02x06 - Season 2, Episode 06

Manni Attah abused the kids himself.

All he smelt of was Chinese food.

I think something bad might have happened to him, Donna.

What's the celebration?

An exorcism, where enemies get what they deserve.

Do you know what this is?

Most women who survived it turn their tattoos into butterflies.

You will find who did this to her.

I'll hold you to that.

I saw this woman effing and blinding at this elderly couple that I saw her slam in the back of.

Inspector Deering, I am suspending you.

You'll regret taking my desk off of me.

Excuse me, love.

Over here.

Mm, they look tasty. Are they all the same?

I don't know.

I'll take two.

Keep the change.

I want to thank you for coming.

I want to big up the brothers, the fathers, the grandfathers, who have come to support our women in our fight to end female genital mutilation once and for all.

Susan brought her daughter her, because she did not want her family to treat Angela the way she was treated.

Now they are receiving death threats.

Not from back home, but from this community right here.

Spread the word -- anybody has a problem with Susan and Angela, give them my address.

Tell them to send their hate mail to me... Nora Attah, and bring them home some of our vulva cupcakes, because they may not have tasted cupcakes in a while.

Good speech, lady.

Though, I'd have added, "There's no point bothering to lop off a clitoris --

"men can't find them either way."

How are you enjoying your suspension?

Fully paid up blast, thanks to you.

Where's your gorgeous son?

Is he in the creche, taking care of the kids?


Where's Roland Berry, Nora?

Liar! Murderer!

You talk about protecting children, and you killed mine.

Wait! Wait, I know him.

Get off! You killed my daughter!

Nobody touch him.


Somebody call the cops.

Listen to me. Listen.

I said temporary review, temporary.

Ma'am, you can't let them take the case off us.

We've got a dead cop, a missing kid...

Finding Roland Berry is the only way to break the Attah family.

Ma'am, I agree, this is a mistake.

Oh, thank you, Sergeant(!)

I've just spent the entire morning explaining exactly that.

If you just calm down and sit down, I'll explain it again.

Thank you. Now, the recent allegations against Inspector Deering have left senior management no choice but to put the Attah case under review.

No choice!

Yeah, no choice.

Nora got Viv stitched up exactly so this would happen.

Yeah, well, it's not me you need to convince of that, it's them, and I intend to do that.

(Can I...?)

In these circumstances, we just cannot afford to resent management for following protocol.

Hello, Dye-Hard Hairdressers.

It's Kate Middleton, I want a buzz cut.

Oh, Donna.

My God, are you OK?

Just. I'm in a car park. Manni's shopping.

Is that Mum? Tell her I said hi.

Well, Nikki, you should have paid more. Freelance, yeah?


Get anything nice for me?

Not that one.

This one.

Manni, your mum said I'm supposed to, you know, drive you.

Donna, you cut hair.

Stick to what you're good at.

I don't like this any more than you do, which is why I'm going straight to the superintendent to change their minds.

Oh, yeah, which restaurant?

Professor Millen, you will earn a frank relationship with me. You will not assume it.

Sergeant Freers, I'm appointing you senior officer in charge in the Inspector's absence.

That's good.

Which brings us to the elephant in the room, so to speak.

Now, I have no doubt that the allegations against the Inspector are false, but there are some people upstairs who would like her out for good.

So, if you truly care about bringing the Inspector back, you will maintain clear blue water between Deering and the Attah case.

No cross contamination.

sh1t. Sorry.

Aiden McGee has just assaulted Nora Attah.

Mrs Attah, I'm Sergeant Freers.

I know who you are.

Sergeant Joy Freers.

You are the porcelain one.

The ambitious one, the smart one, and single.

How is life after Deering?

No more mummy to boss you around, eh? And no more glass ceiling.

Mrs Attah, do you intend on making allegations against Aiden McGee or not?

Maybe you and me can sort this out.


I'll stand, thank you.

