02x05 - Season 2, Episode 5

Explain to me, why are we trusting Manni Attah?

Sick b*st*rd.

Are you off your head? You? working for Nora Attah?

It's 50-50 for conspiracy to supply to stick.

Somebody told you to do this.

And I promise you, they are laughing.

Now is the time to tell everything.

Roland Berry.

What about him?

Manni asked me to adjust his record.

Roland Berry, 14, lived at Forest Walk care home.

That was no overdose.

That was Manni.

Cut your lights.


I don't know what happened, ma'am.

I cut the engine, the steering died.

Well, it would, you dick!

I said cut the lights.

Come on!

I'm trying to do this without giving your neighbours something to laugh at.

Warrant to search your premises for evidence leading to the corruption and death of Sergeant Ewan Murray.

Don't be a fool. Me?

No... him.

Let the search commence.

Beg pardon, scuse fingers.

Cover up, Nora.

Or we'll slap you with exposure.

Emmanuel Attah, I'm arresting you on suspicion of murder and the corruption of a member of public office.

What's that?

Toasted SIM cards.

You've got something to hide, Manni?

Except for a private life that's far too sweet for have-nots.

What are they talking about?

Questions, Nora.

Let's go.

Thanks for the pork you left us.

We barbecued the night away, didn't we, Spike?

We have a confession connecting you with the corruption of Ewan Murray.

Then you've all you need.

File the charges, mate.

He's dead.


Murdered. By you.

Oh. He said that to you an' all?

Forensics reported a cocktail of warfarin and caustic soda in the heroin that you supplied him.

Ma'am. Mr Attah's lawyers are here.

Mr Attah's lawyers are here(!)

Don't invite them in.

He's not stopping.

Tell them to tell him, "Passport's frozen."

If we never get him back in this building, mightn't we regret letting him go?

Asking upfront who and where is Roland Berry, we might never find out.

Too fast, we're gonna be signing the kid's death warrant.

If he exists.

Right, that's it, is it?

Covered all Sergeant Murray's likely crooks and fannies?

Yep, it's a very small premises.

Prem... premise.

What, are you taking the piss, or what?

Right, since when does a divorcee spend money on plants?

It's plastic.

Yeah, and who works in a shithole this size and shares it... with a plant stand?

Yeah! It is real! God bless you, fellas.

And we're certain he was straight, eh?






Yeah, but, rumour has it that things never got that far, so don't milk it and just thank yourself that you were ever so cautious.

Once again, don't forget to bag up, kids.

These USBs.


All these can be currently accounted for by carers or social workers.

Of these, well, five died in the Vapour Nest fire.

Haley's gone back to her own family...

And Kim Garvey as we know is in youth custody.

Look, I've been going back over his social network trying to connect him to this Roland Berry.

We found this file in Murray's flat.

He's actually Peter Roland Berry and...

.. here's what he looks like.

Yeah, he went by Roland after his parents abandoned him.

Ewan's final entry in all the station files said that Roland was fostered by a family in west Yorkshire.

Well, according to child services, that never happened.

Forest Walk care home reported Roland missing four weeks ago.

It's a recurring pattern with these kids.

And Ewan never logged the call.


DCI Lickberg asked me to make you personally aware of this.

Joy, Daffodil sent it, it's all kicking off.

Someone's obstructed the women going into the procedures.

Which lot? Do we know?

No idea. But if it's the Christians, remind them, they're only mandated to turn their own cheek, and if it's the other lot, tell them to stop twatting the Christians for free speech.

Yes, ma'am.

Er, Tegan, do you just wanna...

Go, go, go.

The report on this morning's raid at Nora's.

The lab are rushing through the DNA results like a launderette, but these are some early prints we found all over Nora's kitchen that you... need to see.

And I'd watch where you're pointing that, if I were you.

Nora's gaffe is riddled with Donna Calvert's dabs.

Stuart, you recall Sergeant Freers.

Like, now!

Diana. Second thoughts...

The last person I should be sending to The Daffodil Centre is Joy.

Officer of the police wades into abortion debate with own opinions. Nightmare.

Well, like, I don't have them too?

Yes, but you're aggro.

She's judgment.

Just sort it for me, will you, love?


What kind of name is Daffodil for an abortion clinic?

He made it sound like the Moss Side riots.

I know! It's noisier in my house.

