune in.

She's talking about mergers.

She's bitten off more than she can chew.



Right, nothing's been agreed, she's made no investments.

So you get nothing from me now that touches her.

GPS number?

Might be in your interest to intercept that shipment.

What's your interest in this, Manni?

These people will eat her alive.

Then me...

.. then you.

And this is going to cost me... what?

You tell me what it's worth when you find it.

If you do.

If I had my way, we'd fry his balls while we wait for DNA.

Had it your way? You couldn't lead us to the body -- you nugget.

Oh, yeah, right, mate(!)

Oscars or what?

You sure he don't know we're coppers?



Your five-a-side's going to need a new goalie tonight.

Manni Attah has made the first strike against his mother.

Go and get it.

Yes, ma'am.

Right, Sally Hislop.

I spoke to her dad's last manager.

Three incidents of violent conduct at his previous job.

Now that says to me he isn't self-employed just so he can look after his daughters.

What, so he finds out she's an internet p0rn sensation, lashes out, inadvertently kills her?

Could be. Although there's a lot of blood for a beating that got out of hand.

Sorry. Take this.

He's paid to sound smart, Joy.

Honestly...(this smell's not going away for me.)

What are you doing later? I fancy a drink and I do a mean lamb balti.

Why are we celebrating?

There's been a breakthrough on Nora Attah.

You really think that any of the low lives that Spike swooped up would be able to penetrate Nora's defences?

Confessions of them grooming care home kids on her behalf might.

Eight o'clock.


You were right about Ewan. Come on. Quick!

My mum always told me I was gullible.

You were blindsided for a few days, love.

Some get it wrong a whole lot longer.

Since when did homelessness become a festival?

Somebody with him.

Right, turn round.

Look over here.

Get the cutters!

Explain to me, why are we trusting Manni Attah?

Because Viv trusts Manni, and we trust Viv.

(Turn round!)



Do we throw sh1t in your garden?


Give me that.

Joy! Joy, they'll see, it's too exposed!

Go with her.

What the f*ck's that?


Sick b*st*rd.

Bang to rights. It couldn't be more timely.

He is going to regret taking the piss out of me.


Shitty off-licence, but the man says it's perfect with lamb.

Come in.

Ah, thanks for having me round.

What is this? Rehearsal for Miss Friday Street?


Your JOB... was to protect them.

Trespassing's naughty.

But a late-night rendezvous with Manni Attah puts you right up sh1t creek.

You've got this so wrong!

Maybe we have. Either way, we arrest you now and the Attahs have you back in their possession by midnight, OR you play along till we figure out how to deal with this, and I guarantee your safety.

Pat him down, Jonah.

What, is this really necessary?

You tell me.


Well, you think you've seen everything.

Get him out of here, John.

Ma'am, I...

No, I don't want to hear that that was for my benefit!

That I'd been stymied by protocol, or anti-corruption with their box ticking.

Which takes forever to clear.

And how many more lives does he ruin in the meantime?

Any investigation of a fellow officer goes through me.

Never do that again.


You must feel like getting twatted even more than I do.

You in?

I'm in!

Sally's dad?

Yeah, he, erm... he was...

He was handing out leaflets till midnight, he got drunk in some dive behind Piccadilly, fell asleep in his car.

And now he's back giving flyers to commuters.

DNA results. There's three different blood samples in that garage.


And Sally isn't one.

Three blood samples identified, all with previous for s*x offences.

We've found Sally's other paedophiles.

He's clocked us.


What are you doing?

Fell at the first hurdle, Shergar.

These are transcripts of conversations you had over a three-week period with Sally Hislop, then aged 14, in March.

It's your name, Gregory.

We can prove this is you right now.

Interesting location for a Rangers tattoo, that.

Don't make us pull your keks down.

But I didn't meet her.

Which we wondered about.

On the date that you had arranged to meet, you were admitted to Wythenshawe Infirmary with a broken eye socket.

I fell down the stairs.

So that hospital visit's not in any way connected to your blood being spattered all over the floor of Sally's dad's garage?

I've been a blood donor.

You never know what happens to that stuff, do you?

Even thinking about Sally breaches your probation.

So stop talking about her then.

Dirty nonce got off lucky.

You're meant to be looking for Sally.

We've just talked to Gregory Monkford.

Scottish Gregory.

Sounds like he had a right surprise when he turned up for his date.

That's the least he deserved.

Captain Bareback -- married, two teenage daughters, Moston.

Harry's Tiles -- divorced, pregnant girlfriend, three-bed semi in Timperley.

And Sally had nothing to do with it?

She hated it!

So you wrote on your own daughter's flesh?

But vigilantism, it compromises evidence, Gary!

You haven't the money to investigate, never mind prosecute!

Go on, how many of these were already known to you?

Eh? Nailed on Gregory's got previous.

The intention was to put them on YouTube.

So why didn't you?

Scottish Gregory turned up.

Licking his lips. Cheap wine and 20 snout in a plastic bag like a picnic!

So you hit him?

With everything I had.

You know who's got her.

It's not Jepson.

It has to be!

Why not one of the others?

Would you come back?

And the one who didn't turn up?

You gave him your address.

What if he came and took her away thinking that's what she wanted?

According to the Trainspotting guide to rottling bag-heads, you've got a right work-out looming.

Nausea, abdominal pains, sweating, shaking, agitation, hallucinations, depression.

Isn't it time you gave me some idea of what you think I've done?

You... shifted vulnerable children...

.. into locations within Nora Attah's catchment area.

Right, all that from a meeting to buy some gear?

No, we assume that you procured the children for Nora.

What was Manni's involvement?

Lickberg begged me to come to your armpit of a station because nobody else had the passion and commitment to run the unit like me.

