01x19 - Machismo

what is that, maya, a boy or a girl skeleton?

El dia de los muertos!

Hello, uncle diego. How are you?


Please. Don't!

Why'd you come here? You're not welcome.

Please, diego, leave him alone...

This is my mother's house, too!

Let me hear her say I am not welcome.

Tell him, mom.

Well, then.

My mother will never have to be disgraced by me again.



I expect that from him...

She's your mother. She loves you.

Not anymore.

I'll come back later for my things!

Mom. He'll come back.

Would you like some more?

I'M glad you are here now.

I couldn't talk to you in front of rosa.

She likes to think she can take care of me herself.

But I am getting older. I need help.




Yes, look at that.

Oh, what is that all about?

It's ok. It's ok.

I'm a little grumpy when I wake up sometimes, too.

Wait, you guys.

See what you did?

No, no. It's ok.

Will you grab that? Thanks.

You're holding him like a cantaloupe.

Oh, you think you could better?

Ok, smarty pants, knock yourself out.

There you go. It's ok. It's for your-

Well, let's see you profile a disorganized psychopath.

It's your life.

Yeah I know you're taking the week end, but I wanted to let you know, we got a call from-

ugh. Amazing!

I am so glad you're here, sis.

And with you coming to town, it's been so much easier to get him to take time off.

And I never could've prepared a meal like that by myself.


It was just a brief. In a couple of hours I'll be back, ok?

It's ok. Go.

They need you. It's all right. I'm not mad.


You heard her, she said it was all right.

You're one hell of a profiler.

Allende del sol, mexico, population 20,000.

The victim is lupe trejo. 62.

She was found in her home, stabbed in the face, chest and genitals.

The papers down there connected her murder to 11 others in the past 2 years, all elderly women.

They're saying it's the work of a serial killer.

The mexican government disagrees.

What kind of city is this?

Half factory town, half tourist town, the factory makes the tchochkes and clothes that tourists buy.

And even though the murders have happened in the...

Poor neighborhoods where the locals live-

serial killers make lousy tourist attractions.


So if the government denies that this is a serial killer, why'd they call us?

They have suspect in custody, the victim's son.

Where are the serial killer experts?

They want us to go down there and confirm that this was just a one time killing.

Put the serial killer angle to bed.

So we're going all the way down there just to prove they don't have a serial killer.


Or we're going down there to tell him if what I've read in the mexican papers is true they've got one of the worst serial killers the country's ever seen, let's go.


Call from the car.

Anthony Brandt wrote "Other things may change us, but we start and end with family."


At least you get to spend your birthday weekend in mexico.

Yeah, what's dog-house in spanish?

"La ca-sa del pair-O."

La casita del perro.

That's what I said.

Face it, chicko. You're only a genius in english.

You speak spanish?

Since when?

I'm full of hidden mysteries.

All right, so why are there so few serial killers in mexico?

They probably have as many as we do, but they document almost none of them.

Why is that?

It's the chikatilo syndrome.

The what?

Andre chikatilo, one of the most prolific serial killer of the 20th century.

By the time they found him, he had killed more than 50 people.

He was no more experienced than any average serial killer, but he lived in the soviet ukraine. The soviets were convinced, the serial killer is a uniquely american phenomenon.

Inevitable result of decadent capitalism.

So, what's the cultural bias in mexico?

Many mexicans believe that serial killers are the result of the break down of the family, which gives rise to the kind of alienated loner who becomes a serial killer.

It's a fact that there are 12 times as many broken families in the U. S. Than in mexico.

All right, so is it possible that there are fewer serial killers in mexican culture?

It is possible.

But, in my experience, evil is not a cultural phenomenon.

It's a human one.

Nothing like jet sleep, right?

Yeah, kind of like a night of drinking without the drinking.

Agent gideon.

Captain navarro.

You're shorter than I remembered.

I was on a stage.

This is lieutenant borquez.


This is my team.

Captain navarro has been put in charge of the case by the assistant attorney general.

You guys got history?

We met at a seminar I gave at mexico citya few years ago.

"Sexual homicide in latin america."

I just read a chapter on the subject in max ryan's book.

Where do you think I got it from?

I'm glad you came.

I was never sure how much you liked me.

Why is that?