Hiya. Um, We got a call about someone obstructing day patients?

Yeah, that were me.

We all have procedures booked.

I were first on the list, but they've all downed tools.

So, you're on strike?

All we ask is an agreement to discuss wages without being screamed at.

This is a peaceful protest.

This is not a peaceful protest!

Doctor Vicks, I own the practice with my husband.

This is an illegal pay dispute brutally timed to hit a surgical day.

She pays me 20,000 a year.

A lot of us make good off 20,000 a year.

I'm a surgeon. With 12 years' experience.

That's not legal.

And locking up Robert is?

They have my husband as a hostage.

Erm, hostage?


I want these people out of my building.

So why don't you just sack us, Rosa?

And she won't free us to leave without charging our next employer a quit visa.

All you had to do was read the contract.

Tegan, call it in.

Peaceful protest, no need for backup.

I've one week left before losing the choice.

If I have to take another three days off work, I won't have a job to go back to.

Diana. New arrivals.

Ah! These are the new medics from the agency.

Please, show them through.

Ladies, thank you so much for your patience.

They will have surgery up and running within 45 minutes.

They are now officially obstructing clinical practice.

Over to you.

OK. Um...

Where's this other doctor?

Which one of these is this?

Any murky treasures, my boys?

This USB has saved us a shitload in warrants.

It's all Ewan's phone bills.

Can we not refer to him as Sergeant Murray or Ewan?

It's just Murray, OK?

Fair point. Waste of organs.

Second account's full of Manni Attah... apart from pizzas.

How's that a smackhead?

Might be small, but I'd put money on this being vital.

Morning, all, rise and shine.

Please put all evidence from Sergeant Murray's office and flat on this table here for these officers to box and remove.

Excuse me, ma'am.

It's going upstairs.

The suspicious death of an officer warrants a full scene investigation team.

Well, this is no longer about Sergeant Murray, this is about Manni Attah.

These are leads we can't do without.

Well, until you clean your act up, you'll have to get different routes to that information.

If we get another chance to put Nora and Manni Attah on trial, we will not fail on a technicality, do you understand?

Good morning, Professor.

And if "while you're down there, ma'am" comes out of that mouth, this'll be the last expression you ever see.


Here you are, lads, one for the box.

What did you have to give her?

Just a fountain pen, and it leaks like f*ck.

Right, to get into that, you'll need to sync it with a C drive copy you didn't thieve from Ewan's office.

I need it sharpish.

I'm not touching that till you've cleaned it, you tramp.

Where's the key?

We won't let him go till she agrees to negotiate.

Is that you, Rosa?

Yes, with the police.

Oh, Christ. Were they necessary?

I'm afraid I'm not decent.

We all picked a bad day, but the show's over now, folks.

You debagged your boss?

How's that going to hike up your wages?

Because they won't listen otherwise.

Well, listen to us -- you either get us the key...

Or what?

Enough. Let him out!

I'm getting very hot in here.

He has a heart condition.


He should be feeling cold, if anything.

Get the key.

Call an ambulance.

Secure the entrance.


Bob! Bob! Robert.

Come on! Quicker!

Something's wrong. Something's wrong.

Come on, come on.

Come on.

Oh, Robert.

Oh, my God.

Get him over.

He's not breathing. Get the crash trolley.

Right, there you go.

A lesser man would have stolen your thunder, but I'll leave you to it, so go to his deleteds, look at the MPEG file, go straight to 3 minutes 20.


Oh, you're welcome! You tight f*ck.

Er, ma'am.


This is Roland Berry.

Interviewed by Murray.

'Of course I got hurt. Still am. But what do I say at A&E? I'm not doing it again. I'm not going through that again. And where did Manni take you? His house?

Not his house, no.

'Some Game of Thrones looking dive with... I was unconscious when I went in and when I came round, I was in this weird room. All he smelt of was Chinese food. He raped me.'

Manni had to abuse the kids himself.


Is this something we've heard before because I haven't?

He keeps his secrets well.

But do we reckon that Nora knows about this or not?

Who says she does?

Who reckons she's in the dark?


This is proof, right?

We can nail him.

It's just hearsay without a solid object.

It's a child, not a solid object.

What I mean is, Nora's lawyers could and would tear that apart in a heartbeat.

Joy's right.

The only tangible connection we've got is Kim Garvey.

