01x20 - Charm and Harm

Scotch. That's what we're missing.

The smooth, smoky flavor Of a single barrel scotch With a juicy porterhouse.

I was really hoping you'd get your appetite back.

You're gonna need to eat.

You're gonna need your strength.


We've only been here an hour. You've made 2 calls.


You hate the phone, Elle.

I don't hate the phone. Actually, you do.

Did you know that alexander graham bell and eli gray Simultaneously invented electronic sound transmission devices?

It came down to a race betwixt the two.

Ye, and bell beat gray to the patent office by a matter of hours.

Common knowledge.

Why are you acting so weird?

We're sitting with a guy who knows That there are 800 kernels of corn On the average cob...

Ranged in 16 separate rows.

And you're calling me weird?

I knew it. You got a boyfriend.

You are basing this on what exactly, That I don't like the phone?

You've been a profiler for how long, derek, and that's-That's weak.

What's weak?

Morgan thinks Elle has a boyfriend.

You just denied it.

Do you?

It's more fun not to answer that question.

That right there is a yes, baby.

I knew it. I told you.

She doesn't want to admit to anything, man.

Reid, trust me. You've got a lot to learn.

FBI tampa has been investigating a series of murders Over the past 2 months along Florida's central golf coast.

I consulted with the sac down there. They had a strong lead.

And DNA evidence.

All 4 women were killed by this man Mark Gregory.

If they know who he is, he's not really an unsub.

Why are they calling us?

They weren't able to arrest him before he disappeared.

They let a serial killer get away? How long has he been missing?

About 36 hours, along with this woman-

Nicole Wegener.

What do we know out the other victims?

They were all abducted within a 60-Mile radius, Tortured and then drowned in hotel bathtubs.

They were all found a couple of days After they were reported missing.

Same geographical area, And he's killing in hotels instead of private, controlled environments.

He can pay for privacy in a hotel room.

Let's just hope he's not heading for orlando.

It's second only to las vegas in the number of hotel rooms.

Well, knowing who he is is certainly part of the equation, But it's a long way from kwing where he is.

A serial killer who's been sussed out and is on the loose, He's got 2 choices.

He's either hiding or, worse, he's on the run.

And if Gregory feels like he's got nothing tlose...

He's got the whole country ahead of him.

The french philosopher voltaire wrote, "There are some that only employ words For the purpose of disguising their thoughts."

This is everything the tampa office has on Mark Gregory.

He's a single white man, 38 years old.

Graduated from FSU.

Started his own real estate company with a business partner 5 years ago.

He frequently travels for work around the country, Sometimes overseas.

Just last year he purchased a very lavish home in sarasota.

What was he doing before he got into real estate?

It says he raced cars after college, Even worked as a chef at a french restaurant.

Jack of all trades.

Yeah, he's plenty mastered.

He worked as a staff photographer for a couple of magazines Along the central coast Before transitioning to work with models in Miami.

It's strange so many serial killers Make a hobby of photography.

It must have something to do with the act of voyeurism.

What about his bank accounts and credit cards?

They seized everything ter he disappeared 36 hours ago.

So when he uses his credit cards Or goes to his house or work, then they've got him.

I heard enough about Mark Gregory.

I wanna hear about his victims.

Gregory used different forms of torture with each one.

Choking, burning, suspension, and beating.

Drowning was the only constant.

They were all classified as "wet drownings, "

Which means the victim was alive when they were submerged.

They could feel their lungs filling up with water.

It's an extremely painful way to die.

Why would he take the time?

They were barely alive after all the torture.

Drowning's a form of torture, too, and it's all part of the signature.

Ssa Raymond Mccarthy.

Ssa son Gideon. We spoke on the phone.

Sorry for the temporary setup.

We wanted you closer to where Mark Gregory lives.

Please continue.

We were just discussing drowning as a cleansing ritual.

If we look back into Gregory's childhood, We may find what he needs to purge.

You think that's the best use of our time?

We're itching to find this guy. He got away on our watch.