I've often told agent gideon that his profiling technique would not translate accurately in latin culture without a better understanding of our cultural values.

Now is a good time to find out, right?

Uh, captain, I'd like to get a handle on the type of press this has been getting and meet some of the local police here.

Of course, but I imagine you would all like to settle into your rooms and rest before we go?

No. We're ready.

Let's go.

So what exactly do you think agent gideon got wrong about your culture?

Well, there are two main-

english, english. Please. English.

I was explaining to agent gideon that his profiling theory doesn't take into account 2 powerful influences on mexican culture.

Which is family, and machismo.

You have some interesting ideas.

The district attorney general put me in charge of this killing when she realized that we had a relationship.

She had me invite you down to help us settle this mess.

You are aware that we may not be giving you the answer you are looking for on this one, yes?

You think the papers are right?

What are they saying exactly?


There's a serial assassin who's killing elderly women in local towns.

And the attorney general and the authorities are moving slowly.

We'll see.

What's all this?

Dia de los muertos.

Day of the dead, a 3-day latin holiday where souls of dead relatives are said to return to earth to enjoy the pleasures that they once knew of.

It sounds like he was reading that out of a book.

No, trust me. He always sounds like that.

Actually, I was reading.

I picked this pamphlet up at the airport.

As profilers, I thought you'd want to see the crime scene first, before meeting the suspects, yes?

You remembered something from my lecture, huh?

Actually, I got it from your mentor, max ryan.

His book.

It's a great read.

The victim's name is lupe trejo. 62.

She was found in the bedroom by the daughter.

No sign of forced entry.

Are there are always this many people around?

No. Church just got out.

They're walking home from the town square.

What time was she killed?

I'm guessing some time during the evening mass.

There wouldn't have been a lot of people around.

Otherwise he would've been seen.

Unless he blended right in.

Let's go No forced entry means one of two things.

A push in, he holds a knife or a gun to her and forces his way inside.

The murder weapon, the knife, was taken from the kitchen and placed at the scene.

In that case, it's most likely that she let the killer in voluntarily.

She looked through the peep hole, saw someone she recognized, someone who makes her feel safe.

She lets him in and then what?

They have a drink?

Hey, did you run a dna analysis on this?

The closest thing we have to a crime scene unit is detective hernandez.

He has a fingerprinting kit from 1984.

Find anything?

The victim's prints were on one.

The prints on the other one were too smudged to make any match but I don't think the killer drank this anyway.

Why not?

This drink is tamarind water.

It's sweet.

I could see the victim offer this to a woman.

But these are family festivities and at night most men will have a shot of tequila, some beer and maybe some cigarettes this looks like two women to me.

You don't think a woman could've done this?

Do you?

It's highly unlikely.

Get them to the fbi.

At the very least they'll be able to tell us the gender of the drinkers.

Where was she killed?

This way.

What are you looking for?


Why did the unsub choose this victim?

Why did she feel safe enough to let the killer inside?

This is her son?

That's miguel.

I'd say lupe had a problem with him.

She has family photographs everywhere, but not miguel.

He's tucked away in her drawer.

Ok, so the unsub took items of jewelry out of the daughter's bedroom.

You think he did it before or after he killed the mother?

I would say after.

The way the victim was stabbed means this was a sexual homicide.

When the killer is looking for a sexual release, the items taken are usually an afterthought.


But he left jewelry on the victim's body. Why?

It's a common sign of remorse.

A small amount of respect for the dead.

Very small, if you ask me.

You are almost certainly looking for a heterosexual male.

Why do you say that?

Well, the victim was found on the bed, multiple stab wounds to the face, chest and genital area.

All indicators of sexual homicide.

In case it's a sexual homicide, the attacker targets objects of his or her sexual attraction.

Heterosexual men attack women.

So homosexual men attack men?

Did the daughter have any ideas about who might have done this?

She didn't have any ideas about anything.

When she found out that her brother was a suspect, she wanted to talk to him alone.

I refused because I didn't want them to get their stories straight.

Then she stopped talking completely.

So what's she protecting?

We're ready to talk to the suspect.

Of course, but first there's someone I'd like you to meet.

Maria sanchez.

District attorney general.

Do not be afraid.

Agent gideon.

Hello It's an honor.

Our papers are fascinated with the idea of a serial killer.

