01x07 - Human for a Day

Kara: When I was a child, my planet Krypton was dying. I was sent to Earth to protect my cousin. But my pod got knocked off-course and by the time I got here, my cousin had already grown up and become Superman. And so I hid my powers until recently when an accident forced me to reveal myself to the world. To most people I'm an assistant at Catco Worldwide Media. But in secret, I work with my adoptive sister for the DEO to protect my city from alien life and anyone else that means to cause it harm. I am Supergirl.

Alex: Previously on Supergirl...

Hank Henshaw was the last person to see your father alive.

Alex: Maybe the man that I've been working with for the last two years killed my father.

No one can be allowed to stand against us.

Not even my niece.

Dr. Morrow: I call it Red Tornado.

The Android wasn't meant to fight insurgents.

It was designed to kill Kryptonians.


Supergirl, are you okay?



Be careful, you might cut yourself.

Are you all right?

No. I'm bleeding.

Alura: The loss of your powers is undeniably traumatic. You may feel confused, or even frightened they're lost forever. Your battle with the android drained your Kryptonian cells of their solar energy. You are now as vulnerable to your environment as any human, subject to pain, sickness, death. But have faith, Kara. Once your cells have reabsorbed sufficient radiation from Earth's yellow star, your powers should return. Do not be afraid. And until you have fully recovered, lean on those you trust.

It is my deep regret that I am unable to be there with you myself, my beloved daughter.

As always, my collected knowledge is at your disposal for further analysis.

Thank you, Mom. (SIGHS)

This happens to Superman too, where he loses his powers for a couple days, right?

Yeah, but it's been two days, and I don't feel any different.

You're just going stir-crazy because the DEO has been testing you all weekend.

Now you get to go out in the real world and see what it's like to be human for a day.

Hank Henshaw: Might learn a thing or two about what it's like for the rest of us.

How you feeling?


I guess... (SIGHS) If this is what fine feels like now.

Kara is heading to work. I was just going to walk her out.


I'm off to deal with an unruly guest.

Might need your help with him when you're done.

Happy to, sir.


I'd have no idea you suspect him of anything.

I have to play it that way until I find out whether or not he was involved in Dad's death.

Do you really think he's involved?

You've served with Hank for years.

And all that time, he never told me Dad was an agent here at the DEO.

Or that they were together when Dad died.


Everything Hank has said to me has been a lie.

I can't trust him anymore, Kara. I...

I know he's hiding something.





Hey, Kara. (STAMMERING) What's happening?

Oh, there was a 10-year-old on the bus with a runny nose.

Okay, you're late, you took the bus and, what, you have... You have a cold?

I blew out my powers fighting that android.

What? For how long?

Oh, stupid Red Tornado.

Okay, I'm going to help you figure this out.

Oh, I still have the, uh... The Kryptonian bio-analytics from Alex's DEO files.


Yeah, we've got to find some answers.

Did someone just sneeze?

Who did that?

Who among you sprayed my office with a million microscopic killers?

I can already feel my throat closing up.



You, Ker-rah?

You never get sick. That's the best part about you.

That's the best part?

Cat: If I get sick, I will underperform. If I underperform, our stock prices will fall, thousands of people will lose their job, the S&P will take a hit and you will personally have triggered the next recession.

Do you want to be the next Lehman Brothers?

I guess I'll go home.

Don't exhale on the way out.

Worn yourself out yet?

Bow your head when you approach me!

I am Jemm, master of the Faceless Hunters!

Conqueror of...

Twelve worlds.

Yeah, heard you the first 10 times.

It's not getting any more impressive.

Trying to use your psychic powers, aren't you?

Take control of my mind, force me to let you out?

Hate to break it to you, Jemm, but your cell has neural shielding.

Your powers are useless.


Then deactivate it so that I may expose your true identity as a coward.

I will grind your loved ones to dust.

There are none left to grind.

Jemm's fish tank is in need of its monthly cleaning.

Copy that. I'm on it.

Hey, hey.