Two months ago, a woman died in childbirth in my community.

They said it was complications.

The police said community matters, but... no.

She was cut here, by a woman who flies in every summer, because your so-called laws on FGM are too soft a touch.

You will catch the cutter for me.

Why... Why don't you catch her yourself?

You've got the skills.

All I have is her name.

Aliah Battah. You, Sergeant Freers, have an army.

No, I'm sorry, Mrs Attah, but... I can't trust you.

Then I go to the press, I tell them I gave you a lead on the first FGM prosecution on UK soil and you told me to catch her yourself.

Find me the circumciser, and Aiden McGee will not be touched.


OK, you asked for it.

Your cutter has just flashed up on a passenger manifest fight from Amsterdam. Lands right now.

You're serious? Viv has been suspended, the case has been pulled, now you're taking tip-offs from Nora?

Dinah, stay in the now, yeah?

Sorry, the now's gone f*cking berserk, Joy.

Nora couldn't give two sh1ts about the cutter.

She's stalling, to cover for Manni, to stop us from pinning Roland Berry on him, and you're falling for it.

Look, Lickberg said, "Don't touch the Attahs, and keep Viv out of it."

Which part of that don't you understand?

All of it. Sorry, I don't buy any of this.

Thank you. Spike, would you bring the cutter in as soon as she steps foot in the arrival lounge?

Dinah, you'll go with him.

If she asks, tell her I went with you.

What? No, no. Don't do that. No, no.

Just keep your lips sealed.

Good luck with the cutter.

Oi, don't...

This is a sh1t day.

I thought I was cross contaminated. A pox.

You are.

So, how is life up Lickberg's Creek?

Oh, Ma'am, it's...

Don't give me that. Joy, breathe. Breathe.

He's a lot safer here now than he would be at home.

And I invited him -- what's your excuse?

How many have you had?

This is my first.

Ma'am, upstairs are trying to get you sacked.


And the case is about to collapse.

Viv! Viv, open up, it's me!

This is worse than Trumpton.

I'll have to hide.


Because I told her none of us could see you.


Oh, God.

Joy -- being such a head girl.

The whole building's f*cked.

But I'm going to get you back.


I'll quiz the witness. I don't care if she's a headmistress, that's exactly why Nora chose her.

She's got something on her.

I'll find it.

I've missed you.

Where is she?

Dye Hard Hairdressers.

Two hours he kept me cooking.

If it's not Manni that gets me, it'll be skin cancer.

Wait. Joy?

It's not Joy, love. It's Deering.

Listen, talk to me, brave girl. Tell me everything.

Double standards.

And when Manni got back, he reeked of bleach.

Why bleach?

Don't know. Michael Jackson fan?

And I got the number of the cab driver.

OK, now, send that to me. To my phone, not this one, yeah?

Yeah, cross my heart, not the other bit.

Over and out. Sending now.

Joy, there's no argument.


Upstairs want Viv sacked.

So, who do you think they're going to believe?

Viv, or the honourable headmistress with no reason to lie?

Let me dig.

Your call, Sergeant. I mean, I wouldn't want you to do anything that I wouldn't do for you.

Oh, God.


But no Roland Berry, and no Attahs. Deal?

I'm suspended. Deal.


You brought Aiden here?

Shoo. Go on.

You were never here.



Oh, good girl, Donna.

Hiya. Can I get a cab, please?


What are you doing?

Do you mind if I, um... I sit in the front?

I do now.

I'm sorry to hear it.

I'll call the police.

I am the police.

Now, you will remember taking a young black kid carting a ton of bleach to a location that you may or may not have been to many times before.

Have you ever seen these kids before?

Pick them up? Drop them off?

You are going to take me there right now or I will make sure that you are caught up in something very, very grubby.


This interview is under caution.

You're here voluntarily. You may leave at any time.

Mrs Bata, we have information that you are here to perform FGM on underage girls.



