01x12 - What Fresh Hell?

She's wide open over here.

There ya go.

Nice pass.

Carmen! You just fouled the halfback.

Dos you play like that tomorrow, we're gonna get beat by penalty kicksok?

I don't see why I can't go.

I told you. we have a game tomorrow.

So what? I'm not playing.

You are still a member of this team, and they deserve your support.

Then I'll get dad to drive me back in time for the game.

No. Yey, come on, guys. Pass the ball!

Why? I wanna spend time with dad.

Of course you do. He doesn't make you do anything.

God, you can be such a...

Billie...you have a bad attitude.

And I want it gone by the time we head for home.

I suggest you run it off. Laps.


Dad? Where are you?

Can you talk to mom... please?

We're fighting. Again.

I really want to stay with you for a little while.

I know what you're gonna say, but...

Can we at least have a family meeting?

Call me back. Bye.

Don't worry, mister.

If she's old, she can't go too far.

I know what it's like to lose your dog.

Where'd you look?

Are you ok?


Thank you for the flowers.

"I know I can be challenging, but your work is appreciated. J. Gideon."

I appreciate the appreciation.

And btw- you're not challenging.

Well, no, you're totally challenging, but you're not challenging at all in a bad way. Sir.

Hey, is this your family?

Yeah. Sort of.


Thanks again for the flowers.

Hey. Hey.

What the hell does btw mean?

Internet shorthand for by the way.

You sent Garcia flowers?


You need something?

Missing child in Wilmington, Delaware.

11-year-old Billie Copeland was last seen on the playground at 4:30 yesterday afternoon.

That's...20 hours ago.

Child abduction response plan says we get notified immediately.

What happened?

There was reason to believe she was with her father.

Her cell phone shows a call to him around the time of the disappearance.

So they've since ruled him out?

He called the mother about an hour ago.

That doesn't mean he isn't involved.

He's on his way to the finily home, so you can talk to him there.

But the local police are now considering this a stranger abduction.

20 hours late.

Long-term stranger abductions of children Billie's age are rare.

They represent only of one percent of all missing cases per year.

But they are usually more likely to be fatal.

Of the children that are abducted and murdered, 44% die within the first hour.

>From that point forth, their odds of survival greatly decrease.

75% are gone after 3 hours.

Virtually all of them are dead after 24.

Which means we have just under 4 hours to find her.

Shall we go?

The poet, W. H. Auden wrote, "Evil is unspectacular and always human.

"And shares our bed...

And eats at our table."

She's been missing 21 hours.

We're gonna go meet with the lead detective at the park where the girl was last seen.

We need to know everything that's being done.

I'll find out what the press is running, See if I know any of them. We may need to manage what they put out.

Good. See what the uniforms know from the canvasses.

Elle, I need you to be a liaison with the family.

A liaison?

In a child abduction, the parents are likely to break down if we aren't careful.

Put out a city-wide alert.

We've got multi-agency law enforcement running canvass.

Body and evidence grid search is up and running on foot with canine units.

Talked to the press twice. Gave 'em a description of the suv and the suspect and formed a round-the-clock volunteer-manned hotline service.

Did you run a background check on these volunteers?

On-going but no red flags yet.

I had to make a call on this one, you know?

Looked like a family thing.

Any witnesses?

Witnesses have her talking to a white male, mid-30s, carrying a leash... Right about there.

Just a leash? No dog? No dog.

Lost dog is a common ruse.

Especially with children.

A short time later, a green SUV sped out of the parking lot over there.

We have an amber alert on it.

According to preliminary reports, mother and daughter had an argument during soccer practice?

Billie wants to spend more time with her father.

It's a pretty fresh divorce.

I get the impression that our victim is in the middle of it.

Unsub could have been hunting during practice.

Crowded park at 4 p.m.'s a target-rich environment.

Angry, upset little girl needs someone to talk to.

How would he know she was upset?

Finding vulnerable kids is what these guys are good at.


Yeah. Where?

We'll be right there.

Uniforms just located another kid who might have talked to the suspect yesterday.

It's a couple blocks from here.

Let's go.

Billie's voice: Good boy.

Detective Russet: We're looking for a white male in his 30s who drives a late-model green SUV.

If anyone has seen anything suspicious, we have a hotline set up at the Wilmington police department.

Billie Copeland is an 11-year-old girl.

The last time she was seen, she was in a track suit and a blue soccer uniform.

They've been running that over and over again for the past 2 hours.

The press wants to talk to me.