Hi! (CHUCKLES) Where are you headed?

Uh, look at a rental.

Lucy and I are getting a place together actually.

That's... That's awesome. (CHUCKLES)


Lost your powers.

Solar flare.

I did not know we were calling it that.

Well, he does.

Well, he likes to name them. You know, heat vision, freeze breath...

He's such a nerd.


I don't know, today, I'm less Girl of Steel and more Girl of Stucco.

Oh, you'll be all right.

Just lay low and enjoy your time off, you know.

Yeah. You're right. The world can survive without Supergirl for one day.



James: Kara!





Initiating prisoner airlock.



We lost power! Switching to emergency!

I need eyes on the prisoner!

System is rebooting now.

Hostile is loose. Seal the base.

I said seal the base!



You okay?

No, no.

Might be broken.


Oh, God.


Okay, all right. Let's get... Here.

Oh, my God.





You've got to be really careful with that.

Why don't you let me take you to the hospital to get your arm looked at?

No, it'll heal when I get my powers back.

Are you okay?



Alex. Are you okay?

I'm fine.

(GROANS) Liar.

Back at you.

Kara: Arm's broken here.

Which, by the way, a warning would've been nice about how much that hurts.

(SIGHS) So, tell me what's wrong there.

We're on lockdown.

Wait, you're sealed in there with Hank?

It's standard procedure while we run safety protocols.

Don't worry. Just keep yourself safe until your powers come back.

And if they do, call me.

I love you.

Love you.

Okay, so, is everyone okay? Anybody hurt?

Good. Sometimes it takes a shock to realize what really matters.

So, if you need to go, if you want to go, go.

Go be with your families.

And you. You, are you staying?

Yeah. Yes, ma'am.

Well, we need to get my station back online.

People are scared, they're looking for information, and it is our duty to help them.

We're working on it, Ms. Grant.

But best estimate is four hours.


Think creatively and get us on the air.

Alura: The situation you face is dire.

Jemm was one of the most ruthless criminals ever to be banished to the Phantom Zone.

His psychic abilities surpass any living species, able to read and control minds against their will.

Your only chance at survival is my daughter, Kara.

Humans cannot...

Shut it off.

First order of business is making sure Jemm does not read our minds in the field.

Alex: R&D developed these, neural disrupters.

Portable versions of the energy shield we use to block Jemm's powers when he's in his cell.

We only have three disrupters left so, Tsung and Reynolds, gear up.

Let's go, come on!

Sir, I have more field experience than Reynolds and Tsung combined.

Which is why I need you to remain behind to protect the others.

I have to know I'm leaving these people with someone I can trust.

Unless you're implying you and I have a problem.

No, sir.

Good. Glad to hear it.


Hey, hey. You want to see some magic?



Winn, that's... Oh, my gosh. Look.


Well, if I didn't have an issue with personal space, I would give you a hug.

It wasn't me.

It was Winn.



Are you from the satellite company?

No, he's from the desk right across from mine that you pass on your way to your office every day.


Maxwell: People need help now. This city's a powder keg. We can't wait around for the government to save us. Or Supergirl. Just when this city needed her the most, she's nowhere to be found. The world's most unreliable superhero. Let this be a lesson to all of us. We need to rely on ourselves, not aliens in capes.

Look at Max.

Using the earthquake as a branding opportunity.

He's sticking it to Supergirl pretty hard.

Well, I'm not going to let that bloviating narcissist knock my creation down just to build himself up.


That's close enough.


You've proven yourself not to be incompetent.

Let's start a feed in my office.

We are going to counter Max's message about my girl.

If I'm not back in in half an hour, send... Send help.

Max is spreading panic. People are already scared.

What do you want to do?

Go down there and stop him.

(CHUCKLES) You can't just fly up to him like you usually do.

I mean, this guy is waist-deep in security.

Yeah, but he's also a showman who loves preening for the press.

And luckily for Supergirl, she's friends with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Jimmy Olsen.