And when navarro suggested that I invite you in to dispel this nonsense, I immediately saw the wisdom.

But- enough formalities.

I will let you get down to business.

Excuse me.

She's worse in spanish.

Neighbors heard a loud fight the day of the murder.

Between the victim, her son, daughter and brother-in-law.

One big happy family.

Well the uncle had a solid alibi.

But we could not find the son.

Then got a tip he had hired a coyote to take him over the border.

We caught him before he crossed.

That's miguel's sister, rosa.

She's been here ever since she found out that her brother was arrested.

Seems though she thinks he's innocent.

The dutiful sister.

This way.

You're gonna tell us about the fight you had with your mother the other night.

I didn't hurt my mother.

Did it have anything to do with you leaving?

She didn't want me to go.

She was angry.

It was more than that, miguel.

You had problems with your mother for a long time.

What is it you're hiding?

What truth could be so terrible that you don't defend yourself against killing your mother?

What truth would have your mother hiding your photographs in her drawer?

When did you first know?

Know what?

That you are a homosexual.

More to the point, when did your mother find out?

No speak english.

How did he know?

You told us.

Machismo and family.

You knew he was gay.

You're a better profiler than gideon as a lecturer.

You also knew that a gay man couldn't have committed this murder.

That's why you asked us about the sexuality of the killer at the crime scene, you knew miguel was innocent.

You don't understand how things work here.

If I told the attorney general that this one is a homosexual and that is why he must be innocent she would've laughed in my face.

Why did you lie to us?

I had to play along with the official line until I could trust that you would come to the same conclusion that I did.

So we are here to serve as pawns in your political game.

There is a very bad man killing women in my district.

And I've known this for a very long time.

But so far, no one will believe me.

Or help stop him.

So if I have to play politics to protect the women of the city...

Then that is a very small price to pay.

Don't you agree?

The best way to bring the attorey general on board is by providing a complete profile.

What do you need from me?

We need the files of all the murders.

Of course, but I must warn you.

These reports were taken by local police in the area who are not used to this type of thing.

Most basic details are missing.

We'll take a look at them.

We also need to get the whole story out of miguel trejo.

And right now he's not talking.

Why does that matter?

Obviously, he's not a serial killer.

'Cause there's obviously a great deal of anger in the family, and before we give a profile we need to rule out the fact that this might be a crime of passion and not one of the serial killings.

Why wouldn't miguel talk if he's innocent?

Must have something to do with the fact that he's a homosexual.

He'd rather be straight in jail than gay as a free man?

I can protect him in here.

But if he's taken to a prison in mexico city and the other inmates find out that he is gay he will be killed.

That's the way things work here.

So how do we get him to talk?


Do you know the saying, "love is blind, but not the neighbors"?

We know there was a fight.

We need to know what it was about.


We know about your brother.

If you don't help us he could go to prison and he could be killed there.

This could be his last chance, rosa.

Do you understand?

Miguel has a friend.


He was outside the house, waiting for my brother.


He saw the fight with my mother.

Did miguel see him?

I don't think so.

Why didn't you tell us about this before?

Because it would mean telling you that...

Miguel is...

Like you said, if he goes to prison and they know this about him they will kill him.

And I could not risk that.

But you're talking about the man who might have murdered your mother.

You do not understand how bad it is.

You do not understand the shame!

You do not understand what people will do to us.

I just lost my mother.

I cannot lose miguel.

La familia es todo.

Family is everything.

She may have come clean about that day, but I still think she's hiding something.

The way she went on about shame-

almost like she was talking about herself.

This is interesting.

Before miguel met roberto roberto had a wife.

Well if he was bisexual-

that makes him capable of sexual homicide of a woman.

And if he blamed miguel's mother for denying their relationship that would give him a motive.

We need to find roberto.

Roberto we have to talk.

Please. Not right here.

Let's walk. Let's go.

You don't understand.

I would never hurt miguel's mother.

She was nice to me.

She was...trying to accept me.

But miguel's uncle made her feel bad for that.

People like him make it impossible for us.

They'll never accept us.

Why'd you follow miguel to his house?

And why were you watching rosa and her mother?

Miguel and I had a fight that day.

He was very upset.

He got drunk.

He was going to his family celebration and I was afraid for him, I was afraid ofthe trouble he might cause with his uncle.