By studying his behavior as a child, It helps us understand why he does what he does.

You know everything about this killer except why he does it.

So the further we go back, the further ahead of him we might get.

Were you able to connect Gregory to all 4 victims?

He had a previous relationship with the first woman he killed.

We can look into that as the possible stressor.

The second and third were acquaintances from business deals.

The fourth worked at a restaurant the same time he did.

What's his connection to the missing girl?

We can't find anything.

Gregory's big news in Florida.

When do we hold a press conference to alert the entire country?

Hopefully we'll find Gregory before we have to.

So if we split up, we'll cover more ground.

Does he still have family in the area?

His dad's close by.

Why don't we start from the present and work our way backwards.

Reid and I will go to Gregory's house.

Elle and I will talk with business partner, Hank Bloomberg.

I'll comb through some of the evidence here.

Garcia's gonna want an update. I'll catch up with her.

Good. Let's meet back here in 2 hours.

If he's following his previous pattern, We have less than 12 hours to find Nicole Wegener alive.

Mr. Bloomberg.


Agents Hotchner and greenaway, FBI.

I've already talked to the police.

We're from the behavioral analysis unit, And I'm sure we'll have some different questions.

We're looking for some insight into Mark Gregory's behavior Right before the killing started.

Things you might not think are important could actually be helpful.

I don't know why he disappeared.

You sure you've got the right guy?

Usually when someone takes off, It gives us reason to be suspicious.

Well, I've never noticed any odd behavior.

We've worked together for 5 years. I've known him for 10.

He helped coach my son's soccer league this past fall.

He's my best friend.

What about his relationship with women?

Mark's the consummate ladies man.

He always had a different woman on his arm.

Never had a problem getting a date.

Dating doesn't do it for him.

He likes to torture and drown them.

What do you know about his history with women?

He was married once in his early 20s.

Swore he'd never do it again.

Did you know her?

No. It was before I met him.

Do you know if she's still in the area?

Wait minute.

You think he did something to his ex-Wife?

We're looking for at we call a "stressor, "

What could have made him lose it.

We have to look into all the possibilities.

If we need to ask you any more questions, we'll find you.

Thank you.

I bet Gregory's been killing a lot longer than we think, long before he disappeared.

This is a really large house with hardly any furniture.

Typical bachelor pad.

Large sofa, big-Screen tv, White walls.

I noticed a luxury car in the garage, But it's at least 10 years old.

Where are the dogs?

Gideon, check this out.

This guy's got, like, 20 different suits.

Some italian. Some taylor.

Some leisure suits.

He's got a mechanic's uniform.

Wide assortment of watches and wallets.

Approximately 20 different pairs of shoes.

Take a look at all these driver licenses.

He can start his own dmv.

Feed those to garcia.

Travels around the country To buy and sell different properties.

Probably reinvents himself with each deal he makes.

Plays a different role.

Dresses up to impress a rich investor And dresses down for a poor farmer.

This guy's a chameleon. He can adapt to any situation.

From the outside, this house seems clean and shiny.

But it's like all for show, Like it's a facade to hide what's really going on.

Drawerful of catalogs.

Uniforms for law enforcement, Construction, janitorial, military.

What do you think he needs these for?

Probably has something to do with this.

Someone's trying to disguise himself.

Room service.

Room service.

We received your call to pick up last night's dinner, mr. Gregory.

Yes. Come in.

Was everything ok?

My porterhouse was juicy and rare, Just the way I like it.

But my wife wasn't feeling very well.

Hoping a hot bath will do the trick.

Honey, how is everything in there?

I guess pretty good.

Thank you very much, oscar.

Angel Mark Gregory was such a bad boy.

How bad?

Well, when he was a kid, he was caught peeking in a neighbor's window.

I'm sure it gets worse, right?

At the ripe age of 18, he-How do I put this delicately?

Had an intense affection for ladies with learner's permits.

That sounds like statutory rape.

I'm not surprised. You talk to Hotch?

Yeah. It turns out his marriage lasted only 23 days.