Hank Henshaw: Approaching Sector 12.

Danvers, you see anything?


Cameras are clear. Heat sensors, negative.

Yeah, we're getting some kind of interference on our end.

Earthquake may have damaged the circuitry.

On me.

Tsung: Lost the lights. Head lamps on! Henshaw, are you here?

We only see two of you.

Tsung: Where's Director Henshaw?

Reynolds: I don't see him! He's gone.

Be advised, we lost visual.

Tsung: Hostile is in our sector!

Reynolds: What's he doing out there?

Tsung: It's like he's all around us!


Donovan: Two agents down.


What happened to Director Henshaw?


Jimmy Olsen. Thank you for shooting our relief efforts.

Of course.

I'd heard you hung up your camera.

Ah, well, I still break it out when the need arises.

You look familiar.

We've met.

Um, I'm Cat Grant's assistant, Kara.

I... I have to say, I think what you're doing today is wonderful.

But, uh, I found what you said on TV a little surprising.

You mean about Supergirl?

If you knew me, you wouldn't be surprised.

Oh, I know you. (CHUCKLES)

But... But don't you think that...

That people need a more positive message right now?

Hope instead of fear?

I just think that if Supergirl could be here today, right now, she would be.


Because Cat Grant says so?

She might as well be Supergirl's PR flack, slapping that S on everything just to make money.

What are you doing?

I want everyone to know who's helping them in their time of need, a human being.

Supergirl lulls us into complacency.

She fools us into thinking she'll save us and renders us incapable of saving ourselves.

Like heroin, or the welfare state.

That's cynical.

It's realistic.

If anything, Supergirl should be thanking me for what I'm not saying.

Which is what?

She lost her powers.

Explains why she's nowhere to be found.

I'm guessing she blew out her photovoltaic capabilities fighting that military android.

She's a dead battery now.

You can't be sure of that.

I've studied Superman. It takes him roughly 48 hours to recharge.

We're way past that.

If Supergirl hasn't gotten her powers back by now, there's a good chance she never will.

And that means we're on our own.

Woman: (SOBBING) Help!

Please! My dad needs help over there!

We can't leave. Director Henshaw ordered us to stay here.

We don't even know if he's still alive, Donovan.

These people are relying on us.

We're going. All right.

Do not open this door until you get an all clear from me. And only me.

Mind lowering that weapon?

What happened? We lost visuals.

That was interference from Jemm's psychic powers.

He ambushed us.


Tsung and Reynolds, they're gone.

I'm loaded. I'm ready to go.

You can't. Only one disrupter left.

Jemm destroyed the others.

Donovan, get back to your post.

Look, I need you to do what I say when I say it, because our situation just got a whole lot worse.

I found burn marks on Reynolds' skull. They're from a psychic scan.

Jemm read his mind and now knows everything that Reynolds did.

Reynolds was head of security.

Which means Jemm knows how to open every cell in this prison.

He could use the combined powers of the inmates to break though the shield doors.

I'll cover the cell block. But I can't have you getting in my way.

So, I'm ordering you to stay here.

Alex, you got to trust me.

Woman: Over here. Help.

Please, please, he's right here.


He's got a tension pneumothorax.

You're a doctor?

Did med school in a year.

He needs to get to the hospital.

I called 911, but they haven't come yet.

Paramedics are swamped.

I once saw a clip of Supergirl in the news.

She flew someone over there to the hospital.

Unless you know where she is, we're your dad's only hope.

Damn it. It's a venous bleed.


He must've lacerated another vessel.

So we find... We find the vessel, stop the bleeding, right?

He's got 100,000 miles of vessels. We'll never find the right one.

Unless you have an X-ray machine.

Woman: (CRYING) Please. Please!

He's exsanguinating into his chest.

He'll bleed out, and go into shock and die in a few minutes.

No. No.

Please do something. No.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

(STRAINING) Please. Please. Come on, come on. Come on!


(GROANS) No. No, no, no.

Kara, look.


Kara. Please stop.