I just-I don't think I can face it.

Why don't you just tell me what happened?


I was focused on practice, and...

Billie was...

Being a pain as usual, giving me attitude.

So I told her to run it off.

I sent her away.

How long have you been divorced?

Um...it's been final for 6 months, but we haven't lived together for over a year.

You seeing anyone?

Between work and Billi When would I have the time?

Not one date?

Any men coming over to the house?

I- I had a few casual dates after work, but they never came to the house.

Billie still hopes that her father and I will get back together.

How did Billie's dog die, Mrs. Copeland?


It was hit by a car 2 weeks ago.

How did you know that?

Shrine in the room.

Helps her grieve?

Her father did that for her.

They get along well?

Best of friends. she calls him every night, tells him about her day, asks about his.

He's a cancer survivor, So he takes time off from work, pulls her out of school for father/daughter field trips.

Says we all need to stop and enjoy life.

But he forgets that he has responsibilities, that they both do.

Which kes me the bad guy.

And she blames me for the divorce.

Blames me for everything.

I should have just let her go with her father.

I'm sorry.

She's pretty fragile.

The last thing she did was fight with her daughter.

Can you imagine what that feels like?

Mr. Copeland's here.

Big response.

Reid: Yeah.

My friends in the press eat this up.

They have a lot of on-air hours to fill.

'Scuse me.

Look who's here.

Came all the way down from New York, huh?

A missing little girl is always goa be news.

So did you get all the photos and everything you need?

She's been missing since yesterday.

How come you guys just got here?

We'll have a press conference.

When? Soon.

Come on, JJ.

Give me something, huh?

For old times' sake.


You may wanna rethink that tie.

I have been calling you all night!

I'm sorry, Marilyn.

I turned my phone off.

How could you turn your phone off?

What if Billie got sick or-

we needed you.

I said I was sorry!

What's being done to find my daughter?

We're assessing that right now.

She's been missing since yesterday!

What the hell have you people been doing since then?!

Where have you been, Mr. Copeland? Me?

Where were you all day and all night?

I have a cabin in Brandywine valley.

Police tried you there.

Well, maybe I was out at the time.

Billie tried your cell phone yesterday afternoon.

Well, I shut it off sometimes.

I like the solitude.

You didn't fight your wife for custody of your daughter.

But you...you like being in her life.

I want her to grow up in her home with her friends around.

This is the only place she's ever lived.

So you love her very much.


Why do you waste any precious time we have left?

You weren't at your cabin.

You weren't at work or with friends.

Police didn't call us until a little while ago Because they thought your daughter might have been with you, that you might have taken your daughter.

Until you can give us a satisfactory accounting of your whereabouts from the time your daughter went missing until-

Would you help me understand why a devoted father Who talks to his daughter every night suddenly turns his phone off, disappears for almost 24 hours?

I was...busy.

It's 1:30. You called your wife at 11:30, found out Billie was missing.


Well, Brandywine valley's 15 minutes away.

Where were you, Mr. Copeland?


I was at Sloane Kettering hospital.

In New York city.

Dr. Baylan Mahal is the head of oncology.

You can call him if you want.

I will.

Had a relapse?

It's in my lymph nodes now.

There's nothing more they can-

Please find my daughter.

Find my daughter.

Call Sloane Kettering.

Good afternoon. I'm detective Russet.

This is Special Agents Hotchner and Morgan from the FBI.

Hi, you guys.

Can I see your gun?

This used to be a good neighborhood.

But this is what happens when you let pedophiles and s*x freaks live wherever they want.


I have been searching the s*x offender registry.

Two of them live close-

Not that you can tell exactly where from the map on the internet.

Are you talking to them?

Yes, ma'am.

What's a pedophile s*x freak?

Hey, hey, kids, kids, listen up.

Which one of you is Connie?

Hey, sweetheart.

Ma'am, do you mind if we ask your daughter a couple of questions?

Why don't we step right over here, and the rest of you can go back to playing, all right?

Connie, I'm Agent Hotchner.

Did you talk to a man yesterday about finding his dog?

Yeah. He said her name was Candy and that she was old.

But I told him I couldn't help him 'cause I had to go home and have lunch.

And if I'm late, I get grounded.

Yeah. Well, moms are like that.

And then when he came back, I was already late for soccer practice.

Connie, he came back?

Yeah. After lunch. He said his dog was still lost.

Do you think you'd recognize him if you saw him again?

I don't know.

