03x05 - Girl Meets Triangle

Why are we back down here in the hole?

Maybe, if we remember where we came from, we'll appreciate how far we've come.

That's real deep. You miss watching the shoes, don'tcha?

So much.

Like 'em!

Riles, it's possible that these here high schoolers may not appreciate your delightful quirkiness.

But you do.


(Gasps) Love 'em!

You're better than that, Naomi.

People don't like it when you give them good advice.

Wanna know what we're gonna do now?

We're gonna go to class now. That's how embarrassed I am.

You're right. Academics are the number one priority in high school.

(Phone beeps)

He's breaking up with me by text?

Who does that?

Who does that?

Who does that?

(Many phones beeping)

Methinks it's possible high school isn't only about our studies.

Is it just me, or is everybody up here a tad on the dramatic side today?


(Crying loudly)

(Plays Jazz saxophone)

Somewhere safe?

Let's run.

(Girls sobbing)

You knew Jake and I used to date.

I did know it.

I actually went after him just for that reason.

I didn't even like him.

I just wanted to make you feel bad.

(Girl crying) This stall is taken for my emotions.

What is going on here?

It's Breakup Monday, you two baby butterflies.

Butterflies. She knows us, Maya.

Who you calling butterflies?

We are proud middle-school survivors.

Middle school. A clear lake of untroubled spring water.

High school is a bathroom full of these train-wrecks.

Is it just me, or is everybody up here a tad on the dramatic side today?


Oh, she's here.

You seem very wise. What is your name?

I'm Sage.

Oh, come on.

What's Breakup Monday, Sage?

In high school, you'll start going to Friday night parties.

Someone will smile at you, you'll smile back, you are in love.

Love is forever.

Love is till Monday.

Who hurt you?

Why Monday?

So everyone can have a full week of drama until the next party.


Because they love that more.

(Sobbing) Alan!

Yeah. Alan!

Why would anybody love this?

We would never put ourselves in a position of drama.

Explain your current situation.

I like a boy.

I like the same boy.

Your friendship is over.

That could never happen to us.

Why not?

Because there's no friendship like ours.

I can't believe we were ever best friends.

But we are best friends, Peaches.



Stupid rings are for stupid girls who haven't grown up.

Well, I've grown up.


Girl: Nice shot.

I wish I never knew you.

I wish you never crawled through my bedroom window.

Well, that could be anybody.



Yeah, this ain't about the weather.

You like the same boy.

You have to make a decision.

(Theme music playing)

♪ I've been waiting ♪
♪ For a day ♪
♪ Like this to come ♪
♪ Struck like lightning ♪
♪ My heart's beating like a drum ♪
♪ On the edge ♪
♪ Of something wonderful ♪
♪ Face to face with changes ♪
♪ What's it all about? ♪
♪ Life is crazy ♪
♪ But I know ♪
♪ I can work it out ♪
♪ 'Cause I got you ♪
♪ To live it with me ♪
♪ I feel all right, I'm gonna take on the world ♪
♪ Light up the stars, I've got some pages to turn ♪
♪ I'm singing "Go-o-o" ♪
♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
♪ Take on the world, take on the world ♪
♪ Take on the world ♪
♪ Take on the world, take on the world ♪
♪ Take on the world ♪

We need to make a decision.

You've been to the bathroom, haven't you?

I'm never going back in there. I don't care what happens.

Farkle and I have let this go on too long.

It's 'cause your pain is hilarious to us.

But we're not gonna lose each other over this.

What if someone gets hurt?

Oh, somebody's getting hurt. But I've been saying all along, if you guys aren't gonna be honest with each other, everybody gets hurt.

(Bell rings)

Yay, school's over.

Nope, we have art class.

That's the one I like.

That's the one that likes you.

What's the one I don't like?

All of the other ones.

That's the one.

Art class. This is you, Maya.

Today, we finish our first paintings, and Mr. Jackson gets to see how talented you are.

I hope so, Riles.

And you, too.


I'm just hoping to create a positive working relationship with him.

What is that, a cat?

And it's over.

The assignment was to paint a photorealistic representation...

Uh-huh, uh-huh.

...of the benches in Central Park.

Nothing changes.

You painted a cat.

The cat's on a bench!

I don't see the bench.

I will cut my ear off right now.

Well, I admire your passion, Ms. Matthews.

If I'm any kind of a teacher, I'll get you to keep both your ears, and I will teach you there's a world beyond purple cats.

Stop it.

Besides, art is not my thing.

Art is her thing.

Take a look at that.


That is not who you are.

I mean, what is that, splotches?

You threw some paint on there, did you?

What is this supposed to be, I wonder?

"What is this supposed to be, I wonder?"

Is that how you address genius?

I painted what I'm feeling. What's wrong with that?

What's wrong with it is I don't know what you're trying to say.

What are you trying to say?

I don't know.