Your passport says you've been all over Europe last week.

One night in each --P amplona, Cologne, Amsterdam.

I sell perfume.

What is the purpose of this visit?


I have this friend, a widower -- he has a house in the Lakes, we go for long walks.

Fresh air.

You're staying with your friend?

I stay in the hotel.

Which one?

The Hilton.

Mrs Bata, do you recognise her?

She was 17, recently married, died in labour due to complications because of FGM.

Did the child survive?


Was it a boy?


Then it is God's will.

(Jesus Christ.)

Imagine, Sergeant Freers, that you had a black friend.

I don't have to imagine.

You both want it to remain more beautiful, tighter.

Together, you go to Harley Street to get exactly the same operation.

You walk out with your perfect v*g1n*.

Your black girlfriend, she cannot.

The doctors, they are scared.

"FGM is illegal", they say.

"It is butchering."

If FGM is illegal, then you must imprison those rich, white cutters in Harley Street, too.

But they don't dare.


Because a nice, white, tight v*g1n* is big business.

It's the underage consent thing that really trips us up.

Let's go down to the synagogue and ask the little white boys what's left of their cocks.

You are married, Detective?

Do you have children?

I have three girls.


My condolences!

Mrs Bata, thank you.


It's been a pleasure.

Here, keep it.

So, what? We do her for country walks?

There's nothing.

Yes, there is.

She had a limo she didn't know the number to to cancel, she didn't know what hotel she was staying in. Someone's arranged this for her. She's insulted you, my wife, my kids.

We're having her. Let me phone the hotel.

Yes, do it.

I don't grass my customers up, ever.

Get out.


So I went to Aaliyah Bata's hotel and it was booked under her name, but it was pre-paid for by this doctor.

He runs a cosmetic surgery and then we think he might be Aaliyah's fixer.


Well, we need you to go to the doctor's undercover to try and get in on the invite list.

Will you do it?

I don't get it, Sarge.

How come I get the golden ticket?

Well... erm...


About it...

Well, it's... um...

Very good!

So, tell me about your daughter.

She's 14.

She's into languages.


Yes, she wanted to be an interpreter for big, important people, but she's got too many opinions herself, so now SHE just wants to be a big, important person.

Have a seat.


Well, um...

My job is pretty full-on.

She's not happy at the school she's in.

And what do you do?

I'm... a nurse.

I spend my day mopping up other people's sh1t.

Are you all right?

Yes. Yes, fine.


Yes, it's just, well... It's hard.

Juggling stuff.

You know.

I'm sure you've got a family.

I honestly don't think I could do this job if I did.

This school is my family. and we're here to help yours.

Here's a prospectus.

We'd love to meet your daughter.

And tell her I'm not retiring until a pupil of mine becomes Prime Minister.

So, I understand you're getting married.



What's the problem?

Well, Raki, my fiance, he's got certain... expectations, Doctor.

Sorry, I'm not quite following.

Raki's mother and sisters, they're kind of old school.

They've all been... done.


And it's going to be a deal-breaker if they find out that the proof is not in the pudding, so to speak.

God, I'm so ashamed.

What is it exactly you want me to do?

I NEED to be circumcised.

This practice does not condone... the surgery you require.

Well, I've got money.

I just need doing know, like, right now.

So it's all healed up in time.

See, what you're asking for is illegal.

I'm sorry.


Yes, Doctor?

Hey. Anything?

She's on 70 grand a year, no family, no kids, nothing for Nora to squeeze.

"Ling-Long's. Get here."

Come on, let's go.

Let's go!

Cheers, Jing. Ooh -- over here!

Jing, can you get us a couple of forks for Sweet and Sour here?

I'll let you work out which is which.

Tofu and aubergine, only f*cking great.

Tell me you did not bring us all the way out here for the tofu?

You got bigger fish to fry?

She's found it.

Found what?