Our boy's got serious commitment issues.

And fret not, my sweet. That poor girl who married him is still out there somewhere.

If she were dead, it would be easier to find her.

Well, it's a good thing 'cause we're gonna want to talk to her.

Some of his deviant behavior must've leaked into other parts of his life.

At least she got out alive.

We found evidence at his house That he acclimates well to different surroundings.

Possible disguises.

He's emptied his bank accounts and he's put his dogs in a kennel.

We're certain he's left the area and he's not coming back.

And since he's on the run, this classifies him as a "spree killer."

Usually this type of killer guided and random.

"Guided" means that this killer stays In his particular geographic area or comfort zone Until he breaks down.

That's why he killed the first 4 women in a 60-Mile radius.

That's right. And we're hoping he's still there.

In the guided phase, they usually have a final destination in mind.

Like edmund kemper and andrew cunanan, They saved their most meaningful kills till last.

We should find out who that would be for Gregory.

When the random phase begins, the kills seem to be without design.

There's less time in between them.

At that point, he's lost total control.

And as he devolves, He's gonna take more victims and become less noticeable.

What does that mean?

In Gregory's case, his m. O. Is the torture.

That would mean he will torture less And spend more time On the thing that gives him sexual release-Drowning.

So it's very important that we find him while he's still in the comfort zone.

After that, there's no telling where he'll be.

We'll get a release out to all the major networks.

His face and possible disguises will be all over the country By dinnertime.

They just found the missing girl's body.

Close by?

No Georgia Come on now Looks like we're going to Georgia Elle and Morgan just landed in Georgia.

They'll be at the hotel in about 20 minutes.

So florida's not his only comfort zone.

No. Apparently, he's set up businesses throughout the southern u. S.

Well, we have warnings along i-95 and i-10

In case he decides to travel along the gulf coast.

Well, now that he's crossed state lines, it's a nationwide search.

He doesn't wanna get caught, so he'll probably alter his route and drive quieter roads.

We'll prepare for that, too.

These records indicate that he went to high school in 4 different states.

So they moved around a lot.

Let's talk to his father, find out why.

Maybe he's revisiting places where he feels comfortable.

The latest hotel records indicate that he checked in using his own name.

If he doesn't want us to catch him, what's he doing, taunting us?

No. Taunting would imply that this is some sort of game. It isn't.

He's made it very clear that he has no intention Of going back to his life as it was.

This is a one-Way trip.

There's DNA proving he's the offender.

No point in covering his tracks now. That'll only slow him down.

And if he wanted us to catch him, he'd simply stop running.

It's not likely. He's got 400 grand in cash.

That type of money he can charter a plane Or buy a ticket to virtually anywhere in the world.

Well, he's not hiding. He's hunting.

Besides, driving works for him.

It's anonymous, and he can cover a lot of territory.

We should notify the mexican and canadian border patrols.

He might try leave the u. S.

Let them know most spree kills end with suicide by cop.

It could be how he plans on getting out of his mess.

Wow. Mark Gregory splurges on hotel rooms, doesn't he?

Yeah. Great guy.

He offers them a nice, warm robe Right before he drowns them.

He spent a lot of time with Nicole Wegener.

Picked her up in tampa And drove her all the way to Georgia.

But unlike his other victims, There's no type of relationship to link the two of them.

A random victim with a whe life ahead of her.

She was beautiful.

She was also a stranger.

So it means he had to lure her somehow.

"Mark Gregory, photographer."

So what if he preyed on this woman's vanity?

He's a photographer.

He offers her a professional modeling career.

Well, if he has a legitimate web site And portfolio, the right credentials, Why wouldn't she trust him?

And a perfected ruse would explain how he was able to get her through the lobby Of a 5-Star hotel with no one looking.

It's just a matter of time before he finds himself another victim.


Who is your daddy?

I'm sorry?

This has not been easy. This woman seriously covered her tracks.

Do you have the right number?

Are you looking for Gregory's ex-Wife?

You found her. Yeah.

