01x01 - Extreme Aggressor

Hi. I'm Heather.

That's a 2.4 liter 6 cylinder engine.

I can't teach you how to drive cars.

That's right.

Wanna take a look under the hood?


You know your Z. I'm impressed.

You should have your mechanic check it out anyway.

How about I leave you my number and we can set it up?

Thank you.

So it's just... right up here.

Oh! That was- ha ha...

Hello! There was the right.

Uh, maybe just... pull over here, and we can try and do a U-turn.

What are you doing?


Stop the car now.

Pull over now!

How about Andrew?

It's greek for valiant.

Let's call him... Sergio.

Ha ha! Please tell me you're kidding.


How about Donald?


No! Wait, wait. Um...

Okay. Gideon.

Not a chance.

It's hebrew. Look what it means.

It's perfect. Gideon Hotchner.





1940's. He put bombs in train stations and movie theaters.

Uh, the mad bomber. George Metesky.


The winners sit. Losers, drink.


Hold on. Metesky wasn't a serial killer.

None of his bombs ever killed anyone.

Well, you think all we do is serial killers? Trust me...

We cover the whole spectrum of psychos.

We profiled the D. C. sniper, the unabomber. We do terrorists, arsonists-

Supervisory agents trying to get trainees drunk?

Excuse me.

Wow. Behavioral Analysis Unit. You work with Gideon?

Were you with him in Boston?

I was supposed to be.

Yeah. This is Morgan.

Anyone recognize these faces?

Victims of the footpath killer.

That's what Virginia newspapers are calling him.

We refer to him as the unknown subject or unsub.

I told Virginia P. D...

We're looking for a white male in his 20's...

Who owns an american-made truck in disrepair.

Works a menial job.

I told 'em when you find him...

Don't be surprised to hear him speak with a severe stutter.

Not to sound skeptical, but come on... a stutter?

Where'd the murders occur?

Hiking paths. Isolated.

If I'm a killer who has to use an immediate application of overpowering force, even out in the middle of nowhere, I lack confidence.

I can't charm them into my car like Ted Bundy did.

I can't because I am ashamed of something.

Excuse me.

They're calling him the Seattle strangler. 4 victims in 4 months.

He keeps 'em alive 7 days.

The handle serves as a crank.

Allowing him to control the rate of suffocation.

To prolong it?

To enjoy it.

Seattle's hit a wall?

Physical evidence is nonexistent.

There are no tangible leads.

And another girl is missing.

I looked the case file over. I'll get some thoughts to you asap.

You're gonna be with us in Seattle asap.

22-year-old Heather Woodland.

Before she left for lunch, she downloaded an email with a time-delayed virus attached.

The killer's virus wiped her hard drive and left this on the screen.

"For heaven's sake, catch me before I kill more. I cannot control myself."

He never keeps them for more than 7 days, which means we have fewer than 36 hours to find her.

They want you back in the saddle.

You ready?

Looks like medical leave's over, boss.

They sure they want me?

The order came from the director.

Well, we'd better get started.

Joseph Conrad said, "the belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary.

Men alone are quite capable of every wickedness."

This girl may only have 36 hours to live.

We're not asking for a judgment of Gideon.

We want an assessment.

We want to know you're there to step in if he can't perform.

Are we clear?

Of course.

His first victim was 26-year-old Melissa Kirsh.

Stab wounds, strangulation.

Wait, wait. Back up. Back up.

He stabbed her...

And then strangled her to finish her off?

Other way around.

Why do you think he started using the belt with the second murder?

Strangulation with your bare hands is not as easy as one would believe.

He tried, probably found that it took too long...

So he stabbed her instead.

And realized it would be hours cleaning up the blood.

Next time, our boy's got a method- the belt.

He's learning, perfecting his scenario.

Becoming a better killer.

What did I tell you about the tape?

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

He never stands with his back to a window.

When I was between him and a doorway, he asked me to move.

That's hyper vigilance. It's not uncommon in post traumatic stress disorder.

Just how much disorder are we talking about?

Morgan, it's been 6 months. Everything's ok.

This is special agent Gideon, special agent Morgan, our expert on obsessional crimes, special agent Reid.

Dr. Reid.

Dr. Reid, our expert on...