Roland Berry said he could smell Chinese food in the room Manni brought him to. Ma'am!

How did you find this place?

Got a tip-off from my hairdresser.


I trailed Manni here, carrying a batch of bleach.

Now, I've found the bottles outside and the level upstairs stinks.

Whatever is behind that door is either Roland Berry, or it's going to lead us to him.

So what we need to do is figure out how to get in.


f*ck me! What was that?


I just felt something brush my leg.


So did I.

Did you?

No, I didn't.


Jing! By your feet. A rat.

Out the kitchen.

What? No rat!

Look, Joy! Over there.

I just saw him. He scurried in that hole. It's this door.

'Kin 'ell, is that bleach?

Smell the bleach. Can you smell it now? Jing?

Yeah, bleach. But no rat.

Sarge, permission to kick it down?

Do I have a choice?

No rat.

Sir, can you call 101 and tell them that you can smell bleach coming from upstairs and you got suspicious.


Anyone got a quid?

Hey! You kept me in the dark.

Where you needed to be.

You put Donna in danger.

I... did... not.

She's fine.

There's nothing else here, just kitchen, bathroom, that's it.

Are you two OK?

It's the bleach.

The fumes.

Call them -- tell them no rookies.

We're going to need his very best.


I need a break, I'm spunking sweat.


'Hi, is that Miss Khan?'

Oh, Doctor! Sorry, I've just been... chasing my nephew round the garden.

(Who is it?)

'I think I know somebody who can help you.'

It'll cost you 2,000.

'If you can be at 7 Sovereign Court, 5pm?'

Bring a present.

You can wrap the cash inside it.

'Thanks very much, then.'

We're in.


Nothing. Zip. Manni has doused every inch of every surface with bleach.

There's no trace of anything.

It's a wonder this whole flat hasn't dissolved.

I think my pipes have.

Well, something's happened here, else why else would he bother? OCD?

Heads-up. We're all sacked.

I'll handle this.

No, you can't.


Ma'am, this isn't what you think.

No, ma'am, it's me. I'm shopping around for a new apartment.

What do you think? Too Gothic?

So, there I am after an epic fail with the superintendent and I realise that my sergeant has vanished.

I made them come here, Christine.

They had no choice.

Explain yourselves.

Ma'am, we believe this is the flat that Manni brought Roland Berry to.

He's bleached every surface to hide what he did, but we're certain of it.

Oh, are you?

And what do you have? Prints?

DNA? Any sign of Roland Berry?

Now I have no choice.

From this...

Ma'am, wait.

I know you need to say it, I know we probably deserve it, but just humour me, yeah, for one last dance.

Right, so this is a bachelor pad, yeah? Got the mini fridge, the booze, acres of sofa, big telly, there's no wife, no kids, there's just you, your dick, and whoever else you fancy. So... what kind of alien hangs his big telly THERE?

I mean, THAT is where you hang your big telly, facing the sofa, not over your bloody bed.

Yeah, come on, this is bullshit.

Right, what we need now is for you to smoke a peace pipe for a moment and a crowbar please, Dinah.

No. Categorically no.

Ma'am, if there is something behind that wall...

Even if there is, this whole case is tainted.

It won't stand.

No, it will, Ma'am.

We can make it work.


Constable, pass him a crowbar.

Thank you. Right, heave-ho.

f*ck's sake. Quid!

Got it!

I've been sore. It hasn't quite...

Do you know what? I'm fine.

It's just... It's just a bit sore.

OK, who's this guy?


What's Miller's ETA on the identification of the body?

He says if he cashes in every favour he's got, four hours.

Dinah... Send Spike to Kim Garvey.

If he finds out that Roland Berry's dead, he might finally talk.

Vivenne, I cannot make this sail with you in the building.

You have to leave now. Please, just leave.

Chief Inspector...

Manni left the house on foot and something's not right.

There was a row with a taxi driver.