Do something! Come on!

This can't be it!

We can't save him.




Damn it!

Woman: (SOBBING) No, no, no.

James: It's okay, it's okay. It's gonna be all right.

It's only a matter of time before Jemm finds us in here.

You don't think Director Henshaw will come through for us?

I don't think relying on him is in our best interest.

You don't trust him?

This isn't the first time that he's been the sole survivor of a botched operation.

And the details of that story were just as sketchy as this one.

So what do we do?

We go out there.

But we don't have any neural inhibitors left to protect us from Jemm.

I'm in.


This is why I'm not nice to people.

One compliment, and now you're coasting.

What is taking you so long?

(STAMMERING) Hey, I'm an IT guy, you know.

I just... The last time I hooked up a live feed was for the high school AV club, okay?

Well, the last time I did a live broadcast was to end my award-winning talk show.

So, you and I are both returning to our roots.

I broke something. I'm so sorry, Ms. Grant.

(STUTTERS) This isn't gonna work. I...

Normally, I would fire you and replace you instantly, but we're short-staffed.

So instead I will inspire you.

Even I was like you once.

Before all of this, I was, well...

I was a, um, sought-after media pundit and a celebrated magazine editor.


That's like me because...

Because before that, I was a humble wannabe journalist with the heart of a real journalist.

Now, there are real stories out there...

Um, that's not gonna help.

...and they're not getting reported because Maxwell Lord is sucking up all the air with his negativity.

And Supergirl's not here to lift everyone's spirits.

So I will.

And you, humble IT guy, will rise to the occasion and help me save this city.

Oh, oh, I did it! I did it!


You see, Wyck?

That's the story.

Ordinary people like you, used to doing mundane and small things, finding themselves in the midst of a crisis doing something extraordinary.


Now, go find someone to do my makeup.


Chop, chop.

For the... Got it. Yeah, okay.

James: Kara.

I couldn't save him. (SNIFFLES)

You did everything that you could.

As Kara Danvers.

But Supergirl could've done more.

These past few weeks have been the best of my life.

I was starting to make a difference.

I was helping people the way that I've always wanted.

Do you know what that's like, to just have that ripped away?

Can't say that I do. But I... I do know that you're the same girl that you were before.

Losing your powers has not changed that.

It's changed everything. I... I feel...

I feel so helpless.

What you're feeling is human.

What if Max Lord... What if what he said was right?

What if mine never come back?

And what kind of a hero does that make me without them?


I couldn't even save one man.

No hero can save everyone. Not even Superman.

But a real hero never stops trying.


Hey, hey. What? No, no. Hey! What are you doing?

Like you said, I can't stop trying.

Yes, when you get your powers back.

But that's a mob scene.

They could have guns. You could get shot.

I can't do nothing.

You being killed is not gonna help anybody.

I have to.

Kara, the bullets are not gonna bounce off of you this time.

They don't know that.



Alex: Clear.


This neural inhibitor is still functional.

Henshaw said they were destroyed in the fight.

He lied.

Check the one on Reynolds.

This one's working, too.

Oh, man, this isn't good, is it?

No. No, it's not.


Put that inhibitor on, now.

Jemm's voice: Donovan!

Alex: We've got to move, now.

Donovan, you still with me?

Donovan, you still with me?

He's in my head.

(STRAINING) I'm not sure how long I can fight him.



Get behind the counter!

Don't do this to my store!

Shut up! Don't make me shoot you.

No, no, no.

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

That's not going to work on me.

Stay back.

Don't come any closer.

You don't want to hurt these people.

Cat: People of National City.

This is Cat Grant, coming to you from Catco Plaza.

We've just, minutes ago, restarted our broadcasting capabilities.



We're all suffering through a major disaster.

Now, you could react to this crisis by being petty and divisive or preying on other people's fears.

And after all, it is human to be selfish.

But isn't it also human to face our weaknesses and rise above them?

Act like a superhero, even if you aren't one?

Kara: I know you're scared.

