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01x08 - Natural Born Killer
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Let's go, Jimmy, I'm late already.

OK, grandma. Let's do this.

You, boy, perhaps your bed time?

We got places to be, right?

You remember what's like to being young, don't you?

You're kidding right?

You don't remember what you ate for lunch.

You hear that regular comedian say it, fellows!



Where have you been?

With your old lady.

How about you?

Is it your friend?

What friend?

This guy pinched me a few years back.


You keep it clean these days?

Oh yeah, I'm a nine-to-fiver. Minimum wage.

I'm a re-ha-bili-tated.


But you if step out of the line, again, when you do, your ass is mine.

Since when you're friends with cops?

We seem as friends to you?

It's not what I'm saying.

The people that I work for are very hardcore.

And they're all in here.

You don't trust me, Freddy?

Make up your mind.

All right, all right. Let's go.

You're gonna get the heat fixed in this car, or no?

You ever gonna stop bitching?

Why don't you come in? You know my landlord set a place for you.

Raincheck, Freddy.

I see you later.

Helen! Do you know what time it is?


Oh my God!

Somebody help me!

He's teaching and in service at the Baltimore Field Office when this came in.

Baltimore PD's seen greasy stuff but never anything like this.

We got two bodies ID, William and Helen Dimarco, retired, 57 years old, no kids.

A neighbor reports a white male, 20 to 40 years old fleeing the scene and I quoteƂ : hopped-up on those damn drugs.

That witness is a kind some of notoriously unreliable.

So far it sounds like a standard double homicide. Why are we here?

Massive overkill.

Helen Dimarco was found here.

Tied to the chair in front of the vanity.

No defensive wounds.

Ligature marks on the wrists.

One clean laceration from here to here.

Looks arterial, probably carotid, think she went quickly.

The husband was found in the shower.

But he wasn't quite as lucky.

Ligature marks on the wrists and ankles and one long laceration up the abdomen through both layers and muscles.

Evisceration, that's typical of disorganised behavior.

Despite all the blood, this crime scene shows method, order, control, it says it's pretty organized.

There's also evidence of torture with the husband.

Burns, contusions, lacerations... You name it this guy tried it.

The torture is the unsub signature, the methodology is usually unique.

A person, who burns someone doesn't normally use a knife.

Maybe we have more than one killer or we have one killer with more than one personality.

We also have three victims.

One on the vanity where wife's body was found, her husband was in the shower.

For the looks of the level of the ring in this tub, whoever was in it lost their entire blood volume.

Approximately 10.6 pints.

Which means the victim was dismembered.

Looks like our guy took all the parts with him.

Hemingway wrote : "There is no hunting like the hunting of man.

And those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it never really care for anything else".

Possible suspect is a white male, 20 to 40 years old.

He is armed and very dangerous.

Okay. What do we know about the unsub based on the two bodies we do have?

Typically torture falls into two categories, sadistic and functional.

Functional tortures use to extract information or punishment.

Measured, impersonal, completely disinterested.

Like a military technique.

Exactly, and there's sadistic torture which is used to extract some sort of emotional need.

But sadists are sexually deviant yet there is no evidence of sexual contact.

That we know of...

What do you mean?

We don't have the third body yet.

Okay, so I've got Helen Dimarco tied to the chair.

He probably killed her first.

Proved to the others that he had no mercy.

Psychological torture before the physical pain.

And there was no satisfaction from her death.

It was too brief.

It was over too quickly.

And the husband.

With him he took his time.

There doesn't seem to be any wasted effort, no hesitation on the unsub's part.

I mean, Gideon, look around. What he did.

It's a lot of work.

We're either dealing with a professional or a...

A pure psychopath.

Hey it's me.

I got trouble man.

Serious trouble. Don't tell me to relax, damn it!

I ran into a detective I know last night.

Freddy saw it.

I'll meet you at 8 :00.

Nothing more we can do here until the third victim turns up.

I'm guessing there's a connection to him.

He doesn't want that victim identified.

Have Garcia go through open files in Maryland, see if any of them involve this level of torture.

Got it.

Have her check the surrounding states as well, if...

The guy's a pro, why do jobs only close to home?

How far back do you want her to go?

At least 10 years.

The guy's no rookie.

Third victim was positively ID'd as a low-level mob guy.

Frederick "Freddy" Condore.

He was the nephew of the older couple.

Body parts were found in 7 different trash cans 2 blocks from the crime scene.

Were they able to completely reassemble the body?

Killer didn't keep any trophies.

Is there any evidence that he got off?


Garcia has a number of unsolved murders in D. C., Virginia and Maryland over the past 15 years.