Photo's blurry, but we got the licence plate.

Yeah, J68 KJF.

Taz, was he... was he fifties, paunchy?


Inspector, I just told you...

It's the cab driver who took me round to the flat.

If he's shown up, then Manni knows that we've found Roland's body.

Send all units to detain him.

Oh, for f*ck's sake, Christine, this is Christmas dinner.

Timing's everything.

Just leave.

No, just listen to her.

He won't be able to do anything without his mother.

If we keep her close, then we can find Manni.

Go to Nora, get her involved.

Beg her for help with the cutter case, and don't let her out of your sight.

Christine, don't resent my experience.

Claim it. I'm out.

Don't forget to manage up.

What's this?

It's this.

Above the left tit, Viv.

The tattoo.

Oh, Christ.

A butterfly.

Us again.

You should get us a key cut.

Manni is not here.

Oh, we're not here about your son, Mrs Attah.

We're here about the cutter. May we come in?

Thank you.

So, we know who the cutter is and when they're going to do it.

Then arrest her.

For the charge to hold, we need to catch her red-handed.

So you're sending that one in?

Too much mouth.

Looks like a slut.

Hey! You know what?

Tegan, please.

Nah, f*ck her. We don't need her.

I'll just take my badge between my legs, open them up and say, "You're nicked". Come on!

Let's go.

A woman that would do this would never talk like you.

Yeah, and I'm proud of that.

See them out.

All right.

I need your help.


I need you to tell me what to say when we get in there.

My help?

My mum was white. I never knew my dad.

I'm a really lame Asian.

I mean, I can't stand spicy food.

I know more about Lord Of The Rings than I do my own culture.

I don't know what knickers to wear or if it's going to be game over if I've got a shaven haven or not.

And I can't afford to bluff, not on this.

I'll just get my phone.

Miss Pakowska.

You can't just...

Actually, it's Kowalska.

Detective Kowalska. I think you know my boss.

We've never properly met.

'Some women who survive, they turn the tattoos into butterflies, because they can't look in the mirror. But not me. I look and I say, "I am the transformation."'

Turn it off.

We were trafficked together.

I hadn't seen her in years until she showed up.

Sat right where you are, telling me what she needed me to do.

Showed photos she'd kept of me as a prostitute.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Don't be.

These kids, Miranda, Nora, she made them her slaves.

They died.

So with what she did to you, if you can make a statement, we can charge her for perverting the course of justice.

I can't.

I... I can't.


And if you don't... she's just going to keep on doing this.

The bug is in the locket.

Now, you wait until she holds the scalpel and then you ask...

"Will it hurt?"


So, will there be any other women going underneath the knife?

You will be the only woman.

If the cutter is smart, she will do you first.

Remember, you are afraid of the person you were and you are afraid of the person you will become.

If you make me want to cross my legs any more, you're not going to get me up the driveway.


Good luck.


This way.

'Is that for me?'

Nod. Don't talk.

Just what I wanted.

'Leave us a moment, please.'

'So you fly out for your wedding next month?'

And your mother-in-law's going to examine you?

'Can I see a picture of the lucky man?'


'You're a lucky woman.'

Often, women who come to see me are broken.


Look at me. You don't look desperate.

'Why are you here?'

She does not want to feel like a butcher.

Make her feel like your saviour.

Tell her you want to do right by your husband.


I... I want to do right by my husband.

'Tell her your husband deserves you clean.'

And your husband deserves me clean...

My husband?

Sorry, no, no. My. My husband.

'Tell her you want to be pure.'

I want to be pure.

'You want to give your husband a son.'

I want...

I want to give him a son.

Very good.

'You can change now.'


'Scores are in. It's Roland Berry, no question.

'And it's Manni's DNA he's been marinating.

'We've got him.'

Look, can you... can you just take me off your list, please?

I'm not interested.


'This way, please.'

It's OK.

Just here.

Will it...?


