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The lights have been flickering.

Yeah, the streetlights too.

Brownout's started.

Mr. Alderson, you're under arrest.

Grab the computers, get the hard drives, all the USB drives...

I want you to lead the D.C. op.

You can stay here and crash on the couch.

Home would be better.

Have you spoken to the administration?

We're not there yet.

There he is, Terry Colby, the CTO.

You can't be offering me a job there.

You're testifying against them.

In business, grudges aren't really a thing.

You do work at E Corp.

I never said that.

Best case scenario, I lose my job and plea bargain down a jail sentence.

I'm backed into a corner.

I wanted to be Claudia Kincaid so bad.

Ollie Parker told me about the CD at Allsafe.

Eventually, someone will connect the dots, and it'll catch up to you.

The Dark Army are just hackers.

I clipped one of the shooters in the leg.

He turned the gun on himself.

He erased his history.

Tyrell's always surprising me with little gifts.

[cell phone buzzes]

I have a contact attempting to trace the phone calls, but he needs more time.

Mobley and Trenton both are AWOL.

[banging at door]

In that dream I had, when I was being drowned, it was when I stopped fighting it.

That's when I survived.

Hello, Ollie.

It's a gift. I...

I wanted to give it to you before I forgot.

That's my last advance copy.

It's trending on Amazon's Movers & Shakers.

It's ahead of Trump's latest.

Can you believe that cocksucker is actually running this time?

I mean, if I wanted, the things I have on him could put me on his ticket.

Politics... is for puppets.

Besides, if you did run for office, you'd no longer be "The Last Honest Man."


Thank you, Terry.

Anyway, I need you to see our friend, Winston Campbell, about this issue tonight.

I understand he still owes you some favors.

[sighs] He does.

But a UN allowing China to annex the Congo?

Winston has the president's ear.

Oh, I get it, but I got to be honest, Philip... it's a little out there.

I know from reading the "Times" that China's got the tip of its dick in the Congo...

[serene classical music]

And you want Winston to tell Obama to look the other way while the chinks f*ck it dry.

I mean...

I don't know, to give them national sovereignty of another nation?

It's a little out there, don't you think?

Central Africa's a sh1t show.

After climate change, it'll be a bunch of soon-to-be corpses raging a civil war.

The Oval Office could spin this as a humanitarian intervention.

Well, all due respect, it's bullshit.

If he tells the ambassador to vote "yes" on this, Obama will be forever known as the man who gifted Africa to China.


That's the fine point.

Obama just needs to tell his ambassador to abstain.

I, uh... I don't suppose you're gonna tell me what all this has to do with your ambitions.

Do this for me, Terry...

And I promise I won't forget your help.

I mean, the f*cking Congo.

[laughing] You know, the Congo.

I mean, is there a pocket of the world you don't have your hand in?

You're trading countries like, uh... like playing cards.

Isn't that what history is all about?

Politically, economically, geographically... imaginary lines being drawn and redrawn, over and over again?


Um, Philip, I got to know.

What do you do it for?

I mean, all of it?



In my life, as I was making my way, I always asked the question, am I the most powerful person in the room?

The answer needed to be yes.

To this day, I still ask that question.

And the answer is still yes.

In every room in the entire world, the answer is yes...

With the exception of one.

Or two.

And that drives me.

I intend to leave a legacy, the standard of which was set by God when he created the Earth and man after his own image.

Anything less is... not worth mentioning.

[singers screaming indistinctly]

I'm still against this.

The feds see us with him, no telling what conclusion they'll draw.

If you had done the job you were tasked with, we wouldn't be here.

He's coming.

[window sliding]

Hello, Ollie.

[garbled radio chatter]

Why isn't she saying anything?

Is she trying to get inside my head?

[garbled radio chatter]

I still feel like she can hear us.

I feel like she can see me.

You're not going anywhere.

I know you're working with my husband.

Tell me where he is.

Sorry, I don't know.

You're being honest this time.

But you're gonna find him for me.

No one's gonna find him.

I don't think I'll be able to do that.


Now you're back to lying.

Should I tell her the truth?

Should I tell her that her husband's dead?

You do that, I can guarantee we don't walk out of here alive.

On my first date with Tyrell, I saw this stunning redhead wearing a pair of cubic zirconia earrings.

I asked him what he would do to get me those earrings.

He told me he would do whatever was necessary.

I told him I wanted him to f*ck that woman and bring me her earrings.

The next morning, I woke up to a gift.

These are the cheapest things I own, yet they're my favorite.

Tyrell would always do what was necessary.

And at the end of that, I would receive a gift.

That's why I know he's alive.

