02x04 - Survivors

When I was a child, my planet Krypton was dying. I was sent to Earth to protect my cousin. But my pod got knocked off-course and by the time I got here, my cousin had already grown up and become Superman. I hid who I really was, until one day when an accident forced me to reveal myself to the world. To most people I'm a reporter at Catco Worldwide Media. But in secret, I work with my adoptive sister for the DEO to protect my city from alien life and anyone else that means to cause it harm. I am Supergirl.

Kara: Previously on Supergirl...

Detective Maggie Sawyer...

I think we made a pretty good team.

Yeah, I guess we did.

Alex: What the hell is this place?

Place for off-world'ers to hang out, have a drink.

Who are you?

My name is M'gann M'orzz.

I am the last daughter of Mars.

Hank Henshaw: So our mystery alien is from Daxam.

It's a sister world to Krypton.

My name is Mon-El. Can you help me get in touch with my home world?

Daxam is still there, but it's a wasteland.


My prince, you can't stay here.

Come on!

Are you okay?


This is a Kryptonian ship.

The emissaries?


And so is their planet.

All of this is Krypton's doing.

We need to get you out of here.

I can't fly one of these.

Can you program the destination?


Launch countdown started.


No. No!

You can't...

You need to save yourself.

For once in your life, obey me.

Those are my people out there.


Let me share in their fate.

Beyalat Daxam!


So anyway, that's how that happened. (GRUNTS)

You were a palace guard?

For the great royal family of Daxam.

Ugh, they were the worst.

And their son, the prince, he was rumored to be the worst of the worst.

Frat boy of the universe.

Uh, he... He had his good moments, too.


Oh, yeah, your planets didn't get along so well, did they?



Yeah, I know it's a long shot, but any chance there was a response to that signal I sent to Daxam?

I mean, I can't be the only one left, right?

I'm sorry, but, no.

Right, uh...

Anyway, enough of those... Those dreary thoughts, right?

So, what do you guys do for fun around here?

Do you drink or dance or...

Oh, hey, do they play Garata here?

What's Garata?

It's like soccer, with dragons.

No, not that.

Uh, we have PlayStation.

Great. So, when do we get out of here and do that...

That thing you just said?

Actually, you have to stay here in the DEO.

Until we can assess the full range of your powers, you're gonna have to stay in this facility.

For your own protection.

I will do as you ask.


Now, I have somewhere I need to be.

Where are you headed?

It's personal.

I didn't know he did anything personal.



It's Sawyer. Want to see a dead body?

Homeless guy found it about an hour ago.

Other cops won't go near it.

Figured it wasn't a Halloween costume.

Oh, right, I forgot you two were running buddies.

Do you know what species it was?

He's Syvillian.

He's got months of scar tissue built up, heavy bruising on the knuckles.

He didn't just go down fighting, he made a habit of it.

That doesn't make any sense. Syvillia is a utopia.

It's peaceful. They don't fight.

They hardly even argue.

He could've been defending himself.

There's no skin under the fingernails.

No, you're right. These couldn't have been defensive wounds.

Maybe he was the aggressor.

Bar brawl gone bad?

Someone accidentally kills him, panics...

Dumps the body...

Wait a minute.


Well, looks like our killer was alien, too.

Can your super lab run some tests on that?

That's exactly what I was thinking.

Well, seems like you two have got a handle.

Maybe you can, uh, go over this with your contacts on the streets?

I already made a few calls. But I'll follow up, though.

You're supposed to be at the Sanitation Department getting figures on pelican deaths at the trash dump.

I'm so excited about that, but I just overheard a report about a murdered alien on my NCPD scanner.

They're calling it "alien-on-alien violence."

An alien got killed, an alien did it.

Where's the story?


I just told you the story.


So you got an actual NCPD source to speak on the record?

Did you talk to the victim's family?

Set up an interview with the D.A.'s office to see if and when charges will be filed?

Where's the medical examiner's report?

Did you research economic and demographic indicators to provide some context for human-alien race relations?