Well, everything. And after 2 years busting my butt in this office, I hope you all remember me.

He's willing to travel with the body.

Then he drives a vehicle capable of concealing one.

1 in 7.4 drivers in Seattle owns an SUV.

Explorer with tinted windows.

Explorers rate higher with women.

But how do we know it's his car? Ted Bundy drove a VW Bug.

What about a Jeep Cherokee?

Jeep's are more masculine.

We all know how an unsub feels about asserting his masculinity.

When did the bureau become involved in the case?

After the fourth body. He dumped that one out of state.

On purpose.

If so, knowledge of law enforcement does suggest a criminal record.

Or that he watches television. May I?

So you wanna see our suspect list?

No, we won't look at a suspect list until after we come up with a profile.

It keeps our perspective unbiased.

When do we sit down with your task force?


An accurate profile by 4:00 today?

That's not a problem.

Agent Gideon, where would you like to start?

Let's start at the site of the last murder.

So that's Gideon?

The Gideon.

The one who caught that guy, Adrian Baal, in Boston.

Yep. That's him. But catching him cost us 6 agents.

22-year-old Anne Cushing was found right here.

Nails clipped just like the others.

He wants them to fight back.

But not enough to hurt him.

And he left the belt around her neck.

He's probably in his early 20's.

What's your reasoning?

Youthful arrogance.

He clothed the body before dumping it.

That's a sign of remorse.

It's not consistent. Look where we are.

His opinion of women is pretty clear, don't you think?

They're disposable.

Why show remorse by taking the time to dress her but then dump her here?

Sandy, no, no, no. I'm so sorry.

No, it's ok.

It's what we call the Reid effect.

Happens with children, too.

I'm agent Hotchner. This is special agent Dr. Reid.

You look too young to have gone to medical school.

They're PhD's. 3 of them.

Are you a genius or something?

I don't believe that intelligence can be accurately quantified-

but I do have an I. Q. of 187 and an eidetic memory and can read 20,000 words per minute.

Yes, I'm a genius.

Sandy, you get a lot of attention, don't you?

Yeah, Heather loves this dog.

I feed her when Heather's away.

Usually, she's fine, but...

Lately, she won't eat. It's almost like she can sense something's wrong.

Not sense. Smell.

Our apocrine sweat gland releases secretions in response to emotional stress.

Sandy's worried because she knows you are.

David, does your sister drive a Datsun Z?

No, but she's in the market for one. How'd you know?

Come on, Sandy.

There's an immediate relationship established between a buyer and a seller, a level of trust.

If I want to coax a young woman into my car...

Offer her a test drive.

Okay, then how about the fact that on one hand, we have paranoid psychosis...

But the autopsy protocol says what?

Adhesive reside shows he put layer after layer of duct tape over his victims' eyes.

He knows he wants to kill them, but he still covers their eyes.

He doesn't want 'em looking at him, apparently.

Okay, but then he takes the body and dumps it right out in the open, murder weapon nearby.

Not the M. O. of a paranoid convinced he's being watched or surveilled.

Paranoid psychosis, but behavior that's not paranoid.

All right, enough.

Let's tell them we're ready.

We're ready?

Reid. You're good with this?

We've got a woman who's only got a few hours left to live, an incomplete profile, and a unit chief on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

They don't call them nervous breakdowns anymore.

It's called a major depressive episode.

I know, Reid.

The unidentified subject is white and in his late 20's.

He's someone you wouldn't notice at first.

He's someone who'd blend into any crowd.

The violent nature of the crime suggests a previous criminal record-

petty crimes. Maybe auto theft.

We've classified him as an organized killer- careful.

Psychopathic as opposed to psychotic.

He follows the news, has good hygiene. He's smart.

'Cause he's smart, the only physical evidence you'll find is what he wants you to find.

He's mobile, car in good condition. Our guess- Jeep Cherokee, tinted windows.

The murders have all involved rapes.

But rape without penetration is a form of piquerism, and that tells us he's sexually inadequate.

Psychiatric evaluations will show a history of paranoia stemming from a childhood trauma-

death of a parent or family member.

And now he feels persecuted and watched.

Murder gives him a sense of power.

Organized killers have a fascination with law enforcement.

They will inject themselves into the investigation.