That's why he's been calling me...

That's why he sent me this phone...

Because he's doing what's necessary.

You talked to him?

He called me last night.

That's impossible.

He wants to let me know that he's okay.

He has a plan.

He told you that?


We haven't spoken.

He's protecting me.

That's what you do for your partner.

The calls come up as unknown.

I've tried to have him tracked, but I've been... unsuccessful.

Is this something you might be able to accomplish?

This bitch is blood simple, Elliot.

She's the wife of the psycho who strangled that woman... the same psycho who is this close to doing the same to you.

If we're around when she learns that Tyrell is dead, you don't think she'll have us killed?

He's right.

It's not worth it.

I'm sorry.

Can't help you.

Do you really want to say no to me?

I mean, where did he come from?

I found him gasping on the couch.

And you brought him here?

I wasn't gonna f*ckin' leave him there.

He was saying your name; I figured he was one of your guys.

Vincent. Vincent!

What is wrong with him?

How am I supposed to know?

Where are the others?

He was the only one there.

I had to cab it straight back here.

Who the f*ck is this guy?

He was one of the D.C. guys who did the Capitol Hill job.

We got to get this guy to a hospital.

No hospitals.

How do we know he doesn't have a tracker on him or a bug?


That looks like internal bleeding.

This guy's gonna die.

All we got to do is drop him off at an ER.


He knows my face... my name.

He's gonna wake up to a drip of morphine.

I can't risk him talking.

And what?

He knew what he was getting himself into.

If we don't get him help right now, he's gonna die.

How does that not compute for you?

Our focus is finding Trenton and Mobley.

Trenton and Mobley might already be dead!

Jesus, you're completely f*cking losing it!

You wanna act like you're on top of things, but you're not.

You're buried way underneath.

You're not a leader.

You're not special.

Yeah, you guys did the hack, but you fumbled your way into this ridiculous freak accident.

That ain't leading!

It's time to drop the charade like this was all part of the plan and wake the f*ck up!

There's no way that you can justify letting him die.

Where's Agent Yang?

Excuse me?

Agent Yang?

Back there.

[camera shutter clicking]

Yes, yeah, yeah, that's correct.

It's no court.

Yeah, I got it. I got it.

Do we know the ETA on that?

I'm sorry, conference call.

Can you believe this house?

Mm, yup, sure is real nice.

We should seriously consider pooling our money together.

It's probably going to be on the market soon.

So what happened here exactly?

I was told it had something to do with the D.C. activists.

Teabaggers, yeah.

They were found two days ago in Maryland.

A car chase ensued. Ended badly.

One got away; the rest were apprehended.

This is where they were supposed to meet.

Owner's an E Corp lawyer.

Supposed to be on vacation.

Starting to look more like she's missing.

I'm sorry, hon, I'm still not entirely sure why I was called here.

That's from someone three doors down.

He was seen here.

He and another male were spotted around 10:00 p.m. getting into a cab.

The description matches a person of interest in your code name case.

Wait, he was here tonight?

Have you found the cab?

If this is really the guy, why did we burn the house?

How come we didn't put surveillance on it?

What was the thought process here?

You know Director Comey's taking a more aggressive strategy on everything ever since the sh1t hit the fan over that video.


I can walk you through the report if we need to.

Uh, check with Agent Burke, yes.

[somber music]

Is this the future I was fighting for?

The system is hung, frozen in limbo.

Did we lose the fight?

Maybe wars aren't meant to be won.

Maybe they're meant to be continuous.

Maybe Ray had it right all along.

These people are certifiable.

You should be going home, not working with these wack jobs.

She's a grieving wife.

She wants to believe he's alive.

Who do you think's making those calls?

[scoffs] Her husband's the most wanted man in the country.

A ton of people hate her just by association.

We need to stop at Micro Center.

We're only making one stop: your apartment.

The cops confiscated everything; it'll be weeks before I can get it back.

If you want this done tonight, I need hardware.

This is a composite from Ollie Parker's testimony.

This is a sketch from a description a neighbor gave us just now at Susan Jacobs's house.

These are from two separate witnesses.

This is the same guy.

We have fresh evidence on this guy.

He's not tainted.

We're gonna put out a BOLO.

If you do that, the Dark Army will kill him.

Not this again.

If this sketch gets on the news, he's as good as dead.

I'm telling you, they won't let one of their own be known by law enforcement like that.

As it is now, they might already know.

We lost Sunil Markesh.

We can't let it happen with this guy.

Just give me...


We're going to the media for this one.

And we're using this.

[tense music]

Look, this whole, slow roll that you and the rest of us have been working up, it didn't work.