Many of them have ties to organized crime.

All different M. O'S.

What's the connection?


Marks on the bones are consistent with the same cutting tool.

Tortured victims, most tied to organized crime.

No signs of sexual sadism.

We're looking for a hit man.

No, a hit man doesn't need to torture to get the job done.

Two things : Baltimore just forwarded a sketch of the man running from the scene and, uh, you've got some agents out there who think that you're poaching on their turf.

I'll handle it.

SSA Hotchner.

Josh Cramer, Special Agent in charge of organized crime, Baltimore.

SSA Gideon.

Jason Gideon.

B. A. U. 's pretty famous.

Brought the whole team?

Yeah, we were in town.

We're just going over the case. You wanna join us?

I'd love to, but I can't stay.

I just wanted to come down and say thank you for going to Baltimore yesterday looking into this for us but, now that it's pretty obviously an organized crime case, we're gonna go ahead and take over for you.

I'm sure you guys have enough to do with your psychos.

You don't think that the guy who killed the Dimarcos is a psycho?

What he is now is my problem.

But again, thanks for coming out.

Anything we can do to help.

Appreciate that. We're pretty good at this.

You got it.

All right.

You know where we live.


So we just gonna drop it?

These guys don't know what they're dealing with.

Our unsub is male, intelligent, organized and methodical.

He has the confidence of a man who's been killing for a long time.

Only victim removed from the scene is Freddy Condore indicating some tie to him.

Elle, you and Reid stay on Condore's background with Garcia.

Dig deep, see what turns up.

Condore worked as a supervisor at a scrap metal yard in Baltimore.

It's owned by a guy named Michael Russo, boss of a small mob crew.

I'm gonna grab Hotch and go check him out.

Michael Russo?

Agents Hotchner and Morgan, FBI.

What do you want?

Freddy Condore.

He didn't show up for work today.

He didn't call, nothin'.

Probably because he and his aunt and uncle were murdered last night.


It's too bad.


I can tell you're all busted up about it.

Look, I don't speak smart-ass so you got something to say to me.

It was a professional hit.

Either you're in charge of your business or you're not.

What kind of business do you think I'm in?

Look around. I'm in scrap metal.

All about recycling. That's where the money is, my friend.

Saving the earth.

You've got a big problem.

You know, the mob isn't what it used to be.

Ain't easy always fighting for respect, is it?

You always gotta fight for what's yours.

One of your boys steps out of line, you hit him hard, you make it count, right?

Is that what happened to Freddy?


You got a case to make, run along, get your papers and come back with the bracelets.

Otherwise, I got a business to run.

You're breathing on my neck.


Sorry for that.

You two having fun?

Oh, yeah.

Sifting through the life and times of Freddy Condore with Dr. Reid here is a party I wouldn't want to miss.

Credit card receipts show Freddy loved crab cakes, preferred light beer and used to spend his Thursday nights with a woman in Fells Point.

An, uh, expensive woman.

What about his associates?

Most of them have criminal records.

That much I guessed.

But one of them is particularly interesting.

Pull up James Baker's rap sheet.

He spent time in juvenile detention for attempted murder, was released at age 21, and then subsequently arrested for, and this is in order, armed robbery, petty theft, burglary, narcotics sales, and rape.

But there's no other sexual assault complaints in his file.

Absolutely nothing.

I told you it was interesting.

What's so interesting about that?

When it comes to psychological behavior, anything is possible but this criminal history?

It just isn't probable.

I mean, as a minor, he began with attempted murder and then devolved into pettier crimes?

It's the criminal history of a fractured schizophrenic with multiple personality disorder.

It just does not make sense.

Unless someone made that rap sheet up and they weren't thinking about the behavior, they just plugged in whatever sounded good.

Hold on.

His mug shot's coming up.

I got an address for you to hit.


- Clear.

Copy that.

It's clear here.

Morgan, this is weird.

There's nothing here.

It's like nobody lives here.

I guess he wasn't expecting company.

Something's wrong.

Yeah, I know.

Look at this place.

It's an artificial dwelling...

To match an artificial past.

Come on, Josh.



We got a hot weapon.

Oh, no.

It's a Glock 19.

And this round is standard law enforcement issue.

So you're saying Baker's an undercover cop.

I'm saying I did 18 months deep cover and this place has got all the makings of a crash pad.

All right, where is he?

No, no, he is not here.

Baker's missing.

I told him we'd pick him up at 8 :00.

Damn it, damn it, damn it, Jimmy, where the hell are you?

Get in, get in. Come on, let's go.

