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There's a reason we met.

There's something between us.

I can see it.

You're only seeing what's in front of you.

You're not seeing what's above you.


This is going to be affecting our economy in ways that are extraordinarily significant. The FBI announced today that Tyrell Wellick and fsociety engaged in this attack. Blackouts.

Why? So they can take away your power. The public is hoarding cash. The housing market is grinding to a halt. Dark Army.

They got no code.

They hack for anyone. Tell me about your father. We were close. Worked at Evil Corp his whole life.

One of the best computer engineers they had.

One day, he told me he had leukemia.

They are going to try and get rid of me again, and I need you to not let them.

He is a part of you that makes you you. Who are you talking to?

employees died in the widely-publicized Washington Township toxic waste scandal. If I told you that your mother and Elliot's father died for a reason, would it make a difference?

That they were sacrificed for the greater good, that they gave their lives to take humanity to the next level? Tyrell, are you there?

They told me you would be calling.

This is a secure line.

You sure you still don't want to talk to me?

We got to show her we're smarter.

They're going to try and flip her. Let me do it alone.

I know her. You've got to be f*cking kidding me.

This gets his phone mic live. - I'm going to ask him about Stage . The Dark Army set this up? They're our partners. It's Elliot.

He's the one with the plan When is Stage ?

Femtocell the backdoor. You planned all of that with him? You're not hacking anything. This will level that building and kill people. I'm going to get rid of the backdoor.

We're supposed to be gods together, and yet you want to destroy our destiny?

Step away from the computer!

You touch that keyboard, and I will shoot you.

No, you won't.

You can't.

It doesn't exist.

This control you think you have...

(TENSE MUSIC) It's an illusion.

I'm the only one that exists.

It's time to finally take back control.

Real control. "So much depends on a red wheelbarrow." (GUNSHOT)

"Glazed with rainwater beside the white chickens." You know, once you gave me this, you said to stop anyone who gets in the way of our plan.

Sorry, kiddo.


I couldn't let anyone stop this.

Including us.

♪ ♪ ♪ Love you've gone from me ♪ ♪ And left behind ♪ ♪ So many memories ♪ ♪ ♪ (HOLE PUNCH CLICKS)

Looks like you're going to get a free milkshake, you lucky dog.

I'll take chocolate, please.

Oh, sorry, sir.

That offer is only valid on your next visit.

I don't understand.

I got my punches.

Didn't you just say I could have a free milkshake?

Yes, and you can redeem it on your next visit.

What's the difference?

I'm here now.

I'm sorry, sir.

That's not the way it works.

Okay, should I just get out of line and then get back in?

No, sir.

You would have to redeem it on your next visit here.


What qualifies as a visit?

Do I have to leave the premises and come back?

Do I have to go home?

Is it time-based?

You see the faulty logic here, don't you?

Sir, those are the rules.

You can speak to the manager, or I'd be happy to add a milkshake to your order for $..

It's not about the money.


It's about the principle.

Sir, there's nothing I can do.



Calm down.


Screaming isn't going to help this situation, is it?


Yeah, well, I agree.

It's not good.

Is he dead?


All right.

Be there in minutes.

When we lose our principles, we invite chaos.



Thank God you're here.


I don't know how it got to this.


Please, tell me you can help him.


he can't...

I can't...

Well, he's kinda still alive.

Uh, this wasn't what I meant by "safekeeping." Please, just tell me, I need to know.

Is he going to live?


The doctors are on route.

And they're about two minutes out.



You know, pushing on his stomach like that...

that's, uh, that's not helping things.

You might want to stop that.



Well, our people are working on him as we speak.




Just went in to surgery.




What do you want me to do about the Swede?


And as far as the kid goes?


Ready when you are.

(TENSE MUSIC) Okeydoke.

♪ ♪ I love a great mystery. And I'm fascinated by the greatest unsolved mystery. Do we see reality as it is? If I close my eyes and imagine...

♪ ♪ That, ladies and gentlemen, is why it's always smart to have backup generators at a nuclear power plant.


And as I was saying, if I close my eyes, I can imagine that everything we experience, everything we see, think, and do, is unfolding simultaneously in a parallel universe.