It's time to embrace the Bureau's new direction.

Yeah, it's Santiago.

Well, tell him I need him right away.


I have Agent Thomas looking into cab companies.

He may have found a lead to where this guy went.

Hook up with him.

A cryptocurrency regulated by Evil Corp.

The hypocrisy isn't surprising.

A special Evil Corp discount if we use their new money.

If you ever needed a sign that our work is not done yet, this is it.

Even if you track the call to some crank yanker down the street, when you give him the info, you should...

Place the call far away.

Like another country far.

[phone buzzing]

The phone.

It's the one Joanna gave me.

[ominous music]


[heavy breathing]

[line beeping]

Tell me you heard that too.

It can't be him, can it?

[footsteps echo]

And why is Mr. Robot suddenly gone?

[ominous music continues]

[indistinct chatter on PA]

Keep going.

Elliot? What does he have to do with stage two?

I was hoping you could tell me.

I could've just dropped him off at the door.

You didn't have to...

I couldn't just leave him.

I needed to be here.

You were right back there.

I'm not special.

It's Elliot.

He's the one with the plan... the one they're taking seriously.

[dramatic music]

You know, I always thought it was crazy we got away with this.

I thought there was something special about me that made it happen.

But it wasn't me, Mobley, Trenton, or Romero.

It was him.

It's always been him.

When I was five, our parents took us to Coney Island, my dad's idea of an Alderson family outing.

What are you doing?

Making a high-powered antenna.

I need to piggyback off someone else's wifi.

I remember looking up at this roller coaster thinking it was the highest thing I had ever seen.

[phone buzzes]

Of course, I wasn't tall enough to go on it, so my dad went with Elliot, and I had to wait with my mom.

I don't remember exactly what happened next, but somehow I got lost.

You know, most kids get scared shitless when they're alone, but I wasn't.

I loved it.

All of a sudden, I felt... someone grab me around the waist and pick me up.

It was this old woman.

She was skinny and tall.

She had this smeared, almost pink lipstick.

She held on to me tight.

I thought about screaming, but I didn't.

I didn't want to.

We went to Nathan's, and she said that I could have whatever I wanted.

My parents never asked me what I wanted... ever.

It was the first time I ever really felt special.

We started driving to her house, and... I definitely remember thinking that something wasn't right, but I just looked at her and her lipstick and let it happen.

And then we got to her house, and she showed me my room, and it had one of those beds with the curtains around it.

And I did feel like a princess.

I remember thinking that this was my new home and my new life, and I didn't have to see my parents ever again.

It was like a wish I had that all of a sudden came true.

And I went to sleep just hoping that this wasn't all a dream, and I wasn't just gonna wake up in my old bed.

And sure enough, the next morning, I was still there.

But then the police barged in.

And when they took me downstairs, there were cops everywhere.

I didn't even get to see the woman again.

And then they put me in their car and took me home.

I still wonder what my life would've been like if I had stayed.

But if I had stayed...

Then I wouldn't have Elliot.

There are a lot of guys working on this.

None of them can figure it out.

What's that for?

For impersonating an NYPD officer.

All cell carriers have a law enforcement hotline.

Instead of hacking the carrier, if the situation's urgent enough, you can just ask them to track a blocked call for you.

[tense music]

Is it done?

Not yet... need a few minutes for the spoof fax to go through.

It needs to propagate through their system.

No one in the world uses fax anymore except cops.

Half of me wants it to be him.

Half of me doesn't.

Before working for the Wellicks, I had a list of clients, all of them eccentric in one form or another.

I worked for this one guy who used to m*st*rb*t* in the car. [Laughing]

He used to have me drop him off at Carnegie Hall.

He was a first chair violinist God, now he wants to have a heart-to-heart.

Focusing on you helps drown him out...

One of those, uh, Stradivarius violins from the 1700s.

Like talking to someone in a crowded restaurant.

Take it everywhere with him...

All the other voices and noises fade into the background.

Somehow your brain is able to decode the components of that complex auditory space.

Can you feel it?

Good. That gives us time to talk.

[faint humming]

Is Mr. Robot MIA because he's afraid?

Afraid of what I might find when I'm done with this hack?

[faint humming]

Why did that phone call freak him out?

Could he have lied about Tyrell?

What's his move here?

Do you remember the last thing he wanted?

He kept wanting to come back home, remember?

There must be something here that he needs.

He's been bringing it up since we left prison.

Can you help?

Can you look?

Do you see anything?

And now they're moving to the next step.

Yes, the next step.

You know what the next step is?

Blackouts. Why?

So they can take away your power, and I am not talking about your electricity.