I turned down two promotions to stay in child protection.

And to have access to a supply of vulnerable children.

How many other kids have you steered into Nora's hands?

It looks like we're in for the long haul here, Jonah.

What's the scran like?

Have you any idea what kind of w*nk*rs are living out there? Do you know that?

I'm getting rid of them, that's what I'm doing.

You're not, you're bringing them to my daughter!

Sally said everything we type comes on his computer at the same time.

He does love you. He fought for you both in court.

My little girl's dad didn't even try.

Always listening outside her room.

My dad did that.

Did you have boys in there?

Sometimes more than one(!)

Your idea of protecting children is to f*ck off with Nick...

There you are now, bringing it back down to me leaving you.

Once, she stayed upstairs for three days.

She said she wouldn't come back down until he'd put our bedroom doors back on and we got our phones back.

Go on, f*ck off!

Sally said that...

.. she'd get me another phone, as well.

Two phones?

Well done, Dinah.

Get in. Sally had a pay-as-you-go in the lining of her schoolbag.

See if it's live. And don't ring it.

If she's tied up in some stinking cell, we'll need every advantage.

Right, go!


Don't move!

Found her!

Hello, we've found Sally Hislop.

Come on.

She's down here.

Is this about the...

It's not us.

She's just a mate, she's got nothing to do with it.

Come on.

How come he's nothing like the spotty, constipated smackheads I nick?

Robbing old ladies' bingo money?

Spare any change, mister?

Looks respectable, holds down a good job.

How does a pretty boy from a privileged background end up sticking this sh1t in his arms in the first place?

Medic mate at uni had access to pure grade opiates.

Graduated, moved on.

Stayed clean for the next... 12 years.

So, forgive me, but... what made you start again?

Pressure of the job?

No, the system.

The depravity, the wasted lives.

Throw in a failing marriage and that's a volatile combination.

Guess so.

And now Manni owns you.

Your girlfriend's just found Sally Hislop.


Can you tell her I'm sorry?

Dad, I'm so sorry.

No, that's not your word, baby, come here.

I swear I was coming back tonight.

I just didn't know what else to do to make you stop.

I know.

Ella can't go through that.

They're saying... about two years, but...

.. good behaviour could be nine months.

So, two years then.

Let it go.

OK, come on. I've packed your stuff.

I only wanted to make it safer.

I know.

Guy Hislop, I'm arresting you grievous bodily harm.

You do not have to say anything.

Anything that you do say...

Looks like Ewan wants to talk.

Bet he does.


N6, Scousers, five kilos of coke in a container of nappies.

And you bring the nappies?

Where's Amy?

Smoking crack in her cot.

She's upstairs.

You got a new fridge?

Cheap finance.

Donna told me about yesterday.

So your bad news is old news.

Wasted journey, what a shame.

Crystal meth in the top cupboard, cocaine in the shed and I swept any needles under t'rug.

Amy should be safe.

Apart from the passive skunk smoke.

I know from her eyes, Dinah, she's not on the gear.

And it's not just a matter of time with the company she keeps?

When Arthur disappeared, so did everything that we had in the bank.

If it wasn't for Donna, I don't know how we'd have coped.

I offered to help.

And she appreciates it, but getting Cathy back on her feet helped me get back on mine.

We're sisters, it's what we do.

How's your Tessa?

Hormonal, deodorant, shaved legs, sending me under.

Couple more years, she'll be your mate again.

Prince Charming here is on the verge of shedding all his guilty secrets.

I thought you might like to share the moment.

I need to call Carly.

She's expecting me.

She's his daughter.

Hiya, Sweetpea -- it's Dad.

Things are a bit busy at work, so mum's going to have to take you riding. I love you.


Bet she's going to be so proud of her dad.


37 what?


Do you remember their names?

I'd need my files for them all.

All to the Attahs?

How many sweatshops does Nora operate?

Just Manni, just that one.

Yeah, but Nora knows what happens there.

Two of those kids had a dose.

No, they were just skimming credit cards.

What, you really believe that?


You can take THAT as a reminder.

Thank you.

It's not a favour, I hope it cripples you!

Now is the time to tell everything.

Roland Berry.

Who's that?

He's 14, stayed at Forest Walk.

What about him?

Three weeks ago, Manni asked me to adjust his records.



Who knows I'm here?

City Saver Hotel, airborne chopper, armed response, ASAP.

Stuart, you stay down in the lobby.

Taz... Eh?

What is happening, Stuart?

'All clear, ma'am. Looks like a false alarm.'

I want reinforcements of this hotel.

This gimp is going to be more protected than the truth about Lady Di's ginger one.

Roland Berry, 14, lived at Forest Walk care home.

Get onto the Passport Office...

Need backup to the City Saver Inn in Manchester.

We'd make a good team at Guantanamo.

No, bringing me in isn't what made him admit the names.

How wasn't it? Oh, Carly's photo, a masterstroke -- floored him!

No, he was too relaxed after the phone call, calm even.

Hang on, it's Wednesday.

Horse riding Tuesday. She doesn't go riding tonight.

He didn't call Carly, it was a warning, he must have called Manni!


< Jonah!




Unlock this door!

Where is he?

He's locked in the bathroom.

Open up!

Breach it.

I need an ambulance.

There's been an overdose at the City Saver Inn.

He nicked hardly anything.

That was no overdose...

.. that was Manni.

Come on! Warrant to search your premises.

Don't be a fool.

Let's go.

We have a confession.

File the charges, mate.

Donna Calvert and Nora are firm friends.

If your son has crossed a line, what are you going to do about that?

This is a peaceful protest.

This is not a peaceful protest.

Abortion is murder!

What's this, reinforcements?

The exact opposite.


Only good things.

No, it's... It's really not, ma'am.