All very good questions, uh...

You didn't give me a story.

You gave me a half-baked idea.

Go bake it fully, then I'll talk to you.

Go! Bake, bake, bake!



Good morning to you.

I didn't take you for a noon drinker.

Just water, please.

I have so many questions. I don't know where to start.

I spent so much time thinking I was alone.

Me, too.

And of all the gin joints... (CHUCKLES)

How did you escape Mars?


Forgive me, I'm sorry. I just...

I... I need to hear it.

When the White Martians attacked, where were you?

I was taken to the internment camp near the Galle Crater.

That was the worst of them.

I lost many friends there.

Yeah. Prisoners penned up like animals.

Barely enough space to move.

Sometimes the guards would just kill someone at random.

To set off a panic.

And then watch as green bodies trampled over each other.

How did you get away?


One day, a White Martian broke rank and refused a kill order.

I've never known one to show mercy.

Uh, she was...


She smuggled me off, helped me off-world.

I never looked back.

That was 300 years ago.

You did what you had to do. You're a survivor.

I am whatever I have to be to get by.

I... I've always dreamed of, uh, finding another.

Now that you're here, I thought we might take the bond.

You want to share minds.

Yes. Would you honor me with that?

I have customers.

Can we talk about this some other time?

We're gonna need a bigger block.

This is awe and some.

No, it... It's just "awesome."

You got to put those two words together and you'll be golden.

Mon-El: Awesome.

Anything on our alien perp?

Yes, yes.

The thorn found in the dead body is from a Brevakk.

Some sort of biological defense mechanism.

So, yeah, that's new and terrifying.

Any ideas where we can find him?

Ah, as it so happens, exactly one Brevakk registered in National City for the President's Alien Amnesty Act.

I got an address.

Shall I get a strike team to gear up?

No, I'm good.

Sawyer? It's Danvers.

Can I talk to you a minute?

I don't know you.

Now you do. NCPD.

We're investigating a possible homicide.



You're under arrest!


Don't let them take me! Don't let them take me!

Don't let them take me!

Man: Go, go, go!

Do we know who the men in the van were?

No. But these weren't low-rent thugs.

They were definitely combat-trained. They mean business.

So do we.

Or have you forgotten about that?

Hey. Hey, what's with the grumpy?

Today and yesterday.

Is everything all right, J'onn?

I appreciate the concern, but I assure you, I'm fine.

Don't make me pout.

She's really good at it.

(SIGHS) I am not the last Green Martian.

There is another.

Her name is M'gann.


It's a miracle, J'onn.

I met her at that alien bar you spoke of.

We talked, but...

I think I made a mistake.

Why? What happened?

I offered to merge with her in the Martian way.

But you guys just met.

Psychically, Kara.

The bond is the traditional Martian way of communicating.


We link minds, share dreams, emotions, memories.

We kept no secrets from one another.

Imagine a world without ego, selfishness. Without... lies.

That sounds beautiful.

She didn't seem to think so.

The moment I talked about it, she left.

I am grateful to have you both in my life. I truly am.

But with Martians, it's...

It's different.

It's deeper.

Deeper than talking. Fuller.

With her, there's a chance for me to live how I was meant to live.

Just tell her that.

Why don't you try apologizing?

I got my first article published.

I am pleased for you, Kara.


I have another idea for an article but I don't think my new boss is too keen on it.

Or me, for that matter.

Reporting is harder than I thought.

And I thought it was gonna be really hard.

But I'm trying. So...

Remember to always believe in yourself, my daughter.


Thanks for the advice.

Wow. Hey, what is this place?

It's... It's private.

Oh, I... I'm sorry. I didn't...

Shouldn't you be testing your abilities with Winn somewhere?

Yeah, Winn said we... We could "chillax for five."

Whatever that means.

So, who is that woman?

It's my mother. She's not really her.

But she's a hologram of her with her thoughts and knowledge.

Yeah, we had constructs like this on Daxam.

Daxam. Sister world to Krypton.