Still in the sunshine state.

Settled down in bradenton.

We'll have her picked up.

I'm still in shock.

Well, it's understandable.

I'm more surprised that you found me.

I paid a lot to have my past erased.

Are you saying you're not surprised that Mark is a serial killer?

I knew something was wrong.

That's why we were only married for 3 weeks.

Have you been in hiding because you were afraid he would come after you?

He stalked me for a few years after the annulment.

I had to disappear if I wanted to survive.

I know it was a long time ago, But what was life with him like?


He was controlling, didn't trust me, Insisted I was cheating on him with anyone, With everyone.

I couldn't leave the house.

I'm sorry to dredge all this up, But you've definitely helped us understand him.

He dated his first victim.

And if she cheated on him, It may have been the thing that started him killing.

I still can't understand How my son could be responsible for this.

Your son's a narcissist with a split personality.

He's able to gain his victim's trust Before inflicting pain upon them.

This is most likely derived from an incredible amount of self-Awareness.

Mark has mastered the art of manipulation.

It only allows you to see his good side.

This is a nightmare.

Why won't you sit down, mr. Gregory.

You moved around a lot when Mark was growing up?

Mark never complained.

I guess it's because he was always good at making friends.

He fit in wherever we went.

We know he's been to Georgia. Do you know where else he night go?

Anyplace he loved to visit, anywhere he'd call home?

Well, we've lived here the longest.

He would consider florida home.

Mark's mother isn't in any photos.

Elizabeth died in a car accident.

I'm sorry.

How old was Mark when that happened?


Were they close?

She was his mother.

Typically, when a child loses a mother, He sees her as a victim, Which, theoretically, he'd wanna protect women.

More likely to lash out against the father, Blaming men for needing punishment, but Mark didn't do that.

'Cause you and Mark were close?


Any reason he would have blamed his mother for her death?

Was she drinking and driving, fell asleep at the wheel? Anything?

No. No, no. Nothing like that.

Maybe he blames her because he thinks she abandoned him.

Lost of a female figure could explain Why he was a peeping tom in adolescence.

Are you telling me That young boys aren't curious?

Sure they're curious, but not all of 'em peek into windows.

What about the statutory rape charge?

Aw, nah.

Mark had just turned 18, And his girlfriend was 15.

They were kids, for god sake.

It was her parents that pressed charges.

Mark ever have to take responsibility for anything?

What are you saying?

That being a protective parent Has turned my child into a killer?

No. I'm saying you're making excuses.

I'm not sure it did him any favors.

You're gonna be ok.

It looks like the first victim wasn't being unfaithful.

She had a husband and was trying to keep it a secret.

Sounds like he found out.

There must have been something major in his past To trigger such an extreme reaction.

Maybe something with his parents' relationship Had scarred him during childhood.

Hey, guys, I found Mark Gregory's car At Atlanta international airport.

Pretty smart. There's a sea of cars at the airport.

But he parked in short term and he got a ticket.

There must have been another reason for him to dump it there.

Guys, I know we ruled out flying, But it's hard to ignore the fact That his last known location was a place That literally had thousands of international flights a day.

Thousands of people.

All possible victims.

Garcia, is it possible to run the face recognition software at the airport?

I'm already on it. I went ahead and started with the security footage At the parking garage since we know he was in there.

Knowing what he looks like's got to be some advantage to us.


It is. I'm uploading to you right now.


She seemed like his type.

He's looking for the easiest target.

He doesn't have time to waste.

Who doesn't trust a man in uniform?

He helps her.

She returns the favor and gives him a ride.

Fatal mistake.

As you can see in the footage, He's been able to access uniforms.

Most likely, he'll use those of authority To try and invoke a feeling of safety.

He may also be using disguises.

He's suspected of having approached a woman With a photography ruse.

Gregory has credentials.

He was a photographer in miami for years.

He's well traveled And conducts business throughout the southern united states.

There's no chance of predicting where he'll strike next.

That's why we are asking you to be aware And on the lookout for this 38-Year-Old white male.

