03x01 - Girl Meets High School: Part One

This is it!

High school!

We're gonna own this place!

This is it!

High school!

We're gonna own this place!

You know, I'm glad we're here together, Isadora.

It gives me a feeling which I can only describe as...


Isadora, Farkle finding the one and only Smackle lets me know the universe has order and our existence is not just random coincidence.

Hello, random coincidence ladies!

I thought they were you!


What if we don't own this place?

Maya, life wouldn't do that.

We're us.

Us are in Jurassic Park.

Come on, they're just people in high school.

You know who goes to our high school?


I heard that even the best of friendships can come apart in high school.

But that couldn't happen to us, right?

Promise me that no matter what happens, we will always stick together.

(Bell rings)


We're gonna own this place!

(Theme music playing)

♪ I've been waiting ♪
♪ For a day like this to come ♪
♪ Struck like lightning ♪
♪ My heart's beating like a drum ♪
♪ On the edge of something wonderful ♪
♪ Face-to-face with changes ♪
♪ What's it all about? ♪
♪ Life is crazy ♪
♪ But I know I can work it out ♪
♪ 'Cause I got you to live it with me ♪
♪ I feel all right I'm gonna take on the world ♪
♪ Light up the stars I've got some pages to turn ♪
♪ I'm singing "Go-o-o" ♪
♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
♪ Take on the world Take on the world ♪
♪ Take on the world ♪
♪ Take on the world Take on the world ♪
♪ Take on the world ♪

Look! A patriot.

We're Abigail Adams Patriots.

We're just as much a part of this place as anybody else.

Get in the hole.

Of course get in the hole.

What are you?

I'm Riley.

What are you?

She's my best friend, and we can do without the attitude, madam.

What'd you call us?

I'm gonna probably need help now.

You're spunky.

You know what I'm gonna call you?


And what are you, Spunky?

Her name is Maya. And you can call me Lucas.

You wanna know what I am?

I'm as strong as a horse.

I don't know how. I just am.

Yeah, he's not even with us.

When my friends tell you to do something, you do what they say.

This hallway here is for people who have earned it.

Why are you doing this?

You wanna hear your freshman song?

Oh, we have a freshman song.

I want to hear our freshman song.

I think you don't.

Seniors: ♪ Oh, we have come to Abigail ♪
♪ With innocence of soul ♪
♪ And what we are is freshmen ♪
♪ So, we go into the... ♪
♪ Hole ♪
♪ Hole ♪

It's beautiful.


You know, it's not so bad down here.

You're already down there?

Oh, I saw how this was going.

♪ Oh, we have come to Abigail ♪

(Riley continues singing)

We were kings.

Yeah, that's over.

Do it.


You know we're not gonna stay down here, right?

You guys know as soon you leave, we're just gonna go to class.

Oh, we want you to go to class.

But spend your free time down here because of what Spunky said.

What, "We were kings"?

Yeah. In middle school, you were.

We all were.

Right now, you're not. We are.

We walk anywhere we want and you don't.

Why? Because you say so?


Now get down there, little buddy.

You'll know when to come out.

This is a service we perform.

You don't have to thank us.

Yeah, trust me, we won't.

Trust me, you will.

If there's nothing else, we wish you good day.

Good luck in high school.

I'm sorry we're in here, guys.

It's not your fault, Lucas.

You can't protect us.

I used to.

Is there a big difference between first grade and second grade?

No. It's two plus two, C-A-T, red, blue, green, nap time, juice. You're good.

That was preschool.

You're in a dream world, lady.

Stop growing up.

You're my baby.

Why do you kids grow up so fast?

My mother and father are fighting again.

I'm sorry, Ava.

We'll take you to school, okay?

Thanks. Sign this.



Sorry, I'm his mommy lawyer.

Yeah-huh, yeah-huh. He's not signing it!

Why not?

Because it says who gets what if your marriage doesn't work.

What does she get?


What do I get?

The boxes everything came in.



Wait. Our marriage doesn't work?

I was just going along all dumb and happy.

I put the best two years of my life into this thing.

(Whining) Where am I gonna find somebody else at my age?

Ava, you've been hearing things, haven't you?


Ava, is there a chance you're not mad at me but at something else going on in your life?

Good morning and welcome to World History.

Who's ready to learn?

What's that on the board?

Cory: "We were Kings. Now we're Patriots."

Why does it say that? It's cryptic.

You can't teach us cryptic.

What are you trying to get away with? Huh?

I'll be right back.

Student: Mm.

What's her name?

What's your name?



Marly sees right through me.

Just keep on teaching about our lives, and she'll come around.

Abigail Adams was the wife of John Adams and the mama of Johnny Q.