A race of bullies and hedonists, committed only to their own pleasure.

Bye, Mom!

They are selfish...

Sorry about that.

(CHUCKLES) No, it was...

Uh, an apt description.

Sometimes I just like to come in here to tell her about my day.

I know it's not really her, but I...

Just makes me feel less...



She is a babe.

Excuse me?

Well, your mother, I mean.

Oh, okay.

Winn told me that "babe" is what you call a beautiful woman on Earth.

I'm sensing that's not right.

Maybe don't let Winn teach you too much about women on this planet.


Well, perhaps you can.


Well, Hank said I had to stay in the DEO for my protection.

What if you were to accompany me outside?

Surely I'd be safe from humans with the most powerful woman in the world.


I don't think that's a good idea.

Because you're from Krypton and I'm from Daxam.

No. I just...

I'll see you later.



Sawyer: Danvers. Got a tip. You in?

That was fast.

Texting you the location. Oh, oh, and I almost forgot. Wear something nice.

You clean up nice.

I do?


Well, you do too, with the shoes and the hair and... (CHUCKLES) all the...

I'm not all business.

But this is, right?

I mean, what are we doing here?

Wait for it. Here.



Who are all these people?

National City's wealthiest.

I see the head of a bank.

Couple hedge fund managers.

And a city councilman.

What are they all doing here?

We're about to find out.


Woman: They came from beyond the stars, across the vastness of space.

Light years.


Infinite distance.

And why?

Did they come to invade?


Or did they come in peace?


They came to entertain.


There are no rules in my cage tonight. No laws.

Every fighter knows the risks and they are here for you.


Tonight, it's triple stakes, everybody.

Because we've got the killer Brevakk himself...



That Syvillian, he wasn't murdered. He was killed here. In the ring.

National City's got itself an underground alien fight club.

And he'll be facing M'gann M'orzz, the up-and-coming, beautiful and brutal, still undefeated last daughter of the red planet, Miss Martian!







Somebody's gonna get killed.

Maybe us. Three o'clock.

Really wish we'd called backup.

I did.

Woman: Ladies and gentlemen!

We have an unexpected and new main event for you tonight.

Something very special.

The Girl of Steel, the Maid of Might, the last Kryptonian female herself, Supergirl!


And meet your opponent...



I've never killed a Kryptonian.

Your streak's about to continue.






Are you all right?


I hope too many people didn't bet on me.

Are you sure you're okay?


I just got my ass handed to me by a seven-foot alien gladiator.

I'm nowhere near okay.

Aliens fighting aliens for money.

(SIGHS) Humans have always exploited our kind, but this is a new level.

J'onn, there's something that we need to tell you.

Your friend M'gann...


She's not who you think she is.

What's that supposed to mean?

We saw her last night at the fight club.

She was participating.

They call her Miss Martian.

Supergirl: Hank...

(GROANS) What are you gonna do?

Winn: No heat vision, no X-ray vision...


But you're strong.

As strong as Kara?

Ha! No, not even close.

Uh, let's see, no freeze breath, which is kind of a bummer, right?

No flight either, but your leaping is fantastic.

I'm... I'm talking about like "tall buildings in a single bound" kinda stuff.

Yeah, we... We definitely have the makings of a superhero here.

Uh, a superhero?


You know, you... You go out there, you fight crime, save people, wear a costume... Superhero.

Yeah, speaking of going out there, I'm, uh...

I'm going kind of crazy in here.

I could really use some fresh air.

Yeah, you heard Hank. I mean, you got to stay here at the DEO.

You know, I'll bet if I were outside, I could fly like Kara.

(SCOFFS) Nice try, buddy.

No, we got to stay here. Them's the rules.

I mean, I'm new here.

I'm trying to make a good impression.

Ah, I'm also new here, and trying to make a good impression.

Dude, no. Sorry, I can't.

So, when I become a superhero, I'll need a costume, right?

Something awesome, like...

Like Kara's.

I mean, not to brag, but, uh, I actually designed Supergirl's costume.