What the hell is wrong with you people?


I told you, this is my case!

First of all, don't shout at me.

And secondly, you don't decide what cases the B. A. U. works on.

You ran my agent's gun through IBIS?

Because I wanted to know who he worked for and now that I do, I'd like to talk to him.

You don't have him.


You don't know where he is?

He's missing.

How long?

About 12 hours.

Before or after the murders?

You think Jimmy's a suspect?

There's a sketch of someone who looks an awful lot like him leaving the scene.

That's because he was there.


Look, he ran into a couple of Baltimore detectives and they made him while he was with Condore.

Jimmy tried to play it off but he didn't think that Condore had bought it so he wanted to go back and talk to him.

When he saw what was left of the Dimarcos, he called us for a pickup. We showed up.

He didn't.

You think he ran?

No. Jimmy's too experienced to run without contact.

If he's not calling in, then someone's keeping him from doing it.

Who's Jimmy Baker's target?

Michael Russo.

We've been after the guy for 3 years.

Jimmy's been under for almost 2.

We talked to Russo yesterday.

He seemed genuinely surprised by the murders.

And you bought that?

Let me tell you a little something about Michael Russo.

The guy is a liar, and a good one.

If he didn't do it, he knows who did.

I'm wasting my time with you.

You obviously don't get it.

Agent Cramer, we're not the enemy.

Please sit down.

We're dealing with a very dangerous killer here...

And we need your help.

You know these people better than we do.

This guy...

If he is what you say he is and he has Jimmy, did he kill him already?

We don't know.

I'll help you in any way that I can.

You help me get this man back to his family.

Who knows about me, Jimmy?

What did you tell them?



I promise. Nothing.

I think you're a liar and a rat.

Oh, please...

You're gonna need a bigger board.

Please tell me you brought some breakfast.

Trust me, sugar, you are not going to want to eat when you see what's in here.

How many more are there?

Well, I've gone back 15 years and there's over 100.

100 unsolved murders.

Yeah, that we know of. And then there's more coming in.

Well, the torture's consistent.

You know, we thought this guy might have been at it a while but this many victims, Garcia?

John Wayne Gacy killed at least 30 people.

This guy's more than tripled that.

Yeah but this guy gets paid for it. He's a hit man.


He's more than that.

Not all these victims were mob hits.

My guess is he probably started hunting when he was really young.

Perfected his craft, moved on to bigger prey.

Hey, Garcia, look at this.

There's no hesitation wounds on the body.

One clean cut through flesh and bone.

Ok, so what does that tell us?

Most people wouldn't imagine doing something like this to another human being, but this guy, he doesn't even flinch.

He's got no conscience.

We've got ourselves a serial killer with the perfect career.

Russo has no idea what he's dealing with.

I think we can shake him. Keep looking.

How can I help you, agents?

We're worried about you.

What's causing you to lose sleep?

We hear you didn't order that hit on Freddy.

I told you I had nothing to do with that.

Why don't you take a look in that folder?

It looks like you must have a problem within your organization.

Is that right?

So your hitter doesn't just kill for a paycheck. He kills for pleasure.

It's what makes him good at what he does.

He's paranoid, he's a psychopath, and he's free-lancing.

He's killing civilians now and he's drawing a lot of attentions.

And you can't control him.

That's what he did to Freddy's uncle.

Russo, if he's not a problem for you now, he will be.

What if you let me worry about that?


I just got a question for you.

How do you think your paranoid little killer's gonna feel about you being friendly with FBI?

Just a thought.


Hotch and Morgan just shook Russo's confidence in his hit man.

He'll want to bring him in and get a rid of him.

What if by playing them against each other we made Russo as paranoid as his hit man.

What would stop them from trying to kill each other?

If that happens, then we'll never find Jimmy Baker alive.

We got a surveillance team outside of Russo's office. Stay on it.

Is this gonna work?

The beam is reflected from the window pane according to the law of optics.

Yeah, the angle of instance is equal to the angle of reflection.

Is it gonna work?

Hey. It's me.

I need to see you tonight.

I'll call you from a secure line.



Listen, you brought a lot of heat taking down Freddy like that.

- What? I'm dealing with the feds.

Listen, meet me here at the office.

They don't know nothin'.

I'm dealing with them.

Stop being paranoid, Vinnie.


No. Vinnie.

It's pretty remarkable, really.

Nature's got her own cleanup crew.

Flies, larvae, maggots, beetles.

Then there's the big guys, of course.

Rats, squirrels, crows, buzzards.

I learned a long time ago never to kill anybody above 5,000 feet.

It's cold up there.