And if so, how many copies of our cells exist?

And might our mental states be conjoined?

For better or worse.

♪ ♪ He really is a crazy little goose, isn't he?

No, no, no.

Remember what we said.

Practice makes perfect.


Sir, I think they are both incredibly unstable people.

Let me run Stage for you.

I am more than capable.


Have I ever told you that Mr.

Alderson's father used to work for us on this project?

Unbeknownst to him, of course.

In fact, it was his great engineering work that led to some of our early successes.

What an extraordinary coincidence.

And now his son works for us after so many years.

But you don't believe in coincidence.

Yes, I don't, which is why you misunderstand Mr.

Alderson's value.

It was his impassioned plea to destroy E Corp that presented us with the opportunity to set our plan in motion, and it has taken his relentless determination since to continue it.

We may possess the necessary tools, but what we do not have is his unadulterated focused...


Time presented us Mr.

Alderson when we needed him.

Therefore, his will must be our guide.

And after Mr.

Alderson completes the great work that we need from him, then he can die for us.

Just like his father.

(JULIE ANDREWS SINGING "WHISTLING AWAY THE DARK") ♪ ♪ ♪ Often I see ♪ ♪ This sad old world ♪ ♪ Is whistling in the dark ♪ ♪ Just like a child ♪ ♪ Who late from school ♪ ♪ Walks bravely home through the park ♪ ♪ To keep their spirit soaring ♪ (MUSIC FADES OUT) (FOREBODING MUSIC) ♪ ♪ Are you still there? Am I? ♪ ♪ What did we miss? Did you see anything? I blacked out. ♪ ♪ If I'm alive, I must have been right. None of it was real. I'm the one in control. The one with the power. ♪ ♪ But why doesn't it feel that way? You're awake.


The electricity's still out.

It's been out a week now.

What am I doing here?

(METRONOMIC MUSIC) ♪ ♪ They brought you here yesterday.

♪ ♪ You don't remember.

What are you talking about?

♪ ♪ Who brought me here?

The people that you're working with.

They called me.

They told me that you were hurt.

What people?

I don't know who they are.

I only recognized one of them.


Tyrell Wellick.


It was real. It actually happened. The gun. Slow down.

You've been shot.

♪ ♪ And like that, my power is gone too. I just did what they told me to do.

I was scared.


you have to tell me how I got here.

I was on my way to turn myself in to the FBI, and I was stopped by the Dark Army.

They sent a man to my apartment.

Elliot, you can't get up.

I have to warn the police.

You can't do that.


If you tell the police anything, they're going to kill me.

center is experiencing high call volume. For power outage updates, use . They made that very clear.



What's your emergency? Hello? (BREATHING RAGGEDLY)

Then I have to go there.

Go where?

- I need to find him.

- Who?


Are you crazy?

He shot you.

They're trying to blow up Evil Corp's recovery facility.

- Hold on.

- I have to stop them.

How can you be so sure that that's what they're doing?

You've been unconscious for the past six days.

Maybe you're wrong.

♪ ♪ What if I'm not?

♪ ♪ Do you have something I can wear?


♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ They did a full wipe-down. ♪ ♪ Where is Tyrell? And something else is off. That ever-looming presence that is Mr.

Robot. I don't feel it. ♪ ♪ Is it possible that the bullet killed him, and not me? (THUNDER RUMBLING)

The mark of the beast is the mark of the elite. One world government is a myth.

Fear the one world corporation.

The beast has many titles.

Prince of darkness, Lord of Lies, Ruler of Hell.


♪ ♪ Oh, Elliot.


Let your visitor know I got plenty of vacant apartments.

We got to get some of these things rented, or else we're all going to get screwed.

That's why I upgraded the facade.

You know.

It used to be this ugly red.

Now it's this chrome.

I think it's very inviting.

What visitor?

Whoever's in your apartment.

Just tell him we're running a special.

Utilities included.



(DRAMATIC MUSIC) ♪ ♪ Where the f*ck have you been?

You shouldn't be here.

Why are you walking like that?

You can't just disappear on me for days and not say anything.



Shut the f*ck up.