Huh. And... And these names... "Supergirl," who coins these names?

Oh, yeah, that one's not me, sadly.

You... You... You can think of one for me.

Wait, really? You'd let me do that?

Yeah, and make me a costume.


Uh-huh. Okay, I see what you're doing here.

Sorry, me? Was I... Was I doing something?

(MOCKING) "Oh, me, was I..."

Yes! You think that if you appeal to my vanity and let me make your costume and name you, that I'm just going to let you out of the DEO.

That hadn't even crossed my mind.


Us just sneaking out for a little bit, you know, just two new friends, right, running a...

Running a couple of field tests, living out our dreams, not getting in trouble.

Hmm. Not bad.


Damn you, Mon-El of Daxam.

I'm so weak.

Hey, chief, I got something for you.

Remember the NCPD alien murder?

A two-line police blotter item does not constitute a story.

It does when it's connected to an underground fight club.

My silence is your invitation. Talk fast.

Uh... Uh, the patron list is full of prominent high rollers in National City.


Who's your source?

I'm gonna have to come back to you with that one.

You don't even have an anonymous source?

Someone who can talk off the record?

No, uh, not yet.

But I promise you, this is real.

It's not real until you can verify your sources.

We're the fourth estate, not Reddit.




No, no, no!

No, you said that we were gonna test your powers.

Yeah, yeah, we will, we will. After this.


Winn, for a Daxamite, it is the height of insult to refuse a toast.

Well, I wouldn't want to be culturally insensitive.

One drink.

(CROWD CHANTING) Drink! Drink! Drink!



Up! Up! Up!





.. bending the right way.


Time to go.

I... I didn't...

Come on in.

You lied to me.

I know about the fights, M'gann.

I never lied to you. You never asked.

Don't give me that.

That's the real reason why you didn't want to take the bond.

Because then I'd know how you were spending your nights.

How I spend my nights is no one's business but my own.

Who runs the fights?


So I can stop them!

(SCOFFS) You don't know who you'd be going up against.

She has powerful friends.

So do I.

They're using you.

Watching you fight like an animal.

No, I don't fight for them. I fight for myself.

This is the reality that we live in.

This is the world you've created.

So, what's in it for you? The money?


The thrill of the kill?

I have never killed anyone in the ring.

You don't understand.

Then make me understand!

We're the last of our kind. There's no one else.

It's our responsibility to preserve everything we've lost.

That's the difference between us. I don't want to remember.

You want to still be there.

You want to relive it, over and over. I don't!

I wanna forget.

I will never forget my wife and daughters.

They're dead.

We're alive.

God help you, M'gann.

You're lost.

(SIGHS) She calls herself Roulette.

Her real name is Veronica Sinclair.

Don't come back here.

I'm shutting you down, Sinclair.


You're conducting illegal fights.

You're breaking the law.

Technically, they're not people.

They have no rights.

So, how could I be breaking the law?

Pretty cynical view.

Not at all.

To these freak shows, I'm a savior.

I've given them a place to feel special, find glory, and earn a little cash, too.

What have you ever given them?

Black eyes? (SCOFFS)

All you do is lock them up.

And what about the ones you kidnap and force to fight?

Some of them owe me money.

Fighting's just a way of getting squared.

And if they die in the ring?

Plenty more where that came from.

You see, Michael Vick made a big mistake.

People don't care about what happens to aliens.

But they do care about dogs.

You're sick.

And you're naive.

You're not gonna change their hearts, any more than you're going to change the hearts of the spoiled rich who pay good money to see blood spilled.

You can shut down the matches.

But only for a little while.

Because you can't stop gambling.

And you can't stop beings from doing anything it takes to survive.

Thing you'll learn about me, I only play safe bets.

And you, (SCOFFS) little girl, are as safe as they come.

I should've heat vision'd that stupid champagne glass out of her hand.

Do you think she's right?

Do you think she has the only thing to offer to aliens?

How do you stop them from letting themselves be used and exploited?

By offering something more powerful than fear.