They were quite the historical triangle.




And I'll tell you that the one thing they understood about this brand-new nation was to stick together because every direction they turned was brand-new, undiscovered country.

I am an Abigail Adams Patriot.

How? We don't even get to walk in the hallways.

Lucas, these seniors are older and more experienced than us, and I think that they're trying to help.

Riley, they're making fun of us and we're letting it happen.

But most of all, these patriots knew to remain loyal to each other because their survival depended on it in a dangerous, new land.

Riley, we don't even know our way around the school yet.

Why would we just park ourselves in a hole?

Okay, so you just want to throw us into whatever goes on in this place and just see what happens?

Yes, because you know what I call that? Normal.

Let me see if I get how you teach.

My boyfriend and I get into a fight...


I was talking about you.

Uh, me? Why?

Are we fighting?

Oh, I don't know.

Let's go to the weird, undefined area between the two floors and talk about it.

We are fighting.

You have to fight with him exactly as much!

But I don't know what he...

Do it!



Huh-hurr! Huh-hurr!


Huh-hurr huh-hurr! Huh-hurr!

Who misses middle school?

Okay, school's over. Can we go home now?

Who wants a hug?

Stop with that!

This is not how I'm gonna live my high school life.

What if there's a good reason the seniors wanted us here?

What if it's to teach us something?

What if you just have too much faith in people?

What if I have exactly the right amount of faith in people?


How am I a triangle with that?

Okay, you know what? That's it.

I'm going to look around. Come on, Zay.

They left?

Maybe they have the right idea.

Yeah, I don't know what we're supposed to be learning down here.

Okay, everybody!

Follow me!

Undiscovered country in every direction.


I think this may just turn out fine.

(Footsteps approaching)

You're in our spot.

This is where we sit.

In the window?

And you guys talk about life?

No. We sit in the window...

And go like this.


What's your name?

Lucas. And these are my...

How would you like to be called?

Uh, girlfriend.

And how would you like to be called?

Girlfriend equally as much.

Hi, my name is Zay.

I'm completely available.


It's complicated.

You know what's not complicated?



Well, I'm sure you're all adorable together.

And thanks for being a distraction until the football team finished practice.

I'm trying out for football.

Yeah? Good luck to you.

You're the football players in high school?

Hey, that's great.

You're the cheerleaders in high school?

Hey, that's great.

The scientists here are gigantic.

So you guys decided to come upstairs, huh?

You think you're ready for the big time?

Maybe not just yet.

This is all your fault!


What is?

Things are going bad, man.

We need somebody to blame.

I am also feeling these emotions!

We've fallen on hard times, Matthews.

Fix it, sir.

Bravo. (Chuckles)

Wonderful performance.

Shall we begin again?

Lovely. What shall we do differently?

Well, um, this time, I think I'd like to go first.

Oh, by all means! In five, four, three...

You did this!


I was fine in middle school!

I could've gone on there forever, talking about whatever I wanted, and you suckers believed everything I said!

But you had to bring me here.

I gotta teach stuff now!

That is not why I got into this!

Did you prepare us?


Did you prepare us for this?

We're not important, Matthews.

You always made us feel important.

You never prepared us to be unimportant, and now we don't know what to do.

You didn't even go to our school!

But I'm here now and I catch on fast.

I wanna be in the triangle!


What'd I say?

We're not kings anymore.

The seniors are the kings.

Are they good kings?


We don't know that yet. We don't know their reasoning.

They don't have a reason, Riley.

They're just putting us in a hole.

Riley's looking for the best in people, right?

Yes. Would you tell her to stop?

What's the matter, Lucas?

It's not so easy to protect 'em anymore, right?

Don't look at me.

All right.

Let's see what we got.

They want you to stay down here?

Until we think we're ready to leave.

Well, why would they pick just you guys out?

Because we're freshmen and they think that we're easy targets.

Yeah, but there's a whole class of freshmen.

Why do you think they picked out just you?

They said that we'd thank them for this.

We're never thanking them.

Dad, would you tell him that there's a purpose here?

Mr. Matthews, will you please tell her that they were messing with us?

This is on me.

Mm? What?

You were kids.

I taught you to always look for the lessons that life is trying to teach you.

Now you're not kids.

It's day one in a bigger world.

You've asked me if I've prepared you for it.

We'll see.

It's not just a hole.

What is it then?

You don't have to get angry.

I am angry, Riley.

This isn't how I want to start high school.

I want to walk anywhere I want.

I want to go out for the football team.

Lucas, you'll get killed on the football team.



That's what you think?

So, you'll put your faith in some random seniors you just met, but you don't have faith in me?