I'm talking about your computers, your access to the Internet, your television, your phone.

What does that all add up to?


Those wounds aren't fresh.

Do you have any idea what happened to him?

It puts them in control.

Uh, we... we went over to his place and found him like that.

Is he gonna be all right?

He's on a respirator.

They're gonna do a CT scan and run some other tests.

We should know more in about an hour or so.


Thank you.


Well, we got an hour to kill.




Hi, this is Detective Richard Hannigan, NYPD,

11th precinct, badge number 22350.

I just faxed over an exigent form for a suicidal person.

Can you confirm that you received it?

Yeah, I got a guy who called his girlfriend's cell saying he's gonna shoot himself.

Yeah, all of them came in blocked.

Perfect, can you see if it's one of yours?

Can you ping that phone for a current location?

[tense music]

You've been a huge help.

I'll call you if there's something else.

Got it.

Goddamn it.

Is that where the phone is right now?

Within 12 meters.

Is it him?

[dark music]



Trust me, he wouldn't be calling from that house.

Has issued a BOLO on the man pictured in this sketch.

Given FBI cyber involvement, we can only speculate at this time that the man in this sketch may be wanted in relation to the infamous Five/Nine attack.

I have money stashed at a hackerspace on Canal.

Okay, we make sure Vincent's all right.

We wipe your place down, and then we bolt.

We can target them from afar for more intel on Trenton and Mobley.

Darlene, you know we can't leave.

They don't own us.

We played by their rules, and those fuckers still hit Trenton and Mobley.

[dramatic music]

I am so sick of always worry about switching cabs and phones and trains and always looking behind...

Just calm down, okay?

He was waiting here?

Yeah, they were...


Who was he with? Male or female?

Dom, we're reviewing the security footage.

Let her finish.

A woman.

His girlfriend, I think.

They were waiting here.

They were really concerned about their friend.

They waited for about an hour, and then I told them we were sending him up for some tests.

And that's when they left?

I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention.

If it helps, I told them to come back in an hour.

At this point, they're definitely not coming back here.

He probably saw the BOLO.

He's freaking out. Probably hiding.

It might take some time, but we'll get him.

I got your messages.

Sorry it took so long to get here.

What's wrong?

Why did you start fsociety?

I didn't want to involve you.

An FBI agent came to my place.

Look, let's just sit here and chill a minute.

Right? We'll come up with something.

Sometimes... the best decision is not making one.

[whispers] Fine.

Why'd it take you so long to call it in?

The TV's right there.

It's okay; you didn't do anything wrong.

I'm just trying to figure something out.

It's probably because Janice turns it to the news when her shift starts.

They didn't see it... the TV... they're coming back.

They probably didn't go too far.

I can fix this, okay?

I will fix...

I'm gonna confess.

I've already called my lawyer.

I'm on my way to meet her now.

I can't keep pretending like this is gonna go away.

We can't beat them.

Trust me, I've tried.

No matter what we do, we will always lose to them.

I'm gonna tell 'em that I planted the femtocell.

I would never involve any of you, so I'm just gonna own up for what I did.

But sooner or later, Elliot, this will all catch up to you.

Thank you.


What the f*ck are you doing?


If you wanted some, you should've ordered your own.

You know I'm not into that family-style sh1t.

Oh. Oops.



You're such an asshole.

How am I supposed to help the ones I care about when every step I take puts them in greater danger?

This was my plan, and I hid in a cage while everyone else took all the risk.

I mean, f*ck.

We have to talk to each other on the subway.

It's a long way from getting high and watching "Back to the Future II."

Yeah, we never did get around to doing that.

Excuse me, have you seen a young couple walk past recently coming from that direction?

No, I didn't see anyone.

She's got dark hair; he's wearing a baseball hat.


Do you remember when I found you at the Queens Museum?

You were pacing and screaming at the staff, because they couldn't see whoever you said you were seeing.

Was it your dad then too, or was it someone else?

I don't remember that at all.

Elliot, I don't know if you started all this because of him.

But whatever he is, you can't work with him.

Don't trick yourself into thinking that.

If I was gonna eat around here, where would I go?

There's nothing around here.

You've got to go over, like, five blocks.

There's still a few places open over there.

[alarms blaring]

[car horns honking]

You should probably get off here.

I don't want to leave her.

[brakes squeal and hiss]

[suspenseful music]

[suspenseful music continues]


Send all units to Watts and 6th Ave.

[distant sirens]

[brakes squeal]

[engine rumbling]

[distant sirens]



[sirens approaching]


[siren wailing]

[tires screeching]

Get down! Down on the ground!



Green! FBI!

Don't shoot!

[sirens wailing]