Who just got transferred to Hilltop Bounds youth custody for bad behaviour.

We need a gauge on how much Kim Garvey knows.

Are you happy to go to Hilltop?

Yeah, of course.

Why wouldn't I be?

Pads on.

Pads on.

Stand clear. Shocking.

Shocking now.

Stand clear.


Shocking now.

Time of death...


I'm so sorry, Rosa.

Oh, shut up!

Just shut up, you f*cking...

I have a job to finish.

Rosa, you're in shock, you shouldn't...

I made this woman a promise.

Don't take this personal, but the guy died waiting.

Er, Tegan.

What's this?

Oi! That's no way that's stopping here.

No, we can park where we want.

And we couldn't agree more. So we're here to help.

Yeah? Well, no-one needs it.

Look, that's sign's not a pro-life slogan.

There's been a death in there.

Yeah, there's been dozens.

Abortion is murder! Abortion is murder!

Oh, for God's sake!


You've buffed up a bit. Is that choice or necessity?

I'm... I'm very well cared for.

What, by the Attahs?

Oi, how rude's that?

By the Government.

And how well do you think Roland Berry is being cared for right now?

Er, that's not a name I know.

Who do you think that is?

Lowely Downs children's home. I was there from '87 till '11.

Took me a long time to learn how to speak and look like this, but I won't forget to think like you, so don't f*ck me about.

Where's Roland Berry?

I got fostered, sent to Leeds.

Not Leeds... South Yorkshire.

Did Manni tell you to repeat that?

No, but Roly sent us messages when he first got a family.

Whatever you've seen online don't count as him.

He hasn't been seen in person since five days before his last entry.

Why is that?

I interviewed you alongside Sergeant Ewan Murray.

Have you met him before?

I don't think so.

That's funny, he's been on your child protection team twice.

Still no?


Who's Roland talking to here?

'He raped me. I just want moving out. Please, soon.'

So, this isn't you?

In the same room?

Right there?

Still no?

Well, that officer's dead because he got heroin from Manni Attah.

It was contaminated, deliberately.

Now, if I kept telling lies, the way you keep having to, I'd be seriously worried about my own personal safety.

Kim, you both went to see Sergeant Murray for help in being relocated.

Thought was the bravest thing you ever could do and he sold you both down the river.

Visit's over.

I take it Manni raped you as well.

You f*ck!

f*ck you, man!

f*ck you! f*ck off!

Get the f*ck off me! f*ck off! f*ck off!

Calm down! Calm down!

f*ck off!

I'm only standing on this side because I learnt to fix things.

You, and all the people Manni Attah is exploiting...

Are you aware that none of you had criminal records, not one?

Think about it.

If you know where Roland Berry is, please...

.. just tell me.

If anything happens to him, it's you that'll be mentally scarred for life.

It's you. Take him away.

I take it that was tougher than you are?


Well, Kim Garvey convinced me he knows nothing about Roland's disappearance.

But it's nailed on...

Kim was raped by Manni as well.

He told you?

No, he made a false denial.

What do we sound like?

It's still a nothing.

If he's a target, you need to ask Lickberg to shift him.

She'll act a lot faster if you asked.

I haven't got the time or the skill-set to wank the management today, Spike.

It's looking like Donna Calvert and Nora are firm friends.

If you're thinking of using her, that's dangerous.

She's nowhere near reliable.

I'm late for people who aren't expecting me.

Call Joy.

'The line number, please.'

Call Joy.

Oh, sh1t.


Come and meet me at Berry Street.

West entrance of St Maggie's Park.

Save some room for ice cream.

What? Now?

Today? Seriously, ma'am?

Exactly now.


f*ck. Not today.

Is anybody hurt?

I didn't see any brake lights.

Well, you won't now.

I am so sorry, sir. That was totally my fault.

Are you hurt?

Can I get you anything?

Oh, I'm sorry, he can't speak.

Oh, has he not learnt to lip-read by this age?

I can get you someone to help with that.

Are you OK, sir?

I just need to make safe.

Abortion is murder! Abortion is murder!

All right, all right, OK.

Abortion is murder!

Abortion is freedom!

Abortion is murder!

What's this, reinforcements?

The exact opposite.

Bring it on, ladies.

Bring it on, girls!

Oh, f*cking hell.

What is it?

What took you?