There are men outside.

They might be listening.

We have to go.

I need to talk to you about something.

It's not safe for you here.

Cisco's dead.


Dark Army turned on us.

They killed him, and I think I'm next.

What happened?

We were having dinner, and all of a sudden, gunshots went off.

The slowest three seconds of my life.

The FBI even questioned me.

So yeah, it's not safe for me anywhere.

In fact, everywhere for me is pretty much f*cked.

What did you tell them?

The FBI?


You're a shitty brother, you know that?

I could've been dead, Elliot.


What is this about, anyway?

Stage ?

The phone we hacked before you did your vanishing act.

The hot mic picked it all up.

Stage is your plan, isn't it?


What is Stage ?

(TENSE MUSIC) ♪ ♪ The femtocell you had Angela install.

Yeah, so?

That was for a hack on the FBI.

That wasn't the only reason.

It created a backdoor inside Evil Corp.

♪ ♪ It was to get access to the UPSs inside one of their buildings.

What building?

The building that's housing their recovery program.

All their backup paper records, titles, deeds, loan documents...


Oh, you were...

you were just going to blow it up?

This is what you meant by "finishing off Evil Corp." They'd have no chance at rebuilding their database.

You were planning this with them all along behind my back.

No, no, it wasn't like that.

Because you didn't think I'd go along with it?

Killing all of those people?

It wasn't me!

♪ ♪ Wasn't me.


I can stop it.

I can stop this.

I can stop it.

I can stop it.

You're not going to get online here.

Internet's been down for days.

If I can close the backdoor, I can stop it.

♪ ♪ Darlene...

please help me.

I know a space that has access.

But you're not going to get in there wearing that shirt.

♪ ♪ (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) You got to be kidding me, man.

No, that's the cost.

- Come on.

- How are you going to pay?



♪ ♪ Looks a little busy.

The only hacker space with a dedicated fiber connection.

Stay here, I'll find us a way to get on.

♪ ♪ A CTF tournament. Capture the flag. It's like the hacker Olympics. Teams around the world compete to solve challenges. Reverse-engineering protocol exploitation, forensics. The entire city's suffering an energy crisis while they're here, exercising their inner anarchy. It's times like these I really wish I had a mute button for life. Whoo!



Isn't that better? We're f*cked.

All the machines are taken.

They're in the middle of the final round of the qualifier for a CTF.

It's them versus nine other countries, and from the scoreboard, the Koreans are ride or die.

It's going to take forever before this is over.

Or I could just win it for them.


♪ ♪ They let you save and load your game, restoring all the mines you found and all the shells you cleared.

That's the weakness.

The game trusts whatever data you give it to recreate the board.

Poison the data.

You can make it run whatever code you want.


We already thought about that.

It won't work.

There's a server-side key used to verify the game saves.

And without it, you just get a checksum error, which is why you play the game until you find the mines first.

Once you know the full board, you can derive the key.

And you already spotted the code injection vuln in the save handler function, right?


I never thought of that.

Dude, just let him on.

No way, man.

Need I remind you, I was a CyberPatriot finalist.

Yeah, in middle school.

If we don't make the top three, we're not going to Vegas.

And he knows this sh1t better than you.

f*ck it, I've been at this for four f*cking hours.

I gotta deuce it out anyway.

This Soylent ain't for the faint-hearted.


♪ ♪ I see them.

Stay calm.

It's Dark Army.

It's me they want, not you.

You having an attack?

It's okay.

Don't stop, okay?

I'll be fine.

♪ ♪ (CRIES)




♪ ♪ You need to help me.

There's Dark Army everywhere.

I saw them.

They have guns.






Dude, I can't believe it only took you two minutes to win the final round.

Can you please take your hand off me and leave me alone?


Dude, I...

I was just...

Thank you.


The backdoor had a hard-coded C domain pointing to a listener on Tyrell's machine. All I have to do is hack the registrar and change the name server configs. ♪ ♪ Once I hijack the domain, I can shut down their access before the Dark Army notices. Elliot.

I'm almost done.

I shut the backdoor.

I just have to uninstall...



Stand up and walk with us.

Do it.