We all are.

You want to save yourself, your family.

But don't you see that we are all in this together?

It's true. Supergirl has not been located yet.

But her spirit stays with us, her insistence on seeing the best in people, a call for us to heed our better angels.

There's about a dozen ways that I could stop you right now.

But I don't think I have to.

Supergirl has faith in us.

Because this is not you.

It isn't any of you.

So let's have a little faith in her.

Supergirl will return when we need her most.

Until then, we need to help each other.

I believe that we are better than this.

Call us, share your stories of heroism.

Let's show the world what we're really made of.

And, no, we can't do what Supergirl does, but...

We choose who we want to be.

We must choose to do what we can.

Kara: And I know you're gonna choose to be a better man.



What are you doing here?

Donovan and I were looking for you.

Where is he now?


You lost him. Damn it, that's why I told you to stay with the others!

You also said that the inhibitors were destroyed.

You lied to me.

Because I didn't want you doing something stupid like this!

Donovan: Agent Danvers, come in!

Copy, Donovan. What's your status?

Donovan: I'm okay. But I'm out here all on my own. Where the hell are you?

I thought I'd lost you.

Not getting rid of me that easy.

All right. Rendezvous with me...


Don't. It's not Donovan anymore.

Jemm, I know it's you.

(IN JEMM'S VOICE) You've only delayed the inevitable.


I will free the prisoners and break through to the surface.

There's no escape for you.

We have to move to a secure location before Jemm gets down here.

Back away from the door.

Drop your weapon.




Alex, what are you doing?

I am not the enemy.

So, is that why you didn't tell me about my father?

I found out he was DEO.

And that you blackmailed him to serve under you.

Your father believed in me.

He was a great man...

You don't get to talk about him!

You chain yourself.

Alex, come on...

To those bars there.

Come on.


Jemm, this is Agent Danvers.

I know you want those blast doors open.

You don't need to release the prisoners to do that.

All you need is me.

I have the access code.

I'll be waiting for you in the control room.

Because one way or another, this ends now.

Alex! Alex!

Kara: Oh, man. That was better than flying.

That was... That was better than catching a plane.

You know what, that was better than the time I stopped the hold-up at the pizzeria and the owner gave me 12 pizzas.

That was good pizza.

Uh, yes.

You know, I've seen so many pictures of myself recently, I'm kind of on a me overload. But this one feels different.

Well, they say the best photographs express how you feel about what you're photographing.

And I know you.

What's the first picture you ever took?

My dad.

He gave me a camera right before he left for the Gulf War.

It was better than what my family could afford, but, uh, still wasn't a very good one.

And then he didn't come home.


And I just... (CHUCKLING) I never put that camera down.

You look like him.


When you take a picture of someone, it's permanent.

And you've captured the truth of them in that moment, and that you can keep forever.

And... (CLEARS THROAT) The truth of this moment is that you don't even need powers to be a hero.

I love it.



I... I accessed the DEO file on Superman...

(STAMMERING) And I ran a differential analysis, uh, on the rates at which you might metabolize solar radiation.


You know, the long and short of it is basically that you might get your powers back if, um...

If they are reignited by a Kryptonian version of extreme adrenaline.



Winn. Stop.

I know what you think you saw, but...

I didn't... I didn't see anything.


You know he has a girlfriend, right?


Lucy is coming back.

Okay, and so are your powers. You're never gonna have the normal boy-meets-girl.

(STAMMERING) Okay, the superhero never gets the guy.


You've really given thought to my romantic future, or lack of it.

Look, hey.

I'm sorry, but after today, you... (SIGHS)

You're not... You're not gonna be human anymore. You're gonna have your powers.

You... You live on, like, a different level than the rest of us.


Everybody okay?

Yeah, yeah, we're okay.


That wasn't an aftershock, that was an explosion.

It's got to be the gas line.

I'll check the stairs.

Please let nobody be up there.

Man: Yeah. Hello.

Of course there's someone up there.

Hi, hi, yes. We're just a few floors below you.