It's happening. Move, move!

Keep her still.


I will make you the mother of sons.

Police! Nobody move!


You OK?


I've put a force-wide observation for Manni Attah.


You need to hear this.

I'll make a statement.

In my office.

Your Crown Prosecution Service won't have the courage to press charges against me.

I'll walk it.

No, you won't, cos it's not little kids you're slashing, scared to dob in their mums.

It's me.

You OK?


'Joy, we've got her. The headmistress has just signed a statement accusing Nora of perverting the course of justice. Arrest her.'


Sorry, kid. Never meant to push your buttons last time.

Truth is... you scare the hell out of me.

Cos all that that you're carrying around inside of you, I still carry around inside me.

But all that sh1t, you can lance it.

You... can have whatever you want.

And what do I want? Huh?

People who love you.


We found Roland's body... above the Chinese restaurant.

Been buried in plaster, behind the wall.

Everything that Manni promised is a lie.

That's all he's ever done.

f*ck you!

Listen to me, look at me.

You can come back from this.

Just leave me alone.

I swear to God, you can be loved.

I swear to God.

He told me to take Roland there and I did.

He told me to wait outside, and I did what...

I didn't know! I didn't...

I know, I know.

You don't know! Get off me!

You don't know.

Right? There's more.

I'm back!

They didn't have any Calpol, but they did have Bombay mix and rum, 50% proof.


Don't hurt us.

Babies love me.

Come on, Manni, don't waste your time.

Where we going?

I'm your driver, remember.

Ma'am, I've frozen their passports.

And we've put out an all ports notification.

Make sure it is circulated force wide.

Thank f*ck it's Friday Street.

I want word out, to all informants, from Dover to Inverness.

The Attahs are going to lay low, but they're going to stick close to a get out.

Welcome back.

Declench, Christine.

I won't be making you fling my badge back over the desk, so long as you give me carte blanche to paint this town red, white and blue.

Granted, Inspector.


Right, Joy. Let's de-shit the fan.


You coming to save the day again, or what?

One sec. Save me a seat.

Cath, can I call you back?

He's taken her! He's taken Donna!

Cathy, breathe. Who?

Manni Attah!

What? When?

A minute ago.

What the f*ck does he want with my sister?

Get round to Cathy's, bring her here, right now.

Cathy, sit tight.

We'll find her.

Manni Attah's just taken Donna from Cathy's house and driven away in Donna's car.

What's that? What do you know?

I'll handle it.

Well, talk to me. Viv?


Will one of you f*cking talk to me?

Hello, Dye Hard Hairdressers.

Hi, it's Donna.

I'm going to have to cancel that six o'clock, I'm stuck in traffic.

Are you sure?

Can you not make it seven o'clock?

No, the whole day has gone.

Hang up!

She's with Manni. She's in trouble.

Donna, I have spent all day listening to Sergeant Freers' voice.

And when the cab driver spoke to me, Donna... I knew nobody else could know about the bleach.

I really want to hear what you have to say.

What's the matter? You don't have enough secrets to keep?

I know where Nora draws the line, but you?

Dinah, she was in Nora's orbit and we needed a lead.


She was our only way in.

And if you can't see that then, then that's your problem.

Always has been.

And, Ma'am, you should have told her.

You owed her that.

No, you know what? I can't do this any more.

We finish this... I'm done.

Find her.

Do exactly what my boy tells you... or we throw your niece in the road.


You know what to do.


Ma'am, Kim Garvey's talked.

You won't believe what he has to say.

And neither will Nora.

What the hell have they done to her?

Why did you have to use Donna?

Lives were in danger.

Yeah, well they are now, Dinah!

I find him, you get her, if you let me walk away.

You've no way of controlling her movements.

It's the only chance we've got!

Where is Donna?


Code red security alert.

Get 'em out, get 'em all out.

Back the f*ck away.

Clean shot.

Take it!