The evidence tends to linger.

They'll be along soon.

They like the scent of blood.


Russo's got 11 associates named Vincent.

No, make that 10.

Vincent Cellito died last summer.

Here is something.

What can you tell me about Vincent Sartori?

I was still drinking that.

Not only is this equipment expensive, it's also extremely sensitive.

Vincent Sartori.

Currently doing 6 at Dannemora for racketeering.

How about this Perotta?

There's not much on him.

Can you get into those records?

Despite the fact that they were probably expunged she can find the faintest echo of deletion and and successfully recreate the file thereby sending us all to prison for computer felony fraud counts.

We can make bail. Garcia?

Already in.

Alcohol addiction at 14.

Violent outbursts. Assaults.

Once threw a molotov cocktail at someone sitting in their car.

Several notations for aggression.

And he once scheduled a visit to an infirmary to gain access to a boy who looked at him for too long?

No fear. No remorse.

Quick temper.

And he was smart enough to stay off the radar as an adult.

Paranoid personality.

He could be our guy.

There's absolutely no information on him as an adult.

No driver's license, no utility bills, nothing.

It's like he became a ghost.

Let's just hope they can catch him.

Remember, we need this man alive.

Copy that.

It's all clear.



Hotch, let me take him!

Gideon, I got a head shot at that sick.

Don't take it. We need him alive.

You Okay?

Take your tie off for once in your life.

It's all right.

There's a van around the corner.

Looks like blood all over.

It's being processed right now.

Whatever they find they're going to send it over to Quantico.

They got Jimmy's jacket.

Take off.

We don't have time for this little show.

Interrogation techniques say make the guy comfortable make him your friend.

Give him a way out. That's how you get a confession.

That may work with a common criminal. It's not gonna work here.

Why is that?

Because anti-social personality disorder means never trust anyone with anything at any time.

Then what are you supposed to do?

Make him uncomfortable.

This was all in his van?

Yep. The guy wasn't exactly neat.

Classic anti-social personality.

What are these tapes?

I don't know.

Why don't you and Garcia go take a look, let us know all right?

Yeah. Movie night. I'll make popcorn.

Go home.

I'm fine.

He's got a little slack.

If Morgan says he's secure, he's secure.



Let's not give him a weapon.

He's kind of strong.

Hey, Hotch.


I'll be ok.

All right.

I'm Supervisory Special Agent Jason Gideon.

Federal Bureau of Investigation.

You're afraid of me, Jason?

You were advised of your rights?

Take these off and we'll really talk.

Were you advised of your rights?

I know my rights.

You want to talk?

I got nothin'to hide.


How's it going?

Don't turn your back on him, Gideon.

Hotch, you know how he is.

He's just trying to show him that he's not intimidated.

It's not about fear. It's about being dismissive.

Perotta could assume that he's disrespecting him.

Why don't we turn these cameras off?

I'll get him to tell us where Jimmy is.

That wouldn't work.

You sure about that?

Yeah. He was probably abused by one or both of his parents.

He's learned to take the pain.

And that's why he has no compassion for anyone else's.

You gotta trust us.

You're not organized crime.


We're behavioral analysis.

What's that mean?

We study how you think, why you do what you do.

No kidding?

We have a word for you.

You got a word for me?

Oh, yeah. Actually, we have a few.


Paranoid personality disorder.

That's quite a mouthful, Jason.

Yes, it is.

Michael Russo set me up, didn't he?

Do you recognize this man?


How about them?

Anyone look familiar?

Wait a minute. The third guy over.

I think he does those late night commercials for the dead worms.

You know, softies.

That's funny to you?

It's just interesting that you'd choose that expression.

You have problems performing?

Not me.

Where's he going with this? There's no evidence this guy can't perform.

I know Gideon knows that. He's just...

Pushing his buttons.

Does murder excite you?

Is it the only thing that can give you a sexual release?


I believe you're an extremely impotent man.

Take these off we'll see.

Where's Jimmy, you son of a bitch?

He's a federal agent!

I will personally execute you! Personally!

Baker is a federal agent. I knew it.

Where is he, Vincent?

Hey, Jason.

Is it still called paranoid if I'm right?

10 bucks says this involves naked coeds and a plumber.


Never mind.

Ok, who's that?

I have no idea.

Put another tape in.

Oh, my God.

I'll be back.

What the hell is wrong with you?

We don't have time for this, all right?

My friend might still be alive out there somewhere.

You just told him Baker was a federal agent.

He may never tell us now.

I told him to hang tough.



When he called me, I told him to stick with the assignment that we didn't need to bring him in right away.