Never mind.

Donna Calvert were lying through her teeth when she told us that she didn't know the Attahs.

With all due respect, we haven't time to go arresting Donna Calvert.

Her prints are all over the new and the old paintwork.

She was a regular visitor.

Now, that is not shouting danger to me.

That's screaming opportunity!

Dinah's not going to let you strike a deal with Donna because of Cathy.

Which is why we won't waste a phone call bringing it up, will be?

Hop in.

Abortion is murder!

Abortion is freedom!

Dinah, look, we've got campaigners 'from both sides here getting feisty.

'We need to call for backup' or it's going to storm! Tell them the truth.'

It was a pay dispute, it's resolved, everything's back to normal.

Well, at least half of them are not going to want to hear that, are they?

Abortion is murder!

All right, madam. Just calm down.

Abortion is freedom!

Right, I need you to calm down.

I couldn't have known about the heart condition.

You'll get a chance to talk about this later.

If you could all please...

Actually, I need you both to shut up for the time being.

Right, you're all going to be taken in for statements and questioning.

Tegan. - 'Dinah!'

First one's coming out.

There you go.

Excuse me.

Put that on my bill. I only like the boring bits.

Wow! Didn't you used to be Donna Calvert?

Can we get your autograph?

You told us that you didn't know the Attahs.

I said everyone knows them.

Yeah, which they do, but yours were the only fingerprints we found inside their fridge.

Which is gobsmacking, given the size of you.

I do Nora's hair at home.

Tons of my mates are black and not a single one of them will let white hands above the chin.

That's all I do, black hair. Check.

I'm trained. Check.

Better than most. Check.

Does the name Roland Berry mean anything to you?

I don't know him. Never seen him.

We think something bad might've happened to him, Donna.

Yeah. We urgently need to get you back inside Nora's house.

For what?

For not sending you down for conspiracy to supply.

You dropped that for a caution.

Yeah, well, I've spoken to CPS, and they've just un-dropped it.

You lied on record again.

Maximum of 14 years.

Donna? What's going on?

I know what you're thinking, Cathy, but this is the opposite of harassment.

We were just here to congratulate your sister on earning an honest wage and being where we can see her.

Weren't we, Donna?

Abortion is murder!

Right, just step back, please.

You've got to agree with us! Don't you agree with us?

Listen, it doesn't matter if I agree with you.

I've just asked you to step back.

Why do they send all the nutters in first?

Get a job!

Don't wind them up, Marianna.

They love it.

Get them out of here, yeah?

All right, back up.

Come on, back off... or you're going to get nicked.

Oh. Oh...

Is that a baby's cardigan, darling?

Cos it looked delicate to me, and you've just lobbed it in with a working man's pair of jeans, sweetheart.

What if I'm just sick of IVF and I'm shrinking an item for a kid I never got?


I'm in this phone as "Die-hard Hairdressers".

If everything's fine, you use a code name --

"Hello, it's Wendy" -- and I'll answer like normal.

If you're in danger or with Nora, you say, "Hi, it's Donna."

"I won't be able to make the appointment." Is that clear?


You put this in Nora's kitchen.

You unplug the base of her house phone and swap the cradles.

It's the exact same model, so she won't recognise it.

I'm dead if she catches me.

Oh, I would apologise for putting you out, darling, but this is vital.

You were genuinely last there, doing her hair?

Cutting. She needs it doing every week, sometimes twice.

So, you're going back looking for your scissors, yeah?




Right, I want her shoving through custody first.

Him next.

We sent three offices to a passive protest and now we're left with, what, 20 grand's worth of arrests?

Ah! The horse's mouth!

Now, I've just been summoned to explain why an abortionist died in police presence, and I'm speechless as to what to say to upstairs, so inspire me.



I-I promise you, this was not political.

Events snowballed to make it look like a riot.

We were just taking the witnesses out of the clinic into the vans.

That's your first mistake, because you're treating these strikers as witnesses when in fact they're suspects.

They're not suspects.

They worked their asses off to try and save his life!

The doctor died of a heart attack.

You're not a coroner.

OK, Detective, OK.

I mean, your inspector's right.

These are exactly the questions you're going to be faced with, so shape up and get rehearsed. That's all we're saying.

And after you do that, why don't you bring the paperwork round to mine and we'll all have a drink? Get taxis. Six o'clock.