Nothing. I'm not hungover.

You're the one being defensive.

Agent Schott.

(STAMMERS) Sir, yes, sir.

Er, Mon-El is doing great, by the way.

He's here in the DEO. He's here.

Did you know his heart is on the other side?

That's absolutely fascinating. You know, the DEO received reports this morning of a six-foot alien attacking two men in a bar last night.

The news is so very violent these days.

Apparently this alien had a 5'2" sidekick.

I am 5'9"!

What's going on?

Winn took Mon-El on a jaunt through the city last night.

By some miracle, nobody is dead.

But we were lucky this time. You should have talked to him.


How is this my fault?

Everything we do is under a microscope.

We work so hard to make humans trust us.

All it takes is for one alien to ruin it for all of us.

You're not talking about Mon-El anymore, are you?


I spoke with M'gann last night.

Did you use your inside voice?

Okay, clearly, she's got some issues, but she's the last of your kind.

She lost everything.

She's alone. You can't just treat her like some perp in a line-up.

And I am not talking about M'gann anymore.

You look like crap.

Thank you, I saw the mirror this morning.

It's not Winn's fault.

Hey, I... I tricked him...

Winn will be fine.

And those guys you hurt will recover.

But you shouldn't have been out there.

Hank told me I needed to stay here because it wasn't safe.

But he didn't mean for me. He meant it wasn't safe for humans. From me.

After I first got to Earth, I went to my junior prom.

And Scott Klein asked me to dance.

I stepped on his foot and I broke three of his toes.

It's just gonna take some time to get used to having these abilities and...

And living in the world.


I know it's not easy for you to be nice to me.

Where I'm from and all.

That's not why I've been standoffish.

And don't say I haven't been.

My parents gave me so much.

And I was so loved.

My dad was a scientist and my mom fought for justice.

They were proud, strong people.

Good Kryptonians and even better parents.

And that's the way I want to remember them.

And why shouldn't you?


They weren't perfect.

And no matter how smart they were, or how hard they tried, they couldn't save us.

Yeah, you never met my parents.

They weren't exactly role models.

But mine saw the end of the world coming, and didn't do anything about it.

Hey, it's not...

It's not your parents' fault.

It's not even Krypton's fault.

Okay, we shared a star, that's all.

I promise that I will do as I'm told from now on.


Hey, I, uh... I heard you survived Draaga.


I once saw him fight on Warworld when I was, uh, guarding the royal family.

Draaga took a blade to the right leg.

It hit a nerve cluster.

He's favored his left ever since.

Thank you.

(SIGHS) If you're here to lecture me again, I'm...

I came here to apologize.

It is not my place to tell you how to live.

But I won't abandon you, either.

I'm not worth your kindness, J'onn J'onzz. Trust me.



I told you not to come back.


Another Green Martian.

Now we have ourselves a main event.


What's wrong?

Hank's missing. He hasn't checked in for hours.

Have you tried his phone?

No answer.

But Winn traced it.

We found it in the alley behind the alien bar.

Someone took him in a hurry. It was clean, fast.

And Megan didn't show up for her shift today.

It's Roulette. She has them.

Where are you going?

For round two.

Alex, we have a problem.

Do we have eyes on Hank?

Supergirl: No.

The whole thing is gone.

The fight club's been cleared out, like it never happened.

No sign of where they went.

Okay, so how do we find her?

It's not like we're on the mailing list.

No, but I know someone who might be.

Excuse me, you can't go in there. Stop...

I swear I just blinked and she got right past me.

Lena, I'm sorry. This is my fault.

She's so fast.

I just need to talk to you.

Jess, will you make a note downstairs that Kara Danvers is to be shown in right away whenever possible?

Yes, Ms. Luthor.


Thank you.


How can I help?


I think a friend of mine has gotten involved in something shady.

(SCOFFING) A friend?

No, an actual friend.

And now he's missing.

Do you know of a woman named Veronica Sinclair?

She caters to people in your, um, your circles.

Tight dresses, tattoos like Lisbeth Salander?