What did you see?

Miguel did not do it.

Is that what you want from me? To turn against him?

I won't. He did not do it.

No. It's not what I asked.

You were outside of the house watching.

So what did you see?

Uh, I saw nothing. I saw children playing and, uh-

a woman.

What woman?

I walked past her in the street, uh-

she had papers, a badge.

I think she was a social worker going house to house.

What did she look like?

I don't know. Heavy.

Maybe... forties or fifties.



It is common for social workers and nurses to come from the city, help out elderly women.

Tell them about benefits they may have.

It's part of the reaching out program.

So it could've been the victim who invited the social worker inside, or maybe she was the one given the tamarind water.

Or she could be our best witness.

I will check with local services.

What about roberto?

I don't think he did it.

Why not?

The way he talked about miguel.

He didn't point the finger at his boyfriend. I think a guilty man would've.

See if he has an alibi.

Run his prints against any found at the scene.

Right now, though, I feel confident we can rule out a family fight as a motive for the murder.

There's a call from the fbi.

Yeah. Morgan.

Como esta, my lovelies?

Es bueno, no? Tripero, esta-la?

Ok, take it easy garcia, I think you just offended somebody's mother.

Shut up, you. I took french, what can I say?

Penelope, your last name is garcia.

Yeah, I know, it's my stepfather's name.

Now do you want my genius or not?

Yes, please. Get on with it.

Okay! So, I rushed your cups full of mucus through all the regular channels at lightning speed and survey says one female drinker and one male.

Thanks, doll.

It's strange.

On this occasion, a man taking that drink.

Unless the victim thought he was a woman.

The woman roberto described, the social worker, that's a common ruse for old lady killers. What if...

She is really a he in women's clothing?

A heavy woman.

He comes to the door, knocks on it...

And the victim feels comfortable because...

She thinks it's a woman.

It would explain why no witnesses have come forward.

No one expects the killer to be a woman.

Not in this country.

Or ours.

We need to tell the locals.

And give them the rest of the profile.

We have reason to believe that the killer may be a man who wears women's clothing.

As a ruse to get into his victim's homes.

Once inside, the killer stabs his victims and then abuses them sexually with the knife.

But he wasn't always a killer.

He gradually escalated from s*x crimes.

This may have started out as peeping tom incidents eventually leading to rape.

And then at some point, he couldn't rape anymore.

So he began killing women who represented authority figures in this life he hated.

Typically a mother, grandmother.

Women that he blamed for his impotence.

Navarro: How would he have targeted these women?

We found no connection between them.

We don't know yet.

But based on the number of times he's killed and the skill of gaining the trust of his victims we can assume that he plans his murders and that he's been committing s*x crimes for many years.

We think he's somewhere between the ages of 35-50.

You need to talk to all known s*x offenders.

And compare them to this profile.

You should also re-interview all your witnesses and see if anyone saw a man who might have been dressed as a woman.


We have another body.

Isabel santiago, 67.

No sign of forced entry.

Stabbed in the chest and genitals.

Abrasions on her neck.


From a necklace.

Obviously ripped off her neck.

Yeah, but jewelry taken form the body.

That's the first we've seen from this guy.

So why was this one different?

For the past 2 years we've had an average of 1 killing every 9 weeks.

Not 2 in 3 days.

That's a pretty extreme escalation.

He'll kill again soon.

Who's that over there?

That's the daughter of the victim.

Maybe she could tell us something about the necklace.

Hello, anna. My name is elle.

I'm sorry about everything.

I have some questions for you, if you could answer them.

Do you think you might be able to answer a few questions right now Si. Yes.

Your mother was wearing a necklace, it was taken from her.

Do you know if it had any special significance to her?

She gave it to me for my birthday.

She never bought jewelry for herself.

She asked if she could wear it during the holiday.

So this cklace was yours?

It was my favorite.

I wore it almost every day.

Navarro says there's some sort of disturbance at the police station.

We're gonna go check it out.


What is going on here borquez?

What did they do?

They're following the orders of the fbi bringing in s*x criminals.

What did you tell them?

We put out there the possibility that he dresses like a woman.

We told them to look into people convicted of s*x crimes.

We didn't mean this.

Maria, please.

What is going on?

These men were supposed to put the serial killer rumors to rest and now they are making us look like a joke.