They will even come forward as witnesses to see just how much the police really know.

That makes them feel powerful, in control.

Which is why I also think...

In fact, I know... you have already interviewed him.

Hi. I'm sorry to bother you.

I'm house-sitting down the street, and when I got back, the door was wide open, and the lights weren't working.

I feel stupid asking this, but is there someone who might be able to take a look inside with me?

Richard. Richard, get down here!

Are you sure you locked it?




FBI! Freeze! Freeze! Get him down!

Richard Slessman, FBI. You are under arrest for the murder...

Emerson said, "all is riddle, and the key to a riddle...

Is another riddle."

There's no sign of the girl here. We can arrest him with probable cause, but we won't be able to hold him.

Slessman's been at the top of the suspect list.

Is that the mother?

Grandmother. The mother died in a fire when he was 13.

Probably not the only fire in his childhood.

Before his Son of Sam murders, David Berkowitz set a multitude of fires.

Exactly how much is a multitude?

According to his diary, 1, 400 and...


Luring him out was your idea, right? Greenway?

Elle. I don't send a SWAT team into a house with children.

Hotch says your background is in s*x offender cases.

What can you tell us?

The last 4 murders show he's an anger-excitation rapist.

He'll keep a victim for a couple of days.

He probably records or videotapes them so that he can keep reliving the fantasy.

You ok with Hotch being in on the interview?

I'd like him to lead, actually.

Fine. But hold off.

Slessman's done time, and he knows the process.

And all you will get now is a demand for a lawyer.

Hotch, let's check the garage, then show me what you got.

Next time, show a little leg.

Morgan, the only time you're gonna see a little leg from me is when I'm about to kick your ass.

I still teach hand-to-hand over at Quantico if you need a little brush-up training.

Seriously... I want that opening at BAU.

You got any advice?

Just trust your instincts.

Well, we got the jeep right.

And everything else wrong.

The bodies had defensive wounds.

Richard doesn't have a mark on him.

We're missin' something.

Something's not right about this.

This is a boy's room... not a man's.

Log in password.

No, no- wait, wait!

It's not turning back on.

Yeah. And it won't.

It was a false password.

What kind of game is it? -

In China, it's called wei-chi.

Here we call it "go". It's considered to be the most difficult board game ever conceived.

Chairman Mao required his generals to learn it.

It also looks like he's playing himself.

How can you tell?

This might provide an advantage, actually.

Go is considered to be a particularly psychologically revealing game.

There are profiles for every player-

the conservative point counter, the aggressor, the finesser.

What kind of player is Slessman?

Extreme aggressor.

Okay, here we go.

What's the number 6 at the bottom of the screen?

Number of password attempts before the program wipes the hard drive.

There could be an email, or a journal in the computer, something that tells us where Heather is.

Do you think you can break in?

In 6 tries?

Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Samuel Beckett.

Try not.

Do or do not.


I wanna talk to him.

You read my paper. Learn anything?

Heirens said a man living inside of his head was the one who committed the murders.

You said he was lying, that there'd never been an actual case of multiple personalities.

You have an academic interest in disassociative identity disorder, or you just planning your defense?

You a fan of Adrian Baal's work?


I'm a fan of yours.

You know...

They never give you the real facts about CPR...

That outside of a hospital, it's only effective 7% of the time.

Your friend had a 93%

certainty of dying, but you kept trying... even after you'd broken his ribs, even after his blood was all over your hands.

Why don't you tell us where Heather Woodland is?


Isn't she the girl that went missing a couple days ago?

Get him out of here.


He is "isn't she the girl..." if he'd already killed her, he would have said- - "wasn't she the girl..."

She's alive. We don't know for how long.

Is it true what he said about CPR? I mean, I didn't know.

You want statistics on CPR, ask Reid.

I wanna know if you're ok.

I'm fine.

Are you?

Think I can't do the job?

I think you can't be 2 different people at once.

What is it?

Conflicts in the profile.

2 different behaviors.

2 different people.

There's a second killer.

Not unusual. Remember Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris?

1979. They outfitted a van to rape and murder girls in California.

We're looking for someone who fits a similar relationship?

They're not equals. Slessman's smart, but he is a submissive personality.

So number 2 is the dominant.