I think you do.

What are you trying to say?

She has plenty to say.

Good, start talking. Why'd you deviate from the assignment?

I... I didn't mean to.

Of course she meant to. Maya does what Maya wants.

Maya does what Maya wants because she's a true artist.

Why'd you pick that bench?

I don't know. I just did.

Well, clearly, it influenced you.

What are your influences, Ms. Hart?

Why are you the way you are?

When I look at this picture, this is what comes out.

I'm sorry you don't like it.

What? Maya, no, you're not sorry.

Since when have you been sorry about anything?

Mr. Jackson, she's a rebel, and you're going to love her.

Ms. Matthews, I'm sure Ms. Hart can speak for herself.

Come on. Who are your influences?

What do you mean?

Artists have influences.

Sometimes those influences can help them to discover their own unique voice.

And sometimes those influences, eh, turn you into a copycat.

Maya isn't influenced by anybody.

Are you?

Whatever you say.

Uh-huh. Because... you'll never be a true artist unless you're true to yourself.

So, who are you?

She dances on teachers' desks, she's the queen of detention, she's the president of Mayaville.

Yeah, remember that?

Yeah, Maya, that seems like a long time ago.

It does.

Maybe, I don't know who I am yet.

Well, you're gonna need to know if you want to succeed in this class, understood?

Maya has always known who Maya is.

Yeah? I can't tell from this.

Because of that, I'm not gonna give it a grade right now.

I'm gonna call it... incomplete.

'Cause that's what this says about you.

What just happened in art?

Forget that. We need to figure out this Lucas thing.

Forget that, we need to figure out this Maya thing.

What... There's no Maya thing. I'm the same Maya I've always been.

The Maya you've always been would take nothing from nobody.

He went after your art.

Maya, your art is who you are.

The guy went after who you are.

Do you think it should just be us who decides about Lucas?

Why do you keep on changing the subject? The subject is you.

Because I think that Lucas should decide too.

I think it should be all of us.

I'm going to take Lucas.


What are you gonna do about it?

I liked him first, he's my boyfriend, and I don't think that you should have anything to do with him.

What are you gonna do about that?

Now that I've heard you say it, do you think I've been selfish?


You can't have him, he's mine.

What are you gonna do about that?

I don't want you to think of me like that.

I think of you as somebody who would never let me say what I'm saying to you!

I think of you as somebody who would fight for what she believed in.

Even me. Especially fight me.

Maya, if you like Lucas, then you're gonna have to take him from me.

You'd let me?


No, I wouldn't! You know why?

Because you taught me that.

You taught me that.



Where are you?


Where did you go?

How am I supposed to choose between two people I care about?

You have to.

Well, how do I live with myself if I hurt Riley or Maya?

I know who I'd choose.

You've thought about this before?


I don't want you thinking about it.

Then I won't.

Okay, stop. Who would you choose?


You would?

I like Riley. I'd choose Riley and I'd be happy with Riley.

You would?


Decision over, it's Riley.

Or... I'd choose Maya.


Yeah, yeah, I like Maya.

I'd choose Maya and I'd be happy with Maya.

Okay, what's going on?

Farkle, you get a reading?

No significant difference in facial expression or tone of voice.

He has actually not made a decision yet.

There may be no scientific way to do this.

I have a way.

How do you have a way if I don't have a way?

Because I know it will upset you, so I have a way.

And it's good.

Okay, well, what is it?

You're gonna let jelly beans decide my future?

Oh, who else is supposed to decide your future, you?


Let's start with personality.

Which girl makes you laugh?

Oh, okay, well, Riley's the goofiest person I know.

She makes me laugh 50 times a day.


But, I also laugh when Maya "hu-hurrs" me and calls me "Huckleberry" 50 times a day.

Which girl would you rather have a deep conversation with?

That night in the library with Riley.

I could have sat there talking with her forever.

But then, there was Maya and that campfire.

All right, we need a deciding question.

Something deep and meaningful and reveals your true soul.

Which girls makes you feel "bluoylalaloo"?




I need to hear you say it.



Not even close.



You have to mean it, for real.

How do they make you feel?

Lucas, think about both of them. Riley and Maya.


I never want to do that again.

Look, I don't believe in coincidence.

I believe coincidence is the universe's way of telling you something.

And what are the odds that one day on the subway Riley falls into my lap?

It's always been Riley.

It's always been Riley since day one.

So, you're decided.




...it was Maya who pushed her.

It was Maya who did that for Riley because that's who Maya is.

Okay then. Good experiment.

Except this isn't about jelly beans.

It's about us, Lucas.

All right, this decision could change who we all are together.

So, make it a good one, all right?

Lucas, I know it's impossible to choose between both of them.

I mean, I couldn't. But you have to.

For the good of all of us. Choose.

Fix her!

I don't need to be fixed.

You know who says that?


Somebody who needs to be fixed.