♪ ♪ Go down Cortlandt Alley.

♪ ♪ What are you doing?

This is them.

It's them I want to see.



Get in.

- We're good, man.

- No, you're not.

That car she's eyeballing is FBI.

They're following you.

Been following you since you left the apartment.

You're gonna want to get in.


Hey, miss, grab my laptop.

Should be on the floor right below you there.

Pull up the motor vehicle lookup tool, would you?


about the mess.

Been a while since I had time to clean it.

But hey, gas prices what they are right now, taxis are a premium, so, you know, you're welcome for the free cab ride.

Uh, now, Elliot, do me a favor, would you?

Read her the license plate of the car that's been tailing us.



(TENSE MUSIC) All right, good.

Uh, now, miss.

Input that plate number.

♪ ♪ Grab the VIN number.

Put it on a...

sticky note.

I got 'em in the side door there, along with a pen.


OnStar center.

This is Debbie. How may I help you? Yeah, I need to report an emergency.

This is Detective Robert Abernathy, badge number , out of the precinct.


Get that number?

♪ ♪ Yeah, I got a stolen vehicle.

Driving erratically, and almost hitting pedestrians during the outage here.

Yeah, I'm gonna pursue for about ten minutes.

Yeah, I have line of sight of the vehicle.

I need to initiate a slowdown.


VIN number, here we go: , H, G, C, M, , , , , , A, , , , , F as in Franklin, .



Uh, okay.

I see the lights blinking.

Thank you, guys.

All right.

Who wants barbecue?




Red Wheelbarrow. Did they get that from me? Or did I get it from them? However it happened, it's clearly a Dark Army front now. This must be the guy that sent me that f*cking menu. Do me a favor, miss.

Go get us a couple of number fours.

On me.


And make sure they punch my card.

I'm not going anywhere.


Well, I got business with your brother, here.

Now, the faster we get that rolling, the faster you two can leave.

It's okay.


I'll go stand over there, but I'm not getting you a f*cking number four.

What about my punch card?

And don't call me "miss." Well, she's full of life, huh?

♪ ♪ Let's get to what this is about.



We hear you've been running around town.

The doc says you should be resting.

I had sh1t to do.

Well, you want to catch me up on where we're at?

I shut the backdoor.

♪ ♪ Now, why would you go do a thing like that?

I'm calling this operation off.

♪ ♪ You sure you want to do that?

We've gone to great lengths...

It's not negotiable.

And if there's a problem with my request, you can deal with me.

And only me.


Ah, I suppose our employer will be disappointed.

I don't have an employer.



She believes that a plan lives or dies by its creator, so...

if you want it dead, so be it.

Where are you going?

Oh, I want to go home.

And they canceled the Mets game, so I'll probably end up working on my book a little.

- So that's it?

- That's it.

I want confirmation.

♪ ♪ From her.


You know that bullet we took out of you?

We can easily put it right back in.

♪ ♪ You won.

Go home.

♪ ♪ Before you end up losing again.

♪ ♪ What happened?

♪ ♪ It's over.

They're calling off Stage .

♪ ♪ Just like that?

Just like that.

I don't buy it.

We'd both be dead if they wanted to stop us.

That tends to be their response when they disagree with you.

And who are "they," exactly?

Is this just Dark Army, or is Tyrell Wellick involved in all of this, too?

I know a lot more than you think, Elliot.

Answer the question.

Is Tyrell Wellick involved?

Has he been a part of this whole thing from the beginning?


Look, even if they were lying, I closed their only access.

You want to bury your head in the sand, be my guest.

But my eyes are staying wide f*cking open.

The only thing that matters is that we survive this thing.

We got out alive, which happens to be a luxury right now.

We don't know where Trenton and Mobley are, but they're probably dead.

And we know what happened to Cisco.

♪ ♪ Go f*ck yourself.



Darlene's right. I can't trust them. This was too easy. But at least I stopped them for now. I can go home knowing that. But was she right about me?

Am I sticking my head in the sand?

Did my revolution just bury our minds, instead of freeing them?

(DARK MUSIC) Encrypting Evil Corp's data was meant to empower us.