Hey, I had too much invested, all right? Too much time.

And I wanted Russo.

So we waited 24 hours to go in for him.

By the time we got there, that maniac-

there's a chance agent Baker's being tortured and I think I know how.

After you.

Oh, my God.


You needed me?


These are faces of new victims off the videotapes we found.

Check with local PDs. See if they have any open homicides or missings that might correspond.

Are those rats?


What are we gonna do?

Well, we looked at all the stuff in the van and beside the videotapes there's nothing that interesting.

I got Garcia going over the sound on the tapes trying to isolate the background noise.

Maybe something there will help.

The good news is it seems like they were all filmed in the same space.

It could be some sort of home base for him?

Yeah, but where is it?

What do we know about Vincent Perotta?

He's off the grid.

Garcia can't find a registered phone, utility bill, or home address on this hump.

Come on, everybody lives somewhere.

There's gotta be a paper trail.

If there is, we can't find it.

In this day and age you can't live without leaving some sort of trace.

Unless someone pays your bills for you.

What about Russo?

Could he be taking care of him?

No. No, no, no.

Russo's not paying anybody's bills but his own.


He has to have a weakness.

It's in his crime.

It's in his behavior.

You know, something's just been bugging me.


Wasn't he easy to find?

He cut up the body.

He removed it from the crime scene.

But then he leaves it a couple of blocks away where's he's gotta know we're gonna find it.

It's the whole reason we were able to connect Perotta to the crime.

He made a mistake.

Yeah, he did. He went off script.

What does that mean?

Something knocked him off his game.

That's right.

His behavior.

Well, what does he do?

He tortures.


The difference is Mrs. Dimarco.


Want to finish this?


Keep working.

Hey, look who's here. My old friend.

Feeling better?

Where's Jason?

You grew up in a house that looked normal and happy, didn't you, Vincent?

Did I?

But your father beat you every chance he got.

He smacked me around some.

Didn't everybody's old man?


Well, maybe if yours had, you would have learned to fight.


Did you hear that?

What is that?

I don't know.

I think it's moving.

Getting closer.


Paranoid personalities develop in childhood.

You know, you're saving me thousands of dollars in therapy bills.

You learned to take the beatings, the abuse.

You learned to smile.

But in the back of your mind you probably thought...

"one day...

One day when I'm big enough."

So you were bullied and abused and you became an abuser and a bully. It's a logical progression.



Your father beat your mother too, didn't he?

My mother's got nothing to do with this.

Elle, who eats this much food in their car?

Anyone who spends hours and hours in it waiting...




This is crazy. There's not one address, no paperwork, no registration.

It's all garbage.

Pizza boxes...

Nasty-looking chinese food, and...

Hamburger joints.

Wait. Pizza.

What about it?

Where do you order your pizza from?

I get my pizza from my own neighborhood.


Your mother knew.

She knew that he beat you every day and she did nothing to help you.

And you still loved her.

Even though she let you get hurt, you loved her.

And I wondered why.

Why you didn't hate her.

Then of course I realized that he beat her as much as he beat you.

Don't talk about my mother.

You killed all these people, hundreds of them, and only one woman.

That's what made you get sloppy, isn't it?

Killing mrs. Dimarco was hard.

That's why you killed her first and you made it quick.

I thought it was to establish dominance, but it wasn't.

He was a b*st*rd, all right?

Your father?

I called him Frank.

He was a mean son of a bitch.

Is that what you want to know?

Gideon. I think we got something here.

He's got a bunch of pizza boxes from Frenetti's pizza.

It's in Glen Burnie. A suburb that backs up right to the airport.

Which makes sense, since we can hear airplanes in the background of the video.

Check property records for Frank Perotta.


His father.


He still lives in his father's house.

I'll get Garcia on it.

That's why nothing is in his name.

You got that address?

In Glen Burnie like you thought.

And it looks like Frank Perotta died in a suspicious hunting accident.

With his son.

How long ago?

30 years. He was 17.

And my guess is it was no accident.

Well, you said Vincent was looking for bigger prey.

Sounds like he found it.


You're my girl. Thank you.





We got a friendly! It's Baker!

Get out!

Get an ambulance!

Jimmy, you all right, man?

Is he okay?

He's gonna live.

Get out!

You gonna be all right Jimmy.

You were just responding to what you learned, Vincent.

When you grow up in an environment like that, an extremely abusive, violent household it's not surprising that some people grow up to become killers.

Some people?

What's up?

You said some people grow up to become killers.

And some people grow up to catch them.

Carl Jung said, "the healthy man does not torture others.

Generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers."

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