He appears to be very confident, Just a word is charming Let's review what we know.

Gregory will continue to drown.

The question is why does he have to.

We know someone who murders by drowning wants to invoke fear.

If water symbolizes emotion that says they're overwhelmed By their own unresolved issues or facing some sort of major life crisis, It suggests a release of the old Is necessary to emerge and begin anew.

So there's something he's trying to purge or cleanse By killing these women?

I think it's exactly right.

That's the key to unlock why he kills.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

Sorry to interrupt.

You really don't know someone until you take a road trip with them.

What are you trying to say?

Look at this car, man.

There's empty soda cans And fast-Food wrappers everywhere.

You're a slob.

Back at Quantico your desk is all neat.

But I bet if you looked in those drawers, you'll find a mess.

Ok, we have been on the road way too long.

Aw. That must be the boyfriend.

Yes, it is. Hey, Gideon.



Yeah. Got it.


They found the woman from the atlanta airport in south carolina.

It feels like we're driving from body to body.

Well, we know that south carolina's part of his business route.

So he's probably going back to what he knows.

You see something?

No. I was just thinking about the information You released about Mark Gregory at the press conference.

What about it?

Well, we described him as someone who's engaging, Confident, poses as people with authority.

But this is a guy who's flying under the radar.

So we made a mistake?

No, not at all.

We're dealing with a killer who's highly intelligent And incredibly resourceful.

You would think that we've pushed him to change what he's doing.

To what?

Maybe he's not using a simple ruse anymore.

He could alter his appearance So he's barely recognizable, just like in the sketch book.

If he does that, We'd have no idea what we're looking for.


Morgan and greenaway.

This place is...

Is a hole in the wall.

I don't know why he's checking into a fleabag motel.

Gregory's got cash.

And he's obviously devolved Into the random phase of his kills.

Must have something to do with how he views his victims.

Well, if he doesn't know these women, Maybe he thinks that they're not worthy or dirty.

Are you the manager?

Yes. You wanted to see me?

Do you recognize this man?

Yeah. Kind of looks like the guy.

He paid his bill in cash about 3 hours ago.

You sure about the time?

Absolutely. My stories were on.

Well, given the lividity, I'd say she died right before that.

Did you happen to see what he was driving?

Yeah. One of those black suvs.

That's the victim's car from the atlanta airport.

Did you notice if it had Georgia plates?

No. They definitely had south carolina plates.

When he wafilling out the forms for the motel, he couldn't rember the number.

So I went outside to write it down.

That's why we can't track him. He's switching plates.

Can you get us those numbers, please?

Sure. I'll be right back.

Thank you.

There goes the pilot uniform.

Well, we know his identity. We know he likes to use disguises, And he doesn't care about leaving them.

Look at the level of torture here.

He spent the least amount of time with her, But he still shocked her enough to turn her feet black.

No normal human being can sustain this kind of torture.

If he shocked her over and over again, then she must've died.

But the cause of death was a wet drowning.

The only way he could've done that-

Resuscitate her every time just so he can drown her again.

We know that he was spending 2 days with these women.

But he picked her up at the airport yesterday.

So he's spending hf as much time with them now.

And now he's probably got himself another one.


Who's the answer to all your dreams?

I'm gonna put you on speaker.

Oh, you completely suck.

Hospital records show Mark Gregory fractured a vertebrae when he was 10.

He suffered damage to his spine, ligaments, and neck.

What caused that type of injury?


Behold the wonderful genius of dr. Spencer reid.

Honey, that's exactly what the rest of the hospital record says.

I did some more digging.

I found an article in the polk county paper describing the crash.

What did it say?

The headline reads that Elizabeth Gregory died in a crash.

But her 10-Year-Old son was only injured.

Mark Gregory was in the car with her.


We need to talk to Gregory's father, Find out what else he's keeping from us.

Do you need some help with your bags, sir?

No. I'm good. Thank you very much.


Oh! Oh, my.

Thank you.

No problem.