Would you like to go down to the police department and have a look at a book with some men's faces in it?

It might help you recognize him.

Would that be all right?


Thanks, Connie.

Came back to the same neighborhood twice in one day.

That's bold.

He's comfortable in the area.

What do we know?

Hotch: We talked to a kid who had contact with the unsub.

Morgan: Came back to the same street more than once.

Tells us he's at ease in the neighborhood, comfortable talking to kids in plain view.

He lured Billie with a story about a lost dog.

She recently lost one of her own.

That indicates previous knowledge of the victim.

But it doesn't necessarily mean that she knew him, Only that he's aware.

It's not uncommon for predators like these to know kids that live around his area.

He's from the neighborhood.

Then we go door to door and ask for voluntary searchers.

Neighborhood's already crawling with uniforms.

They're everywhere.

So far you followed the child abduction response plan to the letter.

For the past few hours, yes.

So now we need to move past the guidelines.


Change tactics.

If we don't, Billie isn't gonna make it past the next 24 hours.

I want you to corral these clowns.

We're gonna need 'em-all of 'em.

Billie Copeland has been missing 22 hours.

It is vital that we locate her in the first 24.

The unknown subject in this case is most likely a resident of one of the subdivisions around the park.

We have cancelled the amber alert.

We need to coordinate with all your officers to pull everyone off the street immediately.

That's crazy.

Just hear me out.

But it goes against court procedure.

You guys wrote the damn thing.

Carp is just a guideline for immediate response to child abduction.

Believe it or not, we're already late in the game, and we do know enough about this unsub to know that if he feels like we're closing in on him at all, he will kill Billie to avoid detection.

If anything, we need to lessen the pressure on him.

The man fits in. 'cause nobody knows what he is.

Can we really know our neighbors?

He walks his dog...

Does yard work.

Solitary activities appeal to him.

But if you watch closely, you'll see he pays a little too much attention to the neighborhood kids.

Largely goes unnoticed because he isn't perceived as a threat.

He's a white male, in his late 20s to 30s.

He has a menial or temporary job.

Socially marginalized and frustrated.

He relates better to kids than he does to adults.

This is not his first offense against children, but it is his first abduction.

How do you know that?

First-timers hunt closer to home.

Experienced predators don't.

And he's had a recent stressor, a job loss or other setback.

Unable to maintain a normal relationship, he'll have extensive pornographic materials in his home and on his computer.

And while they won't all involve children, some of them definitely will.

Since he used the missing dog ruse and we believe him to be a regular fixture of the neighborhood, it's quite possible that he truly does own or did at one point own a dog named Candy.

We recommend cross-checking veterinary records with residents in the neighborhood.

He will not inject himself into this investigation.

Don't these guys like to know what the cops know?

No, not this type of unsub. He's hiding.

He doesn't know what anyone saw.

He doesn't know if there's any information about him out there.

He's unlikely to walk in, ask us...

"Can I help you?"

But I can guarantee you he will be watching the news.

So how we handle them is very important.

Check your canvass records.

One of you may have had contact with him in the early stages.

What about registered s*x offenders?

We've got somebody working on that right now.

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, everyone clear on that?

Good luck. Thank you.

Penelope Garcia's house of "how may I save your ass today"?

You can give me s*x offender registry for Wilmington, Delaware.

Oh. That's always a fun group.

Um... Morgan, did you hear that Agent Gideon sent me flowers?

No kidding.


s*x offenders, Garcia.


Wilmington, Delaware s*x offenders.

Worst of them all- level 3 offenders, zip. Nada.

Got a couple of level 2s residing 6 and 12 miles from the abduction site...

One of which was such a long sheet, he should probably still be in prison.

But apparently has served his full freight.

And another, paroled on 2 counts of sexual assault and rape 1.

Any child victims?


Come on, Garcia. Dig. Dig for me.


You got a level 1. Dennis Jones.

Lives a mile away.

Solicitation of prostitution.

Naw, Jones doesn't fit the profile.

The guy we're looking for probably couldn't perform with adults, pro or not.

Well, give me a list of suspects and I can run a deep background.

No. It'll be way too late by then.

You took the police off the street.

We believe your daughter was abducted by someone in the area and that she's probably still nearby.

Then shouldn't you be flooding the area with cops, knocking on doors?

It's not that simple.

Yes, it is.

You're taking the meds again.

Look... What exactly are you people doing to help get my daughter back?

You're sick again, aren't you?

We want you to meet with the press...

Both of you.

Press conference. That's what you have?