What'd you want people to think of us?

It was a misunderstanding.

And it won't happen again.

It was your idea to bring them here.

And obviously it was a waste of time.


...go home.

These police are not stupid men.

They're frustrated.

They read articles in newspapers saying that they're ineffective.

And they want to prove that they are not.

They will do this any way they know how.

We told them that the suspect was probably a man dressed as a woman.

We didn't say to round up all the transvestites and bring them in.


Is it possible that this man is a transvestite?

No, no, no. That's not what we're saying.

Men dressing like women is a manifestation of sexual preference, it is a lifestyle.

It does not imply a psychology of violent behavior.

We're talking about the killer's past.

That's why we were asking for people who'd been accused of s*x crimes.

Are the police looking onto this?


Most rapes here are not even reported.

And the rapists are often people who have power them.

Sometimes family, sometimes even law enforcement.

I have interviewed many, many women and-

they do not want to talk.

We can help you.

We can teach you interview strategies.

I specialized in s*x crimes and I speak spanish.

How do we even get to these women?

We hold a press conference.

Let everyone know what we're looking for.

What about the attorney general? She wants us to leave.

Do not worry about her.

I convinced her to bring you down here.

I can convince her to let you stay.

We will have that press conference.

All I have to do is figure out...

What to say.

Be forceful, but respectful.

Tell them, "Please, if you have any information at all, we urge you to come forward."

The one thing we absolutely do know about this kind of criminal is that he does not stop offending until he is stopped.

The reporters will ask, "why look for a rapist when we're trying to catch a killer?"

You don't need to mention the killer.

Just tell them that you care about the women in this town, and that you are committed to catching the man who hurt them.

Why are we looking for a rapist?

Because we know this man commits sexual homicide, we could also assume that he was once a rapist.

It's a lot easier to track a rapist than a killer because you have witnesses.

You also have the chance to discover something else.

The reason he began killing.

Which is the stressor.

As far as we can tell, the first killing was about two years ago.

What happened to the suspect during that time?

A typical stressor.

Loss of job.

Loss of love.

He may have been released from prison.

Whatever it was it made him feel impotent made him feel frustrated and very angry.

And that's when he started killing.

You should be talking to victims who reported rapes just before that first murder two years ago.

Hopefully the press conference will help bring some of these women forward but we also need to head out and talk to some of these people directly.

You should use all the female police you have.

That'll help put potential victims at ease.

We don't have any, boss.

You do now.

Ok. See you later.

I've been talking to so many women and forgetting how to speak english.

Well, you know, you look latina.

There's a good reason for that. My mother's cuban.

Well, my cuban friend.

We may have something.

A woman called the police station after she saw the report on television.


She says she has information on the rapist.

Excuse me.

I was told you want to talk to me about the rapist we're looking for.

Can you help us?

Do you care?

I'm sorry?

Do you care?

Most of the time nobody around here cares what happens to women.

Nobody does anything about it.

That's why nobody talks to the police.

Gimme a second.


What can the police do if when a crime is committed no one comes forward?

The man who attack me is a stupid dog.

He's a coward.

He came up from behind and he started to rape me.

But then I turned around and I started hitting him.

I scratched him, I made him bleed.

And that's when I saw he was wearing a dress.

A dress.

I couldn't believe it.

I laughed in his face.

A called him a pathetic woman.

He was so scared.

He ran away like a little boy.

When did this happen, milagros?

2 years ago.

If you weren't afraid of this man, why didn't you report him?

I told you what good would it do?

She claimed it happened 2 years ago, in august.

The first murder happened in september.

So she could've been the last one who was raped before whatever stressor made him kill.

Or she could've been the stressor.

You say this woman laughed in his face, hit him, called him a woman.

Could've been enough to make him impotent.

He tries to rape again and all he can hear is this woman laughing.

Maybe he thought he could rape older women.

Thought they'd be easier, wouldn't put up a fight, so he tries.

But he can't.

He gets frustrated, he kills her, and then he finds the release that he was looking for.

So he kills again.

Excuse me.

Send them in.

You wanted us to come forward?

There are 6 more women who were raped by this man.

Now prove to us it will finally do some good.


How did you find all these women, milagros?

Mr. Navarro.

We may not talk to you.

But we talk to each other.