Did she just say drinks?

Means nothing till she tells us where she lives.


Hey, Joy.

Er, ma'am, got a call from Wendy Latimer.

Never heard of her.


Ask what she's after and tell her I haven't time.

Dinah, go process.


(Wendy. Wendy.)



Yeah. Donna has gone round to Nora's house.

Not before I tell her. No!

She's just sent a message saying, "I'm setting off.

"You'll know how it goes if I'm still alive by tea-time."

Well, stop her!

Well, she's not picking up!

Right, find the nearest two units to the Attahs.

And conceal the officers in case we need backup.


Tell them nothing else.


Try Donna again!


Give us my towel. I'm coming.

What are you doing here?

Well, I think I left my scissors here last week, Nora.

Well, Nora, being honest, I'd heard you'd been raided and wondered if you needed help tidying up.

As a mate, absolutely, but been struggling for cash since the salon got torched.


You see, it is not true.

Good mates are always there when you need them.

Donna, you know all the important ones.

By the way, Donna is the one who persuaded me to pre-empt the menopause and go for this.

Are these cocktails?


Are you lagging?

You are!

What's the celebration?

An exorcism.

Where enemies get what they deserve for coming too close.

We've already cleaned the place from top to bottom, because it stank of pigs!

A good drink is the least we deserve.

Do you have a clean licence?

As far as I know, yeah.

Two more drivers have been lifted. Manni still cannot drive.

I need someone to keep an eye on him for me.

Keep your phone on.

That's the point. Can I borrow your charger?


Is it all right to use your landline?

Help yourself.

What are you doing here?

(Is that him?)

Yeah, but he can't hear us, obviously.

I think I left my five-inch scissors here when I...

You'll find f*ck all in here.

Got raided this morning.

The f*ck you standing around for?

Yeah? What do you want?


Come on, Nora. You'll knock me on my back!

Well, there's always that for making up lost wages.

If she tries sticking me with a punter, I'll shove my clippers up his arse and shave his throat.

She sounds more familiar with that territory than she's letting on.

Where have you been till now?

Went back to the flat to grab a shower.

Was that a slap?

'You did not.'

You stink!

Where else am I meant to have been?

I don't know.

'And I don't care. Did you f*ck with a policeman not on my books?'


Yes, but I didn't initiate it. The guy came to me.

Tell Nora she knows where I am.

'Who killed him? Heroin. He's been doing it for years.'

Get Jonah and Taz with you on this. Round-the-clock shifts.

I want you to tell them from me, ears wide open, mouths wide shut.

And not a word to Dinah.

You're facing manslaughter charges.

All of you are.

That's impossible! This was never supposed to happen!

Marianna, I believe you.

At the clinic, I heard one of the staff say, "Just tell them what Rob said."

What was it Dr Robert Bix told you before he died?

Marianna, you don't talk, your little girl's going to be schooled in prison.


The whole thing was Rob's idea.

He saw his own wife was exploiting her expertise and our wages, and he encouraged us to get organised.

You took advice from him about the strike?


Behind his own wife's back?

Yes, good advice.

Better than our own. We were only going to boycott the paperwork, and he said Rosa wouldn't give a sh1t.

He even volunteered to go in the cupboard as a bargaining chip.

Define volunteered, Marianna.

Really specifically.

He saw a copy of our intentions on a photocopier in the night before.

We thought he'll hand it straight to his wife, but he didn't.

He actually sat down and started to modify our arguments.

On paper? In his handwriting?


Where's that piece of paper now?


See red paper with green ink, or the other way round?

No. No.

No way. I know her.

Teg, um, outside with the protesters, I heard you going, "Doesn't matter whether I agree with you or not, just step back."

Yeah, I know. She's lucky I didn't smack her.

Yeah, but which side were you talking to?

None of your business.

Yeah, I know.

Which mob were you talking to?

Er... truly, Stuart, like, forever, Stuart, it's none of your business.

Red writing, green paper.

That's what we're looking for.

Like this?

Yes! That's the one.

Dinah, we've found it.

I don't see why we can't tell Dinah about this.

She deserves to know.

Just cos you feel like sh1t.

Ma'am, ma'am. It's Hilltop Bound youth custody centre.

Patch that through to Spike. It's his turf.

Ma'am, which is why you should probably take this one first.


Yes, ma'am?