Fix her!

What's wrong with her?

She's been getting good grades, she's behaving all over the place.

What is that?

Well, we like to believe that we've helped contribute to the perfectly civilized lovely young lady we see sitting before us.

It's Maya.

Oh, yeah. We broke her.

Yeah, I shouldn't be here. This is about my daughter.

I need you to look at them.

Yeah, okay, look. Whatever this is, it is awfully kind of you to pretend you need me, but she has you!

You have the best.

Okay, see you in a month. Don't forget to eat.

Uh, sit down.

Right. See how good they are?

I wish they'd take me in, too.

We've got a problem.

I see twins.

Why is that a problem?

We only raise Rileys.

Katy, I need you to be a strong parent here...

Ha! Sorry.

Okay. Can you play a strong parent?

I'm gonna cast you in the role of "strong parent."


That's all I've got.

Is there more than one line? I never get more than one line.

Do you have a script?

It's an improv.


Ooh. Oh, man. All right.

Uh, someone yell out a place.

North Pole!

What are you doing?

I wanna see what she does with it.

Oh, gee.

I'm sorry I haven't been able to get you very many toys, Maya.

And I realize that Santy Claus and his family live right down the street here and they have all the toys in the world, dont'cha know.

And they'd be only too happy to give them all to you, you betcha.

But you're not supposed to be there all the time.

Why not?


Well, why shouldn't she be allowed to visit?

Has she been a good little girl?


Oh, I think she's a better little girl when she visits you, yeah.

Then she should be allowed to visit all the time.

Oh-ho! Me too!


Katy, you really are very good, you know that?

Oh... Tell somebody.

How was I?

You were you.


You... have not been you.

Come back.

Guys, you've always been there for me.

I'm a teenager.

No teenager knows who they are.

Maya, I know who you are.

Even your art teacher says that this isn't you.

Wait a second, you're having a problem in art?

How is that possible?

Well, he said that he wanted to know who her influences were.

People change people.

Secret of blah blah blah.

And those influences help you become who you are.

It's why we choose our friends carefully.

And good influences are only good influences when they help you find you.

I am me.


What'cha wearing, you?

You love what I'm wearing.

Of course I love what you're wearing, Maya.

I'm wearing it, too.

Ever since I can remember, I've always wanted to be you.



You were always stronger than me, and now you just proved it.


Maya, I only talked about it, but you actually did it.

You became me.

Riley, just because I'm wearing an outfit similar to yours doesn't make me you.


Just because I'm wearing my hair like you today it doesn't make me you.


Clothes and hair, big deal!

Name me one thing of real significance that you and I share in common that has to do with the inside, that affects us emotionally?

(Singing to herself) La, la, la...

Why are you... Why are you doing that?

'Cause you can't get past hair and clothes, can you?

Riley, I'm me! I've always been me, I'm always gonna be me!

Nothing's gonna change that!



It's not just Lucas.

What, there's more?

Maya, you haven't stood on a teacher's desk or been in detention for a long time.

You sold your house in Mayaville and you moved to Rileytown.

I must like it.

Go home.

What's wrong with us both liking a nice guy?

Do we?

What's wrong with who I am now?

Maya, the world has one of me, the world needs one of you.

My voice is still my voice, Riley.

You're gonna need to show me a lot more than clothes and hair and a boy before I believe that it isn't.

You want me to go home?

I'll go home.

Monet's Water Lilies.

One of the great works of impressionism.

But when you stand here...

All you see are splotches of paint.

As you begin to step back...


A painting can sometimes be recognized for what it truly is by a change in perspective.

This may also be true with people.

I owe you an apology, Ms. Hart.

Everybody does.

Took another look at your piece.

Your work is absolutely saying something.

And when I took a step back...

You haven't lost your voice.

You're screaming, Ms. Hart.


Look... it... it's a purple cat.

She's me.

I know.

I always wanted to be her, and now she's me.

I know.

Nobody ever gets what they want.

I know.

We have our share of blame for this.

Nobody is to blame for this.

I've only ever benefited from the things you guys have taught me.

I'm lucky to know you.

Ma, they messed me up.

Yeah, I know, babygirl. I gotta pay attention.

Once you start painting purple cats, can you ever get out?


I'm her. I'm gone.

That's too bad.

I've always looked forward to seeing who the real Maya Hart turns out to be.

So have I.

You gonna take that away from us?



Help me.

What's going on?

We're sneaking out.

I'm so proud of you.

Where are you going?

Who knows?





Where do you think they're going?

I think they're on an adventure to help my daughter find her voice.

Oh, good. An adventure.

Were we invited?


How come I never get invited to nuttin'?

I made my decision!

What are you doing in my house?

I came through the window with a big, important announcement.

But no one was there. Where are they?

They're gone. Forget 'em.

Tell us.


Sit down and spill it, Chuckie!


Here's who I picked.