You know, actually I would like a little help.

Thank you.

Perfect. That's what I'm here for.

Well, I know you guys didn't come here To look at pictures of my son.

Did something haen?

Why are there no memories of your wife here?

Why would I want to remind my son Of the most horrible thing that ever happened to him?

Normally when a parent dies, The other parent tends to overcompensate By building a shrine of pictures, Leaving their personal effects untouched sometimes for years.

You didn't happen to do that.

Why didn't you tell us your son was in the car when your wife died?

I didn't think it was important.

You didn't think it was important.

You didn't think it was important To tell us your son witnessed his mother dying?


The fact that he witnessed his mother die at such a young age Clearly affected how he regards women.

Do you know why your sonarried for such a short period of time?

Yes. It was a mistake. He was young.

Well, we talked to his ex-Wife.

Mark was obsessed with thinking she was unfaithful.

It could happen.

But she never was.

But he made life unbearable for her. She couldn't leave the house.

She couldn't take a breath without worrying about it.

Something must have happened to feed that distrust, To give him such a distorted view of relationships.

How were things with your wife, mr. Gregory?

Normal and uneventfu Was she being unfaithful?

What? Did she pick men up?

All right, all right. Enough. Stop.


When she couldn't find a baby-Sitter, She would take him with her to the motel, Let him play by the pool.

This went on for over a year.

What kind of mother would do that?

Did you ever take him to therapy, mr. Gregy?



I didn't think he needed it.

Didn't think he needed it?


Boy watches his mother die. He lives, she dies.

You don't think that's confusing to a 10-Year-Old?

I didn't say that.

You did say that.

Mark was smart enough to know what was going on.

That explains his issues with infidelity, His hatred towards women, And now why he tortures and drowns them.

His first victim was married.

She was having an affair with him, Which-It clearly reminded him of what his mother did to you.

You think your wife's death was an accident?

I honestly don't know.

Well, what do you know? What do you think?

Do you even know what I'm talking about?

I Ok. I had my suspicions.

Your son did what you thought about doing a hundred times.

These are innocent women.

Innocent women, mr. Gregory.

Ever occur to you your son might be trying to stand up for you In his own sick, demented way because you weren't there?

You weren't there, mr. Gregory.


Help us before he kills again and again and again.

Help us, mr. Gregory. Help us.

Gideon. Gideon.

You do know that doug Gregory isn't the killer, right?

Yes, I know that.

But he protected one, And now at least 6 women are dead because of it.

Move it.


Can't be in the pool with your clothes on.

Are you ok?

Help me. It's my wife.

She fell in the pool.

She can't swim.

Bring her over to the side. I know cpr.

Please help me.

All right. All right.

Well, she's not breathing.

Look, man, I'm doing the best that I can.

Why don't you go call 911.

Go call 911, man.

Oh, there you go. There you go. Get it out.

Get it out. All right.

There you go, honey.

No! No!

It's ok. It's ok. It's all right.

You're breathing. There you go, honey.

You're all right. You're all right.

Your husband's gonna be right back.

Have you found any other suspicious drownings the last couple of days?

Do you have any idea how many people drown every day?

Yes, but they're more in the summer for obvious reasons.

But I think it averages around 6, 500 a year, which is 17 a day.

Is this reid? Why, you're impressed?

I am, slick. I am.

You've been doing your research, haven't you?

Hey, this one sounds particularly creepy.

Garcia found a lead in tennessee.

Allyson glennon was snatched from a grocery store a couple of hours ago And survived an attempted drowning in a motel pool.

Motel pool? Doesn't sound like our guy.

Yeah, I know, except that she's identified Gregory as her attacker And the place is less than an hour from the last killing.

Garcia's giving Elle and Morgan details right now.

Reid and I had another talk with Mark's father.

We need to get everybody on the phone.

Hey, Gideon.

We think Mark's first victim was his mother.


I'm sorry. You're saying a 10-Year-Old killed his own mom?

Well, it's a common theory That sons can fixate on their mothers Since their mothers are their introduction to love.