Authoritative, arrogant.

Probably not as smart as Slessman.

He's like the schoolyard bully recruiting a good underling- he'll be protective of Richard.

He'll make him feel like he owes him.

If Richard's been up in the attic fantasizing about being an extreme aggressor, this guy showed him how to do it.

He helped him take the first step.

I think we should interview him, use this as pressure.

No, no. We need leverage.

A name.

From the suspect list?

That'll take too long.

There's gotta be a faster way.

There is.

Here. This might be a little hot.

Mrs. Slessman, I don't think we've got the right guy.

I think the person we're looking for might be a friend of Richard's.

Richard never had many friends.

You sure?

There's gotta be someone.

You've reached Penelope Garcia in the FBI's office of supreme genius.

Hey, it's Morgan. Need you to work me some magic here.

I got a program called Deadbolt Defense and a girl with only a couple of hours to live, so what do you know?

Then you've got a problem.

Deadbolt's the number one password crack-resistant software out there.

You're gonna have to get inside this guy's head to get the password.

I thought I was calling the office of supreme genius.

Well, gorgeous, you've been rerouted to the office of too friggin' bad.

Thanks anyway.

Well, there was... there was this one young man.

I think his name was Charlie.

Cross-reference Charlie for the second unsub.

Charlie is probably Charles Linder.

He was Slessman's cellmate and...

Received a dishonorable discharge from the military.

He's bigger, tougher. He could have protected Richard in prison.

Where were they incarcerated?


Less than a mile from here.

Let's go.

My name is Richard Slessman, and I have trouble sleeping.

Okay, what do I do when I'm trying to get to sleep?

Guys, a little help.

We're going through every one of these CD's- scratches, wear and tear.

I wanna know which CD he plays the most. Let's go.

We get an address on Linder?

It's coming right now.

Does senior management want a field assessment on Gideon?

Don't worry about it. Are they nervous about him being in charge?

Aren't you on your way back to Slessman's house to help Morgan?

Do you know why he always introduces me as Dr. Reid?

Because he knows that people see you as a kid, and he wants to make sure that they respect you.

What's the address?

Don't think it matters anymore.

Winston Churchill said, "the farther backward you can look, the farther forward you will see."

Anyone who can tell us more about Slessman?

Tim Vogel was the security guard covering Slessman's block.

That's him over there.

I'll get him for you.

That was Hotch. Linder's name came up on a police report.


He's dead.

Car accident, 2 months ago.

Linder is dead.

Too bad you guys came here for nothing.

I mean, talk about scum.

I can't remember how many times I put Linder in solitary for causing trouble with us.

You'd think the inmates would try to stay on our good side, right?

Especially since half our job is protecting them from each other.

You protect them?

If you're a little white guy?

Especially in a prison like this.

Linder's 6'4". You talking about Slessman?

Oh, yeah.

Thanks for your help.

He's a friend of Richard. He protected him. He will feel like he owes him.

He fits the profile. And did you see them?

The keys.

Hotch, I've just found your leverage. His name is Timothy Vogel.

What's he doing?

Lowering the room temp.

The cold puts them on edge.

Okay, so I want an SPD, and I want a Seattle agent in the room.

I want him to see that we've got every department working on this. And I need some file boxes.

Fill them. I don't care if the paper's blank.

And I want you to write the name on the sides.

Whose name?

4 months of investigative work, 1 file, and guess what, Richard.

It's not your file. See, we don't care about you.

It's Vogel we want.

Oh, come on! I need a password. I need a password.

What am I looking for? What could I possibly be looking for?

I've been thinking about the CD's.

Oh, Reid, come on. We tried the CD's.

We searched, sifted, and sorted through every one of this guy's head-banging heavy metal collection.

We gotta find something, or this girl is dead.

Think we may have missed the obvious.

What are you doing?

Reid, what made you think of this?

It was the only empty case.

All right. I'm an insomniac who listens to Metallica to go to sleep at night.

What song could possibly speak to me?

"Enter Sandman."

We found out Heather was buying a used car.

You know how car salesmen get us to buy a car?

They call it reciprocity.

They drop the price, feels like they've done us a favor. We feel obligated.

There's a sudden pressure to reciprocate this one little favor.