Instead, it left us powerless, scaring us into even more submission.

I am not going to get rid of the invisible hand.

Turned it into a fist that punched us in the dick.

And like a botnet, the fear I created is spreading so fast, it's practically airborne.

It's swallowed us whole, digested us, and now we're stuck in its asshole, waiting to be dumped out. And while we're here, they're having their way with us. They packaged a fight into product. Turned our dissent into intellectual property.

Televising our revolution with commercial breaks.

(NBC CHIME) They backdoored into our minds and robbed our truth, refurbished the facts, then marked up the price.

This is what they do.

It's what they're good at.

This is their greatest trick.

To try and bring the truth.

They're trying to take that away.

And now they're moving to the next step.

Yeah, next step.

You know what the next step is?

Lobotomizing us into their virtual reality horror show.


So they can take away your power, and I am not talking about your electricity.

And this all started because I tried to hide from society.


f*ck society.

Yeah, well, I f*cked society, all right.

I reset it to zero, and if I don't do anything about it, it will continue to grow in this malignant way.

And that's what I'm afraid of the most.

This dark future that I set into motion.

Who knows what could come from this?

Thank you, thank you very much.

What if instead of fighting back, we caved, gave away our privacy for security, exchanged dignity for safety, and traded revolution for repression? What if we choose weakness over strength?

These are not the people that made our country great. These are the people that are destroying our country.

They'll even have us build our own prison.

This is what they wanted all along. For us to buy in on our worst selves.


And I just made it easier for them. I didn't start a revolution.

I just made us docile enough for their slaughtering.

And I can stand here and blame Evil Corp and every other conglomerate out there for taking advantage of us, blame the FBI, NSA, CIA, for letting them get away with this, blame all the world's leaders for aiding and abetting them, blame Adam Smith for inventing modern-day capitalism in the first f*cking place. Blame money for dividing us, blame us for letting it. ♪ ♪ But none of that's true.

The truth is...

♪ ♪ I'm the one to blame.


♪ ♪ I'm the problem.

This was my fault.

All of it.

♪ ♪ I did this.


♪ ♪ f*ck me.


We're closing up.

I'm going to have to ask you to leave.



I need a job at Evil Corp.


I need to find a way to fix what I did.

You need to give me a job there.

I don't know that I can just do that.

With everything they've been through, they must need people to work on their recovery program.

I need you to try.

This is important.


I'll try.

One more thing.

(TENSE MUSIC) ♪ ♪ I need you to keep an eye on me.

♪ ♪ I need you to tell me if I'm ever him.

♪ ♪ If anyone can tell...

It's you.

♪ ♪ Why do you think I can tell?

♪ ♪ You know me better than anyone.

Right now...

♪ ♪ You're the only person I can trust.

♪ ♪ (GASPS)



What happened before, when we kissed, that was a mistake.


If you're wondering if this hurts... Yeah. It hurts a lot, but... I get it.

I've known Angela since I was eight. This is what she does. She doesn't love the people who love her. She loves the people who don't. This is her power-saver mode. (SOLEMN MUSIC) ♪ ♪ What's wrong?

♪ ♪ I have to tell you something.

♪ ♪ What?

♪ ♪ What if I told you we could make it like none of this ever happened?

You mean /?

No, not just that.

I mean, everything.

♪ ♪ Including what happened to our parents.

If we could take it all back, from the beginning...

what would you be willing to sacrifice for that?

Angela, what are you talking about?

That's not possible.

♪ ♪ What if I told you it is?


♪ ♪ Never mind.

♪ ♪ I'm just tired.

I think I should go to bed.

♪ ♪ Can you stay here tonight?

It's been a rough couple of months.

Just make me feel safe.

♪ ♪ Yeah.

♪ ♪ (GASPS)


It's me.

(DARK MUSIC) ♪ ♪ Come closer.

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ I need to get dressed.

And then we'll go.

♪ ♪ Did you convince him Stage is over?

That's been taken care of.

We need to pick up Darlene.

She should be a part of this.


In fact, you need to stay away from her.

We can't trust her.

She helped Elliot close the backdoor.

Come again?

She did what?