You just said you're already taking the press that's running off the air.

I know.

This will be different.

Trust us, Mr. Copeland.

I'll get it.

Just tell Marilyn what you need us to do.

That was his second remission.

I'm sorry.

Billie won't even talk to me anymore.

How am I gonna tell her that her father's sick again?

One thing at a time, Mrs. Copeland.

Once we find your daughter, you'll figure it out.

Copeland: Can I help you?

Mr. Copeland, I'm Helen Godfrey from a few blocks away.

I have printouts on all the s*x offenders in the area.

I think if you just...

Look at any of these-

What the hell?

Mr. Copeland?

Mr. Copeland!

There are s*x offenders in the area.

I thought he should know.


Hotch, we have a problem.

Dennis Jones?

Are you Dennis Jones?

Do I know you?

Where's my daughter?


You tell me where she is or I'm gonna kill you right here.

Dude... I got no idea what you're talking about.

Where is she?

Where is she, you pervert?!

Mr. Copeland! Mr. Copeland, don't do it!

Copeland: Get off of me!

He's got my kid!

I got no kid!

Morgan: Met it go! Stop moving!

Let him go!

He's got my daughter.

Hotchner: Get inside.

Well, that's it. No more uniforms in the neighborhood.

Are you sure this is the way to go?

I hope it is.

You're taking a hell of a chance, aren't you?

All we can do is respond to what's in front of us.

What if you're wrong?



You know what program did the most harm to this country in terms of crimes like this, child abduction?


"Stranger Danger."

Flooded the schools with it.

I remember them coming to my classroom.

It was officer friendly with Stranger Danger coloring books.

Taught a whole generation about a scary man in a trench coat hiding behind a tree.

Then we learned that strangers are only a...

Fraction of the offenders out there.

Most are people you see every day- your family, your neighbors, school teachers.

You know the rest.

Prepared our children for 1% of the danger, made them more vulnerable to 99%.

So we've been wrong before.

All we can do is learn from it, and hopefully be better next time.

Dispatcher: Unit 5-3-9.


9, we have a marked unit calling for your presence at the river off route 6.

What's this in reference to?

They've located a body. female.

The call is anonymous.

Said there was a body in the water.

Brown hair, brown eyes, about 4'10", 4'11"?


Should have started the search earlier.

I'm sure you just did what you thought was right, detective.

I can't. I can't.

If it's her-

That's all right.

Mr. Jones isn't interested in pressing charges.

Am I supposed to be grateful?

The b*st*rd's a pedophile.

No, he isn't.

Did you check up on him? Did you ever search his house?

His s*x offense was soliciting a prostitute.

It had nothing to do with children.

But he's registered on-

Mr. Copeland, there are a lot of ways to get on that list.

That's why accessing that type of information is supposed to be left up to law enforcement.

We understand your frustration and your anger, but you're jeopardizing our efforts to save your daughter's life.

Every minute spent chasing you is time we're not spending on Billie.

So either get control of yourself and follow our directions or stay out of our way.

What would you like us to do?

Make a public appeal for information regarding a witness driving a dark green SUV.

Isn't he supposed to be the suspect?

Yes, but when people hear suspect, they can't see the guy next door as a monster. They can't imagine their neighbor could do something like this.

If he's a witness, he might be a hero.

But what if he thinks it's a trick?

What if he panics or thinks it's too risky, and then he-

It's not just him that you'll be speaking to.

It's his neighbors as well.

We've done everything we can to relieve the pressure on this man.

We've taken the cops off the street.

You won't have any standing with you on the dais. Only a local minister.

Hearing he isn't a suspect might calm him down as well.

Right now he's under enormous stress.

And we need him to believe, even if it's just for a little while, that we're way off the mark, that we're not close to arresting him.

Are you?

Close to arresting him?

We need the public's help.

Ok, can I have everyone's attention?

Please, if you could just take your seats...

The Copeland family is here to make an appeal.

As you all know, their 11-year-old daughter Billie is missing.

So if you could just have a little compassion and patience.

Mr. Copeland.


Yesterday, at approximately 3 p.m., my daughter- our daughter-

Belinda Copeland-Billie-

went missing from the recreation center.

We are looking for a man, a witness, in a green SUV.

There have been some reports that he is a suspect, but that was a mistake. He's not suspected of anything.

We would like this man to come forward and tell us what he knows.

We need your help.

He may not even understand how important what he saw is.

So anyone with information about this individual or his green SUV, please call the tip hotline.