I don't think that they're random.

I don't think that anything that ever happens to us is random.

Sometimes you are just too much for me, Riley.

Guys, can we just calm down?

This isn't who we are.


Who are we?

I better... You... you know, this is when he does something.

You guys are the geniuses.

You got this all figured out?

Your dad's right.

You do always look for the good in people, Riley.

You were a great leader in middle school, Riley.

You always made us believe the world loved us.

This just isn't the same world.

What if this one just doesn't love us as much?

No matter how optimistic you are, Riley, I think this time, you just led us down a hole.

You sure you still wanna know me?


Can I move in with you?

It's only fair.

You were gonna move in with me and Auggie someday.

Ava, things aren't any better with your parents?

Tell me the truth.

Is this my fault?


Of course not.

No, of course not.

Ava, sometimes people just don't get along, even when they really love each other.

They don't seem like they love each other very much right now.

Thank you for sitting with me, Auggie.

Thank you for sitting with me, Topanga.

You're being real grown-up about this.

Growing up is hard.

You're being a real baby about this.

High school is hard.


I miss first grade.

Life was easier then.

I am right here for you, Auggie.

Thank you, Mom.

Why do people fight?

Because people grow, Ava.

And when you grow, you change.

Like from first grade to second grade?

Or from middle school to high school.

Or moms and dads, because they change too.

What do I do?

You hope for the best in people.

I teach that to everybody I care about.

Even when things seem real bad?

Even when it seems like you're standing in a hole.

You're a good teacher, aren't you?

Stupid Marly doesn't think so.

Well, she's wrong.

I'm gonna go back home and hope for the best.

Good luck, honey.

So you goin' back in tomorrow?

(Door opens)


(Door closes)

I'm gonna hope for the best.

You keep doing what you do, Cory.

You sure, Topanga?

I've always been sure.

Except for four times.

It may have been more than four times.

It's definitely more than four times.

It was 50,000 times.

I can't think.

I know.

They're not gonna show up, are they?


We do our homework here every night together.


They're actually upset with me.

The fight I had with Lucas was real.

Is this happening?

It's the first day of high school and we thought that we were so ready.

I told you we shouldn't go.

Friendships can come apart in high school.

I guess I just never thought that it could actually really happen to us.

How stupid was I to trust people I don't even know?

Senior: Not stupid.


Why would you guys do this to us?

Our friends left, you know.

Yeah, that's what happens.

People leave.

So, what, you're following us now?

No. (Chuckles)

You're following us, actually.

Yeah, we're in here all of the time.

This is our place.

How come we never noticed you?

Because you guys have been stuck in your own little world all this time.

Now you want to grow up and join ours?

You guys have to stop and look around more.

That's why we put you down there.

Don't jump so fast. Look around.

Are you guys good people or are you just messing with us?

Just tell us that.

Well, we're definitely messing with you.

But we like to believe we're good people.

You know, you guys will just have to figure that out, okay?

Not okay.

I don't believe in you.

But I do believe in her.

Thanks for coming.

Hope you find another project.


Look, I spoke to everybody.

I know we were supposed to be here.

Everyone is just a little upset.

You know, you kind of ruined our first day of high school.

So, we all just did our homework at home tonight.

Farkle, I'm upset with you.

And I'm upset with you.

This is how a real fight begins.

No, I actually think we're in one right now.

Hey, we're not the ones who made high school harder than we thought it was gonna be.

And we're not the ones who trusted complete strangers.

I believe in people, Farkle, and you know that.

Maybe this will teach you not to.


You tell them that it doesn't matter if you think standing in a hole is stupid.

What matters is us, Farkle.

We don't leave.

And I'm gonna go back in that stupid hole tomorrow, and I don't know what I'm going to learn.

Because I believe that I'm gonna come out knowing more than I do now.

And I hope I'm making the right choice, Farkle.

I hope my friends will be there right with me.

You tell them that.

They'll come.

They'll be here.

(Bell rings)

He left.

My dad left.

Ava, I'm so sorry.

I've been speaking with your mom.

It's just me and her now.

I can't believe it.

I'll help you.

Thanks, but I don't think you can.

Who can I talk to who knows how to do this?

I just heard.

What happens next, Maya?

When people you've loved all of your life suddenly decide to leave?

Well, you sit by yourself for a while and you'll try to figure it out.

And you'll blame yourself.

But it isn't your fault.

You probably won't believe that, though, and you'll think you did something wrong, but... you didn't.

It isn't your fault.

Most of all... you stay with your best friend.

People make their own decisions.

And sometimes, they decide to go away for a while.

And sometimes, it takes time to understand why.

It isn't your fault.