Kim Garvey just tried slashing his wrists.

Jesus Christ.

I'm going to make her pay for this. I promise.

You won't want to go where I'm going, Joy.

I'm getting sick and tired of waiting for people to f*ck up.

This is Manni Attah's wake-up call.

I tried to stop her.

You might not want your guests hearing this.

They are not guests, they are witnesses.

Fine. You looked Dinah in the eye, under this very roof, and swore that the sexual exploitation of children was burned into your lying, two-faced chest as the big no-no.

Out. Out!

This child, who was raped by your son, just tried ending his own life because THIS child, who was also raped by your son, is currently missing, presumed dead.

And we arrested Manni this morning on suspicion of the corruption of Ewan Murray.

You had no grounds to keep him.

Your lawyers didn't ask a single detail of the allegations.

Now, normally, you would be suing for invasion, but you actually look like you know more than you wanted to.

If your son has crossed a line for you...

.. what are you going to do about that, Nora?

You are going to exhaust yourself trying to drive a wedge between us.

You don't understand...

.. you cannot make a hole in blood.

Now f*ck off. Go!


Is this your husband's handwriting, Dr Vicks?



It's not that I didn't listen.

It's just most of the time, he didn't make any sense.

Even this is contradictory.

But it's your husband's handwriting, clearly revising plans from your workers about a strike.

It shows collusion.

Uh-huh, and I get blamed for poor communication.

I'm sorry, but...

.. for the statement.


This is my husband's handwriting.

Well done.

Thank you.




Listen to this.

Where is the boy she talked about?

I haven't got a clue.

And the things she says you're capable of?

She just walked in here and says any old sh1t and you believe her?

If you have things to clean up that you are not telling me, you are finished, son, and God bless.

She was telling the truth she doesn't know a thing.

And Nora can't move an inch to help Manni without finding Roland Berry.

For us!


Only good things?

No, it's... it's really not, ma'am.

I was there on the junction and I saw this woman effing and blinding at this elderly couple that I personally saw her slam in the back of.

Well-respected, apparently.

I f*cking knew it. I knew a smelled a wrong'un.

She seemed fine when it was just me.

Well, bossy but fine, but by the second she set eyes on Lucas she fired straight in with really old-fashioned language, didn't she?

Honestly, if the camera had been on my side, I'd have been a rich fella and she'd have been in effing jail herself.

She looked me straight in the eyes and without flinching, she goes, "Find your own way home before I send you all the way back."

I was born in Wythenshawe, and my wife has emphysema.

Viv, I hope it goes without saying, like everyone else in this building, I give these accusations no credence whatsoever.

However, 10,000 members of the public have just seen the clip and they're the ones ringing their MPs.

This will not go away, so I'm afraid you're going to have to, for now.

Inspector Deering, I'm suspending you on full pay pending an official investigation into these allegations.

I won't make it hard for you.

And I won't make it easy for them.

I'll send for my stuff in the morning.

Oh, and if it's all right, I'll sign off the girls.

Of course, yeah.



Nobody in their right mind is going to believe that wasn't a set-up.

Well, that narrows it down.

No comments please, on the Inspector's request.

Sergeant, can you take her home?

Yes, ma'am.

Go on, Constable.

Look, she's going to leave a big hole, so can we meet tomorrow morning at 7.00am, please?

7.00am, thank you.

Tegan's new number end in 3-7?

Er, Viv, please, please don't do that.

"Viv" -- that was fast!

OK, Viv, you can't start texting everybody stuff you shouldn't be discussing. You'll get people in trouble.

I was promised drinks tonight with friends and I am going to have several. Rachel, we go by the offie.

Ma'am, we cannot get drunk and discuss the case.

I have had enough battles to pick.

Yeah, well, that's where you're wrong because sometimes it is easier to pretend that you can win them all.

Meter's running.

You coming, or what?

We all know it's Nora behind this.

She'll regret taking my desk off of me.

How are you enjoying your suspension?

Fully paid-up blast, thanks to you.

She's on 70 grand a year.

No kids. Nothing for Nora to squeeze.

Hello, Die Hard hairdressers?

It's Kate Middleton. I want a buzz cut.

Oh, my God, are you OK?

She was 17, died in labour due to complications with FGM.

Then it's God's will.

We need you to go undercover.

Constable, pass me the crowbar.