But now you must tell us your stories.

Every detail.

Because the cycle does not end until this man is stopped.

You understand?


They all have the same story.

He goes up to them in the street, puts a knife against their back, blindfolds them, and takes them out to the desert.

He also kissed their neck while raping them.

And then, when he's finished, he asks, "how did I do"?

Classic power reassurance behavior.

What does that mean?

Power reassurance rapists lack confidence.

They can't develop normal relationships with women.

Passive and non-athletic.

He most likely fantasizes that the victims are his girlfriends, and of the different types of rapists, he's the most likely to be dissuaded if the victim screams or struggles in any way.

Is that it?

All the characteristics of the power-assurance rapist?

Uh, there's actually one more.

Excuse me.

I've been going over the forms filled out by the women.

4 of them work in the same factory.

He most likely lives and works near the victim.

I have owned this plant for 9 years.

And I do not allow the men I hire to abuse the women.

I'm sorry, but I do not believe this man works here.

Miss, the man we're looking for wouldn't be openly abusive.

He might just like following women around and peeking into women's bathrooms, that sort of thing.

He would be shy with women, specially you.

You intimidate him, he probably couldn't look you in the eye.

The only way I could be a woman and run this plant is to make sure every man feels that way.

I'm sorry.

How many men work here?

Over 50.

We need to look through all your employee records.

So far I found more than 3 dozen men fit the target profile between the ages of 35 and 50.

This owner wasn't kidding.

Almost all of these guys had a citation for lewd behavior against the women here.

They'd be warned once, and then they'd be fired if it happened again.

I wouldn't mess with her.

Afraid of a woman, hutch?

Shoot, I'd be afraid of her.

Only one of these men showed up on police records, with a s*x crime.

He beat up a prostitute when she refused to get rough.

Not out guy. He'd be scared, he wouldn't have the confidence to stand up to a refusal.

But this is crazy.

There's way too many men here to interview and not enough time.

Ok, we need to narrow down the profile.

What would make our guy stand out?

From you told me, he completely lacks machismo.

He has none of the confidence of a typical man in mexico.

Morgan: Even with a knife in his hand.

What was it that he said to the women after raping them?

"How did I do?"

Any guy with confidence doesn't need to ask if he's doing a good job.

He assumes it.

In bed and at work.

Come on.

Mrs. Ramirez?


This guy desperately wants to impress you.

No matter how small the job, he always wants your approval he may constantly ask, "how did I do"?

How did I do?

How did I do?

Pablo vargas.

He's been on vacation since 4 days ago.

The day of lupe trejo's killing.

What does he do here?

He's the floor manager of sector 16, women's plus sizes.

We're gonna need his address and any other information you can give us, thank you.

Hello, anybody home?


There's a tv on, someone's inside.




Are you all right?

Can you hear me?


Who's the lady Souvenirs for his mother?

Anna's necklace.

Elle, look at this.

His rape victims.

We have a name but...

How do you find him?

We always ask "why this victim, why the next victim?"

Serial killers plan their killings, and if we can figure out how he targets his victims, we can get ahead of him.

Borquez, what is this?

I charted all the names of all the rape victims who came in, like they instructed us.

That name, "torres."

There was a murder victim with that name.

There are 100s of torreses in this town.

Let me see the statements.

What is it?

It's maiden names.

The murder victims.

And the rape victims.

The names are the same.

He's killing the mothers of the women he raped.

And he's doing it in the same order.

The daughters of the last 2 murder victims, trejo and santiago, never came forward.

If we can assume they were raped, then-

according to the board the next rape victim in the line was-

milagros villanueva.

His last.

He's gonna kill her mother.


What's up? You're all right?


You're good?

Behind you.


Over here!

Got me?

Yeah. Got you.

He pretended to be a woman.

Now he doesn't have to pretend.

Will they be charged?

Charged? Why?

They were only defending their homes.

La casa no se reclina sobre la tierra, sino sobre una mujer.


Good job agent gideon.

Let's go.

What did you say in there?

Just an old mexican proverb.

Please do not hesitate to call next time you're in town.

Thank you.

I'm thinking of starting a B. A. U. In my district.

Takes a lot of training.

Thank you.

You're welcome.


Mexican proverb, "the house does not rest on the ground, but upon a woman."