And it's so powerful that we'll...

Put a deposit down on a car we're not even sure we really want.

So what?

So Vogel did you a favor.

He protected you in prison, and now you feel like you owe him, and you need to protect him.

Guys like Vogel learn in the schoolyard which kids to bully and which kids to protect, and he's got you convinced that you owe him so much that you'll go to jail for him.

Richard, I'm here to remind you something.

You owe him nothing.

There's something wrong.

We gotta him pull over. I can feel it.

You wanna know the word repeated more than any other in your file?


You wanna stop him, you give me a reason.

His behavior. When we left him, he was nervous, unsettled.

But now he's stopping at every stop sign.

He's using his blinker at every turn.

He's slowing at yellow lights. This is not someone who is rushing to kill and dump a body.

Okay. Do it.

FBI. Put your hands up where we can see them!

Put your hands through the window now! Now!

All right, with your left hand I want you to open the car door from the outside.

Get out!

It's not him!

Where is he? Where is he?

Where's Vogel?

I don't know!

What are you doin' driving his car?!

He came up to me in the garage after our shift ended.

He asked if he could borrow my truck.

What kind of truck?

He's dumping the body.

What's the make? What's the make?!

Dodge! Dodge Dakota!

Gideon, Heather's alive.

How do you know?

'Cause we're watching her right now.

Hotch, he's gonna kill her. He's heading there now. We need a location.

I don't have enough time to get it out of him.

Find something, Hotch, or that girl is dead.

Morgan, can you show me the last 12 images lined up next to each other?


Right there.

Right there. You see that? The light bulb hanging from the wire?

Yeah, what about it?

It's shifting positions like it's swaying...

Like the earth is tilting.

Not the earth, doc. The ocean.

She's on a boat? Where?

It's a pier or a dock. He wouldn't be able to transmit the webcam image from the middle of the ocean.

You're sure about this.

It's the best we got, Hotch.

Even if we're right, getting the exact location's on you, my friend.

What is it you always ask Garcia?

To work me a little magic.

Just to let you know...

Gideon's talking to Vogel...

And Vogel's nailing you to the wall.

Yeah, whatever.

He said it was your idea to keep the girls on a boat.

He's talking, Richard.


Tell me where she is, and we make a deal.

Is it a dock?

A pier?

It's a shipyard.

Allied shipyard.

Reid, he's inside.

Get Elle on the phone.

Listen to me. You need to wait for backup.

If we wait, the girl is dead.

And if we had waited in Boston- - I can't.

You told me to trust my instincts.



Get back!

I'll shoot her.

I wouldn't.

If I were you, I'd aim the gun at me.

You shoot the girl, you got nothing.

Get... back!

Shoot me instead.

Come on. What, are you a lousy shot?

50 feet away. You got a perfect shot. Shoot me.

You think I'm stupid?

I think you're an absolute moron.

I know all about ya, Tim.

You're at the gym 5 times a week. You drive a flashy car, you stink of cologne, and you can't get it up.

Not even viagra's workin' for ya. You know what that tells me?

That tells me you are hopelessly compensating, and it's not just in your head.

It is physical.

What did the girls call you in high school?

What'd they come up with when you fumbled your way into some girl's pants, and she started laughing when she got a good look at just how little you had to offer?

Shut up!

Short stack? Very little Vogel?

I got it. Tiny Tim.


You ok?

I'm fine.

Go look after the girl.

So what kind of report do they want on him?

I suppose whether he's fit to be a field agent.

You know, Haley and I were looking at a baby names book. Guess what Gideon means in hebrew.

Mighty warrior.


So what are you gonna tell them?

What would you say?

Gideon saved her life.

That's good enough for me.


You and Haley pick the baby's name yet?

It's funny... Haley liked the name Charles, but, you know... all I could think of...


Then there was Henry.

Lee Lucas.

Uh... Jeffrey.


There's just too many of them.

Kind of hard to feel good about catching one when you know there are 50 more still out there.

How's your report going?

Didn't think you could hide that from an old profiler, now, did ya?

You know, you saved that girl today.

You can feel good about that.

It is good.

It's a good thing.

Nietzsche once said, "when you look long into an abyss, the abyss looks into you."

I'll take this.

Have a n-i- n- nice day.