Help is on the way.

(WHISPERING) Um, I just lied to an entire floor of trapped people in a burning building, what's our next move?

The stairwell's blocked going up.

We have to at least get everyone on this floor downstairs.

So, what about the people upstairs?

Man on phone: ...the floor above you. We can't get out, okay?

The elevator shaft.

Show yourself.

Let us see if you die with more honor than your fallen friends.


It will take more than that to kill me, human.






I told you, Alex.

I'm not the enemy.

Yeah, yeah. Go to the elevator.


I got it.


Where are they?

Winn: Here, here.

Oh... Oh, God. Why'd I do that?

Uh, problem. They can't get their elevator door open.

All right, I'm gonna have to climb up and open it from the other side.

James, no, we are 23 floors up.

I didn't say I was excited about it, okay?


Be right back. I promise.

Tell them I'm coming.

He's coming.


Get us out!



James: Okay. Okay.

Grab the ladder. Here you go. Watch your step. Come on. Come on.

Hug the wall. Anybody else here?

Kara: Careful.

Winn: Here we go. Here we go.

Here we go. You're here. You're here.

I got you. (GRUNTS)

Come on.





Go! Go get help! Hurry! Go on! Come on!

Jeez! I thought I panicked under pressure.

James! Reach for the ladder!





(BREATHING HEAVILY) You almost gave me a heart attack.

Well, I guess that's what you needed.

There's a city out there that really needs you.

Go get 'em, Supergirl.






Kara, it's me.

I see that you're busy. So, that's good.

Uh, I just want to let you know that we're all okay here.

We'll talk soon.

You're wondering how I got out of a pair of locked handcuffs.

For starters.

There's only one other living person who knows the truth.

You sure you want to hear this?

You can't share this with anyone. Not even Kara. Can you do that?

You're the one who taught me to keep secrets from her.

I am not Hank Henshaw.

He died the same night as your father.

The DEO had been pursuing an alien for months.

Not one of the Fort Rozz prisoners, but an innocent one stranded on this planet.

With the help of your father, the DEO tracked the alien to a remote location in Peru.

Henshaw led the squadron sent to terminate him.

My father would never have been part of a mission like that.

You're right.

Jeremiah Danvers was a good man.

He realized the alien they were hunting wasn't a threat.

He was a refugee, like your sister.

Sole survivor of a lost world.

Your father tried to stop the mission, but Henshaw was obsessed.

He'd finally trapped the alien he'd been hunting for so long.

So, Jeremiah made the ultimate sacrifice.

He gave his life to save that alien.

Your father died a hero.

That alien...

Is that you?

But how are you him?

I am a shape shifter.

When Hank Henshaw died, I assumed his identity to reform the DEO.

But I also made your father a promise, that I would take care of his daughter.

I recruited you so that I would honor that promise and protect you as if you were my own child.

If you're not Hank Henshaw, who are you?

I am the sole survivor of my planet.

The Last Son of Mars.

My name is J'onn J'onzz.


Nice job today.

Hey, you want to come over and, uh, help me eat all the food in my fridge before it spoils? Power's still out.

I'm not that hungry. But, uh, you know, thanks.



I know you're disappointed in me with James, and I'm sorry.

Supergirl should be better than that.

I'm never disappointed in Supergirl.

I was disappointed in you.

I heard your amazing broadcast today.

Thank you.

Thank you for the compliment.

Now, where the hell were you?

How could you up and leave in the middle of the worst disaster in decades?

I didn't mean to scare you.

Oh, no. You didn't scare me.

But regular people, they're starting to depend on you.

It's easy for them to feel abandoned.

You have to understand that most people out there spend most of their lives feeling isolated and alone.

And when a tragedy strikes, they look to their heroes. Not only for rescue, but for solace and consistency.

That's why I'm glad they had you.

You gave them hope today.

I know that you inspired them, because you inspired me.



Who are you?

They're with me.


Astra: My dear niece.

Did you really think this was over?