And if that mother had a negative influence-

In this case she was an adulteress-

It invalidated not only the father but reflected poorly onto the son.

Mark Gregory was a child, but he was old enough To understand what his mother was doing.

He was protecting a weak, impotent, passive-Aggressive father Who wanted his wife dead.

He read the old man like a book and lived the life he couldn't.

Because she was his mother, he saw her as a saint.

But because she was a cheater, he also saw her as a sinner.

There's a good chance he caused the car to crash.

Do you think the father knew his son was a murderer?


That's why he's so overprotective of him.

We need to go through all the evidence from the car accident.

Absolutely everything.

News articles, medical records, police reports. I'm on it.

We need to do it as quickly as possible.

There's a killer on the run and he's grabbing women as he sees them.

I got done sooner than I thought, So I'll be able to pick up the kids after the bell.

Ok. See you then.

Do exactly as I say or you'll die.

When I got to the pool, he said he was gonna call for help, But he just disappeared.

So you're thinking, "why wouldn't I trust this guy?

What kind of psycho would kill somebody in front of witnesses?"

Yeah. Yeah. I'd seen the news.

But this man didn't look like the one you're looking for.

He left his glasses in the pool.

And when he left, he walked with a limp.

And nobody said anything about glasses or a limp, So...

He might be in a hurry, but he's not looking to get caught.

'Cause he's not done killing yet.

Here's a police photo of the car Gregory's mother was killed in.

Right there. See the water dripping from under the car?

It doesn't look like a fatal car crash.

All the damage was done on the passenger side.

What was her official cause of death?

I'll ask garcia.

We've got a possible abduction.

Kelly dalton, 28.

Eyewitness saw her leaving a parking lot with a man resembling Gregory.

She was supposed to pick up her son. Never made it.

Thanks, Hotch.

He's picked up a new victim.

Hey, we got to get to the mall.

Jump on 113. It'll take you 10 minutes.

It was better when he had a ruse.

At least that required a little planning.

...believed to have left the parking lot and headed south-

.. Hey were driving a green jeep with tennessee plates-

...if you see this vehicle or the passengers meeting the descriptions...

Do you want money or something?

I've got a rich husband, and I know he'll pay a lot to get me back.

So he's got a victim and a car.

Now all he needs is the location.

There are 5 sources of water nearby.

Closest to the accident is rock creek in...

Copperhill, tennessee.

There's where kelly dalton was abducted.

Morgan and Elle are there right now.

Reid, one more thing.

Elizabeth Gregory'official cause of death was asphyxia Caused by immersion in fluid.

She drowned?

With no discernible damage done By keeping her trapped in the car, What would cause a taller mother to drown And a smaller child to survive?

There's only one way.

Mark Gregory held his mother's head Under whatever water was in the car.

His first kill was his most powerful.

Well, at least we know where he's going.

Back to where it all started.

Please, I have 2 boys. They need me Shut up.

The article said the accident was on route 60

Near east west highway.

We're on route 60 about a quarter of a mile from rock creek.

We're pulling over to check it out.

This is all your fault.

What is?

I saw you every week with that man.

You think I don't know what was going on?

I've never met you before.

Shut up! You're a liar!

Turn here.

Gideon, he's not here.

Slow down!


Stop! Stop!

You hear that? Did you guys hear that?

Yeah, I heard it.

It's over there. Let's go.

You thought you could get away.



Somebody help me!

It's just the two of us out here.

It's clear. Nobody in the car.

We found the car off the road, but it's empty.

We're searching the woods now, and we'll keep you posted.

Which way is the water?

Help me!

Somebody help!

That's coming from over there.


How does that feel?

Mark Gregory, FBI! Put it down!

Put it down!

Come here. I got you.


You're ok.

He can't hurt you anymore.

Hey. It's Morgan.

Kelly dalton's gonna be ok.

Gregory's dead.

We're coming home.

The author francois de la rochefoucauld wrote, "We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others That in the end we become disguised to ourselves."