♪ ♪ The backdoor is closed?



Why are you so calm about this?

We're going to find a way to get back on the network.

Is that all?

We'll be fine.

This isn't about the backdoor.

It's about him.

Anything we do, he will try to slow us down.

As long as he exists, he will stop us.

Then we'll find a way to redirect his energy.


Come on.

They're expecting us.

What's that for?

♪ ♪ In case Elliot comes back.

♪ ♪ How can you tell?

That it's me?

How do you know that you're not talking to him right now?

Your eyes.

You're never trying to look away.


Are you all right?

When I saw him earlier tonight, he was all hell-bent on not doing this.

How'd you change his mind?

You have to remember, he woke up with a gunshot wound in his stomach.

He's still getting his bearings, but he's fine now.


Something's rotten about all this.

When we spoke earlier, he was looking at me like we'd never met.

You brought me in to manage him.

And that's exactly what I've done.

Nothing else matters, does it?

♪ ♪ Thank you for getting me the time before checking in with her.

Don't thank me too quickly.

We're behind schedule now, and we both know how she feels about punctuality.

One more thing.

I'm going to get him a job at Evil Corp.

Doesn't hurt to have him on the inside, given our situation.

♪ ♪ Are you sure he's good to go?

♪ ♪ Yes.

You have to understand, I...

thought you were dismantling our project.

You were ruining our whole mission that we sacrificed and worked hard to build.

It's okay.

You did what I asked of you.


could've had better aim, though.

It takes a lot to miss every vital organ.

That's some pretty piss-poor marksmanship.


I'm messing with you.

Just trying to break the ice a little.

Come on.

Still have plenty of work to do.

(DAFT PUNK'S "TOUCH") ♪ ♪ ♪ Touch ♪ ♪ I remember touch ♪ ♪ Pictures came with touch ♪ ♪ A painter in my mind ♪ ♪ Tell me what you see ♪ ♪ A tourist in a dream ♪ ♪ A visitor it seems ♪ ♪ A half-forgotten song ♪ ♪ Where do I belong ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Tell me what you see ♪ ♪ I need something more ♪ (MUFFLED, FARAWAY VOICE)

We reestablish access that tunnels us right back in Evil Corp's internal network.


- ♪ Suddenly alive ♪ ♪ Happiness arrive ♪ ♪ Hunger like a storm ♪ ♪ How do I begin ♪ ♪ Tell me what you see ♪ I got to ask, what is in this for you?

Why are you doing this?

Like I told you before, I'm not going to talk to you like I talk to Elliot.

♪ ♪ You and I, we are not friends.

It's precisely that you're besties with him that I'm trying to understand how you can lie to him so blatantly.

How could I be lying to him?

I'm literally looking right at him.

That's certainly a creative way to get out of this.

But let's be real.

You are taking advantage of Elliot's...

let's call it "unique" condition.

He started this, didn't he?

I'm just helping him finish it.

♪ ♪ I'm pushing him along.

Isn't that what you do?

♪ ♪ That is what I do.

If you want me to keep on doing what it is that I do, we're going to have to trust each other.

Right now, Angela, I do not trust you.

So I'm going to ask you one more time.

Why, exactly, are you doing all of this?

♪ ♪ Evil Corp killed my mom.

♪ ♪ And my whole life...

♪ ♪ I've always wanted justice for her death.

♪ ♪ But how do you bring justice to a conglomerate as untouchable as Evil Corp?

♪ ♪ I thought I would never win.

♪ ♪ Even after I found out about your crazy plan, I still didn't believe it was possible.

♪ ♪ Not until I met Whiterose.

♪ ♪ It wasn't until she opened my eyes that I could see how all of the damage that they've caused...

♪ ♪ Could finally be...


♪ ♪ When we succeed...

♪ ♪ A whole new world will be born.


♪ ♪ Looks like the power's back on.

♪ ♪ ♪ Touch ♪ ♪ Sweet touch ♪ ♪ You've given me too much to feel ♪ ♪ Sweet touch ♪ ♪ You've almost convinced me I'm real ♪ ♪ I need something more ♪ ♪ I need something ♪ ♪ More ♪