Yeah, I know Roulette.

We went to boarding school together. I never liked her.

I need to find her.

Well, that's the trick, isn't it?

Her little fight clubs stay mobile.

But do you know where she's holding the next fight?

I wouldn't ask if I had any other option.

(SIGHS) I'm a Luthor, of course I'm invited to her little pop-up.

Not that I'm interested in her type of entertainment.


Thank you. I owe you, big time.

Not at all.

I know you'll be there for me when the time comes.

Roulette: Were those fights dangerous enough?

Crowd: No!

Were they violent enough?

Crowd: No!

Tonight, that changes.


Our gladiators will fight for the privilege of being the last Green Martian.

Tonight, they fight to the death.

I don't fight to the death.

Tonight you do.



Why won't you show yourself?

My true form is mine to reveal.

You will not take that from me.

And I will not fight you.

We don't have a choice.

Our choices are all we have.



Only one of us is walking out of here.

And I told you, I'm whatever I need to be to survive.

And now you'll be a killer.

There is no shame in surviving.

I'm not ashamed.

I'm not.

You don't fight for money.

You do it because you think you deserve it.

For surviving.

But you don't have to punish yourself anymore, M'gann.

You're forgiven.

We both are.

I won't kill him.

I won't.

Thought it might go down like this.


Alex: Everyone, freeze!

Drop 'em! Now!



Hey, stop!

Man: Hey!

Back up!

They know who really looks out for them.

Supergirl: Stand down!

Everybody, stand down.

Things are bad. I know.

But fighting amongst each other?

That's what they want us to do.

Other aliens are not the enemy.

She is. And the more we fight each other, the more we distract ourselves from the real problems.

Cadmus, people like Roulette.

They say we're dangerous.

That's what they want everyone to believe.

Don't let them be right about us.

You're under arrest.

For what?

For operating without a liquor license for starters.

I'm sure you've figured it out by now, but it's not a good idea to bet against me.

Hey, I was just coming to help.

What's going on?

Orders came down from on high.

We have to let her go.

It's all about timing.

Having the right friends at the right moments.

Your day will come.

Should have planted something on her.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't a good cop.

I think you're a great cop.

Are you getting soft on me?


Look, I know in crappy moments like this, I could use a drink. So...

What do you say? First round's on me.

Oh, can't.

Hey, babe.

Next time?

Yes. Next time. Yeah.


You got a minute? I want to show you my story.

The one about the fictional fight club that I rejected twice?


No, it's the one with the official NCPD crime report, forensics from the M.E.'s office, and an on-the-record first person account.


Who's your source?





She's... She is...

She's a close personal friend of mine.

And when I told her that I wanted to pursue this story, er, she wanted to help. A lot.

So, her and I spoke at length...

She and I... So, yeah. It was all on the record.

You're developing sources. Good.

Your nut graf is too long, you have multiple run-on sentences.

You're not using AP style. Write it again.


I heard you took out Draaga.


Thanks for the tip.

Yeah, I thought it would be fun to have these powers.

It can be.

It will be.

I'm going to teach you how.

I got the impression that you didn't want to spend time with me.

Oh, you're right. I didn't.

But I asked the DEO to release you into my custody.



I wasn't sent to planet Earth to be a hero.

I was sent to protect my cousin.

To teach him and keep him safe.

And I never got to fulfill that purpose.

So, in a weird way, helping you, it gives me another chance to do that.

Who would have thought?

A boy from Daxam and a girl from Krypton, working together.

Why? Is it because you come from a planet of partyers?

No, because you come from a planet of snobs.



I'm in your hands, Kara.


At least I knocked this time.

Well, I didn't...

I didn't think you would speak to me again.

It's going to take more than a steel cage death match to get rid of me.

I'm sorry.

To be such a disappointment to you.

Like you said, the past is over and done.

What matters is what happens now.

If you don't want to take the bond, I'm fine with that.

I'm just glad to know you.


Sorry. It's, uh...


I'm around.

If you need me.