Thank you.

Reporters: Mr. Copeland! Mr. Copeland!

We'd like billie to come home now.

It'll be dark soon. thank you.

So the body located by police earlier today is not Billie's?

What? The female body-

There'll be no more questions.

Thank you. What body?

This conference is over.

Let's discuss this outside.

What body?

Woman: Come on, Mr. Copeland.

That'll be all for now.

The conference is over.

Reporters: Mr. Copeland! Mr. Copeland!

Why didn't you tell us?

That your idea of compassion?

I only asked a question. you're the ones who didn't tell the parents-

a positive identification hasn't been made.

Asking them about that was out of line, Hal.

Is there a body?

Please just come with me.

Tell me right now- did you find a body?

Did you find Billie? Mrs. Copeland-

Is my daughter dead?

A body was dcovered.

Gideon: It's not Billie.

The body that was found was much older and has been dead a number of days.

Looks like maybe a junkie or an overdose.

Are you sure?

Yes, I saw the body myself.

It's not your daughter.

My god, I can't- I can't...

Please just come with me.

What the hell was that about?

A report asked them about the body.

Probably heard it on the scanner.

I should have prepared them for that.

We don't have anything to tell them yet.

Billie's running out of time. So are the parents.

Come on. A little hope, huh?

We'll make it.

How's it going?

The unsub's in here somewhere.

You gotta bet that the police talked to him In their initial canvass.

Maybe not.

Our unsub is a solitary individual.

He isn't the type of guy to insert himself into an investigation.

Wouldn't it make more sense that he wouldn't have answered the door During the initial canvass?

Neighborhood was crawling with cops, canine units, search and rescues.

Make him nervous and jumpy, he'd want to avoid them at all costs.

So then he couldn't allow anyone into his home to ask routine questions even if the girl was bound or gagged because it'd be too risky.

It's next to impossible to control breathing, speech patterns, body language when the body's under extreme duress.

Maybif we compare hotline tips with anyone who wasn't at home during the initial canvass.

Or didn't answer their door.

We'll find our unsub.

Let's get to it.

Sergeant. Yeah?

Here's what we need-

Everything that comes in here...

Oh, my god.


You have to be strong now.

You have to.

How we doing?

All her life...

When my little girl needed help, she came to me.

And now, when she needs me most...


When he got sick...

He said he didn't want to make us watch him die.

He wanted the divorce.

And I let her believe that it was me because...

I don't know.

It seemed better than the truth that he was running away from us.

So I lied to her.

I think that's an incredibly courageous sacrifice.

Except now he's sick.

And all I have left is a daughter who hates me.

I just...

I can't just sit around here helpless.

When you were first diagnosed with cancer, you could have given up.

You didn't.

But there was an enemy...

Something to fight.

Yeah, but...

There's a ghost enemy. Sneaks in...

Ravages you before you even know it's there, and by the time you do know, you're already losing.

You took on that one.

Whatever will you summoned to fight that ttle, find it again, for Billie.

Don't give up, sir.

But it didn't matter.

I fought... and it came back.

The cancer won.

I saw the pictures of you and her in her room.

Pictures of you fishing, being there for her when her dog died, building a shrine to her pet.

You think that extra time didn't matter?

Are you gonna find her?

The men and women I work with are the best in the world.

They won't rest until I do.

You have my word on that.

Yeah. It was worth a try.

That's right. Thank you.


Agent Morgan? Yeah.

This the kinda thing you're looking for?


A Mr. Lomax has a neighbor with a green SUV, but he hasn't seen him all day.

Says that's unusual. thought he might have been out of town, but now he sees some lights on over there.

1106 Springfield. where's our canvass sheets?


1100 block. 1106...

No answer.

Let's go talk with Mr. Lomax.

Nice call.

Thanks. Good luck.

Mr. Lomax? Agent Morgan. Agent Reid.


Holy smokes! That was fast.

Did you call in a tip about your neighbor, Don Curtis?

Lives down the street. I saw the news thing, you know?

I was thinking... Don drives a dark green Explorer, and he's at the park all the time.

I figured like they said on the television maybe he knows something but he doesn't know that he knows it.

Know what I mean?

Where's his Eexplorer now?

It's usually in the driveway, but I haven't seen it today.

Haven't seen Don either, which is kind of weird.

We're always out front talking about the lawns.

He never has any crab grass.

I don't know how he does it.

Do you know if he has a dog?

Used to. A big Golden Retriever. name was Candy.

I think she died like 6 months ago.

Thank you, Mr. Lomax.

Yeah, Hotch. Morgan.

Better get over here right now.

Third house down on the right.

We knocked on the door, but nobody's answering.

His neighbor said he's definitely in there.

He's got a green Ford Explorer in the garage.

Break down the door. No. We don't have probable cause.

He's got a green SUV.

He had a dog that died recently.

He spends time in the park.

Pretending he's not home.

None of which are illegal.

No judge is going to sign a warrant based on that information.

You're weighing the life of a child against the price of a door?

I'm weighing the law against the price of a door.

The girl's in the house right now. The longer we stand here, the longer he has to finish her off. I'll call a judge.

If we go in there without a warrant, all that evidence will get thrown-

We're aware of the rules of evidence.

What do you propose that we do?

We tow his car, we impound it, and we search it.

Gideon! Gideon, wait a minute!

Gideon! Gideon, you need-

Federal agents. FBI!

Federal agents! FBI!

Where is she?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Where's Billie Copeland?

Please don't hurt me.

Gideon... Please!

Please put the gun down.


Get him out of here!

Tear the place apart!

We went through everything-

the house, the garage.

The girl isn't here.


Reid: Just as we expected, he has an extensive collective of deviant photos and cartoon downloads.

Partitioned in separate folders? Mm-hmm.

Access the internet history.

Identify any pornographic sites, shut 'em down.

I'm uploading to garcia as we speak.

Is it all p0rn?

It's a lot of home movies with a bunch of kids in it.

This one-you need to see it.

Boy: No, I don't want to.

Curtis: Shh.

Remember what I'll do if you tell.

Gideon, we searched the entire house-

upstairs, downstairs. Everywhere.

There's no sign of the girl or that she's even been here.

It is possible that he moved her.

Polly Klaas was found 25 miles from home, Danielle Van Damme 30, Samantha Runnion, 52.

But keep in mind... We were 20 hours late getting involved.

Man doesn't take chances. He wouldn't drive around with a girl in the car.

He took her, got her off the street as quickly as possible.

Just keep looking.

On it.

Your tapes, your computer, are full of child pornography.

Do you guys have a warrant?

I didn't see a warrant.

You're going to prison.

Right now for how long is up to you.

It's in your best interest to help us.

I want a lawyer.

Then we won't be able to talk to you anymore.

We won't hear your side of the story, and we won't get Billie Copeland back to her parents.

Now, you can help us.

Make it right.

Can you close the door?

It's cold.

Curtis lawyered up.

Of course he did.

That's the first smart thing he's done.

We broke into his house, and without Billie, we don't have the exigent circumstances We need to make this stick.

We may have to let him go.

Russet: I told you we should have waited.

I know. We made a call, and if there are any recriminations, we will take full responsibility.

Hutch. He's the man.

Jason, I agree, but we may have been overly hasty.

Hasty? You know as well as I do unless we actually find him in this house, any evidence we find is fruit of the poison tree.


There it is.

Hotch, get me up here.


Go. Go.

She's here.

Hey, Billie. my name's Jason.

I'm here to take you home, sweetie.

Your mommy and daddy are very worried about you.

I wanna go home.

I wanna go home.

Let's go see your mom and dad, huh?

Oh, I forgot.

I took that for luck.

Let's bring it back to where it belongs, ok?

Let's go see your mommy and daddy.


Here she comes.

Here you go, sweetie. Watch your arm.

Watch your arm.

Gideon, voice over: "measure not the work until the day's out and the labor done."

Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Morgan: I got absolutely nothing.

Aw, nothing.

Sss...2 pair...

Of aces.

Oh, get outta town!

Why you always winning? Nuh-uh!

'cause he cheats.

Poker? It's mathematics, it's statistics.

He's from vegas.

House rules.

There's that. Too.

Jennifer: All right, shuffle.

Hey, Hotch.


Did you send flowers to that tech room girl...

Garcia...and say they were from me?



Jason, people need to know that they're important, and sometimes you forget that.

I already sent her a gift.

An mp3 player. They last longer.

Unless you drop them or the battery dies, whichever comes first.

Hotch: So she got 2 gifts.

What if she thinks I'm sweet on her?

Maybe not, huh?

I think the Copelands are gonna stay together.

Oh, good.

He's dying.

He's having a difficult time.

Billie's kind of used to him not being there.

So maybe...it would be better if they stayed apart.

No, it wouldn't.

How do you know?

I know.

I just know.